IDH3931 Research Proposal Assignment
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Title: IDH3931 Research Proposal Assignment
Series Title: IDH3931 Discovering Research & Communicating Science
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Creator: Johnson, Margeaux
Wrublewski, Donna
Publication Date: 2011
Abstract: This is the research proposal assignment for the fall 2011 course IDH3931 Discovering Research & Communicating Science. It includes 3 parts: an annotated bibliography on a topic, a draft proposal, and a final proposal.
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Research Proposal: Part 1 Topic & Bibliography Assignment Overview P repare for the Research Proposal and Presentation by develop ing a proposal abstract and a n annotated bibliography of no fewer than 10 resources. Assignment Instructions Topic & Bibliography 1. Cho o se a scientific topic o f interest to you (NOTE: Proposals will be graded based on completeness, coherency, and persuasiveness rather than scientific merit.) 2. Develop an annotated bibliography of at least 10 scientific research articles related to your topic (NOTE: The citations should be in APA format. Annotations should be 2 5 sentences summarizing the article, NOT full abstracts.) 3. Write a proposal abstract of 250 300 words This should be semi structured and include an introduction, your research question, and the intellectual merit/ importance of your question to the field. It may also include your proposed methods and relevant details of your proposal. 4. Submit a document to the Sakai system. This submission should include 3 sections: 1. Topic Statement (one sentence summarizin g topic) 2. Proposal Summary (250 300 words) 3. Annotated Bibliography (10 scientific research articles, in APA format, minimum) Assignment Deadlines D ue online 10/25 Grading This assignment is worth 10 % of your overall grade. It will be graded on the following criteria: Points Criteria 1 Topic Statement 4 Proposal Summary : 250 300 words Has all parts (introduction, research topic, intellectual merit) Summary is well written 5 Annotated Bibliography : 10 research articles cited fully in proper APA format Concise annotations summarizing each article Articles are related to the research topic Assignment Purpose & Learning Objectives The purpose of this assignment is to give you time to work through your research proposal ideas before the final project deadlines.


Research Proposal: Part 2 Presentation Assignment Overview Practice communicating your ideas for scientific research orally to an audience of peers. The ability to present your research in compelling ways to funding agencies, to colleagues, to potential lab partners, and to national collaborators is an essential skill for scientists. Assignment Instructions 1. Using presentation tools of your choice develop a n 8 10 minute presentation to convince your classmates of the value of your proposal. The presentation must include the following elements: introduction to topic/ statement of interest c lear description of research problem i mportanc e of the research to the field, p roposed methods/ analysis plan p roject timeline and project b udget 2. Provide constructive feedback to your classmates on their presentations. This will help them to build a better written research proposal and improve their oral presentation skills in the future. Assignment Deadlines In class presentations 11/29 12/1 Grading Rubric This assignment is 1 5 % of your overall grade. It will be graded on the following criteria: Points Criteria 1 3 In Class Presentation: 8 10 minutes in length (including time for questions) 2 point s Content 6 points Concise introduction to topic/ statement of interest Clear description of research problem Importance of this research to the field Proposed methods/ analysis plan Project T imeline Project Budget Style 5 points Presentation was well organized and concise Slides and visual materials supplemented the presentation Creative display of information Exemplary oral presentation skills Audie nce engagement (questions, interaction, etc) 2 Feedback/ Class participation


Research Proposal: Part 3 Draft & Final Paper Assignment Overview P ractice communicating your ideas for scientific research by writing a research proposal The ability to write & present a compelling grant is essential to obtaining funding for scientific research. In this assignment you will write a research proposal using NSF guidelines to familiarize yourself with the process of applying for grants. Assignmen t Instructions 1. Review the requirements for writing an NSF Proposal available at ( http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/policydocs/pappguide/nsf11001/gpgprint.pdf ) 2. Write an 8 10 page (3000 4000 word) summer research proposal that adheres to modified NSF grant proposal guidelines as outlined below. Your proposal must include all of the following proposal sections as outlined in the NSF guidelines: 1. Cover Sheet (projec t title, budget and duration information, PI information, organization information ) 2. Project Summary Project summary abstract (250 300 words) Intellectual merit Broader Impacts 3. Project Description (Please follow guidelines below rather than NSF guidelines) Introduction/ Background Objectives for the grant Literature review (relation to present state of knowledge in the field) Proposed research plan (methods) Detailed timeline 4. Budget 5. Facilities, Equipment, and other Resources 6. References Cited (Please follo w APA guidelines r ather than NSF guidelines) 10 or more references for academic research articles 7. B iographical Sketch Include professional preparation, a ppointments publications, synergistic activities, collaborators & other affiliations.


Assignment Deadlines Draft due online 11/ 17 Final paper due online 12/ 8 Grading Rubric The draft is NOT optional It will help you prepare for the final paper and get feedback. The Draft is worth 5% of your overall grade and the Final Research Proposal Paper assignment is 20 % of your overall grade. It will be graded on the following criteria: Points Criteria 2 Coversheet i nclude s title, budget and duration information, PI information, organization information 5 points each 3 Project Summary includes: Project summary abstract (250 300 words) 2 points Intellectual merit .5 points Broader Impacts .5 points 8 Project Description includes: Introduction/ Background 1 point Objectives for the grant 1 point Literature review (relation to present state of knowledge in the field) 2 points Proposed research plan (methods) 2 point Detailed timeline 2 point 2 Budget .5 Facilities 1 References Cited 1 Bio Sketch includes professional preparation, a ppointments publications, synergistic activities, collaborators & other affiliations. .5 Format follows NSF formatting rules 2 Proposal is well written, free of grammatical errors, uses academic language and is persuasive. Assignment Purpose & Learning Objectives By completing this assignment you will: 1. Develop a research idea that is of interest to you into a grant proposal using modified NSF guidelines 2. Use scientific databases to find appropriate resources, evaluate information, and synthesize the articles on your topic to develop a research proposal. 3. Practice the project management skills of developing budgets and timelines for a research project 4. Present a persuasive research proposal to your peers 5. Demonstrate your understanding of topics presented in class such as scientific funding tips, CV/Bio sketch writing tips, search strategies, scientific communication skills, and literature searching.