Title: Whitney's Florida pathfinder ...
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Title: Whitney's Florida pathfinder ...
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3 1254 02942 1928


. ~ . ..

i INDEX, .

Mar ..f all P..-ur-L
FI.. 1..'.
Maio.* F! ..rae
S trilt Pt,,lu, r n. t
V |,I,;er ,- T n . ,la.l
F Jac. k .ul r .....
I S . l..L-n .-r
L..- a ii r .. I-'ir R
I T ne O -lara'-i -
Th.o Pri....p.l .il. -
I Mh i. S.r J,..i.l. R,' r.
Mar.*,! Lit.p r .t. .i .'n .
M ...'..j ,n ...
b L.ornJia
U.ir-tl l'o"- ISpr. ng
Tu,. .I
| Pa ariti.
,a,, Mar-, ,
I Al i..aa ..r.'a 1J.. .a
I San ,rd
I ,iIIG I f II %
SE .ri. -, 1 -I.

ST. A -'. TI P.
MHpot S A l.g't,,u-

Sirt '. t .
HaS rl-. i
P lolr il ... I ar 1 r. i l .
Map-in Sire -l
Hel.,ern.. .-. Map
F.- r,* a' Mr
I[r I hri ar F..,i M ar..'.
'._tv Gale ..
t'i'n Walln
Ya hbr.n. P. inr'.r. .;:-
R...-i .- ... ..


I S. .R. iA


,j.-.r.-r-r.. .'
I hls ir ,.ir.. Ha .. LuoL. *.r.'

A r. 1 r-.r r i.,4-ir' rt i

U t. ,u, .Rir. J4;r Rare r 4 i
Ia r 1 u ig' R -, i- r'- .t5i.' Ii
Rfal1; ..f &ta :l, Fljrufia .'"3

lMdi : o,' R.,,jt+ .,5 ti +
Nr....,h b lii',:r Crtiiu-r 4;
ISr ....'* Ral. .d1 4r 1
I 4n3ie 1 .' ..,r Lqric 0
I L.ns v i -n. F
N r aI
I th. -l 1 .. ,l .'.D n ..' '. r i I
PFi .iii..cr A.r L... . 1
1'.r'nn' Mllrr.J Route :."
.I .Sn.i .ir, l. a.
N T' a ,'i i,,..t -4 r. >
"M I D. ?t ,t...l I 1(.E PI .'',I+. ,jJ

-r .\ui ,,,.r. j H .:.rcl l<

t i--..r a H -. .u-
i-1,h lb..l1 Pnrk F[.. '. '?.
Ml.' 1t' FPlp.b-..r.inMI" r"
M.. Mar O i[ri ....fi L 4
N I.. \ ari.'r- Li' (.'o
al ir ': '" Li"... n r t,.i.- *
I '. Il h .le'r Oil'r.'d 'j
V'. F. Hamu.il..n '..- ,
1 *.I'j,.rt .Ii. I t'-. 1
.1. B. Ohlcer. i lsuda Landl. i4
\ts.rcu Rir *4
raon.r LI.- 'n F'llr.!a. I4
M 'l.. r <'.:l L.-r r Oil ar..'- r
F i. r JaT. -i., BItters .-er r




2 1%-q!T.% EY*, FLOFI-l r-IIRYINII[rt

Tbh senaoh L. iracimi hi- u tI- i[t. ld and fLashin.u
ol 1,.,llthbl ait I- iIe C : I(: LLt.l- t iul- tlbei' L ii ranl g uenta
ri:-r t:, dert.rti ii.- -.:.tl..ti .,. t..r tb.- ,ozy retreatb
ald.uc' the ti lukl .rf tih- 'rairl I:.!l 'St. J.-hn's Rive-r,
I bd. th.-h anei.'-t ectv, S'. Ar i ii-tIl>.-, th It they m ,y
e.,'. me the si-rritv .f n.i.rth-irrn winttijr. lI.r thie ilu-
brion, lijniate Ofl ..u ALurrW.aii Ittl\.
It is nut tltdy hnt-r.,:ting t'.- Lu-.nlJd at] l tiuri'tts,
ih.: V.im-t it in thb %miut.-r t.,s-ki hb.lth *..r plr .-au.-,
Ibt its A.w-.t _.: n a -. n p..rul mient i.-IlC1ra: e re l.;iT
fully -etal.Lish, 1. Thb- I.re-clit wint-r ri.1l uLid, .utt-
el.!, ,r.: a h:.-gr rnuii,.:r..'f vittors than auy ire-oiins
Sea..'. No Arn.ri:cn u.:,-d sa-_k an Italy naer''6i the
wat-r whLeu i ill[I'eCrir oi,- Lbr ire,. tinailt ithlin
a day's tir'. 1.
Comuipauatively Lbut ir ,i, g..., tLb- nurib,:r ,f
Fl-r.ld., \iiit,:.i did io:t -e:..--. thLt.: or f.. or Liindre.,
I.'rdn:il'lly mn.oml...'-d tf il,.a'ii-, bi-ie t at the pr rs-
ie at dyv cast Fl.ii-d. i-i v-.Itel lIv th- 4el., Ithlb- 1-
Si..u of ii-rn- section. and the vi4itatli.rn .:-sti' ateI 1.
Sthe t !L,:ie.aul,.
TI'he State il rshpeci-tly lihfavori I.v th.- Iapiti.iar ceI
m:,t mni-rican t,,ui'st,-. hb.-,, Lrtoulf.ie, hi, iuduly.-i
their wuritrs iu L-,ith-r-r-.t.:.mig .limatit- al-r.:.. n.. Imnid
fm.m'um I ,l>:,m Fl.rida h. r-... d it A biT h i-.t pnis s.
F1oro the motr.:,.]...l oi .' J :-.-vill,:. iup) tbh,_- mrand I
old St. ,...liu's Riv-r. to tLhe- I zy rcrie.-rits. of M:lanculia. i
;treiu Co've Spring.. Fal-ltkn in.l pF'.inta I:c.\udl. and
t.'ie I. Uly tlhe ancniit v.ity otf t. A.ii tru.-tmr. oiL, m.v '
ilmli"StrvteIeft flllt witnt'-r ulm.i.:,uaS Lii- .'uttae.-m.,. i-luch
dirinu thl- vlut-rr -..!if.u a I i Diu-mU ri' I.t t:- JiM. 1-Et,
iae .ac- icupiti- I. thia i .i lthny .-'ire.
-r--,.. --



SI L'-" i' .i i._. i Ti\ ..i:.

S U L i1. Ia l 1i I'..1.!L. ...It I ,u .1 IL .
i I-U i t, it l l b .. .: .i t.. icl i .
I .'. 1 ..-* -.-i l a..tlih ai l vi..:r.. E A u .it tbL l...- u t
I. tlr .'i.- ., i i fb tu, i ii..-l .1 it l itl., . t- tI I
I, tbi: tL.: ] t-.l. l-.tl .l- it-i .- ll. It i l ,-ir -l (. I In t., iiUi-
n t, i f'. .i ., it ti ,, 1.if it. .l tt il .-r. i bInt .,, it r . ,, u sJ -
I 11' .:, lip.,- ,: t: !t- \ 1. t r, .
l, F,..r t -.., le fl l>ti-, t iu .i t l. t tc. i,- it I
, li .,l :l i: t. : .. .l.,-, l.,,,,. t _.. l .N .. It, l .u i
t' .r r..I. i il.. l l. t.i t I.. t i miu.- Sn u h,..1
I .' ul .ittUl I, i ti". t. I' t j i .-. .il-.-
I rb- t* f .1. . [t -
-, l ,i' l. n I iJ li th." |..i|r "i .t .I r .-
r-h u.: .,, Ft.ll.[l :ht., t.. t _l :.., \ .,-.* tl,:: ... l 1..1.
I' t- i th.. iF..r. ,.tla. l ,t.,IThe t ie. i, u. St t iu ilr
; I.TLL,. tlhi t I ?::t LI 1L l, .r,. ; tt L\ ,U .L!, t .- .r ti.:. .:.-
t l-*, l t,., .ll!.1 1*., i j ll ...*., t i o l .'Ia lit l,, L at t. -li|.[,l\

t l l l l:i. .l: .. l, il. .; l:.l:. irs l t I-il l. t! .. l., ir

.i .. I l: I L ,. -11 f' t i.af It, th d -i fii .
Sv 11.1.-,,', LI r.'lL, ] '\ L_ tl-" i li-i .It ..ll.l "ii-i
X"...i ,li !' .: ,' It t 'It -,:.i ^ ... r i ,'h i, : e i ..t l,.i_," ..1 I i

I it ,I b lr lii L .
i Forthe ,u t,.t [ Fil...ri.l:a., .,W* rn ,nit,.i['.in ',. the l'.,..i ,.u. t ,:,, tit --. !t

iI The Climate. 'l
': T L..- .:lilu.lt- i th., ,_,rii..il..L at;! in. ., i t,:, -,-i'r.,-: ;
\ [t i' i ol t, .,i l i u -,i ,,il ..I ,i i t,:; th e A tlt(, ii i ,.,.- I _. ,L 1
I th- ,h .l- t u. 1 til ,I t ,'! ,:-- ,O1 l oo c i ",-..- t t. ,l...1 t'
ibi 1i, tl, t I. *.-. r. . .r tl.,:, ui. -u,,-, l i,,,il:, ,_' it
,..,.,.l-!'ini u ,,-ti,.:r ,1 ',. ri rt_. l ,; t'r.:-s l il u ail--
i iIUij~n_. L h t -' _,r ,.-b .. th ,t < .Lt-.- -.-h l .j ir
I t..i i l tt ii' l:-, i ,'l 1. rin g tl.: 1- r!'u.,,i _i,. ;l
...... .....

X~iNi~L1 FL.'bJI l PIAITU.DEB. 5

-- -


I"--." III


''' ,,

1.1 I : i

:Vr. I ,'
II~ ~ ~ ~ r 'I. H 3

I ri : ..i

| ~ -- -~---- ~ - .. ...
I i tL.: most agreeableand salubrious .lirt 1.. I.
f.:-utiL on the Globe. The thermomnmer.r ,i. ri f[Li.
i. ..-.. 300 in winter, or rises above 9C- 11 ti.: ,.In-
Iu' .r. DuiL. the winter, the atmospLhl. ,- ,- ;-.1 ,* ,
1.'i. ad trl...-:t ; nearly six out of s.- ..i iin i ia..
SI.. i.ess, and during the summer tihe igtta g t
agieeably cool, it being rarely when one can sleep
without the use of a blanket.

Fruit, Production, Etc.
'.,f th,: triir- n . --* _l- ..,ilti-ifcd ,.*:. htu ll- t*u:- 1
Th .. I,, -. !,..,I-. I..l ,I I .' l. ium, pomegranate,
Ign l, I t-hi.tirl, I.Ilnt... thitrel.ahie. almond, pecan,
t.r.,h ._l!.. 1. u.-,-., q,. ,. _..' .-.-,on-u-nit. water-
melon. i...'. -ti ..-i : il. -r Iv vr..iety of

L .t I...: ..tltH .it v.l ilh !Jit, h = i.,.t.t. '.'.t, t 11 ^ the
'l 1.,. ~1, ] .l.. ti L.. i.. 1 t i.- U .1t i. .. u th,
St.A... (hL thl.. ;t. R.r:.bu'- RI.7. i. .. '- t. _L,t.:.-- a .i1
..th,.-r . -ti .l.l., a r-i,. ,-.l ,i r li .i .:.-l t.1 L. ..I Lthi

itl:! i t- A r I...- . t O le- il, I.n : t n it re ..a s t e.
ar., ,- ,il li..- 1. T u I ..II .. 1. .i.. .it 3-.
-'ru ;. u..-.d large q.(I m its,- .. ,i [ l.i.,_.. T ..b h a-.i
)..1.1 L. ,re it profit. Ti' IL i..-l: ly ti-, tl..,ij:-bI-i ,
A t |.r ., ii L l <: it i r.. r. of t_.: ... i r.-..r ..- .- t '1 ]

'.V all iniiit .:l,-.lh-i. t, I tie finest that reaches the

D itrlL._ thi- !.,-t l ,, **it- *:.- ...i ._- !n_ lii.,t ,.i r '. ] ,-

7 *.. i, ,:' .u i L: t ii . t is . t :'. -"
'Vis1irs .N Vio l r;i
s1 t.'i-TII .....II 1"7 --; :' 1 '*
liN7,l-71 ll 1 7 .-7 1..11111
1 1-, i t. '-- ', 7 118 ..l 7





Jacksonville is the commercial metropolis of Flori-
da. It is here that the invall tria :'-r anu.I tLe- v.t-
eran Florida sojourner rest n hjl- if'.r the ft'.I-iil .'I
their journey.
It is an enterprising and prosperous city; pres cut
population about 13,000. It was laid out as a to"-n
in 1822; its first building. was constructed of pinr,
logs, covered over with cypress bark. The city is
Spli-n iutly situated. on the St. John's river, about -.
unlaC. I r.'u the ocean, and is named in honor of G- n-
eral Indrtrew Jackson. Bay street is the commercial
thoroughfare. ThL .'..LLi r-.. :of the cityis extensive.
La.loj. ,:.ait .-t tb.. ..ItNv ar. riL. -hell r..ii v lii. h
pipr-..'t lelighttii dri--.s.
Thlir, ar-e iLt ciihartb- -,f l' tL- ilfferentdenomini-
tojun.z: Masii:,. udl ..tler L...I.-s: 1 -ll .r.*auiz.:d
Fi.t >-, ii ttua ,t: thdt-.:1' .-- i..tl--i. --e L,..t-l ] rit; ,
thrre ni.-'.v pap'-rpul..i.- ti.:n.ri. al..li h.rl.. li. ayi i tt.
- A1 I:u.irmui''is 1.uiri,:.i i- tL.,- cattin;' aid rhi ippie.-
.,t thl- Fi.:,ri..lf. P;b.: Ih mU i!n aIr_ !.*-.lt ill .:,L .t.ut t
..p-r.iti.:n thr..oip'houit the y-. r ti-tll.L-utly th,- river ii
dottA:l -with l.r,-in~ .a. b, .-.. v,-. lt awaiting their
tua r ... .* I ia tlii.t. T i '. i.. aiu!: a.; t. .iLti-. ale i.l-
S-red t-v tb,- Iu.. t Nat., r.t Li;t_.k oi I FtI-ri.L., and A.m-
)bler', Batauh. liu conn-- ti.:n 'iith this bilk i- a reidl-
ing room, also a register containing th-e 'ni n s I:f
luiv u.:'.-1.1.: I'-.:.* .!- 'h.:b have visited Fl.i~. L 1::1 ,
years. V'ist..-i are invited to its privileges, fr-e.
Letters received and forwarded by Ambler's Bank.
The nity poawQQ-es teleg:. phii: L.cillti. ti .11 I.'art i:I
the Unit-d stat.-r; thetorti. i; l.cat.:.l :on B i, str-ct.
Steau-rs l or till points ..,u th- St. I:.lim's riv-r lteav
Ja,.i:-':'lniie ,:-..rn morna~i. i:-eY ilri.r St-anu,!r. I
F.-ricn-lin.a wiis birlt in l;.-2 l1.y th- Spaulards; is
l..Ilr.l .:-,n .i -lla I- td al.....it fitty mUil-s ri-rth -t
J.t I i,..,i.t I.. P lia it i:rLiti .,n atl.:.Jut .l'a .. Th r-i-

_ .


I .. -v.., .bhurchep hotels. ote. (See hotel list.)
Thtr-. ib. a fir. -b-l! i.'-.l, ..!I J ,iit two miles in
I Irmtl h. .l ,,1u, ._ ti- t L 1 ... -. 1.- I,., which offers
S: riBu.:' lr- l nearly twenty miles. Located on the
u...tL I...iut, of Amelia Island, and uncompleted, is
SF.rt C.ii.. I.. The city has a telegraph office. Fer-
u utiij.a 1o re4 t, -,l 1T,. i il t..u, .i -.,l -* Lii Also
the steamers r'l. t.a..r" :~. -'s. i', '.t of the
"Florida Steamship Co.," -., ,-,.i. i.:. (,, 'harles-
ton, and the steamer J. B. S.i.il\. I,- ..i ,. *, i.;..1"
!.:Mir to Savannah, make ..'- i* *.'illi'" t.,!
trips each way.
St. John's River.
Ti TL grand sheet of water is created by the overflow
of the it,,t ., .-ii. 1ri.-- 'i .1 vamps in the southern
i,,rtd..u .. tli l81it .: it d... -. unlike i ..i-i-i river
i)h hl Uit..i..l '_t it.-. ,LI..- j.l: north for over three
I .l L -i. ILl..- hen turnii r .l.t.i' ti t..t l1 : I I It
,--,l,.t,-. _uitj.. th A tVl.ii.ti ., (,, ,: In_. .E4l y j...'t- .....- ,.t
ti-- 6! ..!' .il. -:i miles wide, -.la [i.i ,itLd ,l' L il ,. L:.... .
nopartisless tL.,i, .L.. mil: i i'lt; .it P, I t i r
;'.. I becomes narrower. The St..T..1iJ'. .;.-r . l.d
itedvthi., i r-yii' a largervolume (.t ..t lii rl.:.r lI,
GrL.1. .hli.,-L hli-.r i- .:'ne thousand mil.- ..:,'. an..
in point ..i :',.it, tih- St John's river is tfl. I ar-:-t in

Tb.: many (.-"e i-n-h i- l 1... i,-'l i i,.,u tl. 1..1:,,;; ..
hl.- St. John's -.: .1' l-1. l- (l ,1 t r.,. j.11t. Jl,,.i l, u_,
tli w ;ult. r ~-: I-.., t ;...,i! ,. I.,iu -.t- lh -i.I every
,-. ti.,nu are here to be found, !'. ._.-trli ..t' all business
cares, enjoying the pleg snreC th ii itip and compli-
]ilitLu- tt '1 i-.lil' iv ..,I t!h. Florida climate.
Ii tL: I.il -..I' Ilii: Si. I..hn's are to be seen many
fine orange groves bedecked with the golden fruit;

th.- P i .ItI l :.ti -r .... -- .:.t ti ... Ill..d., .. ._i,- l rv.ltl '
l...:,n _' triu .1 in *-- "" r I (ni ,l ..-..,:. lit,_ ,U'.l u ..irlI: ,
t,....i.bi u. th.: .T it -- r.,L_ : t :- .i l :, thi .M bl ,iL l .:.
l.,- I ]u .1 Ilalj i- tl'. Irl llY :- :- -. l l...l l j 1

. . -- - --- --- ... .________


the odor of th.: ,I-,iilia and yellow Jessamine. i a i
coincidence in..r I. r. : ut ..1 by any other ...'':t-, i.-rt Lb. I
Unit d States. T'I. i-. ., charm attached to th- I,-
cidents of a trip upon this sheet -.-I i -, --.i.l..r-utl I
a succession of lakes-that one '.,i- 11.r -.....u i.:-t.
i..-i... ii, ;7hen contrasted with a winter trip ii'.Lh
tlb. Hil-..u with its cold, bleak winds.
St. John's Bluff, near the mouth of the St. Jcb iu' I
Srt .-.... t!,.: ii ll -..-. .- t-,t -. here the French Huguei.,,t. ,
tii_.l.- L. .1..ii..- c.l.- r.c.1 Fort Caroline, which '- .
attacked by Menendez in 1565, when nearlyall th- in-
mates were massacred.
Localities on the St. John's River.
I.1..-, t olIll .1.- _,l ... u t ,'l .'_ -J:, :-l: Ll\-[L ... S.,ii u.. .-.IltL i
i. tI. I.-.1 I-OING up the river. Points I.i,;,- l vii i :;
-r11 .i .:..i the right going up.
Miles. 1,1
.rlii.ct... ........ 3 rP.LA'TKA. ..... .:
St. N ..l..i I ......... 3 H.l ir' i._.. Grove. 76
hit.:i1.. ......... 3 Rawlestown......... 77
B!.. ak '...tt' .. ..... 12 San Mateo.......... 79
-,ti'. L1L-Lii.. ;* ......13 Buffalo Bluff ....... 8 'I
r..L[rn,.. .......16 OclawahaBiver* .... (10 '
Fruit Cove...........19 W elaka ............ 1(11
Hibernia* .......... 23 Beecher.............10 1 I1
New Switzerland...... 26 Mt. Royal........... 10 ',1
Remmington Park....27 i, .....l., .......... 123.
M agnolia* ...........29 L.,i:- V .... ....... 14 ,
Green Cove Spring*... 31 Volusia............. 14 1
Orange Dale..........34 Fort Butler* ........ 14.-
H.:.,. .ib', L _I.i.... .35 Orange Bluff....... 147
PI. ..Lt ............41 Hawkinsville*...... :174
TOCO ...........46 i' i..,-.. iLinrn ......17".
F.-.,l.-: ,l1 P -.:, t .......58 r! l-~.1 .... . ..1 )
ni:,-, 11mil ....... 60 s.4 ,l.:..i.. ...... 20
D.i...,', \\l i . .62 Mellonville*...... .20(.
Whitl.-..~. ..........66 Enterprise .. .......:
RluLn.:. Lnding.....69 Salt Lake.. I....... 27. '

^ -----^^^^_^^- .

j i I I 1


The Oclawaha River.
'l.hi- l t I" I i ,:11!14|.! t !!I[,. I r( 1. Ii.T.:. '- :- t L 11 ii lt
25 u l.- r.:.,ui th .:Ir .lF.,L tL. TI' .. ,..l l.L i ..i .:.-1 -> ,_...,
banks, it being sinil a .i .'.-.i1i' 1i *i-I. -t'.ih : .'I
cypress swamp. Jr !'. i- Al.it. L .t' u.i'ljLuT.-r. -L,:"
and many species of birds with beautiful plumage
may be seen. Small steamers navigate the river- a
dlL-tai,.:- ..f u..lly 200 miles. S;-.--r SI.i r... the prin-
.i.p'i l.,uld;a 140 uI.!-- i.i-i it- .Lt. A. trip
up this stream -. !-.1.-u .-0du..l,: _u.. d ...". :ir-d
tourists should u-.t .. .'i l : t i, *.j.-.t !.I .- i \- it.
The Principal Springs.
S.illLu- rFiL .iu r.. It 'Il.:-. Cove Spring, Clay Co.
.l...:.A t 5 le.-t *!.-t. .iul ...I- t L. -l :.,'.:r 1 )0 gallons
1.0r iu iu t'. k m.. t I. .J i-. -. .11.. .... .1 .. t .
Orin-, 1.r; -. Marion Co., on Orange Creek, which
i .iuJ.t litl.- tiI.. olawaha river.
T1h- i..lI.- I.i..l -1 - .- L 1Marion Co., on the I
Oclawaha river. :iJi':r 1 -ik- same county, on the
west bank of lake 1,,nr_. '
Blue spring, T.,IL- i+ .'.. a few miles north of En-
i. '[rr ,ri: ,... lb,. ( r l..J: ..I', L.- :- T. liu'-. A th, '- 1 .
-t-' i tl h. St it. It form s a l: -. i ..,t i ,t-:-l':. i
can readily observe the movements of th.- r6-, I.: I.--.
Green Sulphur -;.;u.. Eub. i i .-. il..-.at 80 feet in
diameter, saidto i..: 'iil!-, =I11 i,--t .1. :p
On the west shore of i '.:,. .i..-.,.i, 'i'-',. cv.:t.d
ilryt.- -.iluiril .irings. Boats drawing o... ilu..- I .-t i
.it W t ir i. 11.-t enter the lake.
Li ti... ..nr. Of the St. John's river, toward lake
Harney, there boils up (i'..i ..l ..1... l.riu'. It has
been sounded. ti.- '.i: !,i ,..t1 !,* _1 .:''" !u. ti, and no
foundation touched.
Ponce 1. LT- u ',sini St. T..LI's Co., located on I
t.lu.: irv ..:1- i .-ul ..t' R n-lr u ....--.. just west of St. 'I
S.I\i.i', L. is used for its health- __ in- Lt..':ri[ ,.
SIB :,iiu O ceai, r|,',.- -,-!tir.,:!t,,-:r', i,;Jl t :f .\i .ai-t,t -
Ba Ibl:,ud, just ,r-.L .i.- .-l it auz..o Iuiet. lu-t
i II just I I I I I I


Cij ". Or

r i...
;' l',- _

/. ..,-




/ u



0 -

"1 ,, - t 1111 ,'
I '' .i' 1

'*' "' i

.'.- ..- .,
I ;,,^

I' l
- '" '" ..... - ,'",' .
j' l'., .,' ., +.'i
a "''

.. .. ; -

, ,*- ,& .I,, ,IC,

,- -,,

,"i". " "- "' ,. ,,,,.


_ ---m---~- Il~-~u~-i=xi----


IbB h CI Ca:1.i
12 .V..I,.IIi I--E
P U 'r 1 A M C 0 -'ri' !h

n,- b''' '


ST.J'aN S R V'

,, 2:71 I

'ii .Ii


4', .1 -


I ~~__~_______ _1 I ___ __


W ai-iN "- rTfif'. '.TiTr T-Ni'EK L:,

Points of Interest on the River.
F,,r iull:.:.riiundltr.i .ui:trumI' butIs at thL rI;: l.in,;n I
p.:ltlt-. 1.,:- "" H.-i-lt u tlje St J..IllU' KR :t."
ILND1LARIN. Ith nimt l...iut ..i etle,.- i Attruliou
Ou tLh. rilv rI .t '.'tlj-t ,t .l ,..ut -'. iinhalb.taht... It ,
i oul oL o tLo o1ldot eLloliLnts on. thlIL 1it\'. DTiinL
the Indian wars, the Seminoles visited it and massa-
cred all within its limits. Here located is the winter
residence of Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe; it is the
cottage at the left of the pIir Iu'd all IIt.t ,...l. ur.ij by
tti,- f...Liag. ..' t.ii: L r._, oak aLiil ,'thi-r tTies.
ii-El.NI.\ is a pleasant resort located upon the
opposite bank of the river. It is quite a resort for I
MAGNOLIA. one of the most pleasant resorts to be
l:.u:.Al ,.. th,: St. John's. Black creek is but a short 'i
distance to the north of this point.
GREEN COVE SPRING, two miles south of the
above point, is one of the most extensively patronized I
resorts on the river. The sulphur spring is one of its
attri:t.ii-,.~ the temperature of the water is about 78 '
.1-", a i-- .ni it is clear as crystal. Its sulphurous con-
diti-.u ii 1,iiute distinguishable by taste and odor.
PICOLATA, 10 ml.., Ir..im th: above point, on the
',lp.irite -h..'r-. It is Lth- hit'- .:. an ancient Spanish
i ttl.'I.'- ut. .,II -' i.lIn:i: ..f whichis destroyed. Oppo-
c t.- Pi..i -t.., *-.t ti_.- .est bank, are the remains of
Fort P..'I,. I dut .t .t u....rk idraju tLh- Siui.inl-
era. T]-t.l. tL: ....um J.i.l t!.:. i :.1 thI, St. J. IU .'......l.],- l
triuan v. iLn 1 711i-71. P~ lr.it. il.. 1.: 1 t- il te a '..l
,' i.1.1 ,:- i .--. i ,.:a ,-'-- f.,r St. \,.,istib. w :. hre if
', n-tr ,Ti".lr u i :...'uv':. -d i-,:r :,!- ti; .,*.untn '. a, -_,. 1
| u r - t i i .- t~ i- 1 r S t A uf i i.- I- t l- i l u- r *.1 -
i ,7'-.. l l l .1 .1.. *, r.-lai.l .ith .'L .l- T I 'l ,I : it is
S u.,.. ;I t'-At-. i I-t. c l ,llJ *,. .:..-. T-1 'lIu ..,.lU lti- tihe i
i 1 ti r., i t .,- A:* 14 Ii !,:-. i,, I.,i, t IL. iuu it,-s.
.' c;, M h. .hil, e St, lla u', I ii ..,.,,:1." W :-. ar' .l.oi gr, ;'

a 14 H iNT-'1'6 r- ii'_ [ 1 arrd.i-;i ,L_.

t*.*Illi t- .t f:l r v. _- ., - th,:]|. I 1 l IL.I-.I
t.. !-!i t in \. it:r :-l t' tl ii 1
, F r .i r vlL-r._-,.....t ... r '-.. -..r. *8, in. -i .
i ''i i,, ii. r tlu.1 1 ': i.. 1i-'.0 ,,r --1;-.'.,lD n!lUt .: h i
l, : l t- i .i : I lW i lt .,1 i l .
I-'A L.\TIK .\ it tb,. l.i .,. t r,-, ih ,L I ls e iL-..i ,-,u lthi ,.,l
SJi lit . U... It i,- I, l .1 l .i b i. ., .1 I ..!. tI.." ...1 -I-
ulll ],t ', .- it l .1 i .. l **I ]l .. l .-i T h I
,I .r,,-r i. l -. uly ..l--b -i.l i1 I l. l l -utt_ ,u.'l ..,l. l
S .ll -X t rt 1- i- I lr k-.-'..IU.ja t1 l..:. It I '..:" -- -l
1, t1...l- |, L,- 1. .',1 _t,,-..[.. .. lit .. - I .. .
T h : i \:t , 11. .,i'.( ,- th I ,,.L .. *:.' .s i,.1 :- ;,i: v,.. I.- |
i l l,,.irn:,! |...l .h '-!t,.ir.l .l [ir F' r' tt. A t l_.i,. ...i "
l',i.--'-- _r -l. ll, li L'tr t" r'- l t'' "- ,ti .- (l,., "- t'.'r ,1.u .
I' M l. n 'r t,- E nlt-i| .!i .... : .; i.....b t, l,...y..i l : .il'.. l,. ,
| S il7^-r _.,_!-. : 11^ .:u.L L -.th.-. i.iv i I -i ,-'..t.
[1 1_' .:t!i.. E.. I . .... I,-., i l. LI .L; 11. ... 11 i.t . -,. u
I ]. + 'L -- . lJ,: E .. l l i 1 L u t. l it l F . 1 _[ .
, .AN AT E. ;.. thrl t -_ tt!.. .:. -t, ,rn :.b --
| t :. I -.. l... i -=.. i .'.t l' d l t .1-. 1 thl' .. ,-
i ril:. it .. ..-. L. .. it.' --. .. -t r .
1iilLr I".~I ti.i r i- ai -r..I
W EL AK .A i- '" .- a-- _)..: I';il ,tt I ..i.-....,t- tIt[
-*n i[r t i... [ ..t thi '.'h l.i .i ,. lr ..l. I" I tl_ i it. l .1 ib
,.I. I i .L ..,t, .i ll....-.. ..l .1 1 t i. ..ii- ,. ,, b j.. r .-l m _
i S1.'i ln- i i u. .lj. l S. ..,. 1 I t. 1 th-r ]l -r ....-..1-
ii. ill | .-.t l.,t l.. ,-.. fn . t -..u L i .. l .t .. li ll 1]s'
inAI- 0 1 ., i i I t I I I I It 'l,
.LLEX.NL Er".E LLNrI; ;. ..v L... i; . ..,..
I u t 1--i **.1 lit S t. JT,.I.,** .,, .. i -, 1 | .:-.l.. [ !.
Il.-O .-i'[ res" rl fi t ; 11 -- "- lt It -
'.ll *1 mrtl, .A t ] t !.. .I -. I 1 .. A|
.. ..i l,, u..l . I ... ,-- .I Il l ..1i i . . t,

I1' i n+. t .... r. r,...n i 1l 1.. 1 ... L ith .
s S .\N FI' I I i I. .:.l ... L i.: M .nt..- .. I ... _..i
i' .il : L.... t ,t I [- li .. "-1i]!. It, .. ...I ,- ,1 I 1,.' 'I
S .in. t., I S. rinf. ... E-.I. Iil r,,- -,.n ,u,.:r ..i '7
I ,:. ...l t.. I ..: t.-. tll- "- oit...r., H ....I.. I
I' ii l t.rn l al t ..1 i|. t ., 1 .* ,..,I.-t- -. t-. IR -

I-I -II...--- ----


tz I

St. Augustine.
This citr, the oldest in the United Stat -. i,-- ti i t.i
in a dire t line Il ,it ttiiur,-li'.: miles -.tiithi .r i >:k-
h...L 1ill.:. ti t L p h -. :...i iii 'rv i_.-- li- .,th ,,f tL-
,..,ntli:rr, ,i.a-t .1 Pb. 1I-:: L'. us.aiu 0j .1 t''ti-nrr i-jil-h
n I city I



sides all kinds of tropical fruits in. l.i!. i- ,.im.iiant-
ly -.ij.li.-.1 it_ hi iIL oysters ar. I -_ .-. Siil.r.. ia6
a Lh.:dltL.-, -u.li....- locality, is l .Ii l..I. -- l ." i th-
zi-. .. i -i.t-i- on the St. ,i.,ti'- i1\ : .'
MIILLL,.N'VILLE is the sitecl ct' I I lil- i t..d
''Liii ti1. IumE.nL, wars. In t1-- .C c it~ ," ir. 'l.v-rn
fliu,. *:,l Ih: _i,,*.- ..
ENITERPI: liE. a well patronized resort on the
t!rtil I...ik ..I like Monroe. The terminus of the
Pr l,.,l! .x I...lt,-. T ,r,>.L .u b -. 1 -,_,J ,!I . 1 ,:II,,_:,r- I .. ih
1'1:.I E u t.. l.|..l ,- tim ,. .il_. I.* l .' H .^l -.. ,'. i t L .l.:-,.
tlj: -- [' t tl... t l.- lh hllh ll .l lil, 'l-l 11-1 t ,jl St.
T.:.il ,-: r-h.L h.i. 1 l .ini Ir.. p.irtli- ; ^ ,. ,i-. ., to
l.ll,.. ..i. -.i-, l. I,.,l IIn-- ._ r-l.iail ,-t.:lal.l ,-. A t EU-
tq ..lls. l i ,_t',..- ... 6.-1n 1' l -. -I !ith 1 1 '" 'i \.Li LI C to
i". L N,--i ,.iii .*._.l :1,i nldian river. From St.
A.i ti- Iu.: : -. .tr-- i ..1, .ir.. i.:..1- in yachts to the Indian
-ii r'- Ib- l*I.1t-- r '- 1, .1.-l,., for -.,i,: :,u.1[ n6A .
NEW SMYI:NA I- ... t.,:.1 upon I.-iiit.. I.,.I.
south of the inlet of the same nan.. i.-.,r t,. :- -,et.
about 20 miles from Enterprise, and 60 miles south
.- I'S. A.i .it i-L. In 1767, Andrew Turnbull arrived
;:i rIr: ...,.t --, it his colony of 1500 Minorcans and
*i .:.:.- .lti.- ti.._i of his wife being a native of Smyrna,
.-ii it.: -I- i! same name to his new settlement.
Lir-.: -r i.- ,- ,i;-,-, ,-i._ >. tr,.itl. v... i- proved
,'lh .i!...i i i.l I..- 1,1. T i, rndi..ll. Th'l: ; ..._ l.~. indigo
..,,..i, .-Ii. llIt.- i. i-- 1pi; -. of any sold in the En-
,'liI-,Ih Iiu 1i:-i. Ii, 177J. Ith.'ir wreo 4 000 pniidr ex-
!...rt.-.i. T'r i. ...I.,.-ui-t. r- ilu. ui l iu til ;7' : b.,t I,:.iun
ti,. r 1 m,-:-.qiul. I... : -uti i t ti-y 7..11 l eit!' I.nt i- t
.l !.., .-.l St. An o.\ ,l... The celebrated orange
r.:'i. ..-uii 1.- I i1 .1r. r'iiimIt-'.I, is located south of
It .- i l.-i t.




L; T. .i*.[ h!.-.. Ili it I.,

11.1t jljj If I I~ Y-dL. "! I!: Id t 11 !"


t. 1 1
LI1 v-A u 1 1, 1LmI -P 1 iy i- t

iurc~ Ph
L U'

( II ~ ,,,~ I -Al5: I~

L1 2 f, in.
Tit! I AIA

by 1a tp- L lu: A-01

l t. I.L Il*. i I t- tA) I LI. L A thj '-_-


on the day dedicated tI. L.I1 S'.uit. its I[r--i.,ii u.iiu-
being Selooe. On the arrival of the SI.,u i- t-ie '
were found Indian habitations of considerable i,-.
TL.!- [t...i'.,ll..... s about 2200. In addition r.., tlr
i ',t..d.i.. I'ltl-.hi l there are four churches: I'r...i .-
terian, nit in 1830; Episcopalian, built in 1i *-:
)} M -tl....h i. ..,.l. ..t in.. le ..: B :,i ti ,-t .l. .. -.1,:.. 'l
., .,. -.l.:_ ,i> ,. '.. ,-I ..>. i !;r;- Ad

t.-l .ii .'..!._ .. ...- -- I.. l-i.i lr- iL. thr St t... A

J ,. i_ ,,[' Ih .1 ttih -i..- l.-lt ,.' .:iit.or's Palace.
__ I .ui I 1 .-i .. tl,- -.- 4..r .i.- 'I.... .. t h, L -t a :.l.i t
ofl'. ttia,. :li .L ;I. Lh h.ibstantial I.i-.l i_. Ij ,t ...ii tL ;
St t'-, -t i r -.- . iu1 the long ,L.Iu i, '..-Ai' '.'?\
v'b. h I ,.*i t. 1 .. .. t\ .
F.l,.il.,' th.: ti,- took their passengers at Pi,:--
lata, and occupied seven hours in the journey :..-ci
on reaching the S. .- t I I i :,.. .L.:,- t I. -rible
nowstands, the -..,. . i -...:I into a flat boat,
and by means of a rope it was drawn across the river.
I \,l.- I .! .- t!. t l t- 1 tj tl- t : r i tI.,- I:.,idy arm
S. I, ILI t, 1-. i I U ....i .bt u' .. thi,- -tti-.,:Ii. and w e
St.[|.l.- 1 ,.,' tbu- ,,ii'. I, ,,,m- l i-- i.li.1 l our way
I-.. th .lili,-t h..!: ,-,t' .;i,'-li .:" I*'l b.:-n previous
t, t. L. _, _l..l i. .,t tb- S i. I l. .l.. ,,u' t. .i,.t.1 11'c;
| ,| .1 ill-.-, ti.. -i. .I.h. 1. -1 !' lI .: P .. l .i .
.t_.- .,:.., ._u..incing that which would bring us
ti.liu:, tlb.- ':,'t.r world.
LL. -u. t!- .. I-away in the rear, tll .i-tii.r -ut-rr-.
beneath the foliage of the oak, and I'irl.. *..t in.li'
trees, with the never absent moss hanging in long
skeins from the branches.
On our right we pas& the L.AIJ-.:.au.- :.IL."iL '- .ai
S-_ 1.,-i. :- -... r '!. i -ill. .t. _- [.. l..I -.. l,: l tu l .- !- i ," '
1 7.' ..1h. h .AiA 't I' ,., A t- I_ ; I, !, T 1.. 1 l **I

.Baill E -.L. t'.. .urLi-i .--,ri i . -Li.- Ei i: ,.-' h.,-in .,il b E-.j.

a -- II

"' 1i T T i ,..Eri. ['. iii.iiTT:ir F .

Ei li l ti- 1 i . I t.:i.i t -.u
I !u I' .: ,.r ill. i I Itl r'
'"; .'.-, ), . !i I. L, th,- i,:, ,it ,- l ,H 1.l -t ,n i ll .1 ,, t i.ti, i,:-
,:li !.L, .' [l i "1.
The Sitrets.

'' 1- L .: l.:-u ._ l ,, .t l.. .. "\. i ..r 1', "" ..: .l. .
l, .i _. I T. 1.:. i t. ii l..i .u '-il, i ,. I- .... t- l tl. -
i' .. .l 7' TI ..' ..i.i l. .ii t. r,.. i .L i .111 -

',_' ill..t.. -ilt- r i .-.i lJ, ., I ,I r, in bl;'.[I 1. II 11. _-
A1 1 t-, S, ,ii h. bl 1.-t iL, -, `- I' _1 t- -.'t I
", t U .-" '" T --. < .:H T' ..-',.i i I, till L i .'T-, -V I'l ..

1 .rit 'iL .r L:. l l. i .. i- 1[.'- .l I ii .- 1. I. I..t
i t. h A l l .t L .: .. .ii :.,L[ 'b _, l ..- .- ...I L ,i : ..i ...!L -r .-i t .-

U P_- 1I,..- I -' 1, .., : L -,.1 I- ,. h 1 i ,i i ,. i.

1' I i .,li .' .. . T 1, t l i -. It' ..:. T I. I,- I ..

u i .T !.. I iij -t. ;l.:..- -t. .-l l 1 i.. l .l.ui- tb.. i
4. I- - T %'. I.1 nuj ;[ lh L..i 1.1-

ii itl-i-.. i. .. t. iI .
-, ,,J l .- i t _, 1 l,: f... iL ,,- lv.:..1 .i.: l -- 1 I 11 t, 1:.l i 'I

T h -. . t . .t l .. . L. I l.. . ... i
,' K ; .i t i-. i. -, l. 1.. I. I ,r t, T it t.
.i 1 1:-.. -1 I I t. ;.i! 11. I -:.1 i >...t'' t1 1 i l] it .l

, fil. 1 : u i tl (l t. .T i.:.ir the t Il>.n 1l-
2.- 1- 1" tlir iar :. 1 l .1 ^ .1 r l -. s till P .'I. tl'":'. .

L- --


The Sea Wall.
TLii w.,il 1 4 n ll] oi.i L- Lil-. in .i.U I tL.L,: *:.u il-
with the .at. r i.att,.l rt thb, I...rt. it cxtr.-ljlr ._-juli
I ll .. I.. h I . 0 ..' I% o tL' it i L 1 l-. ..* L. '.
VillJ I-as i.dilt I.:, the u'iuLrd, Lu l-.'11. andext--wi..d '
t ~ Lt i-r t., ti.. ith. Pl~. ;1, I sl *-'i. ll.tly extend-i.] lIL..
I--ngtL ot the t,,wn. Tlib- f'L, -.ut -ca wall and jot I'
wI:.tt-r bItr. W .-. t-. ..u1 te.' tl imi 1-`37 t.. 1- 1 :. ut an
t ;X|.llf. t*.i tL. b Ui (i. -* lTilr.It 4-1t r1l_ b-IE ildr^. I
tJos iLd >l.:.A B i :' ,tl l a Iiiilt ot C .'"lIttLL 1.':,.- -
tik t, 11,1U th ( Le L 'in .i ...-lIt- f tl. '-it%. bI1' i .-
niall ih a cl .:1*- ot ''r.iUil.-. liur ftu.t \na-., wLiIh .I-
tl ,.':.' ,: s l :l- ,_tr [.,r :t* '.1 ----- :p~', ] l,'i a .L .1 i ,., "- ',
li'hbt t:"eiinL ihbe tue tli- .eiin'-, i.ng I.j.-!i 1I v tfli
; i.' -.At thi ',.=f eiii .. 2.'Ls : tl- t, thl i:Lbi.lluc .
The Catholic Cathedral.
I T ,- i- tle l:.,-'. t L.d *'.l..=t buli- .:..-i] l. I1
it'Wua ul tb. city;: it wa.i 1.iUlt. I 1 ]T'. l.it 7 a I t ot
n'trv rl 111111 It li i -L t Ml-.r.ibel belfry, i' li..ur
I.ll., whi.b 'iir set w-itLhi 1itl.iidte l nihe. t-..tb.r '
with the clock, forms a complet-e r..--. 7 lr b -.. a ir I
c i ,;lu .3-s v.Lh .h t -~e ..1 i. [li,: .4-t lwL t. I 1. I. 1. tbl 'h
I. ld -,UiTi.,nuditi'i3 ot te l,:l-t.1 itc!-liUel-u: tbh- luttIrior
.. tli- i-hiLLu h, r. L.., j r it I.."e : the jL- i.Lj.. I '- t : 1!i ,r.,
in th' Ani,:Liut C'ty. Ul-.. n on, c tl iho .ii., II[, |:,
tl,, d.de i,.t tli l. ,- ,i 1 ,i,.1* 1 t.1l.-. l-'l.,u tli. .
ruins ot a pilviiius 'bLtu'i. L 1- iti (ilon tb." -:.-t -i i*: -1
St. i.te tLB l in s J I t .iO L 1 1 i .i-el in uiLi.L. ri. i- .il I
prrif-t4 wr kil-led lby ivb,. uidi tn-: afterward it rmis
-.ik-,l auil I...uul. Itwase., .- Il N i.-ts 4 -.:u-41i
De La L-..he," or Our Ladv thet Milk." It- er,.:-
t:,In uls 1 l.. I t .,-I A l iiper t.Lti:, Cf thil Sill ..i -.
i.orivvwed !ir:iu the ;ihat .:ult I.ain j-iL "i ar L avy '.t
the i\Ill '" is iStii tl, thl **Jl.j Plroiiil.i" ..t' Ilth
R:uuw w.l ,:,u o tiL. Llutic-11 inv,Lkeld nud iupl-i:d. in i
her pI':pr temijil, t-, tur.lih thb:it with .- pr,:lii-Tr Lsp-
I I .,[ 'UlLA i !ii2" L !-1' I t I L iiiJtL abtP.

I ~FOt-.T Ta, n
Ip r

I I, '

I i o -7 .1





w rr't f i DA P THFITNr EB. 21

Reference to Map of St. Augustine.
H*Hucu.-t brining ro ,und -2~1. New Convent of Sis-
S.. ant.-. jiJ.-t uort.h- ters of St. Joseph.
west ot t.h City I '2. Epis,.a:Ial 'bunzb.
G.ite. "-4. Ci'.unil Chamber and
1. Cat h.. .! i: .ry-ing City Jail.
,r...1. 7. Monuumirt In hnor
S:. J. L S''ctt's I<.:ir.lis. :it' tL p.muihl Lib-
S-rtabiiibLt-raJt. eral (liostitution.
4. -MI.,.,u.L ia H..t, .W '. .,. ..t hLiirk .t.
W. Pkjni-er. Prop. "-i9. l'nret', Drrmator'.
_. B ish_,op's r,-,.il-u,.r. .1 i. tl...i C'. :t. Oli St. Mary's Cou- .3.. St. Angutine Ho-
U-.t. tel,"E.E.Vaill. Pnp
1 1. U. S. C('art HoI .-L- .1. "Fbix.ila Hous." A. I
Peal),,i S. hIl- .R. While.
Po.-t ,thice-P,.lth: *,5. "Atlantie II:.t.'" N.
Lihraryv antd Rjd- B. Forema.n.
ing Rft.:iO- C,:.rtny ::'*. "Marion House," R.
Cl,:rk'a Olfti ett.. P.:limr & Co.
1-;. Pr--I.;t-,rt riia ru..b. :'.7. Co-ttac- Bill i a rd
17. Old0 St. FranT,:L Cii- R.:.. tus.
,_.nt. .1. B. Olvre, Sr_ (RFs,
1 1. Ml',numini nt in nL:.-r tr'-.
of tho (C'nt!edrate 4:3. Mat-o>nie L-ldle.
I ..:l. '.1. Fl..-rrI., Pr, ;: Office.
Fort Marion.
SIt .ta.l at the unorth,:ast ,:ud ... t. t.h...' n a l .i c.im-
miiiu.n- the bilet roim the s6:a. It is L.iilt or Coi:uina'
S st i:.IE. .bich L, i l d,:,l.t ..i tl..u t'r.,m ,Aai -tfsia
/ L.-tnd. ani is prl.,,i.!Iv t'he lest piresrvel spri..;men
ill the v'orl. :. th, i m lit.rv .'. l.r-t crtir. *.'f its time.
SIt Ls the ollrt Ifortfir; at.t'n ,i ttie .--t.:r u ...ritniint.
It was comiurj-ln.... in !.21.1. ianl thr..u-igh the labor
il' t ,e co .-,. lpt Lh.iihns V.S .i iii'.iritel in 17 I
SIts tirt name was *Sau Jruan l'e Pin-:'e," nftterward
I ( ,n '-'.l t o nu i a ..'." .lu. l il'":' l tLCe t :hab -, rit'
fl$td,. ui 14'-21, it was g-,-n it-. prItirnt namre. It occi.u-

1 1 1 1 1 1I


i ., t


D.' L TJ.x L- It
I d ol uD I '1 .. .. IT. i.i t l I I .I i ..I u T I ( 1
i : .: I l11- .I, 1- I '. q i : t. [,- l ., i ,. -

I.L :' l I .. !' I-. l 't tC IL 1 '7
I li l ti l i l p. . h' lm
-- ,- J.'* i: |.l- l .. I : i l, 1, -- D- 'i, .*. ; l ; u l .-
l **.l l l..'- .'.. r .i t -. .- -7 l-;l t i.- -11 r P -

t, r .. i 1.,-. I l;* *..' .- l.1 1 L i . t.1 i ,, .i l i -

i t l. itE l, ,.: i t.. iL ;l i i .t : l. '
I. r.l... l ,l.- I ll '- I It -. h l I
L : [... ft .. t I. . II, L. 1 !- .. 11N I
1-6- I., ir. .N L u -.1 I I.- I ,h,-.
1 .. 1. rt .. -o .- ... ...- "-. _- i l-l l .lt. l. il i

.. . i l .: .. -r. ..
t A t '. ',- t t- r O E. -. rL, .N ., ,

Nt l .i -, ]... .. I, l.iY. ] .. i. t RI .
.. -.: .' l l, t.. t, ..S i -: ..1 3 ,1 ,
IL'.. ". ..% 1- i iL.- t F A I-i I t... iA. -
11. I ..1:- L rl.. _, : thIL. S t k 1, - t. 0:i .-,-

l.- 1...- ... 1 1It t Lrr, ,. J :- .. 1.. A. ,
i E''..LV D,, E_;. E' r _',n EL SI-N LI. ,N FEI;. i
SNDN":' SEXT')i1 IELND''. i:"R V C.LP"'. [IE !
l E.A ,:'D __! U_.it *,E L.\ FL,<,:' D.A Y SUis
' ri;, EL n[.T l \[ ;!I L DLrE"'MPiPDi l LL i'tZ.,
FE _ND,-' IrER.1'_ 1 C' .iN' LiTTI, E..TE <. -. ,
JILL D EL .N T' 1 ... 1: F?. N ,i L. s i r,;._\ I
EL i '.kP. IN N 1,: l ,D l 1,, j.; ;i:Z.\S Y
-:T . L ,.. :
i . .. i; l,
l, ,,,, i .v ,. r- .. / .. '. H .....', r , ,,.... .


S,, ,,,7 t-.[i ,i. ,, r -'. i I.".. S I ,.. ..." ... [- t
S', ./,, l. .,,,, l ; i ,I; , . '.:, ., ; ,' ., I ,.:.r, , .,. !}
i.,; l i I ,,,,,, i ;,,: -i . E /
l .n [- rth tirr, -i .u t lu>. it.e L-t.,u i''- H
1. 1 I t. 1 .1 .I .l I j. IV L..-.
Sl Air.1 1r.:.ll t L t il-I . I ..t lll.. i. i-.l- U.L, L-tLd l 1,_ .-
.le~it ... t I A .i." rtlI... -,-l h.. -T ,- I ,:-. .ut t tL,-
L' t 'L .: I. t l. i 'l.,.. -... : l.L I 1. l 0 ll. -.! th lii ...i! l ..
SI t : *I i.t..... ... (L .. : .a 1 .. : .-:.k dl .1.:i- in t r
St LS dia.Li--...Iu :_ l ,1 ti .',r : L .: i l.l- t.:- l- t.'.[ r i .,
S .1 bun ium I.i.-t .. I .tih t lull i .aLt), .[ -IrLut :L OIu tI
la.k : th ,t ,, LU . -_LJ I. i-.1 .u, r',.- ... Y ,,l ,f:,.[ [I..

ILl t -U L. i o.lb T,- I -lb.I I-.
r.ki lt. t ,Ll a tll .i . --i,. ;,:]. ,:i. _; 11.. .1- ,il. l l,' '
S a ,_-..,t1 r -.. -.L Lt -I t i- tu. LAi. EI-. ,- : hl i
th, .I iL-ts 12.i 11 1. LL 1i:tt.[. ,i I -.- -.Lu- :Li v-: .'i -
,*h n, i .l -[..t.ne ri tr.. u L in_ th .:- velin u- .,,l u11 tr th.
--IJtl. "i> h ,tl- t _..U- -.j '
Th.: m limit i -ry ,.,, ,,i-r IL-.'inJ :l ci rL.. : 1. Lt .- i- ilh-
S. t' tL t,: t -i--, i lI .1, -. u .. .1 i r. ti 1 ..i. ._ ..n,
w hen hii ,iri,,,. .r i:< tcI i t,.? ,IL- ..:"-, i\. t,,
tbh- Lu-'lth-, it ,,*I n i1 l :.,1 tl- :,! 1 ,lri,:l i l tliy ib_
l tl-ulml i ,,ini l au,.l ji|:..: i li.i, lr',, thl. r ,,t .. ,:bl tbL,
L ],1 it 1|, [I1-t ii, ,.'L! i. ItII i_ l "- -l.- "... i-
wtiO ;,,, < 1..- lt, ,r ... 1 11'. 1 1 ti a n h .. -.. I t,-,
j ., t_; t.,ul aplr Ir t.. .4, t..l r.._ l.:tl !-n 't-l I '!I ,lu I

', ':irn wi, dl..l' .- l. OL .rt r'iut ith l _bt- tb? .r;
",.-1 I .lln. .it t1_ ":.--t t1..1, t": it '.L i .],* -lirj'. U.1...I
lj',r)i il. 1] n t li n wi dl. m, i,.1 I -t h .- .-.- b.-l
| ltl illy l.tlhla ,l '.un tr,:,r_ 1 l1it .tind '1. >a .l.:l-, l-lid uitula
I...n-- laiy :, tt..i.-.] ,,* th- df:,.,!. TI.- : .th ..r bLni.ii nue
fiu tir |.,,,i'it.:. i, b.:,bLitna ;i piJl ,1 bluit i n touLZ+..
t I'L' 0-1t >1r .I.-I : .t .,I ,rit- uL^.._ l, Y 1 i_ tlh- Sm itL. -
A.,uI;.IU I.t-.titt t.. ;t W .i dhi it,-t.. u.
T Lhi A et i.u. T.- w. .ir_, ..' ', tw ..a- ,* tre ,,.:, ,,t' MP. ,
fJohn0 apo, (now .l1-e-t-i i IW a L .:.'-t.-.l.lII .l ":,r Iplt t
tu,1 In-' .a: '.'. LhiT- h- -t.it',- iL t. it il.U i .. S hi,:lv
1 Lto i ., uil nui-. tbl ti.ul ii., t*t t 'c 7 t.. ,,.titii I-

241 -rTNErr' rF:-nII'A Pr.IEIFNDEI.

ing thle kLr, l.:.t:US .13 rl.c-V Ltir d il t,~lL sketcLh.
Fr2:.m a l.-.turw lo ctl l it JL- ra t t lut .y J. Huime
SSirans, fiM. D.. and attcrward publihied il the Ftrri-
d,' PI ,tr > r-- Ill. : : t:
'* The I.r-okeu (-.r,-. witl .ill the I. itUc. t\x.ept tb. -
I whih I bolhl in my haud. \wrtr b-uied in the saud-
ruouinj to thbt. irth oT1 thb F...rt. I rrl.t:.i.n thtc ati ,
porti.:-s' .:t thi til.,a ILId fidlalii iI. I lef_.-l-Li, ..t .l I
ifelle -. '
IDiLring tht. S'.linhi.: nwar. (OseeolJa and Coi,..o.h. h .
i o:r Wil.1 C.it. I v..:- I: iP.ti ll-I i dl -.alril-1 tl tlj.
,)lUtli hre t an.I' :- Iof' th,., t.:.rlt. ',, .. ..hec .:..,ul'lajU-i
that the cellU as too ilatup and aitti ted his het.lth:
wheriupOi:,i hb., w t; riru.v\cl t to tljh adul.'iiin.i ont.
n btre u .ikrat,-i -. ,t ld..-dl li;ll tb.- I.:-llit" It'
rerl.buhng the p'ratl.] :vudlri.e 'itJlju I.y 'LuSJlS iof '.nc
Inudi:n mllounuting c.n tLb.. t-hilNll' :f uam.thtr. On L
th" -l.--niC, II.e-I. .- I.: tl: Ilti.nlt ..t lhi ii. aj.C e hL !'-
i a -l,-1 au uin ii..iillall 3 .,lI.n ti ij ,.u L i t e i;L pa1 ft.- .' '
th.. Ifort. bi. r:- lh wa. alown.-d to walk dLaly tl,'r extr-
~i e. He bhal t-.l:witly li.-in t.kig ,l.l.,-rvati...ns
I of th Ljilunal I.l ih ..L.t:b tELr ,ljt.r!- whl.. p tlta.l
outi.bl tb.- t.,rt w, r- btati.u.Lc. to ,:n.ble hiii, to d,:-|
tertrmiae Ihe ,t'e-t r..ilte Ito .iUrlu e aft't:r bi shtild u -
ca ..- t'l.-.l tih.r n .l.... T'I i L-e n.. :tld. hiring tL..
uight, s.:i n..i-. i c tlat Vili. u tL U-utiu-1 v.L., L, hi.
'pa. -d the whL.ie ui.-hb Itl'-l...-. the d.:,.'.r of hi; i cU. %.a- i
al.h-ut t o'l- b:.-I t r.i:,: t alT, l.,,j].i a[pl '.are, t It
the rb.itilai ,It his ...:!I. anul Vitb -t lirtl. tl del-Lt I
Sexe.ItuEd-- 'W'ile '.it ge.-.c.." On-'>l-ia ..s atter-
Sward remov.-d to Ca.ltl Plutkne-y, ('harlhtutn, IwhIre
he i ;-i l..!.. lu-h-uirt.:. 1.
Indians at Fort Marion.
Tbh,.e Ii.li Lir. .I' tlc. arcr.rl *iirt:r-nt tribes. .ir-
inr the niouthb i-t Ma,;iy 1'7-:.. v,,l I.i.:. ib t ti .ui F.-rt
1 Sill aon tile Cbt-vtnnB ai..vu.\. Ije.:ait': of thtiir i
turItrl.-mlnt diU.pes':iti.'n a-ni iintlii: ni o a ui-r the othlr
trili:r I thl.it i loc lity. Aru.,-n.D th- li- BcI'.-: r


..i.-l H Ai h -. Ti Hl j.Hin ti *.f t ii x[.r---- 4i-it
lI .. : r.: r .. !* r i . hl :iti. .:*! I-l.. il i ... r tl t .f tL.t
\. .t1: i i . li ... tt .., I.t,[ l ,I tv I Im th v

SI, l l :, i.. i, 1 ...HItti.,- it 111 t,.. l [ '-: t F.tlt.-r-.
IL .IUJ, ,.]'!,y I'_, ir -[*" l- l, ,:. I.', llr: .., ,L- tr rtl ,lt "1',
i. '.* -, .. IL i .- i .l i.- iri l e- .i l i:.irn- i l th ,

/ 1 I." ,i. :*r TI H'-, i- '.- i .. it- i .:. .iL .u I l.
SILI .. .l .' i* i I.i.. -. ,I,:.I ih -.r0 L it, ui .l :,trn.l1
l ,t 'ir ia ir.1. '. ,.tl .a H ..-."
T .- ,....ntli-iu. i ir .t- .r-t-i M1r i L... 1\'. F..:..

I t ilI U I.J- It 11. II.I l... Ii i. t .ito i..
vl ,,I iL. I L t -L- -'. ,:'.: u,. U th .- I i !: I,. ',
Iniihi, n.o :i i .,,i .: t. C i, t, t H. PT i tt, ...i thi i
IT,-nti . 1- .lr"t, hI. if iH ,I i- --t -mi l .-- thl
I .-ll i,._. ,', ii.. .- It ,h i .ciiv tr- .1 I'v. It -i lII..I- l,:t*i- ,
itL Ir' -,I l'. )H il D- I. [ ,. io-Hr. it- c .I-,. *-. -it .r l
v .' Il .- H r tt -.I '.i -it i thll ti l. : li t. I
ji Cily G- He..
S- I ,t itl o. t ti:, u..rth ,.l ,., th- ..tt .,t the L fn.l
,-f -t. it ..- .' r. 'c -.t. It - tL . i. t. ILu
Vw .ll i i .:.<. .. t. v. Ili..i ... :.l,-. th- ,. -. It i. a
.|l:t pl'..,, zI 1 0|. L,[|. -ilu: i.: .l; "i ,., T fi h *. u l lLtr l
I l't -. th .... .:.1 l ,, .1l -. .l j .x. I: %I
S'|.r.. .-7 i l. ,l .'.L.: "t 1 :,1 .- :. .IN la 1 '.- .I ll.".n t
l-y'ml llllliu; ii-. .ul ti'|l!> ..,j].-,t 1 .1 ,Ittr. tIrL:..
Town Wall.
1' 'Lctt ,l i -'L li I *. ,,l. .l-.t.r l I.,! thlr L _- lm tl e- i -
i; l! .1 tL: i.1 ,,l-t ,' -, ,. ]L,. E',! :V r s i c.' l Ft,''. k:l1,-l of, "
pin? l c.o ;,- ,, ::,,tt.: t ,.! l :':., tnu- It I -t,11u- .-.ill
,.*'" r ,:',.i.-t,-,l at !,.r. l, i. 1 1 I.,ru . l" t ,,f -,..m ,,il
lr' i.' i ... iT- l[_.,: Iv .. ., rL. '. dll .._ ,t..--l:.i.Ir
,_, -,11 .' t. i.t- .:.:u LJl u ,'l,: fltn ., b uu ih .l
S v.-- -" ,N I' [L,.. t r1 .1 I ti....ti s,...L f tr,' i ill ,. a-
I[ ".tt.n t-,l.... th -- ..i ath 1I..,,il: ,.lIth. ,.t,'-b.
T Lh e ,ht..L. "it tb. | .I.- ._.:r ,:l ty IE ,l .ii,- n -tl.l.. 1iil"
h I_'oni,.,, it ..t- .t ti. t .r' i. i ,,l thb i'

2;. i. I ..E i. a i; Fi7 T. 7 r1

' t i.,1! .. . '. i. .t th .....u _.. a,. .. ,i..-t._... t.
i, t .u .ri .i. I I. .I l... *, ...thi r L t a. ...t l .. i. .. at.
f I '.1 i u ,- ..-.;- [ ...i . ,. t r.. .:, .. |
-I. wt. r

-l I l .1 I ta b .t 1 ..j l

l'-h .. n_.t .tlJ.l ..ll[ :,l. i .1- it .. .!, i IU ][. .'. ': LL:. I- .

Yac!i.ing. Points to Visit Etc.

S. l. A t i u ..
tr,. .l -. .. -t ( i I [ v, t l: i t r ... .. tb .
Il: i .. . I t al...I .. II.-, i. i ..
P-a t .. .L.II'h L_.[. .. ._.. ala; t I, i''li- ,..

C,.. lul I I-t. it l l Lr- I l t i .- I.,.
i ai tL 1- l h 1'.. . t I [1 1 iA .
Ill. .- .aa ,- . ,u .. aa -. ,.- i,,,_.,. I .- . i _L L... ,
I 'l.- .,. I ,. ,, ,. .. t- .l it a ', l u. t , a I 1 1 a Ih .
al. L t" a: .1 .I tj al ..- a.'l ,' a I i'r ': -_ t I i l. I
X tl _- ,th I -.. ( .. .' .;. L. 'l. ._. I .- t. l

.._ .- : .1 .' 1..., . .- l I l'. l .
_'*v i i '. l jt ,I ,U . 4,' ,' . ,, '"'-,, : ", .. t. I: * ,,
l u' l ...i .ih.l tL .1.. .1.. i' I ,. ,4 ,'.. I' |.. ".

th t .bit .._ , ,_ l . u , t 'I .
*,v : t l i . 1._ t r,- ".'.q i ,) th -, t L,...

[.l -- ri 1, lI, .- t ii .- ,l.-. t a .." il.. ,,

,.jia- .. V .11, I. L. I .. I..- St I. \a ..aii _la -.

...... . .

r vwlil xB ri-ET,* .I- lT ii '.

I r F i. ._,, t -,: 1 ..i;,.. ,1 :;u .....-ith i . 't, "-il I 1
Ift._ I.-

1 i '-.-r .. l i l ... *.t i. F .
S W hiru-v. E-.I.. tiL i .'. i.n...t. th- L. .. .-., i
tt!.: ir... I t i r- 1.

S..r.. r.-c .b th .. ji.-u -...1.1 Fr- u. III~', 1 ,;: III
t. S r. A i, i .t ,i -:. . it, .1. I :, i 11 i
I...-,i i..I t ii .i ,. -.! ;,,- iit. .. ..n i l ,II ,'j l ",** ,I-

Ii It i I. t- I.- .:- ..... .- i. I.-- l .- l 1
l, I ih i- (; .i.. .S i. i. -...... i lt -. ..- L .. L I ifth,
\ -u.th.ut 1".t v.

Ti. r**. a t- iu- l *.rr. I *: t from.I..

he Plaza.. .
in t i- l.-..: it .l t-' .'... r; .1 1.1 .l t ..
In t t S. n,' .re recent .
.* i "['J ,1, .rr iu r I t. t ..-t_, i .t .,I l r,.:- I ,_, ,, Ii
*.i t-. 1 .i; r. 1 .- . ... .i t .. !'!i ..

li i.i -ji " l t l i.. -, -- .t ,,-
"1 t ". -l . . 1 ...:l, A ., l .- E t. t I j ,
_nt ..l t Thil L .
The Plaza.

P ,l .. 1 d :..l .7 It 1- h .t, _. ...i .. .'l , **. -
.*' I -..- "t n ,i.l t_..:. .1 t.i ... . ll .l -. ] ,- irt-.
S I lir;," r l,:-, l l, i !i h, ( 1- !.,,t 1 l. (I* l,. .... i,,- 1
, ,-, 'i,-, l . .. l ; . ,,i,' *. -I -i.. t' . .
1,.-; ,, A t } l.,.-r tl. 0.

S N ill U i .: . '.lt- Il l .. 1 ,. -. v. ..- t
S.. .. n I L.- i... .I. I t n '. ..ir .... I 1 1 l ..
L ,..1 -. i- 1, . 1. . I ,. i.. ,1. l T h ,I ... t i t r .. ,
,I [....r.[i .. r .:. ( .1.1.. _'..1 tSi k 7-, t. l ,L t .i .1 l..- r Il
. -,h,, tl ,'-_- r_ T
l'l,.. f _, .- ,,. ,' ti,- ,, '

S WHITNE'I 4 FLO ID iE. r i INr>EI'.

Spanidsh. th, fi'.11ow -.. of whi. h n..- Lv a tri nIaIti.ti :

P 'li /, it St I , i,# ,
: A.w f.ai t Fr,. :
- ., ,., .4. /,at;/- i/.,' ; "' F ., l :.I t
ir;,il.rl m, 17 1, 1h.,lthr- ,i
1812 ..*.,i.lo I ibA'rn.t.?r tl
BI;;,...i/;,r jI .,,, ,'.... ,f; ;,
|' K ;,l.,i 'i, i., II. r.,
ir. ,r.. r ., Si./,,t.o;r
i ;w. d;I , ,, ,,
El .-! ,u r .... i .,.f;.
SRr.l ,I.,t i t'""- lli- Fr
i;,.,,,,. ,P ,, D v .:, ,
f R ,.," t i.i.t

Drt, Fr ,.,, ,,i.;r,,
P r,. ,b S ../....

UNITr, Sit'.iEi TBI KIN ,--F ~'r SP.N i.h.l.EL A LIB-
EJi iL. i-LLI.R i TL i i. fill. IT1ZEN. *I Si. .\i ..-i l krNE AND
ritr .LT' bY I RL SPA.NI ('11i/EN- i Sr. AUc U'iIS I
Tar I'AfL ,.: 7HiT I.'...NsTr ir.:.sN .As ia 17rtin I r
Ocrtruie., 1S12. .
Governor's Palace.
Tlt- rts- lt,-r : -** IL,_ ..*,-i l-th _, ',f i h j t.:.i rLr,
o-n te .:.ri-r ,:t St. Ge..r.ye and bKing [tI.--t u. Lit-. .
Sunder th- kill .,' dirn w..,ikj in- ,hip 1...et i11,
S>lHI rt llritA ,lp .u.IaU .,L'- It i ..." :_-p '-C j I'%.,,t I'm. :.: (I''. hltVl
I; Olrk OtCiE-i Pulbt.. Libr.ary, ianl 1'Petbi. Si:h..-l.

Ti.: lIdituii- BurnIl n (G ...in.l l.-c tc.l i.ist :.nthi
Sof th'- Ban-acks. fliuder three P1ramrnlr are th I
h, a;h : f MIaijor Dale annd 1n'; o his rumn. who v:r r
ri--a. red at F:it Dale bI < :c:l I Iand Lhi I nnd.

v.airNT'fl F~L'jEniA PiTHrnPEl- J

The Huguenot ('mirt.ry ;.s jist "u.:rtli of City Gate.
Palmetto Hats. Lace. Etc.
The Pamietto"..t. rLcb.u ... U IIdly ..Lu3tnucted, is
the neatestand most serviceable t...r tb i, -i:t..u .
The Lace -, ,ile i.Y th- SI-.rt-I cthe i.' ventt is I
equal to that ia>di- ; i.:.- -.. .:..u','Itr;-. .uid visitors I
should not fail t,., pr.-.iu. a qi ltmn: ., in remem-
I.i.ia:- of the oldest city in the United States.
Thermometer Range in St. Augustine. :
T'hr. tihl. it the year. th,.- 'Thetm-.:.in:t-r v,.;-, r.rly i
fall-, b,-1.. th,_r_,t <."r.o :,- ,:,l 111-w al...,.,: ,iU ty-i-- v.-
,.I re -. A...:. .-t.i ti. : t .. I1.1 SI ..,;1 l r- l?,l kl -(..t
ut St. Au.-'btitre I'r i:' r o*r-. L' indlidl 1ye.-s, the
tiIup-Irttu al- a *:*l .1 LttUi ; -* t .- r .tv- :it% d,_ri...-.
Visitors to St. Augustine.
S 'Thr tl1,,'nn-.' Iir the i: st uttil- luil. 'i.r ot vi tl'.:t.i to.
.St. AUIl.ltii D. '*l ILLl t rhe l'ecr .-l: !i,- i- r ... L .
S S ,ou oft' .-' T-7I.. by ,t _i tc.;um I'. ..!at.i 4111

S uIn 1 71 -7 .l niS .t St..TI,', Rn ,lr..'-. 1.11.1.
$t ,Lon of li.72-7.1 the trj--l 1'u. rj .:l.I to.il- .u 4. 51I.i
Se .,-.:.u ,.1' is- *-7 th:Lr .le 1 [".. 'd ..1 '. 1.11.1
Snas.:,n of 1 74-j75 the t'ra--l iu:. r,-t<, t,? 'I.jinii
Uaiob ,f o17f-7. tbl-v nlt.:-. i ltul.,.ed tulUy 11.u1,) 3

Orange Groves. Gardens. Etc.
St. Aih.nwt ij.-i. L, r t-,I, -s iltl .roLh ti.ie or:,tiiLLug-1
p 1.'i-.-B an ,i..l a n. -.l r,-. i Li.1 l..:,. t.. ,t' -u,.'ny hii '--,d _...u., I
Swinttr r.:pllen..t N.. 1 Irt I.':ility in Floril .in I
pi o."l i[ t a l .I'i..r ..ir tLbI- i lii ;, ot .l. ntCi rr:-t.ol- .:: -'
I b-n t'rl r.u. t ''it.-. In thI _'ir'-:n n r'- fi:.,r,.li
I th, bl n niu j .1 fi _. il.,t,, ..l1p Iu IlIIIIj. p i, .:imitainte- et,..
|uln 't. i-,u:. 2'- -t- -t .u e It7 't-. t rL. e is nl
Ros'.' tr e. ithe trTitk of' whinc is a.ihot there : incbe
iR diai li ._r.

". \,ETri"-T l _L'i.,iT_ [..ia iNi'.i.

Hotel Accommodat;ons. in St. Augustine.
S At. .\=.i1.i-r I ,,I i. E F.. V..lIi l,,..i,t.:.l .n ti-
P .,:.a .1i i. ._ l ,-tt ..,. .t . ,. '4., ., . i., i ,t' .
t4. E 1a.l. -!r: . i.. l- I l .b I...k..u h "1n iij I- l tLi '
| I ,,.il .1li i, |!! ._ t .li0 d !-.'i.
I .[ ., i-I t l. i\ T. E ,l o,..i. r. (;...11 -'i -IL.I ,t.
I D N:** *t . ..1 .' .t l.:.. 1 .1 1 _Ir- r t .
i R. S tL !l :, i .. IT r.. la l i. LP 11.t =l tJ .: .
S' [ .- 1. p t'., I' =l-ir.. -t .! -t

aI l,,1ii1,1- l h %l 1.i i l t.. l' i.L Ln tLJ .
I, L w i td. N,:..- b~t.11 u I I.- A -l, 0 -'
1 F i. ... i,-.. . r H -.II -,u S t. I;, .._ : ,.1
i TrL ... ir Ai.....us- ..'".'-lm '. l7'. -ii'r". r i.
.\At!, t.u H .:.r.|. N Li. Fl..>-lu [. A..,..:l.uL .:..lt,,. ,
Ii- .I -t-. :.-
Boarding Houses.
El_ r-r H .. r:' (,.- .. H K u, r. (..hall l,,tt. ,-t!_-,.t.
AL...I:i, n_ ... ;if,, -- l. .l : 4 -1 _ri..-t ..
S I' -. 1 1- i .y r. .._. r, ,.,.t --. ria ..t th, P l.-;- -Ii.

r': .-,-- :. lJ _' r ',n .: .-.t i.,. I..:-t .,":'.t. ii. t...l _. ,1 .ir
I ,1 :.; 1,|_. b....,,, t!.. n tv.
.1. L ; .:, :>I ,L|,_..'.. ,,t n i f-_ t-, 1.,,< i, .. ,, l ,-h ,, ,..
I ,i :i I ,, ib'l '.1 ".1 'i r I
MU -. J. .. r[,. i ,.; i .i- ', --,, .i, ,t -,'':, t. .i.f P .- '
A ...: iin.I.I r.:.u t.-.i ...ir Ai. .- t .-r 1. .j I

I ,lu...I, .,. l.....t 4", _.l- r t. ? li ,, 1.'. | -_ r, .i|

] i.. i--' r '- ,-- .,

M i-. _'. H 'rtr ,...,.,, -. .t .I. t ,: I' )
_T V .. .1 ., I .. t ._, t, .. '. I .. -.' Ii .l.: '-, t :
' f _li -. T [ ,',)i.._ H .. i.-rl i.!.-.-I. *'.' i, ,.. 1, 1;:.
)', V .,. _"[it.ld,,_ ]: B -.i. ii..-:f. pI] t.. ] I ... r. I.:. -
I ..- . L*.i_' iu.. t. t, i u- *l. .. +!" ,:, 'rl:e p"- ,,.. l.

W I V- iiin i ; ii. u ii2 Jl

...1 .. .:-1 -. I, i,.. -1 '' ] "- ..
M ,_.. I. L A !.',-tr. _M_ ._ ,_ -L ._= t. 1. : -,,... k. ,1
I Mir. .(;'- .... M i,, -.: : r.
LM r-. .. i-. -'L !i_.:,l- i- ,I
i JLr-. I.ls L. -,t t ;-t. 0 -*.. -. !. p r . j
Hotels on tlie St. Johli's RIcer. I'
.IJ. 'KS, iNVILLE. .,; ul.1 N. tin.I! li... I. George
M iri l', -
S L.] .u H ..:..l J. 1 .. i'.,.. l.. I, ..[ ,. r. i- 4.
St. John's H ouse, -. i ., l il -11 .:'. '.
Ni. L...II-. i :ii -.. N1 isL .. .- r... -... t .
1\L ,.i .....t 1 I. .t & .
t[.TI j. i. t. .t 1i A.l E. . 1 .
\\"I l'ly I[ ...,-_:- *i. '.., r_ .! i, t .
U ,_,nit..l St t..- H .F I -1, .. . .. -. .
St. John's House, 1TIr'. E. [fl ,.iual. I .-. l. t

H A L. \' .. 1 -l, i ... 1
T -N1 'L1 'W I.. .....T 4. .i-. u .. I.. ''
\' ..i: E i'.. -, S I, [N t. T. t.' i. l.-r l,- Il, tL ,t
*f ". 1. 1; - I:.,

AH LTiE NI .. 'MT Fl. 1 . ]. r l 1 :.
M .' .iN ,LI .. I,_ ......1.. *t.-; E. iI. H ..-_ .._. ': d.
S i'l;EEt -..1 E srt'l:N ". '"'! n: i. l.i. i t, i. H L- I
i ,\ A rl.L,- .,.-. t. U ...._ l ...i.-l. +
P\L l i .'., l'.t., ._ HE...... F. HB. *'_'. 1. I)
L l I I .:..-:. L '-.t ? .,",- *4.
SSt..i, ,i. H, l. P. L H lr -.- . ;.
N S A_. '- -hi r .. ,l.l ,: i(..t,- *.L '-.-., ,i. .A '.
M _.J!- Tr2. l'i t... il' 1-, r r :.
SANFi.E:D. S.ut..d l l-l.., .. J . \' -t.>i. T" .

:\TELLt tN ILLE. M1 ll.. -iL.: H ..t-! E.S.\ l.. ..
.* M ,:l,.. .ii. Hi.. ,:- . I. ,. -.



S ENTERPRISE. B:.,. k H..-., B..:.1ue & M.:Car-
tvl 44. Wi ts:on H...,us. Sp:.n.:or i Pir-at t. .".
NEW SIYRI NA. 0.. n- HI..i-e. E. K. L.:,d. $1.
I.'"-r tw.:i -rr-L:.. i-.!- I cr iv'-.i.
HL.LIF.X RIVER.. Ge:n.-r H.:.!se. Ia,-: G(;~nr.
IMATANZ lS. H.,t.-l b D. A.leb.
l MOliLTRIE. H..tel ly BIlchtr;rd A J.:.lhsou.
Ballar.l Hn:.-. Exhbanr~ IIot.Il ..L.C fnin t..n. 3.
St. Jztui.~ i.:l i. T. W. H' rin.r,,.. 5". ..
Fonr..l's H...t-l, A. J. Fi:.r,-. o '.. i.t .
A.rlI;-r.t..n H-t.:I. S..:.rille Sd.lileu. .2.50.
Arh it... H :t s -I.-l, n- 8. .:...:ill- .3.
Crawirfrd Hous,-. G-..or:.e C. B.:tu'le-tt. Sf2.
Am'ri..au Ho,'Lw.-, Mn. C. Y. I 'i.- & Son ? 2.
Atlant;I H .tel. R. S. D.:...n. 12.5-. t.o .].
City H-..t-l. S. A. Plumur-,. .- i.
Banl-.w H., L..;. i.. M\.1\. H...u.e. $r2.50.
Purcell Hoasc.. $. Natiounal H.:.tel. $3.
Ce trajl H.:,tel. H. C. E.:.:!-.. 6.S'.-,.
I W :.n H itr l. !. E. l! l-r H.:,.i-e. $2.'.,0.
F]l:.rence.- Hot-1. 12.7,1. Oa .ui..l- H t:. il. .12.
iWhi,.l..i H :u-. u -4. C.:'. l Ajlui. Ho:Iius. :3.
AIXl.EN. S. C.
HIGHLXND P.U:K HOTEL, B. P. Cihtlield.
,l. W -'.Eki riar.. ~t !i. pri:..
. ,


CH \iLESI.'N. S. C.
C l_,,f..:.r lI...r.-!. E -. .T ,. 1 *,u ,V :, 0 .E
P.-.h. -u H...-i. I; T *. i'...r. i ',. t-*.
-A \Tr T A i

R ..
, ,...,.,-, .- I .,-. : : Il. ...~1 ll ,,. : r, ,..t.:i :- 1,
M r i-.b il H...- :. D Li. -. .:
D i P Ilt, .r -' H..-.t .. A E. . i.
Bil-r!n E'I ..4":.ii H .."!-|. I
S i\iii .uUiST \. I "i. M,*
SPLA.NTERS' Hii-irEL B. P. ihatfield. fs.
:;i..l ..- H ..t.- l. -.J.-1 n W (' ,UMi-, n. i'. .i, :. "-. -.
SILANT.,. I. "i)
H I. K- irii.. ii I....-, :..- M .'. ; I.- V -,.. i
F.rl.l.i H* .i i l -i-': FT.In c- E .. II .- ,.
SNati.-1.U H.:.t-i. -- n i. tt. 'Y .,,. i.
[_.\ ', N. '." .\.
Bi.. n's i1t. E. E. l;r.'-. : S.. u. t
SE.5 UP. .A.
A!t.,iu.dL i H ,:ti.. \V. S .1 N. ,,' ,,*:- M:. M C.:(J l.ti,..r_..
-.I4-L. H T...--, P. LItti., -.1. -.:.
M ..O .l.,i|,I ti- H ....I. I .: t u ... .I. 11. II i., .1
T. M.AL .. iA.
,g ,.-i...-t r ... -.,:. 1V E. . i-.-. -:.
FEI;:.LNilN L FL._\.
-i ..uL H ...-'t ... 31 \1 D .,- ,. .." .I
l ., l l.-I! H .,.I-,. S. T T i.F.. i..il. I ;. ,'1
N,.,r....,.. il..,,u M L-: J. M .,:,-Y. :2. '

i Where to Buy Florida Tickets. /
A t :i!l I' 1- t ,_ 4ir Ir,,h :,., ,1 1 h l .* I 1 t .
I -L i, 1.l-, ll .. l t. i.;.- t -.. :.- _-. i i . i 1.. .i l
'. 1 I. bl 1, Pu i u. I .l ilt : I.' .! .1 I :- -
F ,,,: ., .t ,.. !*.l-, .- d Fl.. F .L. i U i I. i:
4. [il :, l i ,"l t, . l .. 'k p ,-.'.' : I1.t. -l, -td -,
I r ,F .. . !l ., liV.'. L la- tL i.:'t tl i:- L..l.. I T; ...t i' |

-41~-- I---L~~ - T--- --

_ ~~~--~--- -ii~---



112. 3' .*ii1.- '- i Vj-~l.j IIiiri .E.w; U l

/ Schediules of Principal Routes to Florida.
I' .Ji-, ..l k 11.: -. i .... t... .: -, TIL- -c I-
I, s. lh :,..i j I, l. 1 | -'i-'._I tlly t'.-' I' 11' 1. ll, . "'.L".- i'.'-.
i t ALricL Coast Line Railroads.

i N '_ '. b .. i.t :':, -, ," i, ,:'.'. ......!. i 1 vu
N. 1. li. *. ... -.*. I A AN Yus. Lrt.n.: NY-r y

S 1 ... .I p. I EI I i lt l li- f L jt --. l L-E
i_._. .,,.t : i- ,.. 1 L.. I..t I r .,,_ | ..i. ._. : I r.I '. B i lt; -
Si,- ,. : l.-;.'-i [ '.tI : i-: .V.- -;l- i t,,i 1. i : ,-. tr- 1
1 l ,.t r i .lun,,il 7.r J.i=_,n ., iID,-: '.tl -- I.,,iL-
11- 4 "- ; 12 1' : t I.:. i 1.'- .. 1 -- 'nll.:' l, r ..n t,: ,
W.i.' ll l -*I' ; .* l tl -,- .It I ,- : l I lu -. ._ .. li._ : hltl '-l _' ',)
i at -.,,, t -'.'."- ,.in ., l l ih ':n :1 -. ]'-'.- 4 .: A
.. 1;". It \.'d iu.L ..t'!: 7. .1 ., .,-r :I Y Lr.t _. '
i l:-- l._ iDr,_ ...' t' .' t.-' t.. : i1 : W, ] l iJJLI'l..u
I, I. l.. ., ;lll X %t il .1 ;b.1 i: 1...; 11 p.1 : 1 1.1
,i.tu ... ,-'L'n l. t'".. i:. l'". f. ii ...' t]i t l+"i- tr.,r.u-ltr"
t,, ,tl l. l...r LI. tl. i -t : ,:.',htsD ii[ t i.it --lrl t.:. ..l,- ,:.t S A I
I ". (1' '; t . t -' ir.' .. .", + I.In. 't;* inri .'^ .it ie s .:.
,, I' '" u . I, .1 .. i .,t l..i n j 4. 1 .. t-t] -
N ih. L 1-- 1 t. : .. 1. 1.t .. i- . ,. t It'L "
r1 i 1 SI .- I Si I" L.iJ~ I ht.t b 1 1.
N-.... -VL1 r N-11 I.".. J...' iin." J A- Et.r.,N !'to. |
A W -_t._ ,_ : 0 i l' ', ,.ui. tt: .i ."1 t _'. I." '
th .'. 'i -. t1 4,1 .., \\'. iL, in .t. t_ : i tt +i '.- ** ], t' i.
I-: .' . I_. L1 ." :.': tl, .,! t,', '.'L rl>. -t ..,l] : 't " It-'r
I ll 1. I ... t.1- t'.,: 1 t _, . .m !...:-[.i. l; ..itr t..,. ?.; .r.iu -
Li ". : .te '' 7.. ," I+. i." !>:;t',,-- ,'...i" .t j ,; .r 'i' :-(- .it
.1 lL ... '-lil ." ]l.l.. i..i lL* -
N -....i. -i l _i,. I.'_-'. A.l[ LN I .'E [l-- 7F. S: r N. I')
_N jr. .L -. ',t 1.Lil,_l.t..- ,. t. i=--1 E -..,,'t.- 1 : t,[[,-
1-1 'i, -i,,, 1. I,', ', -' ,-til 1- I'.,. \"E i! uL ,'_.tLu )."^ I,.h ,. _".

i ,' IlU ., 1 ,. 'i 'l. 1 ," .Lin :.-- r"j' : ,.t : .l-,,I] l,+lt'J
I .:?, i ,.. ,1
N, .. 4. 1'LI .l.i 1'i" I... u.\l ,:*.;. .T' ,.I. E::'-NTl'r.LE.

; __ _ _ ^ ^ ^ _ _ _ _^ __ I

i' tiiTll FL, F. J TiI[' TL hiil '',-
S-- I ,- NL H f" ', I

O H IO iJ- ",, D ., .

K I. ./Y. ,
I ,' V ... .,
S W.VA. ,. ,'
SK Y. /. h iS.,L. C.
S'*- . ..

,.- . -_.* t-- ." '

N:.. C ...C"
LY ,' ..- /

'2 .. , '.. ,, ( N'I

c' A. )- t" ATLA!JIC
T, L
,'- rl, C : I Il.' l,,
.... .- .-
L. -. TI I o

~---~-- uu u~-- --u ~--
31 WfInI1EYr rb--:RlIA a HI rTcri.

Il Iii.r .i. .o.. l a; in N-1. : ti.:.i, W ilmur_-t: n to
i, .l,,ltL .1 .:.II I. , ._.'. t ".: i L .- l -lt.' .'t 1 .u.'u
A ,, II 11

lN .. .. Vi ii .i- \, :U T .Airi .. ei. i
i n jIa .r'i ii.- : l-i.'i: *Jr-AII.. *1.'.' 1i 1.; AlT'' r
1 B i '. 1 4.v **. "j ; t- * h* : 7.'I.i I i .n n
r..tf t .. i.' t I ..r' .1t F 'i nt aLat 11.'' a. .;.:
Mair'v- l ..:-.L' I '. 1a 1. I jin.
Bay Line Steamer-Atlantic Coast Railroads.
O le..... 2-:' Li.:.i.l v N .-: Y..IL.
,No. i VIA Bi.L r '.--i r ,I:F ., TL L -: r'. P'.Ti, I-i.' ri
] r L' .. -'C i LI.I -_...:* hi'.. V L I'r ..' i .. I.' t'."I rT.I Li ii-
N.." Y.ori: a. ;i 1J : ii i. it Dltu,...: :-;.5. 1' m .:

li. I-:. lii I- *i '* l I-- l. .. I .;l xtri.i 1 riv' : at
P..wt-i_. -uiti h t. ,... i lu I.iiT ._ ; t.!:- ti.iit. t 'k r .
R ,.ilhr...n l I I r.- i i :l '.: n -i,- :, t \\ .1,.:u 12.'" I
a I .. il u -r i n. r : ; iii T.. t 1V1 iui t.:-.t ...l)
I. i. ,-' 1 : -i .. : ti : -- -i -i :.i r r &itl-r to,
i .'t.i__ -t.i, ... i ... is .Li,_-i-t.i. Y'. ,iu I ..- nu, S .; -iv n i. ,l
or iSi . i.., ip inud .i a.-!...D.. l l lk. S'.- S".h:i,.'l.- ;
S No-. 1 *. .1 4 a r, ,.
Old Dominion Steamship Co.
W". H. St,.t..i.l. S -. 1:7 l.,: u.i- h et....-, N. Y. '
N.. 7. Cai, i.-'.\.. SAV .NNal L.:. N.-w N: r v;.
PI-i.r "7 N -; ._ '.. i. i.. -r-.-, T i. .l .,1 Ti..II ..y I
,u.1 S.at.i_.1 ar'. I t l "-iIbtl..iL t l im.,-.. l1..i- I
-r.-0, .1 .1 1..ir-.: i'. I -e i .-; l .' ii. i 7. i : i -
fit \V ..[.i.'._ l .' I. I .. i. liu n-r:i 'ri_ it ". 'lt u_.- -
i t u 7 -.' I'.i-, ; t !;: -h i lu. .', (. 'l t i!,' -t,, : ;.r-
i 'r ',,r '..I ..1 Li.
N''. '-. *'LI l'.*Lr.~ilE.IA Ar.'-ls-n- I. iE N.) I'E',.---
-Er ..' ".. n'.N A i' .i t in\il ,i i .:.n .. i l I',:.'t.
!N... ,1 ..,.--iN, L....: i, ],.tl- NK.. ...
N,. 'l. -i. .'.i L- ...1 nlu' :-._ Fi.-0.1 R Ill.i -
Sm -? C'. _t'_r... ait C'ahli ,:i t.r.t':u. a- in I .ist.- N.. 7 ;

- .I I I MON"

UtjrI\LT A FL*'i.ED.I r~iflrwLjTr.F. 3
'I I

PENN. ~;.-'
jOHIO r' hnii ip~l"1iN


KY. i..VA. /Z


'*"r** -4' .-~~




itlLP.O: r.- We -.

--- h---- L ---
3s1 1HIT..INT. FLJil .imIHTNrE F.

S thor,.,- i nva ,t-. -r **" a i .,r nu.1 -City .t ir.t."r
f..r IS.dv iDn ih F .rtiandim .itu,. I.,.ij ill- .i id a'li i a.t:. I
oni the St. J.i.n r' li..-' t:1! inb i ltih_ .;t ]Ilit.l ,
a tiriai. St.itru r f.roiu N, '.W Y.-rk< na.l ,: ..ubt.ii..ie
,...:Ll ,,t-- .t <'.j i r!. l -.t: j -, t r.t.-.l i- :t' I. e l..' T l.,'--
I da T ';. ia;i" t.:ita -r 'fr,.i N.- Y..rk. .avn'it at
r CLa i:lst..u Fr.11iy, 1, '7e Satirriay. S.,: "t_ rl.:- ,
ton ,:.,:, L-. ti,:i, ;."
; No. w-. St ,mner to .. brun.uiti th.u'.e I.v Pi.i- 1
l ii.:.J A'i Lm... S : R,:.utts N..-. 1-. 1 14 ,!.1 1..
No. I. VIA Apnio-iA M :..N. -JrE-r.P. ja>.J-.:iNrL .
Airi,- ; it Wn']|tlunit...n i ; in R.,:,it N,,. 7 ; tbu-n
i e.:.LutnulI a- in Roitit- N... 4.

Piedmont Air Line.
C. Yinclin'. Eistr-n A ernt. 9 Ar.:.i HII.- N. Y.
N,-.. 1 '. VI'A Mii'Ti.?iL, AT.iNT.N'. B r.-riN >:i It 'K- v
'I NANTNS. L-eave N.:r YV'rk :.i. l' p.i.: jl.-e.n..-' .jir
t,:, ]> liL.h _j ,1 ; Lari iI..- 7.L- t.u.. II lr '. k. t.il ;I >:h.UL*: :
Sleeping .,-. r t:, Brutjiri. :k ; lI t.-: Rrlhlmi.rnid .i
a.l ..: f olla '->? nt ri[ u |ll, 2...II ,..u.. t ..l-_m -r:a i n c,
a -t Stlibtrii S.',i p.ui.. iia pp.:r:1 arrive .tt Chj.rl..rt,
I 1 7 P .i. .: aiir- B ,t..r. a, ., 1 1 ", :r'
anIr7- t Att iti 11.1 .% ., idLn ,-r :i IriTt dt .|j-
e''n *..i.. I ,.tu.. il-ul''*tr : i ] iV -. 7.I' _.": a rrTr,- it
J:.,.l[, 4.. i1' : at. n iv i Biat iu' ",' i i..4*.i n.!.. V'.-.. ,
7.401 a.ti.: ,t, aun r to Fermiulina I.ra -t.t.t wn ,-,t :t
an I .11) .1 I ; l t i .- - t. ... ...t, l,. ; 1
Srive *'.15 p rn. S.:- St. J.hl'.s .i- I st.:.i]itir-.
N ,.. 1:+.. N Y..,; t, I.-i ,.v i -,-..:,n;- ]..ut,: : ,
]thbc ,. hiti to Je.:l:-..u-'.-.i,-; i:..\. .1 ,iii, $.i_', p,.m .,
arrive aft .1,icke,.',truIl- 11.ti ii a.t. *
N.". 14. VLI t .'e.ii,L :. I.' *i.1%r Ji.l. l H.L i r i,:... *
Arnvre at Saal.'u-i. *is u R'.it- N.. 12 : j-,, .I' i, r
I. atd.,. .1'', [-.. u : l., pin ," r I, .'., linii i t I : |
I .ar, .I i a.n : tirI.- at l lril-: -t.... a 4.:'i .rn : tra -.
f, r t., l,.:,t,:l. .;-, :'l: t ..-t., ._ ,. ..: l ., ,: t :.u ",
N -,. 15. ViA At,,V iAir:!.N.i Yr j-EI:, .N',1;- ,-
Nan. .Arr iv .i t sh ;lUry,. a- in R...-tt : fl.:+ I;i,;,,

I t.H IN t'- i.1.~ 1 .l i -1\ L, *.'

PENN. ~ I.'
O H' O 0I i P .. ... .. .,i '

. -, I,
0 "- .H/ i i :

1 '. ,.P- C._ .ki i-
.. .. op t / I -"T -- --
I Y ,A. ., I" '

5 t

V', II-
V -, A ,,'

i. I.-. LlII i I = I

DA:~~~ ~~l~l:1;Viri r nia Mirdlan d

i- ~~~t I N E F .E in.... A IIr
rh --
I Flon.), PL-,

WHjTNrT's FLorP.DA PiTHrNDEn. 41

c.' to Auj-usta : irrimve at Colult.iaa 4.5'i a.m.; Gran-
iterille 8.1-4 a.i.m: .-bange for Aikeu : anrive a.m.;
ifltre ait Au.iitsilt %:4.';ii a.ln.: chang. : l. va 'Ia Port
Royal Rair.:-.l : arrive t Y,-u .tLOE 1.'. :,.i .. d -in-
ner ;) .arrie at Savannah i.3U p.a. See "-Stvaunnah
( C rOL l. ti .tiOUs."
Virginia Midland Route.
G. Mh. Huntingtou, A,-,t. 315 Br..id.v-av, N. Y.
No. .l1. ViA DAI-.LE. T A TL ITIA, r i- .i[.K FEE.-
N.ANDINa. L. ive Ni-it Y,.rk r..110 p.im.: -le~i-piuc ear
to l.tl iil ; I; I'.-| 'iuL ddpllhi. 8.."-,0 ,*.ru.; l,-.v,
Balrnu.:.re 12.1n5 i.m.: I io Wa4,lirngt.:)u .1r ,i m,
anoi arniv-, at Gi.r.ido)ISille .5., a.rn.. 1 t.reakti..t ;I
ailve at Lvni.h-ilu'. il.7 Li. lw.: .ILivO Ait [IuLL-
Sd-,:. (D LnrlU,: *i..iu,.ti.-n 2.10 p.m.. idinn:r;i .han._,:-"
ti, t k tLi''u.i. I...t- t.i : i' tc to Biuln-;--i.L. : irrtive i..I '
a.m. :1 .ar.: I,..t to Fi-linuna u. 7.' .n a.m., (l.r. ak-
l'. t ':,it ',t. LaI _.. :i itiit m t l -lrb.ii.j _i i11. l. i.in..;
.car- t,,J.h i.-. u ,niI. : ,niv. 2.15.r,. p m ..th-r,.:L, .-
n uJle i -n coun- ti.n, with thia ron-te N'e.. 12. 13. 11
aand 13 -ftr.:u ai.'ill- to j.-ack -ill.:.
New York and Charleston Steamships.
J Janei. W. Qi.ntrdl A:.. Ave-nt-, 177 V .,t Otr,.-t.
Le-av, N..->' Yoi:,. P;ier 2:'- Ni'rth R .v:r J..l li.m.,.
I W-d in-dnav a-I S ,turl. yv. Th- statr--r l-.ir- g N-w
.York -n W..i: e It alivrrt- ait Chi l.-hti.u '-Ntrday
rno-.rini.. 'T- -it.:aiur I.: frin,- Ni.w Y,.r ion Satir-
Sday arrivTso at Ctarl.r.t:.i Tu:a.tty lmornig. The
ai .*. i- C ,-- i in, .i.- i !.,.- ,:..,[L :ti,-i .- t.-. th tLe I
Isttamini.r Dii:tiatr" aul "City I'..irt leaving
(C'Lrler-t. uT rryt Sat itr.aly .ir ndTuI-.daS. Se e -C*C rles-
ton ,',:.une. tiounl."
Charleston Connections.
FLORID STEraM.IBaP ( 'o. Stt amneri' *Die'tatifr' aui
CI itv Puirit." Di.:ttor'' l.:;ir: CL.irl. t.. -i ..~ i
STuesday connuctiem with sttiinar lea-vng New York
on Satiurlnyv atriot .,t S.arannah W\.,lncsdav. 7.i.
p ;i ._-.---- ------

I ,


42 7Hi i r Ni: ri. P.liriIFNINiL
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o VH I ',

V i.
.. -.
;.. --.: "< '- I i l -i
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*; I f- 13 I* ~i i] :I

I u' T r J, C .:.X. ;. . i
,,:.A ,F "_ I .P, ,r, .- ..1,

l 'i 0 Al.lllll I l. ff EW ,ORI

-F-ll-n C.:',- 6 N iLLE I i
ciu- E'

WHITh-L-.'- fl.-hft'A irHITNDEI1. 4.31

i-iF Tr', 00
S. C.

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t j7CK Oll
-'I Lt JI*.,*I' I



c. &U ~ J '

,I .~ 3 T -L~LrC;-TIpI
t.,! T

1, I 'L
I: 11J1.I
__________ l'~p4 ~IIII' 'lII J

4-1 riHIhiN' FL..tI-*.A P..ETEiNDEL..

-iI a.I. : I- 12 III ..t.._; rL'I .- It F.:I-I ..i-L ii m a ai.itLLe
j ,T .. : hT '.'.. it .T L: ,.: '-! T %hi \. "1.111 1 .1. ;
i it.- t P.tlaih .11. p.'.. I **'I .t\ P..ut" l:av-,
I '.L i 1 : n. .1-' :- .: r t;u_ il e7. iL, -r n 7lj '"

I.u- N- a ..Yj.i.: rin [ I Lit.I ; pm, t .r iu
].'Lu,.l.i T 'n -, .11. : i : .u n ;-'l_,V t Fl '.LI -'io-
NiL m -a l -v.-t l ; I- A. iU ll ::.-I H I a. l ; iP I l. t I

Si. ;mi &: CuAr-..t- '-* R. 1. L,' t-- C'hirlb', t:
91..;n .LI.: .trriv i it l Y-u --- 11. .n i-li ier ;I '
l '.: : N 1ll.iV- L ti ,i ;t I. u. I !T' 1I.1;- .. uo I)
'O undii r Ltir -ft i t" li'!' .'- [ ,- -c.t- : -.
L -.ii i t la i'-t .. J i. '.*'' I. t e rl ,-,itri ; .ar; a Ir-
I'r h nt .i t-L*.-n. : .I u. L...'. -,u il-iti tiSL.-tl
i .r,.i i" l. I S- :.. t ..vr.nudL .: -u e.- ti,.a- ."

New York and Savannah Steamers.

M r--.r-' LJT. E i% Tl, '..i-.-'. :.. ..u .. Pii.r i
It.. E -L RIo-. St.:;a .:',. M l- ..I I t'.l .t. r- >.--
' et ; **"I;ap,.i n." C .,|t. rK -11 t .'.A : 'L IT t .[ ', I-
o b A' -i" Sli" n.. .' [ i,. -. .. AinJ..I i:-'' I,:.ti,.:Ju?. .
Ij i.l.ih ts n t.,. _u. ; !.i lF a ..ill, :.. t _, ail...-i tir s I1
oU,.r t,:, t.,.iLii >,.t ,] ,jih.i -- ri t ,,l.",,,ti_,iit3-,.,t v-_,:-
i inn; N .'- U. t bt'',|.r at L.l r iL ..-1 U i.L.1 .al-li; .it
St. A uli, ,t i .,.. F l. ,'i.l i li ,I :" ,:;ia t- l. ..
Th.- N .-4-'.VL M I uu ST.. .i i. I,.. 1. ..:. V v 1ry .1 i 1 ,i\- in in ... "u,-- i rti..n ,., N',. Y...rk
it :.HUJl ?. %.'be., **"'A.1 '. ,i-L.:u,-[lt, _',. ?_,7."
Euirrrc LLN-.. l ...,, _t. -. .. -t, 'J D ....\' y.
. .*ili # l'',:!Im P :. 1.: N ..'itb T ir,:r. .".,, .... :r ry
T';i,.-.,iv. rto -'i *" H L i-ii- -r:.!.." t' i.,. I .,ll,:,r '.
,,r G'.-u. D nrd.--." '*i" .t. I.'h,--: ti_ it tinn .' it ..iI-
v.,i. lh ,:-. r'" Fril.,' : -.| .!I --_ s- ",r l.v.I. l'.,ii .ti.,:,v-
i i tlj- in Oil- r. -t. N i.:-[ r...L. ..r **.Sii i
.T ut..." 'li.t. H zaii.l: a:tuiv at S t..jn.iLh evir
Tiv:-.- Ly.


i i L Pa. i i .
o ..... .. . 4 .

wI- ,I' _
I H H .
I I O H IO ..... ..*

-- .VA.' A
,. I ,

S A, , ,,_ . ,
I"- : -- "- W V A: -"-W :' i

.' I
- s b, -'\
/' -,i




c / '% NEW YOFi(

L A.-. .. '

: l ii ,,. l.. ...


Savannah Connections.
'AILANi' AV I._; F RI.Li r..ii Ai T *..I *.E ...IN.LLE.
L v':v ir LiItli 1.4.5 '. l.dly : t.ik- sle .r ;.r :
0 t _- ,: li t J -I 1 '. l I,_. r l l ., : au _i -. a t DT 1-i . u t.
12 .i..in ..:il riT : at Lik- I po 1. 1 .i. .: arrI. .it
SJ., -.:.n 'il, ll. -.t.m. ..Se St. .TJ.. 's 1'iv,- r -ari.n r,.
S . '.a hi--itli i. ii J.m I Ir:ii [. S Li,:I \ :t l'ivr t
nt T l t l7 l.- 1..'i [" .. .. eId ircr :) arrvt tia I -,i (_)l.k
,.. i ,.L .- ( .l ..--,:it ; a. tiv.: aI .JJAIL 1.: vlie Ii. '1. l u.i
i ,: ,tn-r **J. B. S. b-i l.: I .,IV..- ,... Iu m -vn
I W.1, UA.lu ay ali S.tin-lI. a 1I. .II1 a. Lu.: arlTrir. a.t .Jt. k-
11..r ill [.- i..t Ii-riu'Ic. H 'iLut "r A G(.atoia A-..:lte.
Sa-.t ii-L.t Lh.
I TLe t-iam-r6 "" Di:t, t,.,r" aril --City P.:.irt" B IeA r
I S'a.ialU.,h WL: LI,-..I .iu. ximi n y at 1 L..i-u.
FLRN.NDIrNA T,.- PUarIT "(I'.-Tlri C(l[,t Joe
l Suitlb. 1-.,a~ F._irib.'iui 'h.rlu .lai ii'.iLii.l : t : .11-
I rivs at .Jcak.,.nrijl ani Pulitka .1uam dtyn. C('lterr
&I \ IDn .\4 -ut-, Fl,-i riir.i.ri.
S St. John's River Steamers.
FOR P.liLAEk. I iLIinY. TLi,: il..i. i tii.1 rat.luer
S**HamPl.:,i." Capt. A. W. Stark. l.-.iles .Lik-a..au-i
i ll:" l.i1 :t.h l'.:.r all i-rr .:.l I.-i-n .:.n t-ii e, ir -r
arrives at To'...i 12.3: p.m.; onI.:it With trin t'*.r St.
AI 12,sti.,- : :i riv it P.i tL-.i 2.111 i..m .:. i u..I.l-.i in
th, ttr .Ai:b I i.L-e:t to, Eutcr-i ,iee i,: ,i L t. i .Oi'.:o : it
Seutitle th- L,!..lrr t-- thit--.N! brt.-l a.:,rru-tn i..- iii.sti. 'i
t..,l .,.u iih, t :I (e. 'iltlur U-Xt n u .:.I l U ." P. tlll.:."
ENTILRPin's. St.-iijer Pa.ti' iite C(ipt. R. H.
Ellt.hit-.:, l -e .; P l itl..i t\.- Tu,-. ,i. T i_-.iii v r- ,u ud
S turday j .i.a. a.ir. : aurrves at Enterl-ri.- 7.h i p.m. m I
'PA.irT-A-.ANTD, P*,iTN ON TmE L.'-r-Th. Tlih .- t-llau.r
"**SappIli." Win. T MI-N ItS C.t'inau lu.ier. I-. n-d
Ja.-Isniil. 2.i 30 p.. m nilYv H. T. B .,-; A..--eit.
P r-L.ITE ANn ELF PrLE.. B,.... k' Lint. Sit.iiai- i
ei l iavt,: dilJy I.'" i i. flor all I.i,, t- ovu the river
ah..1 Ib.: ai.,:.,.: l.:,: ,ht .: ..

_ Y

V. ,HliNiEY'7' F 1.I n ki l ini l: I ,i P.

SM-- .vV tLFr tilt.. ]'; 1 :L." ',.t. R T. I'.r-
kt r. 1- ,- .- .. I .- L...-.I h i "r.l
S I. i.i. i. i; r-. IF..-t... .. ...-. t.
E N, _- ii;-r. '' .. l." -t I; ; r' t.

E! i r I T II II.
i\ :.l V .1 t,. l .u ', in ... .. .. 1 F,...i r. I

., 1. t. .
I e.'r __ ___'i i-*. Thi_.,ht. nl-I i jj i. ." ,..ri-
I. .1 t i i ... i i.. h i It 1' i l. i t. .
t',:,_r . tnl Hb it [-.E i i v- r .-
Iy ,r ,N liirT ,. *i!-.- i.:,:..." '" .. L r; ....
T :1 ..- .T,.-I..u i ---.- 17 M ...! ,' 7.I I I L i .

I / . -'.-. ::', T .I -.- ,,y 1 .! I. ,.i '. ",,u .T i, l..-,, ] [,.. i
,, ...t _'ldrA" .\ _.:Lit.

I, *T ...IHr IJ :-!; A .-.L .I .. I
S[ I I..LIt' [i.-. _-_ .S .: oi....r '.1..i.. I, C'.,l.i T. V1'.
S L i,.l. .. t.ui l.. l II .. t .I. .:-. .. Ill. ll-..
L.I..,x.-L i"i N!.. A- .: nr.

L ti_., I. -....T '.tl ,tk i .:v.-i,' M...,.1ly. \....i ,.l.,y u_.. I

l in v-- i l- r
i.... -T ,n l Ei I_. T .[,-! -, ;-ii (" lt. :'. [D .
T ,!l.,'r. i-. .'.:, I tl i IM ..u l. to.-I. T' L -iii-..i -.ti.i.1
I i. ....... ,1
;Sr. .T-,,s -' .in- ...._ r F:.. ST. .A r..r-,ri.r. L.-.i" I'
I T .... ..,i '. i.1.1 ;i Il., i[ '... _il !.. li u i [.lil 1 .' . 1 I
,'i li'-..i ..t1 ,:.-'-tl i.:. ,i nl sh r'i-.a'.. i.,'.'.. t,". l u ';
I, Ex. rr,-r..> T _. EF... ra N o Y..'i t,. Jil...,ur ,ll., i,-
l,|..'.'l .-, 1-. ', u;J l l L.U ll.l i'l..,l .._. t .\,_i l ., r,. r ,l,1
I' t_'iitiii.r.. i'c lu'l r..iit,. .T. ria J..: t" .T.. i; ...b dll..
; ".'- L-..:... i _.l ._l .J.. r_., 1..
L.-.tr,- I-.,-t.,r 1. 11 l .ll.. '.i.l N -,-, Y,.l ; .\-V N r E l._-
1lunr..l *I: lh .*.L.l. l.r \ ',-i. u .t. r, L._ ., l . S r.- ,
I I. ...lil.f fr .m 11 | I.- i t .:.o, 1 L. i _,v.il. .
1.,. r- 11 .,-t,.li T".. ,,..,i .,1 -t -. ... 1 [..in ".
L -. ',-- [, L '"- :" 1,S[r ElL-_,..I. 1 1.1.1 I -.,.11 ,.M ".
L' _ ._ i ___ _ n . .. -

I- I.- ^ ^ ~ - / - - I - IIIIII- -^


Atlantic ('ost. Line Railways.




Via Washington, Richmond and Wilmington.

Tr. ~lnar.-iIAnr,.r tf ,h.: ATL N .. TI.' .'OAST L[NI OFRAIL-
W A Y' -I l.r,,l, a, Ar r ii a r' i... 1 r i r.,Iir I r s. L 3Ir di .
'a t i- a..i I :-.:,i -> h. c. O Lk.ng u. -6llieD& L. it o i a
.'.j ,l -'. i. l.itd re.. I. lt o I

P'Ar'-.r a.d P.iilMEr.s PAi! 1.:.- aP- ea i-ice in -iLe raI n.
hs.l. ;ill i ul. .It-J,, i, .i,- I t .r.a'.r rig a! s ; I *;ri 7
P -.. 1: .... ; .rl< .i l . P- ra-ylr ra
R ,l .jJ I. I I. i i t I l-. I .r .,I *' R...ijr. P.allu ii. n h.i. ,
1i i..n. i 'i I N. r i y. I ti .r 1 .I l i a i rI ,
.' i -lW i ..'l .iT '. m irb P ri.-r r ,,ir,,.ijF .1 P. lll. t n P ill :
p1I.-.l l" 1. 11iV .' II I. .( : .-1 .-%. ur \ i.. -tain -li-sL_
1' D l, l.. . i i. l ti A lJ i .1-AIX l n l'. I l-
I-' n- ln .,, I "L .- N Y il A M DA.llY .;-.I infy e:r-
c .hn ar.h ~ *.J '.- r ,.j l :i.1 .i r. i I-' ,. ir-p-r' t.[h r.h -ier I
l.r ',..,rr." I, r ar. .. P M. PL,,iin .,. aIrI.rl.e prg
I r \1'm'rai.. r.... ..j [. tl**i.. '. I r (u L-l'" .-u on.I h, er :. ,.- -
[tln; %r .J .Ln'a i .r.

B;ag:'',,ge lihecked Throul'h.j
T.ciker -.r, Ila .aiinr. :al-. ar .*l I'Pr,n.; ir r.a ani BItm-.re
iand. On.. l..IR .. .II -.ac .D h-' N i.jr Aij Ei-r.
J. W IITF, *1;i.alnt-rn Psaa. Agent.
;Genernl Oltice. 2S r Broadn-ao, X. V.
'W ,il! .un .rr all .- u ii r.ca .n -.l'.r. .- :.: .1 l.. Lm .
Fr.tr...1a'rr o -:. r ,l- N Yt--rk ri~... r... Ic..
-nrP .'r : ari ri--.- l *. .' 1'. B..r' aoU S.- r,... .- .'-r It I
rI't I,'. T....r.-' 'i l r axe ..I a. i.1 .ed t.Ia l ..r- I'
Gen'l Agent. Gen'l Pae. & TlcketI Agl.

IE Ti-fE- '- rL- -Illj.% r-.irl Lh IN4I -1

nlinllhnmore. Porl-m 'uth mind WiBlmni.mm m.
I1 .-.1.ar' i i[ l .na riIct g j|..L'I- lb' in- :

P-r. r, .[ c L,,RI,.A .b.-, I I r. o -...b. r l. rI .
BAY I.IVE' 01" %TTi.AllK E[
I r.-. hi, r- ..r t,.. L;n. urr 1.- L ir_-.r F .r drn i. ?I I :r LI.-.b a r
.1I...''r N I.
TX V1 N'. DLX*di. .cY 0-I.

S.., r, .. !_ lU .l-E L i | I l. It. 1 .I. llrD Ir ,Vlr.n hl Lo-
I..: .- (ED tl vx
.. r l.. Ihk r I rt. l r I.u I.,
W LIIIN(TON \V"ithout Change)
i ..rm.,: l..,n,: w' L (,
PltLI-IAN PAl.k. I-.I EPIN, S 0.|4

I n. In r rIl alt L,.rb ili. dl P I bi 'iih ItIr.ULI&L Iab I.6 ; r i
Supper and Breakfast and an Entire Night's
Rest on the Bay Line Steamers.
Bacc':ii. L l .-.- TI r-If i., ll 1 ue r.rmi: pea i,:.Ir,.
S. rin *. ur.._. l si t i ll ii.ulr.r.i' r. k ri i:ITi.... N.. i rn c.J
i l... i. hr
1(. rrn l '' 'T .r P l:. N .. l [ l'Ijn A e.nr.
II. I'. T)OMPI I- ui.ern' P.erD- r Agenr
+ .. .


A IkuTiorite Roure to


From r PLER 37 Nu.iRTH R 'ER ut 3 iO'Clu.t: P.M.
Tri-- l. TL!NAT IA f1._ i LINF RK.1LIT1X' Ila W.I-
.i t iir. !: l, h ...h :, r. .[.1 1 r- ,in. L t\ 1. llliingt'.

Th.i.. I. l N .1 r-r 1

R: .-l.n: i,ar. CN...i..Il A L NDA T. aT FDN E%-
I.Ik i. I.:I Il r. LT r a.:il P *'[.[ Ir a
I P Ii I . . r ., r. ,. ki Ir r.
Tai r i l .g.eiil r. .r i'. r,- .I ,r N..rr
IT. l.:r b. .. .... ..... .. 1 ... l- .... l r r m ac . .
I I .1 1

19;i GaLE. iT-iIH 6T. oruner Fulton, N. T.

II p


WI i'iNIEYS i-L..iDA PJ I iiFINI.LP. ..1

ROUTE NO. I -All nall vin IChnbmoind. I itnlortle,
and Atl.:nta
ONLY GI# H'U_; r NEW YOERK Fo i.V' K;,' l.LI
An. Fr.r.-' .a Pa !.- .-r ('.r- ru i ..:....
SNFEW YOKIi "'o* 11'H M.> "I IVII Is) 1 H .% .I.
Palace Sleeping Cars
I 836 MAl:-. Wit,,-.lUt (Claiu..
l 't R..l rr.. ff.r ih.. ni. t c mi rir..la.vr : .. .t r.. l|
p..-erl i .,!I'. le.i ri.rt. in t _c hr-, .i th h. i, r L..-ni n-
J ,.v..1 I l .-,i -. l.. F, i r... j ,. l t '. *u ,f
E' t',[P1rEVT NEWl .ANT FI' F r.'f..\ ''
II tAL I'E .' i r:l IN" 6-,r P.F'L'O! : C('AR aro LUP. RB
SDAY t'A0'EN IIL i all Modern ImproTveme'nn. An-
Ii lnomlle Air IBrllike. A;-..
P* r i.'r..:.I r.ir one changet of arsa New V.-rk t New Or-
leann., .ia. kLnai le, r Anu'la.a
SViM l..s P..,r- n Jn.vk n-.1, I e'.. F.l rn R- ',rr. : II M .,-, I
Im" hir reatll reduced ra;ine
HOI'TE NO. ?.-All Anil vin Richmond.Charlotte,
and (olumbhla.
L-. a N- YOrL Pl'ltl.-l.j r. Ilair.mia... Wadi..nO r I
R. trm..,..l rh ._ :r. .ili ra..- S... Art. -..r.L .l R
7i' F M rr 'ii' .. PM .
1 ru .. Jr N Srrr. I 'I lMJ.IA A I. Ar.X
I ar -H I r ENil l IE *i AIM A'.E- t l N *'a M -M
__ ,- ,. r .%i.-i'' fA .. A .% M Aln-r.- r i .A NN? I I1.l
PM ,.a .Pr.r R r I n v rr, i .:rt.rI F. I. r
5 M. L-.r- "AV NN. Ni l ,i PM ar Il .... r -
.,; a.rj -iiC,..., ,,,1 ,r. -.Inr,". ., ..l.ACKi".N lLLl a" .5)
A 1 only 64 hours Net Tork to .Iat-ktsonville.
B.'Sarem tl r r T.lI Tv.

.1. R. MA.C, tI RU I.
0.... al Pa.--r.-r r Ag n H Rn .rr..m l, Va.




Are issued exclusively by the

.,s8--ing tihr.-.ih Alexandria, Gordonsville, Lynch-
lburf (.'b nii..tt- .:.
To accommodate tb, h. il.., .-.f thlie, t.lek,-t.
Are now running between
Without C'hafnge.
Between Danville and Birunsni:k. Ga., without
(chin.- A.ir Ic .-t.n AtliMta andJ Jac.ksonville with-
out change.
The time has been quickened, and the
is nu:w the nri'O popnilr route to Florida, because it
ofl'rs t'wer '.hanl.Ies thnu any .tLh-e r:ute..
Ticki-tz suldl by thbl route .,iho lia tlrr..nph C.-Inuj-
1i,. .Likl.-u. )Au._n ktt. ._ L riL,-t,u rn il dS variaL h. ..r : -ia
Bri,.l,,l. Kn.u,xiiJ, AtLiitua anrd Ma:,:nu, Liu,; the
,..l l_- .r thll gr. : t.'t |.... --t..1- ..rnl etI \ ,..I l..llt[r .
N'o trars, ir. 1.y rtae i-r bL It. N. L nj_ lt i, b.ii, .
Ask for ti:ck.- :t I the
Q. M HUN7TI.NGTON, General A Eastern Agent,


Season of 1876 and 1

No Sea Sickne
The m::gniiicent steam

ER. 53


Capt. L. W. BURNS.
Being elegantly fitted up \\:th state omsln
and every convenience o,' a lir t-cl .-. hl:tel,
will sail from Hunter & Glammell's' ster:l- ,
ship wharf, S:iavannlh., (i1.., e\eir \\icdies-
day and Satuiida, at io "'cl..ck :i.mi.. l.id-
ing at Doboy, Dliien, St. Simon's, BrLns-
wick, St. M!a \'s. Fernandina anl Tackson-
ville, connecting with steamloats lfo all
points on the St. IJhn's a ,nd (Ocii\\tl.i
Rivefs. Rettiirnin. leaves T.ick-,:nville
every Thursday and Sunday.
Through raiil t;ckett i-sued at the Nurth
for points in F!orid:t \\ ill I.e
Including me.il- and s.taterooms.
Freight taken at lowest r.ites. and re-
ceived at all times.
iUNTER ~~ & (M lTI rLL. General Agentl.
T. N1. MYREI.L. TraveliuX Asgent.
J. -. I. IEAN(O. Proprlelor.

_I ~ ~~_



For all points in the
At : P. 1M.. Ir.La Pher 2:*. North Rivir.
Superior anccndmmodation fr.or Pasentrs. TLrou'h
Paisage Ti,:Cket and .Bijs of Ladmg ui ,ed ,l co r:n-
nection with tbe Sonth Car-hlo a Ril road t.) all !,oint
Shuth ard Soulhwesl. and with r~EmuEi s to Florida
po t.s.
In i-urance by this lines
ThrouG.h rattS orf reii-ht to St. An-m-. tir via St.
John's Rlilrad Co. F.,r fiuthre r int;...rm:st-n re-
spectling l- fri hr and p:--,d .tgr rtrc. ljpply to
No. 127 veast lrreesl corner Warren.
Or W. P. 4I.YDI: A 'O a Boling Green.
Or BENTLET D. Hk.SELL, General Argent.
Great Soulhern Freighr l l.ne,3 :1 Kronadw.vy,
('orner o 'I'haomnu Street.


I-.-..._- sI ,_

or FLO -ID -
to IF 0

SM4Ehiss New grle: Built Stemers, oI

i1 DIC(TATOR, Capt. V\,:,,E.,
' ,.no. I,.r iHARLESTON anl S.\AVA NAUl .ill th. Ne I
0 s. I V3 1/ ."F ,."-4V [ -_ A"i .1 j '.'17 ILLE.
(,1 s7T 1 ir 7IV1' IIJlI,Ei.\I.- _iA.
\-. 1. L R., fEL ,' *I ,, -E .-'I;I-V,,
S .- I P.ILA I'Kl..

Incliing all Lding on St, John's River,
,r ..r., P \LATK' -.'I. '"r -..- I. EN IERi RI E. MEL-
LrJN\'ILL '.l '] & I \ I I ,1: [,\' 1 ER1 1 .E
,at'. -b-ra .r: i-*. ,r mmij. \_F-1 Ai ii[\ ER

I l'mlI*tiiim 1 PL i itJ .i
i \\ l r. ; I .1 '.. I. r. - .-I, ,, Ip i r,. r .. .r- .y Ie.
I I ,, l' )qR..-E I",,I ir, 1..r .-_i,' ... r..aI- -.1.
blrll o uLO, hD

r.'fnl-r .I I ni; T..,,[..,:.- i f ..,I *' '.i in- ll-a il ll .lnl oti

T-n .r.ri i. -r Ti..-. v.-!r' -1 in .r rj r D
l ~ l'o ,,:h / ,J T..a '"i ,ajr.1 =
Srn -r ...r .E r.. .. ,t" .... l .....- .. -'-ll r -. -."i l in rn

,ll tl n i' / r"-*r.- lh"n "rb- r- l r"ll I' .i1 i I I I' /*' I /'-'"*"
Snliri. p 1 I -. i. *. .. r 1A. r.- ... I l.e. I. a.
r, l!i ^ e ta r ...... n .. .1.,., ., r -.... -.,..'A ,Iir. ir I f.1 r o
h-.iln .h *.ri- rl, r .... r" r r r' r . r. U -. h II fit
1 r a n, r'-l 4-.ri I..'l l


For Florlda and all Points South and Sonth-West.

New York and Savannah Steamship Line.
One of the first-class Side-wheel Steamships will sail as fol-
lo.'. t,,,ole.I l at o'Oc'ck, P M :
.I i/ n ,t-ri. -- M l. N i ush i. .,p. M-. et *L L...i'i, ** OLt I f |.
Ag int. 409 Brodwayi I*.I* I .-F' i-. it- I- .r].L NI i.r.., h.
L]I Ry lBUR[l..ll -[I\ ,j\..Lilt.l^pi Dn.,.sih. i rK PDIN -.[p
r| K Ir T---1. P PI- 1> F:up' ill-r I-- I *jf V I -rl" L Mi R-t1 Ff.>lq
i,.) A e .r .." .rr. r -l H r. *I t .r' .. I '- rr -;.. a-. ...- -]
L iHY i ti ,lLI -IAN iAL t .1 I-t r, .... . N J.,
CI . I a:-it IrF N i- Ri i-. Gio. YONGe, Agent,
sI- B. '.i a W L. .. t 4 -u.,.- ,.."a.,Ga.
Connecting at Savannah, Ga., with
Two Train .hli i. r al [. II. ir. i 11 > i I ] -. ',,r st, a Georgia,
AltAru..., bl.a ip.l. I -L "- -a I L *.1 I .1 'r. Ir

1.; AlI |,.iul- ii. F'rn il r..ii'[i -.n nID l 1M' i ,I G q.i.?'. Lul a' r, .ir-.rr-, I
1.n 11 1. ,.ir i... -. e. ir. .' -- I.. l.. .II) r-I.--- ni ... ...
and J-r i" r-.r il- Pii pI.I IIL.r..r PlIa --r.ll. '..e A I-.. F-. i
('a b-p .llI:D in LO l bl lui le
C. D. OWENS. Agent,
315 Brouduay, N IT.
Ticke, for St. John' Sie r a o.r .4 ..-ri' r .i -q. I i J "/ .i' ,., .
tr...,, SH s.,, /,
Famflle- .rar...ar F..,,l. ns- .... 1+,J: .- .5-. -11- .. 1'f.I
Or Pamns, .r, r, r ll.-' ...-io *j ,I .. AIt m .4 -b l r. t,. i." i -l I( I *
Orleass,w 1' Set iih-.. & aai..n K u I- ii. i.- -L.J .. .. inii. I is.. I
well as saving in expense.
The Florida Steamers leave .e.ar.ar. s bi h e .-*Ji In Ie c.-k f r r. i
points on the Coast.
Through Bills of Lading gl,-[. I1. F.-.il.ii I .' i e I r F.. H t.ii
Oila.Sll. A1 LuMa ani Ta& it.r1 ieNr. T ii.a -" a i' iF..Fi i llM.l Mi." IH
i), ol forar i.ldel hi,.igr .'N .i ,s.J i..j nN s .' FiL.t F .Is di.ly ll1.
rI-lirI.I ,:-l-fd l rl t sI Ild C. ti .lled P'l.s 48, i..n, r , i. l ,P Fi
S1 , -,r R...it
FParl.ii *iHr i 's. t-, -.iFH 11.a ie .r. I... .. '...n. F l 1 '
Riser t, l i. 1
MIRRAT, FEKRIg S d (0.. Agents.
6; S South street.
P.) F iLILg l'.,.=- Ce L.r sLsp, .. 'l.e.I T 1,. 43 N r ,' .
I T'Uel ij ] ~. i bl ] ;L a.. l ,.i L.
GEEO. 1 ONGE, Agen ,
100 lIroudutn ;3.


S RHIITYV'- Fi 'F.Rn r'iiirNITrP.. 7

,R. B EIA~l.A.. .)

New York, Sarianmaiilih aild Naissani '

Mail Steamship Line
I I rC : q. . 'i [ Ih b l 3 .. -, : .- ..riict 1i ,e r a I I
'a i.ir n in t h Brai h L! .1 'i :. I :,' .1. s M ail.I
A I'li- -Clus'h ia Pasenrele arearmhip will lear-e
E Fi'F- 10 4 rI-s.
i M i i,,]. el..-. r..nn ..r,.,u- ..r .AV.Li.iNAH ..irt FIR I-('LA '.
T 'TEA lER*-'. tar rin..n r NEW' IiR .r r-., R il l .. .il p r -..
[t .. ,lr, l,, l -,, r, i.i ,1 n [ i r. i t .. .. r" i. ,r i
rr... A,.\\a NilAH .r n I ...- i r .,a: o...r mr m NF.IT tRK-
a- a nd rdl,
I. i- .il r'.- ..r. : a1 J.i. A. .I l. .p h 1. 11 .U q -.rl.r,.i I .e. I..
S..' i i r l, i-. I t. i I N rrt. -ru. L
JI i-k.un.51.lIRF E-..LAI.LE'. LIMATL THIN fL L RIDA an I
2 i Tllor I. N Aj^A I i' -.... t _... U. i .1; .i l r*n .r a w
,1 eveM r l|II Belou 411 I'ah'ielnie.. nor RI- i
Above .i. |.
TO!I EiT. AND PLEA-I R E 'II k .l:B .l Ii
d.I l ri rin.i .-,r .,( N .. Pr1..i..Jire- r n'. i., 1 i.rrjrtrdli,.
( Istan1. i i .'O'j i.r. i n :.r nT. I t.I s li .gin .11.|
iI. r i r i.ii ,l -r..l.aI.l 4i..J vrll .[kci. l ii '.a ,rit.l r L o io ti r1 I.
I ,l r.l .l .c r I.y ,-t rk- 6 ..1 i a r. 1- i l|
SEXI..Lu l l.,iv[ iCKEi l .'ar .l 'l r ..,..J r .r. n..- I,
nl'r 1 w .n rr.,. i,..l .i r 1.- a n ;nlSiadli. I v Steam'R1 Irom I
_N -- 1', il I h r ri., -. rh ., .. r l od ," .- r..i r.l ri d ... .
In l,.1 ..p a .'.t.i- i | I. .. 1 AIi.inJ rI...ni :i|ll ri. l- in Il-rin lu.Ia.vla
S ., nrl lJh .i .: aidl .nd'j i .rn"n rT.I .r i. r l ?.rei. i
N B -rT sr:J I dir, r hi- \\hI' r. '.a......
For l.urtir r iUI..rnrut..i. Rjite Paisa... ch .Jul- -i I 1.-ri .rt-
ut r.: et ar.ply 1. ii.m. A.-enn-
62? %OUTH iTTIELI, \ew York.
* Cl'TATV I.rVE. _HUNTERI .t (..IELL..
GftiL. IPa.a. Atiii nvun liah, Ou.
I "4 W h'.nrtn.. 1 r.. .' 1 .Jhu.i-- r ,M..r.I ..- : J I
S .-...i ~- L .,. H .t.,- i Q L,..

B I __




T4a.4 .1 a~n hi .d irmk-n,z'l Me ing- p
tar'. .jIbe .LaIl1I aIt J l -UFl- I *1'r. -, MV. l f i,.,N. in
hr, A ti, Ir a tt
.b l d,
6 I; rt rv
i-- n .1 um t

F1:BrL! I a, mv WXIA-., f t,,,. N., in. -M I'llr

a III)- ;v,-y nil] he fo-inrr-l ~l -f~~~.lr j n trioL-a
!r;-i~rr. ib li~i~nr' ktL Laran i-i I e.~l

..... ....,- ----- . .-. .
6 1
V.Hr ri'3 nL"R_ FAI a r -r.. ..

W. W. PALMER. Prop41rictor. '
T1r-. b..l1; i I.,-..t-,]. upon St. eorge street--
it> F iti A' .- *:. .1i 'i. ii ii ,. It stands upon
thre in_ ---t r.rti- .1 ii t.o eciti. and affords a fine
D) lrilI-' i'[: ,1 n.t s,.tui @._,r tIL': il.: ici- has il,.-!ri ,... '
u lllu el.:'r iL- "':.L- t -. l ..l I l]i'o : en_-:il.- iiJ u it h,. ';.\i ,,i:
f..,c tbt. r-.:- i. ,-u .-.f -ii -t- for ii .-,:. ..f lV71 '--.
Tui ... ti!l ...i..!iui to be in every r-i : t tun-
,I,_ .



la_,riouT, "H --



R. PALMER & CO., Proprietors.

Transient Iliates $3.0. per Day.
Bl THE WEEK vAT BOA).%IDIN HOL- -. i.l'l'-. I
It is centrally locaitd, and com-
mands a beautiful view\ of the Bay
and Uce.an. It is the aim of the Pro-
prietors to furnish superior aInld COmn-
fO trtable accommLod.tions, at modl:r-
ate rates. Their \\:l-kne'\ r.:pe-
Sri-nce in the Hot,-l b-isin-ss S iouth
is sufficient guarant,-- that no pains
will be spared t.-, prumn:,te the com-
fort of their _.t,'-,ts.

S'HiiNIL I.i.-.I.i i PTa NLNa :-I



On tlh e.it.t -'i.lc ..,t tlh St. TJ hn'-s River.
thICis ile- firm Jal .,-inville. Rc.iched I\v
ti: -t,.u m 1 t u. r\!,.t C .1 ( T/. ,.', tiu im Lhe -team-
i-..t i.i il! t l n : i \'l oi c -" i i l l.. t i t .
I. a .1. ii t i-h.r i-hi-Inn I'r F ,/.,.'"cs. T r-
ists, .iid /,.:',?//,/! ,. E s.t.il bli-l, 'l in i$ '-'.
i[a i\ C hli -i.in f.,m ilie- haIve ,.cc-- it'h p.,-
ti,,n .r \' i int,-i- l,.i t, coi di.ill\ illn-
i,.I -. it.
A li n l't., I. .1 .luI t" of f,:) .,cres. hl -ilthY
It 'In it- elv\a ti'',i 1 in i .rL -c- of il, i.
,i',i ti n.:u~~i l '.r tri. I '-,. tihltl1 -CeIi.l\ 1"
it, Park- i. ate.i Liv c (t .l: MNI.itni i./i
.sngl Fviir., hi.a\ilh ,i.il pe itll Southern
NI o-. an, '. lIt>l: !". i.ii.d t, ii ic thle imo t'
,,c.ltil ui ...tA,:t in the SLat1c.
l'h. tl.i',I i- tiin .epti,:iiail c. R .te-
$10 to' $1; per week acc...rding t. Ir- .
Tran-iint, '.:2 to .' $.5Co p:c dhy.



Facilities for Bo..ti',', .ili1 Fi-h.lii'l Orle-
half hour by ferry .iinunimiti:.Cites v. ithi m1il
and tf 1.' i._ atJ .:. .-'. \il!e.
I_^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^

6'2 wmi r'wlEt rV rni kAIiTLT1EDL.,

I AIKEN,% (.
Open from November to diine.
iAc:--nm -..m.-jl o., r .5) G--.1l.
B. P. CHATFLELD. Pr...-priet..r.
B. P. (HA''FIELD, Proprietor.
Ni. A rF -riNI-'., FL .
Open from Dee-moer I to May I.
) A. R. LILAE. Proprietor.
SWA.T,. HELL. R 1.
: lJune 15 to September 15.
HA.LE & \WALLACE Pr ..ri-t,.rrs.


Person wishing pg-o"d RoouAi and Board at rTaa.s:n-
Sih-c pri:-cs can i>. a oiD. d,.1 t thi.L well-kno'wu
House. A tew T.al. buarderb aiikj Laken.
St. Anuustine, Fla.
Mrs. Mary Sabate Hernandez,
| LtnlEctur:-r of Ladies' ai-d G.t.U '

Corner l'Trea nry and poani-h t rreeIr.
--;;;;; i -; -- -'---- -- -- -- -

.---~-I--- ----

( i-i-r.E -i r L ...r.r. P .IBI T i ... *:-'.

"1 A. -.L i r F I'
liL i t i [N 'I
S Drugs. Chemicals, Perfumery, Etc.

" I' . .
'k 11 < t A *i'IE< I.qtLT V.
V. .A 1 T'll |oil l [ X fL I A.j 6-.... -." t i- I ( l I ._ *r I

l[c ''_t-i( i"
Stt UC i.- AU l. .ll I."atiq f ', t ..I li l' .. i. L.tl ',,l ..-
'ii li i I n iii!r iht-. F. itil, r Fl..,i.r,.
Fo.-th .r F.1 E.,. Ft..
Al. .. Ag,-t I.-r
3V, .41s-1 ,U i./ .Ti.j V'' q IEf .STF.A.MEAR.

f i.1. n I i i. -s. :r
iD19 Ti'rTOHi" A.ND "'< 1.- POI-'T," FOR
.-; A u I ri., Nt- V *k r i. r '.. 11-
('TH :,:.i.'h-H iIi "[_:l'i TO).4lL F-)[~NT-
POT OFFIll: B( Iw- I. G xG. 1. nAia-iie I'lia '
DL _Ly;F, iN
,. I'l. 'l L. i_ Ful- u. TlL k T : S,,..rtmi.

TOIAf'l O AN'D .'IG kR%.
,,,tA < .. ... <,,. [ ,: F
I r,,.,-.,' Ar .i ,lr ,,i ll..,- i il... .l S .. il(l.-i ll N E FLA

- _.. -_---------_

- ___
i T ilNTY'9 rL, RI D PATRI-NDErl.

S Rolleston's Jewelry Store,
ST. AI(; 'T','. PL..

In ri m
11 Manoit*.-urer er. j' aTr.t <.. r
FLlt'ID i.4 'lRi I I :T '.
A nne se. 'r,.- .:.I' t.' er e.] A lip. r.r'. T.-n-b. iauf I It.rd, andI
A.!l..-ait r.. veh [?an; Ir. e'|
Mr. ROLLE's I.N I- a !raet' jl,,I Wa n'trie n k-r .:,I "', ys er- 'ex .
r-rn.r .-.

.AND I'. .1A fI~liTI.F. FLA.
Fr-. ht rlk n r.,r all P..,r,r. .o r'ip Sr .John' Ritv.r ndl rh
Inr.ri rt r.-.Jrn, .; '.tF... t ar I i" rat I 1 ..i e i .-. al.j I.
mIur arerdl c tirU > rjt i -
S8 UT Ii W A it u.
Go South, Young Man.
FiFlT D*.LL.rA il Ir...,- F-BYIr A.- U 1t I L' .' .ratl 9 ari de.
t',.. i it r.1 1, r t-.. t .ni [ -. t Ir Far.r. F t i t- r .U-it rt ,- lr
in..l W ..ro,.r l.l. .. I *.LI ER er- r t -'i,t 3iPir'ki
R:.. N iw YV rk .ty Fo. i } .-.. I -. e i r..nril.l-rt' enmpi.-re
hlt.r..n oof drare, t iL lJr. ir l .p. e Of i ..r. -lt l, a r .t .r.- III
Pr . i tr i TD' 'Pi *:. r Ljir .'A.
).I. ,r N ... r ti P r ..V- I .2 A 'I.N. a. .O r ..


Sportsmen, Imn lids, Tourists, and Settlers,
3.50 pp., l2mo. Price. $1.540.
Pul-b,-i bY F,-.iRFsr A Si',TruM Ptidi.jLllg .C..
17 C'll.TiAT.xM sT., T. C .
Chi.. ar. .rr .] n d r, S, k, A. .. .r' F. b. .p r '. N p ,. .
J Il. W\'aiNT O F i P,. O C ..
"F.. / <.r- th gra r _' affniB. a .re f t4.- Uln.r.rj
t t. r, t ITA:. D I I :'
_ -- _u ~ - .. -..._ F, R . --_ .__. --------

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