Examples from the Harold and Mary Jean Hanson Rare Books Collection: Seventeenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-first Centuries.


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Examples from the Harold and Mary Jean Hanson Rare Books Collection: Seventeenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-first Centuries.
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African Studies Rare Books display object list and description.
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African Studies Rare Books display : March 3 20 1 4 Examples from the Harold and Mary Jean Hanson Rare Books Collection : Seventeenth, Twentieth and Twenty first Centuries Ortelius, Abraham ( 1527 1598 ) Theatrum orbis terrarum Italian. Compendio dal theatro del mondo di Abrahamo Ortelio. In Anversa,: Si vende nella Libraria Plantiniana, M.DC.XII. [ 1612 ] 8 p. l., 106 [3 l., 3 blank l., 1 l.], 12 l., [1 l., 2 blank l.] : ill., coat of arms, [3], 106, 12 maps ; 14 x 19 cm. Dedica tion signe d: "Gioanni. Bapta. Vrientio." "Questo Theatro piccolo d'Abrahamo Ortelio, Cosmographo Regio, tradotto in Italiano da Giouanni Paulet d'Anuersa ... a di xii. di Nouembre. 1592.": -Verso P5. 910 O737tIp 1612 A pocket world atlas unique item among libraries worldwide in that this edition was portable and intended for use. An early example of the expansion of the book market from the luxurious royal libraries and collections of the wealthy elite to the practical items f ound in market stalls frequented by traders and business people For the curious, see: Graves http://www.ilab.org/eng/documentation/569 early_africa_travel_literature.html Blome, Richard. A geographical description of the four parts of the world taken from the notes and workes of the famous Monsieur Sanson, geographer to the French king, and other eminent travellers and authors. To which are added the commodities, coyns, weights, and measures of the chief places of traffick in the world; compared with those of England, (or London) as to the trade thereof. Also, a treatise of t ravel, and another of traffick. The whole illustrated with variety of useful and delightful mapps and figures London, Printed by T. N. for R. Blome, and are also sold by N. Brooks, E. Brewster, and T. Basset, 1670 5 p. l., [461] p. col. pl., 25 fold. map s. 43 cm. Five parts, separately paged, but with continuous signatures. 910 B653g Oversize S everal beautiful and historically important maps of the African continent are included, some plagiarized or recycled common practice at the time D emonstrate s ex pensive printing techniques of the time though the French binding is 19 th century and so (like the gilt edges) is not contemporary to its printing. Condition extremely good, raising issues of provenance as well as demonstrating changes in printing techniq ues (detail, resolution), the contemporary knowledge of Africa by Europeans ( through text and illustrations), and the historical context of seventeenth century Europe as trade expanded globally Cavazzi, Giovanni Antonio (d. 1692?) and Fortunato Alamandin i. Istorica descrizione de' tre' regni Congo, M atamba et Angola: sitvati nell' Etiopia inferiore occidentale e delle missioni apostoliche esercitateui da religiosi Capuccini Bologna: Per Giacomo Monti, 1687 [14], 933, [3] p., [9] leaves of plates (1 folde d) : ill., map ; 30 cm. (fol.). Signatures: [pi]4 ( [pi]4?) [plus and cross] 4 A 6B4 (3E2)./ Pages [935] dal p. Gio. Antonio Cavazzi da Montecvccolo, sacerdote capvccino, il qvale vi fv' pr efetto; e nel presente stile ridotta dal p. Fortvnato Alamandini da Bologna, predicatore dell'istesso ordine : all'illvstrissimo Signor conte Giacomo DT7 .C381 1687 OVERSIZE Written by the prefect of the Luanda, Angola mission from 1667, this is a state of the art, illustrated encyclopedia incorporating several accounts of the Kongo and other African kingdoms The original manuscripts la y since c. 1670, in the Provincial Archives of the Capuchin order at Bologna until the eighteenth centrury. T he y were rediscovered by Pistoni in 1969 (s ee : http://www.bu.edu/afam/faculty/john thornton/cavazzi missione evangelica 2/ ). Kenyatta, Jomo. Facing Mount Kenya; the tribal life of Gikuyu Introduction by B. Malinowski. London, Secker and Warburg [ 1938 ]. DT 434 .E2 K45 s most were stored prior to distribution in a warehouse that was bombed during the London Blitz of September, 1940. Colonial policy censored this book by a leader of the Mau Mau Rebellion. From 1953 to amnesty in 1955 Opertion Anvil deported 30,00 African s to villagization schemes in already overcrowded reserves and imprisoned 20,000 suspected Mau Mau sympathizers at Langata Bogardus, Peter, Zelalem Haile Michael, Takuji Hamanaka, Arthur Larson, Michael Bixler, and Gray Parrot. 2008 Meskel Demera: the finding of the True Cross New York, N.Y.: Khelcom Press. BV50.E93 B6 2008 A modern fine press book documenting the annual pilgrimage to what is believed by many Ethiopia ns to be the site of the with fourteen colored decorative woodblock plates drawn from Ge'ez scrolls and printed with hand levigated mineral pigments by Takuji Hamanaka. The sixteen photogravures are copper etchings transferred via glass negative from a large format camera. Small but stunning, the overall effect is of organic whole rather than an assembl y of printed elements Text by Zelalem Haile Michael printed by Art Larson at Horton Tank Graphics using Perpetua type cast by Michael Bixler. Handbound in linen covered boa rds by Gray Parrot.