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Title: Assessing Patient Provider Communication and Patient Self-Advocacy in a University Based Internal Medicine Clinic
Physical Description: Conference Papers
Creator: Florida Alliance for Health Diversity Culminating event ( Conference )
Butson, Linda C. ( Author, Secondary )
Singh Neal ( Author, Primary )
Meek, Patricia
Pauly, Rebecca R. ( Author, Secondary )
Publisher: University ol Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Florida
Publication Date: July 25, 2012
Acquisition: Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Linda C. Butson.
Publication Status: Unpublished
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Assessing Patient Provider Communication and Patient SelfAdvocacy in a University Based Internal Medicine Clinic Neal Singh, Linda C. Butson, MLn MPH, Patricia Meek, Rebecca R. Pauly, MD FACP University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Background !"#$%&'()( Impressions +'(,-%( Acknowledgement This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHS-N-276-2011-00004-C with the University of Maryland Baltimore. FAHPD Scholars Program It is our hypothesis that patients who are provided with high quality consumer health information at an appropriate literacy level and assisted with preparing questions before their doctor's appointment will have better communicative interactions with their health care providers and take a more active role in their health care. Librarians in public libraries and hospitals traditionally help patients locate reliable consumer health information about their health concerns. This information is used by the patient in understanding their conditions, preparing for medical encounters and learning about treatment options which they can then discuss with their health care providers. Librarians do not diagnose patients or give medical advice; rather their role is to filter the quality, authoritativeness, scope, relevance and readability among multiple available sources of information. Physician Data Question : Do you give your patients handouts, brochures, or websites on health information? 6/7 (86%) indicated that they do so. Question : On average, my patients ask me questions about their condition. Question : On average, my patients ask me questions about their medications, directions for taking their medications, or side effects. Physicians report that patients are more likely to ask questions about their condition than their medications. At base line, physicians use various teaching tools regarding health information. Multiple learning styles are valuable to patients for learning new information. Patients note that this intervention was helpful for their clinic visit. .)/( Gain a better understanding of the literacy levels and learning styles of this patient population in the Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties Clinic. Provide consumer health information to an underserved patient population. Assist patients in identifying and clarifying questions to ask the doctor before their visit. Develop information resources for common conditions at varying literacy levels and learning styles, Assess the logistical, social, and other challenges of providing information support to this patient population in this environment. Methods Patients report: Demographics Patients Physicians Neal Singh's role was assisting in patient recruitment and data analysis. A librarian attended one 4-hour clinic session per week for nine weeks from May 3 July 12, 2012. The librarian provided authoritative consumer health information and pre-physicianencounter coaching to patients. There were two study populations: physicians and patients. Physicians were asked to fill out preand post-intervention surveys to document their perceptions. Patients were asked to complete a survey and fill out a comment card with a question to ask the doctor and give it back to the librarian after assessing the impact of the service on their visit. Sources of health information used: MedlinePlus.gov PubMed Needy Meds Prescription formularies Association websites Clinical Trials.gov !" #" $" %" &" '" (" )" *" #*+&&",-./0"123" &'+(&",-./0"123" ('+)4",-./0"123" !"#$%&'"#$()$*&+#',-$ 5"6"#$" 4"7-8.2-9"%"8.2-" Never 0/7 (0%) Rarely 2/7 (29%) Sometimes 1/7 (14%) Often 3/7 (43%) Usually 1/7 (14%) Patient Data Question : Which of the following tools do you use? Question : When you are learning, how do you like to receive new information? Selected questions asked by patients of the medical librarian: "Is scalp itching related to renal failure and kidney disease?" "How is COPD affected by humidity and weather?" "Can UV light therapy help fibromyalgia?" Patients who returned the comment card (8/12) noted significant impact of this service on their visit. Sample comments: "The librarian was very helpful in giving me resources for information showed me access to med. journals, etc.!! Thanks!!" "My doctor was able to answer all of my questions and alleviate my concerns. Thank you." Computer access 11/12 (92%) Internet access 8/12 (67%) Smart phone 2/12 (17%) Tablet/Ereader 2/12 (17%) Don't use any 1/12 (8%) Hear information 10/12 (83%) Read written text 8/12 (67%) Watch videos or see pics 5/12 (42%) Do something with info 4/12 (33%) Future Directions Collect post-intervention survey data from physicians. Increase sample size of physicians and patients. Physicians believe: N = 7 4 attending physicians 3 female, 1 male 3 resident physicians 1 female, 2 male Never 0/7 (0%) Rarely 0/7 (0%) Sometimes 1/7 (14%) Often 2/7 (29%) Usually 4/7 (57%) !" #" $" %" &" '" (" )" *" +" #!" ,-./012/034" 5627/8"269/49/" :6;<"-<1./9=/01." >6?01384.;64" @600<1969" AB>" C9=/140=<06D9" E81F4=<8" @CBG" C?/96=8" H9=<34" G64?/=/9" :6;<"?.112"F0/99I0/" !"#$%&'()*+,-)*.')/'0#-"*%.' !" #" $" %" &" '" (" )" *" +,-./01"234456-0" 7-0895:,52-;-1/2"85/0",50513,30<" +-2/5;"43:=/234"50>"2543",50513,30<" ?9:-0/2"85/0" ?@AB" C4<9,5" D3>/256-0"E43" F/19"G;-->"8:344E:3" H3/19<";-44" B/5G3<34" !"#$%&"#'()"*(+,%-,(./&0#1'(+"23$( 40#051(60-0%7%#8(9#)"*:/&"#(