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Title: Directory of the city of Tallahassee, Florida
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Title: Directory of the city of Tallahassee, Florida
Series Title: Directory of the city of Tallahassee, Florida
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Copyright, 1904, by 0. S. CLOUGH, Tallahassee, Jla.

City of Tallahassee
Containing a Brief Historical Sketch, a General Directory of the Residents, a Street Directory, a Directory of the State, Coanty and City Officials, Easiness Directory, Etc.
Compiler an^&^s^f*
Price, $2.^
Population, 3,429,
(Jn tin.' corporate limits only.)
J xi. Hllson, State Printei, I allahassee, Fla. IQ04.

In presenting tiiis, the Tallahassee Oily Dim-lory for 10114, I wish to thank the kind friends who have so materially assisted in its compilation.
To the advertisers who have so generously assisted in a financial way the publication of this work, is due the most credit, and to them I most earnestly commend the public patronage, hoping they may not regret having contributed to the success of the enterprise. I had hoped to have every business house in the city appear among the advertising pages, but some were lacking in public spirit and entertained the idea that they would not immediately reap a rich harvest in return for the amount ex-dended, hence their absence.
Nothing has been spared to make the directory complete, reliable and attractive in every respect, and it is placed before the people as an honest effort to give the city an accurate and useful City Directory.
May 2. 1004.


Appendix .........-........................... 125
Banks.......................................... 108
Business Directory.............................. 108
Churches ...................................... 125
City Directory .................................. 20
City Officers ................................... 23
County Officers ................................. 23
Department Attaches (State Capital).............. 21
Historical Sketch ............................... 11
Newspapers .................................... 125
Opera House ................................... 125
Post Office ........................-............ 126
Preface........................................ 5
Public Library................................. 126
Railroads..................................... 126
Societies...................................... 126
State Boards ................................... 19
State Officers................................. 19
Tallahassee City Directory....................... 29
City Officers .............. ......... 23
Street Directory.................... 107
Telephone Subscribers.......................... 118


How Tallahassee Became the Seat of the Territorial Government,
By an Act of the Legisjative Council of liie Territory of Florida, approved June 24th, 1823, with a view to the permanent location of the seat of Government of the Territory, there was appointed by the Territorial Governor, Hon. William P. Duval, two commissioners, one from that part of the Territory known as East Florida, the other troin that part known as West Florida, who were to meet at St. Marks, on the Gulf of Mexico, on the first day of October following and then proceed carefully to explore and examine all mat section of country embraced between the Ocklocknee on the west and the Suwannee river on the east, and between the northern boundary line of the Territory and the Gulf of Mexico, and after making the examination, to seiect the most elig'ble and convenient situation for the seat of government for the Territory of Florida.
The commissioners appointed in pursuance of this act were Dr. W. H. Simmons of St. Augustine and Mr. John lA>e Williams of I'ensacoia. Dr. Simmons left St. Augustine September 2(ith, 1823, with two guides, and after enduring many hardships, such as were common to the traveller ,n these days, nearly a century ago, finally arrived at St. Marks O tober 10th. where he was to meet Mr. Williams and proceed to select a suitable location for the permanent seat of the Territorial Government.
Mr. William set sail from Pensacola on September 30th, 1823. in an open boat commanded by a Capt. Ellis, being accompanied by Dr. C. E. Foster. The voyage of Mr. Williams was not without the storms and perils which usually attend the mariner who attempts to brave the rough waters of the Gulf in a small boat. On account of the severe weather encountered between Pensa-*o!a and Apalachee Bay, Mr. Williams did not sail into

:(. Marks until October 23rd, just 24 days after leaving lemacola.
When Mr. Williams arrived at St. Marks, he found that Dr. Simmons had gone into the interior in company Willi ('apt. McClintock, then ,n command of the Fort at St. Marks. After resting lor a day, Mr. Williams with Dr. Foster pushed northward in search of Dr. Simmons. On the morning of October 26th both parties met at the farm of a Mr. Ellis near the Ocklocknee river, west of the Indian village of Tallahasse. Dr. Simmons and Mr. Williams determined to vis.t Tallahassee and endeavor to make friends with the Indians. The following from the notes of Mr. Williams in regard to the visit of he and Dr. Simmons to Tallahassee, might be of interest:
Oct. 28thAt half past 7 we proceeded eastward. The land continually improving; in about an hour it rose into a delightful high roiling country, clothed with excellent oak, hickory and dogwood t.mber on a soil of ehocolate colored loam. We here often observed traces of llie old Spanish highway, which we had also seen on the west side of the Ocklockney river. At 1 p'clpc kp. in. my colleague and the gui.ie. having left the trail to observe the face of the country to the northward. 1 arrived at the new Tallahassee village. Swing a fine, stout Indian in a nut patch I left my horse and accosted him. asking for information, where the chief of the village might be found. He very strongly demanded what was wanted and said he was Neamathla. I told him we were sent to him by Governor Duval to inform him that he wished to build a house in w!heh he might meet his council; that the distance to St. Augustine was so great, that he wished to select a spot near the center of the territory. That in order to make such a selection he had sent Dr. Simmons and myself, and he was requested to assist us. with his advice and counsel. After some hesitation he asked me if the Governor had given me any paper. I produced to him my commission. He mined ately recognized the seal pointed to the signature under it and asked whose name it was. I told him it was Col. Walton's. Flo seemed pleased; his strong muscles for the first time began to relax. He said Col. Walton was a good man. his friend. After satisfying his curiosity and suspicions, by several pertinent questions; he sa:d he would consider the matter. He then took m" to his sli-d and offered Tie cigars

and roasted nuts. Here the rest of our company arriving, my colleague was introduced to him, and our guide, Ellis, wilh whom he was acquainted, annoyed h.m exceedingly by incessant talking, which I found difficult ta prevent. Neamathla directed our horses to be turned loose in his Held and our baggage deposited in one of hi*
council houses, which we afterwards occupied.
In the afternoon his young men and women played ba'l against each other with great spirit. Their ball "ground is a large circle in which is placed a large pole, against this each party threw the ball; If caught on the rebound by the parly who threw it, they tallied two. They were all naked to the waist and males and females exerted themselves with nearly equal energy. The women threw the ball with their hands, the men threw and caught it
with their bat sticks. Many scuffles occurred between
the parties to catch or prevent the ball from be.ng caught, but all ended in jtcrfcct good humor. The men evidently gave the advantage to the females, who, in the end. won the game. The men were sentenced to bring IfghtwOOd for the council lire, which having procured. I hey brought into the great square singing all the while. The dancing square has a council house on each side, one of which we occupied, another was occupied by women. The other two held a mult hide of all classes. They commenced with a dance much like a reel; it was performed by the men alone. The figure, though soemwhat intricate, was performed in perfect order. The rattlesnake dance succeeded. AI cadi coiner of the square a cane was stuck in the ground: around these they darned from corner to corner in single tile and back agian. also singing in concert, a melancholy but not unpleasant air. I was informed by an Indian that should any one touch the cane or wand, while roiling around it. they would be sure to be bitten by a rattlesnake on their first hunting excursion. The wampum and mad dances succeeded. In these dances their gestures were often martial and graceful; they presently seemed to make obeisance, and an address to the tire. TCeing fatigued, I fell asleep before their dame had terminated. When I awoke the square was deserted.
On the morning. Xeamathla called very earlv with an interpreter, and desired us to state to him before his chief distinctly what our object was in visiting

his country* We informed as before, that we were sent by the Governor to select a spot for him to build a house for his council to meet in; that I he distance to St. Augustine was so great that he wished them to meet him in the center of the territory. Neamathla said that he was much annoyed by people from Georgia, who endeavored to get his land from him. Hut at length be told us to go and do as we pleased, but not to tell anybody that he sent us. We, however, left them in friendship and in passing through the numerous villages which abounded iu the woods for more than twenty miles, we were not molested.
At 9 a. m., we left the council house and passed old Tallahassee village.* *
The commissioners completed their examinations and returned to St. Marks, from where they departed, Nov. 12th. 1823. for their homes. Upon the report of these commissioners. Governor Duval issued a proclamation. March 4th. 1824, requiring the members of the Legislative Council to assemble at the site upon which our city now *tads. and thus Tallahassee became the permanent seat of the Territorial Government.

State Officers,
The Governor and His Cabinet.
William S. Jennings, Governor. H. 0. Crawford, Secretary of State.
A. C. Croom, Comptroller.
W. V. Knott, State Treasurer. W. H. Ellis, Attorney-General. W. N. Sheats, Superintendent I'ublic' Instruction.
B. E. McLin, Commissioner of Agriculture.
Supreme Court.
It. F. Taylor, Chief Justice.
W. A. Hocker, Justice.
F. It. Carter, Justice.
J. 15. Whitfield. Justice. "
T. M. Shackleford, Justice.
R. S. Corkrell, Justice.
B. B. Wilson, clerk.
L. A. Perkins, Secretary to Justices.
Miss Mattie English, Stenographer.
Frank Coles, 1st Assistant Librarian.
Reuben Williams, 2nd Assistant Librarian.
Railroad Commission.
Jefferson B. Browne. Commissioner. J. L. Morgan, Commissioner. R..H. Burr, Commissioner. R, C. Dunn. Secretary.
State Boards.
Board of State Institutions'.
William S. Jennings. Governor. H. C. Crawford, Secretary of State.

'A. C. Croom, Comptroller.
W. V. Knott, State Treasurer.
W. H. Ellis, Attorney-General.
W. N. Sheats, Superintendent Public Instruction.
B. E. McLin, Commissioner of Agriculture.
C. H. Dickinson, Secretary.
Trustees Internal Improvement Fund.
Governor W. S. Jennings, president.
A. C. Croom, Comptroller. W. B. Knott, State Treasurer. W. H. Ellis, Attorney-General.
B. E. McLin, Commissioner of Agriculture.
W. M. Mcintosh, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer. Miss Ethel Bowen, Stenographer.
Pension Board.
W. S. Jennings, Governor.
A. C. Croom, Comptroller.
W. H. Ellis, Attorney-General.
C. H. Dickinson, Secretary.
Pardoning Board.
W. S. Jennings, Governor.
A. C. Croom, Comptroller.
H. C. Crawford, Secretary of State. W. H. Ellis, Attorney-General.
B. E. McLin, Commissioner of Agriculture.
C. H. Dickinson, Secretary.
State School Board.
Governor W. S. Jennings, chairman. W. N. Sheats, Superint^^ent Public Instruction, secretary:
B. E. McLin, Commissioner of Agriculture. H. C. Crawford, Secretary of State. W. II. Ellis, Attorney-General.
State Board for Assessing Railroads and Telegraph Lines.
A. C Croom, Comptroller. W. V. Knott, State Treasurer. W. II. Ellis, Attorney-General.

Adjutant General's Office.
J. Clifford R. Foster, Adjutant-General. Miss Pearl MeCall, Stenographer.
State Chemical Laboratory.
R. E. Rose, Stale Chemist.
M. G. Donk, Assistant State Chemist.
State Auditor's Office.
Ernest Amos, State Auditor. E. A. Crawford, Clerk.
Department Attaches.
ExecvkVws OH".ue.
C. H. Dickinson, Private Secretary. Miss Grace Mann, Stenographer.
Office Secretary of State.
J. F. Dormant Chief Clerk. S. E Cobb, Clerk.
Attorney General's Office.
J. % G. Crawford, Clerk.
Office of Commissioner of Agriculture.
C. B. Gwynn, Chief Clerk. H. S. Elliott. Clerk. John T. Costa. Cl^rk. E. E. McLin, Clerk. C. S. Clough, Clerk.
State Aipcinti-ve Oificers.

Comptroller's Office.
G. E. McGriff, Bookkeeper. E. G. Chesley, Auditing Clerk.
A. H. Williams, Stenographer. Edward Barnes, Clerk.
E. H. Myers, Clerk.
B. P. Whitner, Clerk.
W. M. Mcintosh. Special Clerk.
J. P. Cobb, Clerk.
Miss Mary L. Scott, Stenographer.
State Treasurer's Office.
Charles Munro, Chief Clerk. David Lang, Clerk. Walter McGriff, Clerk.
Office of Superintendent Public Instruction.
W. N. Sheats, Jr., Clerk.
Miss Mattie Vinson, Stenographer.

Leon County Officers.
Sheriff-Charles Hopkins. County ClerkC. A. Bryan. County JudgeR. A. Whitfield. County TreasurerJ. Earle Perkins. Superintendent of Public InstructionC. W. Banner-man.
Tax AssessorTl. T. Felkel. Tax CollectorW. A. Demilly.
Tallahassee City Officers.
MayorW. I.. Moor.
President City CouncilW. M. Mcintosh.
CounciinienJ. A. Cobb. J. W. Duval, J. A. Edmond-SOn. C. W. Perkins. R. J. Phillips, W. F. QuaUe, A. C. Spiller. Ti. C. Yaeger.
Clerk and TreasurerA. H. Williams.
Tax AssessorW. II. Chancey.
Tax CollectorW. I). Wilson.
Chief PoliceW. R. Crowder.

Old Capitol Building, Tallahassee, Fla-

Hon. \V. S. Jennings, Governor of Florida.

Hon. Cromwell Gibbons, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Tallahassee City Directory,
Adam, Hardy, col., 75 Railroad Avenue. Adam, Hnttie, col., 75 Railroad Avenue. Adams. Win., 153 S. Roundary. Aiu, J. Lyn, laundrymau, 378 K. McCarty Street. Aikins, Jim, col lab.. 40 W. Carolina Street. Aires. Sarah, col.. 223 W. St. Augustine Street. Aires. Leon. col. lab., 708 S. Hronough Street. Aires, Jennie, col., 70S S. Itroiiough Stmt. Aires. Bob, col. lab.. G72 K. Houndary Street. Albert. Henry. coL cgr mkr.. 274 \V. Call Street. Alexander. Mary. col.. *i!3 E. Jefferson Street. Alexander. I'urkie, col.. 57 Railroad Avenue. Alexander. W. II., col., merchant, 545 N. Boulevard. Alexander. Amelia, col.. 545 X. Roulevard. Alexander. W. II. Jr., col.. 545 X. Itoulevard. Alexander, Win., col., lab.. 384 W. (Jnines Street. Alexander. Louise, col.. 384 W. tlnines Street. Alford. K. H.. merchant. 382 X. Monroe Street. Alford. Miss Mate, 382 X. Monroe Street. Alford. Kdwin, clerk. 382 N. Monroe Street. Alford. Rutledge. 382 X. Monroe Street. Algero. Constantine. merchant. 152 S. Monroe Street. Allen, T. H., col., lab.. 207 W. St. Augustine Street. Allen, Mary, col., 207 W. St. Augustine Street. Allen. Russell, col.. 207 W. St. Augustine Street. Allen. Alex. col.. 207 W. St. Augustine Street. Allen, Wisdom, col., carp.. 707 S. Adams Sireet. Allen, Jenny, col.. 707 S. Adams Street. Allen. Henry, col., lab.. 230 W. Call Street.

President. Cashier. Asst. Cashier.
The First National Bank
Loans and Discounts ..............................$253,670 00
United States Bonds................,................ 50,000 00
Stocks and Securities .............................. 74,334 18
Banking House and Furniture ...................... 6,517 85
Due from Banks ................................... 61,191 18
Cash on Hand..................................... 48.130 09
Due from Treasurer United States................... 2,500 00
$496,343 30
Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits..............$ 67,931 96
National Bank Notes Outstanding................... 50,000 00
Due Depositors..................................... 378,411 34
$496,343 30
President. Cashier.
Statement at the close cf business April 4. 1904. Resources.
Cash............................................$ 22,000 00
Due from National Banks .......................... 21,221 60
Loans........................................... 259,869 35
Stocks and Securities ............................. 40,020 17
Total ........................................$343,111 12
Capital Stock ......................................$ 20,000 00
Surplus......................................... 10 000 00
Undivided Profits .................................. 1.220 90
Deposits......................................... 311,890 22
Total........................................$343,111 12

Phone 56, > < TALLAHASSEE, FLA.
Allen, Florence, col., 230 W. Call Street. Allen, Elza, col., lab., 17 W. Jefferson Street. Allen, Mollie, col., 17 W. Jefferson Street. Allen, Willie, col., 17 W. Jefferson Street. Allen, Elza, Jr., col.. 17 W. Jefferson Street. Allen, Mary, col., 8 W. I'ensacola Street. Allen, James, col.. 273 \Y. Gaines Street. Allen, Moses, col., lab.. 295 N. MaC.nnb Street. Allen, Mary, col., 295 N. MaComb Street. Allen, Mary Lize, col.. 293 X. MaComb Street. Allen, Avery, col.. 293 \. McConib Street. Allen, Godfrey, col., lab.. 48 S. Boulevard. Allen. Charlotte, col., 48 S. Boulevard. Allen, Ei'gar, col., baker. 285 S. Boulevard.
Allen, Mary Ann. col.. 285 S. Boulevard. Allen. John Henry, col.. 285 S .Boulevard. Allen. S. D., 259 S. Boulevard. Allen, L. I)., 25!) S. Boulevard. Allen. Willie, 259 S. Boulevard. Allen. Carl, 259 S. Boulevard.
Alligood, R. H.. express clerk. 204 S. Duval Street. Ames. W. O., bookkeeper. 480 S. Adams Street. Ames; Henrietta. 480 S. Adams Street. Ames. Virginia; 480 S. Adams Street.. Andrews. Mamie, bds 173 E. Tennessee Street| Andrews. F.. foreman plan. mill. 15 W. Madison Street. Andrews, T. E.. bg. ms. C. T. & G.. E. St. Augustine St
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Corner Drag Store,
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Horses, Four-in-hnnds, Etc. Phone 38.

Ring op Phone For a box of Fresh Xunnally's Candies or some of the best Ice 56 Cream in the uiipiiT o nnfl
City of Tallahassee. r 11.10111 Ob DRU.
Anderson. Ella, col., 74 W. St. Augustine Street
Anderson. Ra< hael. (ol.. 16 X. Boundary Street.
Anderson. Hal. col., butcher, 540 N. Bronough Street.
Anderson. Eugenia, col; 540 N. Bronough Street.
Anderson. Irene, col., teacher, 175 X. Bronough Street.
Appling, W. C. clerk, 48 E. Gaines Street.
Argyle, Rebecca, 559 E. Call Street.
Argyle. Lizzie. 559 E. Call Street.
Archer. .Miss Sue. :i('>2 S. Adams Street.
Armstrong. F. W.. 296 E. McCarty Street.
Ash. Stella, col.. 169 N. .Macomb Street]
Ash, lane. col.. 5:! x. Bronough Street.
Ash. Willie, col., lab.. 0 E. Call Street.
Ash. Tom. col. lab.. 182 W. Lafayette Street.
Pipes, Fine Tooaccos, xr^!L Cor"cr Drug
Choice Cigars. a lover of the ^tore. PHONE 17.__weed. COX & STUBBS.
Ash, Lizzie, col., 182 W. Lafayette. Street. Attaway. Mary. col.. 149 E! Virginia Street. Attaway. Mamie, col.. 14!) E. Virginia Street. Ausley, Dr. V. M.. M. I)., bds 49 X. Monroe Street. Austin. Mary. col.. 390 X. Calhoun Street. Austin, Lyndia, col., (i(i7 E. .Jefferson Street. Austin, Burton, col., lab.. 173 W. Georgia Street. Austin. Mary. col.. 392 X. Gadsden Street. Aycock, Mrs. S. A.. 43 W. Gaines Street. Aycock, Xavada. 43 W. Gaines Street.
Bachelor, Austin, col., mechanic, 250 W. McCarty Street. Bachelor. Jane. col.. 250 W. McCarty Street.
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38 Turnout, JOS, DUNCAN,
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Tallahassee, ? Fla. Compounded. ITICUIUIIICO.
Bachelor, James, col., pgr mkr. 25 OW. McCarty Street.
Bachelor, Frank, col., lab., 250 XV. McCarty Street.
Bachelor. Theodore, col., butcher. 254 W. McCarty Street.
Bachelor. Ann, col., 254 \V. .McCarty Street.
Bachelor. Annie. (o)., 254 W. McCarty Slreet.
Bacs. Mrs. F. B., b(?s Bloxham Hotel.'
Bagney, Clara, col., 257 S. Gadsden Street.
Bailey. Phyllis, col.. 36 W. Call Street.
Baker. James, clerk P. O.. bds 46 N. Adams Street.
Bail. H. I/., com. trav.. bds Bloxham Hotel.
Ball. Julius. Mgr. Bloxham Hotel. Monroe Street.
Ball. James A., merchant. 73 Monroe Street.
Ball. Mrs. Phillin, 70 E. Clinton Street.
Bail. Fannie, bds Bloxham Hotel.
Balkeom. V. F.. drugo'st, n(s 100 S. Calhoun Street.
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Bannerman. C. W.. supt. Pb. Ins.. bds 206 E. McCarty St Banner. Mrs. C. W:, bds 296 E. McCarty Street. Bannerjuan. Ella, col.. 86 W. St. Augustine Street. Bannerman. Lizzie, col.. 24 W. Georgia Street. Banks, George, col., drayman. 75 XV. Georgia Slreet. Banks, Martha, col., 75 W. Georgia Street. Banks, XV. F.. merchant. 34 W. Clinton Street. Barefoot. Mrs. S. J., bds 276 N. Calhoun Street. Barnes. Oliver, col., lab.. 686 E. Carolina Street. Barnes. Celeg. col.. 686 E. Carolina Street. Barnes. W. D., 189 N. Calhoun Street. ,Barco, Mrs. M.. 282 S. Bronough Street. Barineau, Arthur, 143 E. Carolina Street. Barrington .Mrs., 543 S. Adams Street. Basha. Kalil, merchant, 329 E. Jefferson Street.
K&m*iP+f* ^taMw Ring tip Phone 88 for a
temper s a Dies, Bwell hor8P and bw<
JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop. Prompt, reliable service.

The Capital City Bank
Capital. $50,000.00 furplus, $10,000.00
Loans, Discounts and Investments...................$259,721 22
Bonds and Stock ................................... 72,624 00
Cash and Due by Other Banks ..................... 86,756 12
$419,001 34
Capital Stock ......................................$ 50,000 00
Surplus Fund .......... ............................ 10,000 00
Undivided Profits .................................. 11.855 46
Due Other Banks .................................. 12,500 00
Deposits .......................................... 334,645 88
$419,001 34 l
Comparative Figures 6howlng-Gr*wth During-Two -Years.
Deposits December 31, 1901.........................$122,241 56
Deposits December 31, 1902 ..................-...... 227,547 13
Deposits December 31, 1903 ........................ 334,645 88
Increase of Deposits
$212,404 32
President. Cashier. Vice President.

\Y/'_t_* o T}_ Drugs, Patent Medicines, Per-Wlght & DrO fSn'ieS) Toilel Articiee, Etc.
DRUGGISTS. Phone 56. Tallahassee, Ha.
Basha, Aarak, 329 E. Jefferson Street.
Bash, Hattie, 740 S. Bronough Street.
Bass, Win. A., clerk, 49 N. Monroe Street.
Bassett, Miss Nellie, stenographer, 93 E. Clinton Street
Bates, tee, col., 643 E. Madison Street.
Bates, Lucinda, col., 043 E. Madison Street.
Beard, Mrs. L. G., bds 169 S. Calhoun Street.
Berry, John, col., lab.. Ill X. Bronough Street.
Best." Mrs. Hattie, 153 S. Houndarv.
Belcher. Burton, stn. F. S. C, 357 Boulevard Streel.
Betton. Mrs. M. X.. 2(18 X. Monroe Streel.
Bernard. J. T.. real estate. 241 X. Calhoun Street.
Bernard, Talbot, stenographer. 241 X. Calhoun Street.
Bingham, Kev. J. W., pastor M. E. C, 241 E. McCarty St
Bivens, Delphi, col., 369 X. Duval Street.
The Pleasure is All Ours ^Z^'Z^^Tu
pleases us to show stylish goods, and it just tickles us to see our customtrs pleased. qqjj ^ STUBBS
Blake. Miss Sallie. 504 X. Calhoun Street.
Blake. Miss Blanche. 359 X. Calhoun Street.
Blake, Miss Jessie, bds 296 E. McCarty Street.
Blake. Mrs. ., bds 296 E. McCarty Street.
Blasingamo, \V. P., tur. o]>er., bds 296 E. McCarty Street.
Blasiugame, Mrs. W. P.. 296 E. McCarty Street.
Bloodworth. Annie. 260 S. Macomb Street.
Bloxham. Hon W. D.. 359 X. Calhou nStreet.
Boles. Richard, col., lab.. 238 \V. Tennessee Street.
Bond. Mrs. A. L.. boarders. 208 X. Monroe Street.
Bond, Kale. 208 X. Monroe Street.
Bond. Annie Lloyd, 208 .N. Monroe. Street.
Boner. Florence, col., 65 X. Bronough Street.
Booker. Ewith, col.. 450 X. Bronough Street.
Booker, Ruby. col.. 450 X. Bronough Street.
-Phone 38. Up.Kte Kemper'sStable*-
Rigs in the city. '- JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop.

Wight & Bra, SftSLJfc DRUGGISTS,
Every bottle guarunteed. Phone 56. Tallahassee, Fla*
Bostick, Horace, 50 X. Calhoun Street. Bostick, .Marcus, 50 X. Calhoun Street. Bowen, Lila, col., 158 E. Carolina Slreet. Bowen. C. ().. clerk. "0 S. Boundary.B Bowen. N. M.. reporter, -'70 X. Calhoun Slreet. Bowen, Ethel, stenographer, 270 X. Calhoun Street. Bowen, Edgar, clerk. 270 X. Calhoun Slreet. Bowman, Annie, col.. 12.'t E. Call Street. Branch. Hobt.. col., lab.. 104 YV. Georgia Slreet. Branch, Harriet, col.. 104 \V. Georgia Street. Branch. Carrie, col.. 10 4\V. Georgia Street.
Branch, Gub, col. bell boy, 104 w. Georgia Street.
Branch. Susie, col.. .'17 S. Gadsden Street. Bradford. J. R.. plainer. S06 X. Calhoun Street. Bradford. A. X.. 70.1 S. Gadsden Street.
Heads I Win! ^JSft Corner Drug Store.
eradicating dandruff and preventing loss of hair. I am prepared at 96 S. Monroe St.
R spectfully, Stub's Hair Tonic.
Bradford. Mrs. J. T., 591 E. Virginia Street. Bradley, W. E., farmer, 153 8, Boundary Street. Bradley. Blanche, 1511 S. Boundary Street. Brazil. Willis, hack driver. 770 E. Tennessee Street. Brazil. Lucinda, col.. 770 E. Tennessee Street. Brevard. Dr. E. M.. M. !>.. 577 X. Monroe Street. Brevard. Mary C-. 577 X. Monroe Street. Brevard, Carrie C. 577 X. Monroe Street. Brevard. Jennie. 577 X. Monroe Street. Brewley, Christine, col.. 25 W Georgia Street. Briggs, Fannie, col.. 20 W. Pensacola 'Street. Briggs, John, col., carpenter. 67 W. Jefferson Street. Briggs. Mary. col.. 67 W. Jefferson Street. .Briggs. Robert, col., carpenter. 16 N. Boundary. r Briggs. Xellie, col.. 16 X. Boundary.
JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop. attention.
r's Stables,
Livery and Feed Stables. All orders given prompt attention. PHONE 38.

Wight & Bro.
Phone 56.
Britton, Edward, printer, bds. 389 N. Calhoun Street Brown, J. B., R. R. Conir. bds. Leon Hotel. Brown, Eli, col., lab. 12 E. Tennessee Street. Brown, Louis, col., lab. 142 E. Carolina Street. Brown, Mary, col., lab., 125 E. Carolina Street. Brown, Nelson, col., porter, 15 E. McCarty Street. Brown, Charlotte, col., 15 E. McCarty Street. .Brown, Maria, col., 560 N. Macomb Street. Brown, C. W., well borer, 678 S. Adanis Street. Brown, Louis, col., cgr maker, 145 E. Tennessee Street. Brown, Mary, 145 E. Tennessee Street. Bruce, Marie, col., 380 N. Bronough Street. Bruce, Soloman, col., lab., 650 E. Boundary. Bruce, Margaret, col., 650 E. Boundary. Brumby, F. M., repairer, 15 W. Georgia Street. Bruudydge, Mrs. Mary, 109 X. Duval Street.
PliritV flf R IIUS Competency of the men whc wield I illllj Ul UlUg i tj10 pestle, promptness in getting medicine to patients These are a fw of the reasons
Branson, Jack, engineer, bds.. 14 VV. Games Street. Bryan, Benj. .col., butcher, 16G E. Pensacola Street. Bryan, W. B., 80 E. McCarty Street. Bryan, Lila, 30 E. McCarty Street. Bryan. ( A.. Clerk Ct. Ct., 147 W. Jefferson Street. Bryant. EJla, col.. 158 E. Carolina Street. Bryant. Henry, col., lab., 157 W. Tennessee Street. Bryant, Mamie, col.. 63 W. Tennessee Street. Bryant, Dr. L. H, Vet. Surg., 238 S. Duval Street. Bochanan, T. H., painter. 153 5 S. Boundary. Buchholtz, Prof. F. W., teacher, Dormitory F. C. Buggs, Robert, clerk, 57 W. Clinton Street. Burch. F. C. bookecper, IkIs 169 S. Calhoun Street. Bnrkhardt. John, butcher. 153 E. Clinton Street. Burks, Willie, col., cab mkr.. 307 S. Boulevard. Burks, Annice, col., 307 S. Boulevard.
Kemper's Stables, g4
Livery, Sale and Feed Stables. Heavy hauling.
Phone 38. Funeral Director

Racket Grocery Company
Staple and Fancy Groceries
All orders entrusted to me will have prompt attention.
Phone 88. 40 South Monroe Street.
tallahassee, fla.
....Dealer In____
Gents' Furnishings
Celebrated Hanan Shoes for Men, and
Queen Quality Shoes for Women.
Most Up-to-Date Furnisher in the city.
2 South Monroe Street. TALLAHASSEE, FLA.

"Wfo-fif J8r R*r Agents for Nunnally's Can-
iStirS dies. Best Ice Creams, Sher-
DRUGGISTS. berts, and cool drinks to be
found in the city. - PHONE 56.
Burns, Mack, conductor, 146 E. St. Augustine Street.
Burns, Tony, clerk, 298 E. McCarty Street.
Barney, Win., col., lab., 25 W. Georgia Street.
Burney, Emily, .col., 25 W. Georgia Street.
Burney, Mary, col., 25 W. Georgia Street.
Burke, Nancy, col., nurse. 583 S. Calhoun Street.
Burr, R. Hudson, R. R. Comr., 15 N. Duval Street.
Butts, Dr. J., vet. surg., 347 E. Virginia Street.
Butler, Mrs. M. C, boarders, 46 N. Adams Street.
Butler, S. J., col., mason, 388 S. Gay Street.
Butler, Annie. 388 S. Gay Street.
Butler, Peter, col., lab., 152 E. Virginia Street.
Butler, Rhodie. col., 36 W. Georgia Street.
Byrd, T. B., merchant. 635 S. Calhoun Street.
Byrd, Wro, P., student F. S. G, 635 S. Calhoun Street.
(loath til Ranfirilff H von use Stubb's Hair Tonic you
uedin id uanarim. not be Troub]ed with /an_
druff and consequent evils. Every bottle guaranteed.
Phone 17. CORNER DRUB STORE. cox & stvbbs.
Byrd, Bradford, student F. S. C, 635 S.-Calhoun Street. Byrd. Albert, col., cgr mkr., 185 W. McCarty Street. Byrd, Nellie, col., 697 E. Clinton Street. Byrd, Dan, col., lab., 8 W. Pensacola Street.
Cain, Arthur, col., lab., 40 E. Carolina Street. Cain, Susie, col., 40 B. Carolina Street. Cain, Robert, col., 40 E. Carolina Street. Cain. Matilda, col., 40 E. Carolina Street. Cain, Estelle, col., 174 W. Clinton Street. Calhoun. J. C, teacher F. 'B. C. Dormitory F. S. Co. Campbell. Mary, col., 198 W. Boundary. Campbell, W. C, engineer, 153 S. Boundary.
The Easy Way Zlg^^Z Phone 38.
ding or a funeral, is to call us up, Phone 88, and leave your order. It will have prompt attention.

Campbell, Nathan, col., lab., 579 N. Bronough Street. Canuit Arshen, col., lab., 670 E. Madison Street. Canedy, L. F., 139 E. St. Augustine Street. Caraway, Artie, 503 S. Adams Street. Carlysle, Amos, clerk, 50 S. Bronough Street. Carraway, F. W., turp operator 309 N. Monroe Street Carroll, Miss Clifford, clerk, 35 S. Gadsden Street. Carr, Tom, col., driver, 54 E. Pensacola Street. Carpenter, R. F., merchant, 670 S. Duval Street. Carpenter, Estelle, 670 S. Duval Street Carter. Judge F. B., Judge Sup. Ct, 508 E. McCarty St Carter, Francis B., Jr*, 508 E. McCarty Street Carter. Luther, 109 E. Carolina Street. Carter. L. R-, 109 E. Carolina Street. Carter, Ella, col., 78 YV. Madison Street.
Carter, Howard, col., lab., 126 E. Carolina Street.
Carter, Sarah, col., 126 E. Carolina Street.
Carter. Sam. col., lab., 126 E. Carolina Street
Carter, Willie, col. 126 E. Carolina Street.
Carter. George, engineer, 12 Ev Gaines Street.
Cary, Surrence, col., 155 W. Tennessee Street.
Cary. Venus, col., 85 E. Call Street
Caw. Isahelle. col.. 85 E. Call Street.
Caswell, Edward, col., minister, IIS W. Call Street.
Caswell. Ellen, col.. 119 W. Call Street.
Cates, Win. M.; lumberman. 597 S. Monroe Street.
Cates. B. H.. 597 S. Monroe Street
Cates, B. M-. lumberman 139 W. Clinton Street.
Cates, Alma. 139 W. Clinton Street
Cates. Lalah. 139 W. Clinton Street.
Causseaux. A. Ft. Agt G.F.&A., bds., 49 X. Monroe St.
Microbes in Mourning,
They see their finish in Stubb's Hair Tonic. It kills
all parasites to which scap diseases are due, and stimulates the growth of the hair. Phone 17.
0p. the Corner Drug Store,
j 17. COX & STUBB\
And order the new Four-in-Hand. for your next moonlight party..

Wight & Bto
Most up-to-date line of Sta-*> tionery, Toilet Soups, Combs, Brashes, Etc., in the city.
Cay, Charles, trup. operator, bds., 206 E. McCarty St!
Cay, J. D.. turp. operator, 680 S. Monroe St.
Cay, Miss Johnie, 608 S. Monroe Street.
Cay, .Miss Winnie. 608 S. Monroe Street'.
Cay. Col. Raymond, turp. operator. 688 S.- Monroe St.
Charres, Mis." B. C, 405 N. Adams Street.
(haires, Dock, col., hackdriver. 686 E. Carolina Street.
Chaires, Jessie, col., 686 E. Carolina Street.
Chambers, R6\, col., porter. 580 E. St. Augustine Street.
Chambers. Adeline,, col., 5S0 E. St. Augustine Street
Chancey, W. H., printer 4 E. Madison Street.
Chanc'ey, Miss Gertrude. 4 E. Madison Slreet.
Chancey, A. A., printer, -!.'! E. Carolina Street.
Ch-indler. Mrs. M. II. 750 S. Boulevard Street.
medicine to pntients These are a few of the reasons
why COX & STUBBSare such Corner Drug Store,
popular prescription druggists; pnon? n.
Chapin, Dr. S. B., Chief Clerk, U. S. Survey Genl. Office.
bds. 20& N. Monroe Street Chase, L.; bds. 265 W. Gaines Street. Chatt. Wm.. op]., lab., 350 E. Gaines Street Chavers, J., col., minister. 19 S. Boulevard Street Chavers. Florine, col.. 19 S. Boulevard Street. Chavers, Kosa, col., 19 S. Bronough Street. Cheek, Albert, millman, bds. 597 S. Monroe Street. Cherry. Miss Mamie, 382 X. Monroe Street Cherry, E award, drummer, 3S2 X Monroe Street. Cherry. Dave, col., carpenter, 170 \V. Gainesc Street Chesley. E. G.. elk State Cap., cor Gadsden & Virginia Sts Chester. Tom. col., bar tender. 89 W. St .Augustine St. Childerson. George, printer, 612 S. Boulevard Street Chihls. Win. contractor, 35 E. Clinton Street.
Purity of Drugs
Competency of the men who wield the pestle, promptness in getting
Ring Up Phone 38
And order the new Four-iu-Hand for your next moonlight party.

Under New Management.-*v
Newly Refurnished Throughout.
Most Popular Hotel for Commercial Travelers in the City. Everything Strictly Up-to-Date.
Rates, $2,00 per Day and Upwards..
Write for particulars,
P. 0- Box 896. TALLAHASSEE, FLA.
Bloxham Hotel,
Formerly St. James.

in our line. phviic 36.
ChildH, Miss Emma. 35 E. Clinton Street.
Childs, Miss Lottie, 35 R. Clinton Street.
Childs, Miss Jennie. 35 K. Clinton Street.
Childs, George, contractor, S8 W. Clinton Street.
Chittenden. S. 1).. V. I*. G. M.. C. T. & G.. 588 E. McCarty.
Chittenden, Frisbe, 588 E. McCarty Street.
Chittenden, Miss Gertrude, 588 E. McCarty Street.
Chittenden. Miss Augusta. 5SS 10. MiCarty Street.
Christian, Hev. H. C. Meth. Minister. 124 *X. Adams St.
Clark, W. U., machinist. 8 E. Carolina Street.
Clark. Pinkcy. col., 260 -V Bronough Street.
Chirk. Asa IS.. Student F. S. C. 49 W. Clinton Street!
Chirk. Mrs. . 40 YV. Clinton Street.
Chirk. Writ., bookkeeper. 608 S. Adams Street.
Clark. P. W.. bds.. Bloxham Hotel.
Clark. Iv \V.. Merchant. 412 N. Calhoun Street.
PliritV flf HrilffQ Competency of the men who wield J Ul Ulllgo, th(, ]it,MU: pron.ptn.ss in getting
medicine to patient*. These aio a few of the reasons
why COX A SITBBS a'e Mirh Corner Drug Store,
popuhir prescription druuniHts. phono 17
Olauser, J. W.. foreman S. A. L. shops. 611 S Boundary. Clay, Tempie. col., 257 S. Gadsden Street. Clay, Lizzie, col.. 74 W. St. Augustine Street, ('lay. Hossie. col.. 74 \V. St. Augustine Street. <'layten. Bertha. 640 S. Boulevard Street. Olift, Mrs. Ida M.. bds., ss N. Gadsden Street, dough. Chas. S.. elk State Capitol. 411 S. Duval Slreet. Cobb, 8. E.. Clerk State Capitol, SO \V. Clinton Street. Cobb, Alfred, ool.. barber. 75 W. St. Augustine Street. Oobb. John A., conductor C. T. & G., 15 \V. Gaines St. Cohh. Ool. J. 1\. clerk State Capitol. 509 X. Calhoun St. Cockrell, R. S., Justice Sup. Ct. 508 S. Monroe Street. Cockran, J. F.. rurp operator, 102 E. Madison Street. Ooekran. Frank. 402 E. Madison Street. Cohen, b. E., mixologist. 20 E. Clinton Street. Colbert. Cato, col., lab. 2-10 W. Call Street. Coleman. Mrs. M. J., bds. 240 E. Georgia Street.
PinfT I In Phnno QQ And order the new Fonr-in-Hand nillg Up rllUHC 00 for jour next moonlight pnrty.

Wight & Bro. r^** Drugs and
tW 56, Carefully Mpf|jpinpQ
Tallahassee, Fla. Compounded. ITlCUIljiMCO.
Coleman, Annie, 570 X. Bronough Street.
Coleman, Mary, 571) N. Bronough Street.
Coles, Win., 220 10. Madison Street.
Coles, Frank, Clerk 'Stale Cap. 220 E. Madison Street.
Coles, Chris., col., 220 E. Madison Street.
Collins, John G., 90 E. Clinton Street.
Collins, Oscar, book-keeper, bds., 110 E. Madison Street.
Collins, B. I... druggist,-50 S. Bronough Street.
Collins, Carry, col.. 78 \V. IVnsacola Street.
Collins, Winnie, col., 141 E. McCarty Street.
Combe, John, col., lab.. 120 N. Boundary.
Comers. Kacliael. Col.. 200 N. Bronough Street.
Commody. Ezellc, col., 33 \V. Jefferson Street.
Cone. Steve, col., cigar-maker, 107 E.'Lafayette Street.
Conley, S. C, magnetic healer, 407 N. MacComb Street.
^tllhhc' Upir TfiniP Removes all (landrail' and stops
olUUUb ndll IUIIIU lhe hftil. Jrom falliug out [n
elegant and efficacious remedy, Pnrnor Rnirf Qfftro If it fails we will refund the pur- M" U'U2 chase money. Phone 17. COX & STUBBS.
Cook, Mrs. Lizzie, 405 S. Calhoun Street.
Cook, Geo. E., cigar maker, 405 S. Calhoun Street.
Cook. David M., Student F. S. C, 405 S. Calhoun Street.
Cook, Vance, col., 25 \V. Carolina Street.
"Cooper, ftobert, col., porter, 083 E. Clinton Street.
Cooper, Carpus, col., mason. 375 S. Calhoun Street.
Cooper, Lizzie, cpL, 39 W. Jefferson Street.
Cooper, Ella, col., 39 W. Jefferson Street.
Cooper, Alary, col., 05 W. Jefferson Street.
Cooper, Sallie. col., 05 W. Jefferson Street.
Copeland, Gilbert, col., lab.. 500 X. Boundary Street
Cosey, Jordan, col., lab., 560 N. Bronough Street.
Costa, Thomas, Cus. U. S. Bldg., S W. Clinton Street.
Costa, John T., Clerk State Capitol, 8 W. Clinton Street.
38 Turnout, JOS. DUNCAN.
and enjoy the afternoon driving. Prop.

WIGHT & PRO. Ha^rgins Dggffi
Costa, J. E., Electrician, 31 W. Madison Street.
Costa. Jos.. 63 S. Monroe Street.
Ootrell. Robt., col., lab., 277 X. Bronough Street.
'Cotton. Miss Margaret, bds.. 207 E. Clinton Street.
Cotton, Jessie, col., lab.. 28.0 W. Ijifayette Street.
Courtney, l'eggy. col.. 33 W. Jeffersou Street.
Cox. I>. R., Druggist. 507 X. Duval Street.
Cox. c. II.. printer, 588 X. Duval Street.
Cox. Miss Jessie. 588 X. Duval Street.
Cox. M. A., 588 X. Duval Street.
Cox.. Mi*. Josie, 259 S. Monroe Street.
Cox. Miss Fannie, 259 S. Monroe Street.
Cramer. Rev. F. W.. Baptist Minister. 60 YV. Clinton St
Cravey, c. \v hwrhcr. 00 VV. Jefferson street. Crawford. H. Clay, Secretary of State. 580 S. Duval St. Crawford. Win. B.. Student.'580 Duval Street.
Pip8S, Fine TObaCCOS, ^^uZs Corner Drag
Choice Cigars. a lovr of the Store.
Crawford. John T. Gv Ck. State Capitol. 5811 S. Duval
Chrisi ie. Addje, col.. 285. S. Boulevard Street.
Crittenden. Mrs.. 588 E. McCarty Street.
Croom. A. C. Comptroller. 3(17 X. Calhoun Street.
i 'room. II.. cel.. lab.. 5-1 E. IVnsacola Street.
Croom. Jonna. col.. 54 E. I'eiiwicoln Street.
Cross. Chas.. eol.. lab.. 519 N. Boulevard Street.
Crowder. J. W.. chief police, 510 X. Duval Street.
Cruel. Mary. col.. 152 E. Carolina Street.
Cully, J. V-. 570 X. Duval Street.
Curry. Mrs. J. B.. milliner. 216 S. Monroe Street.
Curl is. Ella, eol.. 150 S. Conehind Street.
Cur!is, Robert, co;.. lab.. 160 W. Madison Street.
T(/>ni^vTc QfflUoc A11 kin<1fl of Turnouts,
temper s StaDies. Trnp^ Buegies. saddle
Horses. Four-in-handB, Etc. JOS. DUNCAN,
Ptone 38. Proprietor.

R. J. EVANS, General Merchandise
Ladies* FurnUhings, KmbroidericB, Ribbons, F.tc.
Men's and Hoy's Ono Price Outfitter from Head to Foot. : : :
Sole Agents for Strouse Floraheim and Keith Konqueror Shoes, and other brands. Headquarters for Trunks, Suit Cases, Walking Canes, Umbrellas, Ktc.
Phone 116. - Tallahmwe. Fla.

WIGHT & BRO. Htt,,dle e^fchi"s Dmggists,
__111 our Phone 56.
Damon, Frank, civil engr., 275 N. Calhoun- Street. Damon, Herman, 190 E. Clinton Street. Damon, Miss Mary, 1% E. Clinton Street. Damon, Win., civil engr., 10b* E. Clinton Street. Damon. Miss Annie. 100 E. Clinton Street. Daniels, John, col., lab., 02 VV. St. Augustine Street. Danzy, John, col., electrician. 580 E. Lafavette Street. Darkins, Mary, col., 8 E. Call Street. Darling, Brista, col., lab., 128 W. Tennessee Street. Davis, G. 1., contractor, Merchant, 243 \V. Jefferson St. Davis, G. M., book-keeper, 07 W. Clinton Street. Davis. Miss Eloise, stenegrapher, 07 W. Clinton Street. Davis. Mrs. W. H., 107 E. St. Augustine Street.
PUfitV Of DrU'^S Competency f the men who wield m j ui uiugOj ^],e pQ3tie, promptness in getting
medicine to patients. These are a few of the reasons why COX A STUBBS are such Corner Drug Store, popular prescription druggists. phone 17.
Davis, Wm., col., lab., 089 E. Carolina Street. Davis, Ruberta, cal., 689 E. Carolina Street. Davis, Richard, col., lab., 270 W. St. Augustine Street. Davis, Chas., col., lab., 325 W. Gaines Street. Davis, J. W., col., lab., 93 W. Virginia Street. Davis, H. tr col., lab., 93' W. Virginia Street. Davis, Lizzie, col., 150 E. Pensacola Street. Davis, Manda, col., 273 W. Lafayette Street. Davis, Sarah, col.. 25 X. Boundary. x Davis, Polly, col., 211 S. Gadsden Street. Hawkins. Mrs. Crosby, 94' E. McCarty Street. Dawkins, Minnie, col.. 35 E. Georgia Street. Deberry. Mrs. M. E.. 15 W. Gaines Street. Demetre. S-. merchant. 188 S. Monroe Street. "Demetre. Abraham, merchant. 188 S. Monroe Street. Demetre, Joseph. Merchant, 188 S. Monroe Street. Demilly. W. H.. teacher, 7 Clinton Street.
Dinnr lln PhnnO Qft Ar,d order the new Four-in-Hand nillg Up rilUHB 00 for y.mr next moonlight party.

Ring ap Piioae For a DOX of Freeh Nunnally's Caudies or some of the best Ice 56 Cream in the minilT 0 Onn
City of Tallahassee. WlbH I 06 DhU.
Demilly, W. A., Tax Collector, 206 X. Gadsden Street. Demilly, J. F., merchant, 49 W. Clinton Street. Demilly, Lonis, merchant 49 W. Clinton Street. Demilly, R. 49 W. Clinton Street. Deinot, G. P., mechanic, 43 W. Gaines Street. Denard, Mrs. Lee, 08 N. Duval Street. Dent, Arthur, col., lab., 172 E. Carolina Street. -Dent, Chas., bartender, 95 W. Jefferson Street. Diamond. J., merchant, 4 *s\ Monroe Street. Diamond. Sydney, clerk, 4 K. Monroe Street. Dickerscn. C H.. See. Gov., 406 N. Monroe Street. Dickey, Wyche, Student F. S. C. 108 E. St. Augustine St. Dil worth. Benj. col., minister. 035 E. Jefferson Street. Donalson. Alfred. coL. drayman, 223 X. Macomb Street. Dorman. J. F.. clerk State Capitol. 091 E. Call Street.
Does Your Hair Fall Out?
anteed to prevent loss of hair Corner Drtfg Store, Phone 17,_COX&S1UBBS.
Dorsey, Mary, col., 57 N. Copeland Street.
Dorsey. Mamie, col.. 33 X. Adams Street.
Douglass, Henry, col., cook, 43 W. St. Augustine Street.
Duling. John. col., lab.. 354 W. Madison Street.
Duling. Robert, col., lab., 387 W. Madison Street.
Duke, E. F., Mgr. Leon Hotel, bds. Leon Hotel.
Duncan, Joseph, undertaker. 242 N. Calhoun Street.
Duncan, J., 491 N. Boulevai'd Street.
Duncan. James. 123 E. Tennessee St.
Duncan. Win.. 354 W. Gaines Street.
Dunn. R. C. Secv R. 11. Com., bds.. 49 N. Monroe Street.
Duval. J. W.. Merchant. 107 S. Calhoun Street.
Duval. Eugene. Merchant. 107 S. Calhoun Street.
Duval. Frank, Merchant, 107 S. Calhoun Street.
The Easy Way Phone 38.
ding or a funeral, is to call us up. Phone 88, and .leave your order. It will have prompt attention.

Eaines, Miss Margaret, 208 X. Monroe street. Eekles, Annie, col., 180 Gay Street. Edmondson, J. A., laweyr, 205 N. Monroe. Edmondson, Mrs. L.. 205 N. Monroe. Edmondson, J. W., stenographer, 205 N. Monroe. Edmondson. Miss Jessie. 205 X. Monroe. Edmondson, Geo., col., mason, 247 E. Gaines Street. Edwards, Henry, col., lab., 40 W. Georgia Street. Edwards. Eugene, col., lab.. 55 W. Georgia Street. Edwards^ Melissa, col.. 206 S. Gadsden Street. Edwards, Wm., col., cook, 49 W. Jefferson Street. Edwards, Chas., col., lab., 172 X. Boulevard Street. Edwards, Miss Carrie, 390 N. Calhoun Street.
PliritV flf HrilfK Competency of the men who wield TUIIIJ Ul UIU&O, the |)egti(N promptness in getting
medicine to patients. These a*f a few of the reasons why COX Phone i7.
Edwards, William, col., mason, 260 W. Call Street.
Edwards, J. H., cook, F. S. C., 20 W. Lafayette Street.
Elliott, Henry S.. ck. Com. Agri.. 594 E. Virginia Street.
Elliott, Fred, civil cneineer, 594 E. Virginia Street.
Elliott. Miss Edith. 594 E. Virginia Stueet.
Elliott. Robt., telegraph operator. 282 S. Bronough Street
Ellis. W. H., Attorney-General, bds 474 S. Duval Street.
Ellis, David, nt. wch., Capitol, 593 E. Madison Street.
Eppes. Mrs. W. R 49 S. Boulevard.
Eppes, Miss Susie, 49 S. Boulevard Street.
Eppes, Frank, 49 S. Boulevard.
Evans, Susie, col., 740 S. Bronough Street.
Evans. Indiana, col., 37 N. Adams Street.
Evans, Fannie, col., 475 Nr. Boulevard.
Evans, R. J., merchant, 50 N. Duval Street.
Evans, T. N.,.clerk, 50 N. Duval Street.
Ring up Phone 38
e new Four-in-Hand moonlight party.

Dealer in
House Furnishing Goods, Mill Supplies, Building Material, Paints, Oils, Varnishes,. Glass, Turpentine Tools.
Fire Arms and Ammunition a Specialty
I. MARCUS, Steam ? Bottling Works-
Phone 189. Tallahassee, Fla.
Florida Cotton Oil Co,f
Manufacturers o
Cotton Seed Meal, Oil* Hulls and Linters
Mills at Jacksonville, Fla., and TallnhnaReo, FJa.

Wiallt & RrnQ l'"re Dril&s nnd ChemioalB, W1SUI uru&'' Toilet Goods, Fine Station-
DRUGGISTS- ery, Cigars and Tubacco.
Evans, R. J. Jr., student F. 8. C, 50 X. Duval Street. Evans, A. C., student F. S. C, 50 N. Duval Street. Everett, Ellen, 19 E. St. Augustine Street. Everoad, J., telegraph operator, 85 X. Monroe Street.
Fairbanks, Ruby, 347 E. Virginia Street. Fairbanks, B. 1)., carpenter. 589 10. JclTerson Street, rairlianks, Mis. N. 589 E. Jefferson Street. Fairbanks, Mrs. B. P., 589 E. Jefferson Street. Farrier, J. L., deputy sheriff, 260 S. Macomb Street. Farrier, F. G., 260 S. Macomb Street. Feacher, Lucinda. col.. 189 E. Tennessee Street. Felkel, Russell, stu. F. S. C, 173 E. Tennessee Street.
Death to Dandruff.
draff and consequent evils. Every bottle guaranteed.
Phone 17. CORNER DRU6 STORE. cox & stubbs.
Felkel, Herbert, stud. F. S. C, 173 E. Tennessee Street.
Felker, Miss Georgia, 173 E. Tennessee Street.
Felker, II. T.. Tax Assessor, 625 S .Adams Street.
Fenn, J. II.. police officer. 70 S. Boulevard Street.
Fenn, Miss Maude, 70 S. Boulevard Street.
Fenn, Archer, clerk, 70 S. Boulevard Street.
Fenn, Zack, clerk, 206 N. Gadsden Street.
Ferrell, Marie, col., 150 E. Madison Street.
Ferrell, Amelia, 405 S. Monroe Street.
Ferrell, Robert, col., porter. 380 E. Gaines Street.
Ferrell, J. D.. blacksmith, 25 S. Boulevard Street.
Ferrell. Joseph, printer. 25 S. Boulevard Street. -
Ferrell. Beubih. 25 S. Boulevard Street.
Ferrell, A. 8., clerk. 105 X. Monroe Street.
Fields. Lula. col., 649 E. Jefferson. Street. '_
Kemper's Stables, ^SSi ^tJS
jos. Duncan, Prop. Plttne 38. Funeral Olrector

"WJo-k-f Jfcr Agents for Nunnally's Can-
TTlgfll DTO.f dieg Beat Ice Creams, Sher-
DRUGGISTS. berts, and cool drinks to be
found in the city. ... PHONE 56.
Fields, Daisy, col., 281 W. Gaines Street.
Fish. Mrs. II. A., 72 \V. Gaines Street.
Fisher, Sam, col., lab., 170 N. Boulevard Street.
Fisher. Li 11a. col., 7 W. Jefferson Slreet.
Fitzgiles. Jack, col., drayman. 5S3 N. Macomb Street.
Fitzgiles, Henry, col., painter, 143 E. Lafayette Street.
Fitzgiles, Julia, col., 143 E. Lafayette Street. Fitzgiles. Theodore, cigar maker. 143 E. Lafayette Street. Fit/.giles. Fred, painter. 108 W. Jefferson Street. Fitzgiles. Mamie, 108 W. Jefferson Street. Fitzgiles. A. \\\. 707 S. Adams Street. Flapg, Miss Annie, 220 E. Madison Street. Flntteaur, Max. jeweler, bds 200 E. Jefferson Street. Flemming. Forney, mechanic. 130 []. St. Augustine St. Fleming. Edward, col., swman. 255 \V. St. Augustine St.
Microbes in Mourning. '^Jn^ZJ'nWu
all parasites to which scalp dis- nArnor nrihT ttflrQ eases are due, and stimulates the UUIIIGI UlUfc^ OlUlCr
growth of the hair. Phone 17. COX & STUBBS.
Fletcher, G. S"., bds 49 N. Monroe Street.
Fletcher, Richard, lab., 140 \V. Jefferson Street.
Fletcher, Allie. 146 \V. Jefferson Street.
Fletcher, Phoebe, 146 W. Jefferson Street.
Flipper, F. C, col., cgr. mkr., 140 E. Pensacola Street.
Flucus. Solomon, col., drayman. 100 \V. Call Street.
Footman, Clara, col., lab.. 533 E. Lafayette Street.
Footman. Maude, col., 543 X. Bronough Street.
Footman, Rebecca, col., 25 W. Georgia Street.
Forbes. J. M., 75 E. Virginia Street.
Ford. Gibbs. col., hack driver. 128 \V. Tennessee Street.
Ford, John, col., barber, 450 X. Corpland Street.
Ford, Clemmy, eol., 450 X. Corpland Street.
Ford. Maggie, col.. 550 S. Macomb Street.
Dinrr nn Phnno QQ And order the new Four-in-Hand Wig UP niUIIB 00 for vour next moonlight party.

Wltfht & Bro. Ha,^le ev,er-vthine Druggists *&Lxy v' in our line. pbone 56.
Ford, George, eol., bartender-; 550 S. Macomb Street. Forrest. Emma, eol., 75 W. Georgia Street. Forsyth, Win., man Elee. Lt. Co. ,470 S. Monroe Street. Foster, J. C. K., Adjutant-General, bds Ix'on Motel. Fosunn. Caroline; eol.. 663 E. Tennessee Street Francis. Eddie, col., cgr. nikr., 273 X. Boulevard Street. Frank, George, col., Butcher, 160 S. Bronough Street. Franklin, Win., col., carpenter, 120 W. Clinton Street. Franklin. Amelia, col., 123 W. Tennessee Street. Franklin, Jessie, col.. 123 W. Tennessee Street. Franklin. Annie, col.. 170 E. Clinton Street. Franklin. Lizzie, col'., 170 E. Clinton Street. Franklin. Laura, col., 030 E. Lafayette Street. Frazier, Thos.. col., lab.. 5S0 S. Macomb Street. Freeland. W. M.. col:, barber. 123 E. McCarty Street.
PlintW flf Fl HIK Competency of the men Avne wield rimij Ul cil0 pe3,|e> promptness in getting
medicine to patients These are a few of the reasons
whv cox stubbs are such Corner Drug Store,
popular prescription druggists. Pnonc 17.
Fuller. Robt., col., mason, 275 W. St. Augustine Street. Furcht. E. C, bookbinder. 04 E. Gaines Street.
Gagern. Isaac, col., lab.. 305 W. Madison Street. Gallcn. Annfi, col., 507 S. Gadsden Street. Gallen. Liza. eol.. 010 S. Macomb Street. Gallic. Miss Xannie. 72 X. Adams Street. Gamble. R. J[.. 207 E. Clinton Streer. Gamble. Solomon, col., lab.. 754 S. Bronough Street. Gamble, Synd.v, col., 754 S. Brommgh Street. Gaines. Win., eol.. lab.. 54 E. Georgia Street. Gaines. Isaac, col.. lab., 700 E. St. Augustine Street. Gaines. Lea. col.. 700 E. St. Augustine Street. Gaines, Sally, col.. 700 E. Si. Augustine Street.
K'pmnPf'c livery and Feed Stables.
temper s dTames, A11 or(Ws given prompfc
JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop. attention. PHONE 38.

Dealtr in
Fine Cigars and Tobacco. Fancy Candies, Fruits and Vegetables.
Phone 161. Clinton Street. Tallahassee, Fla.
Iron Beds, Mattresses, Matting," Lace Curtains and Window Shades, Carpets, Rugs, Dinrng Room and Parlor Furniture. Agents for the Globe-Wernecke Book Case and Filing Cabinet.
Picture Frames Made to Order

Wight & Bro 1,1

Wight & Bro.,
The Plsare I' ill Oars /' 1 1
'' ' r'1''1 1 '"' '"COX &"sTUBBSi

Ttic Leading Grocers,^ u^W
E. 1). LOWE,
Contractor ano

WIGHT & BRO. Ma,t oJTiS'Drtfgsists'
ffi_111 QUI IlllH.i _Phone sW
Hall, Herbert, col., b'km'an S. A. L. R. K< 862 W Gaines. I In 11. Aaron, col., lab.. 12 \V. Lafayette Street. Hall. Eseau, col., carpenter, 12 \V. Lcii'ayetle. Hall. Maggie, col., 12 W. Lafayette Street. Hall. John, col., carpenter, 274 W.Call Street. Hamden, Ida col., 072 E. Boundary. Hamilton. Addie, col., 65 W. Pensacola Street. Hamlin, John, clerk, 282 S. Bronough Street. Hamet, J. B. lab., 137 E. Jefferson Street. Mampleton, Tump. col.,, 76 W. (ieorgia Street. Hancock, C. T., liveryman. 47!) S. Monroe Street. Handley, H. J., cigar-packer, 130 E. Ceorgia Street, llandley. C. R.. 112 E. (ieorgia Street. Handshaw. Ellen, col.. 274 W. Call Street. Handshaw, Margaret, col.. 503 E. St. Augustine Street. Hanes, Jolin llewry, col., dairyman, 412 N, Calhoun St. Hanes. (Maude, printer, 307 E Clinton Street.
PliritV flf (lrillK Competency of the men who wield I UIIIJ Ul UIU&O, t])fl peat,],.; 1>romptn,..ss in getting
medicine to patients. These are a few of the reasons
why COX & STCBBS are such Corner Drug Store,
popular prescription druggists. phone 17
llankerson. J. B. col., minister, ISO X. Boulevard Street.
Hardee, Fred, drug clerk, bds., Leon Hotel.
Harden. Ellen, col., 142 E. Carolina Street.
Hargrett, J. H. eol., teacher. 2(17 W. Lafayette Street.
Harper, M. S., teacher, bds., Dormitory F. S. C.
Harper, A. S., photographer. 410 E. Madison Street.
Harris, Julia, col., 140 W. McCarty Street.
Harris, Wm., eol., drayman, 140 W. McCarty Street.
Harris Arena, lol., 662 E. Madison Street.
Harris Eliza, col., 590 S. Boulevard Street.
Harrison, Theodore, col., carpenter, 185 W. McCarty St.
Harrison, Mary, col., 185 W. McCarty Street.
Harrison, Stanford, col., carpenter 135 W. McCarty St.
Hart, Cristilla. col., 19 E. Georgia Street.
Hart, Mdnerva, col., 19 E. Georgia Street.
Hart, Luey, col., 19 E. Georgia Street. V Qa <
Qinrr lln Phnno QQ ^nd order the new Four-in-Hand milg UU rIIUIIC OO for your next moonlight party.

Drugs and Medicines.
Hart, Marshall, col., lab., 80 W. Carolina Street. Hartt, Henry, col., lab., 65 E. Jefferson Street. Hartt, Harry D., merchant, 40 E. Clinton Street. Hartt, Mrs. Harry D., 40 E. E. Clinton Street. Hartsfield, Mauda, 146 W. Jefferson Street. Hartsfield, Luther, merchant, 138 W. Jefferson Street. Hartsfield, Mrs. Florence, 138 W. Jefferson Street. Hartsfield, Mrs. Emma, 112 E. Georgia Street. Hartsfield Lee, lab., 112, E. Georgia Street. Hatchett, Edith, col., 534 S. Macomb, Street. Hawkins, darey, col., hackdriver, 50 W. Lafayette Street. Hawkins, Rachael, col., 283 W. St. Augustine Street. Hawkins, Cornelia, col., 40 W. Madison Street. Hawkins George, col., lab., 195 S. Boluevard Street. Hayes, Ella, col., 294 W. Tennessee Street.
Hayes, Mary, col., 243 S. Duval Street. Hayes, Gussie, col., 435 S. Macomb Street. Hayes, Mrs. Lucy, bds., 296 E. McCarty Street. Hedgeman, Frank, col., carpenter, 225 W. Tennessee St. Henderson, John A., lawyer, 518 S. Adams Street. Henderson, Dave, col., lab., 360 S. Boulevard Street. Henderson, Lila, col., 535 S. Maomb Street. Henderson, Wiley, col., barber, 135 W. McCarty Street. Henderson, John W. lawyer, 335 S. Monroe Street. Henderson, Heyward, col., 663 E Tennessee Street. Henderson, Sarah, col., 569 E Tennessee Street. Henderson, Nancy, col., 589 E. Tennessee Street. Henderson, Lizzie, col., 97 W. Tennessee Street. Henderson, Julia, col., 247 W. Virginia Street.
Ring p pw For a KEMPER'S STABLES,
-5 swell
00 Turnout,
and enjoy the afternoon driving.

Hendon, George, col., butcher, 80 VV. Tennessee Street. Hendon, Reuben, col., lab., 156 W. Call Street. Hendon, Jas., eol., butcher, 444 N. Corpland Street. Hendon, Robt., col., 570 N. Macomb Street. Hendricks, Maria, col., 167 E. McCarty Street. Henly, Minnie, eol., 289 W. Lafayette Street. Henrick, Hilliard, col., blacksmith. 153 W. Tennessee St. Henry, Annie, col., 31 W. Jefferson Street. Henry, F. S., Street Contractor, 160 S. Duval Street. Henton, Patsy, col., 675 E. Carolina Street. Henton, Lidia, col., 317 W. Madison Street. Henton, Mallory, col., lab., 282 S. Corpland Street.. Herndon, Mrs. Fannie, 708 S. Calhoun Street. Herndon, G. W. 708 S.C alhoun Street. Herndon, S. S. col.. Minister. 635 S. Boulevard Street.
Herriman, Miss Viva, milliner, 34 W. Clinton Street. Herring, R. C, 648 S. Boulevard Streetr Herring, Miss Gussie, 46 N. Adams Street. Hiatt, A. G. carpenter, 347 E. Virginia Street. Hickland, Randor, col., carpenter 398 S. Macomb. Hidden. Mrs. D. E. 49 N. Monroe Street. Hightower, R. E., merchant, 209 E. Jefferson Street. Hightower. David, clerk, 209 E. Jefferson Street. Hill, Henry, col., carpenter, 142 E. Carolina Street. Hill, Richard, col., lab.. 591 E. Tennessee Street. HSU, S. J., 3 5N. Dnval Street. Hills, Levenia, col., 291 W. Gaines Street. Hilson, I. B.; State Printer. 387 N. Calhoun Street. Hilson, Henry H.. student at F. S. C, 387 N. Calhoun St. Hines, Lorell, 50 S. Macomb Street. Hines, J. F. R. R., 198 W. Clinton Street.
Qfakfoc All kinds of Turnouts, OU101I. Traps, Buggies, 'Saddle
hands, Etc. JOS. DUNCAN,
Horses, Four-in-hands, Etc. Phone 38,

C. T. HANCOCK, Proprietor.
House Phone 5*9.
Most iip-ip/cfate turnouts in the city.
Teams Furnished Promptly.
Special attention given to orl( ra for hunting tea'ui*.
Phon 79.
Tallahassee, Fla.
El Prcvedo Cigar Factory,
Manufacturers of
Clear Havana Cigars
General Merchants \
Fancy and Staple Groceries a Specialty. Lowest prices.
Phone 119.
No. 8 S. Monroe St.

wight & bro. *^ *jg^ *srt*
ill dili mil*. Phone 56.
Hinton, Hayward, col., lab., 569 E. Tennessee Street.
Hinton, Sterling, lab., 60 W. Lefayette Street.
Hinton, Charles, col., lab., 142 W. St. Augustine St.
Hirschberg, J., Prop. El Provedo Cig. Fac, 308 N. Monro'
Hives, Morgan, col., lab., S5 W. Lafayette Street.
Hix, Abbie, ool., 3S7 N. .Madison Street.
Hix, Maude, col., 372 E. Madison Street.
Hix, James, eol., lab., 372 E. Madison Street.
Hix, Louisa, col., 281 W. Gaines Street.
Hocker, Judge W. A., Justice Sup. Ct. 169 S. Calhoun St.
Hodges, J. J., TJ. S. Commissioner, 65 N. Duval Street.
Hodges, \V. C, lawyer, 65 N. l>uval Street.
Ilogati, Mrs. Fannie, 106 N. Gadsden Street.
Holland, Ernest, col., cigar-maker. 550 S. Boulevard St.
Hong. Joe, Chinaman Laundry-man, 378 E. McCarty St.
nopkins, John, 315 E. Carolina Street.
Hopkins, Suwanee, col., 47 E. McCarty Street.
medicine to patients. These are a few gf the reasons why COX & STl'BBS are such Corner Drug Store, popular prescription druggists. phone 17.
Hopkins, Mrs. Arvah, 189 X. Calhoun Street. Hopkins, ("has., Sheriff, 189 X. Calhoun Street. Horton, John, plumber, 749 S. Calhoun Street. Houston, Ceorge, col., lab., 001 E. Lafayette St. Houston. Ceo., col., lab.. (".07 S. (iadsden Street. Howard. R. P.. broker. 510 S. Duval Street. Howard. Christopher, col.. Waiter, 47 W. Jefferson Street. Huff. I... clerk, bds Bloxham Hotel. Hughes. \V. \V.. teacher. 1'. 8. <'.. bds Dormitory. Hugon, Father. Jos. L., Cath Priest, 280 E. Georgia St. Humphries, Henry, col., lab.. 125 X. Bronough Street; Hunter, Annie, col.. 260 X. Bronough Street. Hunter. Lucy.Col.. 780 S. Boulevard Street. Hunter, Emma, col.. 53 X. Bronough Street.

Ring Up Phone 38 \
And order the r.ew Four-in-Hand for your next moonlight party.

Ring up pixoat Fr a box of Fresli Nunnally'B Candies' or some of the best Ice 56 Cream in the uiiniiT 0 onn
City of Tallahassee. - Wlurll 06 DnU.
Innis, Patsy, col., 72 W. Tennessee Street. Isler, Wm.. col., painter, 03 E. Lafayette Street. Isler, Bell, col., 03 E. Lafayette Street.
Jackson, R., col., lab., 53 E. Georgia Street. Jackson, James, col., lab., 53 E. Georgia Street. Jackson, Wilson, col., lab., 158 W. Georgia Street. Jackson, James, col., lab., 208 W. Call Street. Jackson, Sam, col., farmer, 49 W. McCarty Street.
You should use Stubbs' Hair Tonic It is guaranteed to prevent loss of hair Corner Drug Store., Phone 17. COX & STUBBS.
Does Your Hair Fall Out?
Jackson, Annie, col., 141 E. McCarty Street. Jackson, Mrs. II., 89 E. Clinton Street. Jackson, Miss Leila, clerk, 89 E. Clinton Street. Jackson, William. 89 E. Clinton Street. Jackson, Peggie, col., 57 W. McCarty Street. Jackson. Delia, col.. 598 E. Jefferson Street. Jackson, Porter, col., fireman, 349 W. Gaines Street. Jackson, Minerva, col.. 277 N. Bronough Street. Jacobs, Alex., mixologist. 142 S. Calhoun Street. James, S. C, merchant, 139 S. Calhoun Street. James, Mamie, col-.. 40 W. Madison Street. James, Mary, col.. 543 N. Adams Street. James. E. K.. painter, 485 S. Duval Street. Jandon, S. W., co!., lab., 26 W. Lafayette Street.
The Easy Way Phone 38.
ding or a funeral, is to call us up. Phone R8, and leave your o-dpr. It will have prompt attention."

WIGHT & bad. ha"dle ev,!r>'thil,s Droggistsf
III Will ** Ul" 111 Olir line Phone 56.
Jefferson, Charlie, col., lab., 26'W. Tennessee Street. Jefferson, Jennie, col., 98 W. Pensacola Street. Jefferson, Thomas, col., lab., 577 X. Bronough Street. Jemes, Margaret, col., 145 W. Call Street. Jenkins, Grace, col., 667 E. Jefferson Street. Jenkins, James, col., cook, 667 E. Jefferson Street. Jenkins, Julia, col., 580 E. Lafayette Street. Jenkins, Win., c.ig mkr, 313 N. Corpland Street. Jenkins, B. J., col., minister, 250 W. Georgia. Jenkins, B. J., col., mail carrier, 169 S. Bronough Street. Jenkins, Osman, col., carpenter, 513 X. Bronough Street. Jennings, W. S., Gov. of Fla., 441 E. McCarty Street. Jerry, Dr. AS., col., M. D.', 9 E. Lafayette Street. Johnson. Luta, col., 7 E. Georgia Street. Johnson, Sam, col., 60 W. Georgia Street. Johnson, Willis, col., lab., 108 E. Carolina Street.
PliritV fit RrilO'^ Competency of the men who wield IUIIIJ Ul UlUgo, tjie pestle, promptness in getting medicine to patients. These are a few of the reasons why COX & STUBBS are such Corner Drug Store, popular prescription druggists. Phone 17.
Johnson, Mary, 315 E. Carolina Street. Johnson, Chas., col., lab., 580 X. Bronough Street. Johnson, Henry, col., lab., 580 X. Bronough Street. Johnson, Alex, col., 580 X. Bronough Street. Johnson, Sarah, col.. 162 W. McCarty Street. Johnson, Edward, col., lab., 162 W. McCarty Street. Johnson, Annie, col., 390 S. Corpland Street. Johnson, Phoebe, col., 292 W. St. Augustine Street. Johnson, Susan, col., 387 W. Madison Street. Johnson, Andrew, col., lab., 160 W. Madison Street. Johnson, Geo. W.,. lab., 90 E. Gaines Street. Johnson, Nellie, col., 47 E. McCarty Street. Johnson, James, col., grave digger, 79 E. McCarty Street. Johnson, John, col., cook, 73 E. McCarty Street. Johnson, Edmund, col.. lab.\ 132 W. Clinton Street. Johnson, Estella, col., 64 W. Tennessee Street. .
Cinir lin Phnno QQ And order the new Four-in-Hand
mug uu niuiiG oo for your next mooniight party.

T. B.
Grocer and Confectioner
Highest Grade of Canned Goods and Prosor .-s in the city. Fancy Biscuits. Candies, Cigars and Tobacco.
Fishing > Tackle a Specialty
Dealer* in
Wagons, Buggies and Harness.
Call and examine our Rolling Stock.
Easy Payments.
Box 888. Phone No. 15.

Wiofit Rt RfHQ Pure Dn,88 and Chemicals, Wlgm OT DTOfy,, Toilet Goods, Fine Station-
DRUGGISTS. ery, Cigars and Tobacco. -
Johnson, Amelia, col., 38 W. Tennessee Street. Johnson, Jane, 123 E. Call Street. Johnson, Jennie, col., 689 E. Clinton Street. Johnson, Silvy, col., 580 E. Lafayette Street. Johnson, Alex, col., blksmth, 508 N. Macomb Street. Johnson, William, col., lab., 592 N. Boulevard Street. Johnson, Hester, col., 350 N. Bronough Street. Johnson, Paul, clerk P. 0.. 46 N. Adams Street: Johnson, Frank, col., lab., 400 S. Macomb Street. Johnson. Kobt., clerk P. O., 46 N. Adams Street. Johnson, Miles H., farmer, 2S0 N. Monroe Street. Johnson, Miles H, Jr., merchant, 280 N. Monroe Street. Johnson, W. F.. col., cgr nikr, 778 S. Monroe Street. Johnston, "John, eng S. A. L.. 305 E. Call Street. Johnston. Miss Letitia. 305 E. Call Street.
ripflth tn Danrirtlff if vou use Stubbs' Hair Tonic you UGdlll III UdllUIUll. wij, m be Troul)]ed with dandruff and consequent evils Every bttJo guaranteed.
Phone 17. CORNER DRUG STORE. cox & stubbs.
Johnston, Glover, druggist, 305 E. Call Street.
Johnston. Kent J., student F. S. C. 305 E. Call Street.
Joiner, Madison, col., lab., 538 N. Macomb Street.
Jones, Mary, col.. 30 W. Call Street. -
Jones, Alice, col.. 75 W. Georgia Street.
Jones. Ethel, col., 435 S. Macomb Street.
Jones, W. Hi, col., carpenter, 109 X. Macomb Street.
Jones, Miss Lula, 192 S. Adams Street.
Jones, Miss Henrietta, 23 E. Call Street.
Jones, Mary, col, 534 S. Macomb Street.
Jones, Walter, col., lab., 171 E. Clinton Street.
Jones, Matthew, col., lab., 190 W. Gaines Street.
Jones. Laura, col., 690 S. .Macomb Street.
Jones, Obediah, col., cgr makr. 308 S. Boulevard Street.
Jones, James, col., lab., 308 S. Boulevard Street.
Kemper's Stables, ^K. Hfc^SS
jos. duncan, Prop. Phone. 38 Funeral Director.

Wio-fif At "R*n Agents for Nunnally's Can-YTlglll t, oru., dies Best Ice Creams, Sher-
DRUGGISTS. berts, and cool drinks to be
found in the city. ----- PHONE 56.
Jones, John, col., teacher, 342 N. Bronough Street. Jones, Robert, col., lab., 537 N. Bronough Street. Jordan, Celena, col., 579 N. Bronough Street.
Kaisar. Win,, col., carpenter, 596 E. Jefferson Street. Kaisar, Wm., col., carpenter, 533 E. Lafayette Street. Karam, A. J., merchant, 254 S. Monroe Street. Kemp, Mary, col., 152 E. Virginia Street. Kemp, Ella, col., 560 N. Macomb Street. Kemper, Mrs. J. C., 296 E. McCarty Street. Kendrall, Miss Mattie, 30 W. McCarty Street. Kennard, Miss N. A., 485 N. Duval Street. Kerr, Clem, city edi. Capital. 387 N. Calhoun Street. Kilpatrick, Joseph, col., lab., 144 W. Call Street.
Microbes in Mourning. a/Li^?"^
all parasites to which scalp dis- Onrnpr [\r\irt RtfirO eases are due, and stimulates, the -UUIIIol UlUg dlUIUj
growth of the hair. Phone 17. COX & STUBBS.
Kilpatrick, John, col., lab., 138 W. Call Street.
King, William, col., S. A. L. fireman, 340 Gay Street
King, Celest, col., 26 W. Lafayette Street.
Kinsey, Mrs. F. N., 88 W. Gaines Street.
Kline, Mrs., 441 E. McCarty Street.
Knight, William, col., lab., 134 W. St. Augustine Street.
Knight, Robt, col, dairyman, 412 N. Calhoun Street.
Knight, Emma, col, 49 W. Tennessee Street.
Knight, Maggie, col., 49 W. Tennessee Street.
Knight, Eddie, col., lab., 79 W. Jefferson Street.
Lacer, Mrs. A. B., 109 N. Duval Street. Lamb, Mrs. F. R., proprietor Leon Hotel.
Rinff tin PhnilP Qft And order the new Fnur-in-Hand
mug up ruuiiB oo for your next moon]ight party

Wioht Rr Rrn Handle everything Druggists
?Y AgXAl VX XJLKJ, j Qur jme _J>toae 36.
Ladder, Rosa, col., 38 W. Georgia Street.
Lang, Gen. D., elk State Treas. office, 169 S. Calhoun St.
Lang, Paul, 40 S. Monroe Street.
Larkin, Rebecca, col., 32 E. Call Street.
I.ark ins. Thos., col., drayman, 37 N. Adams Street.
Larkins, Willie, col., 37 N. Adams Street.
Larkins, Lilly, col., 360 S. Boulevard Street.
Larrie, Francis, col., 153 W. Tennessee Street.
Lee, Homer, col., fireman, 35 W. St. Augustine Street.
Lee, Biner, col., 35 W. St. Augustine Street.
Lee, Henry, col., lab., 509 S. Macomb Street.
Lee, Viola, col., 509 S. Macomb Street.
Lee, John, col., lab., 535 S. Macomb Street.
Lee, Berta, col., 535 S. Macomb Street.
Lee, Lim, engineer, 405 S. Macomb Street.
Leonard, Flip, col., 688 E. Carolina Street.
PliritV flf ririlD'S Competency of the men whe wield I UIIIJ Ul UlUga, tne pe8tjgj promptness in getting
medicine to patients. These are a few of the reasons
whv cox & stvbbs are such Corner Drog Store,
popular prescription druggists. ptone 17.
Lester, T. W., clerk, 139 S. Calhoun Street. Lester, Jos. T., clerk, 139 S. Calhoun Street. Lester, Henry P., clerk, 139 S. Calhoun Street. Levy, Win., merchant, 467 S. Duval Street. Levy, Aaron, merchant, 209 S. Calhoun Street. Levy, Harriss, merchant. 108 S. Calhoun Street. Lewis, W. C, banker, 511 E. McCarty Street. Lewis, Miss Clara, 511 E. McCarty Street. Lewis, Mrs. B. C, 557 E. McCarty Street. Lewis, Miss Lilla, 557 E. McCarty Street. Lewis, Miss Mary, 557 E. McCarty Street. Lewis. George, banker, 601 E. McCarty Street. Lewis. Geo. A., banker, 601 E. McCarty Street. Lewis, Miss Mary D., 601 E. McCarty Street. Lewis, Miss Evelyn, 601 E. McCarty Street.
Kemper's Stables,
Livery and Feed Stables. All orders given prompt JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop. attention. PHONE 38.

New Leon Hotel
Renovated and Refitted..

.Under New Management.
Only Modern Tot*rist Hotel in the City. Every Accommodation. Rooms with or without Private Bath.
Rates, $2,50 per Day and Upwards,
Mrs. F. R. LAMB, Proprietress,

Wiofit Rr Rtn Dru8' Pntenfc Medicines, Per-WlgllT-XX dti},, fumes. Toilet Articles, Etc.
DRUGGISTS. Phone 56. Tallahassee, Fla.
Lewis, John, 184 Gay Street.
Lewis, Eliza, col., 104 X. Corpland Street.
Lewis, Hattie, col., 164 X. Corpland Street.
Lewis, Silvy, col., 104 X. Corpland Street.
Lewis, Bertha, col., 164 N. Corpland Street.
Lewis, George, col., lab., 139 X. Bronough Street.
Lewis, Hannah, col., 139 X. Bronough Street.
Lewis, J. S., postal clerk, 030 E. McCarty Street.
Lewis, Robert, col., cgr niakr, 444 X. Corpland Street.
Ley, J. B., Methodist minister, 85 X. Monroe Street.
Ley, Miss Mamie, 85 X. Monroe Street.
Lincoln, Killis, col., porter, 20 W. Pensacola Street.
Lively, Louis M., mgr Mid. Fla. I. Co.. 92 S. Calhoun St.
Livingstone. Horace, col., cgr mkr, 273 X. Boulevard St.
Lockhart, M. L., col., 53 X. Bronough Street.
Heads I Win! [^riS"^ Corner Drug Store.
eradicating dandruff and preventing loss of hair. I am prepared at 96 S. Monroe St.
Respectfully, Stofefes' Hair Tonic.
-Loeb, J. B., engineer, 750 S. Boulevard Street. Lomis, Geo., col., lab., 57 W. Tennessee Street. Lomis, Annie, col., 57 W. Tennessee Street. Lomis, Edward, col., lab., 255 X. Boulevard Street. Lomis, Jane, col., 255 X. Boulevard Street. Lomus, Walter, col., cgr mkr. 380 X .Macomb Street. Lomus, Peggy, col., 380 X. Macomb Street. Long, Miss Shirley, stu. F. S. C, 100 X. Gadsden Street. Long, R. C, 524 X. Monroe Street. Long, Mrs. Helen. Call, 524 X. Monroe Street. Long, R. C. Jr., 524 X. Monroe Street. Long, Preston, stu1. F. S. C, 100 X. Gadsden Street. Loomis, Ollie, col., 144 W. Georgia Street. Loomis, Louise, col., 144 W. Georgia Street. Loomis, Xellie, col., 144 W. Georgia. _
Pfinnp ^8 Mo8t Kemper's Stables,
rnone vjo* up-t0-Date
Rigs in the city. ... JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop.

Wight & Bra, Srii DRUGGISTS,
Every bottle guaranteed. Phone 56. Tallahassee, Fla.
l.ooinis. Wm., col., lab., 144 W. Georgia Street.
Loomis, Tillman, col., lab., 144 W. Georgia Street.
Lopez, Mrs. Eddie, 123 E. Call Street.
Lott, Jefferson, col., carpenter, 375 S. Calhoun Street.
Lowe, L. D., contractor, 678 8. Adams Street.
Lowe, John, col., lab., 223 W. Tennessee. Street.
Lowe, Maria, col., 223 W. Tennessee Street
Lowry, 1). M., Mgr. Fla. Cotton Oil Co., 510 S. Duval St.
Lukes, Claude, col., 337 W. Madison Street.
Lyons, W. W., lab., 208 N. Monroe Street.
Mabry, Ina, Student F. 8. C, 8 W. Virginia Street. Mack, John 283 N. Duval Street. Maekey, Si Ivy, col., 78 W. Madison Street.
The Pleasure is All Ours EX^^SS^T"*
pleases us to show stylish goods, and it just tickles us to see our customers pleased. COX & STU6BS
Mat-key, Hoone, col., lab., 78 \V. Madison Street. Macleod, Mrs. F. G., 208 N. Monroe Street. Malcha, Bessie, col., 510 N. Macomb Street. Mallory, Miles, col., watchman F. 8. C, 159 5T. Corpland. Mallory, Mary, col., 159 N. Corpland 8treet. Mallory, J. F. engineer, 768 8. Boulevard Street. Mann, Miss Grace, 441 E. McCarty Street. Mann, Jane. col.. 289 W. St. Augustine Street. Mann. Leon, col., lab., 289 W. St. Augustine Street. Mahniftg, Edward, clerk, 510. S. Duval Street. Manor. John, col., lab., 8 E. Call Street. Mansfield. L. E., telephone operator. 282 S. Bronough St. Marcus. Isadore. saloon, 108 S. Calhoun Street. Marcus, Mitchell, clerk, 108 S. Colhoun Street. Marcus. Miss Marie, student F. 8. C. 108 S. Calhoun St.
Kemper's Stables,
JOSEPH DUNCAN. Prop. Prompt, reliable service.

Wight & Bra, S&jStSt DRUGGISTS,
Every-bottle guaranteed. Phone 56. Tallahassee, Fla -
Marcus, Miss Beatrice, stenographer, 108 S. Calhoun St. Markhani. XV. H., merchant. 254 X. Calohun Street. Martin, Hattie, col., 163 W. St. Augustine Street. Martin, Kebecca, col., 163 W. St. Augustine Street. Martin. Josephine, col., 73 E. Call Street. .Martin, Reuben, col., 73 E. Call Street. Mason, Sam, col., lab., 46 XV. Tennessee Street. Mathgus, Jane, col., 128 YV. Tennessee Street. Mathews, Robt. W., col merchant, 458 N. Macomb St. Mathews, Chorelle, col., 458 X'. Macomb Street. Mathews, R. B. col., fishman, 308 S. Duval Street. Mathews, Eliza, ool., 308 S. Duval Street. Mathews, I. E., teacher, F. S. C. Dormitory, XV. Jefferson. Mathews. Maggie, col.. YY. Tennessee Street. Mathews, Alice, col., 125 XV. McCarty Street. ,
The Pleasure is All Ours )v,h"i,we;h"iv,our beauti;
iiu iwuvuiu iu nn umu fi i,a cf Stationery. It pleases us to show stylish goods, and it just tickles us to see our customers pleased. GOX &i STUBBS
Mathews, XV. II. M., col., mason. 125 W. McCarty Street. Mattus, Israel, col., tailor, 098 E. St. Augustine St. Maxweil, I). B., health officer, 193 E. Clinton Street. Maxwell, J. R.. merchant, 15 E. Gaines Street. Maxwell, Miss L. E., student F. S. C. 207 S. Monroe St. Maxwell, A. G., lab., 34 N. Adams Street. Ma.vnard, Steve, restauraunt. 42 W. St. Augustine St. Mavnaid. Mary. 42 W. St. Augustine Street. McCall, Miss Pearl, stenographer. 49 X". Monroe Street. McCarty. XV. E., .Master Me(;hanic. 586 S. Bronough St. McCella, Etta, col., 574 S. Boulevard Street. McClinlon. Ella, col., 70 W. Tennessee Street. McClenton, Jeneatte, col., 152 Gay Street. McClinton, Leila, col., 232 W. McCarty Street. McClinton, Fred., col., 232 W. McCarty Street.
Kemper's Stables.. Rinfi nl Phone ^for a
~ *^^ swell horse and buggy.
JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop. Prompt, reliable service. 5 D

146 S. Monroe St. TALLAHASSEE, FLA.
F. C. Gilmore. G. I. Davis. A. C. Spiller.
Contractors and Btiildets-
Stoves, Cooking Utensils and Crockery, Glas-t, Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Sporting Goods and Ammunition, Building Material, Plumbing and Plumbers' Supplies.
All of the latest Books, Magazines and Periodicals, Newspapers, Fountain Pens.
Blank Books and Office Supplies, Kodaks and Kodak

Wight &B*o.,
Most up-to-date line of Stationery, Toilet Soaps, Combs, DRUGGISTS. Brushes, Etc.', in the city.
McCollum. Mrs, E. S. 160 S. Duval Street. McCorniick. John, col., barber, ISO W. Virginia Street. McCord, J. W., boarders, 308 E. St. Augustine Street. McCord, Guvte P.. student F. S. C, 368 E. St. Augustine. McCord, Bobt. B., ctudent F. S. C, 368 E. St. Augustine. McCray, G. W., col., restauraunt. 57, Railroad Avenue. McDougall, Robert, black smith. 783 S. Boulevard St. McDougald, Ella, col., 589 E. Lafayette Street. McElroy, Miss, trained nurse, bds, Leon Hotel. McFarle, D. LI, merchant, 264 S. Duval Street. McFarlin, Leroy, col., 174 W. Clinton Street. McGriff; W; W., real estate. 503 S. Adams Street. McGriff, Dime, lab., 126 E. Carolina Street. McGustus, Susan, col., 32 W. Tennessee Street. McGuyrt, W. S., Linotype Operator, 619 S. Adams Street.
PliritV flf Rrilff^ Competency of the men who wield ruillj Ul UlUgO, the pestle,' promptness in getting
medicine to patients These are a few of the reasons
why COX & STI'BBS are such Corner- Drug Store,
popular prescription druggists. Phone n,
Mcintosh, W. M. Jr., clerk Com. office, 474 S. Duval St. Mcintosh, Mrs. W. M., boarders. 510 S. Duval Street. Mtelntyre, Cornelius, col., 156 E. Carolina Street. Mclntyre, John, col,, Drayman, 156 E. Carolina Street. McKinney, Norflit, col., porter, 270 W. St. Augustine St. McKinney, Wm., col., lab., 270 W. St. Augustine Street. McKinney, Viola, col.. 270 W. St. Augustine Street. McKinney, Susie, col., 189 N. Calhoun Street. McKinney, John, col., lab., 61 \V. Georgia Street. McKinnon, Miss Gertrude, 50 S. Duval Street. McKinnon, Miss Delaura, 50 S. Duval Street. McKinnon, . . clerk, 146 E. St. Augustine Street. McKinnon, Chas., conductor, 146 E. St. Augustine Street. McLean, Angus, lumber inspector, 90 E. Gaines Street. McMahon, Catharine, col., 580 E. Et. Augustine Street.
Ring Up Phone 38 Andord*rthe n?wn-.^-in:Hand
& **p Mviiw tor your next moonlight party.

Wl'oht R? Rfn Dru8^> Patent Medicines, Per-W lglll JL>ru., fumes, 'iilet Articles, Etc
DRUGGISTS, Phone 56. Tallahassee, Fla.
McMullin, Mrs. B. E., 225 S. Bronough Street. McMullin, Angus', stu. F. S. C., 225 S. Bronough Street. McMullin, Boliver, stu. F. S. C., 225 S. Bronough Street. McMullin, Fred, stu. P. S. C., 225 S. Bronough Street. McMullin, Murray, stu. F. S. C., 225 S. Bronough Street. McMullin, Swinson, stu. F. S. C, 225 S. Bronough Street. McNair, J. E., drug clerk, 49 N. Monroe Street. McPherson, Robt., col., 97 W. Tennessee Street. McPherson, Rebecca, col., .37 W. Tennessee Street. McPherson, Frank L., col., cgr mkr, SO W. Carolina Street McPherson, Guy, col., cgr mkr, 420 N. Boulevard Street. McPherson, Francis, col., 80 N. Boulevard Street. McPherson, Lillian, col., 420 N. Boulevard Street. McPherson, Josh, col., lab.. 80 X. Boulevard Street. McQueen, Miss Annie, clerk, 89 E. McCarty Street.
Heads I Win! ^"Sd"? Corner 0r"S Store.
eradicating dandruff and preventing loss of hair. I am prepared at 96 S. Monroe St.
Respectfully, Stabbs' Hair Tonic.
McWilliams, Squire, col., 257 S."Gadsden Street. Meade, William, col., lab., 14 W. Georgia Street. Meginniss, Miss Jessie, 88 N. Gadsden Street. Meginniss, Mrs. B. A., 193 W. Jefferson Street. Meginniss, B. A. Jr., stu. F. S. C, 193 W. Jefferson St. Meginniss, Bershe A., stu. F. S. C, 193 W. Jefferson St. Mendon, Josephine, col., 675 E. Carolina Street. Merrill, W .G., mechanic, 60 W. Gaines Street. Merritt, Matthew, col., lab., 543 N. Adams Street. Merritt, Eliza, col., 543 N. Adams Street. Merritt, Lizzie, col., 108 N. Bronough Street. Merritt, Lila, col., 030 E. Boundary Street. Messer, A. L., trav. salesman, 206 S. Gadsden Street. Mickens, Jennie, col., 532 S. Macomb Street. Mickens, Grace, col., 184 N. Bronough Street.
Phone 38, Up*5*te Kemper's Stables^
Rigs in the city. JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop.

Handle everyunng Druggists,
111 iiill* I I im n. m
in our line. Pkn ae.
Mickeus, David, col., lab., 80S S. Duval Street'. Mkkler, Kobt. H., broker, 49 N. Monroe Street. Miller, Carrie, col., 225 W. St. Augustine Street. Miller, Jane, col., 53 \Y. (ieorgia Street. Miller, West, col., lab., 53 YV. Georgia Street. Miller, Joe, col., lab.. (!12 S. Macomb Street. Miller, Bella, col., 223 S. Boulevard Street. Miller, Annie, col., 223 S. Boulevard Street. Miller, Martha, col., 223 S. Boulevard Street. Miller, Louisa, col., 223 S. Boulevard Street. Miller. Maggie, col., 223 S. Boulevard Street. Milleur. Henry, cgr inkr. 43 YY'. Lafayette Street. Mitchell, Edward, col., lab.. 81 E. Call Street. Miller. George, col., hackman, 05 X. Bronough Street. Miller, Lonnie, col.. 709 E. St. Augustine Street. Miller, Harriett, col., 79 W. Pensacola Street.
PliritV flf Rriir/Q Competency of the men who wield lUlllj Ul UlUgO, the pe^]^ promptness in getting
medicine to patients. These are a few of the reasons why COX k STUBBS are such Corner Drug Store, popular prescription druggists. Phone 17.
Miller, Thomas, col., lab., 144 \V. Call Street. Mohada. .lack, col., 163 8. Gadsden Slreet. Monroe. Charles, elk Treas. office, 92 N. Gadsden Street. Moor, Dr. YV. L., M. D.. Mayor. 158 X. Monroe Street. Moor. Miss Kate, 158 X. Monroe Slreet. Moor, Dr. F. Clifton. M. D.. bds 158 X. Monroe Street. Moore. Miami, col.. 135 YV. Georgia Street. Moore, Mamie, col., 274 YY'. Call Street. Moore. Susan, col.. 40 YY'. Pensacola Street. Moore. Maggie, col.. 250 YY'. St. Augustine Street. Moor>. Minnie, col., 250 YV. St. Augustine Street. Moore. Mamie, col.. 250 YY*. St. Augustine Street. Moore, James, col., hackman. 540 X. Corpland Street. Moore. Tom. col., waiter. 250 YV. St. Augustine Street. Moore, Catharine, col.. 540 X. Corpland Street. Moore. Eliza, col.. 285 S. Boulevard Street.
Ring Up Phone 38
And order the new Four-in-Hand for jotir next moonlight party.

Dealer in
Poultry and Country Produce. Call and give me a trial. Satisfaction guaranteed.
20 S. Monroe St. - Tallahassee. Fla.
M. GOODMAN, -Merchant Tailo*
270 S. Monroe Street. Let me make your next suit for you. I guarantee a perfect fit. Don't send away for your clothes when they can be made better and cheaper at home. Give me a trial order. TALLAHASSEE, - FLORIDA.
Lands sold at Owner's Prices. : : :
My line of l'p-to-Date Groceries cannot be excelled. Call and see for yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed.
280 Monroe St.
Tallahassee, Fla.

W/J -At* fiT p-nrtcr Pure Drugs and Chemicals, Wlgm pjne Station-
DRUGGISTS. ery, Cigars and Tobacco.
Moore, William, col., fireman S.A.L., 780 S. Bronough St.
Moore, Mrs. Ledie, 158 N. Monroe Street.
Moore, J., turpentine operator, 42 N. Monroe Street.
Moore, J. G., clerk, 105 X. Monroe Street.
Moore, L. A., dress maker, 105 XT. Monroe Street.
Moore, Miss G. B., dress maker, 105 X". Monroe Street.
Moray, Thos., col., minister, 03 W. Pensacola Street.
Morehead, Zack, Jr., col., carpt, 100 E. Boundary Street.
Morehead, Sarah, col., 545 N. Bronough Street.
Morehead, George, col., lab., 545 X. Bronough Street.
Morgan, Julia, col., 306 X'. Bronough Street.
Morgan, Isaac, 306 S. Adams Street.
Moseley, J. M., col.. 257 S. Gadsden Street.
Moseley, Ida, col., 385 N. Duval Street.
Mullin, T. A., col., 641 S. Gadsden Street._
{loath tn (lanririlff If you use Stubbs' Hair Tonic you UBdlll IU UdllUIUII. wi]1 not be TrouI)ied with dandruff and consequent evils Every bottle guaranteed.
Phone 17. CORNER DRUG STORE. cox & stubbs.
Mullin, Annie, col., 641 S. Gadsden Street. Mumford, J. C, livery stable, 478 N. Monroe Street. Mumford. Gordon, lab., 478 X. Monroe Street. Munger, Fred, col., mechanic. 057 E. Gaines Street. Murphey, George, col., farmer, 337 W. St. Augustine St. Murphree. Prof. A. A., pres. F. S. C. 518 S. Adams St. Murray, Rosa, col., 350 Gay Street. Myers, Charlie, life insur.. 193 E. Clinton Street. Myers, Fred T.. lawyer, 407 S| Monroe Street. Myers, Zack, elk State Capitol. 603 S. Adams Street.
N -
Nail. Mrs. Lucy, 510 N. Duval Street. Nail. Miss Annie. 5T0 N'. Duval Street.
Kemper's Stables,
JOS. DUNCAN, Prop, Phone. 38 Funeral Director-

Does Your Hair Fall Out ? X? *J?ou!d Stubbs'
"u" 1 M" Hair Tonic It is guar-
anteed to prevent loss of hair Corner Dreg Store, Phone 17. COX & STUBBS-
'_ *
Nix, Clara, col., 152 E. Pensacola Street.
Nix, Emma, col., 98 W. Pensacola Street.
Nix. Peggy; col., 507 S. Gadsden Street.
Nix, Luella, col., 507 S. Gadsden Street.
Nixon. Tom. col., lab., 60 E. Tennessee Street.
Nolan. Win., col., blacksmith. 326 E. Clinton Street.
Oats. YVm.. col., lab.. 345 W. Gaines Street. Oldenburg. Philip, blacksmith. 42 S. Monroe Street. Odenkirchen. Edward, surveyor, 139 S. Calhoun Street. Officer. Mrs.. 625 S. Adams.
Oliver. Mrs. H.. 40 E. McCarty Street.__^
The Easy Way *"
ding or a funeral, is to call us up, Phone 88, and leave your order. It will have prompt attention.
Ring tip Phone For a box of Fresh Xunnally's Candies or some of the best Ice 56 Cream in the u/iniiT 0 nnn
City of Tallahassee. - 1110111 Oh DnU
Nash, Mrs. J. YY'., 145 E. Gaines Street. Nash, Miss Ella, 145 E. Gaines Street. Nash. Sophia, 188 S. Monroe Street. Xeeley. .John 1,.. lawyer. 50 X. Calhoun Street. Nelikey. Kinky, col., G88 10. Carolina Slreet. Nelson, Mary, col.. 508 E. Jefferson Street. Nelson, John. col., lab.. 5!I8 E. .Jefferson Slreet. Nelson. Mary. col., lab.. 380 X. Bronongb Street. Xewgan, Mary. col.. 383 X. Duval Street. Newsoni. Mrs. A., 96 S. Gadsden Street. Nicholson. Alice, col.. 317 YV. Madison Street. Nimms. Miss Julia. 08 YV. Clinton Street. X'imms. John, merchant. 106 \Y'. Call Street. Nimms, J., col., lab.. 196 YV. Call Street. Nimms, Fred, col., lab.. 190 YV. Call Street.

Wio-fif- Jlr T\*>r% Agents for Xuiuially's Can-
" l6ni ' die8< BwtBfl Creams, Sher-
DRUGGISTS. berts, and cool drinks to be
found in the city. _ PHONE 56.
Oliver, George, col., drayman, 120 X. Bronough Street. Oliver, Pearly, col., 120 X. Bronough Street. Owens, George, col., lab.. 688 B. Tennessee Street. Owens. Linda, col.. 630 B. Tennessee Street. Owens, Julia, col., 630 T. Tennessee Street. Owen, July, col., 630 E. Tennessee Street. Owens, Jane, col., 630 E. Tennessee Street. Owens, Jane. col.. 37 X. Adams Street. Owens, Herbert, clerk, 80 E. Clinton Street.
Pace. T. \Y.. prop, ice factory, ">"> W. Gaines Street. Page, C. V.. engineer. 88 W. Gaines Street. Palmer, Dr. H. E., M. !>.. 362 S. Adams Street.
MlPrnhPQ in MniirninfT They see their finish in ITIIUIUUGo III muuilllllg. Stubbs' Hair Tonic. It kills
all parasites to which scalp dis- Oni-nor flnur ^tnro eases are due, and stimulates the UUIIUJI Ulllg OlUIG, growth of the hair. Phone 17._COX & STUBBS,
Palmer. Rebecca, col., 82 S. Corpland Street.
Palmer, Louisa, col.. 145 X. Bronough Street.
Palmer. Isaac, col., lab., 151) N. Bronough Street.
Papy. W. A.. 67 X. Adams Street.
Papy, Lindsey. tick. agt.. C T. & G.. 167 X. Monroe Street.
Paramore. Hannah, col.. 628 E. Boundary Street.
Paret, Mrs. R. B.. 251 E. Jefferson Street.
Paret. Miss Blanche, clerk. 251 E. Jefferson Street.
Paris. Florence, col., 406 S. Corpland Street.
Parish. Frank, col.. 25 W. Virginia Street.
Parker. Celey, col.. 205 N. Boulevard Street.
Parker. R., carpenter, 543 S. Adams Street.
Parot. W. carpenter. 186 E. Clinton Street.
Parpel. Jerry, jailor. 735 S. Gadsden Street.
Parpel. Mrs. Jane, 735 S. Gadsden Street.
RilHT 11n PhfMP And 01*o'pr npw Four-in-Hand
n,,,B UH rmm 00 for your next moonlight party.

Ladies' and Men's Furnishings,
Notions and Shoes. Ribbons, Laces and Embroideries. : : :
Phone 88. ... Tallahassee, Fla.
The Cash Grocery,
R. B. CARPENTER, Proprietor.
Best line of Up-to-date Groceries in the city. Give me a trial. All goods sold
At bottom figures.

wight & bro, H,u'Si;eourS,lins Dr08tata'
111 Olir line. Phone 56.
Parpel, J. N. 735 S. Gadsden Street.
Parpel, Mrs. Geo. N., 735 S. Gadsden Street.
Paten, J. R., col., 629 S. Gadsden Street.
Patrick, Frank, col., lab., 325 N. Duval Street.
Patrick, Crecy, col., 198 N. Boundary Street.
Payne, Chloria, col., 583 E. St. Augustine Street.
Payne, Ida, col., 207 W. St. Augustine Street.
Payne, Lunas. ool., lab., 207 W. St. Augustine Street.
Payne, Virginia, col., 493 S. Boulevard Street.
Payne, Edward, col., cigarinaker, 84 W. Virginia Street.
Payne, Pinky, col., 84 W. Virginia Street.
Payne, Mary, col., 07 W. Virginia Street.
Payne, J as. E., col., carpenter, 67 W. St. Augustine St.
Pearce, Queen Ann, col., 444 N. Corpland Street.
Pearce, Gordan, C. T. & G. R. R. 180 E. Tennessee St.
Pearce, Miss Alma, 315 E. Virginia Street.
Pipes, Fine Tobaccos, trt;';*L Cot
Choice Cigars. a lover of the 2>tore.
PHONE 17. weed. COX & STUBBS.
Pearce, Miss Mamie, 315 E. Virginia Street. Pearce, Bettie, col., 171 E. Clinton Street. Pearce, Landy, col., lab., 310 N. Macomb Street. Pearce, Mary, col.. 310 N. Macomb Street. Perkins, Mrs. John Day, 590 E. Call Street. Perkins, Jas. T., clerk, 090 E. Virginia Street. Perkins, C. W. 590 E. Call Street.
Perkins, Thos., Express Agent C, T. & G. 283 N. Monroe. Perkins, John Earle, county treasurer. 590 E. Call St. Perkins, L. A., secy Sup. Ct. 167 N. Calhoun Street. Perkins, George, lawyer. 88 N. Gadsden Street. Perkins, W. W., conductor; S. Monroe Street. Perkins. Kenneth, student F. S. C.S. Monroe Street. Perlight. Adah, col., 150 E. Pensacola. Street. Perry, Isabella, col.. 667 E. Jefferson Street.
KmiWc Static A11 kinn> of Turnouts,
ivemper s oraDies. Trap9 Bug5ios.. Saddie
Horses, Four-in-hands, Etc. JOS. DUNCAN,
Phone 38. Proprietor.

WIGHT & BRO. pv;:rvthi,,g Drogg*sts,
iiiwiii vw uiiui_m our line._ Phone s6.
Perry, Lager, col., 067 E. Jefferson Street. Philbrick, Dr. E. E., Ml. D., 145 E. Clinton Street. Philbrick, Carrie, 30 N. Boundary. Phillips, Theodore, col., barber, 81 E. Call Street. Phillips. K. J., merchant, 220 10. Clinton Street. Phillips William. 220 E. Clinton Street. Phillips. Thos.. merchant, 280 S. Bronough Street. Phillips, Miss Hell, 280 S. Bronough Street. Pickett. Henrietta, col., 174 W. Clinton Street. Pickett, Eliza, col., 174 W. Clinton Street. Pickett, Mattie. col.. 174 W. Clinton Street. Pickett, Win., col., lab., 174 W. Clinton Street. Pilson. Thadins, col., 662 E. Madison Street. Pilson, Arena, col., 062 E. Madison Street. Pitt, Sallie E., 648 S. Boulevard Street. Pittman. Maude, col., 493. S. Boulevard Street. Pitts, Mary 173 W. McCarty Street.
PliritV flf ririlOT^ Competency of the men who wield IUIHJ Ul UlUgd, the pestie< promptness in getting
medicine to patients. These are a few of the reasons why COX & STUBBS are such Corner Drug Store, popular prescription druggists. Phone 17.
Pondeckter, Ferby, col., 752 S. Bronough Street. Pondexter, Phylis, col.. 25 E. Tennessee Street. Ponder, Win., col., cigarmaker. 73 E. McCarty Street. Ponder, Samuel, col., porter, 73 E. McCarty Street. Ponder, Martha, col., 152 E. Virginia Street. Posey. Alice, col., 65 W. Pensaoola Street. Potts, W. J., merchant, 60 S. Boundary. Pottsdamnier, Eddie, col., cigarmaker, 664 S. Boulevard. Powell, John, fireman, 89 E. Clinton Street. Powell. John, col., lab., 630 E. Lafayette Street. Powell. Chlora. col., lab.. 630 E. Lafayette Street. Powell, Loura, col., 630 E. Lafayette Street. IViwell. Charlotte, col.. 578 X. Boulevard Street. Powell. Carrie, col.. 578 N. Boluevard Street. Price. Wm.. col.. Tailor. 26 W. Lafayette Street. Pride, Hattie, col., 133 W. Call Street.
fling UP PllOne 38 And ordpr

Wight & Bro.
Prince, J. carpenter, 173 W. MeCarty Street. Pringle, J. L., merchant, 404 S. Adams Street. Pusar, Jane, col., 50 N. Boundary. Pusar, George, col., lab., 50 N. Boundary. Pylant, I. E., lab 189 E Tennessee Street.
Quaile, YV. P. 192 S. Adams Street.
Quarterman, W. S., book-keeper, 25 N; Adams Street.
Eamble. Maria, col., 30 W. Madison Street. Randle. Annie, col.. 0 E. Call Street. Randolph. .Mrs. A. I... 490 E. McCarty Street.
PliritV flf fl rilO*^ Competency of the men who, wield J Ul UJU5"i the pestle, promptness in getting medicine to patients These are a fnv of the reasons whv cox & stubbs are such Corner Drag Store,
popular prescription druggists. Phone 17.
Randolph, Arthur, 490 E. McCarty Street. Randolph. Yalle, surveyor. 490 E. McCarty Street. Randolph. Miss Mary Page, 490 E. McCarty Slreet. Randolp!:. T. II.. merchant. 570 X. Monroe Street. Randolph, Ilayward. merchant. 570 X. Monroe. Ranen., Kale, col., 225 \Y. St. Augustine Street.* Ranen, Bripn, col., lab., 225 \Y. St. Augustine Street; Raney. E. I>.. depot agent S. A. 1,.. 558 E. Call Street. Raney, Geo. P.. lawyer. 104 X. Calhoun Street. Raney. Miss Sarah, 104 X. Calhoun Slreet. Raney. Miss Clyde, 104 N. Calhoun Street. Raspberryj A., blacksmith. 775 S. Boulevard Street. Rawls, W. A., cash Cap: City Bk, 485 E. McCarty Street. Rawls. Mrs. T. C... 164 X. Calhoun Street. Ray. YV. T.. 723 S. Calhoun Street.
CfaU1 ac Livery and Feed Stables. otctuiLb, All orders given prompt AN,Prop. attention. PHONE 38.

A Detf oit:Jewel Gas Range
Is a Jewel indeed, and one that any lady can appreciate. Look into the. cooking with gas proposition, you will find it interesting, many others are finding it so, and that the cooking with gas is a most economical and satisfactory policy.
The investigation cost nothing. See the : : : : :

WIGHT & BRfl. Hai.,dJe ^Tthii'g Druggists,
-JIWill uu Ull in (Uir line Phone 36.
Ray, Rora, col., 290 E. Madison Street.
Rath, Isaac, col., lab., 890 Gay Street.
Reed, Malinda, col., 145 E. Tennessee Street.
Reed, Leila, col., 145 E. Tennessee.
Reed, Maggie, col., 6 E. Call Street.
Reed, James, col., lab., 293 W. Lafayette Street.
Reed, Emma, col., 34 W. St. Augustine Street.
Reed, Delia, col., 574 N. Bronough Street.
Reed, Wan-en, col., dairyman, 412 N. Calhoun Street.
Reefroe, Angeline, .col., 359 N. Calhoun Street.
Reef roe, Riney, col., 359 N. Calhoun Street.
Reeman, P., 504 N. Calhoun Street.
Reene. Sivry, col., 768 E. Tennessee Street.
Rees, Delia," col., 172 E. Carolina Street.
Rees, Silvy, col., 168 E. Pensacola Street.
Rees, Stafford, col., elk, 380 X. Bronough Street.
PliritV flf flrilff^ Competency of the men who wield UlllJ Ul ulugOt ^jjg pegt,]e; promptness in getting
medicine to patients. These are a few of the reasons why COX & STUBBS are such Corner Drug Store, popular prescription druggists. phone 17.
Roberts, Mrs. T. J., 296 E. McCarty Street. Roberts, Arthur, col., cook Leon Hotel, 269 W. Lafayette. Reynolds, Mrs. Wm., Dormitory F. S. C. W. Jefferson St. Reynolds, Mary, Dormitory F. S. C, W. Jefferson Street. Richardson, Robt., col., farmer, 88 W. Pensacola Street. Richardson, Tabby, col., 384 W. Gaines Street. Richardson, Dan, col., well digger, 384 W. Gaines Street. Richardson, Henry, col., lab., 145 N. Macomb Street. Richardson, Carrie, col., 145 N. Macomb Street. Richardson, Ola, 105 N. Monroe Street. Richardson, B. F., lab., 109 E. Jefferson Street. Riley, J. G., col., teacher, 680 E. Jefferson Street. Roach, Francis, col., 167 E. Clinton. Roach, Annie, col., 156 W| Boulevard. Roach, Nancy, col., 156 N. Boulevard. Roberts, J. P., farmer, 309 N; Monroe Street.
RinOT III! PhnilP 38 An(1 order the new Four-in-Hand n,,,B "v Pfl 00 for your next moonlight party.

Wight & Bro. Prcscri^io8 Drugs and
Phone 56, Careiully Mprijpinp<
Tallahassee, Fla. Compounded. ifluUlwllludi
Roberts, Miss l'hene, 508 E. McCarty Street. Roberts, Annie, col., 269 E. MeCarty Street. Robinson, Win., col., lab., 370 W. Madison Street. Robinson, Celestine, col., 185 W. Virginia Street. Robinson, Louise, col., 40 W. Tennessee Street. Robinson, Emma, col., 9 W. Jefferson Street. Robinson, Fletcher, col., 9 W. Jefferson Street. Robinson, Bertha, col., 347 E. Jefferson Street. Robinson, Ellen, col., 347 E. Jefferson Street. Robinson, Parker, col., 470 I']. Jefferson Street. Robinson, Alex, col., hackman. 89 X. Bronough Street. Robinson, Cora, col., 89 N. Bronough Street. Robinson, Laura, col., 343 X. Duval Street. Robinson, Frank, col., lab., 343 X. Duval.
^tllhho' Uoir TnniP Removes all dandruff and stop
mm nair ionic the hnil. froni ming out. An
elegant and efficacious remedy. QQ^gr [)|M St0r6, If it fails we will refund the pur- """*. u,b *"*"" chase money. Phone 17. COX & STUBBS.
Robinson, Henrietta, col., 33 X. Adams. Robison, Coriline, col., 184 S. Bronough Street. Robison, Charles, col., hackman, 184 S. Bronough Street. Robison, Charles, col., lab.. 188 W. Gaines Street. Robison, Xancy, col., 188 W. Gaines Street. Robison. James, col., lab.. 580 E. Lafayette Street. Robison. Georgia, col., 630 E. Lafayette Street. Robison. Julia, col., 10 W. Call Street. Robison. Jerry, col., lab.. 160 W. Call Street. Robison, Leila, col., 160 W. Call Street. Robison. Phene. col., 758 E. Tennessee Street: Robison, Lizzie, col., 42 E. Tennessee Street. Robison. Caroline, col., 42 E. Tennessee Street. Roby. Mrs. Kate, 14 W. Gaines Street.
Ring p Phone Fon^ KEMPER'S STABLES,
38 Turnout. JOS. DUNCAN,
and enjoy the afternoon driving. Prop.

Wight & m- iimM ""UB6ISTS,
Every bottle guaranteed. Phone 56. Tallahassee, Fla.
Rogers, T. B., S. A. L. conductor, 110 E. Madison Street.
Rogers, Chlora, col., 409 N. Boulevard Street.
Rogers, 0. W., prop. Cap. City Cafe, 248 E. .Tennessee St.
Rollins, George, col., butcher, 108 E. Virginia Street.
Rollins, Grace, col., 108 E. Virginia Street.
Rollins, Mary, col, 79 W. Pensacola Street.
Rollins, Archer, col., butcher, 79 W. Pensacola Street.
Rose, R. E., State Chemist, 300 S. Adams Street.
Ross, Hannah, col.. 23 N. Boundary Street,
Ross, Win., col., lab., 53 W. Georgia Street.
Russell, I). E., carpenter. 23 W. Madison Street.
Sale, Dump, col., 374 W. Gaines Street.
Sanders. W. R.. col., minister, 242 W. Tennessee Street.
The Pleasure is All Ours ;\han w%hh ur beauti
vwiv tul 1 <.f Stationery. It
pleases us to show stylish goods, and it just tickles us to see our customers pleased. COX &i STUBBS
Sanders, Lucy, col., 242 W. Tennessee Street.
Sanders, Annie, col., 504 N. Calhoun Street.
Sarvis, Isabella, col., 59 W. Lafayette Street.
Sarvis, Isaac, col., 59 W. Pafayette Street.
Sasser, J. D., supt. oil mill, 100 E. Lafayette Street.
Sauraez, Jose, mgr cigar factory. 507 S. Calhoun Street.
Sauls, Emma, 763 S. Boulevard Street.
Sauls, H. R., plumber, 759 S. Adams Street.
Sauls. Mrs. M. A.. 678 S. Adams Street.
Sauls, Mrs, H. R., 759 S. Adams Street.
Sauls. William, printer, 550 E. St. Augustine Street.
Savelle, J. V., col., cgr mkr, 144 W. Madison Street.
Saxon, G. W.. banker, 412 S. Duval Street.
Saxon, Miss Bessie, 412 S. Duval Street.
ivemper s oraoies, swen horse and buggy.
JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop. Prompt, reliable service. 6 D

Df. R. A. SHINE,
Office corner Monroe and McCarty Streets, Up Stairs.
TALLAHASSEE, PL A. William Levy. Aaron Levy. Harris Levy.
And Millinery, Ladies' Furnishings, Embroideries, Silks, Satins, Ribbons, Etc.
Shoes, Gent's Furnishing Goods
Wholesale Dealer in
Hay and Grain.

try, Toilet Soaps, Combs, uiyuu^iaia, crushes, Etc., in the city.
Saxon, Miss Lucile, stud. F. S. C. 4J2 S. Dnval Street. Schactter, S., clerk. 211 S. Broiiough Street. Scott, Robert, col., minister. 8(i \V. St. Augustine Street. Scolt, Lucreciu, col., 8<> W. St. Augustine. Street. Scott, Mary, col.. 78 \V. Madison Street. Scott, Delia, col:, 27:; \V. Gaines Street. E Scott, Cora, col., 193 N. Corpland Street, Scot I. Susie, col.. 32S N. Macomb Street. Scott. Frazier. col.. I;il... :t28 N. Macomb Srnvt Scott, Mrs. Lillian, 157 S. Calhoun Street. Scott, Waiter, col., porter. 135 \Y. I.at'avette Street. Scofl. Karthlv. col.. 135 W. LaFavette Street. Scotl. Clara, col.. 135 \Y. I a Fayette Street. Scott. Janet, col., 135 \V. LaFavette Street. Scott. Cora, col., 594 B. Virginia Street.
Sip onigs, srp^
\ medicine to patients These are a few of the redone
Corner Drag Store,
Sexton. John, clerk, 37 W. Madison Street. Shackfeford, T. M., Jus. Sup. Ct., 4(>8 N. Calhoun Street. Bhackleford, T. M. Jr., stu F. S. C, 4(!8 N. Calhoun St. Shakespeare, Minnie, col.. .184 S. Bronough Street. Shea I s. W. N ., Slate Snpt. Pub. In.. 185 N. Monroe St. Sheats, W. N. Jr., elk State Capitol, 185 X. Monroe St. Sheats. James Howell. 185 X. Monroe Street. Sheffield, Charles, col., rarpt, 375 S. Calhoun Street. Bheppard, Viola, col., 47 W. Goorgi aStreet. Sheppard, Lilla, col., 153 W. Tennessee Street. Sheppard, Wilberl. col., brick mason. 175 N. Bronough St Sheppard, Annie, col.. 175 N. Bronough Street. Sheppard, Mrs. M., 139 S. Calhoun Street. Sherman, Edward, col., hackman, 18S E. Carolina Street. Sherman, Laura, col.. IS* vt. Carolina Street.
Ring Up Phone 38
And order the

Wight & Bro., DTmi,Ttt
DRUGGISTS. Ph.. 56. -
Sherman, George, col, (hi- mkr. 224 X. Macomb Street. Sherman, Lucy, col.. 221 X. Macomb Slrcol. Shern. E. K., col., lab.. 242 \V, Tennessee Street. Shine. K. A., 111!! X. Calhoun Street. Shine, It, A. .Ic. dentist, 400 X. Calhoun Street. Rhine, Annie, col.. 21)11 NV. (iaines Street. Sliine. Alice, on].. 682 K. Clinton Street. Shine, Pinkv. ol.. OSS E. Clinton Street. Skrcwsbcrry. Estellc, col.. 4511 X BrononEh Street. Simian, E., lolinoco planter. 02 S. Calliooa Street. Shntan. Miss Man. 02 S. Calhoun Street.
Shutan, Miss F......ic. 02 s. Calhoun Slrcet.
Bhutan. A. .1.. slo. F. S. C, 02 s. Calhoun Street. Simmons, Amos, col., lab., (il!) E. Jefferson Slreet. Simmons, Holly, col.. 040 E. .leltci-son Slreet. -
Heads I Win! f;^fX Corner Drug Store.
Stofcfcs' Hair Tonic.
Simmons. Knohnel. col.. .8 W. Pensacola Street. Simmons, John, col., lab., 10 W. Pensacola Street.
siioipkiiis, Win., col., look Oliver, oso I-:. Carolina Street. Simpson, llerla. 41! 3. Adams Street. Singleton, Edward. col., painter, 1211 w. Jefferson Street. Siu-leion. l-imnia. col.. 1211 \V. Jefferson Street. Singleton, Julia, col., 12(j W. Jefferson Street. Slicer. Miss Liu die. trained nurse, Oils 157 S. Calhoun St. Small. Hold., col., lab.. 15(1 W. Tennessee Street. Smilh. Edward, col., lab.. S 10. Virginia Street. Smith, Benjamin, col., lab, S1 E. Call Street. Smith, llortens, col.. K25 Fl. Jefferson Street. Smith Marc, col., 272 \v. Caioes Street. Smitl, Mary, col, 281 W. Caioes Street.
Phot^, Vv_tU Kemper Stably
Riga itf the city. JOSEPH DUNCAN, Prop.

WIBHT & BRfl. H"teriiS,,ias
)it!i, Henry, col.: 300 (Say Street.
iith( Berta, col., 360 Gay Street.
litli. Maggie, col.. Ml N. Boundary Street.
iit.li. .Jessie, col., N. Boundary Street'.'
lith, Lena, col., N. Boundary Street,
lith, John, col., lab.. W.\ N. Boulevard Street.
itth, Joseph, col., lab.. r> lith, Wm, col., lab.. 509 M. Boulevard Street.
lith, Fj. R-, teacher F. S. 0., bds Dormitory
lith, Mrs. Liza. 158 N. Calhoun Street.
lith. Robert, hack driven, 8 YV. Virginia.
lith. Ruby, 8 W. Virginia Street.
Purity of Drugs,
prompting in getting in: n few of the reasons cb Corner Drug Store,
Hi Iviaorv. ,-, ; W. SI. \;,..,...lii,|. Street.
si! lliiilitli. .. lull.. r.SII s. Mai'.mili sii'i'i'l.
111 1111,1. col., 22fi N. Macomb Street.
Osc-lir. i-ii 'ii.....'. Dili s. llriinnngli street.
tli l.iziiie. ml 315 S. Bronough Street.
III Mov, nil., 37 N. Adams Street.
Kn Hi Win., ml. (i(l7 S. Gadsden Street.
ill Ida. ml.. K *. Gadsden Street
III Henry, in .. 125 8. Gadsden Street.
ill Henry, c< .. lull.. 24 W. Genre!,, Street.
Hi Gari-ie, i .. 24 W. Georgia Street.
tli Wallii>. in 55 W. Georgia Street.
Sri "il Dan. Mil.. lab., 43 W. I.afavette Street.
Sii id Alilii'v. 052 B. .leffersoii Street.
Snipes, IJoscoe, Com. Agt. G. F. & A., 510 S. Dura) St

Fire Insurance.
Office Capital City Hank Building. TALLAHASSEE, PLA. Wa. Cun.u. Quo. Child.
Building and Lumber Co.
Contractors anb
Builoers. All Kinds of Mill Work
Rough and Dressed Lumber. Shingles, Brink and Lime.
Phone 87. P. 0. IW478.

Denger, Louis col lah. Kill K. Virginia Stret
ear, .1. F, book-ke per. 100 Si. Calhoun s reel.
ear, Bessie, co 3 0 S. Bronough Street,
ear, John, col. lah 125 X. Uronough Strc
ear, C. A., Mg T. L. & F. Co, m > Col
Her, A. O, m rrh nt, 94 H. Calhoun Sin
iti'ord, Angus, ol. lah, 5(1 w. .Icllcrscn s
dl'ord, Jerome col lab, Oil w. Jelfcrsoa Stce
irks, J. E, eo nisler. LBS W. St. Alio e St
Ivuer, Mrs. H li. > -phens, Dndle. press agent. 139 S. C Ihou
ol ninisler, HIS X. Duval It's 1.
5SII S. Macomb Sired.
, 14<; \V. Mailis
lith da
Stilley, W. A, engineer, S. A. L, 4(1 W. Gaines St.
Medic. 2 kino, col, ol, hooka

Ring Up Phone For a box ol Fre.li ^ Sinmally'.
.* F16HT &. BBol
Sullou. .Malii.', eol.. ir,-,; \v. McCarty Street. Sutton, Miny, col.. 2*!! \V. Pensacola Street. Sutton, M. O., tailor, IT, \V. Madison Street. Swaetzer, Sandy, <<>!., bar clerk, riirj N" Macomb Street. Swaetzer. Henry, col., lab.. \. Macomb Slreet. Swaetzer, Willie, col., lab., r,!r_' N. Macotnb Street. Swaetzer. Joint, col., lab.. rm X. Macomb Street. 'Swaetzer, Mack, col., farmer. li'.IT I",. Lafayette Street. Swaetzer, Arnmml. col., bib.. ml L. Lat'avetlc SI reel. Sweeting, II. \ jeweler, >) S. Callmun Street. Syfret, T>. W. blacksmith, I'll* ];. Pensacola Street.
Does Your Hair Fall
Temple. Mrs. Til Thernioii. Sarah. Thomas. John, el Thomas. Porsev,
The Easy Way XC^l"\''Z,Z Phone 38.

wight & B., arffidSfflBa sc:
DRUGGISTS. berts, and cool drinks to be
found in the city. ----- PHONE 56. Thoimis. Hicks, lab.. 24> N. Itoundary. Thomas, J. L., conductor T. 8. E. It. B., 612'8. ltronougb. Thomas, Jane, ool.. *ii W. Tennessee Street. Thomas. Eddie, col., lah.. 7S W. IVnsacola Strecl. Thomas. Henry, col., lab.. JtiO S. (iadsdcrj Street. Thompson, Harriett, col., 112 E. Gall, Street. Thompson. Mary Ann, col., lit W. (loorgia Street. Thompson. .1. W.. col., lah.. oil S. Corpland Street, Tlniiii(isiin. Marion, col., nil S. Corpland Street. Thompson, Win. T., col., drayman. 1K4- W. Tennessee St.. Thornton. James, col., carpenter. 2!1 X. Houndnry, Thy man. rlnistina. col.. 383 N. Duval Street. Tlggs, P. Ft., col., harher. 11 W. Tenneseee Street. Timmon. Annie, col., 1'tll W. Georgia Street. Ton. J. Lvn. huindrvman. 378 E. McCartv Street. Towiisand, W. .1.. soda water I... I tier. 1 IT, K. Clinton St.
Tlirv sec their rinieh in-1 Stai.lis' Hair Tonic. Tt kills
Microbes in N
all parasites to whi p dis- ^ QfUg Ste,
Phone 17. COX & STUBBS.
Trvon. Henry, carpenter. lilt) N. M.mudary. Tucker, -John, col., lah.. .'12 W. Tennessee Street. Tucker. Polly, col., lab.. 287 N. Itoulevard Street. Tucker. S. M., (cacber F. S. ('., lids. Dormitory. Tucker, I'hoetie. col., 238 W. Tennessee Street. Tucker, Ann, col.. !U W. Tennessee Street. Tnllv, Emory, collector. !M W. Jeflersim Street. Tull'y, W. C, Tallahassee Repository. 204 S. Duval St. Turner, Josephine, col., 20 N. Itoundary. Turner. Ida. Ring up Phone 38 &*~&S?2

The Daily Capital
I. B. HILSON, Proprietor.
The Only Daily
Between Pensacola and Jacksonville, a distance of over 400 miles.
Book Binding, Ruling, and only first-class Job Printing west of Jacksonville.
The Weekly Capital contains a synopsis of the Daily Capital, only K1.00 a yBar, and has the largest
To be abreast of the times in this district, you mast read : : : :

Waddell, Ale*., baker, 512 N. Dn ml Street.
Wadkin, Richai d, col., lab, 30 W Carolina Street,
Wahnish, A., el gar mfgr., bds., B oxham Hotel.
Walker, <]eo. W States Attorney. bds, Leon Hotel.
Walker, Mrs. D 8, 508 S. Monro Street.
Walker, George eol, restaurant ow ner, 750 S. Monroe St.
Walker. Patsv, ol, 300 S. Adanie
Walker, Sarah inn. col, 388 Gay
Walker, Minnie col. 345 N. Duva Street.
Walker. Hattie 50 S. Macomb St
Walker, Eddie, col. plumber, 337 W. Madison Street.
Walker. JIjv. col., clerk. Call K. MrCartv Street.
Walters, Ellen, col, 183 W. Tennt se.ee Street.
Pipes, Fine T baccos, .Ser?t ing Corner Dreg
Choice Cig rs. a lover Store.
weed COX 4, STUBBS.
Walters, R. A. nercbant, 240 E. C eorgia Street.
Walton, Chlorn col, 171 E. Clin
Walton, Fannii col. 171 E. Clin
Wanser, Win., ol, hack-driver. 211 IV. l.nlaiclle Slreet.
Wanser, Edwai 3, col. cigar-niakei 25 W. Virginia St.
Wanser. Frank col. lab. 25 W VI
Ward, Miss Ma
Ward. Lizzie. ,1, 205 N. Boulcv rd Street.
Warden, Mrs. T izzic. * 107 8. Monroe Street.
Warden. Miss I Irate. 1G7 JT. Monr
Wnrnes. Flora. col, 03 W. Tenia*
Washington. W .. col, cignrniake W. Georgia St.
Washington, S, lomon. col, 202-i'S (iails.lon Street.
Washington, L za. col, 148 W. S Augnsline Street.
Washington. .1. P. col. brickmnsoi 444 X. Boulevard St.
Kemper's Stables. #1 kinds of Turnouts, pa, Buggies, Saddle
Horses, Four-in -hands, Etc. JOS. DUNCAN,
Phone 3fi. Proprietor.
WIGHT & BRO. a,uS'ourSh,"g D^^tts-

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