IPPD Professional Guide PowerPoint Template

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IPPD Professional Guide PowerPoint Template
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Integrated Product and Process Design 1 and 2
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Course Material
Stanfill, R. Keith
Rigby, Amy
Milch, Maureen


This PowerPoint document is a template for a training and reference guide developed for capstone design students at University of Florida (UF) enrolled in the Integrated Product and Process Design (IPPD) Program. The Professional Guide communicates key project research and legal elements, establishes expectations for professional conduct, and defines business procedures that must be followed. Rather than devote classroom time to these topics, the guide and associated training elements essentially constitute a self-paced new-hire professional orientation program for capstone design students. Experience at UF suggests that the Professional Guide provides an efficient vehicle for delivering important training that might otherwise be neglected. The Professional Guide’s project research and legal elements cover essential intellectual property, non-disclosure, and export controls aspects. The expectations for professional conduct areas covered include sexual harassment prevention, identification of at-risk students, basic laboratory safety, and over two dozen ethics mini-case studies developed from real IPPD experiences. Items lumped into the business procedures include training for the IPPD collaboration and project management tools, lab and classroom rules, effective meeting strategies, and procedures for purchasing and travel. Many of the training elements require creation of web-based elements for students to prove they have mastered the materials. Students also receive certificates for the Preventing Sexual Harassment and At-Risk Student training courses. As an incentive to complete the required training, each team’s laboratory access is withheld until all team members complete the assignments.
Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by R Stanfill.
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Faculty are welcome to adapt the document to suit their own capstone design courses, provided that the following footer is included: "Adapted from the University of Florida IPPD program Professional Manual (c) 2014"

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