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Title: Minutes of the meeting of the National Committee for the Preservation and Restoration of St. Augustine, Florida; Washington, D.C., Monday, October 26, 1936
Physical Description: Conference Proceedings
Creator: Fraser, Walter B.
Publication Date: 1936
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Publication Status: Unpublished
General Note: Memo dated November 11, 1936; from Walter B. Fraser, Mayor, to The Most Rev. Patrick Barry, D.D., Bishop of St. Augustine, St. Augustine, Florida; with copy of attached minutes of the National Committee
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Office of Mayor -Commissioner
City of St. JLugustine, Slot~da

November 11, 1936

The Most Rev. Patrick Barry, D. D.,
Bishop of St. Augustine,
St. Augustine, Florida

His Excellency:-

I am enclosing herewith copy of

minutes of the National Restoration Committee on

the restoration of St. Augustine, held in

Washington, D. C,, October 26th.

00 Very' especa 117.

Walter B. Fraser, Mayor

.-S h/5e Olest City in the cUited States s-, Founded in 1565
., .c Wirthplace of a nericran cSlistoty

L1ZU tBUT Q4 Ti' lE L'S I G O
3?* AULGa;TIZ; , IalA - o JA.
MtWao zton .D3 ,, C. I ondIyJ, o tob or Ot; , 1Q 0.

The tlpat mootlreQ 9of the lUnftioal Conmiittoe for the
Proosrvatioln od oloetoElratin of Jto. Autguoth ti;, Florla, Ql oaed
by Tlajor I*Waltor 1, Ia* Psor of St Auguotlto pramuWat to a reooluw

tion of the Otty Otcvaitasooa or St Augnatino, author hm
to Invite a& national ornmttl;o to conaldoer p1as to pronorvo
ani3 rootoro the o ol4f thb city, ao heIjld In ta t Coomoo
Club, Wadhinigton, UD Co, MonLoy, OotoLbr 20, 1030o, at 10 a.nm.
Thloro woro parolalte

w, 6. ,* Toolrrtn, PsooiaEnt ao tihe Crrnoco InotLtutlon,
lDr. A. V. :Icldorg, (Chaixan oQf the division of HiGtorieaZ
Ziosecarch o2 the Oarnog2o mIntitution.

SVetator iooftt 14, Lo tinl of Elorida
Dr. Joha Jo Tdie2tr, Preoiddett of tfio Uiavoro.ttiy of
tlayor Walter Ue l3mraior o-f "t. Awgoattne. FVlorida*
biav4 i* . 1uw-gon, P;r0sdent of thw Qlt AiUcMstOino
;Iatorial 8oolo'ty iand InutitUnto of 13Qon0"oo

Birianoh r3pagin, Aotin l Direootor or thy DIvialon of
IUlotorio titea Bd aiuldt44 ulZl , lattiowl. P1oath orPvIoo, apartmentt
of tho Interitor
Vorneo ChaBtola, forowmr ActliL,- Aaolatnwt Dirootor ot
the iatlonal Pork 3.orvtloo*
Olnuo u attih 4oepartment of ovgiqaorin7 of the oantom
divieoIo of the latlonal 3akir SeorvZ0o
Ilrbert L, K1aorA i8upo.t.loniont po Fart artona and

o-rt tatgnanw Tnaft ioal n atmnouot.
t:ilijur , aili, Chxatiiri o;f itsi "ocato (CiStoilon (onti
4onsoervatLao l mOd DevOlowp'nt ;t, ;;hto oi' Vt'.lulu.

IU * MokieuiroCk 4ifroter of hifcory and ,raaholo3y
of the� itcoa;tonroliojn of onsorvatto an" Dovel1opimet1 ;:'.tgt;
of Vnrgna.
D3, Quapitta laggett CorseF 49Diotor of tho WPA Writwar's
10rojeot for floriidas
Leonar4 Quthaites arolaogScot oapuoror and mitbor.
John Ho Plokrit II publtai).owW, 3t. AuagUtne, Flowpla.
Unable to attosd the mootizM. SJrU:
al�wop Psatrflos Barry, of .It* AWmiat ?me, Foioridat
Senator Uilary 1'* byr4 of Virt4gta,
30ine ILatSdny eltor of wthe St AUasatie ltooord,
Hetrbort so iLoltu;un head o tOhe epartrmet or It01atory
of the Univerlty of OUitfortia.
Joebuk C, Chanao, Prooidout of the 'oV10ria io4 14 to1o4 l
mayor mrasar outlined to the nombero the motive Oa tihe

City Coratpolaon in dirooUtin him to ct1 mpon a national saeiSttee
to proeorva and restore to AMzvxtotoi,
Dr. MoPrlorian wa narno temporary ciatiman of tho o oMaattoe
acrooing to Gnrvo at la0ot unAtil a2e on?3ttoo had Itoe nEIat meeting.
After a loenatly disousaton of tew queatiomu and problema
involved toeathew with the purposo and value to the nation and
to lostoryn tho committee adopted tahe f0llw0in reolutiOnt
Rooo6nataig the IUportancoe to future oenrwatZono of te
bhotory Wa oltUeWo of the ourly spcaioh sottloanm t on tifa oonti-
wnt anid Zai toI now the Unoited sttso, and th fa-ott that Scts
AWuautin0 wa thew firot pormoisU�nt aafe te eteiuotnt In the UItked
tateos the ooa0aM4ttee Q"lovoo that the SortOSO Oettinga. U-4 Lit.
Autuotino ohm," toS faith illy prouovord and that It should oza
plore every Aeavino ari poouobllity to the od oft preserving, and
oonalderatonr of ouch ufo otorigt �i d oo=ifSCt;r3LOtin6 as Wiy fl found

ca4vtNt uich caot oap i ot tWh old part of the olty as wore one
w4lta Ito fLortftloatiaon to the extent viitoh tooueCntary oevitdczo
and other roaUable d4ata and rouearoh wil pemit,
The 4o0 tttteo then by unaianQC V00e authortzaeO Dr.
tAertWea to appotnt "1te Loflowing owoutootees
A ooiAtteo on rosearou to fumish the oUmAttoo a
Ooprwahoavtve zap ot 8t. Awustine as aottlo by the Spanth and
location or I at zmatues togetrw 4WAth twhe ovolopment of th
oUd ctty twoua Ste v rtouaw pWrtoda to th propent ia d all
ocomnatery dact loe0ondawy anm faotual, bouriiAe on the CottiOMInt
of Uho olty tyn t43o ponloli and euboquwont oo0ttpationo and 0ovelup-
mont relatng to aohitooturo, cuastcmans and neaUs by 4ailoh oarly
ettloera uttUae4 local iMaterial to roplaut old world oiwilistion
to the new; also that said comilttoo be ainstmatod to bo~tn oxoam
vntioA wo* imeodiatoly to wealth oand twrn1 to licxft cWoh evidence
as will enable the oornittee to pieow tonothor the culture, customs
and development of the sot tlomnt; all of the inafoa"ation gathered
to deteneri to ViMt exoatent rooonotruption ac4 reotoration aoud E
be carried oat,
A coittea to o.tudy tawt material ahould be preserwved.
oabtorod or reconotruoted, bearing ain rmnld the iotorlo neouestty
of pofViaoiO a picture of the evolutioA of devO3ioapnt tnhrnoui
the porioda from uottlomiot to thew preontp rui t xaltld beI
molifloed o rama3nat3oa
The ormmittoo than voted to hol1 Its next mootitng in
,to Augustin not labor than tiC wanthsl frMn UiA dates te time
ot the nott metDia6 being left to the iacroetton ot the tponasry
obstIant, Awaoe oG0taion to to be aildod by the proareBo of wefl
tode by the two otwmAttooo nuiod to provide the owturnitte wVith
data upon which to prooooed

oto adoption of uto resolutmto anad tfo appointment ot
coapm4ttee foaC owle a tioounoion in vt4ioh $r, i'orriam laZA 4oev4
the roUlowiung iBaaatc objectives tw1ii it was tile co$AS0U0
of tie oomittoo aoi34 t uido It In Ito prelitma ary work a
1 Tihe ds(btabiitty of omupilleg a cuompraonmive
map ani datat rolativo to old 't. Aumuoutlnro
g Dotamsnattoo b7;j resoer3h of ta2at of old settle8 .
mount wao original otan ett romainas ither foi proeorvation or
3 Mapo ofat the Osurronaaing territory anUd rog.on
inoludlng ir 9 alpsa to ow Sth oibange In a onvironmont since tiheQ
firot settleroent to the present
. 4* Data on the ori4ginl status of plant and animal
litt to allow slat oboncoo have taken plaoe20
O) To obtain all roool Pq or opeo of dooUmasit boiar-
li on tqihe oattlmeont of ii deov;eopment ofr .tI o034 altye
lP* Merrian, at Utheao opening of the muOtiz, developed
the objootvnbs, and the poatoble acope of tahe wvta, lie Raitb
On Ory fitrt viate to Sth Awptino XV wSe f-roatly
timrwoaacd with t1h &*ty'o poInto of hittorio ntoroot, It. tnpra�oocd
:1 an (nW, of the 0oot mpOrtft3 Zt ntot the. maot slerbtant opportrinty
for hMotorip devlopdvlnt offoroda i the United Statesi
It is not only tWa Spaard.ah ottlcSonbt but the 0ubaequent
hiZtort o ldevlopnontDo whSiOh aro important. We of thip oowfmittgq
Should do thi job in the beot pooaoiblo WaiY, Awich 'All taio cove
time* sa we ohiould Gooouro tih boot talent to 0o ato
The prOsOrvIostn 0o St* Auaot.nola in of iitportanOQo to
atty, sette and nations and mthen ooo=poramtozan o the federal vvO.i'm-
mont Is of Inpo;rtanie

raO, CGorOse soAg3to4d that the 20,000 vnrotorar onraged
in the WPA Writor' a projOect 'rlit be dirooLed to a0id onlotod fow
roooaroh work thmrtWout the nation rolttwG to 01d tit. Agucttloe*
P*r. iddhlor Ompoinoled wtt overy effort ahcould -1 mIade
to ploturo the dovelopmont @o t(hat alX phe ot the oitry'o
Ilotory oo0ld 4e traiood.
Dr. tokrriwn oonouwrod 'v.th r, 1adder'v view, soolartnc
that theo value oaf poresootve 1t aek tlrou^h tblio youra woo of the
Utmost importaLco to any historic rogoprd, "Wht w wiant to coo,"
to said, "1ta tIwe cXment of p3rona?,"'
Maar� Outhwaito uggoatod aUd tbOhe doanitUoo conourred
tbat it wap Asopewtor t to have ouffioleiit aocuau3latod oviaotioe
of 014 OtrotuO6a," o warMioo tUo10 viewing aMy ftiglo ulotoriu
womaolnt wouL nowt got thoe tool tof it or Ihave the tan .';iblo touch
of statanQdl(O a&ladt GoCmeti2fcliii old and Iitotorlo.
fyswor Fraser oq3xproood teo view am t.1 t0 o0 4 rwa e fta
poouutbloo aould be developed WAtbin the area of tie old alty and that
the new should be Zopt outoldo that areia O Nmy olA tbuizdhiAS Qan
oanlly be reotoredl a4 iabow a pl4c.:ro of how the Spanish and tWhei
dooonudntu UvTd.*"
1r, tit0Ftnaltt rwiludod the ooareattoe that St Awu!nattno
represented thew northorrstoat outpost of an oA4 wArld oaulutW
tiat hadt' b*on kvou]t to 4nd oota1t41Zh.d in the new world. 1lo
pointed out that the atroot of :;t. A-kuotizv and the fort now
aatnid a nd t� rdouda btoa of other daJy w00. t1v Ui O r a otill
oaziat I other 0eoiSa o,9 t t.it oontinloLut Gottlod 4y the pc'IGadiW.
Nayor Iraowr potted out tiat any rooidenta of 3t.
ANu;twtiio ro of 3pOnniih Clo)oooCIt, and t'olxr hoQwOi and ouut;.nn aEtil
boar traces. of the SpcanatoIsh ixflueonooe
Ins ooanoaticn iath fisnancaPig the prjOota cr* orram
yointud out that no aog.onoy In the UuLitod ;tatoa would offor

tzisnuotal at4 unoon a coXoar ws oomprohonnlvu plan io aulnilttod.
Xna tWIs caoctioiln It vwa tho oOIwiaSus ofZ tWe owuanito
Uazt cose iatlativo maset 0come rCim ,It* Aunuotino, as wall l a
detailed Viin asrood upo&n pasa to beiu aaOcut �aE10notai aid n0040d4

DVr Kiddor appriovo0 of W0 uu11Cg'.ooto.i MOVO that
aMcavation wQ*e bW vtaoto4 at auino to 1*attior all notorlal taaat
would onorirbute to Uxh vokt.

7Th quajioalt oif 0 olobotio3 of cai jafnlnit oatmt, aoA
oorotuwy was left in the handcla of pr, Morrila auid 1r, 121kort, t.o
Qawo siOtrmut;od to nmaiAlatbo la ipOirm iont olimatptk or a msaidoeatioa

of M1W camra ttoe at itos noxtS; rnoogtln.

Thoro being no urthor 'yusiunoaio e1o oamittoo adj-urnmod
oubjeot t�o th o U of Wi temporary GhaitmtaxnM ,

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