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Title: Aruba Esso news
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Creator: Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd
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Place of Publication: Aruba Netherlands Antilles
Creation Date: July 1984
Frequency: biweekly
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A AWB Esso

Lago Oil & Transport Co., Ltd.
Aruba, Netherlands Antilles

-iwi iJe

JULY 1984





0a a l // bill, ]h. tI / nO M I(Iii
oulnn/n a ih AI /flni) I ",on (/ HI i ) "'
]i7inu ,unita1n 'if 'o-H .J' Opi / t'ng mt
mplhlu ? )i/w undIi d't awin nt.
//I// I 'l (i hai li h1 11' hat ha

l\l I (i 0 l I l I I LI1 I I I fat

1\ 1 1I1 I tII I tl~l i lll ( l|) (i III .
i t 11) \/ci A lo f It/t /.

IiI.c l 1li) a t >ii l i ]l I /h/'_ I lt t i n
,1l1 1 I( 11,1\( 111 l ,ill l h tllhlln III
It: ([im l If lile ill plg ,i t (om pl-c-
I(ItnnItd ltt l-ls a i tilt o f ou

st (ni t l iing in oet 'in i t s.
taln tI a hh\! Nmolht 1 n lor tion
nat alloli n .\endin, do i ianp t I)

i IIi of liiiii !/ipe li one oitlin ^ o
aiiii ili i ts nad sontimn is
S : O ()I o llt inh( s g(fn had t\ o do

\ addition sianilican opieattilions W
t icanlili ing. te \ L ht nnnll thiec

\acilum units. one and sometimes
Stwo o wers thiet golinces, \\o our
i thae tn e aHi tolinins plants. t\\o
ol oved thomee slphur units. In
addition. significant I ductions
, ere made in the Light Ends
operation I1 slilluting down our-
Alk\Ilation L.'nit. a Naphta Hydrol-
inet and several Light Ends
towers. Furithermoie. 25% of our
tankage facilities have been
removed from service as well as


Mr. Robert Naugle
Operations Department Manager

t\\o of oMi Ini e lingcrpircis and
rtccl* ci (hs.
(.: Can Yoon think ol some other action.
Alanageeent look?
..: Yes. \e have also encouraged
all levels of the organization to try
to assume mote responsibility lot
Iheir operations and to make or
suggest as man\ improvements
the\ can. Even \\ith limited man-
power and a tighter budget, we
believe there are still many impro-
vements that can be made if we
can get the entire organization's
help in defining and implementing
them. To help accomplish this, as
you know. we merged three
Mechanical Divisions into two and
four Process Divisions into three.
We also combined the Mechanical
and Process departments into one
Operations Department. All of this
was done to make it a more
eflective team. Today. we can sa\
this has resulted in improved
teamwork and greater ability\ to
accomplish jobs at a faster pace
and lower cost. Along with the
excellent assistance and coopera-
tion we receive from the Technical
people, we ha\ e formed a ver\
elective Process Mechanical -
Technical team.
Q.: .'1 wne can see, Lago employees,
especially those in your department, have
been through some major changes and
reorganizations since January. Many
have had to work overtime, work a
different job, deal with different prob-
lems than they were used to and take on
more responsibility on their jobs. These
viluations (an be lsressful at limes. In
your opinion, holt have the employees
reacted to these situations so jar?
A.: The challenges that Lago has
laced this \ear are challenges that
an organization is seldom required
to deal with in such a limited
pci iod of time. Our people ha e
done an outstanding ,ob in meet-
ing these challenges! And not only
that. thc\ have also demonstrated
better operations as shown b, the
long runlengths on our pipestills
and the vacuum units. The sic-
cessiul start-up of some majoi
projects was also a significant
accomplishmnen. In a short period




The ARUBA ESSO NEWS is published for all Editor: Mrs. Myrna Jansen-Feliciano
Lago employees. Please contact the Editor for Translation into Papiamento by: Mr.G.W. Bosse
permission to reprint or reproduce any portion of Photographs by: Joe's Photographic Service
this magazine. Printer: Verenigde Antilliaanae Drukkerijen N.V.

we were able to put the HDS
Purge Gas Project, the utilitiess
Modernization Project and the
Light Ends Streamlining in opeca-
tion and we successfully started
making butane shipments. In other
words, Lago employ ces have
demonstrated that they have the
skills. flexibility and determination
to successfully meet many dillicult
Q.: 'e have talked about challenges
and accomplishments. How about
A.: Injuries are things we all
want to avoid, but unfortunately,
two of our Mechanical people
suffered serious injuries this year.
both on and off the job. This points
out the need for continued and
increasing emphasis on salet\ so
we can totally eliminate serious
injuries. The very costly operating
incidents at the Hydrogen and
Sulphur Units, which stressed the
need lor making changes in a
number of areas, also constituted a
major disappointment. As this
article is going to press. we have
just had another operating inci-
dent, a fire at Pipestill no. 8.
While it is still under investigation.
our initial knowledge of the cause
is that an open bleeder was the
source of hydrocarbon tueling the
lire. We just cannot aflord to let

things like Ihat happen. Additio-
nally, we have had to make
adjustments to a number of practi-
ces pertaining to product blending
to ensure our position as a reliable
supplier of quality products. These
three areas. injuries, operating
incidents and product (qualit\ cion-
trol. wcre our major disappoint-
ments this \car."
Q: Management has obviousny streswed
safelf in operations during the first half
of thi. year. The Company has held
safely meetings, continued with safety
audits, and is placing more emphasis on
safety in may u'ays. Just recently an
off-the-job safety campaign iwas also
initiated. Have those activities had an)r
positive effects:'
A.: I believe it is too soon to cra\\
an firm conclusions, but we have
had some positive reactions from
our people, indicating their sinmeeC
interest about the Company's sal-
ety concerns. I have a feeling that
the emphasis in operating saleti is
starting to pa\ oil. but our oll-lhe-
job safety performance continues
to be a major problem. Do \onu
know that xwe ha\e had 37 oll-the-
job lost time accidents through the
first half of this \ear compared to
only two on the jobl. That's \\ I\
x\e will continue to stress safet\ off
the job as much as on the job.

(.: 7he general implemson that I get
from talking to you and other persons in
the organization is thai as an organi:a-
lion u'e have not been doing that had.
-ls a matter of fact, e\cepl o/0 a few
unfortunate in/miies and erino, ne have
done a pretty good job in operations so
,fa this year. Does that ti'e u soone
hope for the future?
A.: The enltil Lag" os yanli/atiol
has sufficient capabilities to
accomplish mani things. It has
been dnemoonrllatced man\ time
We lha\tc a d(ediP ated w ol kloirc
that is clear good cnoiugh to
compete against aln\ ollih in Ilie
x, orld. I ha\xc to point out to oil
though. that \t e lia h\ to c continue
to strive loI e\cxcllent )per lor nianc(
bIecause \\ith mcdiocte peil ol -
mance ( e \c rion't stand a ( ian(<
W\e can d(o a lot to (onut ibute
low\\ads a good liiionc fin IA Lo.
but it \\ill nmein bonlil1iilo us dil-
igelnt \\o ilk ltd lo,t mtl"li]n n to
cletail-. lo all oi us i \c < in lo ( toui
slia i ifl x\ ar dcl'it nlnlilwd aicI
\\ork effci li\cl\ to p)i(iot t lilt
fut iue. All the publ)!licit\ about
La o slhtintg ldo\ ni is N'\ (is-
tinibing to all of uis. built \\i muit
i\ ouri best to pot t Is n.' i li i-
lies aside anld (con(-cnll' t'i e
ellorts on Ith miao ( alllnc ,t
hand: making l.,ai O inmom conipcti-
tixe. We all ha\c a stake iii it 'irid
ever\ person in tll' ilncll\ ,ill
make a contnlibuion io\m id,(s [ids

,llcrrat~ 'X ,,Fon 'bl~~~I nt(-'] o "% i
],'at ici un h .tnniA of o p
ninus in %[o%il 0 '(is l(i

Over 90 signs on ear protection were posted in the refinery to create more awareness
of the need for such protection in certain high noise areas. The highly contrasting
black on yellow signs clearly draw the necessary attention.


JULY 1984





PI a. lama nt o lit ii. i, miit n(t a ,iion
/ii on, i di l ii Iai 10"',n, rmmlln omplrado
(I i i)iianuin di 7/1. ( n O/ l () altiin
.\llanat alii dot) di 2 3 patil i e
tp/it ad lan ii a L lda. ta Italia blao di
ho t I., it, ii t/i(ld )(n n labala It ail Il
(C Nos ib, 1i(llNl 11tcsu adonan l posit-
tlio dI.uitle e p llest i t( (It di
It C,) (! I ] ll)iicl nli/ ?ll (h, to
.una Xn 'a r un1iph (1 n/i os obhcti-
S(inlln di (i ol nl 'llt di (>u0do. nos
(ia 11 do i '111 anll idad i c11 (ido
1l1]d lni t o iin 11t,1ialmen11 (1I a;!n. lit,
ol ii pliieni n ii ,l ol, i li\ I \ n di
Eand ul cli c.iliinu n. \ \ks I a
iii, pli i sl iir i iiitin i i (pa lok l 0
Sal. ,t i li/. 0 I Ia \ t, 11 al- i ti i a
plo ti1 1 Ionain ili ( ip, '( L 1 lt'1- llll i-

( 10i 1 1 <(ii (P < na! /a I Pavoinain 11 (C 1'enila a

t:. Si. Nop a enrt oto lAo ianle itno
Sni irI lnan li e ol' ti i/na!i('t' lio
,i/> ani a s t Ii, m i s (hn I sanl ) i (ii di

( Ill ( i oi oa i ll n Ia mtlia r i
1h. i la tallc nm lic". cul;li l < i I"
1op(l ,1(t ion i, 11 \ lI\tm e. No' ,I (na
IlKllldl dn.ih l hn I i \ I( )i silo 1 ( II
lil' hitlbldad pa (tUinipli (u no,
( tmpinistn1 n a su[i di e( i caki.
Coi'o tesulhado di tno "sti'amli-
Sni '" nos tla I nat ito pip)Cesil]nan. nil di e dos
i\ 1a< n1 unit n n. Iun \ tin
blahid o do i no, les "'olinci'"
n11,111. dos di ( plantlanan di
"h\dilolinon". \ dos di e lies
tillnidadnlaln d] a/lie. Ademnas,
redc(Itcionnallt inii< ante a worldo
la( i den e operation dch "Light
Ends,". doot di saca no. "AlkN la-
lion I'nil". un "Naphta H\drofi-
nct" 1 various "Ligiht Ends io\e'"
lot di ser icio. Fuela di cse\, 250
di nos la<( ilidadnan di lanki a
\,ord-o saica lo di servicio thunto ( U
dos di nos cinco "lingerpici"
"ICIreelb ilh" nan.
P.: Bo por pensa di algun olro action
Scu 6erencia a Ionia?
C.: Si. Nos a enciuashi tamibe tur
c nivelnan di e oigani/acion pa
trata di asumi mas responsal)ilidad
pa nan operiacionnan y pa haci of
sugei i melihoiaciolnnan tanto cul

"..... we have to continue to strive for
excellent performance ..."

nm por. Hasta Nio un canlidad
limit i cmlpledo y i Un lldgel t
mas chli(iiio. noI la kire cit ainda
tin hopi me horac ionnai cii i St
\\ oildo haci si no, haiaa e al\ do cldi
lient ri e organi/a don pa ;llfn!i l
checatd nan. Pa olnda logia esaki.
manera 0o sa. nos a uni tcsC
Me hanical Div\ision rden ldos
ceatio Pr-oceis Diviio) n dlen rl.es
div\isin. Tamle no, a combnini e
depar tamentonan di iMechanical 1
Process. den ian olo ilpar t amella
di ope macion. acioa Opat ions
Depaitm en. Pa esaki a voi01d
haci pa asina forma In ecluii masc
elcti\io. Tab. no.s poI l)ia cn
etcctixo. A'ec. nos, pot bi~sa (-i

csaki a restltii den mehoracion den
trabao di equipo \ un mihor
habilidad pa calba ic trabaonan
na un manera mas rApido \ cu
menos gasto. Hunto ct e asistencia
\ cooperacion excelente ctu nos a
halia di c hendenan di e departa-
mento incnico. nos a lbrma un
equipo di Process Mechanical -
Technical masha electivo.
P.: Alanera nos por mira, empleadonan
di Lago, especiahnenle esnan den bo
departamento, a experiencia rambionan I
reorganizacionnan grand desde Januari.
Hopi di nan mesler a traha "oier/ime".
Iraha un trabao diferente, Irata cu
problemanan cu la d{firente di esnan cu
nan la cuslumbrd r umna mias responsa-
bilidad ariba nan nme na nan trabao-
nan. E siluacionnan aki tin biaha por
casa presion. Den bo opinion, con
empleadonan a reacciond ariba e situa-
cionnan aki te an or?
C.: E retonan cit Lago a enlienta c
afia aki ta retonan cu ical poco
biaha un organization meter trala
den un period di tempo asina
limitA. Nos hendenan a haci un
trabao sobresaliente den e mantra
cu nan a responded na e letonan
aki! Y no solamente esey. tambe
nan a demonstra operacionnan
mihoi. mania e coridanan mas
laigo di nos pipestill \ "vacuum
unit" nan ta mustra. E start-up
exitoso di algun proyecto principal
tambe ta tn logro signilicante.
Den poco tempo tabata possible pa
nos pone HDS Purge Gas Project.
e Utilities Modernization Project
Light lEnds Streamlining den ope-
lacion \ nos a cumin/ia haci
embalticenan di liutano exitosa-
menle. Den onio palabia. emplea-
donan di Lago a demonstirl cui
nan tin c habilidad. Ilexililidad \
dclermlnllacion pa exitosamenll
cltientli hopi retonan dilicil.
P.: \o a papia locante relonan j
Iogronan. Que hubo di desilusionnan?
(C.: Heridal an ta cosnan cu nos
lit kici cvitA. peto desafoitunada-
mentte dos di nos hletndenan di
Mechanical a sNili accidentenan
se io e aria aki. amlbos na Itabao \
(cont ariba pag. 6)

M d



Since 60% of Lago male
employees, and 40% of Lago
female employees are overweight,
the topic of" weight control should
be of great interest to many
Obesity is simply an excess ol
energy, stored in the body as fat.
Fat accumulates whenever the
intake of energy, usually measured
in calories, exceeds the body's
need. In Aruba many people
maintain a diet that is very high in
starch foods, such as bread and
rice, which have a high energy
content. These diets also tend to
contain very few vegetables, which
have a low energy content. Many
workers at Lago add to this
problem by eating an extra meal
while working shifts, or overtime.
Insurance company statistics show
that overweight people do not live
as long as slim people do. They
have an increased incidence of
heart disease, high blood pressure,
diabetes, gall stones, and arthritis.
The treatment of obesity is easy:
decrease the intake and increase
the expenditure of calories. Moti-
vating people to do so is not easy.

The first step to losing weight is to
make up your mind to control ,ou
weight, and to enlist the help of
your liiends and family Cut out a
picture of someone you want to
look like, or don't want to look
like, and put it on the door of youl
refrigerator. The next step is to
become aware of your eating hab-
its. Keep a diary, and write down
what you eat, and when and
where you eat.
A good diet is an essential part of
your weight control program. The
main job of the diet is to help you
choose foods that will satisfy your
appetite and meet the needs of
your body, while limiting the
calorie intake. There are no magi-
cal diets, and no foods that block
or use up the calories liom other
Exercise is important, to tone up
your muscles and cardiovascular
system and to help to control your
weight. However, it is much easier
to eat fewer calories in the first
place than to try to work them off
later. You have to walk briskly lor
20 minutes to burn off 2 pieces of
white bread, and 60 minutes for
that 1/2 cup of chocolate pudding
that you couldn't resist!

And finally, set reasonable goals
for youscelf. Weight loss should be
at a rate of I to 2 pounds per
week. The standards pi inted in the
accompanying table arc reasonable
linal goals for most overweight
people Remember, (he object of
weight control is to feel, look, and
live better.


If your weight exceeds the value
opposite of your height, you prob-
ably need to lose weight.

(feet inches)


Men W\omen

5-0 .................. .... 128
5-2 ............ 149 137
5-4 ............ 158 146
5-6 ............ 167 155
5-8 ............ 178 165
5-10 ........... 189 175
6-0 ............ 200 185
6-2 ............211 195

* This table is used bs the F'o'ei t\
International Centeri I' S.
National Institute ol Health -
Conlerences on Obesit\,

.:,- .,

To improve communications, a new two-way radio system was put into operation in
the Maintenance Operations and Mechanical Services Divisions in June. An impor-
tant feature of this system is that, contrary to the pager system, it allows for
two-way communications between the caller and the radio user. On photo: Billy
Cannegieter using the radio system in his office at the MOB.


JULY 1984



Ya cu 60%0 di cmplcadonan mascu-
lino di ~Lago. \ 40o di e(nan
Irmenin a ta pIsa dimAs. c topico di
contioil c1 ,peso m1estr ta di gran
inltcis pa hopi lectoi.
()Osidad (goldura) ta simple-
mcen lc un cxceso di energia, x ardA
den c cuipa den forma di vet. Vct
ta acumula ki oia ci c consumo di
encigia. normalmente midi den
caloiia. ta su1lpasa e curpa su
necesidad. Na .\tuba hopi hcnde
Ia mantenc tin dicta cu ta hopi
rico na ainldon (= zetmeel).
mancia pan \ aioz. cualnan tin un
contenido halto di energia. E tipo
di dictanan aki hopi hiaha ta
(onlen( masha poco berdura, cual
ta conteni poco energia. Hopi
trahadol naa L agt ea n a e
pi oblema aki. doot di come tin
c(uminda cxtla ola idl tlaha \\xada,
ol "o\ crtime".
llstadist( anan di compaianian di
scg(11 i ta nmustra tcu hendcnan
oT((do no la bil)a hies laigo
rnancia hcnde dclga Nan tin tin
int idcncia mas giandi di enferme-
dad di culazon, picsion halto di
sanig., dialbeits, picdianan di
lblial :- gal \ ari itis
E tiraami nto di obcsidad ta facil:
( onsui ni mnos \ auin(mia c gasta-
menito di caloiia \Motixando
hendi pa haci csc\ no ta la( il

E prome paso pa haha peso ta pa
dicidi na aplica bo mes na contro-
la ho peso. y pa inclui e ayudo di
bo amigonan y bo familiar. Pega
un portret di un hende cu bo kier
of no kier parse, ariba e porta di
bo frigidaire. E siguiente paso ta
pa bo ta conscience di local bo ta
costumbri di come. Tene un dia-
rio. y scirbi aden kiko bo ta come,
v ki ora y na unda bo ta come.
Un dieta ta esencial pa bo pro-
grama di control peso. E trabao
principal di un dieta ta pa yudabo
scohe e cumindanan cu lo satisface
bo apetito y cu ta cumpli cu e
necesidadnan di bo curpa, mien-
tras cu e ta limitA e consume di
caloria. No tin dieta magico, y
ningun cuminda no ta blokia of
uza e calorianan di otro cuminda-
nan. Ehercisio ta important, pa
vigorizA bo musculonan y e sis-
tema cardiovascular y pa yuda na
control bo peso. Sinembargo, ta
mas facil pa come menos caloria
na prome lugar en vez di purba
deshaci di nan despues. Bo mester
cana liher pa 20 minuut pa
deshaci di 2 pida di pan blanco, y
60 minuut pa e mita cup di
pudding di chocolate cu bo no por
a resisti!

Y finalmentc. pone metanan razo-
nable pa ho mes. Perdida di peso
mester bai na un razon di 1 pa 2
libel pa siman. E normanan den e
tabla acompafiante ta metanan
final razonable pa mayoria di
hendenan cu ta pisa dimas. Corda,
e obhetivo di control di peso ta pa
sinti, mustra, y biba mihor.


Si bo peso ta surpasa e cilia opuesto
di bo haltura, probablemente bo tin
di baha peso.

(pia inch)

Homber Muher

5-0 .
5-4 .
6-2 .

. . .. . . . . . . .
...... ....... 149
...... ....... 158
............. 167
...... ....... 178
...... ....... 189
............. 200
...... ....... 211

* E tabla aki a ser usa pa Fogerty
International Center U.S.
National Institutes of Health -
Conferencianan di Obesidad.



June Year-to-date


2 9


Fun and play! About 90 children of Esso Club members participated in this year's
Summer Recreation Program organized by the Esso Club. For five weeks, they
delighted in sunshine activities such as swimming and camping and expanded their
creativity'with arts and crafts ......



palbo di trabao. Esaki la mustra c
necesidad pa aumencni y continue u
cu e enlasis ariba scguridad pa
asina nos por elimina accidentenan
serio totalmente. E incidcntenan
operative masha costoso na c
unidadnan di hidr6geno y azulic.
loke a acentui e necesidad pa haci
cambionan den in cantidad di
area, tambe a constitui un ma\or
desilusion. Na moment cu e arti-
culo aki bai imprenta. nos a calba
di experience tin otto incident
operative, un candela na Pipestill
no. 8. Mientras cu te ainda c ta
bao di investigation, nos conoci-
miento initial di e causa ta cu tun
"bleeder" habri tal)ata e luente di
hvdrocarburo cu tabata duna com-
bustible na e candela. Nos no port
permit nos mes pa laga cosnan
asina pasa. Adicionalmente. nos
mester a ahusta un cantidad di
practicanan perteneciente na mez-
clamento di productonan pa sigura
nos position como un suministra-
dor confiable di productonan di
calidad. E tires areanan aki, heri-
danan, incidentenan operative y
control ariba e calidad di produc-
tonan, tabata nos desilusionnan
principal e aria aki."
P.: Gerencia evidentemente a acentud
seguridad den operacionnan durante e
promer mitar di e ana aki. Compania a
tene reunionnan di seguridad, a sigi cu
bishitanan di seguridad, y ta poniendo
mas enfasis ariba seguridad den hopi
manera. Recientemente, un campana pa
seguridad pajor di trabao tambe a
wordo inicid. E actividadnan aki tabata
tin algun efecto positizo?

Mr. Naugle and his wife Avalyn play
tennis on the island's tennis courts
where they have met many Aruban
families. "One thing I noticed about
Arubans," said Mr. Naugle, "is that
they have a high sense of moral integ-
rity. And, of course, they are very fri-
endly." Besides tennis, snowskiing and
jogging, Mr. Naugle also enjoys his
grandchildren. Laughingly he said,
"The good thing about grandchildren is
that you can spoil them without having
to suffer the consequences .....

C.: Mi ta kere cu ta much
tempran pa yega na conclusionnan
firme, pero nos a hafia algun
reaction positive di nos hendenan,
indicando nan interest sincere pa
cu e preocupacionnan cu Compa-
nia pa loke ta trata seguridad. Mi
tin un sentimiento cu e enlasis
ariba seguridad den operation ta
cuminza duna resultado, pero e
aplicacion di seguridad palor di
trabao te ainda ta tn pioblema
grand. Bo sa cu nos tabata tin 37
accident cu perdida di tempo

pafor di trabao duiante e prome
mitar di e afia aki compare cu
solamentc dos na trabao? Ta pesev
nos lo sigi cnfatisa segIriidad tanto
na tiabao como paloi di trabao.
P.: E impre.son general cu mi la hafa
papiando cubo r (u otro personanan den
e otganiarion la, rcu (oro organic acon
nos no a had aina tin mal hlabao. E
hecho la cu tealmente, cu exception di
a/giuni accidenle e rornan desafortu-
nado, nos a haci tn i ahao basan bon
den operacionnan le awor e ara aki.
Esaki la duna nos al/gn speoanca pa

C.: Henter c organi/a( tonI di L utl'n fitcintc capacidad I)p loai
hopi coN. Esaki a \\ of llo dmolnsti
hopi bl)iaha. Nos tin tin lol/a
obreCil dedicai cui a clataniente
sl(ficicnterICelic boi) pa (comllpei
contia ctialcuiiit otlo na nlmndo.
Mi tin di sefialai incmbar go < no,
miestelr 'sii haci ri lokc ta possible
pa uln funcionamit'ilto excelnlic.
pasobia (cu Liln luincionamniento
mediocre lo no tin po'ililidad i).l
-olirevivencia No' poi halt( hopi
Ila conliibii na un Libo lulnto pai
Lago, peio csaki lo "ign [ii ( c(lh-
cacion continue na tliabao \ mtln-
(ion liltIe)nso [)a dIliaN cinl (a nion
till. No( pol ha( i nos palitl 1 nos
ta dcltCnlin \ Ni no, tihall cli(s iin-
tellentce pa plotchi nos fiutuo
Tmt c publicidad toI ante cli Ia-
mento di I.ago ta masni a inquic-
tante pa no, tur. pclo Ino) IIInItcI
haci Ini celucI /o p)a pone c iNCi-
ridadnan aki n lhanda \ <(oit cn-
ti A nos (Nsiner/lonal] 11 l) a C Itlo
principal acltal: ha< i Lao 11,1r,
competidol NoN til li in) in iic',
den 'saki \ cada pci-ona dLii t
refincria pot haci till conltt 11)1i ionll
pa logi a c ieta cN .

B19A [ T. i DIW~fl

I~'litll otl (i I ba7 ... ald IIO'IT -.

Nine Lago engineers along with some participants from other Exxon affiliates
attended a one-week course in "Safety in Engineering Design" instructed by two
Exxon Research & Engineering employees.





T\L o ncx' contlia t'- hate been obtai-
nod loi Cile Iion Coal. one 1)\ Ex\on
Coal Inht1 national. a Di vision of
EIA. and one Il\ CARB( )COL.
EI \n"o 50-pel( rnl Colombian
pi) nin 1

Exxon Coal International/-

Elx\onl Coal Intn national. oni
behall of INTERCOR. liha obtai-
necd a (ontiia(t xi \ h i lII Finish

CeIl 1con ( thll(e(-\ a( l plcl rion Ilinnil in tihe
si onid hall ol 1985. a mr axiniin of
200,000 tolicnns h igh-q(tialit
sitainl ( oal oft oIx sllitli and ash
(i nt(c t \\ ll] bc) st )pplidl to

Shc (olillat ( \,is, lncgotiatcd b\
I' 1insuiI l i d F[lnm al F inncoal
] 1, p)u< ali iifl (oIim.i)lin \ i\\ned b)
17 Finiisl1 pIotlc) (illipanies and
nll(lsl ial(en'l i ]p! I.s ", i iongl them
Iinlnsltilm. 1'poii sit~iiiu] the Finn-
sl Iw (on' l iac. F' iin Cll al [ ([nlest t
MI1 oflti of an additional quantil\
of (oiEa 101 it, olihlc associates


CARBO)(:)L has si gned on the
ll( tl ic I l s C], oripol action, an n alfl-
hate ol tilh Floida Po\tte Corpo-
tationi. lo alinnual dclix ci ies of
aliout 500.000 oness of Cce toal. ThI contraI is loi a 54-
monllth pcliod, hcbginning in janui-
ai\ ol 1985.

Previously Signed Contracts

By INTERCOR I(Exon affiliate,
* ELSA\NI Denmaalk
* ESB Ireland

By CARBOCOL iColoimbian
* (:0(\ )mn\(l ol coillpam
* CARBOI'X Spaini

Cerrejon Projects Progress

As ol ihe end of May. Cerrejon
Coal Pioject consti nation \\as 53
p(cenil complete as lollo\\s:

* The mine: 42 percent complete
* The port: 56 percent complete
* The railroad: 74 percent

Above article \\as reprinted liom
the "Ahora".





Dos conltato noo oa \\oldo ol)leni
I)a ca l)on di Ceri- ion: tin door di
E\xon Coal International, un di\i-
sion di EIA. \ tn door di CAR-
BOCOL. c complania Colombiano
den coal Exxon tin 50 poirienIo di

Exxon Coal International/-

lE\\on Coal Inleinational, na
nonibei di INTERC()R. a obiene
nii (onl alo cu Finnish Suigar
Company (Flinnsugal) pa suminis-

tracion di carbon duriante un
priiodo di ties aria. Cuminzando
len e segundo mitar di 1985, tin
maximo di 200.000 ton di carbon
di calidad halto ci ta contend
poco azuli'e \ shinishi lo x ordo
suminiistra na Finnsugar.

E contrato a wordo negocia door
di Finnsugar y Finncoal. Finncoal
ta e compania cumprador cu ta
propiedad di 17 compania di
clectricidad y empresanan indus-
trial na Finlandia. entire nan Finn-
sugar. Despues di e firmamento di
e contrato cu Finnsugar. Finncoal
a haci un petition pa un olerta pa
un cantidad di carbon adicional
pa su otro socionan.


CARBOCOL a firma un conlrato
cu Electric Fuels Corporation. un
afiliado di Florida Power Corpora-
tion. pa un suministracion annual di
500.000 ton di carbon Cerrejon. E
contrato ta pa un period di 54
luna, cuminzando na Januari di

Contrato Anterior firm

Door di INTERCOR (aliliado di
* Elsam Dinamarka
* ESB Irlandia
Door di CARBOCOL (compania di
carbon di gobierno Colombiano)
* CARBOEX Spaia.

Proceso den Proyectonan di

Desde Iin di Mei. e construction di
c CcriejonCoal Project tabata 53
porcienio cla. manera ta sigi:
* E mina: 42 porciento complete
* E \\ali 56 porciento complete
* E liliocaril: 74 poiciento

E aiticulo

aki a ser reproduici flo di



JULY 1984

an bod Sany .*So an agtrwr h ue

aciite the oranz afe Seeto volybl tea

of Jun In ul wer ful *f teea ashesub

an vllyblltoramnttornmet


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