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News for the Jamaican lesbian, all-sexual and gay community
Volume I, Issue 7
^Ift Mmmm (§nil^asi
GiDbal HeadlinGS
New Zealand gay dub fire-
bombed allegedy by anti-gay per-

Canadan teenager commtted
suidde fdiowng ongdng taunts by
sdiod mates ttiat tie was gay.

Israeli sdentists developed new
medcation ttiat strengtliens in>
nune system of HIV patients.

Toronto Pdice to undergo GLBT
sensitivity traning after radng
lesb'an tattiliouse in 2000.

The Jamaica DutPnst
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Kingston, Jamaica
By Tony Hron, Tbe Jamaica QutPost Contributor

It is unfortunate that Ian Boyne
(Columnist of The Jamaica
Qeaner) continues to reduce
this debate entirely to the realm
of sexual gratification "Gays
just v\ant to have sex and lots of
it..." (Time for serious gay de-
bate," The Jamaica Qeana,
December 5, 2004) Framing the
discussion of homosexuality
solely in those terms is not only
misleading but also deeply of-
fensive. If son-H^ne accused
him of marrying his wife only for
sexual fulfiln^nt, I'm sure he
wDuld be deeply offended, and
rightly so. Everyone has an in-
nate desire to love and be
loved, but sexual expression is
only one aspect of this desire.
Tfie ability of one person to love
another distinguishes us from all
other animals; it is this divine
emotion that makes us truly
human. Anyone wfx) deaees
this innate desire to be n^re
libido is guilty of stripping av\ay
Human rights activists at the HRW Press Conference (Phntn by Thn Jamaina DutPnst)
another's humanity.
Comparing this love
with paedophilia, as IVl". Boyne did
in his article and as Qeana Edi-
tor Byron Buckley did in his recent
article ('Beware of Reprieve to
Homosexuals," The Jamaica
Qeana, December 8, 2004), is
also unfortunate and potentially
dangerous. This continued pairing
not only serves to reinforce the
nyth that gay men are paedo-
philes but also puts our children at
greater risk of becoming victims
since it encourages parents and
caretakers to overlook the most
common perpetrators of this
(See DEBATE on page 2)
By Larry Cbang, Commentary
Tfie dnofus of response from
church, state and constabulary to
accusations of state-facilitated
violence and abuse of Jamaican
Gi-BTs has been "give us proof."
I am particularly disappointed in
the Information Mnister's re-
sponse to the HRW (Human
Rghts V\fetch) report (accusing
the Jamaican governn^nt of sys-
tematic abuse of gay people in
Jamaica and how it links to the
growing HIV/AIDS epidemic).
Burcfiell VMiiteman taught we to
appreciate the nBtapfiysics of
WjrdswDrth and Bake at York
Castle High Scfxol; but if any-
thing is "unacceptably insensi-
tive" (Whiteman's dismissive
response to the report), it is his
lack of intellectual curiosity. If he
is ignorant of systematic homo-
pfxibic abuse or, worse, if he
does have some inkling, his lack
of compassion for the oppres-
sion and suffering of the GLBT
conmunity is appalling. I am
also let down by the Toirism
Mnister and her demand for
proof that Jamaica's gay n^n are
being slaughtered. Aoun VUxd
used to tramp through the hills of
rural St. Andrew evangelizing as
Catholic Cfiarismatics with her
dose friend, Brian vyiliamson,
wfx) later helped found J-FLAG
and was nxirdered last sunrrer.
If she can no longer include him
in the antit of her Christian cfiar-
(See WHO KNOWS on page 3)

The Jamaica DutPost
January2DD5 Vnluma I Issue? Kingston, Jamaica
Page 2
(DEBAIE...Continued from page 1)
aime dose friends or relatives wfx) may be married and have chil-
dren of their own. If anyone still v\ants to consider paedophilia as
equivalent to homosexuality in any v\ay let rre make the distinction as
unequivocal as possible. Wth the forn^r, there is a dear victin^ the
child wfx) cannot say "no" or wfx) does not understand the conse-
quences of saying "yes". Wth the latter, there are no victims, any
more so than there would be with opposite-gender relationships. If
there is no victin^ then how can there be a a\rrel
Human rights advocates nxBt draw attention to the current
state of affairs and the potential benefits of diange. Tfie grievances
they have voiced regarding the treatn^nt of
sexual minorities in Jamaica are dearly
grounded in truth. Sexual minorities, espedally
young, lower-income gay n^n, often face the
potential for violent "judgn^nt" if their sexuality
becomes known. Tfiey are also likely to land on
the receiving end of bias disaimination and
abuse by those sworn to upfx)ld the dvil rights
of all dtizens. Many Jamaicans, even gay Ja-
maicans, may truly be ignorant as to the extent
of this abuse. Tfierefore, it is essential that hu-
man rights advocates ptblidse cases wfienever
they occur. However, I believe that for the ma-
jority of Jamaica's sexual minorities, violent
reprisal is not their greatest threat. Tfieir great-
est oppression rxrres from the constant fear of
exposure and the consequent potential for a
loss of social standing, income, friends, family,
home and conmunity.
Don't misunderstand: Tfie pervasive condemnation which
elidts this fear is a serious form of oppression, and all Jamaicans
need to consider the overwfielmingly negative consequences that
such a pernidous fear can wreak on the entire sodety. This kind of
fear often manifests itself in the form of "down low/' behaviour, wfiere
men wfx) would never consider themselves to be sexual minorities
pursue covert sanB-gender relationships while maintaining girlfriends,
wives and families. I'm sure everyone can appredate the potentially
devastating effects that such a scenario could have on partners,
spouses and children, not to mention the psydDlogical toll that such a
doLble life can inflict on its adherents.
VMiile I applaud and encourage the efforts of human rights
advocates to expose abuses, I would offer a few words of caution as
well. Tfiere nxBt be balance in the representation of life for gay Ja-
maicans. Focusing solely on oppression, disaimination and violence,
as real and widespread as they may be, could ultimately be self-
defeating because it will likely increase the level of fear in everyone,
regardless of sexual orientation. A focus on any one aspect of reality
tends to blind the viewer to other aspects that are equally true. For
instance, there have been reports to J-FLAG of the police coming to
ft A I f V t
Protesting danceball concert in New York Sep. ZDD4
the aid of people wfx) v\ere at risk because of their perceived sex-
ual orientation. If advocates of any particular persuasion focus on
negativity, then negativity will be the lens through which they see
every situation, and this negativity will propagate itself throughout
the conmunity, leading to greater paranoia and fear and their un-
fortunate consequences.
Highlighting abuses in an effort to conpel legal reform
can be a valid strategy, but it cannot be the only strategy, and it is
likely to fail if the GLBT conmunity doesn't establish greater dia-
logue with the average dtizen. Nothing nurtures prqudice as nxch
as ignorance, and most Jamaicans are sadly misinformed wfien it
comes to understanding the true nature and
positive inplications of sanB-gender relation-
ships in their homes, congregations, conrnu-
nities and country. Sexual minorities have
made, and will continue to make, tren^ndous
contributions to the advancement of the Ja-
maican sodety in every sector. For those of
us wfx) know some of these individuals, there
can be no doibt about the veradty of this
statement. But their contributions could be
even greater, and Jamaica an even more
abundant country in many v\ays, if these indi-
viduals were not forced to live under the con-
stant burden of fear, seaecy, deception and
isolation. Tfie average Jamaican needs to be
made av\are of these contributions and the
measurable benefits that can accrue if we all
spend more time and energy on positive pur-
suits rather than on attacking one another.
Menters of Jamaica's gay conmunity nxBt initiate greater dia-
logue with their families, friends, co-wor1 there is to be any progress toward an equitable resolution to the
ongoing conflict.
A community sarvicE mEssaga brougbt to you by Tbo Jamaica
DutPost...providing news for Jamaica's GLBT community.

The Jamaica DutPost
January2005 Volume I Issue? Kingston, Jamaica
Page 3
SEX, Loved to Death in Jamaica
By Ingrid Riley, Commentary
Jamaica's sexual-identity pendu-
lum has swung. A full-blown sexual
revolution, toes tapping and biting
its nails, sits waiting to finally
[Dunn's Rver flow and flood above
ground. Having been Bble-beaten
into guilt, fear and boredom in the
bedrooni Jamaicans, high on Un-
de Samfs cable TV, European
porn hidden in Christmas barrels
from New York and repressed curi-
osity ~ are now wallowing in juicy,
consensual and kinhy sex Arid
neither the church, paranoid media
agendas nor moldy legislation can
push back the Portland-to-Negril
roll of it.
This other and surprisingly lengthy
round of the just-say-yes-or-no-to-
gays-in-Ja debate is a v\aste of
time, sinply because most of the
rabid Christian groips, faux Chris-
tian-ninded columnists, talk radio
hosts, rum bar judges and patio
pundits will alv\ays want to make
being gay or lesbian a moral is-
sue, a problem for religion and its
Bible to solve wfien it is really
about acknowledging and accept-
ing variations in human sexuality.
It is a call for open-mindedness, of
infusing a spirit of "live and let
live." It is about diange, a recog-
nition that the other side of
"normal," this word and state of
being, is not necessarily abnor-
mal ~ it can be this other word,
called "different."
Further, Jamaica in essence has
already rebelliously accepted
and tolerated, seen and sanpled
the many variations of human
sexual identity and is living pre-
cariously if not comfortably with
the Bble's shades of grey and
beyond outdated legislation. V\fe
just have a tradition of being tw>
faced about it. So Jamaica's sex-
ual revolution has already begun,
our cover having been blown; its
just being televised now, thats all.

This is an excerpt from the full-
length essay For the entire essay,
Ingid Rley is an award-wnning
journalist writa and pod who //Ves
in Kingston, Jamaica
(WHO KNOWS Cont'd from page 1)
ity, the least she could do is acknowledge his victimization. Have
those years of fellowship meant nothing?
But VMiiteman is right to the extent that "it is the people wfx) nxBt
set our agenda in respect of the legislation which we pass or the re-
peal of any existing laws." VMiy should the governnBnt heed any
bleeding-heart foreigners wfx) wish to impose their stan-
dards on us? Leave aside for a mon^nt that the laws in
question are of colonial origin. VMiile majority rule prevails
in a denxcracy, invariably there are minority rights which
need to be protected from the tyranny of that majority. Tfie
governnBrt's own technoaats and Select Parliamentary
Committee have so recommended. Even some Opposition
menters are beginning to make siqoortive noises.
But there has been no voice heard from the op- Larry Chang
pressed. V\fe are the people too, capable of contributing to
that agenda IVbybe v\e have been cowed into sJonission, silenced
by fear. V\fe have no spokesperson, instead hoping for and depending
on well-meaning foreigners to speak out for us in the tradition of
vyiberforce and the Abolition Sodety. No Nanny or Sam SLiarpe in
sight. Tfxse capable of articulating our cause are dead, have fled or
are lapping their tails in the safety of their dosets. In their daily strug-
gle for survival, the "downtown sports," wielders of the ice pick and
t)rc^te//( [Jamaican patois for "broken bottle'], misdirect their anger at
each other instead of at the sodety which persecutes them for loving
inappropriately No diampions there. But I shouldn't talk; I ran. VMiite-
man is technically right, if abhorrently wrong. Tfie wfieel is not squeak-
ing, so there's nothing to fix VMiile they may have been working in the
bacteiround, J-FLAG has been conspicuously silent. Tfie apparent
overseas initiative has not been lost on the conrrentators wfx) rush to
paint the EC, Peter Tatdiell and OutRagel, and now HRW, in inperi-
alist and radst colours. How would they know about expatriate Jamai-
cans' involven^nt? V\fe cry interference and imposition of foreign cul-
ture but puff LP ourselves about leading the diarge against apartheid
and injustice in Haiti and elsewhere, setting examples for benighted
nations to follow. VMien it suits us, its "One Love, One V\forld," but not
wfien the finger points at us. Tfien v\e play the race card or the sover-
eignty card. But sovereignty does not n^an nxch wfien the country
is in hock to the hilt and expected earnings from tourism and enter-
tainnBrt are based on the oppression and exdusion of sexual mi-
norities. Brand Jamaica has a defect, and soon no one will buy.
An Cbseno" editorial grudgingly admits "a high degree of homo-
pLobia in Jamaica, which may at tinBS, lead to violence against ho-
mosexual men" but tries to mitigate the severity by dainv
ing that reports are exaggerated and contextualizing it
against the overall high aime rate. This perspective does
not lessen the injustice, the outright denial of basic human
rights, the untold pfiysical and psydDlogical torture that
many Jamaican gays undergo. Life is hard for many Ja-
maicans, but it beconBS for GLBT dtizens unnecessarily
so with government complidty. Instead of paying heed to
the n-Bssage, the authorities have berated the nBssenger
for coming from abroad to interfere. Inspector lonie Ranv
say has been the only one to say she'll look into the complaints. In
ny estimation, the HRW report is balanced, fair and objective, ecfio-
ing (xy own experience and confirming reports I have received. It
points the way forward for Jamaica to join the ranks of civilized na-
tions with tolerant, open sodeties. Tfie alternative is to degenerate
further into a narrow fundanBntalism hostile to difference and diver-
sity wfiere deqay values, vigilante justice and conmunity enforcers
ensure conformity. In this dimate, the prospect of GLBT dtizens'
being accorded basic human rights and the fundan^ntal liberties
enshrined in the Jamaican Constitution seems a long way off. Before
v\e can even get there, it seems we have to deal with the monsters
of nervous nationalism, religious bigotry and heterosexist insecurity.
Tfiats not going to happen anytime soon.
In the meanwhile, v\e'll do wfiat we've alv\ays done: dissentle
and survive, like the good descendants of slaves that v\e are. V\fe'll
continue to be the preferably hidden, unspoken part of Jamaican life,
not protesting or raising our voices but playing our not-inconsiderable
role in governnBnt, business, academia, the church, the arts, ser-
vices and professions. Too bad for those wfio are visible by being
transgendered, living in the wrong place or having the temerity to
stand LP and be counted.

The Jamaica DutPost
January2005 Volume I Issue? Kingston, Jamaica
Page 4
What are the specific Jamaican laws that criminalize same-sex relations?
Tfiere are four laws in the current
Constitution that aiminalize con-
sensual same-gender relations
spedfic to males. Tfiere are no
laws that aiminalize same-gender
relations among females. TTiese
laws are part of the Offences
Against the Person Act.
Article 76 (Unnatural Crime)
"Wnsoever shall be convicted of
the abominable aime of buggery
(anal intercourse) committed either
with mankind or with any animal,
shall be liable to be inprisoned
and kept to hard labour for a term
not exceeding ten years".
Article 77 (Attempt)
"Wnsoever shall attempt to conv
mit the said abominable aime, or
shall be guilty of any assault with
intent to commit the same, or of
any indecent assault Lpon any
male person, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanour, and being con-
victed thereof shall be liable to be
inprisoned for a term not exceed-
ing seven years, with or without
hard labour".
Article 78 (Proof of Carnal Knowlec^)
"Wienever Lpon the trial of any
offence punishable under this Act,
it may be necessary to prove car-
nal knowledge, it shall not be nec-
essary to prove the actual emis-
sion of seed in order to constitute
a carnal knowledge, but the carnal
knowledge shall be deennd conv
plete Lpon proof of penetration
Article 79 (Outrages on Decency)
"Any male person wfio, in pLblic a
private, commits, or is a party to
the commission of, or procures a
attempts to procure the commis-
sion by any male person of, any
act of gross indecency with an-
other male person, shall be guilty
of a nisdenBanor, and being con-
victed thereof shall be liable at the
disaetion of the court to be inpris-
oned for a term not exceeding 2
years, with or without hard labour".

[Text vour question to 8641856 or
send us an email at jamaicaout-
HealtbS Wellness
Health authorities in the f^Jether-
lands have issued v\arnings to
international health organisations
concerning an increase in the
number of cases of
Lymphogranuloma venereum
(LGV), a sexually transmitted
disease (STD) caused by a vari-
ety of the bacterium CNamydia
trachamaiis. Tfie [Dutch authori-
ties recorded twice as many
cases in 2004 as in 2003. TTiis
disease mainly affects the recep-
tive partners, wfiether male or fe-
male, during anal or vaginal inter-
course. Tfie following are some of
the symptoms of this illness: in-
flammation of the rectum and co-
lon, genital ulcers, swollen lynph
nodes, gastrointestinal bleeding
and itching around the anal region.
TTiese synptoms may be acconv
panied by blood or mucus in the
faeces as v\ell as aamping or
straining during bowel evacua-
tions. Some flu-like symptoms may
be present. Wth the current tour-
ist season projected to see record
arrivals, sonB visitors may be
carrying unwelcome diseases. So
even though v\e ought not panic
wfien we hear of new health
threats, it is always good to prac-
tice safer-sex strategies such as
consistent condom use and regu-
lar health cfieckps, induding
tests for STDs. Let's make 2005 a
healthy year by starting to make
cfioices that are safe and smart.
IntErnatinnal News
TvwD of Jamaica's prized pos-
sessions v\ere bu^ causing
ire in the eastern Caribbean
twin-islarxl state of Antigua &
Barbuda in a Boxing Day
event held in St. John's, the
country's capital dty which is
located on the island of Anti-
gua Accading to an out-
raged member of Antigua's
GLBT community, both
Bounty Killer and Beenie
Man declared vrar against
gay people on stage at the
Lion's Den, chanting their
usual "kill the batty man" slo-
gan. TTiere are also reports of
three gay men being attacked
during the period of the con-
cert. TTie deputy Prime Mnis-
ter, TTie Hon. WImoth Daniel,
is said to have been one of the
event promoters. Ironically,
Bounty Killer vras arrested and
charged in nid August of 2003
by local Police authority in
Trinidad & Tob^o fa using
obscenities during a concert
perfamance. Efforts to con-
tact Antigua's Prime Mnister's
Office proved futile up to press
time. However, vre will con-
tinue to monita this situation
and keep our readers in-
formed of any developments.
FromVUiere: Online Feedoack

It is good that there are groLps
dedicated to the advancen^nt
of Jamaican homosexuals.
However, I believe it is inpor-
tant to make a suffident distinc-
tion between dvil rights and
religious rights wfien making
your arguments. Anything else
will be an arrogant attack on
religious groLps that will fuel
nothing more than ignaant and
seasoned opposition.
Notice of Disclaimer
The views and opinions ex-
pressed in this newsletter are
not a reflection of those of the
publisher. The publisher cannot
be held liable for any offence as
a result of any such views.
V\fe are conpiling a directory of
Caribbean GLBT organizations.
Hease contact us with informa-
tion about the GLBT organiza-
tions in your conmunity.
Last Month's DutPoll Results
Do you believe there is a sys-
tematic campaign against ho-
mosexuals in Jamaica?

Do you plan to live a less dos-
eted life in 2005?

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