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Title: Aruba Esso news
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Language: English
Creator: Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd
Publisher: Lago Oil and Transport Co., Ltd.
Place of Publication: Aruba Netherlands Antilles
Creation Date: December 6, 1974
Frequency: biweekly
Subjects / Keywords: Petroleum industry and trade -- Periodicals -- Aruba   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
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Language: Text in English and papiamento.
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Lago Oil & Transport Co., Ltd

Arub. Nethelands Antilles iW

VOL 35 No 22

December 6, 1974

* -;



Inslruclor of Ihe Elleclive Wr.l.ng Coutle Callos de Cuba r.ere
Explains an assignment lo Benny KocK. while Philip De Souza and
I Jossy Lacle lislen allenlively
Ilnalrucloi di e curso Skirbimenlo Elicaz Carlos de Cuba aki ta
duna mas splicacion ar.ba un asignacion na Benny Kock mientras
icu Phillip De Souza y Jossy Lacle lambe la scucha alenlemenle

Tanki di Lastre Nobo Awor ta Sirbi

Scuatro Pier Pa Mantene Haaf Limpi
For ]. [r.T.r r-ar. f".:J...m 0i un .: i 3 :[r .I 31 .a" *.cr.3
1 b r 11 *f *:; 3 i'j.Tnr.; r.i y iri. Ira iAu.I. ;i.. :c 4 i [ur.n n .*i
1 eli l G i. rr. :.uE a 1 ar.Cia .* ur-.3a IC *. aa1r.T.3nari 3
Co' : ru: :mr' .r ur. lr .'.", r. 3n; r-.el a' ." t.3;110, ; r *,T : r, .ar
re nOD; Tiar.. i.n .uain i n,) d. E:..:..: y ,..-:uu.T.
DOr a,:C.pl3 a5 5 3. DaIra:I ICr .3,
barconr. u I rr.3rr a F..r ,... 1 .3 d n
-. . :r a.r-G r ~ l Lir

ran 14o I ? C' W e .i Af-r
Dra Cu m 13 oen :erd.c.,, iE riuai
'inki .3I la;lre .3. J0i .")0: r-a..l
Tank. JO0 ban.3a .3. Tda.'.k, I.1I.
0 'ci C.Jrn. lli rl 3 n. :mer..:.) I
urr-a a: .1 !.u:n, a. rel.rjerii
E Ir-l r.C-.b, .0 I- : 1 00 b U .1
Cu rak adr. 13irr.3 C :.n.:. t.u..
*o0 :u 6 C*r..crt',-n 3, Tar.n. di1l
.a fan~r. ,. un pro .:lj pa Cc r..
o.110a r tC 3errn.:a F3C.i..3a.-.a..
b. Trata A.ela Uini a.l RCle.n.ij
y Ladire
E .ile..a .l:parac:.:.n .11
izela loin a6* ".A a lark.-, 1a
.rr.il r nj3 e Tark., .I)l C"uI 1 r. 3
i;30 iClu air.rn.l 1E3 I r.a: i|.
bi ire' l.nja DBa aoA .. I, Fa Cra.
pEil Pa iliire'je nl..Ei ur, Ca rl.
101r.nle a. DOaiaic Da-0 ]3. E Cal,
nflrurr.erioriarn p a,.:a .rAe ra
10 1 o D eA6rn.)u;e Or; Cu pr.,r.p
nanla i alar der.n ia"K. un
naicador s5ec.tai e r...el a0
zeia E muraVa .riliar.r lo ha.

v ** . t L ..a "3 IC. .
ailal AA.3 3. lial' aurrferia l.:.r
0' :-rilc Crip r.-.arn tual ,:.r rr.3r.
r3 r.3 lur C p.errin aen ar- 3
0CJ.1 i3. nial y 10 5j-.gjri Cu
P :.i.c arr.r.;ie pn.rgun a.1c3 iull
Ia a.'1 3Aa 3 iaiiire Co '0 D a oin
13.7.3 t 32.41 .i*. 13r.h. 13 Er.
ChuopJ O.:.r 0. ur. pOrr p li:. inl
Srrma"-13l Inr ii E jAa 11
.. 10 '3e::arah .e r. u.1 Si-p3
ra3.:.n SE :u".. ar..

L-3 a, 'roilCea pa3 C Tanki
n.r j. 3- laire V2 Cu3i la Er
c:.r.'irul a.,:.I ,3. Cr..C a Bro.je
I iI.:.n Co.r.rany 13 E-13ar ae
Lar.-r.c .. Fr .:ri r..c a E".'.ne.A
r.n4; PrCli.:l En.)ineer.n. S-c.lon
t Irj3D.:, O. *.nen.mr. .3. pr,.ue :
a E:r ril ao.:..r aC I. a Lare.n
o3. T-.:rn.,:ai-Prces. Er.,.nee.
.. r.,. D ...ion
E lank. nob.o an a ilr 13 i.r,a
pa bin. ia aui.aie. ull.mO aril.
a. january 19-i'

Employees Gain

In Lago's English
A grc.-jp ol emp.Ioyee; norr.r..
a1t i by Ir.Er OcEdrI.T.E,'l: are
..jur.erl lf i;.I: ,.r.9 an Elle.:i..e
'Jr., .. Ci:u :e I hju-jnl I-f InM
...r.. ..,] .:.: ..:.r. ..- ir.e Etrr..io.
* -. FPci 31,*&. Dep 3.iT.'.-.'
Tnhe ire. ;'3 i ra3 II rr.or.ln
:.:uri." Ar,..:r. Dci.3r. 6r. Aug.u.l
.' 1''J '.3 .jn .ver. I i..>: a
%e" L .r, .-,n. n.] j;.ri.ii n: ur 1-;
;Cr., .o l3ugr.l Df Carirj: Z 0*
CuC 3 Tr,.r..r.g Al3,-.rF
Aller.3..r..J Ir- C.:.ur 3r. G.1'
D'.'I Ar.l-iil.' Fr,.ay Berrin
Lu.:a Br-. RFi-..,.jr.. o Ba-r.
r,:.: BaSI C.,r.nor F i.T.C .nc
DO;i.r.. Pr,.i..p Cie c-uZ:3 Hr.,
.]r.k Ful..:.Bn B.il CG.err n Ofr.
i.., :'J.C.IC B-nr, iC.Ck J z:
LSCl Err... 3,T. PiB3c.c Vr.r
I-,ir ,]3 EIrjiI Zi"'3*-|lkl,"
Th. Erre( r... Vr,|in, Cou'r c
ha: Or..j...- ja .rIirGu1,c hi le
aI Lag r.) Prcre ior M.lOn Sa311.
:Ai C.l r.a v' .Fr Uln.virl.'l in
I1,:1 L3l-r On l. Ma~ laugr.i Dy
FjjD..', 3 FraSr. i al Iril I.me
i R Tr..-.rig A;a..ei 3a'd aor"..;J
r.-,:e.Il e3r .by CadrOi di CuD3
TrI~ :.ur;i. CC ..Eri Er ..t r.

Expressive Skills

Language Program
grammar BuO:aDuliry ana various
*r.l...g iaChrniiui SuCn 85 g0oo
.ra.t, i~n a..,d aSer.1r.ce lluC-
liure letter ari' report *r.l.ng In
.j.ldI.ajn w 1 CilErOr, vOrfK D&r.
i.c.pro 'l ir reiu.raJ 10 0O o 'r.g
Tn-. d42r.ur cOur;ie 1 aimea
ai raiiip,niT T.Tiployee Cornmurni.
Cole Deller by .ncreaiing ine aD.r
n 'rt in geil.ng Ideas acroa
Ir.rougn good exDre a.on in
pic-cr. 3In. etldie Ire rrilng of
Ieirerl ara reports relaiea 10
ir.e.r iD
S A gooa COrrmmuninCaton al es-
Lenl-al .n man 3 re.ryray life
ana mrost important on Ine
IOD Lago makes a" shorts
o1 accomni.in ini by organizing
.ar.ouj Engiln irain.ng pro-
grams eacr. year l0 suit employ.
ees neeca
in adia.ur. a year-rouuna En-
gi.in Language Lab operacla Dy
Slellord COurair of the Training
SSOtlion g..e. employee;, Ins Op.
pcrlun., io erranrC6 InGi En-
gi:n knowledge
IC.jnt.nul-3 on page 31

New deballasling Tank 402 will be six limes the capacity of the pre-
sent tank of 30,000 barrels
E tank nobo dl lisire 402 Io tin eels blaha e capacldad dl e lanki
actual dl 30,000 barll.

MUM 138* NEWS December 6, 1674

Lago Oil & Transport Co., Ltd. SS
- -d

Editor: A. Werleman Co-Editor: Miss L. 1. de Lange
Photographer: J. M. de Cuba
Printed: Verenlgde Antlllaanse Drukkerljen N.Y.

New Deballasting Tank Now Serves

Four Piers to Keep Harbor Clean

Since early November work
began west of the No. 1 Power-
house on the construction of a
new deballasting tank (Tank 402)
which will be able to accept
deballasting water from ships
mooring at Piers No. 1, 2, 3 and
the West Pier. When in service,
the present 30,000-barrel debal-
lasting tank (No. 401) next to

Energy-Saving Techniques Applied in Your Home

Can Help you Cut Down on the Family Budget
Of all energy consumed in the the single most energy-consum- your home products more effi-
world today, a high percentage ing product in our lives. This ciently and at the same time
is used by private individuals is followed by airconditioning save costs? You can start by
for their homes and automobi- and home appliances and elec- taking a look at the following
les. The automobile accounts trical devices. What can you do table of annual energy consump-
for most of it, and represents to save energy, thereby using tion in the kitchen:

Kitchen Appliances

14-ft3 no-frost refrigerator-freez-
21-fts manual defrost upright
30-inch electric range, self-clean-
ing oven
Microwave Oven
Electric skillet

Toaster Oven

Hot Plate
Deep fryer
Electric kettle

Electric griddle

Two-slice toaster
Food Mixer/blender
Portable mixer

Electric carving knife

Can opener/ice crusher

Frequency / Type of Use

46 cycles per month

10 hours per month
12 cups, 8 times per week, kept
warm for one hour
Toast 4 slices of bread per day,
bake 2 hours per week, top
brown twice per week

Boil one quart of water 10 times
per week
3 times per week, 17 minutes
per use
8 slices of toast per day

208 times per year, 3 minutes
per use
150 times per year, 3 minutes
per use
Open 10 cans per week, crush
ice cubes twice per week

per year











Tank 402 will be converted tc
slop oil service.
The new 180,000-barrel cone
roof tank together with the con-
version of Tank 401 is part of a
project for Consolidation/Moder.
nization of Slop Handling and
Deballasting Facilities.
The water/oil separation sys-
tem inside the tank is similar to
the existing Tank 401. It con-
sists of three overflow lines for
sea water at different levels, a
plastic float under the roof, in-
struments to advise the power
house operator when pumping
into the tank starts, and a spe-
cial oil level indicator. The in-
terior wall will be provided with
a special paint coating against
corrosion. Safety features will
include low and high level
alarms and pressure / vacuum
The new tank 150 ft. diame-
ter and 56 ft. high, will be able
to handle increased ballast wa-
ter from seven ships berthed at
all the piers within the harbor
area, and will assure that practi-
cally no oil contained in ballast
water will ever find its way to
the sea. The oil in the tank is
skimmed off through a floating
suction and sent to tankage. The
seawater will discharge into the
Secondary Separator.
Project leader for the new de-
ballasting Tank 402, which is
being built by Chicago Bridge,
is Edgar de Lannoy of Mechani-
cal Engineering's Project Engin-
eering Section. The process en-
gineering work was carried out
by Ivar Larsen of Technical-Pro-
cess Engineering Division.

As can be seen, the largest
energy-consuming device in the
kitchen is the refrigerator-Freez-
er. To use it wisely, defrost as
soon as necessary to keep the
internal cooling coils operating
efficiently. Keep the external
coils, fins, and motor free from
dust and be certain that the door
gasket provide tight seals. When

you are away for extended pe-
riods of time, turn the refrigera-
tor dial two or three settings
warmer. If you are going to
purchase a freezer, get a chest
type (if you have the floor space
for it) rather than an upright. A
chest freezer loses less cold air
when you open it than an up-

When using the refrigerator,
don't overfill it. Good air cir-
culation is necessary for efficient
operation. Don't block the air
vents. Keep the freezer full, on
the other hand, to prevent icing
Cool foods and food containers
to room temperature before pla-
cing them in the refrigerator or
(Continued on page 4)

Bake two or more cakes at one
time. Freeze one for future ue,.

December 0, 1974


December 6, 1974 ARUBA ESSO NEWS 3

At left, participants In the Effective Writing Course at work. At right, Na robez, participantenan den curso "Sklrbimento Eficaz" ta had
Herry Koolman of Mechanical-Building Trades, wearing earphones, nan area. Na drechl, Herry Koolman dl Mechanical-Building Trades,
gets ready to study from pre-recorded lessons assigned to him by blstlendo aparato pa scucha ta prepare pa studio for di lesnan gra-
Stefford Courtar of the Training Section. ba arlba tape asigna na die door dl Stefford Courtar.

Empleadonan Ta SinjaExpresa Mehor

Den Lago su Programa di Ingles
Un grupo di empleado nom- E obhetivo di e curso di 42
bra door dl nan departamento hora aki ta pa yuda empleado-
actualmente ta siguiendo un cur- nan comunica mehor door di
so di Skirbimento Eficaz den aumenta nan abilidad pa Inter-
Training Section den Employee cambia ideanan door di bon ex-
Relations Department, presion den papiamento y skir-
curo d s bimento eficaz di cartanan y
E curso di tres luna y mei cu
rapportnan relaciona cu nan tra-
a cuminza ariba Augustus 27, ba
1974, y ta ser duna dos biaha
pa siman den sesionnan di un Como cu comunicacion ta
hora y mei, ta ser sinjA door di esencial den bida diario di hen-
Carlos Z. de Cuba, Consehero di de y mas important ainda,
Entrenamento. Participando den na su trabao Lago ta haci tur
e curso ta: Gilbert Antonette, esfuerzo pa alcanza esaki door
Freddy Bergen, Lucas Bergen, di organize varies program di
Relmundo Barros, Basil Connor, entrenamento di Ingles anual-
Raymond Dowling, Phillip De mente pa cubri necesidadnan di
Souza, Hendrik Fujooah, Bill empleado. Ademas tin un La-
Geerman, Otllio Goeloe, Benny boratorio di Idioma Ingles du-
Kock, Jossy Lacl6, Erwin Siem, rante henter anja cual ta bao di-
Placido Vrolijk y Ewald Zandwij- reccion di Stefford Courtar di
ken. Training Section, y cual ta duna
E curso di Sklrbimento Eficaz empleadonan e oportunidad di
a ser introduce aki na Lago ori- aumenta nan saber di dioma In-
ginalmente door di Profesor Mil- gles. Cualkier empledo cu ta
ton Saltzer di Universidad di sinti cu e mester di mas entre-
New York na 1962. Mas des- namento den idioma Ingles pos
pues el a ser duna door di Fa- papia tocante di esaki cu su su-
bian S. Francis, e tempo ey Con- pervisor kende lo had arreglo
sehero di Entrenamento den Re- pa e participa den e programs
aki. Si su trabao ta permiti pa
laciones industrial, y durante re- su trabao t pe pa
clente anjanan door di Carlos e ta liber dos of tres hora pa si-
de Cuba. man, anto e por studio durante
hora di trabao; si no, e por haci
E curso ta cubri gramatica In- un arreglo cu Stefford Courtar
gles, varies technieknan den vo- pa tuma e curso di Ingles ariba
cabularlo y skirbimento manera su propio tempo. Un caso asi-
bon formaclon di paragraaf y na ta Ricardo Dirksz, un traha-
frase, skirbimento dl carta y rap- dor di ward, kende ta studian-
port. Ademas dl trabao den do ya mas cu dos anja va-
klas, partlclpantenan ta haya al- rios blaha pa siman promer cu
gun hulswerk tambe. (Continua na pag. 5)

Any employee who feels that
he needs additional training in
English can discuss this with
his supervisor who will arrange
for him to attend this program.
If he can be spared from the job
from two to three hours a week,
he may do it on company time;
otherwise he can arrange with
Stefford Courtar to take this En-
glish course on his own time.
Such a case is Ricardo Dirksz,
a shift worker, who over 2 years
already has been studying seve-
ral times a week just before
starting a shift.
Unlike the Effective Writing
Course, which is more advanced
and which covers various sub-


Gain Skills
)m page 1)
jects systematically and requires
the guidance of an instructor for
explanation, discussion and dic-
tation, the English Language Lab
permits an employee to work at
his own pace. He studies inde-
pendently in a partially enclosed
booth using a teaching machine
and following instructions from
lessons recorded on tape.
In addition to these already
established English training pro-
grams, from time to time a col-
lege professor (e.g. Professor
Joseph Kleiner of the Universi-
ty of Wisconsin) is engaged for
more advanced training on tech-
nical report or business letter

A frequent "visitor" to the English Language Lab is Ricardo Dirksz,
a shiftworker In Technical Lab. Inspection Section. For over two
years already he has been taking the English course during his
spare time, usually just before a shift.
Un "bishitante" frecuente na Laboratorio di Idioma Ingles ta Ricar-
do Dirksz, un trahador dl ward den Laboratorlo. Pa mas cu dos
anja caba el ta studlante Ingles den su ratonan Ilber, mayoria part
net promer cu a cumlnza un ward.

SDecember 6, 1974

Technieknan pa Conserva Energia Aplica na Cas

Por Yuda Bo Reduci Bo Presupuesto Familiar

Di tur energia gastd na mun-
do awendia, un percentage hal-
to ta ser usA door di individuo-
nan priva pa nan cas y nan au-
to. Auto ta gasta e porcentahe
mas halto, y ta represent e
product ariba su mes cu ta

gasta mas energia den nos bi- nan di hogar mas eficientemen-
da. Esaki ta ser sigul door di te y na mesun tempo gastando
aireacondicionado y aparatonan menos placa ? Bo por cuminza
di cas y aparatonan electric. door di tira un bista ariba e sl-
Kiko Bo por haci pa reduce ener- guiente list di consume di ener-
gia, asina usando Bo producto- gia annual den cushina:

Using the right size pan for the
cooking unit will prevent unused
heat to escape.

Usando e wea dl tamanjo ade-
cuado pa bo stoof lo prevent
acapamento dl calor.

S Energy
(Continued from page 2)
freezer and cover all liquids stor-
ed in the refrigerator.

The next largest energy con-
sumer in the kitchen is the
range. There are many ways in
which energy wastage can be
cut down when cooking. For ex-

Thawing frozen foods before
cooking requires less cooking
time.... Use covered pots and
low setting whenever possi-
ble.... Bake two cakes or pies
at one time.... Freeze one for
future use.... Plan oven meals
around dishes requiring about
the same temperatures.... Use
the right size pan for the cook-
ing unit. Pans that are too small
allow unused heat to escape in-
to the room.... Turn surface
units down to desired tempera-
ture as soon as boiling starts.

When using the self-cleaning
features on an oven, use it right
after cooking while the oven is
still hot.... Have faulty elements
or switches serviced as soon as
possible for both safety reasons
and to be sure your unit is ope-
rating at top efficiency.... Make
sure the pilot light on a gas
range is adjusted properly....
Put pots and pans on the range
before the heat Is turned on....
When possible, use the oven
(Continued on page 5)

Aparatonan dl Cushlna

Nevera-freezer "No-frost" di 14
pia cubico
Freezer pard cu "defrost" ma-
nual, 21 pia cubico
Stoof electric di 30 duim, for-
nu cu ta bira limpi automatica-
Lavaplatos electric
Fornu Micro-Onda
Panchi Electrico
Canica di koffie

Fornu chikito

Wea di hasa
Canica Electrico

Plancha Electrico

Toaster pa dos sneechi di pan
Mezclador di cuminda (blender)
Mixer portatil

Cuchiu electric

Corta lata/garnador di ijs

Manera bo por mira, e apara-
to cual ta consumi mas tanto
energia den cushina ta e neve-
ra-freezer. Pa Bo usele debida-
mente, "defrost" e asina cu ta
necesario pa mantene e sistema
interno di fria den bon opera-
clon. Tene e sistema externo,
y motor liber di stof y sea
sigur cu e sello di porta ta cer-
ra bon. Ora cu Bo ta for di
cas durante un tempo largo,
baha e dial di e never na dos
of tres temperature mas cayen-
te. Si Bo ta bai cumpra un
"freezer", busca e tipo manera
un baul (Si Bo tin e espacio p'e)
envez di uno di tamajo di never
grand. Un freezer manera baul
ta perde menos aire friew ora cu
Bo habrlele cu esun grand.
Ora cu Bo usa Bo never, no

Frecuencla / Tlpo dl Uso

46 ciclo pa luna

10 hora pa luna
12 koppi, 8 biaha pa siman, tenr
cayente pa un hora
Toast 4 sneechi di pan pa dia,
horna 2 hora pa siman, calenta
cuminda dos biaha pa siman

Herbe un quart di awa 10 biaha
pa siman
3 biaha pa siman, 17 minuut ca-
da biaha
8 sneechi di toast pa dia

208 biaha pa anja, 3 minuut ca-
da uso
150 biaha pa anja, 3 minuut ca-
da uso
Habri 10 bleki pa siman, grnam
blokki di ijs dos biaha pa slman

carguele di mas. Bon circula-
cion di aire ta necesario pa un
operation eficiente. No blokea
e ventilacionnan di aire. Mante-

Conaumo dl
Pa Anja











ne e freezer yen, sinembargo, pa

preveni formamento di ljs. Laga
cuminda y contenedor pa cumin-
(ContinuA na pag. 6)




December 6 1974


December 6, 1974 ARUBA ESSO NEWS 5



Fhomas A. Solognier, Process-Oil Mo-
rements, Harbor Area, receives his 25-
'ear service watch from Division Super-
ntendent Gus Genser In the presence
of Process Manager Ted Burton.

A 25-year service watch is presented here to Dominico
Perez of Process-ROC/LE/UTIL/SAR/-Util, by Assistant
Division Superintendent Henry Coffi in the presence of
Process Manager Ted Burton, Division Superintendent
Erik Eriksen and friends on his anniversary Nov. 23.

Calvin Assang of Technical- Process
Engineering, gets his 30-year service
emblem on a tie-pin fastened by Divi-
sion Superintendent Ralph Swingholm
on Nov. 27. Observing the presentation
is Technical Manager Phil Griffiths.

relix A. Garrido of Process-Fuels is the recipient of a 25-year service
watchh on the occasion of his anniversary November 30. Here he is
congratulated by Division Superintendent Marciano Angela, while
co-workers and friends observe the presentation.

On the occasion of the presentation of his 30th service award A.
Randy Tappin of Comptroller's (3rd left), is flanked here by Mecha-
nical Manager Gil Lorenson, Presldent J. M. Ballenger and on his
right, by Controller Tom Keevan, Technical Manager Phil Griffiths
and Process Manager Ted Burton in Mr. Ballenger's office.

Energy- Saving Techniques in the Home

(Continued from page 4)

stead of the surface units
nce less heat is lost in a con-
hed area.

Turn an electric range off just
before cooking is completed..
esidual heat will finish the job
hd keep food warm before
.rving.... Use a microwave
van to reduce power consump-
on for cooking certain foods..
void preheating the oven if
ossible.... Ceramic, glass and
:ainless-steel dishes retain heat
ettJr than other materials. Low-
r the oven temperature by 25F
4C) if using them.... Reduce


oven peeking to a minimum.
Every time the oven door is
opened, the oven temperature
drops 25 to 500F (14 28C).

When heating or boiling a
large amount of water, start with
hot tap water rather than cold..
If you have a pressure cooker,
use it whenever possible....
Don't use any more water than
necessary when cooking vege-
tables.... Broiled meats cook
faster than roasts.

Another kitchen appliance to
use wisely is an electric dish-
washer since it consumes both
electric power and hot water.

Other energy-saving actions
might include keeping the dish-
washer drains and filters clear
of debris; using partial load cy-
cles, rinse-only cycles, mid-cycle
turn-off, and other features
whenever possible; skipping the
drying cycle since dishes dry
perfectly well at normal room

Curso Di Skirbi
(Continua di pag. 3)
e subi warda.
Contrario na e curso di Skir-
bimento Eficaz cual ta mas
avanzt y cu ta cubrl varlos to-
pico sistematicamente y master

di ayudo di un instructor pa ex-
plicacion, discussion y dict6, e
Laboratorio di Idioma Ingles ta
permit un empleado pa traha
manera e por. E ta studio In-
dependiente den un lugar par-
cialmente cerrA usando un "les"
mashin y siguiendo instruccion-
nan grab ariba tape.

Ademas di e programanan di
entrenamento na Ingles ya cabs
establecl, de bez en cuando La-
go ta invite un professor di Uni-
yersidad (p.e. Profesor Joseph
Kleiner di Universidad di Wis-
consin) pa entrenamentonan
mas avanza den skirbimento tec-
nico di rapport of corresponden-
cia commercial.






December 6, 1974


I A ,


Lago Hosts Management Members and Guests at Dinner/Dance

A group of management members,
their wives here enjoy themselves
management dinner-dance at the

service watch recipients, and
at the company's last regular
Aruba Golf Club this year.

Un grupo di miembro dl gerencla, empleadonan cu a recibi nan em-
blema di servlcio, y nan esposa aki ta disfruta dl companla su ulti-
mo comlda y ball regular pa gerencl a anja aki na Aruba Golf Club.

I Conservacion di Energia
(ContinuA di pagina 4) Planes cuminda
da alcanza e temperature den fornu cu platonai
cushina promer cu pone nan den di a mesun temp
never of freezer y tapa tur li- Usea e weya corr
quido ward den never. cu Bo ta cushion
E siguiente consumidor mas Weyanan cu ta
grand di energia den cushina ta ta laga calor cu
e stoof. Tin hopi manera cu un scapa den cu
desperdicio di energia por ser loque Bo ta usa
reduce ora cu Bo cushina. Por e temperature c
ehempel: Descongela cuminda tan pronto cu a
cu ta den freezer promer cu cu- Ora cu Bo ta
shinele ta requeri menos tempo automatic di fo
pa cushind.... Usa weyanan ta- despues cu Bo
pt y pone e stoof na un tempe- mientras cu a for
ratura abao ki ora cu ta posi- yente.... Lags
ble.... Horna dos bolo of "pie" of switchnan def
na mesun tempo.... Pone un pronto possible ta
den freezer pa use despues.... nan di seguridac
:, -

nan hacl den
n cu tin master
ecto pa e stoof
a ariba dje.
I much chikito
no ta ser usA
shina.... Baha
ariba stoof na
u Bo ta desea
cuminza herbe.
usa e limpiador
)rnu, usele net
caba di cushina
nu ainda ta ca-
drecha partinan
ectuoso lo mas
into pa motibo-
d como pa Bo
: /

stoof sigui traha eficazmente....
Sea sigur cu e candela chikito
na Bo stoof ta bon ahustd....
Pone weyanan y panchi ariba
stoof promer cu e candela ser
cendl.... Ora cu ta possible, usa
e fornu envez di cushina ariba
stoof pa motibo cu menos calor
ta ser perdf den un lugar cerra.
Paga stoof electric net pro-
mer cu cushinamento ta cla....
Calor residual lo complete e tra-
bao y tene e cuminda cayente
promer cu e ser sirbf na me-
sa.... Usa fornu di micro-onda
pa reduce consume di corriente
pa cushina cierto cumindanan..
Preveni calenta fornu di antema-
no si ta posible.... Contenedor-
nan di ceramic, glas of "stain-
less steel" ta tene cayente me-
hor cu otro materialnan. Reduci
temperature di fornu si Bo usa
nan.... Cada blaha cu Bo ha-
bri port di fornu, e temperatu-

ra di e fornu ta baha entire 25
pa 500 F (14-28C).
Ora cu calenta of herbe un
gran cantidad di awa, cuminza
usando awa cayente (cu Bo tin
caba) en vez di awa friew....
Si So tin un weya di presion,
usele lo mas tanto posible....
No usa mas awa dl loque ta ne-
cesario ora di cushina berdura..
Cumindanan gestoof ta cushina
mas liher cu cuminda geroost.
Otro aparato di cushina cual
master ser usa juiciosamente ta :
un lavaplatos electric pa moti-
bo cu e ta usa corriente y awa 2
cayente. Otro accionnan pa
conserve energia ta Inclui tene-
mento di salidanan y filternan di '
lavaplatos fiber di pida pida cos;
y otro facilidadnan ki ora cu ta
possible; y no usa a aparato pa
seca pa motibo cu tayonan por
seca perfectamente bon den
temperature normal di cushina.


Here Lago's Postmaster Jossy Hunt, captain of Jesra's fishing team
at the Shell Nautical Club tournament In Punto Filo, Venezuela on,
November 23 24, shows the trophy he won capturing the largest,
saillish (34.6 kilos). Other team members are his wife Eva and son
Stanley. Helmsman was Aqulles Leon of Lago's Printing Plant. Since
1968 Jossy has been participating yearly In the Punto FiJo fishing
tournament. His team and boat won prizes live times in seven years
In Punto Fljo. In the Aruba tournament, he also won several prizes.=

Aki Hefe dl Postkantoor dl Lago Jossy Hunt, captain dl Jesra suj
team na e torneo dl pesca dl Club Nautico Shell na Punto Fijo, teni
ariba November 23 y 24, ta mustra e trofeo cu el a gana pa e caP-
tura dl e balahu mas grand (34.6 kilo). Otro mlenbro dl team to su4
esposa Eva y ylu Stanley. Tlmonero tabata Aqulles Leon dl Lago-
su Printing Plant. For dl 1968, Jossy su equlpo y boto a gan pr*.
mlo cinco blaha den slete anja.



Oaeunhu b ~Olr ,