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VDlumEl, Issue 2


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The blood of yet another gay
man has tainted the Jamaican
soil following the bnjtal and inhu-
mane killing of a man in the sec-
ond city of Montego Bay, St
James. Axording to offidal po-
lice reports, on Friday, June 18,
at around 4 p.m., a man identi-
fied as Victor Jan-ett was at-
tacked by a group of men on
Qoucestershire Avenue. Jan-ett
reportedly fled to a nearby dwell-
ing on Albion Lane in the volatile
area adjoining Canterbury,
where he allegedly attacked a
51-year-old woman and stabbed
her to death. His tragic fate was
met when his assailants caught
LP with him and stabbed him
repeatedly. He died on the spot.
VUien HotnessI Investigated the
inddent, the Constabulary Com-
nxinication Network (CCN) had
no records of why Jan-ett was
attacked by the groip of men.
No one has been detained for
questioning or has come forward
to give any information as to the
reason for this nxirder
Our investigation, however, has
revealed that Jarretf s nxirder is
as a result of honnphobia In an
interview with a source based in
Montego Bay, it was disdosed
that Jarrett was in fact walking
along the "Dump Up
Beach' (across from the KFC in
Mobay), which belongs to the
Urban Development Corporation
(UDC), when a groip of school-
boys who were swimming
caught his attention. "He was
'over' looking at the boys", said
another source. The boys be-
came aware of his glares and
started calling him a 'tattyman".
A dread who was there on the
beach heard the uproar and in-
vestigated the matter with the
schoolboys. The schoolboys
reportedly told the dread that
Jarrett was a 'tattyman" be-
cause he was looking at them
The dread got hostile and
started to aeate a scene.
Jarrett, upon seeing what was
about to happen, fled the scene.
He saw two policemen nearby
and was in the process of ap-
proaching them when more men
started hearing about the
'tattyman 'bout the place". Our
source disdosed that both po-
licemen offered no help to
Jan-ett and further took part in
his persecution that led to his
execution-style death minutes
VUiile the GLBT community of
Jamaica continues to moan the
loss of our beloved Brian Wl-
liamson, who was nxirdered on
June 9 at his home in Kingston
by similar execution-style stab-
bings and chops, the police con-
tinue to show a nonchalant ap-
proach to investigating nxirders
involving honxsexuals. Efforts
to contact the investigating offi-
cer proved futile, and no one at
the police station handling the
case was able to make any com
ment concerning the involve-
ment of the two policemen in
Jan-ett s demise.
June 9, 2004, was a histori-
cal date. The world looked
upon Jamaica. The wDrld
saw and heard of a Jamai-
can voice that v\as made si-
lent. Many Jamaicans cried.
as laughed and even oth-
as cheaed. For one man,
it was the end of his journey
in this world of ours. It was
the end of a lifetime of
friendships and love. Brian,
Many people in otha parts you have flown into the
of the world cried while oth- wind. You have flown into
the stars. You have flown
far beyond our imagining,
and your heart has left in us
feelings beyond our tears
and our grief. You were
loved, Brian, and we are
dad you loved u&
We salute the memory of Brian Williamson for his dedication to and
love for the gay, lesbian and all-sexual community of Jamaica

Volume I, Issue 2
Page 2

It is never an easy task to come
out to one's family. If you have
considered and are able to han-
dle all the potential conse-
quences, then deciding how to
tell them depends ipon your
comfort level. Some people
night choose to write a letter or
make a phone call, as this cau-
tious approach offers more
safety and comfort as opposed
to the more direct approach of
telling them in person. In both
cases, there are advant^ies and
disadvant^es, but the bottom
line is that you should select a
method you are able to control.
V\fe all know that most
health research is carried
out by men for men (and
almost exclusively in the
developed countries of the
world). This bias is slowly
changing, but even the
most progressive research-
as often fail to consida the
impact of sexual orientation
on women's health. The
Lesbian Health Research
The U.K-based gay activist or-
ganisation OutRagel has de-
manded that the Jamaican gov-
emment repeal the island's bug-
gery \afjs with immediate effect.
This comes as a result of the
bnjtal nxirder of one of Ja-
maica's leading gay rights activ-
ists, Brian Wlliamson, in June.
Although the crime has not been
dearly identified as a hate aime,
OutF^gel has stated that the
If your family night react in a
very loud way and you know that
neighbours would hear anything
they may say then you may
want to use an approach, such
as a note or phone call, that pre-
vents any third-party interfer-
ence. You should also realize
that coning out is a process that
may continue for a long time. It
is usually better to begin with a
few confidants and expand from
During your coming-out process,
be sure to soften your language
and enphasize the emotional
nature of your attraction toward
Centa (LHRC) at the Uni-
vasity of Califania San
Francisco v\as created to
address this deficiency. Re-
searchas thae have found
that lesbians and bisexual
wmen have greata health
risks in four areas: access
to healthcare, weight con-
trol, alcohol abuse, and to-
bacco use. Wiile none of
the research v\as con-
antigay lavvs of Jamaica oppress
gay people and, as a result,
make the community an easy
target. The organisation is also
calling for an intemational ban
on antigay dancehall nxisic, as
these songs fuel honxphobia
and encour^^ crimes commit-
ted gainst honxsexuals. On
June 24, a concert headlining
Beenie Man was cancelled in
East London following com
the same-sex and not the physi-
cal aspect. Explain that you have
not changed, that you are the
same person as before and that
your love for them will not
change. Since it is difficult for
people wfx) are not gay to under-
stand and accept honxsexuality,
you will need to be patient. How-
ever, in the event that they do not
want to accept your sexuality,
you will need to be firm but gentle
about your sexuality, hfeep the
lines of communication open with
your family throughout and after
your coning out as you may have
to educate them to dispel some of
the stereotypical assunptions
about honxsexuals. For additional
resources on coning out to your
family several books are available
in the J-FLAG Library for both hio-
nxsexuals and parents of homo-
sexuals to read. There are also
many websites where you can get
additional reading material to help
you through this st^e of accept-
ing your sexuality.
[Email your question to]
For more information on this research, check out the LHRC website at: http://vvvvw.lesbianhealthinfo.orq

International News
ducted in Jamaica, the find-
ings seem generally applica-
ble hae, especially in re-
gard to healthcare access
due to the higha levels of
homophobia and discrimina-
tion. According to LHRC,
"lesbians face structural, fi-
nancial, personal, and cul-
tural barriers when attempt-
ing to access health care
services, which results in
Icwe^ing the quality of care
that they receive." In regard
to v\eght control, alcohol
abuse and tobacco use, les-
bians tend to be heavia,
drink more and smoke more
than their hetaosexual coun-
taparts, thus putting them at
greata risk fa canca and
cardiovascular disease.
LHRC website at: http://www.lesbianhealthinfo.orq
plaints by OutR^el to the Metro-
politan Police in London dting
safety concerns for the gay com
nxinity in London. The artist was
also stepped and questioned
upon his arrival at London's
hleathrow Arport. OutRagel ar-
gues that dancehall artists like
Beenie Man are to be blamed for
inciting hatred and violence
against honxsexuals in Jamaica
as well as in the U.K The organi-
sation also believes that the failure
of the Jamaican government to
inplement lavvs to protect Ja-
maica's honxsexual community
constitutes a callous disregard for
human rights. It further urges the
British govemment to make the
process of seeking asylum in the
U.K easier for honxsexual Jamai-
cans who are seeking to escape
persecution and even death as a
result of their sexuality.
Healths Wellness

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