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Freedom Summer Oral History and Library Curation Project
Rosa Parks: Interview 1
Freedom Summer Oral History and Library Curation Project at the University of Florida Begins to Process Interviews with Mississippi Civil Rights Veterans ( News Release )
Rosa Parks: Interview 2
Margaret Block
Liz Fusco Aaronsohn
Bright Winn
Dennis Flannigan
Allen Cooper
Hollis Watkins
Tanya Evans
Bertha Burres
Anita Jefferson and Arrack Jefferson
Allen Cooper
Greg McCoy
Willie Spurlock and Bright Winn
Stacy White
Sheriel Perkins
Thelma Collins
Mississippi Freedom Project Interviews to be Available on University of Florida Digital Collections for MLK Celebration, Freedom Summer Anniversary
Rosa Parks: Interview 3
Rosa Parks: Interview 4
Rosa Parks: Interview 5
Rosa Parks: Interview 6
Rosa Parks: Interview 7
Bright Winn
Otis Brown
Tommy Farmer
Bright Winn
Gloria Dickerson
Margaret Kibbee
Heather Hudson
Elmo Proctor Interview 2004
Jerry Tecklin
Carver Randle
Karen Jo Koonan
Charles Featherstone
Charles Scott
Isaac Shorter
Paul Ortiz
David Rushing
Emma Golden
Tommie Novick Lunsford
Gelda Chandler
Benjamin Nance
Lilly Lavallais
Hattie Jordan
Charles Modley
Eddie Steele
Akinyele Umoja
Rosa Parks: Interview 9
Rosa Parks Interview 10
Helen Sims
Kelvin Williams
Eddie Steel Interview 2011
Alan Bean Interview 2011
Alan Bean Interview: 2012
Everlyn Johnson Interview
James Abbott
Florine Carter
Earnest Brown Interview
Lawrence Guyot Jr. Interview May 5, 2011
Lawrence Guyot, Jr. Interview: September 23, 2011
Jakylla Williams Interview 2011
Darron L Edwards Interview 2011
Atavis Minton and Ryan Thomas Interview 2011
Justine Moser Interview 2011
Elmo Proctor Interview 2009
Foster King Interview 2008
Nathaniel Boclair, Jr. Interview 2010
McKinley Mack Interview 2009
Valerie Simpson Interview 2009
Dorsey White Interview 2011
Dorsey White Interview 2009
David Rushing Interview 2009
Delta State Equal Rights Panel Presentation 2009