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Title: Letter from the Secretary of War
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Title: Letter from the Secretary of War
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i.U .YL



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4,. ES*rjLOR1DA,
+ .. E,, ont)J
E., T O IN

THE MONTH OF JULY, 1816, &c.&c.

I ,' .

t *4 ^
[- *'dr3 .. ==


- -

V" ? -

*. FBBUARY 2, 1819.
nd committed to the Committee of the whole on the state of the Unio




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:: F. C ~ a








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'' '


I M:57-

[122] 3

'st February, 1819.

In pursuance of the esolutibn'of the House of Representatives,
62th ultimo, diecting the Secretaries of War and of the
Sto lay before the House a copy of the military orders, in virtue
p< hich, the Negro Fort within the territory of East Florida was
ideatroyed, in the month.of July, 1816; together with the correspon.
aof colonel Clinch and commodore Patterson in relation to that
t: and any other information which may be in his possession.

elaion to the movement of the Indians in the Seminole country,"
bve th honor t transmit a copy of the order of this Department,
irtun of which, the NegroForM within the territory of EastFlorida,
was destroyed in July, 1816; and copies of letters addressed to this
eIat tiby major generals Jackson and Gaines, which compee.
'gf r ti^n^ required by the resolution relative to the
F tr, in the Department of War.
I have the.honor to be,
.' Very respectfully, Sir,
SYour most obedient servant,
. ThaSpeakrr of the owre of Representatives
-of the Unitd States.



l~e~J 6-


A The & crehir., rf Ilar to General A. Jackson.

SDepartment of War,
15th March, 1816.

f .- I appears from the representations of colonel Hawkins, that
9 Negro Fort.erected during the war at the junction of the Chatta-.
chic and Flint Rivcro, has been strengthened since that period,
Snow occupied by between two hundred and fifty and three hun-
blacks, who are well armed, clothed, and disciplined. Secret
ceto inveigle negroes from the frontiers of Georgia, as well as
l Cheokee and Creek nations, are still.continued-by the ne-
Vraeks. This is a state of.things which cannot fail
injury to the neighboriag.efttemente, and excite
Y ,ch may ultimately endangerthe peace of the nation.
r~sident has therefore directed me to instruct you, to call the
Sn of the governor or military commander of Pensacola to this
-t. The principles of good neighborhood, require the inter-
ef the Spanish authority, to put an en to an evil of so serious
Should he decline tbis interference, it will be incumbent
Selective to de~p ine what course shall be adopted in rela-
S to this bandifti., ,fould it be determined, that the destruction of
ri t doe~i require the sanction of the legislature, measures
ll'epromptaytken for its reduction. From the representations
Sits strength, heavy cannon will be necessary to batter it. Itis I
eumed, that a co-operation of the naval force may be useful, at
in transporting the battering train.
I have the honor to be, &c.
(Signed) W H. CR i J
A^ndrew Jackson,
S.tbaite, Tennessee.

,y,-. 0.


Extract of a letter from General Andrew Jaekson to the
Honorable Wi. H. Crawford.

Head quarters,
Division of the South,
Greenville, M.l. J. pril 24th, 1816.

Your twb letters of'the 15th ultimo, I had the4aonor to receive
hist evening at Naithez. I immediately addressed a npte to the go-
v-rhorti'Pensacbla on the subject of the Negro Fort, which I placed
in th e h'aniid of colonel Jessup to be handed to captain Amelul&gi4
the "'tI regi net oqPnflithy, who(n I have instructed to be the bearer
of it. It i'accoralpfid d with the necessary instructionLto gaptain
Aiitelurg F his government, copies of whicb, with an extract of a
letter of mine to general GainC on this subject qf the 8th inst. shall
be forwarded you as soon as I reath Nairville, at which point I
have advised generals Gamines and Smith I should be on the sthproxi-
sio at which time and: place I expect" to receive cowmmtiications
fr6 each of those gentlemen. I have a hdpe that general Gaines
i *:ittnde8 to the subject of this Negro Fort and put an end to the
fhaw '&epradations of this banditti of land-pirates. He'has been
Iefrt~'fllB tretio'ao'a~toti 'this subject, with my opinion, if cer-
rain facts can be proVen agailast t.Im, that their fort must be de-
s;Iied.* Itrist Uie" has ralen thiehint. So soon as I receive the
.gverinr oor commanding officer's answer, I shall forward you cor
fies of this correspondence. :
I have the hobr tb be,
With high consideration,
-- Your obedient servant,
,joigned) AND VW JACKSON,
? majorr Ge6rral A3siandingADiviston
S/ f 5t1e South.



I -

, of IWPzr.

Hen. WMi. H. Crawfo


.f rders y General A. Jackson to Capt. F. L. Amelung.
Head quarters, Division of the South,

Sf Washington, ,M. T.
23d Aprils 1816.

I The confidence that major general Jackson reposes in your
gritand secrecy, induces him to select you as the bearer of'an
6nt despateh, to the governor of Pensacola; you will apply to
eIat colonel Croghan, commanding the 8th military department,
the general's communication, and proceed without delay on your
jslon. You will remain a reasonable time at Pensacola,-for the
vernor's answer, and by all respectful means, urge a definite an-
tI' l the points touched on, in the general's letter. So soon
itr receive this answer, you will return to NewOrleans, and by the
inall forward it to the general at Nashville, Tennessee: Or,
o deem the answer very important in its nature, and par.
tf it'avours of hostility, you will repair to Mobile, or-Fort
ey, and by express, forward it with the utmost- dispatch
dl(arters of this division.
eavor, in conversi te governor-ot com-
"efPnd through all other tb sa that may offer to '~o
on, whether the fort occupied y the negroes, has been
Spanish orders or authority, or by the British; and whe-
rteoryon which it %iserected, is claimed by Spain, or ceded

OAnny'event, on yontrreturn from Pensacola,-you will report to
j1f erala any information you may obtain, concerning the disposi-
fthe Spaniards,,o the banditti on the Apalachicola.
Colonel Oroghsan'wil show you the general's despatch before he.

By command,
(Signed) ISAAC L. BAKER,
Sid de Caw.p
Ferdinand L. Amelung,
,ment, U. S. Infantry.
A true copy, /
(Signed) ISACC L. BAKER.
fr Aid de Camp.



Gen. Jackson to the Governor of Pensacola.

Head quarters,
Division of the South,.

SWashington; M. T.
-. 23dtpril, ia16.

1 I am charged by my government to make known to you, that
a Negro Fnri, erected during our late war with Britain, at or near
rhe junct on ofbhe Chattahouchie adFlint rivers, has been strIngth-
Seae since that period, and is now occupied by .upwards of two hua-
Sdred and fifty negroes, many of whom have been enticed away from
the service of their masters, citizens of the United Staes, all of
whom are well clothed and disciplined. Secret practices to inveigle
negroes from the citizens of Georgia, as well as from the Cherokee
-and Creek nations of In.dians, are still continued by the banditti.and
the hostile Creeks. This is a state of thing, .which cannot fail -to
-produce much injury to the neighboring settlement,; and excite irri-
.'arions hbjLh eventually may endanger the peace of the nation, and
interrupt that good understanding, which happily exists between Otar
goverlmtuLs. The'principles of good faith, which alwbis insure
Good neighborhood .between nations, require the immediate and
Prompt interTerence of the Spanish. authority, to destroy or remove
from our frontieg.the.banditti; put an end to an event.of so serious a
*g nature, and to return to our citizens, and the friendly Indians iiabit-
ing.our territory, those negroes now in the said fort, and which have
been stolen and enticed from them. I cannot permit myself t9 .ia-
dulge a belief, that the governor of Pensacola, orthe military, com-
; rmander of that place, will hesitate a moment in giving orders forthis
badditti to be dispersed, and the property of the citizens pf theUnit-
.--'^ "StagP s forthwith restored to them, and our'friendly Indians; par.
ticularly''hen I reflect that the conduct of this.banditti is such, as
will not be toleated by our government, and if not put down by
Spanish authority will compel us in self-defence to destroy them.
This communication is entrusted to captain Amelung, of the ist reg-
iment, United Stateinfantrv, who is charged to bring back such an-
hwer,'as you may be pleased to make tothis letter. In your answer,
you will please to state whether that fort has been built by the go-

i~f Spain, and whether
Ids tre subjcts of his
iljesty, by whom, and

those negroes who garrison it ars
catholic majesty, and if not by his
iuder whose orders it has been


.Vj. Gen. Commimdirg,
Dtmiioau &f the AuAh.

* aOrrnor of Pepaacela,

1 j' a tartu Commander of that plaoe.
S-.- A true copy,
B* .

General A.
thh3isi \\

.tdde Camp,

JacAron to the Serreary of War.
Headquarters, )Dh. of the S9Wr,.
Maa/shvie, wt h y, 181s.

ited y Aoufbd the communications promised in my-fitter
Atdihtt1 24tb April, from Greenville, M T. I trust
i etwith the order I have taken with regard'to th~
TOi Aind by my letter to gen. Aides, ofthe 8thi dl
g this, that even before the receipt o(yplir letter, of'tio
that er was vested by me with rll discretieiin
m odi tis subject.
; I am, Sir, respectfully,
"I ,' Your obedient servant, Jp"

S 5a.
4, ay

Jiaj. Gen. commaniw g Bio. B ush.

I F -I

.. I

W e.''.



Set L74

I havcthe-tiiaSare to acknowledge'the receipt of your several
letters of the 16th and 20th of February, and tHel132thand Seit i
March, which I hasten to answer :, .
Your letters of the 15th of March with accompanying dotu-
ments,are also received, and will receive due attention, and will be
rephlie~p9p pooiras I canihave an interview with the contractor's
agept hae:
bOnthb subject of the disposition of the 4th and 7th infantry un-
der your command, the positions to be occupied by those troops, and
the course to be pursued toward the Indians,' I refer you to my let-
ter bearing date at Fort Mims, the 12th of March last, and the ac-
comRpanying copy of a letter from Mr. Tait thbein referred to, all
which were I ft in the hands oftVreUImmanding officer at Fort Mont.
grpery, to be forwarded to you, and which I hope have reached.you.
The growing hostile dispositions of the Indians must be checked .by
prompt and energetic movements; half peace, half war, is a state of
things which must not exist. The murderers of Johnston and
M'Glaskey must be had and punjshled. No retreat must orevide an
asylum for them. Anytown or village affording them protection, if
refused to be wsurn deqd& when. dnemat~I8nd gs t.kSstroved. I
regret much that the statement made by a freeman of-color respect-
'ug the. o fo. r E a td re(erred:touin yours of the 20th February,
'_,j .ompa nI your despitches. I therefore can only repeat
hat ~ *v &i .4f acting on ypur discretion, which I
h6pe you iil exepeise on this. If the conduct of tfese peopl3ii
e t'u g1 egroes

10 occupy ; 4
maket they profess to the su je
we are at peace, then their acts are acts oof nir aoug e
.Mbecject of detnand tflfre'ssar by ** government ey are a
banditti a'semblcd on the-t-rritoryoif Spain, or claim to be the sub-
jects afyy tr Ra91r,,an are stealing an dnticjig away our ne-
^goer rie7ed as a band-of ~1llMi, land pirates,
andi ibteCtei. syed. Noti .the governor of Pensacola of
your advance into his territory, and for the eapitsk picposa i ARi
trying these lawless banditti. ,

Div. ofthe South,
XTw.euiksni;84 Jpril, 1816.






ought to be blon up rcgar so e'
.fCt?^l .aQ aW|aJi4,-nlsss regarding
your mi d should have formtnt he same conclu-
ittbmit k th -%lfe.drLgroes and ptopert) to their
Aeqr respectfully,
*'wlR mo 'afob'dient servant.
- (A true copy.)
Is.hAd de C6m4 .,

I *




y eM.Iy r fron 'General J.dIrew Jackson, to the Secretae Y

iI, . a ision ~f theI ou .
H A^ .*'. '- +..:.nd rirrs ., n e' -.,L .
S n
'",;1 : f!+ .' .A . .( , '
.!,,,llw q ,.+ser of, ^ wS



t -," +. ,

W*'d qtury those v eYafi named by capriu Aml&nM
i 11 0111.

: -.: - .u:. : ou t iesptccfylly,' i ", --
4'.'.- -*-.- 1 -i-', .-*
1" ANI W kr tno r v
--, t aSjfor General Cds imanding Division
: -of the South. -a
iIp4ua Y. M. Crawford,
`w Secretary of War. t ;

6ae .i .. ., '

N.lew Orleans, 4th June, 181a.
4^i'' a ;i%'M; c S^ l. .m'.. -
In obedience to your cder received on the 6th of May last, I
oceeede-the next day f o Pensacola, but owin>o advrse winds,
,i h 4towa*tawt.elte da)s at the Bay St. Louis,) 1 only arrived at
ihat place onm.tHe 4h May. I'vas received and treated with great
eptiqRitydtP gi'ernor, add his officers, and after receiving bib an-
Ss w r r to your ledr,'t left there on the 27th, and arrived here once
S.pstant. .
'.-..4 have the honor to transmit herewth'the answer of the.g~veq or,
hil think, embraces all thil 'poiil t cbed upon iny'ou letter)
S. pd .e the liberty to sibjoin a utrqlaiaon thereof, .i mt'gbt
ppen gapo person is near you. unde&stabndin tlie ,aish lan-
t-age. I aikfirmf ofopinion, that the governor assltats i iuth,
-. U communication, and am convinced thatthi* iqhabithis of Pen-
So" 'have suffered and do now suffer more'tan our ritkizen, from
the existenti of the fort and its garrison.
SI'al takb C46libern) of commaiilcttng'atlch intelligence as I,
ive. Ien able tL.collect from good authority and whiich might. per-
Sbaip, be of use. he fort in question, ii situated at Bonavist&.on
a the eastern bank of the Apalachicqla rivel fifteen miles ahqv'g its
S6iuth, and one hundred and twenty Past O Peatacola. The'river

- m...- .

and V es el dra
wa f GeorAn.".,d
aoever is dapgerousdrL requirQ f
ri constructed by Nichols and Weodbine,. ad ia
ly resorted thither, but on cheir (nal evacuation ~f
.ik in possession of-a garrison composed fnegroes
pieces of heavy ordnance add lW^ Rpounds'I
ap~S tau a-mumber of Seminolesa n iadi eat
p IBgres, are supposed to hate been thevq
6ih of .thee bnLaandsl have abandoned A
oF .sarmity of provisions, and have gone't6o Sa
.tpi.fverN.in :EastFlorida;.-whih*er -they will ond
tireiraseof no attack by land, as they havesrarsoooei
Waspa b t.toen ake.good their retreat by sia, ifeot inter.
4ABs plthey aecasily annoy our -sttlement.oo Flint
i e7holJUapurgia frontier, and are in a country wh&re:
ca procre subsistence with facility. .
ipWIAls I can assuree you, entirely defenceledst the
nMcoits, forpin eighty to one bundred effective mei, exlaw .
battalion of coloured troops, say about one, hundred and
lfwhom the inhabitantsthenselves stand in constant dread.
'about-one hundred,4nd tlftykenrviceable muskets, about
dred musket cartridges, and not enough gunpowder to fire a "i
Sg-un.wa. ) 4n~utg atPJ a.?as on the day I left there.
Sa to be added the dissatiticton of the inhabitants, and even
ber of the officers of'government, and the desire of a ma-
ea change effected.- I must not forget to present to you
t of the govemn6r, the thanks of the inhabitants of Pemnsi-
tthe example ad. the huniane conduct of the army, under
m and at Pensacola, and I verily believe their professionsto
m re, ...
sr also, on my mentioning, in conversation tBat I
ead t ats sufficiently important to require the preseau'.f
iehe 'wotid be. proud to command'by you, ancldttl.iF
grt-of Cuba, codld not frnish him with.theriCeat a.
tight-perhaps apply eoyou for assistance. -vk .
in nothing futhbr to add,
emain. veiy re pecotfully :
Your obeTent servant, r' .
iPfhRD. Z. A MAI ,NG.
..' . Cf -t. 1 st lr Inf. u.
,Di. S .

S. By-Mr. Thomas HollidAy, whoflectt;pl e..' d l Detemn-'
se Isent se to@hea thee ae f th )rig i 'c o ,a t F ai t b
Mr. John Frank, who followed hi about the 29th, PiAt:
sr.st, for the samie.puo pse; te'%-greatly- ii cedritd b TWeak that
requisitions ,for epplie have not been compiled with, or ;Ih'the%
newspapers-emake, mention; and that general Gataeib has bei stam
fl pelle4to.brddrtpurchases to be made by government a ~atPit- I hope
that this purchase has not been made in the controci&te flefault,' a.n
tat, thh general has resorted to itiaw t mtaaeofue dditiotraljaJfety;
SarAe was. warranted in doinj by theebsi~e nairMkeh taei ahader
which he was placed.
prsy you tonrmake every exertioto futfill lty eaBsgennts,
and let .me know fully and freely your wamts, and they-s dhakbe supz
S plied as funds will answer.. -
-`:1 Iohave nAtheard a wordfrotm Mr. Frank, MOi Hiolliday;'oour-
selfior Mlr Cope, for 4 month-past, and'l ami really uneasy.
SWith great respect
I am, your obt. servt.

Bxtract of a letter from general E. P. Gaies, `dated Head4-qwtirs
(. haftahoucie river, near Fo.rtjl.itchel, 20 .VAi e, i1&i$e the
honorable-Wma H. Crawford, Secretary of Wri:;.:;: .-
I returned to this place on the tlst instant, 4nd loud the de-
tachment under the command of lieutenant colonel Clin h, prepar-
ing boats to descend the river. Wqhave seven lMh bqttmed boats,
six of. which will carry one hundred men each, with teir, baggage;
they are planked up the sides, and will make lcgmfortable quarters
and safe store rooms for our provisions, ad o~ er supplies. Four
are now in the water, the others are turned up, and will be launched

7 ^ -...-- f. .. -


TOW *46a

___ ispn.lqI~b~
0rork ford i'c
oj-w rwduntg te wPIT p and
h C Ji% he p 43ehicola. I~s4% inter-',
!own river with Nc' )rle .n. our supplfescould
vurv Y&' rm '1I exoieae. Suck in in-
uixui the Negro For&bVpA

. a_ t J IA ,

t General B. P. Gaines, to the Secretat of

Ieal qvaiefi, n1&r AiPmori'ob1,
&4 rf WMtion, j61h' )il, 1846.
e deta'ch~i sdetndi o ranand of lieiten4nt colonel
d at S~t~ ~y~ p_,#n the 2d instant, and'on the day
S 0ok a p siFop A e left bank of the Chatt~bouchie, a
l6l'fii- fi &latachment is now occupied in fortify-
ftti ~hafifA work,ai.fyhich Isend you a plan. The
throng and handsome, it is on a hill or bluff 13fe tnef
lar rom the edge of the water.
touchie, from Fort Mitchell to thii'lace, distant
le, affords excellent navigation for smaBl craft. -.
i time, somethi -, t than two fet deeper, than it
n'n dry weatli'her ~"P a -e velocity of the current, is or
r, btwep 3 and 3 1 miles, and is no where abv
r. fallr-s'hglgp, sufficient to
tcasnentx0F bd idera,
ngfqj. t water, would at sent ascend
ewelve'or fifteen piles a ay. The river is
y d one hundred yards wide.
Scihere it is more thp one h &a-d' aa
"4i w !Sevats tw tIo or three yety








I ~

16'; '12 2 -
ioall ones. 'ThA'e ks are ihb to fiiv feet high, and composed'
ortena stone 111d rouh clay. T": are generally very steep, The
adj cen la4.nfis o' odd qulit~, and but lhuftfot. subject td laun-
aion. Th e timber is "generally of hickory~ aada red oak' mixed
.wiLh pih. A4Fir leaving th# river for a rete m*ai ; The'landbecome"
poor and the timber prnlicipaly pine: Thit -*4iA l i~lemeni ts
S.^each side of the rii ei, all the way down. Tlhpey ppeai wret-chr
and destilAte of er thiag ltih ttflbrt 'lor: ur economy of U.itli.
nationn. . ,
I avye expliated to thiir riefa 'the obj&et'bfo h dia oveitei t, to
Complete the line and layo 6it the latd, that oui p~oli trv buy and
settle it: that we have brought with us therpe oe p acr for out
friends. for our enemies, cannon and bayonets. T:Ily rip .ibat they
are too weak and too poor to oppose us, and have therefore .deter-
mined to sit still and hold down their heads.
To reason with savage man, before he has acquired any distinct
notion of reason, it is to effe tnotiing, and leave him still a savage.
Force, guided by justice, may possibly transform him into a civilized
being, but nothing else will. For the correctness of this opinion, I
appeal to the history of our American savages; some of them have
indeed learned many of the vices of civilization, but they have learn.
ed little or nothing more.k The Feports 'from belqwTae, similar. Zt
those which I communicated to you in February last.
-1 have ordered a detachment tb accompany the surveyor upon
the line, and shall to-morrow follow them. Messrs. Barnett and
Hawkins, 1 left near Fort Mitchell, on the last of March. I shall
probably'see them at the Ofuseehu, or Fort Jackiton, where I beg to
hear from you on the subject of my resignation as commissioner.
1 have the honor to be, -,
r. ,^^. ^ : ....~ ^ Very respectfully,' "
..: Your obedient arvant,
(Signedy EDMUND P .. ANfl S.
Shehon. f ni. 17 Crarford, t ..
Sc.rerary of War. T ,

X.ajor Geqeral E. P. Gain t.foaj c. t Jo' Mn.
Ca4j ref'Set ee sf iifce
G; AL. -.-.h. 18.

.. The bhtalion poder the coraman ~f lieutenant dol. C.i had
crossed Flinu river on the16th i siaBt, and Isanow, I prtei~c, at

-`P ---- li~_-_ --~ -- ___


*cbikhrof o~o.pioi vcr, that's i
veyota of publicelnds, an t*keep in 'echk -
w sWe at Ala-s der the necessity of estblishiDn
ttjhouchie, .ear thte national hbowhdary. I shall
or upon this subject. Should a post be established, its
lersuadedeilmyy be -ierived more conveniently, and
ically froqi Mobile or New Orleans, than any other
Such an inithrcourse could be opened down the Appala-
lti.tus to keel an eye upon the Semmnale,.ind
stkl 'j,~eg. establishment is- (I think justly) con,
ly to prode much evil among the blacks of Georgia,
ter part of the Mississippi territory.
Syou permit me to break it up?
I" have the honor to be,

Most respectfully,
Your obedient servant,



kOw Jackson,
*f,'wion ofthe South.

Stamp, near Fort jackson,
p-/ rl30th, 1814

Sifi" received a letter from lieut. co. Clinchthi,
i o .iummochichoba, the 26th instant, Canc ng a
from the Little Prince, a copy of- whitell enclose
a tour down the river to visit the Seminole
-etof the visit was to adbpt measures to take
Hiwkini had conoence in the promises
object, I sanctioned a requisition for sup-






* -'i


pit thbm with threa hundred buableh of araserve asTit725
j1&**tve4ltalc faith in their promimes I wilt not deny, but it'uieR .
ed %b me proper to encourage them in the prosecution of a mrasure,
wchk 1 felt persusded would, if successfti5i *e attend vith, great
bekefijo oursouthern irontier inhabitantsRs wetl as to tb-kdians
thagneelves. ~~
jizave-thie hon* ~l~b 1'.;
Vqry respect fully,
I .Toaur moat obedienlqpraajyt .
(Signed) EDMUJND fl.'~J~IZS
Rln.-, Wm-. M Crauford,
secretaryy of War.


* L

- I


Copy of a letter from the Litile Prince.

To the commander of the United States' forces in the Indian nation,
Jaclkson and Hawkins spoke to us and told. us we were their
children;at the Tuskeegee meeting you told us you would have the
land as far down as the Summochichoba, but we chiefs did not agree
to it; you did not tell us then you would build forts al6ng the river
bank down to the'fork, but we heard since you issued orders to that
effect; we do not think it friendly for one friend to take any thing
from another forcibly. The commander and Hawkins did not tell
us any taing about building if these forts; did you know ~these things
and kee lcp.m hid from me? We told our friend Hawkiins we would
hold a meeting at this place on our way down; we were at the fort aS
ummochicho6a, built by the commanding officer, that he had orders
c--to uIld three forts. 'Our friend Hawkins told is togo i n to the
fort oflhe blacks and take them outof it, and'gi4 them t their inas-
ters,whicKwe are'at at this present. Whenkwe4-avebiard of Jackson's
orders'about building these forts, we- heat of- your meeting at Tus-
ktege. We hope you will detain the forces at the plae they are at
at present, and wait on the Indians, as I ami sure they will be ableto
'settle every thing, but all the chiefs ar .iot yet met; you know ihac
we are slow i our nim events. I'spoke id the commanding officer
at Summochichoba; hh-will read hiat and write it off on a.tia sheet,

;' 'I

qudder in thief oitD.col. Hawkins, 1i
Sdsp isa .i't sheet of lpaernta lifdttikft,
eeto write yi againaif itcahotUdbe nIa6 C t
IF 1 repiaityoufrfileh.'" :;

gF tuA april, 181q. l

A true copy.
e -. zanar

Lieut. Artillery, A. D. Camp.


-, -- .. . F .. FrtJaontgomerf, .M T.
- y 24ta 1816. -

gbor to transmit bhrewith two *ttetp from ieutea.
edtheith a th lostat, o, 1 and 2, tppibe
ta qopy uof y'.j.-isti oq, which I have deeimd i.
afor br attaIioofpiltia,W toater
h ofth.neit mpothb o. 4.
Iosr letterfrql O nagor Freeman, th 'e c.
that he hbasbeea compelled to a nd'survey
iths district, and has called o me for guard
-which I have pyp4 msed t nihin.
has'bee drm a iJunct witi
The ei a i cidfurtherttal



", '

r .





-t '

Wgfawk olisi-tilesislie Indians hinaveilltd, or shall'ketain,it "ea- 1
ch F teir aveRtaken;, provided Ishall, it tfe nr era -.r irtWe 'wi
aqemptdtisfpghis occasion.-'
I- ^- 'k' I! -"' f'

-. t '

**;~~.~*. *7. Vt~ .A

yfa obdg vt asemarait

: -*<. *,A

No. .

Fort Gaines, ay 7h, 1816.

I had the honor to inform you on the ad instant, of tleh hostile
movementsof the Indians, near the confluence of the Flint and Chat-
tahbuchie, and that a party of them had taken two soldiers, gad drove
off ilirt head of cattle.
epyF`sp enit on the Flint, returned on the 5th lost. and in-
formed me that he learnt, that-the party that took the soldiers and
S catt, came froni the Flinot that they crossed that river at Burges'
Old Place, and that they had not killed the men at that time, buthe
S- understood they intended doing so, if they became toomuch fatigued
tq traveplp the Negro Fort, where t*ey intended carrying them.-
t te ,futherstatbd, that he itleitood.roJm some of his friends
in that quarter, that the Seminol6,'all the' tdwh on the Flint, near
tbe.consfenct oftthe two rivers, and most of those on the Chattahou-
S jiewere preparing for war. That they had bee* dancing aindrink.
war physle, fpr several days, tha they hd~fJterined to
drde.,th eelvesa int two parties, onM e'p artto op ttfaort ,
(Geo.) and the qther to come up and ati a e6op under my
command., .
S This rumour hsbeen confirmed by n Indian just from Flint,
b.qrived at the toq of the Oketeyocapea, last evening, the chief
S fcwhichtown, sent Mr. Hardridge (wbolivas near him,) to nmshiA
S morning, to form me that such were e reports, but that h d did




I have the honor to be,

(Signed) .

The on. W. H. Crawford
Secretary of War

Yo'Whttitis-represented to -be'Vfrm'1i 0
"lEst means of knowingowhr frtheir t q hM
H fl^Hf ^iti ishhtd nearly 3,000 emp .
a ht, I-fee every di
i and .Ifel'confident can repel (as fong as .i '
mi;initeo hbld'out) any force they can bring against
-ppliedencolonetbMDonald for-a supply of: ptvisiins ;
ftattle are returned, and every thing settled below-to '

T e'i 'Mosrinest obedient servant,
Col. 4l Conf..

Mgawer.tIg tlea,. an Ind an has arrived frqm be4 .
maft ph e ,have all broke upo and that the
y hQog,Ed.cp i, rms ,tlhe reportMhatl have belfrc

ND. 2.
ort Gaines, May 91h, i816.

n ipieuications of the Sd and 7th ingtapt, Idid mr f
6 yo ali the information I wTas in possess o .-
Sovements of the Indians, near the cIrflennce of
attafiouchie. .o M f.
ning, the Prince, several of the o iefs that li
r. Hiambly, arrived atthis pent The prince thld
bte every thing that lay in hi power to induce the -
against the Negro Fqrt, anzto let the white peo- .
tey were crazy, and wed not listen to him -
we. c*I fi azy I cda not listen tog him;

weeure craz, la,
Gpns :ond. nta


K tt they had deceived him for some time; buttthat, at:
discoveed-tey were'determined od their owddestructio
Smight-doas plleased with them. From what Ic
blysw-appears that himself, the Prince and papity hdapae A
that party of the Tuttelosus pursued themwklithatloin (if
taken) to keep the Prince a prisoner,- aod to. l fia fiI,
other states it as his.opinionz, thbt theyIotnoturaue aimorthrin'50
mtn that will go to war. Tuttelsuspand Micesookus, are th prig
cip~a instigators but he thinks most of the tomonp the.lint below
lBarnett's,*an several towns on the east banko'Wthaehatta.oche
Swil join tiem. Several of the chiefs below and near'me, have come
Sistadibegged protection. They state that they have. their crops- in
the ground, and unless 1 will let them stay, at home and till.them, the
women apd children must starve., I have told them to stay at home,
an d make their corn; that when I approach their towns,, the chiefs
must meet me with their warriors without arms; that I would take a
list of them, and if any of them joined thehostile party, they were
neverto suffer them to return again, on pain of having their towns
destroyed. This they were willingly agreed to; and the Prince ip.
formed me, that he had ordered all the chiefs that wish to remain
friendly to come and see me as soon as possible, I am extremely
anxious to move down on those fellows, and will do so, as soon as the
rate of my provisions and ammunition will admit of it. I propose
ordering two companies of the battalion of the 4th, now on their march
from Charleston, to leave their heavy baggage at the agency, and join
me as soon as possible. I then propose leaving all my heavy bag-
gage, and a sufficient number of men to man the boats at this.poqt,
and move the balance of my command down the river, by rapid
sa rhes, and destroy every hostile town between thisand the cow
Sf6encc of the two rivers; after which, my boats can drop down with
ease and safety, in two days. I will then select a strong position on
the Flint, fortify my camp, move up that river, and destroy all the
towns to Burge's old place, and order the command left at the agen-
cy to descend the Flint with oursupplies; and if my force will admit
of it, will pursue the enemy further, nd strike a blow in another
I am your obedient serv't.
. -. L. CI4NCh ,
SLeuat. Col. ( h inffy .

-' .. ."



(1ep .).
S -Q H dq arra.r,
.Portr MvrLgomeiry,, Jlr. T.f3AdJfa~ y 1el.

ithe th:instant, have been receive".' r W
ib~d'i ilt" Piinct, and others, are:
dt at a lo rafor sometime past to understand
bdeayring to amuse and divert us from our ditmi
riclk, if they be so, have assumed 4 serious aspect,
F 'i distructilp,' but web have little ;o appxchead
mhse t e watched with an eye of vigilance. The
ctin Qf the rivers, to which called your attenton
.Iit )e established speedily, even if we have to
i .rougbh the ranks of the whole nation.
o have commenced laying off the land to be sold
d they must be protected. The force of the whole't-a
~i'estyour movement down the river on board the boats
dte sides with two inch plank, and covered with clap
o.d allthe natiort prevent your landing and gonstruct-
kF sifi;cont to secure you, unless they shouldprd-
te spt at which you intend to land, and had actual-
ti -. plae previous to, or within four hours of your
y Pi s not sufficient to warrant your march to the
ge, 4a, suggeied, by land. The whole of your force
t'f en, 'n .nr-company for the defence of Fort
id be kept near.your boats and supplies, until the new
,e established. You may then strike at any hostile party
ith all your disposable force; but even then, you should
fthan, one or two days march from your fort.
Supplies of provisions and ammunition have reached
'stachment move as *directed in 4py letter of the 28th
You can venture to move with twenty-five days ra.
should order a supply to the Agency, or Fort Gaines,
should be built and held in readiness to send down, ia
-e should prevent or delay the arrival of a py
ordered from New Orleans.
so an extract of a letter containing anrrViangement
y water, and have to direct that "\ s '".li provide a
Ih it with an officer and fifty med, to meet the ves.
lean, as soon as you are advisi'd of their being on
tloisand rations have been order. from New Otleans up the
Patterson requested to lend a convoy of one or-tWo
f ,





i S

.I- ^

2 4 t r1E23-

Sthw er, '-One of your large boats-will answer thepurpose, vd
y. ou havel'.-barge or'lel boat.- Sould tle boat meet wita
tioh atthat is called the Negro Fort, trrageo t
'ately-f e made for its destruction 'and-for thatrptw aI-au will
supplied*ith two 18 pounders, and ont owitzer, 'writli amn
nition, and implementscomplete to be siaotin vessill.oacoinpariy
Sthe provision. Lhave likewise ordeed fifty thousand rnusket ear-
tridges, some-rifles, swords, &c. -Should you be compelled again
the Negro Fort, you will land at a convene point above it, an
force a eomiaunition with'the commanding offir Eofthe-vessels be
low, and arrange with him your plan of attack. Upon this subject?
youlhallrhearfirom me again, as soon as I am notified of the tume
at'which the vessels will sail from New Orleans.
With great respect and esteem,
Your obedient servant,
Maj. Gen. Commanding;
t Co,.A L.Clinch,
Or, OFcer Commg. on the Chattahouchie.
A true copy,
Cld d Cwnp.

S' No. 4.

Head quarters, Fort .,ontgomery, .. T.
24tlhrfay, 1816.
^ "" By a letter which I have- received from lieutenant colonel
Clinch, commanding the 4th United States infantry, upon the Chat-
tahouchie, I learn that in the early part of the present month, a par-
ty of Indians, surprised and took from the immediate vicinity of his
camp, two soldiers of hisregiment,,with thirty head beef cattle, The
SIndians being mounted, and having travelled during the night,
could not be overtaken; they took the road leading to St. Marks.
'This outrage, preceded by the murder of two of our citizens, Jolih-

i -



yand abaftaltonofmounted meooit isbf
Ien) to assemble at Fort, HawkiiTd, Ifi t
ce, orthe lith day of June, (next
practiceble,) when they will be orgt9
sieFamndac ted, and be supplied within -
to /serve te nied, eor three months,

0r dibchArged. -
-ddlayed this communication for some dayjs1 thehope that
Sof the nation would see the necessity of atrestil adia -.
&e offenders: and restoring the men and property tAkbIni 1.
*&tfid this will not be done; and that we must resort toTdpfc
tihe past, andprevent future aggression. The sooner tha
e better; the war party is evidently acquiring strength, and
il confidence from every outrage which wo suffer to go uno".

I have the honor to be,
With high consideration and respect,f '
Your excellence's obt. servant, -


k n r n fidB.. eMitch'lel
.Trnl &c. 6ecS't ig.of Georgia.
S / A true copy.

Jlaj. Gen. Coming.


No 5.

Spy -of a letterfrosi Thomas Freeman to .aj. .ai.
Fort montgomerygy 22d,-1816.

~ib*ave the honor to make okown to you, that the surveyors
' iemplo#j in surveying the Creek purchase, finding that their camps

* f I




CThiD.,tpahaw.e ps.-fil tI.*A : m acR vu ii j 1t.ilma'r %er. en -4
A. r5ptb wereatork;i ire Il-i..a .. r. pa. cd Nij:ut jr.3 ni
dbsi'Gt ie murveyors.11e-e re., -se r sib nie utLr.F. *hai r Yv
u "/ ldbeattacked-h. the savages the folowing'night, they dbi u-ue
suspended their Qperaipns and ret~ised to the settlement
I cannoeti jus tirort y din feelings, or the public interest, or.
S de these m~to*eew thtr labors, previous to the adoption of some
measuresj9 Ateidir protection, believing as I do, that they owe&
Sthe(r "yJfitherto,'to the wish of the savages to make a general
weep of the whole of them. .i
S The survey of the public .laud inthisfrict, ifttherefor6de-
Siary suspended. ,* A ..
'.",. Thus cirmunstanced, general, I ampormipellid t6oqaply'to :you,
for such proptn for the surveyors.as yoa may deem.tevwry, to
epAl I:the uaitiierrupted progress of thesutvey; to.its igplstion ,
and ml.oly take-the liberty of suggesting the smallestnitmber that;
,wap e-toI mneAcqpary .fa that purpose, wich'is 98-orlo00 en,
isposdoFin the followiog'nmanner. 5 men with each of s$ftir
Surveyors on the standard liht, four guards of 12 men each, ftr four
Surveyors employed in running the interior-lines; the other survey-
ors, 12 or 15 in number, may not require any guard, as they willbe
placed on duty between the former.
I have the honor tbe': '
With the highest respect, Sir,
SY" our otedient servant,

S Jjor Peft r. Gaines.

i1- >--.4


I________ ____


__ __

-Zami l

I _


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