VIVO: Open Data for Open Innovation
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Title: VIVO: Open Data for Open Innovation
Physical Description: Conference Papers
Creator: Conlon, Michael
Tennant, Michele
Holmes, Kristi L
Blackburn, Kaitlin
VIVO Collaboration
Conference: Crowdsourcing: The Art and Science of Open Innovation
Publication Date: July 18, 2011
Acquisition: Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Michael Conlon.
Publication Status: Published
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Source Institution: University of Florida Institutional Repository
Holding Location: University of Florida
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What is VIVO?

* VIVO is an open source Semantic Web application that enables the discovery of research &


* VIVO is populated with detailed profiles of faculty and researchers.

* VIVO provides a faceted search functionality for easily identifying people, activities,

organizations, and other research-related information.

* VIVO is funded by a $12.2 million consortium grant with UF and 6 partner institutions from

the National Institutes of Health, U24 RR029822, "VIVO: Enabling National Networking of


] Cornell University


W Il iTt cE


P,. Washbgbn


0 kill Cornell Medial College

Since the original award was made, a number of additional institutions and organizations have

implemented and adopted VIVO locally.

How can you use VIVO?

Find collaborators
Keep abreast of new work
Track competitors
Rely on customized profiles
maintained via automatic updates

* Discover current funded projects
* Search for specialized expertise
* Visualize research activity within
an institution

Showcase college, program,
departmental activities
Identify areas of institutional
Manage data in one place

Identify research data to gather/
*Track research to prioritize
collection budgeting
Customize library collections and

* Locate mentors, advisors, or
* Locate events, seminars, courses,
programs, facilities
* Showcase own research

Anthony is writing a multi-disciplinary research proposal on molecular treatments for breast cancer. He
would like to identify and contact potential collaborators and begin to exchange information regarding the

Identify potential funding opportunities:
Mary is the director of a large research center. She would like to visualize clusters of interests, techniques,
and areas of specialty amongst the researchers that are part of her center. She would like to use this
information to grow existing areas of strength and collaborative efforts and maximize ROI.

Tom is completing his BS in Biology. He wants to identify institutions with robust programs in his research
area of interest the genetic bases of neurodegenerative disorders.

Locate focused publication content:
Samantha is a faculty member at an university. She is looking for papers published by other scholars at her
institution on using advanced statistical methods to analyze research impact in the bioinformatics domain.

Asserble spedirized review panels:
David is a federal agency staff member. He needs to identify people who can serve on scientific review
panels. He wants to find people who work in specific areas, but wants to exclude people who have been
co-authors with the researchers whose proposals are under review.

Library administration or directors of core facilities want to align their strategic plan with the evolving
research needs of their clientele. Identifying growth areas of research through increasing publications,
focused areas of research, and grant dollars enables this task to become more evidence-based.

Home People Organizations Research Events

Welcome to VIVO
VIVO is a research-focused discoverytool that enables
collaboration among scientists across all disciplines.
Browse or search information on people, departments, c
grants, and publications.

0Search VIVO
quif oil spill

.rar ts (15,954)
People (49,373)
Activities (1 5,964)
Courses (110)
Events 1083)
Organizations (sj163)
Research (25,854)
Locations (275)



Home People Organizations Research Events

ci mocames@un edu
o M fi-tle ,
rio i wee

James, Margalet 0 PROFESSOR & CHAIR, Medicinal
School of Natural Resources and Environment (cNRE Faculty
2007 -
Division ofContinuing Educa:ion, Faculty 2005 -
Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty 2004 -
Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Facult 2004 -
Research Areas
iru Metabolism Medicinal Cheistrly Tiiaco g
Xenobiotic Blotrans forrntion

I "\
3 publications
within the last l10 year

ar Coa-uthor Nei ork

Nir' ork

Contact Other


academic article
Effects of thee methec xyclor oi ch en e exression in the liver ond testes f the male
largemouiith bass 2008

4 ^,

VIVO visualizations illustrate

who a researcher is already working

with on publications and grants.

This enables searchers to discover

relevant research information with

just a few clicks of a mouse!

VIVO is designed to connect and integrate information about grants, publications,

and people in one location. VIVO displays data about researchers, their

collaborators, their funding sources, and more.

Home People Organizations Research Events

Search results for 'gulf oil spill'
Show only results of this type: activities organizations research
Sc ill Task Fr e F) I Consortium
Gulf Coast Extension Service Oil Feill Rccrer, Proiect
A ssistina Seafood SafeeV Manaoemenr Durinr rhe Oil S ill in the Gulf
College of Asricultural and Life Sciences I College
Food Science and Human Nutrition I Department

VIVO's linked data supports browsing and research discovery.

Thus, a VIVO search of"gulf oil spill" (a research topic) will display

diverse results such as organizations, individuals, grants, and

more. One result, a consortium, links to a list of individual

researchers, and their profiles contain visualizations of co-author

and co-investigator networks, linking them to publication and

funding collaborators. Through data linking, VIVO's diverse

information is cross-searchable and ensures that users find

accurate information quickly.

Co-author network of Denslow,Nancy D

i I-
i s
is I

Tii, Tt. S.

Tillltt, D, E.

Home People Organri zatiorns Research Events

j Denslow, Nancy D I Professor


Vice President for Research, Faculty 2009 -
Physiological Sciences, Faculty oo008 -
Biochemrnistrv and Molecular Biology, Joint Faculty 2004 -
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty 2004 -
Molecular Genetics and Microbiologo, Faculty 2004 -
School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRF, Faculty

61 publications
within the last 10 years
(72 total)

SCo-Author lNetwiorkl

cal Sciences, Associate Professor 2004 2008 ietvork
rv and Molecular Biology, Scientist, Biotechnology
001 2004
inarv Center for Biotechnologv Research, Scientific Director, Molecular

Stpulveda, .4

Anktey, Gi. r

Laboratory, BEECS Program 1993 2004
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnologv Research, Scientific Director, Protein Chemistry
Core Facility 1993 2004
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Associate Scientist, Biotechnology Program
1994- 2001
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, Director of BEECS Program 1995 -1997
Interdisciplinary, Center for Biotechnology Research, International Coordinator for
Biotechnology Training 1991 1995
Biochemristrry and Molecular Binology, Assistant Scientist 1981 1994
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, Technical Director, Protein Chemistry
Core Facility i1988- 1993
Biochemistrr and Molecular Bioloogy, Postdoctoral Fellow 1977 1981

Research Areas
Molecular Biology and Proteomics i Toxicoloyg

Kig Anel Murel Barar Nole .6r Tho as .ihele 6rmrci 6ahntnUiest colo eiiei t.Lus aehNgrjn(UT IKi. .oms -ari -ocis ereJseh uiaB
6~- F T ;~rt 7A lot 66. 6 66 .. 6 6-.6 -6
* 6*~ 1. . . . . . . . . . . .*2 I........ .....................

6- 6 6.nel os.Poc cho o edcn: ihadJ.Ne, r6(oceP)IRcrd*spd .ln D mr- ore ru,6
WellPI, au Abet Vctr rosk, ar ronian, da Ceif, scr ru, anDcknsnRihad uCri Han, ta Ka


member role
Francis-Floyd,Ruth Member 2010 -
Zimtnerman.Andrew P Member 2010-
Holland, Stephen Member 2010 -
lames.Maroaret 0 Member 2010 -
laeaerlohn M Member 2010 -
Delfino.loseph I Member 2010-
Mills.lon LMember 2010-
OramrrAndrew V Member 2010-
KaneAndrew S Member 2010 -
MeaverBrtan o Member 2010-
Frederick.Peter C Member 2010 -
SheremetAlexandru Aurica Member 2010 -
Morris lohn Clenn Member 2010 -
laishankar.Sobha Member 2010 -
OsenberqCraiQ We Member 2010 -
Spranqer,Michael S Member 2010-
Havens Karl Task Force Co-Chairman 2010
Densliow,David Member 2010-
Valle-Levinson.Arnoldo Member 2010-
BiorndalKaren Anne Member 2010 -
DenslowNancy D Member 2010-
Dean .,Rob, e ,eibem 2010-
Frazer.Tom KTaskForce Chairman 2010-
Shena.Yeavi P Member 2010-
Otwell.Walter S Member 2010-

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