Cuban Thinkers & Intellectual Leaders

This digital collection includes works by and about a group of Cuban philosophers, scholars, clergy, scientists, and thinkers who advocated new ideas and significantly influenced the development of Cuba, particularly in the 19th Century. These intellectual leaders focused on social, political, economic, and cultural issues, and many were proponents of Cuban nationalism and independence from Spain. Several were interested in human rights and many, including Father Félix Varela, were abolitionists who had to publish their ideas outside of Cuba in the United States. In addition to Father Varela, the leading Cuban thinkers represented in this collection include José Antonio Saco, José de la Luz y Caballero, and Domingo Del Monte, among others. These collected works should raise awareness and understanding of the evolution of Cuban thinking.

Works in this collection and prospective works include those by:

  • Caballero, José Agustín
  • Díaz de Espada y Fernández de Landa, Juan José
  • Luz y Caballero, José de la
  • Poey, Felipe
  • Saco, José Antonio
  • Varela, Félix
  • Arango y Parreño, Francisco
  • Arrate y Acosta, José Martín Félilx de
  • Del Monte, Domingo
  • Guiteras, Pedro José
  • Morell de Santa Cruz, Pedro Agustín
  • Romay Chacón, Tomás
  • Urrutia y Montoya, Ignacio José de
  • Gómez, Máximo
  • Maceo, Antonio
  • Martí, José
  • Mendive y Daumy, Rafael Maria
  • Varona, Enrique José
  • Pezuela, Jacobo de la
  • Sagra, Ramón de la

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