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PROBE, vital for Lago's competitiveness

"PROBE!" It sounds mysterious, even threatening, As each oftho
doesn't it? What is it really? specific aspe
PROBE actually stands for PROfit BEtterment. It is a refining proc
specific effort that Lago implemented last May with the ER&E Co., I
purpose of looking for ways of improving the near term "The PROB
profitability of our refining operation. Although the operating sul
name "PROBE" may sound new to most Lago skills in plan
emplo\ccs, it is really only a new twist to an ongoing operations, C
program to improve our organization that has been all these diff
receiving emphasis over the past few years. Programs reviewed in a
such as Encon, Oil Loss Reduction, Encon Operations possible by
Improvement, Safety Improvement, Organization experienced i
Improvement, and now PROBE, are indications ofLago 'in place here
Management's and employees' commitment to ensure team is able t
the viability of Lago as an organization in the future as that cut acro
well as in the present.


Lago Oil & Transport Co., Ltd.
Aruba, Netherlands Antilles

se programs has focused on one or another
:t of operations, PROBE is looking into
s which may be possible in the overall
ess with little or no investment.Jan Sarsten,
nead of the PROBE team, explained how.
IE team is composed of engineers and
pervisors from Lago and ER&E Co. with
ning, process engineering, design, systems,
)M&S, and utilities. Because the team has
erent skills, the current situation can be
multi-faceted way. The approach is only
the active involvement of Lago people
n the particular processes and equipment
. By combining individual knowledge, the
o consider alternatives to current practices
)ss more than one discipline or unit. The
(cont. on page 2)


VOL. 44 NO. 5

JULY 1983

PROBE, vital pa Lago su competencia

"E manera aki di acerca, ta posibel solamente si envolv6
activamente hendenan di Lago cu tin experiencia cu e
procesonan y equiponan cu tin aki," Jan Sarsten, hefe di e
grupo PROBE di ER&E, a bisa.

"PROBE!" E ta zona misterioso, hasta manera un
amena/a. no ta asina? Kiko e ta veirdaderamente?

PROBE ta nilica "PROfit BEtterment" (mehora
ganashu. E ta un esfuerzo especifico cu Lago a
implemenr na Mei ultimo cu e intention di busca
maneranan pa mehora e ganancia inmediato di nos
operation di refinacion. Aunke e number PROBE por
zona nobo pa majoria di Lago su empleadonan, e ta
solamente tn forma nobo di un program cu tabata
tumando lugar cala y ciu a hafia enfasis durante e ultimo
afianan, pa mehora nos organization. Programanan
manera Encon, Oil Loss Reduction, Encon Operations
Improvement. Safety Improvement. Organization
Improvement, y awor PROBE, ta indicacionnan cu
gerencia y empleadonan di Lago ta compromete nan
mes pa sigura e existencia di Lago como un compania,
tanto den future como den present.

Mientras cu cada un di e programanan a concentrA
ariba un of otro aspect especifico di operation. PROBE
ta analizando mehoracionnan cu por ta posibel den
process di refinacion en general cu poco of sin inversion.
Jan Sarsten, ER&E Co., hefe di e grupo PROBE, a

splica con. "E PROBE team ta consist di ingenieronan y
"operating supervisors" di Lago y di ER&E Co. cu
conocemento di planeamento, ingenieria di process,
diseflo, sistemanan, operation, OM&S y "utilities".
Pasobra e grupo tin tur e diferente habilidadnan aki. e
situation actual por wordo repasA di un manera multi-
fase. E manera aki di acerca ta posibel solamente si
envolv6 activamente hendenan di Lago cu tin
experiencia cu e procesonan y equiponan cu tin aki.
Door di combinA conocemento individual, e grupo por
considerA alternativanan pa pricticanan actual, cu ta
envolv6 mas cu un discipline ofunidad. E alternative cu
trese e miho mehoracion pa e prActicanan actual, ta
word recomendA pa e grupo."
(cont. ariba pag. 7)



Lago O Traport Co. Ld

Lago Oil & Transport Co., Ltd.
"- ~-

Editor: Mrs. M. Jansen-Feliciano
Translation to Papiamento by: Mr. G.W. Bosse
Photographs by: Joe's Photography Service
Printer: Verenigde Antilliaanse Drukkerijen N.V.

Workshops conducted on MPT's salary system

%L A" 4

During the month of June, workshops on "Pay and Performance
for National MPT's" were held at the Training Centerfor Second
Line Supervisors and some Division Superintendents. This
workshop was organized to provide a better explanation of the
salary system for national MPT's. It included information on
"performance appraisal", which provides the individual basis
for compensation decisions, and on "ranking process and
procedure", which links appraisal with compensation. It is the
intention to hold this workshop for all national MPT's later in
the year. The workshop was conducted by Eddy Thode, Bill
Brenneman and Francisco Kock of the Employee Relations


IPROBE .... (cont. from page 1) I
alternative which offers the biggest improvement to
current practice is then recommended by the team."
In searching for ways to improve profit, the team is
concentrating on two major objectives. One is to
improve the yield of higher realization products. "Lago
has the know-how to make good, clean, valuable
products from heavy crude at a low cost," said Vern
Meikle, Assistant Technical Manager at Lago and
coordinator of the PROBE team. "Through PROBE,"
he continued, "Lago wants to find ways of exploiting
those strenghts, by increasing the yield of those products
that are in high demand."

The other objective is to streamline operations. "This
can be accomplished by combining processing and/or by
making use of idle equipment that is available from
previously shutdown units," said Mr. Sarsten. "In other
words," added Mr. Meikle, "we would like to make
better use of the expertise and equipment we already
have." Equipment, for example heat exchangers,
furnaces or distillation towers which are surplus in one
location may be able to be put to advantageous use if
Lago is putting the emphasis on low cost opportunities
that can be implemented within the 1983-84 time frame.
Alter the team members had visited the units and
interviewed knowledgeable people of the Process and
Technical Departments in the first five weeks of the
study, a list of ideas and opportunities which might have
that kind of profit improvement potential was

developed. As part of the second stage oft he stud\, which
will also last for five weeks, the team is looking into those
ideas in detail to substantiate them and to see whi h ones
are in fact worthy of recommendation to Lago

"Refineries that have conducted similar "PROBE"
surveys have been enthusiastic about the results."
commented Mr. Sarsten. ER&E has assisted man\
refineries in this type of study. for example the Sarnia.
Dartmouth and loco refineries in Canada and almost
every refinery in Europe. Although the commitment to
"PROBE" is Lago's, ER&E is providing assistance in
the way of transfer oftechnology through the experience
they have gathered by participating in other PROBE
type studies.
Lago PROBE team members who are participatinglull-
time or heavily in the study in addition to V. Meikle. are:
O. Koeiman; C. Emerencia, .J. Maduro: Joaquin
Croes; J. Curiel: M. Leo: D. Schmidt: D. Madden and
R. Ever. The ER&E members of the team in addition
to Jan Sarsten, are: D. Schiappa; I. Nemes; R. Church
and D. Alexion.

One may wonder why Lago is putting special emphasis
on "Profit Betterment" now. Hasn't it always received
emphasis? Of course it has, but in an era when relincries
are running at rates below capacity, and when the
demand for oil products is falling, "Profit Betterment" or
"PROBE" has become vital in ensuring the viability and
competitiveness of any company in the oil industry And
that includes Lago!


JULY 1983




Although writing is not one of his
hobbies, Dr. Larry Crook of Lago's
Medical Center has contributed with an
article on "Diabetes" for the Esso
News. Beside medicine, Dr. Crook's
interests are in hiking, camping,
photography and music.

Diabetes, a common but deadly condition

Diabetes is a common condition. It is also a deadly one if
it is not taken care of properly. Diabetes along with
glaucoma and hypertension are the three most frequent
conditions found among adults in Aruba and
subsequently\ among Lago employees. More than 10% of
Iago employees have diabetes.

In the follow ing article, information is given on the types
of diabetes, its effects and treatment. A special thanks
goes to Dr. Lai N Crook of Lago's Medical Center who
has contributed the article to the Esso News.

What is Diabetes?
Most people know that sugar plays a big part in the
disease called diabetes, but beyond this there may be a
certain amount of uncertainty and confusion. This
aitic le \\ill explain what diabetes is, and its relationship
to sugar.
The human bod\ uses sugar in the blood as its major
source of fuel. This sugar, or glucose, is obtained from
man\ sources, one of the most important being the
carbohydrate group of foods, which includes the starches
and sugars.
The pane reas, a small gland behind the stomach, makes
a chemical called insulin that is pumped into the
bloodstream. There it acts to lower the blood sugar by
allow ing glucose to leave the blood and enter the cells,
where it is used as fuel. Diabetes is a condition where
theie is too much glucose in the blood.
There are two main types of diabetes, the one very
different from the other.

Type I and II
In Type I diabetes, also known as juvenile onset, or
classical, diabetes, the pancreas does not make enough
insulin, which causes a high blood glucose level. The
typical person with Type I diabetes is young, thin, and
must take insulin shots every day. If insulin shots are not
taken, a type of unconsciousness called diabetic coma, or
even death, may result.
Most of those with diabetes in Aruba have Type II
diabetes, also known as adult onset diabetes. In this type,
the pancreas does make a normal amount of insulin.
However, because these persons tend to be overweight,
the insulin is taken up by the fat cells, not leaving enough
for the other cells to allow the glucose to leave the
bloodstream. The blood sugar level then remains high.
The typical person with Type II diabetes is 40 years or
over and is overweight. As the amount of insulin the

pancreas produces is not the problem in this type of
diabetes, insulin shots are usually not needed.
In both types of diabetes the blood sugar level is too high.
When the level of glucose in the blood reaches twice the
normal level it start to spill over into the urine. This
forces the kidneys to make large amounts of extra urine
than normal, both during the day and at night. He/she
also feels more thirst than normal and drinks large
amounts of water.
Diabetes is diagnosed by measuring the level of glucose
in the blood, sometimes after having the person drink a
known amount of sugar in water. The simple presence of
glucose in the urine does not necessarily mean that a
person has diabetes, since there are other conditions that
can cause sugar to be found in the urine.

Both types of diabetes cause many complications. The
high level of glucose in the blood makes a diabetic more
likely to get infections, especially bladder and skin
infections, such as boils. Atherosclerosis, or hardening of
the arteries, is much more frequent and severe in
diabetics, and leads to heart attacks, strokes, and death
of the tissues of the legs and feet, called gangrene. Kidney
failure and blindness are other major problems.
Diabetes also damages the nerves, leading to pain or
numbness, especially in the feet. In addition, Type I
diabetics who do not take their insulin properly can go
into coma, which can lead to death if not treated

Treatment for Diabetes
The main treatment for Type I diabetes is insulin, and a
diet that balances the person's need for calories with the
amount of insulin taken.
In contrast, the treatment for Type II diabetes depends
mostly on the diabetics themselves: losing weight. If these
people decrease their weight to normal, the diabetes will
definitely improve, or may even disappear. But most of
these people find it difficult to lose weight, so a
combination of diet and pills is commonly used.
However, doctors are unable to agree among themselves
whether these diabetes pills are really helpful in the
treatment of Type II diabetes.
At this time there is no real "cure" for either type of
diabetes, but diabetes can be controlled allowing
diabetics to lead normal lives. The key phrase is "good
control", which is achieved by understanding the disease,
following a prescribed diet, taking the correct
medication, and working close with the doctor.



JULY 1983

Team approach successful in V3AR T/A

"The team approach we've incorporated in the V3AR
turnaround has made everything better," commented
John Hodgson, the V3AR Turnaround Manager. The
turnaround was indeed completed within budget and in
a record time of 61 days. In addition 15% fewer
manhours than originally estimated were spent.

fractionation, the internals of the vacuum tower had to
undergo extensive modifications. That was the "critical
path work", the work that determined the duration of
the turnaround. "In addition to the tower
modifications," commented Luis Anjie, who is in charge
of Major Projects Construction, "maintenance work

Pedro Geerman of Mechanical -
Instruments, working on
instrument wires during the

The "team approach" was implemented from the
beginning. The aggressive forward planning of the
turnaround, which was completed in a record time of
two months, involved all the different teams and
departments that were to have a part in the turnaround:
supervisors, coordinators, engineers, upper level
management and contractors. The planning also
brought about many positive changes. For instance, in
contrast with past experience, a turnaround manager
was named to run the complete turnaround. This
contributed to greater efficiency during the turnaround
as "key decisions could be made without delay and
executive management could have a closer control on all
phases of the turnaround," said John.
Other benefits that resulted from the planning were the
"shared" office trailer and the more effective meetings.
The office trailer located at the site of the turnaround
accomodated both Process permit coordinators and
Mechanical coordinators. This contributed to better
communications and teamwork. Meetings with the
turnaround manager and the planners were held with
each supervisor/coordinator/contractor working in the
same area, instead of meeting with representatives of all
areas simultaneously, as was the case in former
turnarounds. During these meetings problems were
discussed, improvements suggested and activities
coordinated. The supervisors themselves commented on
their satisfaction with the improvements in teamwork
and communications. "I can keep on top of my job," said
Ildo Donata, supervisor in charge of steam generation.
Errol Brown, one of the maintenance coordinators, said,
"everybody knows what's going on." The supervisors lelt
they were able to do more qualitative work as the
contractors' employees under their supervision were also
more efficient in performing their jobs.
"As 80% of the maintenance work was carried out on a
lump sum basis," commented John, "the productivity of
the contractor employees also increased."
Major Project Work, Minor Projects
and Maintenance Work
As part of an important project to permit better

such as tray cleaning was also added to the limpsum
contract to permit a more efficient Supri vision and
coordination of the total ork in the tocris. "The malor
project work took about 42.000 manlhoirs, out ol the
total 85.000 to complete. The good preplanning done on
the major project work, mainly by Luis Anjie and his
team, accounted for the shorter than priorly estimated
(cont. on page 8)

The improvements in
planning and execu-
tion of activities resul-
ted in a successful
turnaround. The turn-
around organization,
that can be seen here,
is one of the many
examples of good
planning incorpora-
ted in the V3AR turn-

C-.~ ..

I A |


L K i.


, '. .



JULY 1983


E part principal di e V3AR vacuum tower ta wordo prepared pa

Exito di T/A V3AR:

trabow den grupo

"E tecnica di trabow den team cu nos a incorpori den e
turnaround di V3AR a haci tur cos mihor," John
Hodgson, e V3AR Turnaround Manager a comenta. E
turnaround di berdad a wordo complete segun
presupuesto y den un tempo record di 61 dia.
Adicionalmente, 15% menos ora obreril cu originalmen-
te a ser estimA a ser gastd.

E tecnica di trabow den team a ser implementA desde
comienzo. E planeamento adelantA agresivo di e
turnaround, cual a ser complete den un tempo record di
dos luna, a envolvi tur e diferente team y
departamentonan cu lo tabatin un parti den e
turnaround: supervisornan, coordinadornan,
ingenieronan, gerencia ehecutivo y contratistanan. E
planeamento tambe a trece cune hopi cambionan
positive. Por ehempel, contrario na e experiencia den
pasado, un turnaround manager a wordo nombrA pa
maneha e turnaround complete. Esaki a contribui na
mihor eficiencia durante e turnaround como cu
"decisionnan clave por a ser haci sin tardanza y gerencia
ehecutivo por tabatin un mihor control ariba tur fase die
turnaround," John a bisa.

Otro beneficionan cu a resultA di e planeamento tabata e
oficina di trailer cu a wordo comparti y e reunionnan cu
tabata mas efectivo. E trailer cu tabata localizA na e sitio
di turnaround tabata acomodA e "permit
courdinador"nan di Process y coordinadornan di
Mechanical. Esaki a contribui na mihor comunicacion y
trabow di team. Reunionnan cu e turnaround manager
y e planeadornan a ser teni cu tur
supervisor/coordinador/contratista trahando den e
mesun area, en vez di reuni cu representantenan di tur e
areanan na e mesun ora, manera tabata e caso den e
turnaroundnan anterior. Durante e reunionnan aki,
problemanan a ser discuti, mehoracionnan a ser sugeri y
actividadnan a ser coordini. E supervisornan mes a
comenta ariba nan satisfaccion cu e mehoracionnan den
trabow di team y comunicacion. "Mi tin control ariba
mi trabow, Ildo Donata, supervisor encargi cu "steam
generation", a bisa. Errol Brown, un di e
coordinadornan di mantencion, a bisa, "tur hende sa
local ta pasando." E supervisornan a sinti cu nan por a
hasi mas trabow di calidad como cu e empleadonan di
contratista bao di nan supervision tambe tabata mas
eficiente den nan trabow. "Como cu 80% di e trabow di
mantencion a ser haci ariba un "lump sum basis",John a
comentA, "e productividad di e empleadonan di
contratista tambe a aumenti.

Trabow di Projecto Principal, Projectonan Menos
Important y Trabow di Mantencion

Como parti di un project important pa permit mihor
fraccionacion, e paden di e "vacuum tower" mester a
wordo modificA extensivamente. Esey tabata e "critical
path work", e trabow cu ta determine e duracion di e
"Ademas di e modificacion di e toren," Luis Anjie,
kende ta encarga cu Mayor Projects Construction, a
comenti, "trabow di mantencion manera limpiesa di e
tray tambe a ser afiadi na e "lumpsum contract" pa haci
posibel un supervision y coordinacion mas eficiente di e
(cont. ariba pag. 8)


JULY 1983


Diabetis: comun
Diabetis ta tin condition comun. Tambe e por ta un
condition mortal si e no wordo cuida apropiadamente.
Diabetis hunto cu glaucoma y presion halto di sanger ta e
tres condicionnan cu mas ta wordo encontri entire
adultonan na Aruba y pesei tambe entire e empleadonan
di Lago. Mas di 10% di emplcadonan na Lago tin
Den e siguiente articulo information ta wordo duna
tocante e tiponan di diabetis, nan electo \ tratamento.
Un palabra di gradicimenoto tobai pa Dr. Larry Crook di
Lago su Medical Center kende a contribui cu e articulo
aki pa Esso News.
Kiko ta diabetis?
Majoria di hende sa cu sucu ta hunga un papel den e
malesa jama diabetis, pero fuera di esei lo por exist un
cierto cantidad di incertidumbre y confusion. E articulo
aki lo splica local diabetis ta y su relacion cu sucu.
E curpa human ta uza sucu den sanger como e luente di
combustibel mas grand. E sucu of glucosa ta word
obteni di diferente fuentenan. Como un di esnan mas
important nos por menciona e grupo carbon hidrato
cual ta inclui zetmeel y sucunan. E pancreas, un
glandula chiquito tras di e stoma ta produce un product
quimico jama insulina, cu ta wordo mandA den nos
sanger. Einan e ta actua pa reduce e cantidad di sucu den
e sanger como cu e ta permit glucosa pa sali for di e
sanger y drenta den e celulanan, unda cu e ta wordo uza
como combustible. Diabetis ta un condition unda cu tin
much glucosa den sanger. Tin dos sorto principal di
diabetis cu ta masha diferente di otro.
Tipo I y II
Den diabetis Tipo I, tambe conoci como "juvenile
onset" of diabetes clasico, e pancreas no ta produce
bastante insulina, lo cual ta causa un nivel halto di
glucosa den sanger. E persona tipico cu e diabetis Tipo I
ta hoven, flaco y mester tuma hangua di insulina tur dia.
Si e persona no hafia su injeccion. un sorto di
inconsciencia cu ta word jami 'coma diabetica' ofhasta
morto. por resultA.
Mayoria di esnan cu tin diabetes na Aruba tin diabetes
Tipo II, tambe conoci como "adult onset". Den caso di e
sorto aki, e pancreas ta produce un cantidad normal di
insulina. Sin embargo, pasobra e hendenan aki tin e
tendencia di tin much peso, e insulina ta wordo absorb
pa e celulanan di vet y no ta rest basta pa e otro
celulanan pa permit e glucosa di sali for di e sanger. E
nivel di sucu den sanger ta keda halto. E persona tipico
cu tin diabetis Tipo II tin 40 afia of mas y tin demasiado
peso. Ya cue cantidad di insulina cu ta wordo produci no
ta e pioblema den e caso di diabetic Tipo II. injection di
insulina normalmente no ta necesario.
Den ambos sorto di diabetes e nivel di sucu ta much
halto. Ora e nivel di glucosa den sanger jega dos biaha e
nivel normal e ta cuminzi drenta urina. Esaki ta forza e
riflonnan pa produce cantidad grand di urina extra, lo
cual ta causa cu e diabetic ta urina mas cu normal.
tanto den dia como anochi. Tambe e diabetic tin mas
sed cu normal y pesei e ta bebe tn cantidad grand di
Diabetis ta word diagnostic door di midi e nivel di
glucosa den sanger, tin biaha despues cu e persona a
hafia un cierto cantidad di sucu midi hunto cu awa pa
bebe. IE simple presencia di glucosa den urina no
kiermen necesariamente cu e persona tin diabetes. \a ci
tin otro condicionnan cu por causa cu seuc ta word
hana den urina.



Ambos tipo di diabetes ta causa hopi complicacion. E
nivel halto di glucosa den sanger ta hasi c posibilidadnan
di hanja infection, especialmente di blaas y di cuero,
manera blufein, mas grand.
Atherosclerosis of biramento duro di adernan ta hopi
mas lrecuente y severe den diabetes v ta causa take v
batimento severo di curazon v e motto di e combination
di celula di pia lo cual ta voirdo jamA gangrena. Fajo di
rifnon y perdemento di bista tambe ta otro problemanan
grand. Diabetis tambe ta dafia nervionan, lo (cal ta
causa dolor of ta laga e persona sin gevoel, especialmente
na so pianan.
Fuera di esci diabeticonan Tipo I cu no tnma nan
insulina manera master ta por bai den coma, lo cual poi
causa morto si e no ,,oro tratA inmediatamente
Tratamento pa diabetis
E tratamento principal pa diabetes Tipo I ta insulina, y
un dieet cu ta balanza e persona su necesidad pa caloria
hunto cu e cantidad di insulina cu ta wordo tumi.
Di otro banda, e tratamento pa diabetic Tipo II ta
depend mas tanto ariba e diabeticonan mes: baha peso
Si e hendenan aki baha te un peso normal e diabetic
sigur lo mehora oflo por hasta desaparace. Pero hopi cdi
hendenan aki ta haifa dificil pa baha peso, pcseil tn
combination di direct N pildora ta word uza hopi Sin
embargo. dokternan no por dicidi entire nan mes si c
pildoranan di diabetis verdad ta yuda den c ti alamento
di diabetis Tipo II.
Awendia no tin un verdadero "tcura" pa ambos tipo di
diabetis, pero diabetes por NN ordo ontroli pet mitiencdo e
diabeticonan pa hiba un bida normal. E ft ase pi incipal
ta "bon control", cual ta \\ ordo logra door di cormpi 1cdh
kiko e males ta. sigi un diet prescribi. tuma c rcnedli
corecto \ traha hunto cu un dokter.

/ I

E Process Training Program pa operadornan a continue
durante luna di Juli cu 10 participate nobo. Ivan Gibson, olo
ariba, a instrui un curso di "Instrumentation".



Vernon Meikle
Assistant Manager
Technical Department

Evert Gratama
Legal Advisor








Rusette Arends
Safety/Ind. Hygiene
Employee Relations


Jossy Lacle
Superintendent of
Mechanical Dept.




PROBE .... (cont. di pag. 1)
Buiscando mancranan pa mehora ganashi. e grupo lo
conctiiiA aribla dos miea principal L'no ta pa mehora e
iindimcnto di e pioductonan cu ta \\ordo pidi hopi.
"Lago tiii esabiduria pa tiaha )productonan bon, limpiy
valioso lfo di crudo pisa cu pot o gasto," Vern Meiklc,
Assistant Technical Manager na Lago v coordinator die
PROBE tean. a bisa. "Door di PROBE." ela sigi bisa,
"Lago kicr busca maneranan pa hasi miho cu local c
tin, pa asina imhora e rindimcnto di e productonan cu ta
wordo pidi hopi.
EI otro necta ta pa haci operacionnan mas eficiente.
"Esaki poi wordo IogrA door di combine procesamento
y, of uza equipo cu ta diponibel di e unidadnan cu a
wordo bahA," Sr. Sarsten a bisa. "Cu otro palabra," Sr.
Meiklc a agreg.i "nos kie hasi miho uzo di experiencia v
e equipo cu nos tin caba." Equipo. manera por ehempel
"heat exchangers", fbrno, "distillation towers" cu ta
dimas na un lugar, por word uza bon na otro lugar.
Lago ta poniendo enfasis ariba oportunidadnan cu poco
gasto cu por word implcmenta den e temporada di
1983-84. Despues cu miembronan di e grupo a bishitA
tur e unidadnan y a papia ci hendenan cu la na haltura
di un ke otro di e departamentonan Process y Technical
durante e prome cinco simannan di c studio, un lista di
ideanan y oportunidadnan cu por tin e potential pa
mehora ganashi a word desaroya. Como parti di e
segundo mitar di e studio, cu tambe lo dura cinco

siman, e grupo 1o studia e ideanan aki den detaye pa
comprobA y pa mira cual di nan ta sirbi como
'ecomendacion pa Gerencia di Lago.
"Refinerianan cu a conduct investigacionnan similar na
esnan di PROBE tabata entusiasmi cu e resultadonan,"
Sr. Sarsten a comenta. ER&E a asisti hopi refineria den e
tipo di studio aki, por ehempel e refinerianan Sarnia,
Dartmouth y loco na Canada y casi tur refineria na
Europa. Aunke cu ta Lago ta compromet6 na PROBE,
ER&E ta duna asistencia den moda di transferencia di
tecnologia door di e experiencia cu nan a hafia pa via cu
nan a participate den estudionan manera PROBE. E
miembronan di e grupo di Lago cu ta participando "lfll-
time" ofcu ta dedica hopi tempo na e studio aki, hunto
cu V. Meikle. ta: O. Koeiman; C. Emerencia; C.J.
Maduro; Joaquin Croes; J. Curiel; M. Leo; D. Schmidt;
D. Madden y R. Wever. E miembronan di e grupo di
ER&E, hunto cu Jan Sarsten, ta: D. Schiappa; L.
Nemes; R. Church y D. Alexion
E pregunta por word haci "pakiko Lago ta pone nlfasis
special ariba 'Mehoracion di Ganashi' awor. No ta
semper el a hafia 6nlasis?" Claro cu si, pero den un
temporada cu refincrianan ta corriendo na nivelnan bao
di nan capacidad, y ora cu e demand pa petroleo ta
birando menos. "Mehoracion di Ganashi" of PROBE a
bira un necesidad pa sigura e existencia y competencia di
cualquier compania den e industrial di petroleo. Y esey ta
inclui Lago!


3 JULY 1983


The Lago "Sleepwalkers" recently participated in a 32.5 km
hike around the island. Some of them really "did it half
asleep", as their T-shirts indicated.
as sm -s -M s -- "

I TEAMWORK IN T/A ... (cont. from page 4) I
duration of the turnaround.
Other minor technical projects implemented were: the
installation of the facilities for on-line cleaning of the
preheat exchangers, installation of instrumentation for
vent gas metering, sloping of the vacuum tower bottoms
piping and installation of a fuel oil strainer for the
furnace. Leader of the Technical Project Coordination,
Eric Parker, said: "As an observer to the workings of the
turnaround, I noticed that it was a well planned,
organized turnaround, I saw a great deal of teamwork
and cooperation."
As part of the V3AR maintenance work, all heat
exchangers were cleaned, the furnace roof was repaired,
the steam generating equipment was prepared for
government inspection, all drums were cleaned and
repaired, and miscellaneous safety hazards were
Successful turnaround
The V3AR turnaround, at a total cost of $6 million
including the project work, was the biggest turnaround
planned for this year. About 200 men worked around the
clock to accomplish the above maintenance and project
work. Besides those already mentioned, many other
successes were achieved during this turnaround, such as
the use of a start-up team. "The start-up team consisted
of Process, Mechanical and Technical representatives.
This team approach had very good results and created
good understanding," said Julio Curiel, head of the
start-up team. Also, as was mentioned in the V3AR
close-out report, the new position of a full-time Process
Coordinator in the turnaround organization, filled by
Steven Smith during V3AR, contributed significantly to
the success of the turnaround. As a result of all these
improvements in planning and execution of activities,
"overall manpower and equipment utilization was
higher during this turnaround," said John.

Because the Lago Tug Fleet completed the 1982 calendar year
without a lost time accident, Mr. Juan Yaies, President of Esso
Caribbean and Central America, presented an Award of
Commendation to Mr. Don Esch, Division Superintendent of Oil
Movements & Shipping.

I TURNAROUND EXITOSO ... (cont. di pag. 5)
trabow total den toren." E trabow di e project principal
a tuma aproximadamente 42.000 ora obreril di e total di
85.000 ora pa complete. E bon preparation di antemano
haci ariba e trabow di e project principal door di
principalmente Luis Anjie y su team, tabat rcspon\,abel
pa e duracion di e turnaround, cual tabata mas cortico
cu a ser estima anteriormente.
Otro projectonan technico di menos importancia tabata:
instalacion di facilidadnan pa "on-line cleaning" di c
"pre-heat exchanger''nan. instalacion di
instrumentonan pa midi "vent gas", "sloping" di
tuberia di "vacuum tower bottoms" y instalacion di un
"fuel oil strainer" pa e forno. Lider di Technical Project
Coordination, Eric Parker, a bisa: "Como un observadol
di e trabownan di e turnaround, mi a nota cu e tabata in
turnaround bon plane y organizA. Mi a \\ak hopi
"trabow di team" y cooperation.
Como parti di e trabow di mantencion na V3AR. tur
"heat exchanger" a word haci limpi, e dak die lorno a
wordo drecha, e "steam generating equipment" a w ordo
prepare pa inspection di gobierno. tur drum a wordo
haci limpi y drecha N peligronan chiquito di seguridad a
wordo coregi.
Turnaround Exitoso
E turnaround di V3AR, cu un gasto total di 6 million
dollar, incluxendo e trabow di project. tabata c
turnaround mas grand plane pa c aria aki. Ma' o
menos 200 hende a traha di dia \ anochi pa logra e
trabow di mantencion y project. Fuera di esnan \a
menciona, hopi otro exito a wordo logrA durante e
turnaround aki, manera e uzo di un "start-up team." "E
"start-up team" tabata consist di representantenan di
Process, Mechanical y Technical. E tecnica di trabow
den team, tabata tin hopi bon resultado y a crea bon
comprension," Julio Curiel, lider di e "start-up team" a
bisa. Tambe, manera a wordo menciona den e V3AR
"close-out report", e puesto nobo di un "full-time"
Process Coordinator den e organization di turnaround.
ocupA pa Steven Smith durante V3AR, a contribui
significantemente na e exito die turnaround. E resultado
di tur e mehoracionnan den planeamento y ehecutacion
di trabow tabata cu "e utilizacion di trahadornan y
equipo tabata mas halto durante e turnaround aki,"
John a bisa.


JULY 1983