LFA Standing Rules December 2013

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LFA Standing Rules December 2013
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Library Faculty Assembly
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Governance Documents
Library Faculty Assembly
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LFA Standing Rules reflecting amendments approved 16 December 2013

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1 | Page (December 2013) University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly STANDING RULES Article I. Regular Meetings Agenda The agenda for regular meetings of the UF Libraries Faculty Assembly (hereafter referred to as the Assembly) shall be set as follows. The agenda can be changed at any meeting by the motion of a member and by a vote of the majority present. Call to Order Approval / Modification of Agenda Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting Assembly Chair Report Information Items Action Items Adjournment Article II. Task Forces Section 1 Task Forces shall be created, and their members appointed, by the Assembly Chair in consultation with the other Assembly Officers. Task Forces shall be created as necessary, shall have specific assignments, shall be time limited, and shall submit a report to the Assembly upon completion of their assignment. Task Force membership shall be as representative of the Libraries as possible Article III. Standing Committees Section 1 Nominating Committee Appointment : This Committee is an annual assignment but continues from year to year. Committee Chair: The Chair shall be the Past Chair of the Assembly. Responsibilities : The Nominating Committee shall be charged with the following duties. 1) Nominations of Assembly Officers (Chair Elect, Secretary). 2) Nominations for other library offices or positions as needed, including those requested by the Libraries Dean. 3) Voter qualifications and election schedules shall be determined by the offices, positions, or committees being filled. Meetings : The committee members shall be charged by the Committee Chair immediately after the Assembly Officers planning meeting and will meet when requested to do so by the Committee Chair. Section 2 Career Development Committee Appointment : This Committee is an annual assignment but continues from year to year. Members will be appointed by the Assembly Chair in consultation with the other Officers at the Assembly Officers planning meeting. Membership should include 2 3 past Chairs (or past members) from the Tenure and Promotion Committee, the Sabbatical Committee and/or the Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee who would be responsible for maintaining faculty career development resources. All members would be responsible for career development policy and practice matters. Professional staff from the Library Human Resource Office may serve as advisory members.


2 | Page (December 2013) Committee Chair : The Chair will be elected by the committee at their first meeting following the Assembly Officers planning meeting. Responsibilities : The Career Development Committee is charged with developing and maintaining policies on faculty recruitment, evaluation, promotion, tenure, sabbatical/professional development leaves, mentoring and professional development; to develop and maintain the Career Development Handbook and other professional development guidelines and resources for faculty; and to ensure that library faculty career development policies and practices best serve the faculty and conform to relevant university rules and relevant UFF UF rules for in unit faculty. Meetings : The Committee and Committee members shall be charged immediately after the Assembly Officers planning meeting and will meet when requested to do so by the Committee Chair. Term : Committee members shall serve two year staggered terms. If a Committee member resigns, a replacement member shall be appointed by the Assembly Chair in consultation with the other Officers to serve out the member’s term. Quorum : A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the Committee members. Article IV. Advisory Members of Task Forces Advisory members of Assembly Task Forces are non voting members appointed because of their office or expertise related to the Task Force’s work. Article V. Elections Section 1 Nominations for Assembly Officers, other positions, and Senators shall be conducted as stated in the By Laws [Article V, Section 1]. Section 2 Elections for Assembly Officers, other positions, and Senators shall be conducted as stated in the By Laws [Article V, Section 2] and according to the following procedures. Once the slate of candidates is finalized at the Spring semester meeting, voting will be conducted by electronic ballot open to qualified voters by the Assembly Nominating Task Force Chair on or about April 1. Each election shall be a secret ballot vote with the elections closing on or about April 15. The Assembly Nominating Task Force Chair shall be the administrator for the Faculty Senate online voting program, shall be responsible for managing the elections using this program, shall record the votes when the elections close, and shall announce the results to the candidates first and then the membership via email and at the April meeting. The ballots shall be maintained as part of the Assembly election online voting program data for at least two years. Section 3 Candidates with the most votes shall be the winner (simple majority vote of those who voted). Section 4 Tie votes will require another ballot conducted in the manner described above in Section 2. Section 5 Any person nominated for an office/position unopposed shall be elected automatically without a vote after nominations are closed, except for the election of Senators which the Faculty Senate By Laws require “twice as many nominees as there are seats to be filled”. [UFFS By Law 4E2a] Article VI. Terms of Office


3 | Page (December 2013) Section 1 Terms of office for Assembly Officers shall be for one year (however, the Chair Elect is expected to continue as Chair and Past Chair for a total of three years). Terms of office for task force members are specified in the task force assignment. Terms of Senators shall follow Faculty Senate rules. Section 2 Vacancies for Assembly Officers who are not able to fulfill their terms shall be filled as stated in the By Laws [Article IV, Section 3]. Section 3 Vacancies for other offices or positions (that have been filled by an Assembly vote) shall be filled by the runner up in the election for these offices or positions. Should the runner up not be able to take the office or position, another ballot shall be conducted. Article VII. Membership Voting Section 1 Membership information and restrictions are found in By Laws Article III. Membership voting rights, in adherence to the principles of shared governance, are as follows. Section 2 All members shall vote for Assembly Officers, task force/joint committee elected positions, and Senators; and all members shall vote on all action items brought before the Assembly. Section 3 There are no voting restrictions on elections to LFA groups or action items. Senate elections are governed by Senate rules. Article VIII. Amending the Standing Rules Any member of the Assembly may submit an amendment at least one week before a schedule meeting to the Assembly Chair so it can be added to the agenda. Any amendment to be adopted requires the approval of the majority present at an Assembly meeting. Approved 18 December 2006 Amended 21 April 2008 (Section 1, 2.1, 3, 4) Amended with new additions 21 April 2008 (Section 3, 4E, 4F) Amended with new additions 12 May 2008 (Section 2.5) Amended with deletions and additions 20 October 2008 (Section 2.3-2.4) Amended 21 March 2011 (Complete revision) Amended with deletions and additions 22 March 20 12 (Art. V, Sec. 6 and Art. VII, Sec. 3) Amended 16 December, 2013 (Art. II, Art. III)