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Title: Aruba Esso news
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Language: English
Creator: Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd
Publisher: Lago Oil and Transport Co., Ltd.
Place of Publication: Aruba Netherlands Antilles
Creation Date: March 1984
Frequency: biweekly
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Language: Text in English and papiamento.
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VOL.45 NO.3 MARCH 1984

I tf, *`17 ,L



Editor: Mrs. Cornelia Sloterdijk
Translation to Papiamento by: Mr. G.W. Bosse
Photographs by: Joe's Photography Service
Printer: Verenigde Antillisanse Drukkerijen N.V.

Gasoline can

Gasoline is an important part of our lives. We need it for
our cars and trucks, for lawn mowers, for boats and
motorcycles. However, gasoline can be dangerous if not
handled properly. Gasoline is extremely flammable.
Gasoline vapors may also be harmful to your health.
Most people using gasoline in normal situations (like
pumping gasoline into their cars) do not experience any
of the symptoms listed in this paragraph. However,
inhaling gasoline vapors can cause dizziness or irritated
eyes, nose, and throat. A high concentration of vapors
can cause headache, flushed face, nausea, mental
confusion and depression, loss of appetite, slurred
speech, and difficulty in swallowing. Extremely high
concentrations of gasoline vapors can lead to vomiting,
convulsions, coma, and death. Getting gasoline on your
skin may also cause the same problems as inhaling
gasoline vapors.

Studies with laboratory animals have shown that gas-
oline vapors caused kidney damage and kidney cancer in
rats and liver cancer in mice. As far as scientists now
know, low-level or infrequent exposure to gasoline
vapors is unlikely to be associated with cancer or other
serious diseases in humans. However, in light of the
above information, you should take the precautions
outlined in this article.

Keep gasoline away from heat, sparks, and flame.
Gasoline catches fire and burns very easily. Gasoline
vapors may explode.
* Do not smoke when handling gasoline.
* Do not use gasoline indoors.
* Use only as a motor fuel. Do not use gasoline for
any other purpose.
* Put gasoline in a small engine (like a lawn mower)
only when the engine and attachments are cool.
* Do not store or use gasoline near a furnace, hot
water heater, or anything with a pilot light. Store

DO tank your car the correct way to avoid gas fumes.

be dangerous

only in a well-ventilated area, away from your
living quarters.
Store gasoline only in approved containers that
are clearly labeled. Never store gasoline in glass
or unapproved plastic containers.
Turn off your car engine before filling the gas
Do not mix even small amounts with kerosene.
Do not use in kerosene heaters or lamps.
Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors.
Keep your face away from the nozzle and gas
tank when filling your car's gas tank.
Keep away from container opening.
Use gasoline only in an area that gets plenty of
fresh air.
Keep gasoline containers closed when not in use.
Do not overfill gas tank. Make sure the gas cap is
put back on when your gas tank has been filled.
(cont. on page 3)

Gasoline por ta


Gasolin ta forma un parti important di nos bidanan
Nos tin mester di dje pa nos autonan y trucknan, pa
machinnan cu ta corta yerba, pa botonan
Sinembargo, gasoline por ta peligroso si e no wordo uza
correctamente. Gasolin ta pega candela masha lihc.
Vapornan di gasoline por haci dafio na bo salud tambe. E
industrial petrolero kier pa bo uza gasoline mas sigur cu ta
Mayoria di hende cu ta uza gasoline den situacionnan
normal (manera yena gasoline den nan autonan) no ta
experiencia ningun di e symptomanan cu ta wordo
menciona akinan. Sinembargo, respiracion di vapornan
di gasoline por causa biramento di cabez of irritation di
wowonan, nanishi y garganta. Un concentration halto
di vapornan por causa dolor di cabez. cambio den color
di cara, mariamento, confusion mental y depression,
perdida di apetit, cambio di voz y dificultad cu
Concentracionnan sumamente halto di vapornan di
gasoline por causa sacamento. convulcionnan, coma N
morto. Si gasoline cai ariba bo cuero e por causa e mesun
problemanan cu ora bo respira e vapornan di gasoline
Estudionan cu animalnan den laboratorio, a mustra cu
vapornan di gasoline a causa dafio na rifionnan y a causa
cancer di rifion cerca djakanan % cancer di higra cerca
Asina lew cu scientificonan sa awor, ta improbable cu
contact infrequente of na tn nivel hopi abao ta asocia
cu cancer of otro malesanan serio den humanonan.
(cont. riba pag. 3)

Lago Oil & Transport Co., Ltd.
* "" *



MARCH 1984


DANGEROUS ... (cont. from page 2)
Do not put gasoline in your mouth gasoline can
be harmful or fatal if swallowed.
NEVER siphon gasoline b\ mouth.
*11 somefonc sw\allows gasoline, do not induce
vomiting: call a doctor immediately.

Keep gasoline away from your eyes and skin.
Gasoline mal cause e\e and skin irritation. Gasoline
ma\ be absorbed through the skin and cause the same
problems as breathing gasoline vapors.
NEVER use gasoline to wash your hands.
If \ou get gasoline on your skin. wash promptly
with soap and water or use a waterless cleaner.
If \ou get gasoline in your eyes, flush eyes for-
15 minutes with clean water.
* Remove gasoline-soaked clothing and launder be-
fore reusing.

Keep gasoline where children cannot reach it.

PELIGROSO ... (cont. dipag. 2)
Sinembargo, relaciona cu e information cu a word
duna. Ibo master tuma precaucionnan cu ta word
menciona den e articulo aki.

Tene gasoline lew for di cos of lugarnan cayente,
candela y "sparks" (chispa)nan.
Gasoline ta pega candela y ta kima masha facil mes.
Vapornan di gasoline por explota.
* No huma ora bo ta tua gasoline.
* No uta gasoline paden di cas of den cuarto.
* I'za gasolin solamente como combustible. No uze
pa otro cos.
* Yena gasoline den un motor chiquito (manera
un mai hin pa corta verba) solamente ora e
motor i otro partisan ta frieutw.
* No xxarda of uza gasoline cerca di un forno, un
"heater" pa ax a cayente, of cualquier cos cu tin
un "pilot light". \\aida gasoline den tin area unda
cti tin bon \entilacion \ lew for di bo cas.
* Ward gasoline den un container aproba cu ta
marca claramente.
* Nunca warda gasoline den containernan di glas of
di plastic cu no ta aproba
* Paga e motor di bo auto prome cu yena e tanki.
* No bruha gasoline, ni cantidadnan chiquito, cu
* No uza gasoline den "heater" of lampinan di
ker osin.

Evita respiracion prolonga di vapornan.
* Tene bo cara lew for di e "nozzle" y e tanki di
gasoline ora bo yena gasoline den e tanki di bo
* Tene bo cara lew for di e boca di e container.
* Uza gasoline solamente den un area cu ta hafia
hopi aire fresco.
* Tene e container di gasoline bon sera ora cu e no
ta wordo uzai.
* No yena e tanki di gasoline dimas v sera e tanki bon
ora bo caba.

No hinca gasoline den bo boca gasoline por haci
daio of por ta fatal si bo gulie.
* Nunca chupa gasoline cu boca.
* Si un hende guli gasoline, no pon6 saca; yama un
docter inmediatamente.

Suse a safety can to store gasoline.
DO use a safety can to store gasoline.

No laga gasoline mishi cu bo wowonan of bo cuero.
Gasolin por irrita bo wowonan y cuero. Gasolin por
wordo absorba door di bo cuero y por causa e mesun
problemanan cu bo ta experience ora bo respira
vapornan di gasoline.
* Nunca uza gasoline pa laba man.
* Si gasoline cai ariba bo cuero, labe di biaha cu habon
y awa of cu un "waterless cleaner". Si gasoline cai
den bo wowonan, "flush" bo wowonan pa 15 minuut
cu awa limpi.
Kita paia cu ta muha cu gasoline y labe prome cu
e wordo uzA atrobe.

Warda gasoline unda muchanan no por yega na dje.

Lago's Marketing


One of the Lago operations which takes place outside of
the refinery area is marketing; nonetheless, it is a vital
link in the chain of services provided to the public. Our
marketing section covers the following areas:
Airport Refueling
The Airport Refueling Operation handles all aircraft
calling at the Reina Beatrix International Airport. The
large aircraft take turbojet fuel, while smaller aircraft,
such as those operated by Oduber Aviation, take avgas.
On the average about 740 aircraft are fueled here each
The Bunkering Operation handles all bunker
requirements in the San Nicolas and Oranjestad
harbors, as well as some calls in Willemstad, Curacao.
Numerous grades of bunker fuel oil (different viscosities).
marine diesel oil and marine gasoil are supplied. In
addition, at the request of vessels, marine lube oils may
be supplied. Approximately 120 vessels are bunkered
each month.
Aruba landtrade is mostly done through the Esso Service
Stations. It provides the local market with gasolines,
diesel, kerosene, LPG, batteries, tires an other accesso-
ries. There are nine Esso service stations in Aruba.

Marketing is part of the Operations Programming and
Marketing Department headed by John Every.


MARCH 1984



Candelario C. Navas
Sewing Machine

Richard A. Sweetnam From left to right: Claudio Geerman, Sock,
Electric Tool Kit William A Cangieter, Deluxe Beauty Set; Alberto
Gift Certificate.

.l, 'hfSG 4 I. s I--. r ". -' *.

et Tool Set; Antolino Ridderstaat
A. Rasmijn, 3/8" Electric Drill

Manuel Carrera
Gift Certificate

No photos available for:
Ruperto D. Marin Paint Sprayer
Reimundo E. Geerman Kerosene Lantern
Melvin A. Fingal Hedge Trimmer



MARCH 1984







Interactive use

of Computers

Traditionally, the use of computers required the
assistance of the computer experts in an organization's
"Systems Design and Programming" group. They
provided the link between the computer user and the
computer itself. Recent advances in computing
technology, however, have brought the computer much
closer to the user, often eliminating the intermediate step
involving the technical expert.
A new way of using computers has been developed where
the user communicates via video terminals directly with
the computer. The name assigned to this type of
computing is interactive computing. It is a two-way
conversation between a user who has a problem to solve
and the computer. The computer provides an efficient
and accurate means for analyzing a problem and
presenting the results.

Interactive computing has several advantages such as:
* USER FRIENDLY. An interactive computing
system is designed for the user, rather than for the
computer expert. Mastering the use of this tool requires
little training because of the simple commands needed.
* ACCESSIBILITY. Interactive computing provides
direct access to information stored in computer
memories by the user.
* CONTROL. Direct communication between user
and computer provides full user control over information
gathering, analysis and reporting.
computing, by eliminating the intermediate step of the
expert between user and computer, substantially reduces
the amount of time required to complete any computing
Interactive computing simplifies complex decision
making processes. Problem solving, which previously
required lengthy calculations -- many manually
performed --, has been made easy.
Interactive computing improves the mechanics of
problem solving and produces significant gains in terms
of employee productivity and company profitability.

At her computer terminal, Bianca Croes of Lago's Employee
Relations Department, retrieving information.

Interactive computing was introduced at Lago during
1981. Currently over 40 terminals, linked to the IBM
system 4341 mainframe computer, serve a population of
over 100 engineering professionals and systems analysts.

Uzo Interactivo

di Computer

Tradicionalmente, e uzo di computernan tabata requer
e asistencia di e expertonan di computer dli grupo d
"Disefio y Programacion di S\stemanan" den ur
organization. Nan tabata forma e coneccion entire esur
cu ta uza e computer y e computer mcs. Progresonai
recien den tecnologia di computer, sinembargo. a trece <
computer mas cerca die usador, hopi biaha climinando
paso intermedio cu ta involve e expert tecnico. lU
manera nobo a wordo desarova unda e usador t;
comunica via terminalnan di video, directamente cu (
computer. E number cu a wordo dunin na e tipo d
computacion aki ta "computacion interactive". E ta iI
combersacion entire e usador cu master resolve ul
problema y e computer. E computer ta ofrece tin maner;
eficiente y preciso pa analisa un problema present I
Computamento interactive tin various xentahanal
* TRAHA PA E USADOR. Un s\ stcma d
computamento interactive ta disefia pa e usador, en ve
di pa e expert di computer. Poco entrenamiento U
requeri, pa por sifia con ta uza e instrument aki. pa li
di e orden simpelnan cu mester word uza.
* ACCESIBILIDAD. Computacion interaclixo t;
duna e usador acceso director na e inlot mat ion ( u til
ward den e memorianan di e computer.
* CONTROL. Comunicacion director entree uadol v
computer ta duna e usador control complete arib;
coleccionamiento di information, analysis i repo tahe
elimina e paso intermedio entire e expert y e usaldoi d
computer, computacion interactive substancialmentc ti
reduci e cantidad di tempo cu ta necesario pa complete;
cualquier trabao di computacion.
Computacion interactive a simplifica procesonai
complica di hacimento di decision. Solution d
problemanan cu antes tabata requeri calculacionnai
largo, hopi di nan haci manualmente, a word haci lacil
cion interactive ta mehora e mecaniconan di soluciona
problema, y ta produce ventahanan significant pa lokt
ta trata productividad di empleadonan y prov\cho pa
Computacion interactive a word introduce na Lagw
durante afia 1981. Actualmente mas di 40 terminal.
conecta ariba e s\stema 4341 "Mainframe" computer di
IBM. ta sirbi un cantidad di mas cu 100 profesionalnan
di ingenieria y analystanan di system.

MARCH 198,


Lago su


ii marketing

n di c opieacionnan di Lago cu ta lincona pafor die
ca di relinci ia ta marketing: sinembargo, c ta un parti
t oltante di c cadena di servirionan olreci na e
iblico. Nos se'cion di marketing ta cubri c siguientec

enamento di Combustible na Aeropuerto
, O)peracion di "Refueling", csta e suministracion di
amr)bustiblel na acropterto. taduna serviiciona tur avion
I. vcga na e Aciopucro Internacional Reina Beatrix. E
iolnnanl giandi ta tlma "lurbo jet liel" mientras cu
vionnan mas clhikito, manera esnan cu Oduber
aviationn ta opcia, ta tuma "axgas." L'n promedio di
as, o ninos 74a 0 a\ ion ta tuma conbustille akinan cada

, Opciacion di Bnkciring ta tuma na su encargo tur e
'mandanan pa omn)bustible den c wafnan di San
.kolas \ Oraniestad \ laminb algun demand for di
\'illenmitad. Corsox. \'Va ios clasenan di bunker fuel oil
lilerinte viscosidadnan). marine diesel oil, marine
asoi I a \'ordo sun ist ia Adicionalmente, ariba
ti( ion di c hailunan, marine lube oil por word
nininsta. Aproximadamentc 120 barcu ta word
illllnistia (it (combisiible cada luna.

la \oria li c palti di Ai iba su "landtrade" ta wordo
aci pa m'dio di e Esso Ser\ ice Stations. Landtrade ta
nunisltia c mnclmado lo(al cu gasolinnan, diesel,
1Mosn. LP;G gas;, bate iaanan. tirenan y otro
C(Si ]onan T'ii nucil Esso Service Stations na Aruba.

iniicion di
I og an mming
tualnmente ta

vcnta ta part
and Marketing
eiicacza bea pa John

di c "Operations
Department" cu

Health Corner

Heart Attack!!!

recognize its symptoms
By Dr. Larry Crook
leart disease is the leading cause of death for both men
nd women. Twice as many men and women die from
heart attacks than liom all types of cancer combined.
becausee of this, it is important that everyone know the
/mptons of a heart attack.
'am is the most important sympton. The pain is usually
described as dull, aching, or squeezing. It starts slowly,
nd may last for hours. It is located in the center of the

chest, and may spread to the arms, the neck, or the upper
part of the abdomen, where it is often mistaken for
indigestion, or heartburn.
The pain is often accompanied by weakness, shortness of
breath, anxiety, nausea, or vomiting. The victim may be
pale, cool. and sweating profusely. Occasionally a victim
will feel dizzy, lightheaded, or may even faint.
The pain may begin at any time, whether the patient is
resting or working, and is not relieved by rest. Olien the
victim will walk about trying to find relief.
Heart attacks may occur without pain. This is fairly
common in older people and in diabetics. These people
may have some of the other symptoms listed above, such
as shortness of breath, vomiting or fainting.
There is an important fact to keep in mind about heart
attacks. Over one half of the people who die from heart
attacks do so in the first 60 minutes, before they ever
reach a hospital! So, the most important thing you can
do if you think you might be having a heart attack is to go
to the hospital or clinic as soon as possible.

Papiando di Salud

Atake di


Reconoce e symptomanan
Pa Dr. Larry Crook.
Enfermedad di curazon ta e causa principal di morto pa
ambos homber y muhernan. E cantidad di homber y
muhernan cu ta muri di atakenan di curazon ta dos
biaha mas grand cu e cantidad cu ta muri di tur tipo di
cancer combing. Ta pesei, ta important pa tur hende
conoce e symptomanan di un atake di curazon.
Dolor ta e symptoma mas important. E dolor ta word
describe como dolor cu no ta intense, cu ta molestia ofcu
ta primi. E ta cuminsa poco poco y e por continue pa
oranan largo. E ta localisa den e centro di bo pecho, y e
por sigi pa bo brasanan, pa e nek of pa e parti ariba di e
abdomen, unda hopi biaha e ta wordo confundi pa
indigestion of pa acido di stoma.
Hopi biaha e dolor ta wordo compaia pa debilidad, falta
di rosea, anshamento, mariamento y sacamento. E
victim por tin un cara descolord, frieuw y e por ta
sodando hopi. Tin biaha e victim ta sinti cu su cabez ta
bira, e por ta sinti tolondra of e por hasta cai flauw.
E dolor por cuminza na cualquier ora, sea, cu e paciente
ta descansando of ta trahando, y no ta wordo alivia door
di descanso. Hopi biaha e victim lo cana rond pa hafia
Atakenan di curazon por tuma lugar sin dolor. Esaki ta
basta comun cerca hendenan mas bieuw v diabeticonan.
E hendenan aki por tin algun di e otro symptomanan cu
a wordo menciona ariba, manera falta di rosea,
sacamento of nan por bai for di tino.
Tin un hecho important cu nos tin di corda tocante
atake di curazon. Mas cu miti di esnan cu ta muri di
atake di curazon ta fayece durante e prome 60
minuutnan, prome cu nan yega hospital. Pesei, e cos mas
important cu bo por haci, si bo ta k6re cu bo por ta
hafiando un atake di curazon. ta, pa bai hospital of
clinic mas lihe cu ta possible.



I~lkl., !