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List of bonds from John Otto Bayer, Esq. to Col. Crosbie ... 20 November 1793 to 22 June 1803
Inventory of plate belonging to the late General Crosbie taken at his house in Green... Place this 3d July 1798 and which is to be deposited at Mr. Co
An estate description and accounting of the Estate of General Crosbie to Archer William, with extras in Great Cumberland Place
List of debts due by the late John Crosbie, Esquire, at the time of his death as appears by attested accounts since lodged
Petition to Robert Fitzgerald from William Crosbie, [circa 1800]
List of bills due from the Estate of the late General Crosbie
Crops of sugar reaped from the plantations of the late John Crosbie dated from the year 1800 to present year 1815 inclusive
Draft form of letter to be written by General Crosbie to the counts of income with schedule, 30 June 1801
Letter to [unknown] from [unknown] discussing the debt report of John Otto Bayer and John Crosbie, 11 August 1807
Abstract of securities given by General [William?] Crosbie to Mr. Carmichael for an annuity of 50 pounds, 17 March 1797
Letter to Mr. Williams and Mr. Brooks written on behalf of Mrs. Carr regarding debt owed by General Crosbie to General Marsh, 7 January 1800
Sworn statement from General Crosbie, [unknown date, circa 1790]
Calculations upon which General Crosbie's schedule was filled up under the Income account
List of sums accrued for interest, rent, etc. on the late General Crosbie's Estate between June 1798, the time of his death and June 1800 and ...
Letter from [unknown] to Major General William Crosbie, 22 June 1797
Letter to General Crosbie from Thomas Handfield, 23 July 1797
Letter from General William Crosbie to Gilbert Jones, presenting his compliments [unknown date, circa 1793]
Letter to [unknown] from Lord Moira, 6 May 1800
Statement showing what General Crosbie will receive upon the close of the account, [a copy delivered 6 June 1807]
Letter to Gilbert Jones from Admiral Frances [illegible], 4 October 1800 regarding a charge against the estate of General Crosbie
Copy of a letter to Col. Crosbie from Gilbert Jones, 29 June 1804
Final statement of what Col. Crosbie will have to receive up to August 1807
Estimate of account between Major General Crosbie and his brother, John Crosbie, Esquire, 1797
Letter from Mr. Robinsons to Gilbert Jones (1804 May 29), respecting the accomodation to be given Col. Crosbie [in the event of his death]
Account of staff pay ... due to Major General [John?] Crosbie at his death 16 June 1798
Letter from Charles Crosbie to Mr. McDonald, 20 November Year Unknown
Petition to Robert Fitzgerald from William Crosbie,[unknown date], with sewn on addenda [circa 1800]
Account between General Charles Crosbie and Admiral Robert McDonall, June 1807 [also titled: Lt. General Crosbie in account with the executors of the
Letter to Gilbert Jones from executors of the Estate of William Crosbie, 5 August 1799
Letter to [unknown] from Lord Moira 7 March 1801
Letter from Gilbert Jones on behalf of the "late gentleman" William Crosbie to James Coombs Windsor, [no date, circa 1800]
Letter from Albert Baldwin to Gilbert Jones, 21 August 1799
Deed from William Crosbie to David Shaw, 1793
Letter to Gilbert Jones, Esquire, Salisbury Square, from the Estate of William Crosbie, 2 February [1802]
Letter to Gilbert Jones from Lord Moira, June 1800
Letter to [unknown] from Lord Moira, 21 April 1802
Letter to William Crosbie from Gilbert Jones, 27 July 1816
Letter to General [William Crosbie] from Lord Moira, 30 April 1800