Title: Along the Tamiami Trail
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Title: Along the Tamiami Trail
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The Tamlaml Trail span South Ftordda's
peninsula, connecdtng the Atlantic Ocean with
the Gulf of Mexico, It penetrates the heart of
the Big Cypress National Preserve and parl-
lels the northern boundary of Everglades at-
lonal Park. Together those national park areas
preserve a portion of the Everglades ecosys-
tem. Crossing a moEa[c of environments, from

frehwater sawgrass marsh to saltwater man-
grove forest, the Tamkml Tra offers travellers
a scenic overview of Evergladea' envlronments.
Prior to completion, it took arty explorers elgh-
ten days to make the trek across the watery
widerness of the Evergades. Today the trip Is
made in a few hours or a few days, depending
upon the pace and curiosity of the traveler.

Shark Vaey
Everglades National Park

Big Cypress
National Preserve

Gulf Coast
Everglades National Park

Shark Valley lies in the heart
of the True Evergqades', or
river of grass. that stretches
100 miles from Lake Okaeeho-
bee to the Gul of Mexico. W4d.
life abounds here where arwnial
share a freshwaer ecosystem of
sawgrass marsh and ree is-
lands. A fiften mile tram road
(not open to private vehicles)
extends into the marsh, offer-
ing one of the best opportuni-
ties to view alllgators and the

The Preserv protects 45%
of the Big Cypress Swamp, a
wetland ecosystem In western
south Florida. Aboul one-third
of the Preseve's 728,000 acres
is covered with cypress trees,
Broad belt of these trees edge
wet prairies, fill the sloughs, and
line th horizon with the symme-
try of a mountain range, Trave-
ling along the Tamiami Tral,

Gulf Coast is the jumping
off point for exploring the Ten
Thousand Islands, a maze of
mangroe islands and water-
ways that extends south to Fla-
mingo and the Florida Bay, Man.
aies. dolphins, and oprey co.
exist in his salalawer portion of
the Everglades. an area com-
prksig one third of the national
padk. A 1 12 hour naraled
boat it provides an overall

endangered snail kite in Ever-
glades National Park. A two
hour narratld tram ride pro-
vdes an overview of the fresh.
water Everglades. Those wish-
ing to explore alone can walk th
shot trails and portions of the
tram road, or bike. An observa-
lion tower located halfway
around the tram mad provides
a specacular view into the
sawgrass marsh.

which extends the width of
the Preserve, provides oppor-
tunilles to view cypress trees la-
den with epiphylic plants like bo-
maliads and see egrets fishing
among the canal vegetation. The
Florida National Soeric Trail be-
gins here and provides a rugged
hiking opportunity for those seek-
ing a backcountry experience.

description of this saltwater
ecosystem for those with limi-
ted tlme. For lh more advent.
turous, the 99 mile w.lIdemess
waleway. accessible by canoe,
kayak Or smill motorboel. guides
those seeking badicuntry trips
through the mangrove islands
(nautical charts recommended;
backoountry permit requked for
campers; heck at the visitor

_ __

_ ____ _______ _ ___ _

Map and Guide
Big Cypress National Preserve and northern portion of Everglades National Park

Numbers on map correspond to numbers listed below.

O Shark Villmy (Everglades
National Park [ENPI)
Narrated barm tours (once-
on or ranger-led) Into be sew-
grass prairie. Dlher rangerfed
activlkes vary seamonmy. Bicycle
rentls evadable. No pianic facil-
dies. An entrance is chafsed
1o eter Shark VaeyB Separate
fee for trarm los. Visio Center
and bookstore: (305) 22-8776.
Trean nsrvaios ard bicycle"
rental: (3i05) 221-845.

0 Loop Road (I i Cypres
NatlonIa Prorvmen [BCNP]}
This 26 mile (42km) scenic
drive passes though di flren
plant habiwtas or viewing Ofi
hard-to-see animal such as deer
and otter. Short nature trail near
the Loop Road Enwironnw"l
Education Center Road Is sin-
gle lane wih potholes. Nolt
rvofmmrfibdd for RVs.

0 Campgrounds (BCINP)
Four poirmlive campgrounds
located along te Tamniarn Trad
widtn the Preserve. Additional
Carmpounds on roads adjoining
Tarniami TraW. No waler B
electrical I okups.

0 8Dg Cyp ss National Prarve
Vilo C*nter (BCNP)
A Mrn and exhitils expma Mhe
wonders of he Praeve. The
ales area offers books, postcards.
and posters about he south Florida
ecosystem Rangar-ed actM ivit
offered In 1he winter. VWsior Cen.
ter (941) 696-4111.

9 Kirby Stort Roadsld* Park
Picic area with short boardwalk
rough a cypress s lnd.

0 H.P, Willanm Roadside Plrk
Picnic area exo8*en for bird
watching and fslahg.

* Tuner River and Blrdon Road
These gravel roads form a
U-shaped 17 mile (27knm) drive
through pfredominanlly open Otas
prairie doted vwth slash pine and
bald cypress Ideal kr viewing wa-
ding birt and wildlowers in the
prairies and along the canals.

0 Turned RIve Cano Trail
(BCNP and ENP)
A Mfteen ne (24km) canoe ntip
meanders from freshwater prairie
inlo s LewW ar ~fbtrOvw. Jnquin at
the Gulf Coast VWor Center for
ranger4ed ca'm trips in the winter
sesC., Cano: r*lWs. tWde ns
and safety oonalderalons.

4 Chanbur of Commnrrc
Inormnaltion abowl rwtavrants.
lodglng, and are fea tes. (941)

SGulf Coat Vtor Center
Narrated boat ours ({onoessaw
or rangr-lad) into he Ten Thousand
Islands region offer a glimpse ilo
ths ascinaling coastal are. Other
ranger-ed aciities In the irnlir.
No fee for entering Gulf Coast

Fee ror boat tors, Vfi t Co flr:
($13) 695-3311. Boat t ur arnd
canoe renal: (941) 695-2591.

* Big Cyprea Band (Faka-
hatche Strand 8tat Prierve)
nd Ccollr Senminole SwI.m Pat
Short barwa trail at Big Cy-
press Ben (7rni,1tkm fr~ hwya
29141). Trails. caring, canoeing,
and naburaliist-cuactd actiihe
at Ccilir Senloite Site Park
(1Smil. 24km hrnm hwys 2'911)

TMrap to know
mowft n.m8r, alHI^ sI B4p

Mrboakt ide m- m tol i m
OOAfflbtW *e4aa l di" "
ceamaa ace slana ieh
imnam Tir. Private m ameI ar
NOT Sowkd w#t Eil leld
Naet Peirtk d ny ehofskt
doikinited aso d ft Op Cyp as
S nPwarW, PrMin 4qufl
iMb* w t Vthw Vflxr Cai.,
mAe hemdfgt when BgM
TWndM ToN. P0 itSMong tialhwy

od. Pm wthi c ,ai"
"FMw mr Wlonk bri. ,f hl.
on I s n evL: W11 000AltfE~t

inSIfl R-- -Do.,
EVMf a .eLdufg
Forda Panuw) erer WAniWl
Tra ObsMee apeOs ts r tfle
wal bing, ad 8tr ely you and
our pmnaerm.
tADrglor a r n er M ae
pmS.c Do nMt dflab r ledl
M OM .

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