Planning for Collaborative Digital Projects in Florida's Cultural Heritage Repositories (Mini Grant Proposal)


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Planning for Collaborative Digital Projects in Florida's Cultural Heritage Repositories (Mini Grant Proposal)
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Grant Proposal
Nemmers, John
Sullivan, Mark V.


Application for 2013-2014 Smathers Libraries Mini Grant
This mini-grant project will assess and plan for future projects related to digitizing significant historical holdings of archives, libraries, museums and other cultural .heritage re3positories in Florida. The project team will conduct a survey to determine the current state of the1 digital activities in Florida's repositories. The team also will organize a meeting to plan for a future collaborative digital project(or projects) with multiple partners around the state.
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John Nemmers: 1) You wish to bring in a broad range of participants for surveying; however, all the members of the planning team represent academic institutions. What are your plans for involving other types of participants in the planning process? Each of the academic institutions (UF, USF, FIU and UM) will identify potential partners in their regions and solicit their participation throughout the planning process. These participants will be a diverse representative sample of museums, libraries, archives, historical societies and similar repositories. For the planning meeting in Miami, FIU and UM will invite representatives from the Miami Dade region to participate. Prior to and following this meeting, UF and USF will consult with local partners in St. Augustine and Tampa to ensure that they have input in the planning process. 2) How did you choose these SUS institutions? Both FIU and USF participated in the original Ephemeral Cities project funded by IMLS, and both use the SobekCM system. Like UF, FIU has a strong interest in the combination of GIS and digital collections, and currently is using SobekCM in completing the Coral Gable Virtual History project. USF has a large network of regional collaborators on the Gulf Coast, and has rich holdings in oral histories and the Florida Studies Collection. Both institutions also are partners in the Digital Library of the Caribbean, which could serve as the model for the project or projects to be planned. Finally, Miami and Tampa are logical choices for a project focusing on the growth of Florida, its diverse cultures, and the evolution of its major cities.


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04-Budget_Form_2012-2013-Posted.xlsx, 08/15/2012 x-none Please add lines to table as needed. If you need help completing this form, please contact Bess de Farber, PH# 273-2519. x-none 1. Salaries and Wages (no fringe benefits required) x-none Name of Personx-none Salary times % of effortx-none Grant Fundsx-none Cost Sharex-none Totalx-none Nemmers, Johnx-none $80,890 x 3%x-none $0.00x-none $2,426.70x-none $2,426.70x-none Martyniak, Cathleenx-none $83,928 x 2%x-none $0.00x-none $1,678.56x-none $1,678.56x-none Sullivan, Markx-none $96,122 x 3%x-none $0.00x-none $2,883.66x-none $2,883.66x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00 x-none SUBTOTALx-none $0.00x-none $6,988.92x-none $6,988.92 x-none 2. Equipment x-none Itemx-none Quantity times Costx-none Grant Fundsx-none Cost Sharex-none Totalx-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00 x-none SUBTOTALx-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00 x-none 3. Supplies x-none Itemx-none Quantity times Costx-none Grant Fundsx-none Cost Sharex-none Totalx-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00 x-none SUBTOTALx-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00 x-none 4. Travel x-none From/Tox-none # of people/# of daysx-none Grant Fundsx-none Cost Sharex-none Totalx-none Gainesville/Miamix-none 3 people / 3 daysx-none $2,088.00x-none $0.00x-none $2,088.00x-none Tampa/Miamix-none 2 people / 3 daysx-none $820.16x-none $0.00x-none $820.16x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00 x-none SUBTOTALx-none $2,908.16x-none $0.00x-none $2,908.16 x-none 5. Other (Vendor costs, etc. Provide detail in Budget Narrative section.) x-none Itemx-none Quantity times costx-none Grant Fundsx-none Cost Sharex-none Totalx-none CAPES Consultingx-none $1,930.00x-none $0.00x-none $1,930.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00x-none $0.00 x-none SUBTOTALx-none $1,930.00x-none $0.00x-none $1,930.00 x-none Grant Fundsx-none Cost Sharex-none Total x-none Total Direct Costs (add subtotals of items 1-5)x-none $4,838.16x-none $6,988.92x-none $11,827.08 x-none Mini Grant Budget Form 2013-2014 Page 1 of 1


From: Susan Parker [] Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2013 3:23 PM To: Nemmers,John Roman Subject: support email To: John Nemmers, Archivist The Saint Augustine Historical Society (SAHS) would support, welcome, and benefit from your proposed SAHS holds manuscript, photographic and other print as well as audio resources on the history of St. Augustine, northeast Florida and the Spanish colonial southeast region. We would certainly benefit just from the exercise of answering the questions, which would force us to think about our collections in new ways. It would be most helpful to learn what other institutions consider as priorities for selecting collections to digitize. At times it seems to me that the level of interest and enthusiasm of volunteers for projects is a major influence in the choice of projects. It would be helpful to learn of potential partners for grant applications and direct cash contributions. Please let me know how SAHS can assist with the creation of the survey and as it unfolds. Susan R. Parker Susan R. Parker, Ph.D. Executive Director Historian: Colonial Southeast, Spanish Borderlands


October 10, 2013 John Nemmers Descriptive & Technical Services Archivist University of Florida Smathers Libraries Gainesville, FL 32611-7005 Dear Mr. Nemmers, The Gold Coast Archives group was created in 2 002 to provide an opportunity for archivists to meet, discuss and network with in the archive profession. Th is group also encourages new archivists and curators in the field to learn abou t the profession. We m eet quarterly at various organizations in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties in Florida. When we meet, our group is almo st always discussing what we ar e doing digitally to preserve our collections. So many collec tions are being comprised of digital images, e-mails, websites and social media accounts. How will we preserve these valuable records for the future? A lot of our members are from smaller organizations that dont have the staff, time or money to fully save/preserve these import ant documents. If it was possible to partner with larger organizations to preserve these items or devise a plan that would assist smaller orga nizations, our group would be heading in the right direction. On behalf of the Gold Coast Archives, there is no doubt that we would fully support a survey of cultural repositories if it would lead to a cooperative effort on saving these important documents in the future. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to let me know. Sincerely, Michael Zaidman Gold Coast Archives Leader Gold Coast Archives South Florida old-Coast-Archives-2982960/about


From: [] Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013 2:22 PM To: Nemmers,John Roman Subject: Letter of Support John, Planning for Collaborative Digital vast collection of materials important to the history of the state and of the country. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, many of these collections are not digitized and thus are not available for dissemination to an audience outside of on-site visitors to the owning repository. This project would allow for the digitization of many of these collections, and would allow for more collaborative projects across the state. The results of this project would help institutions such as mine when planning exhibits. In this digital age, it is paramount that curators and exhibit designers be able to access collections online to aid in gathering information as well as identifying potential materials for inclusion in exhibits. This benefits not only the museum wh o is creating the exhibit, but also the repository that holds the material(s) by allowing their name to reach a wider audience through credit-lines. This can also serve as an added revenue source through the charging of use and reproduction fees. In addition, having collections online helps to increase the number of visitors (either on-site or virtual) to an organization. Sincerely, Smart. Surprising. Fun. A Year in the Life: Backstage to Onstage at the Universal Orlando Resort January 26, 2013January 26, 2014