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Title: NIH Public Access Policy
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General Note: Used to teach library workshops and train UF faculty, students and staff on how to comply with the NIH public access policy. This is the longer version of the presentation.
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The NIH Public Access Policy Health Science Center Libraries University of Florida 6/05/2013


Outline About the Policy Requirements Methods of Submission Journal policies Copyright & Embargo Periods Understanding the terminology How to Comply Primary Systems to Use My Bibliography (via My NCBI) The NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS )


The NIH Public Access Policy Full text articles resulting from NIH funding must be submitted to PubMed Central. Peer reviewed manuscripts must be submitted to PubMed Central when accepted for publication. accessible to the public by 12 months after publication. Includes articles accepted for publication after April 7, 2008. r esulting from grants active after October 2007. Starting spring 2013, the NIH will hold processing of non competing continuation awards if publications arising from grant awards are not in compliance with the Public Access Policy. Publishing in an open access journal or institutional repository does not meet the Policy requirements.


Who Must Comply Criteria for Submission Peer reviewed Accepted for publication on or after April 7, 2008 Arises from direct NIH funding: NIH grant or cooperative agreement active in FY2008 or beyond NIH contract signed on or after April 7, 2008 NIH Intramural Program NIH employee Written using the Latin alphabet (that used for English not Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.) The grant Principal Investigator (PI) is ultimately held responsible but the author must complete the submission process.


Submission Methods A. The journal will deposit all final published articles in PubMed Central http :// publicaccess.nih.gov/submit_process_journals.htm B. The journal will deposit your final published article, but you must request that they do so (may require a fee). http :// publicaccess.nih.gov/select_deposit_publishers.htm C. You deposit the final peer reviewed manuscript yourself via NIH Manuscript Submission System ( NIHMS, http ://www.nihms.nih.gov / ) with journal permission. All responsibility for submission is yours. D. The journal will initiate the submission process for final peer reviewed manuscripts by depositing them, but you must complete the submission process in the NIHMS. http://publicaccess.nih.gov/select_deposit_publishers.htm


More on Submission Methods Method A Method B Method C Method D Version of Paper Submitted Final Journal Formatted Article Final Journal Formatted Article Final Peer Reviewed Manuscript Final Peer Reviewed Manuscript Task 1: Who deposits the paper? Publisher direct to PMC Publisher direct to PMC after author request Author or delegate, via NIHMS Publisher, via NIHMS Task 2: Who approves paper for processing? Not Applicable Not Applicable Author, via NIHMS Author, via NIHMS Task 3: Who approves paper for Pub Med Central display? Not Applicable Not Applicable Author, via NIHMS Author, via NIHMS Participating journal/publisher Method A Journals Make arrangements with these publishers Check publishing agreement Make arrangements with these publishers From: http ://publicaccess.nih.gov/submit_process.htm


Copyright Issues Check all publication or copyright transfer agreements before signing to ensure submission to PubMed Central is allowed. Journals vary widely in how they handle this policy. The NIH provides an example of the kind of language that can be added to a copyright agreement at http:// publicaccess.nih.gov/FAQ.htm#778 More Author Rights Resources: T he SPARC Addendum: http:// www.arl.org/sparc/author/addendum.shtml ScienceCommons http :// www.sciencecommons.org/resources/faq/authorsaddendum LibGuide : http :// guides.uflib.ufl.edu/content.php?pid=32772&sid=2475398


The NIH allows up to 1 year post publication for appearance of the full text article in PubMed Central (PMC). Many journals require that authors wait for some or all of that 12 month period before allowing the article to be made available in PMC. Some journals pre arrange that with PMC (i.e. Methods A & B journals), others require the author to enter the embargo period when the author does the submission process (Methods C&D journals). Always verify this requirement with the journal. Do NOT wait until the end of the 1 year post publication period to submit, as there is processing time required. Submit upon acceptance for publication and inform the NIH of any required embargo period during the submission process.


PubMed vs. PubMed Central PubMed and PubMed Central are two different databases. PubMed Is a database of article citations & abstracts. Having your article listed in PubMed Is not required for compliance. Does not guarantee submission to PMC. PubMed Central (PMC) Is a database of full text articles/manuscripts. Will include articles not in PubMed. Abstracts in PubMed that have corresponding full text in PMC will be inter linked. Your article must be placed in PMC (not PubMed) for compliance.


Clarifying the ID Numbers PMID = permanent PubMed abstract identifier PMCID = permanent PubMed Central full text article identifier NIHMSID = temporary manuscript submission identifier given to an author who self submits a manuscript to the NIHMS system The PMCID is required for compliance. Temporary NIHMSIDs will be replaced by permanent PMCIDs. NIHMSIDs are good for 3 months. Not all articles with PMCIDs will have PMIDs. PMIDs do not substitute for PMCIDs. You can use one identifier to find another on this website


How to Comply New Article Journal method (A, B, C, D) Embargo period Use My Bibliography (My NCBI) to keep track of all your articles. Older Articles Enter article citations into My Bibliography (My NCBI). Link awards to articles. Look at citation status. For noncompliant articles: Look up journal, find its method (A, B, C, D). Contact journal to either have the journal submit or get permission to submit. When needed, submit article through NIHMS system.


Primary Systems to Use My NCBI My Bibliography Keep track of all your publications. View and manage both grant links and compliance status simultaneously. NIHMS NIH Manuscript Submission System Use for author submission of articles. Use for author sign off on journal submitted articles. Track status of articles during submission process. For both, use your eRA Commons/NIH login


Getting an eRA Commons Account At UF For those with NIH awards, the eRA account is created by the Proposals team in the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR). Anyone needing an eRA account can use the request form at http://apps.research.ufl.edu/research/nihera/ register.cfm


Sign in to My NCBI NOT the default!! From any NCBI page (such as PubMed.gov): ONLY use the NIH Login. Use your eRA Commons Login. The first time you login, you will see this. Then click continue.


View My NCBI Page including My Bibliography. Use the Manage My Bibliography link to view and manipulate citations, compliance status and grant links.


Adding Articles to My Bibliography If articles are in PubMed Be already logged in to My NCBI Search PubMed for article Select article(s) desired Go to My NCBI > My Bibliography > check to see if article listed If articles are not in PubMed From drop Check to see if article is listed properly in My Bibliography


NIH Policy Compliance in My Bibliography Click on Display Setting and choose: View Award Sort by Public Access Compliance Then Click Apply Each article will display its Compliance Status shown in text and by symbol.


Compliance Status in My Bibliography Compliance is Complete, article has a PMCID Compliance is In P rocess at NIHMS, article has a NIHMSID Non Compliant ; No PMCID If NIHMSID available, article submission is stalled C lick on NIHMSID to enter NIHMS and check status If no NIHMSID available, article never submitted ? N/A Compliance is not required for article; it meets exclusion


Edit Status Select Yes or No for NIH funding support. If it has support, answer the provided questions to establish compliance status. link you directly to the NIH Manuscript Submission System.


Linking Articles & Awards NIH Funding section will show either An Award #/Name link funding to an article.


Adding an Award Select one of your existing awards or search for another award by grant #/name or grantee name.


Creating an Award Compliance Report Select the desired citations in My Bibliography. Apply Filters Select a specific award Select publication years Select by paper grant associations Check the boxes next to the desired publications. Enter First, Middle, and Last Name and starting page number in report for the bibliography Download the PDF.


Using the NIHMS Manuscripts may be entered by A ny author A ny person delegated by the author The author who initiated submission must perform the final approval before the manuscript is made publicly available in PubMed Central. It is the PI who will be held responsible by NIH for lack of compliance on any specific grant award. PIs should track compliance by authors relying on their grant funding. Slideshow demonstrations of each step of the submission process and links to FAQs are available at http://nihms.nih.gov/help/#slideshow


NIHMS Login Go to http:// www.nihms.nih.gov Click on either Always use your eRACommons /NIH login!


Submit new manuscript. Check on status of already submitted articles or articles in process. Search for article by NIHMSID. NIHMS User Page


NIHMS: Enter Basic Information After logging in, begin submission by Selecting the journal name Entering the manuscript title Selecting all appropriate (NIH and/or HHMI) funding mechanisms that supported the manuscript. Note that grants can be linked to articles later, but at least one NIH/HHMI funding source needs to be provided at this stage


NIHMS: Upload M anuscript Upload the manuscript file(s). Include full text, figures and all edits & modifications from peer review Layout/formatting made by the journal for the final published version is not required The final peer reviewed manuscript should be submitted, unless the journal publisher has given permission to submit the final published article. The system will generate a PDF receipt that summarizes the entered information and merges the manuscript's files into one viewable document. Confirm that the manuscript and any additional supporting documents are correct If author, select release date and confirm If delegate, author will be notified to select release date and confirm The NIHMSID will be assigned when this is done.


NIHMS: Processing & Final Approval The manuscript will be processed and converted into XML and a web version created The author must: Request any needed corrections Give final approval Manuscript will be made available in PMC at selected release date


Final author approval confirms : authority/right to publish this version of the manuscript in PMC peer review has been conducted appropriately all edits resulting from peer review are included the manuscript was supported at least in part by NIH funding.


For More Help: Guide to the NIH Public Access Policy Contact your Liaison Librarian Health Science Center Library Borland Library (Jacksonville) Marston Science Library Contact your grant administrator Contact the NIH at PublicAccess@nih.gov or the NCBI at info@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov