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Daytona Beach, Florida
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Title: Daytona Beach, Florida
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Florid al Flo ri d a

Visitors are impressed with the many beautiful residential streets,
the shaded walks and the well-kept homes and gardens.
1-Along beautiful Ridgewood Avenue. 2-Clark Apartments. 3-Entrance to Daytona Highlands. 4-An avenue of Med-
iterranean homes. 5-Typical mainland residence. 6-Vista across the Halifax. 7-One of the palatial homes..


- rT-

The grounds surrounding the homes lend themselves well to landscaping.
I-Interior of a Spanish tower. 2-Canals border many garde ns. 3-A spacious home. 4-A bungalow in a pretty setting.
5-Mansions along the river. 6-A variety of dwellings. 7-At Rio Vista. 8-A dis.
tinctive group. 9-A t Daytona Highlands.

_. I _ _"1_1 I~~+~

. >, i


-. --r a. m -p -. .

Charming homes greet the vistor on every hand and
create the desire to become a permanent resident.
1-Rseidences overlooking the Halifax. 2-A Spanish entrance. 3-A corner of the living room. 4-Many favor the
bungalow type. 5-Rambling Spanish design. 6-Fountains adorn the gardens.


;1 AAI







Palms, pines, oaks and moss play their part in the
natural loveliness of this city of the subtropics.
1-A shady terrace. 2-The winding Tomoka. 3-A comfortable fireside. 4-In the shade of live oaks. 5-Sand dunes,
beach and lighthouse. 6-A spacious garden. 7-'Mid palmettos, palms and pines.


I i- :"''"

* -~ .I-Y.n~rr"--* `.n





Nature has provided an equable climate and a
wonderful playground for every outdoor sport.

1-The World's Most Famous Beach. 2-Starting the whippets. 3-A sea sled with the speed of a motor car. 4-In-
struction in archery. 5-Off in a war canoe. 6-A champion whippet. 7-A sea nymph fair with unbobbed hair.

-- ~-rlPIII IC1FI7

-O.lt -






N .-'
.-- .


Nature has provided a wonderful playground in "The Warld Famous
Beach." Here are exceptional facilities for every form of recreation.
1-Handball Court. 2-The Lifeguard. 3-A Safe Place for the Kiddies. 4-Down theChute at Pepp's Pool.
5-Horseback Riding at the Surf's Edge. 6-Bathing Beauties Try a Sprint. 7-Average
Year-Round Temperature 71 Degrees .8-Pepp's Pool, Ocean Pier and Casino.


~i: :-

/ -

~ S

The excellent system of public schools is
being constantly improved and extended.
1-South Ridgewood School. 2-Central High School. 3-North Ridgewood School. 4-Seabreeze Daytona Beach
High School. 5-Addition to Central High School. 6-New Volusia Avenue School. 7-New School
Seabreeze Station. 8-Lenox Avenue School.

t t7



V...: /~


A group of substantial buildings of public character
1-Beach Street Fire Station. 2-Florida East Coast Passenger Depot. 3--Seabreeze Fire Station and Water Works.
4-Main Post Office. 5-City Hall and Public Library. 6-New Fire Station, Peninsula. 7-public Li-
brary on the Peninsula. 8-Casino Burgoyne. 9-Plant of the Florida Power and Light Co.

A4 ~IIILI~~-C~*-3~lllCP ~-I~



- ..-.


Yachtsmen, Golfers and Music Lovers Gather in Large
Numbers. Fifty-nine Hotels Provide Ample Accommodations-
1-Halifax River Yacht Club. 2-Hagen and Jones on Ormond Course. 3-Clarendon Hotel. 4-Peabody Auditorium,
Home of the Florida Forums. 5-Arroyo Garden Hotel. 6-Chapman Hotel. 7-Ivy Lane Hotel.




- i

~~) -,lr w~
I .-

I. 1$

Although seventh in population among the cities in Florida,
Daytona Beach is third in the State in the number of hotels.
1-The Mayfield. 2-Princess Issena. 3-Hotel Morgan. 4-Naiads greet you. 5-The Geneva. 6-State Interschol-
astic Swimming Contest, Pepp's Pool. 7-The Windsor. 8-The Prince George. 9-The Williams Hotel.





a* -


Daytona Beach is renowned as a motor speedway.
Here many world records have been made.
1-Ready for the starter's gun. 2-Barney Oldfield in the Lightning Benz. 3-The Coquina Hotel. 4-The New
Gables. 5-The Barbe. 6-Johnny Seymour, holder wor old's motorcycle record, 131 miles an hour. 7-The Fernwood.


On land and sea the sportsmen have their fling with thrills aplenty.

1-Sail canoe races on the Halifax. 2-2400 pound ray and 2000 pound hammer-head shark in a day's catch. 3-Horse
show, on City Island, an early spring event. 4-The Tarpon Club's requirement is to catch one as large as yourself.
5-The Ridgewood. 6-The end of the chase. 7-The Seaside. 8-The Ormond. 9-The Oaks.

. ..... ....

:;,.6?.~FC .*: 'P



Y ,. 4-



Daytona Beach features the opening of the summer sea-
son early in July with the annual "Volusia Frolics"
1-Movie celebrities in miniature. 2-King and Queen of the Frolics. 3-Float in the commercial section. 4-A group of
fun makers. 5-Animated Easter lilies. 6-Tinytraffic cop. 7-Prize winning float.

"Frolics" days are days of gaiety and pageantry in which
young and old throughout the Halifax Country participate.
1-Reviewing the parade near Casino Burgoyne. 2-One ofthe "Forty Thieves." 3-The port bond issue carried. 4-
One of the many novel entries. 5-Prosperity smiles on Daytona Beach. 6-Members of the Royal court. 7-"Charlie"
pocket edition. 8-A fire fighter "Out Our way." 9--"Miss Murray," steps out

F I.

. -47

3. ~ -

ZP:~" I


* e

egra.r, breaking the IL'orld';
vt 203.79 niilei per hour o't
.-a RBeach. He nmade one
rs per hour or 30hi feet per
has ever traveled on land.
00 pounds made no impres-
Halifax Country and the
rid's Most Famous Beach."
mainland showing C'ty Island
bridges to the Peninsula.
ninsula looking from above
'cross the Halifax River to

. F-


* 4*' *

Daytona Beach is popular as a convention city by reason of its
natural attractions, and facilities for handling large gatherings.
1-All South Convention Christian Endeavor. 2-Convention Fourth District Associated Advertising Clubs. 3-Grand
Opera at the Auditorium. 4-Visitors from the Shenandoah Valley. 5-Convention Delegates Enjoying Games on the
Beach. 6-Sand dunes and surf summon the delegates. 7-The beach drive near the Inlet.



77Z J~

The variety of recreation provided is as wide
as the tastes and ages of the participants.
1-Fishing from the Ocean Pier. 2-Florida State Trap Shoot. 3--Children's Pageant on City Island. 4-A Winter Para-
dise for Golfers. 5-Lighthouse at the Ocean Inlet. 6-Finish mile run State Interscholastic Track meet. 7-Tarpon
Fishing is a man-size sport. 8-Experts at Horseshoe Pitching.

Ir~t :i~:rl~;r~;,~~i~E~r;. .
7FT.r 1



For years many noted people have wintered at
Daytona Beach. Some have beautiful homes here.
1-Richard H. Edmonds, Publisher of the Manufacturers Record, and his winter home. 2-Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen welco-
med by Mrs. M. L. Stanley, President Civic Clearing House. 3-Tita Schipa given reception by his fellow townsmen.
4-Dr. George Harding father of the late President, and Mrs. Harding greeted at the Peninsula Club. 5-
Cardinal Mundelein of Chicago pays his first visit to Florida. 6-John D. Rockefeller, Sr., on his daily
round. 7-Walter Johnson's fare well as he leaves for the season.

.. ,- .


~: i,Z i,


Each side of the river has its recreation centers, business
sections, comfortable hotels, and distinctive beauty spots.
1-Beach Street, part of the mainland business section, and the River Front Park. 2-Main Street, business center
of the peninsula. 3-Ocean Avenue near Main Street. 4-An attractive spot in the River Front Park.
5-Ocean Boulevard looking East toward Clarendon Hotel


A _~"



These twelve apartment buildings, one completed for
each month of the year, indicate rapid growth.
1-Braddock Apartments. 2-Del Mar Apartments. 3-Grandview Apartments. 4-Lions Club Apartments.
5--Beverly Terrace Apartments. 6-Amelia Apartments.


- W


~. *--

In These New Apartment buildings there are Ninety-nine apart-
ments or a Total of Three Hundred and Seventy-nine Rooms.
1-Lewis Apartments. 2-Marest Apartments. 3-Warwick Apartments. 4-Dramburg Apart-
ments. 5 Casa Linda Apartments. 6-Lorraine Apartments.



The clubs and fraternal organizations have
their own well appointed homes and grounds
1-Peninsula Women's Club. 2-Palmetto Women's Club. 3-Peabody Community Club. 4-New home of Daytona
Golf and Country Club. 5-The Elks' Home. 6-Masonic Temple. 7-American Legion Home.

With the growth of the city has come expansion of reli-
gious organizations. Five new churches are pictured.
1-First Presbyterian Church. 2-First Methodist Episcopal Church. 3-Community Methodist
Church 4-Temple Israel. 5-St. Paul's Catholic Church.

i 1 mll I "

----- --- -- ----- - '

Industry hastens its stride, hotel business expands and the community
strengthens its attractiveness by offering protection to the sick.
1-The A. B. C. Bakery.2 -Seybold Plant Southern Ba king Company. 3-Home of Stiling's Ice Cream Company.
4-Balifax District Hospital. 5-Princess Issena Inn 6-Rio Vista Hotel and Country Club. 7-Hotel Raymond.


I 'iT C_

Four banking institutions serve the city; Daytona Beach
is recognized as the trading center for a large territory.
1-Atlantic Bank and Trust Company 2-Daytona Bank and Trust Company 3-First National Bank of Daytona Beach
4-Exterior Merchants Bank and Trust Company 5- Interior of same bank 6-New department store
Yowell-Drew Company. 7-The News-Journal Building.



Abounding in historic, scenic and recreational interest there
is always something new to claim the attention of the visitor.
1-Old Spanish sugar mill. 2-Along the shores of the beautiful Halifax. 3-When the North wind blows. 4-Where
the Tomoka and the Halifax meet. 5-A canter on the beach. 6-Result of an afternoon's sport
7-A row of graceful date palms.






I -.




So strategically located is Daytona Beach that rail,
river and road bear an ever increasing traffic.
1-Florida East Coast Railway Passenger Station. 2-The busy freight yards. 3-Unloading river freight. 4-Lumber
coming down the Halifax. 5-Motor busses on convenient schedule connect with every section of the state.
6-A barge load of asphalt and firebrick.

' ll /*' ^




3 1254 00583 4557I
3 1254 00583 4557

0 "0


A fertile and fast developing countryside is the
substantial background to the growing city.
I-The dairy cow is a profit producer. 2-Model plant of The Halifax Creamery. 3-Gathering grape fruit. 4 -Field of early
cabbage. 5-Packing celery for market. 6-The third truck crop in one year. 7-Potatoes are ready when prices are best.

Agricultural advantages include a variety of soil types adaptable
to widely diversified crops. Ready markets are close at hand.
--A field of Narcissus. 2-A novel plan of strawberry culture. 3-Splendid markets for eggs and poultry. 4-Hog raising is
profitable. 5-Number Nine Plantation fruit preserving plant. 6-Exhibit of citrus fruits.
7-Booth at Volusia County Fair.


O NE picture is worth a thousand words," says
an old Chinese proverb. This booklet is
designed to convey to you through the truthful eye
of the camera, the story of progress, something of
the scenic beauty, and the varied recreational activi-
ties that have for years made Daytona Beach one of
the outstanding cities of Florida for both summer
and winter visitors. If you find these pages inter-
esting we shall be glad to have you write
for further information.

Chamber of Commerce
Daytona Beach, Florida


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