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Title: Hotness! Newsletter
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VnlumEl, Issue3


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News for the Jamaican Lesbian, All-Sexual and Gay Community
P.D. 554D, KingstDH B, Jamaica
TeI: 87B-8B4-I85B
Email: hDtnEssnEws@hDtmail.CDm
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We are accepting exercise books,
pencils, pens, school bags, and
other school supplies.

Snce June of this year, there
have been several happenings
with direct irrpacts on the gay
corrmunity of Jamaica These
include the ghastly murder of
Brian vyiliamson, one of Ja-
maica's most vocal gay rights
activists; the murder of another
gay man in the second dty of
Montego Bay; and yet another
set of gay rren wTo v\ere diased
from their horre and beaten, al-
legedly by antigay dancehall art-
ist Btju Barton and his masses.
On the positive side, hov\ever,
the U.K-based gay rigrts organi-
sation Outl^e! successfully
lobbied to have Beenie Man, an-
other artigay dancehall artist,
questioned by the IVfetropolitan
Police of London regarding the
indtemert of violence against
homosexuals through his music.
All these happenings have trig-
gered much ptblidty aaoss Ja-
maica, and radio and television
talk shows have sougrt to pre-
sert argurrerts from the gay
corrmunity and the dancehall
industry. But the gay corrmunity
seems to have dodged much of
the attertion Recert efforts by
Television of Jamaica (TVJ) to
host a panel of homosexuals on
the Sunday program Mantalk as
well as on its morning program
Smiie Jamaica to discuss the real
effects of dancehall music proved
difficult. Few merrbers of the
GLBT corrmunity partidpate in
any activity that may educate the
general public about the serious-
ness of disainination on the ba-
sis of sexual oriertation
VMiile The Sar is proudly an-
noundng that the gay conmunity
has been silenced due to irfor-
mation being revealed in the Wl-
liamson nurder trial, the involve-
mert of the conmunity to secure
its own rights cortinues to dwin-
dle. In a diat with a number of
the lesbian conmunity, it v\as
hirted that many members of the
conmunity are not willing to
speak out because of the threat
to personal, sodal and economic
security. But is fear the only fac-
VMiile many Jamaicans are not
Cortribution: $20.00

proud of their honxsexuality and
do not wish to assodate with
other honxsexuals outside the
privacy of their dwelling, others
have grown overly complacert in
the comfort of their secure drde
of friends. "It is this lack of sup-
port that is hurting the gay conv
nxjnity here in Jamaica," our
source said. "V\fe live in fear,
hope for a diange and yet still
v\e don't siqxrt any program
whatsoever to make these
dianges happen"
Axording to the counsel of a gay
rights advocate based in the U.
S, gay Jamaicans need to take
diarge of the fate of the gay
conmunity. The push for diange
has to come from local people.
VMiether equality before Jamai-
can law beconBS a reality for the
honxsexual conmunity of Ja-
maica remains uncertain, but this
possibility has no diance without
the involvemert and cooperative
efforts of the people wTo are fac-
ing the severe artigay reality.
A letter addressed to the prime
minister of Jamaica, the Most Hon
P.J. Patterson, has been sert off
by a cortributor to this newsletter
in response to the ranpart disre-
gard for the dvil rigrts of the ho-
nxsexual conmunity of Jamaica
A similar letter v\as also mailed to
the Most Hon Edward Seaga,
leader of the opposition Jamaica
Labour Party. The main objective
of the letters is to remind both
leaders that they have a respon-
sibility to ensure that every dti-
zen in Jamaica is protected from
disainination by Jamaican lav\s.
Two years ago, the governn^rt
passed the Charter of Rigrts and
Freedoms Bill defining the rigrts
and freedoms of all Jamaican
dtizers. TTie new bill, hov\ever,
failed to indude sexual orierta-
tion as part of its non-
disainination dause, despite the
efforts of the Jamaica Forum for
Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays
(JFLAG) to have it induded.
battybuoy head fi pluck out" Beenie Man

Volume I, Issue 3
Page 2
Are there any churches in Jamaica that vuelcome gay members without trying to change their sexual orientation?
are saertifically verifiable. Trie
core of this philosophy is that
thoughts have power and that if
you diange your thougrts, you
can diange your life. Siqxjrt for
this idea can be found in many
spiritual texts from religions
around the world, and indeed,
these are used to sipplemert the
primary text used by the temple,
the Science of Mnd Texibock.
According to Scott, Sdence of
Mnd is totally indusive of all relig-
ions and people. It takes no posi-
tion on any issue, instead believ-
ing that people must develop an
individual moral code based on
their own relationship with their
aeator As a result of this philoso-
phy, the temple makes no judg-
nBrts of anyone's sexuality and
v\elconBS all to services and
dasses. To learn more about the
Tenple of Ligrt, attend one of its
Sunday services at 9 AM, 4-6 Fair-
v\ay Avenue, Kingston 6, or call

[Email your question to hotness-]
After consulting a few leading
members of the gay conmunity,
three churdies v\ere reconv
mended based on the fact that
their teachings don't disaininate
and that they have gay numbers
Tliese were the Universal Certre
of Truth, Unity Church and Tenv
pie of Ligrt, all located in King-
ston Of these, only the Temple
of Ligrt agreed to speak to ffof-
/Tess.' on the topic. Tlie others
promised to return my repeated
calls but never did. Based on that
lack of irtegrity, we can't reconv
Even though there's a universal
belief among physidans that anal
sex, particularly anal irtercourse,
will evertually cause sonB physi-
cal harm to the individual, re-
search done by a San Frandsco-
based sex therapist and re-
seardier has taken a new ap-
proach to anal erotidsm and the
health of those wfio practise it.
In his book titled Aia/ Pleasure
and Health, Jack Morin, Ph.D.,
outlines several n^asures to
take to safely practise and enjoy
wfiatever form of anal sex one
prefers Tlie first stage in the
enjoymert of anal sex is to un-
A record number of violert at-
tacks on gay n^n have been
reported aaoss Northern Ireland
since the start of the year accord-
ing to a report issued by local
authorities. For the period ending
July 2004, there have been a
total of 17 reported cases of gay
bashing, with a record high of
eigrt such attacks occurring over
the morths of April and May.
This figure indicates a massive
inaease wfien conpared to a
total of 17 attacks for the whole
of 2003. In a statenBrt issued by
n^nd vnem, but we can reconv
n^nd Temple of Ligrt. One of
the ministers, the Reverend John
Scott, v\elconied Hotness! to the
temple and grarted us a lengthy
irterview. He explained that the
Tenple of Ligrt enploys the
teachings of an organisation
called Religious Sdence, devel-
oped by Dr. Ernest HolnBS in the
United States during the 1920s
Dr. Holmes developed a philoso-
pfiy called Sdence of Mnd, so
narwd because it employs meth-
ods for spiritual developmert that
derstand the makeip of the en-
tire anal/rectal area Snce this
part of the anatomy belongs to
the digestive system and is used
primarily for bodily evacuation,
there are many nxsdes and
nerve endings in and around the
anal opening and inside the rec-
tum One of these musdes,
which play an irtricate role during
anal stimulation, is the sphincter
nxsde, two of which surround
the opening of the anus. Tlie
inner sphincter in cortrolled by
the involuntary side of the brain,
which regulates the functions of
organs like the heart. Tlie outer
the Londonderry-based Rainbow
Project, the situation is getting
more and more vidous and it is
feared that it is just a matter of
tinB before the live of a gay man
may be compromised as a result
of the disaininatory attitude of
the police in investigating and
pressing diarges against hate
cxiwe felons.
To further conplicate the recert
spate of honxpTobic attacks,
many gay men are complaining
that the police are showing very
little or no regard at all as far as
sphincter is cortrolled by the cen-
tral nervous systen^ as are the
musdes in our legs, for instance.
VMiile we can cortrol the tensing
and relaxing of the outer sphinc-
ter, the inner sphincter responds
to any fear or anxiety experienced
during anal sex, which will cause
this musde to tense ip involurtar-
ily even if the receptive partner is
trying to relax. This, of course, will
affect the comfort and sensation
levels of anal stinxilation
To inprove the comfort and safety
of anal stimulation, the receptive
partner may try to learn voluntary
cortrol over his or her (since both
n^n and won^n practise anal
stinxilation) inner anal sphincter
nxsde to relax it wfienever re-
quired. This can be done by insert-
ing a finger, a dildo or any other
comfortable instrumert and feeling
the inner sphincter musde on a
regular basis Tlie v\alls of the rec-
tum produce a small amourt of
nxcus, but this is not enough libri-
cation for anal penetrations, so it is
importart to use a good, water-
based librication during any form
of anal stinxilation
International News
investigating these ainBS and
pressing diarges against the as-
sailarts In IVby of this year, Kris-
tian Mar1 advertising agency manager, and
his conpanion were attacked and
beaten shortly after they left a gay
bar. Although IVbrkus v\as able to
idertify the gangs by the dothing
they wore, the Police daimed this
was not strong evidence to make
any arrests or to detain anyone
for questioning. This prompted
Mar1 was not treating the crivre seri-
ously In another attack a gay man
v\as bitten on the face, requiring a
total of five stitdies. A suspect was
later arrested and released pend-
ing police investigation
Tlie Chief Constable of the Police
Service of Northern Ireland, Hugh
Orde, has pledged a aack down
on the rising number of homopTo-
bic attacks, which v\as later rein-
forced by the assistart Chief Con-
stable, Judith Qllespie.
HEalth 5 WeIIhess

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