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SCWG MEETING: AGENDA FOR OCTOBER 10, 2011 Minutes this meeting: Stacey In Attendance: Isabel Silver, Tara Cataldo, Rae Jesano, Jennifer Wondracek, Dina Benson, Melody Royster, Christine Ross, and Stacey Ewing I. Approve Minutes Approved II. Approve/revise Agenda One revision to agenda: addition of the UFOAP Recipient Survey III. Strategic Initiatives Reports Promotion of the IR: Christine. Update on Naming Contest List of submissions has been compiled Lela sent out a Google Poll to the ULC to help identify the top 5 names Most votes so far have gone to “UF Digital Commons” but this name will not work and will not make it to the next round of voting. Promotion of the UFOAP and Mid Term Report: Isabel and Christine Posted on the UFOAP staff guide: http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/content.php?pid=183535&sid=1542903 Judy is ready to submit to the deans and put on the library homepage Christine added some new graphs and charts making it nicely visual. UFOAP Survey Christine sent out a draft to the group asking for feedback Feedback deadline: Friday, 10/14/2011 Goal is to release the survey after OA week to capitalize on the OA buzz. Reason for the survey is to compile data to take to deans and provost to justify future funding. We want to know what the UFOAP means to the faculty member how it helped them with tenure, publishing, etc. Measuring value. Suggestion: Send survey to all applicants instead of just recipients in case there is something in our process we were unaware of that could be causing problems for applicants who weren’t awarded. Other UFOAP Questions: How can applicants check if the publisher is reputable? Is there a prescreening process? Christine frequently gets emails but there is no official process. Maybe this is something the group can develop There is definitely a clear list of application criteria on the UFOAP page.


Acquisitions and Cataloging: Tara. ( Serial Acquisitions Report) Steve Carrico is investigating Serials Solutions ( see Appendix A ) Jay Wiese put together a report of the usage of Open Access eJournals ( see Appendix B ) Report (appendix B) shows: the number of open access eJournals provided average clicks and average PDF usage Jay constructed this report by call # but that yielded a very general approximation. Report is very general but it does show that these eJournals ARE being used. Isabel requested ideas on what kind of information we would want from future searches/reports like this. Note: Acquisition of OA eJournals is ad hoc, selectors place a GROVER ticket to have a title added. Serial Solutions is helping by preloading titles found in the DOAJ. Concern was brought up that sometimes HSCL users click through to articles via PubMed, publisher, etc., so will the Serial Solutions numbers be accurate of total usage? Sometimes users go directly to the publisher’s site. Response: this report is a VERY broad look at usage. Copyright initiatives. Christine CITT tutorial Is complete and has been included into the faculty workshop for distance ed faculty. Christine is waiting on access to the files so that the tutorial can be linked to other Library Resources pages web, LibGuides, etc. It is a six part tutorial + slideshow + talk + list of resources. Jennifer offered to help embed information or work up a LibGuide once the files have been shared with Christine. Newspapers: the unblurring of syndicated material has stopped. Retrospective Scanning of Dissertations – waiting for the General Counsel Office to approve. LibGuides + Creative Commons License General Counsel said that there are enough UF resources included in the Libraries’ LibGuides to begin posting Creative Commons licensing on the pages as long as “noncommercial use” is clearly stated. Recommended level: Attribution. Noncommercial. Share Alike Suggestion: talk to Peter McKay/Springshare to see if an Automatic CC logo can be toggled for all LibGuide pages. The Florida Scholarly Communications Interest Group Update: Christine 32 members and quickly growing 10 very active members UF, FSU, and Rollins very well represented.


Posterous ( http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/ content.php?pid=183535&sid=1542903 ) group/social media site set up by Micah Vandergrif for the group to use for now until this becomes an official group under FLA, FCLA, CSUL, etc. Last meeting was a workshop/discussion by members of UF Press and Orange Grove. Group has submitted an Open Access presentation proposal to Florida Library Association 2012. OJS Update: Isabel Open Journal System (OJS) Memo of Understanding (MOU) was submitted to the General Counsel’s Office and revised Will resubmit and await their final approval before giving to liaisons to share with faculty. Dina reports that hosting OA journals is proceeding. Impact of OA journals: Rae Rae working on PPT tutorial When groups like BioMed Central send out Impact Factor updates, Rae has been updating that information on the public OA LibGuides on the Smathers Libraries homepage, now called “much More About Open Access”: http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/OpenAccess Policy draft update: Isabel Almost ready Want to share with LFA but Judy first wants us to wait until it has full University Library Committee approval. Currently working on language that everyone is comfortable with. IV. Update from Christine on OA and Copyright News: Christine BioMed Central publication fee discount Email sent out to “Librarians” list to announce that UF’s membership in BioMed Central entitles UF authors to a 15% reduction in the publication fee when publishing in Springer Open Journals. See Appendix C for more information Official UF Scholarly Communications Twitter feed University Relations office approved an official Twitter Account Christine will be providing OA materials, etc. like she does from her current twitter account. Feed will be located at: http://twitter.com/#!/ufscholcomm V. Open Access Week: Christine and Beth Publicity Posters and other publicity materials are out Christine sent in a request to be added to the Marquee still waiting on confirmation. Couldn’t get ad space on MyUFL.


Online link was sent out to graduate student listserv Christine has requested a Poster Inventory from group members to make sure we show up with most current OA posters. Roundtables Barbara Hood is making tent cards for the tables with topics and talking points Need to Recruit note takers – Christine to put out call for volunteers Stacey & Beth will take notes but still need 5 more people Table Moderators List Table 1: Christine, with Jenny as note taker Table 2: Dina and Laurie Table 3: Isabel Table 4: Tara Table 5: Sofia Table 6: Melody Table 7: Rae Poster Session : Christine Christine requested poster inventory from SCWG members ASAP. Christine to contact Reitz for reminder that we will need lots of easels SCWG members to bring easels from their branch: Jen – 3 Stacey – 1 Dina – 1 Melody 4 5 Recording VI. Announcements/New Business? Christine taking over as Chair of SCWG in November. Next meeting: second Monday of the month, October 10, 2011; minutes Rae


APPENDIX A From: Carrico,Steven B Sent: Friday, October 07, 2011 12:15 PM To: Ross,Christine Marie; Silver,Isabel D Subject: Title count & usage figures for OA ejournals Hi there, I m attaching a word document with two charts: one with the title count for OA e journals offered by the UF Libraries, the other with a chart showing usage of the OA e journals offered by the UF Libraries. This data was put together by the talented Jay Wiese of our E Resources Unit in Acq. Using call number affiliations, Jay was able to determine some of the e journal college/disciplines/libraries that the journals support for research and teaching. Multidisciplinary is the category we use to show journals that support research in cross or multiple disciplines. Much of this type of work (determining the college or subject that a journal supports) is approximated, as is the usage to a degree since we cannot determine exact figures for OA e journals being accessed directly from user to journal and not going through the UF Libraries portal. Anyway, look it over and see if this might be of use or interest to you and your efforts promoting OA. If you have any questions, don t hesitate to ask. Steve


APPENDIX B Number of Open Access e journals offered by UF: College/Library/Area of Research Titles Business 226 CLAS Humanities 924 CLAS Sciences 1,956 Education 6 Health Sciences 2,560 Multidisciplinary 13,150 Total = 18,821 Usage of Open Access e journals offered by UF Libraries: College/Library/ Area of Research Usage: Click throughs 2010 Unique title count (est.) Average 2010 click throughs per title Estimated total PDF usage 2010 Average 2010 PDF usage per title (est.) Business 551 226 1.70 1,466 6.48 CLAS Humanities 2,686 924 2.02 7,145 7.74 CLAS Sciences 32,514 1,956 11.57 86,487 44.22 Education 442 5 63.14 1,176 241.32 Health Sciences 28,729 2,560 7.81 76,419 29.85 Multidisciplinary 26,835 13,150 1.42 71,381 5.43 Total = 91,757 18,821 3.39 244,074 12.97


APPENDIX C From: Ross,Christine Marie Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2011 3:44 PM To: Librarians Subject: Springer Open Journals Good afternoon – Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with a representative from BioMed Central. During that meeting, I learned that our membership in BioMed Central entitles UF authors to a 15% reduction in the publication fee when publishing in Springer Open Journals Springer Open, which was launched last year, currently publishes over 50 fully open access, peer reviewed STM journals. When advocating open access and the open access publishing fund to your departments, please include this information. A list of Springer Open journals is available at http://www.springeropen.com/journals For more information on Springer Open generally, please see http://www.springeropen.com/about Best, Christine