Title: Everglades: Applying for a Fee Waiver
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Title: Everglades: Applying for a Fee Waiver
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Applying for a Fee Waiver
Everglades National Park can be a powerful source of
inspiration and learning. Many groups visiting the park have
discovered the unique opportunities the Everglades can
The park commonly receives requests to waive admission fees
for visiting groups. When possible, the park may issue fee
waivers to educational or scientific institutions providing
proper documentation. The procedures for obtaining such a
waiver are outlined below for your convenience.

Bona fide educatio al or mbenrlnfc institidom may
apply for an entrance fee waiver. To qulfy.,
application must contain the following
i. Current, official documentation of recognlion as
an educational institution by a Federal, Stae, or
kloca government entity, or ocher evidence atesntlg
o educational status (.e, accredicdon i le er or
educational tax Cxempt letter). It is insuffcieni ED
mcrcly state or imply this on official lenerhead.
Your fee waiver wil not be processed without
this documenriion.
2. Copy lhe application on the reverse of his page
onto your institutional letterhead. Complete the
appllcaton and send it along with your official
recognition as an educational inrsdution.

Reviw the following rules and saety prmcadous so
participant will know what is expected of them.
Re ct sth wildif Loud noises are discouraged.
Throwing ob ects at or other harssmeni of park
nimals is strictly prohibited,
PRepWt fkc home and food wres of the IWMdlife:
Please leave all plants, rocks, shelts,or Oder nWaturP
ohccut in the park Plae litter where it belong
Repec each othrr Running, pushing, or yelling are
not allkowd on trall. Stay with your cis, always
have adults lead and bring up the end of the line.

Fee waivers eniile the entrance of one
chaperone for every ten students (or one
chaperone for every five for special needs
groups). Any addltiona chaperones will be
required to pay the j,oo per person fee for the
Shark Valley or Main Entrance Station.

Appllcrions must be received z weeks in advance
of the antikepated vislt FeP waivers will not be
given at the entrance swuloni and refunds will
not be ranted.

3. There must be a direct reLsrinship between the
visit purpose and th re ofthe park. The visic must
be to study some aspecdresource speti to the
park. A genera] slatenent ro the effect tha che visit
Is for education] purposes" is insufflcent by itsci,
An explanation of what the educational purpose
entails and how it is related M park resorcc is
required. Course outlines, lesson plantr, r copy of
the curriculum mels this requLremenit.

Reepwc the rqigt of oeren to enroy rthir aalnoWparkr
Lotd nokes and other disrupive behavir on the
trails can spoil the experience for ther visitor.,
Bseu and other loud motor vehicle are uked to
turn off their engines when parked at tril heads
Groups that do not comply wish park regulations
wil be contacted by a raner and future fee waiver
requests may be denied.

If he aSpplet on is approved, the grou's official
will receive a copy of the appliadon with an
apprmovl signature. Each vehicle must present a
copy of the approved fee waiver at he park
entrance station, Fees will not be waived for
vehiles who do not have a copy of the waiver.

The enrance tec waiver does not entitle your
group to any special ranger presentation.

Applying for a
Fee Waiver

Protecting the Park


'' V
kt'! '

Fee Waiver Entitlements


- --

-- --

Application for Educational Fee Waiver
Copy onto institutional letterhead and complete,
Mail or Fax application to. Chief Ranger's Office. Evergades Natioral Park, Attention: Chris Williamson,
40001 State Road 9336. Homestead. FL 33034 Tel.; (305) 242-7745 Fax: (05) 242-7716
You must have this fee waiver in your posseion when roving at the park's entrance station.
Each vehicle En the group nmut present a copy of the approved application.
Name of Institution
Official in charge of group Phone Number
Number of Students Where you will enter the Park
Number of Faculty/Chaperones Number of Vehkles
Date of Arrival Time of Arrival # of Days in Park

1. Course Title, Catalog Number, and Desription or Grade Level and Subject Matter

2. Explain the educational purpose of the trip. What aspect/resource of the park is to be studied:

3. 1 understand that the Code of Federal Regulations allows Fee Waivers only for educational and/or scientific
institutions that are using the park for educational purposes. I hereby certify that the above detailed trip
meets thee requirements and therefore request that fees be waived. Current official documentation of
recognition of affilation as an educational institution by a Federal, State or local government entity, or
other evidence attesting to educational status is attached (e.g. accreditation letter, educational tax exempt

Name & Signature of official In Charge of Group




Required Documentation

Signature of Park Official:



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