VIVO: Researcher Networking and Discovery Across Disciplines
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Title: VIVO: Researcher Networking and Discovery Across Disciplines
Physical Description: Conference Papers
Creator: 2011 Group on Information Resources Meeting ( Conference )
Conlon, Michael
Publisher: Association of American Medical Colleges
Publication Date: June 7, 2011
Acquisition: Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Michael Conlon.
Publication Status: Published
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Source Institution: University of Florida Institutional Repository
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Mike Conlon Hannah F. NortonII

Associate Director and Chif Reference and Liaison L
Operatin Officer Clinica and Bioedical ad Healt
Trasltina Siene nsitte IforatonSevies
Univerity o Floria Heath Scince Cnter

What is VIVO?

* VIVO is an open source Semantic Web application that enables the discovery of research &


* VIVO is populated with detailed profiles of faculty and researchers.

" VIVO provides a faceted search functionality for easily identifying people, activities,

organizations, and other research-related information.

0 VIVO is funded by a $12.2 million consortium grant from the National Institutes of Health,

(U24 RR029822, "VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists") awarded to the

University of Florida and six partner institutions.

Welcome to VIVO
iOni 'Iu11o"'g nsoi '", ld IS 'n F
h ntnl n VAF0 n lpn
Seanch XIXO


Hnome People Organizations Research Eensi
Search results for 'gulf oil spill'
Show my us of thiFs yp acniiries cnraniz ior
-iSr:iiTaslFo rIeIFF) i Consortfium
:i inai OF rn F i So ri c I i 5.11 n i n f iein iYFlo
Asirjii Seafood Safe F Mna 1Jemen JDurin S the Oii
College of Ar cultural and Life Iiences I College
F led Sen,,,n and Humlan NiuniinIF Dep5SS

Linked Open Data

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Reading Reuoirce su/jeos ( t m i
AudiA NDeI 4gm
MySpace scrobblerI Us
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maoing 7 r. \satlons
MUIC The Open i S' S '' O~n
Mae gi F Musi i bra I 1ary LBC H i S.uth-
(Dat !F) ( U'
Toee a\Braln pton Ulm
Tbaooes (ziltl) M - I Resour es J EPrints , /
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bi Radio MUSIC ,Reading I RISKS '
dI'l ': dlB Lr The Open', ECS
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daa^ a LOIUS T111 -' N VI UF' VIVO
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Researh Contact Ofther


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Thle enI Terinal the Site f AfAll filypeA-2AkeMes

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Home People Organizatinns Research Events
Denslowm,Nanc D Professor F
c- Residentfornnnnerch, Faculty nn-
PIl 1, c, -, F acu ty 11,s -
^^^^ ^^^^ ^cJ .i ri, EwangJn, Facult y . ith the 10 er
11 u ' i - i c and Moricut l. igo b V. 0 Oin, Faculty 2004-
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Cor F cilit De l . .ac F
2004- :, Co-lh-toetiarn
W35294642:ic ,, al Stcie ciC, A . .. i at, Postol r ..or .. . ....
_Rme u�sea anreas or " clog, , Biotechnology
inoo esarch, Scientifc Director, Molecular
i 1993 200
S n F sh,rcrf nti nFDiretor, Protein Chem
S!, - iate Scientist, Biotechnology Program
Sn FS Fseangm, Diretor o nEECS Program 19s -n1997
-hi- l yte Reiear chInternational Coord nanor for
Bio;echnologi ra FFr -.R I a
Ei-hemi N a- 2c"" B' " A, stintC SA enl ci ,n - i.,F
,, tr for Baoi lnly _ih, Technical Director, Protein Chemistry
Co ne F lity -8 -n F F
F in�ir no F _lon 'ij, Postdo ntoral Fellow 1 aI ln- res i
Research Areas
Monln- arDialogs and Pno itarn,,, TFe I n

S Click

Anyone can search VIVO: university administrators, faculty, staff, students, and the general

public. VIVO's linked data supports browsing and research discovery.

0 Search

A VIVO search of "gulf oil spill as illustrated above, displays faceted results such as

organizations, people, research, grants, and more.

0 Discover

Researcher profiles contain visualizations of co-author and co-investigator networks,

linking them to publication and funding collaborators.

0 Collaborate

VIVO can be used by researchers to find potential collaborators based on shared research


By storing data in VIVO in RDF and using standard ontologies, the information

in VIVO can either be displayed in a human-readable web page or delivered to

other systems as RDF. This allows the open researcher data in VIVO to be

harvested, aggregated, and integrated into the Linked Open Data cloud.

SPARQL is an RDF query language which allows users to construct globally

unambiguous queries from across diverse data sources.





The Harvester is an extensible data ingest and updating framework with sample

configurations for loading PubMed publications, grants, and human resources

data. Version 1.0 of Harvester was recently released and is available for download

on the SourceForge community site. Watch for updates and training

opportunities that focus on Harvester.

VIVO Collabo

X JoomlaI

VIVO Widgets

Ricardo Pietrobon, I

Paolo Mangiafico

This effort proposes t

profiles in blogs, port

display of authority

back to the original V

Digital Vita Docun

Titus Schleyer and I\

The aim ofthis prop(

VIVO platform, genet

users to manage anc

The VIVO platform

Gudmundur A. Thoi

W. Bilder, CrossRef,

Medical School, Ger

The overall aim ofthi

in the scholarly ident

extensions to the


exchange ofprofile ii

manuscript tracking

Integrating the U


Moises Eisenberg ar

Medical Informatics

The aim of this i

domain-specific ontc

This effort should h


A HUBzero/JoomIl

William K. Barnett,


Joomla! is a portal e

This work proposes t'

integrated within HL

restyling VIVO contei

Google Refine and

Curtis Cole, Dan D

Medical College

Google Refine provic

transformation, anc

attractive tool for da

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Cecilia . Kery B , En B, A y * E e * L a * *s *, Ce * * D , M y E, Ia F
R. T A T a W I * SO * * C ag Bi aa a

Co-author network of DenslowNancy D




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nome PIYPI~ Ulg*niiblOll fi~lldli~n ~il

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