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ARU BA Ess N ws


From the St. Lawrence To the Plata

A RAIN CLOUD unloads its cargo
over the Andes in the western part of
S South America. Some of the water may
flow west to the Pacific, some may flow
northeast to the Atlantic. Some bit of
either portion may later end up in Lago's
water system. From all up and down the
Western Hemisphere, from as far north
as the St. Lawrence River and as far
south as the River Plata, between
Uruguay and the southern tip of the
Argentine, from Peru on the west and
the Amazon on the east, ships bring
enough water to the refinery every
month to make a good-sized lake.
Water is not only very precious at
Lago, but is very complex too. Besides
the enormous quantities of sea water
that are sucked up out of the lagoon for
cooling purposes, and the brackish water
that goes from Mangel Cora well into the
shower and washbasin system, there are
no less than three other kinds of water
in use, all fresh but with greatly diffe-
rent qualities and uses.
Most important to John Employee is
drinking water, which comes from a
great variety of approved sources in the
U.S.A., is checked by the Laboratory
before it is pumped ashore, checked
again by the Medical Dept. before it is
accepted, and finally is chlorinated
before going into the system.
Most important to refinery operations
are boiler water and refinery water.
Boiler water, the purest chemically of all
five kinds, is made by evaporating sea
water at one of the three evaporating
plants, and is used in the boilers of
refinery equipment and many ships in
the Lake Fleet. Over 20,000 barrels are

produced every day. The last variety, so-
called "refinery water", has many uses
in the plant where the water must be
fresh, yet not necessarily as pure as
boiler water. This last is the variety that
is coming from all sorts of places, as the
need keeps pace with expanding opera-
tions. Recent locations where this water
came from, carried in the regular cargo
tanks of ships, include Gatun Lake in the
Panama Canal Zone, the River Plata,
Callao, Peru, a spot 100 miles up the
Amazon, and 90 miles above New York
on the Hudson River. (None of this goes
into drinking water.)
Along with increases in oil output, the
amount of water used has climbed. In
the refinery water class, 75,900 barrels
were used in September, 1944. This had
risen to 99,500 in September 1945, and to
150,000 in September this year. (Much
of this increase is because large amounts
of shiphold (refinery) water are filtered
and injected into the brackish water to
reduce its saltiness.)
The increase in drinking water has
also seen a rise, with more employees
and more families utilizing it. Ships take
a large amount of this water also, both
as drinking water for the crews and for
use in boilers.
Those now searching Aruba's hills for
gold are after something precious, but
next after oil, it would be hard to prove
anything more valuable here than just
plain water.

IKP F *M c LYNyt W


All Staff and Regular

Employees can join the


the day they are employed

(or any day after that)

Jacob Lacle
Jose E. Trimon
Jose Hassell
Maximo Arends
Modesto Maduro
Eleodoro Wester
Juan Thijien
George Brown
John Bryson
Gilberto Geerman
Lewis Brown
Hyacinthus Figaroa
Maurice Hazel
Alfredo Ellis
Samuel Muller
John Hodge
Basilio Maduro
Jose Wever
Clemente Thizen
Jacques Lobbrecht
Fidelio Gomes
Jan Dirksen
Jan Geerman
Concepcion Maduro
Robert Cox
Ronald Mingo
Frank Edwards
Nicasio Novarro
Ernest Halman
Ludgero DeLange
James Hassell
Edwin Ferrol
Dominico Geerman
Edward Sloterdijk
Willy Hazelhoef
Oscar Copra
George Everett
Azeez Bacchus
Walter Williams
Austin Milton
James Robinson
Ruben Richardson
Alexander Heyliger

Colony Maint.
Acid & Edeleanu
Acid & Edeleanu
Gas Plant
Process Cracking
Process Cracking
Process Cracking
Dining Hall
Dry Dock
Dry Dock


OCTOBER 31, 1947

Long Service Awards

10-Year Buttons

October, 1947

What is the Vacation Plan?
A way of helping employees to save money for vacation needs (travel costs
or other expenses) when they take their long vacation every four years.

Does the Company help?
Yes. For every guilder an employee puts in, the Company gives him a

How does it work?
An employee may put one, two, or three per cent of his earnings into the
plan. The Company matches equally whatever he puts in. When he goes on
long vacation at the end of four years, he gets back all the money he put
in, and the Company's too.

EXAMPLE: A Helper "A", earning FIs. 1.225 per hour, In the Vacation
Plan for four years at the full three per cent, receives Fli. 690.30 from
the Plan. Half of this, Fls. 345.15. Is his own savings the extra
FIl. 345.15 is the Company's contribution.

Where can you find out more about
the plan, and sign up?

Eleazar Lopez of the Carpenters (t right above) Vlctoriano Koolman dl Foundry, ariba na banda
started work with the Company on June 27, 1926,
though not officially on the payroll until February, robez, a cumlnza traha dia 31 dl October, 192r
1930. His service award is late because his (awe ta net blnti anja) cu Marine Shoregang. Na
previous service was verified only recently. November 7, 1932 el a haya transfer pa Foundry.

Victoriano Koolman of the Foundry (at left
above) was first employed October 31, 1927 (just
20 years ago today). He went on the payroll offi-
cially in December 1930, In the Marine Shoregang.
On November 7. 1932 he was transferred to the
Foundry, where his service has been continuous.

At the Personnel Dept., Annuities &
Benefits Section.


Eleazer Lopez di Carpenter, ariba na band.
drechi, a cumlnza traha cu Compania dia 27 di
Juni. 1926; el a tarda pa haya su boton dl blnti
anja pasobra ta na Februarl dl 1930 nan a pond
oficlalmente riba payroll, y ta reclentemente nan
a verified su servlclo dl proml cu e tempo ay.

John Horsten, (at left) assistant general foreman
at the Shipyard, was first employed here Septem-
ber 3. 1927, In the Marine Department. He trans.
ferred to the Shipyard as englneman in November,
1928, and has been helping to keep the ships
selling ever since,


Semi-Monthly Payroll
October 1631 Saturday, Nov. 8
November 1-15 Monday, Nov. 24
Monthly Payrolls
October 1-31 Monday, Nov. 10

VOL. 8, No. 14

Turtuga A Product FIs. 100
Y a Trece Suerte di Napa
Populaci6n di turtuganan den mar
Caribe a perde un miembro algun siman
pasa, ora cu Hubert Leverock di Pres-
sure Stills a confirmA su reputaci6n
como vangudor di turtuga grand, ora e
hunto cu dos amigo mas a vangu un di
mas o menos 200 liber banda di e lugar
unda cu nan a cuminza traha Esso Club
nobo. Si nos memorial no ta faya nos,
anto nos lo record cu algun luna pasa
Hubert a vangu un na casi e mes un
Aunque vangumento di turtuga no ta
proved un entrada regular, toch e nego-
cio cu. e tres amigonan a haci no ta nin-
gun con di loco. Esun aki a produce
Fls. 100 pa e capturadornan, y a worde
part na 50-25-25 florin respectivamente
entire Walter Johnson cu a mire prom6,
Henry Johnson di Pressure Stills y
Hubert Leverock.
Charles Barnes, tambe di Pressure
Stills tabata e cumprador; el a tene un
part di e turtuga pa su mes y el a bende
sobra cu amigonan.
Cu e 25 florin di e turtuga Hubert
Leverock a cumpra dos tabla di biljechi
y un di nan a gana Fls. 250. Parce cu e
turtuga a trece suerte di fiapa y Hubert
a dicidi di cumpra dos tabla mas. Nos ta
curioso pa haya sa corn leeuw e bon
suerte cu e turtuga a trece lo yega.

Like to write letters, collect stamps?
A letter to the Esso News, from
G. Richards, of 16 Elton Road, Exeter,
Devon, England, invites correspondence
with anyone interested in exchanging
Somehow copies of the December, 1945
and February, 1946 issues of the News
came into his hands, and after England's
hard winter he was very envious of the
sunny weather seen in the pictures. He
would like to know more about life in
Aruba. Says he is in the oil business him-
self, and his hobby is stamp collecting.




The next Issue of the ARUBA ESSO NEWS will be distributed
Friday, November 21. All copy must reach the editor in
the Personnel building by Friday noon, November 14.
Telephone 523
rPlntori h tht Curilaao Cuutn nt. Crirao N.\V.I.


HOUSING, one of Aruba's most pressing needs a
few years ago, is a problem that is far from overcome,
and may not be for some years. However, the Home
Building Foundation's latest group of 67 houses north
of the Sport Park, along with 77 in Essoville and another
group of 80 planned for construction next year, are a
good forward step.
Two hundred and twentyfour better-housed families,
many of them moving from poor or over-crowded
accommodations, means a thousand better citizens or
residents of Aruba.

Wide streets, large fenced-in yards, plenty of room inside and out, and a
general attractive appearance characterize the latest Home Building
Foundation project of 67 houses pictured above and below. A playground.
using standard equipment that will be imported from the United States,
will be located within the area.

Cayanan hancho, curanan grand, hopi lugar paden y pafor y un apariencia
general atractivo ta caracterizA e ultimo proyecto di 67 cas di Home
Building Foundation, di cual nos ta mira portretnan aki riba y abao. Un
lugar pa much hunga cu equipo encargA for di Merca lo word construe

Von andict ...

Departmental Reporters
(Doet Indlcate that repertr has tbrd IaI Utp Io this lme)
Simon CernI .l Hospital
Blpat Chand ............. ... Storeoouse
Sttaur Babehus Inatrument
Gordon Oilllvlarn Electrical
Luciano Wever Labor
Simon eeorman Drydock
Bernard Marquis Marine Office
Iphil Jones Receiving & Shipping
Ersklne Andersen Acid A Edleanu
L. O. F.
G. de Mattes (Acting) Pressure Stills
Bortie Viapro C.T.R. A Field Shop.
Huge do Vrles T.S.D. Office
Wlllemfrldus Bool Accounting
Mrs. Ivy Butts Powerhous 1 & 2
Jaclnto do Kert Laboratories 1 & 2
Henry Nassy Laboratory 8
Harold Wathey LaEo Police
Mrs. M. A Meonreoo EBo Lozo Clubs
Elsa Mackintosh Dining Hall. (8)
Elrie Criehlow Catalytic
Gas & Poly Plants
Calvin Hassel M. C0. Office
Federico Ponson Masona & Insulators
Edward Larmonla Carpenter a Paint
Edgar Conner Machine Shop
Mario Harms Blacksmlth. Boiler A Tin
Cad. Abraham Pipe
Jan Oduber Welding
John Francisco Colony Comminsary
Jose La Cruz Plant Commlsary
Stella Oliver Laundry
Ricardo Van Blarcum Colony Service Office
Claude Bolah Colony Shops
Hubert KEury Gang
Harold James Personnel
Edney Huecklemn Sports
Samunel RaJroolep pooal

Hopi trabso, Piet?
SI, y na cas tambe mi tin hopi
cos di hael.

Sintibo, Piet; tin hopi logar.
No danki, si mi keda para mi
por salt mas liher.

Laga mi tuma e chens sid, pa
mi jega eas mas liher.

Soppi pur& to sail salu, Piet.
Awor si lo tarda hopl promw en
bo jega eas.


..-- II


OCTOBER 31, 1947

Fair Planned as

Part of Jubilee
The first plans for a "1948 Commer-
cial Fair of Aruba", to be held late next
year in conjunction with the 50-year
jubilee of Queen Wilhelmina, were
explained in a speech before the Rotary
Club October 15 by Louis Posner, chair-
man of the committee promoting the
It will have the combined purposes of
celebrating the jubilee, fostering better
relations between Aruba and Holland, as
well as neighboring countries, and pro-
moting tourist trade and business in
Mr. Posner stated that, shortly before
a recent trip to Holland, he had proposed
to the Sociedad Bolivariana that a com-
mercial fair be held in their building and
grounds, and the plan had been accepted
by that organization.
In Holland he enlisted the support of
various large business firms as exhibi-
tors, and the backing of Governor Kas-
teel and Lt. Governor Kwartsz has been
secured. Committees on propaganda,
entertainment, housing, finances, and
transportation have been formed.
Mr. Posner said that his committee
needed the assistance of all civic-minded
clubs and residents to make the fair a
benefit to all Aruba.

English Banknotes Not
Cashable in British W.I.

Restrictions making it illegal to take
English banknotes into the British West
Indies ale still in force, and such bank-
notes cannot be cashed in those colonies,
according to a statement by British Vice
Consul Beiry in Aruba.
He has received word from the Admi-
nistrator of St. Vincent that travellers
from Aruba continue to bring in these
notes. The attention of employees con-
cerned is called to the fact that the
British Government's restriction on this
currency continues.

Dispensary Closes 12:30- 1:00
Revised Plant Dispensary hours during
which a physician is available are 7:00
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00
p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7:00
a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturday, effective
October 2.
For a number of months previously, a
physician had been on duty through the
entire noon hour, to assist employees
who wished to avoid losing pay on the
first visit for non-industrial accidents or
sickness. However, experience has shown
that employees calling at the Dispensary
during noon hour can be taken care of
by 12:30, so the extra half hour was

J. C. Souder, former Hydro Plant head
who was transferred to the Esso Engi-
neering Department in New Jersey, is
now responsible for safety work, coordi-
nation of refinery inspection activities
and forums, and other similar work,
previously handled by F. L. Newcomb.

0By oft)49FlCoi


OCTOBER st 2947



Whether it's Washing and Greasing, or Smeren en Wassen, the big
name in gasoline is still "Esso". A sight that will be familiar to Surl-
namers vacationing at home Is thil new Esso filling station recently
opened at Paramaribo. The picture was taken by Ronald Abrahamsz of
the Accounting Office.

Warlike callers on a peaceful mission visited
Aruba last month when two Netherlands warships
and two submarines called a' Oranjestad. The
"H.M. van Kinsbergen" and the "H.M. van Speljk"
are shown below at anchor each with a sub
sidee it. Trips ashore for the crews included a
tour of the Lago concession.

Pamla*, nalgo- y conocirnan a reuni na L.H. 607 dia 11 dl October pa celebra boda
dl plate di Juan Emers y seAora. Na 1922 e matrlmonlo a tuma lugar na Bonaire y
cn hopl alegrla y content nan a celebra conmemoraci6n dl es fecha. Sr. Emers ta
pertenece na "Marine shore staff". Hunto cu nan riba e portret no ta mira nan )lo-
homber Carlos y su sehora na banda rober, mel-mel Emelita Emers, mama dl Juan, y
nan jloenan Oscar y Celia na bada drechl.

Family and friends gathered at L.H. 607 October 11 to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary
of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Emers, who were married October 11, 1922 in Bonaire. Mr. Emers is on the
Marine shore staff. With them in the picture at right are Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Emers, left, his
mother Emelita Emers, center, and Oscar and Celia, son and daughter, at right.

Louriano Geerman of Lab. No. 2 is running a lamp test to check the amount of sulfur in gasoline
or kerosene. Samples are burned on a wick, and gas from the combustion travels through hydrogen
peroxide, which absorbs the burned sulfur. This hydrogen peroxide is then titrated (a process which
determines the amount of sulfur it contains). The flames are inside glass tubes, fed by air that
has previously been purified to preserve the accuracy of the test.
Louriano Geerman ta test gasoline y kerosene cu un dl a piezanan complied
dl equipo di glas dl Laboratorio No. 2.

When kids In the
U.S.A. celebrate Hal-
loween (October 31)
this is the way it
does n't look. The
witches in this strict-
ly Hollywood version
are Pat Alphin and
Jane Adams, who had
just made a quick
change from the
harem costumes they
wore In Universal's
"Song of

A large number of friends gathered at K. Soobrian's homo October 4
for a farewell party for Janet Singh (see arrow) who left next day for
British Guiana via Trinidad after a month's visit here. Along with
general covlviallties at the party. Eddy Taytelbaum entertained with
magic and tricks. The group includes back row Norman Singh, Rex
Permaul, Leslie Rampat. Zalnool Khan. Daniel Harry, Roy Williams,
Mrs. Georgine de Freitas. Mrs. Lucille Campbell, Mrs. Esther Soobrian,
Mrs. Alma Rankin, Mrs. Akie Luckhoo, Mrs. Iris Kalloo, Mrs. Nelsha
Campbell. Eric Subryan, Mrs. Eileen Williams, Fred Campbell, Mrs. Zora
Chand, Elfried Blufpand. Mrs. Iris Clarke, Eddy Taytelbaum, Mrs.
Doreen Permaul and Ivan Bachhus. Middel row, Rudi Maas, Clement
Soobrlan, Allan Kalloo, Blpat Chand, Sonny Rohoman, Mrs. Wanda
Elmont. Front row, Edward Rankin, Permadat Gopie, Mrs. Janet Singh,
KennethSoobrlan, and Mrs. Sita Soobrlan.
(Sam Rajroop behind the camera.)




Off to London, China and Missouri

John McMurran, assistant marine manager, received a watch from the shore staff before he left
October 14 as a transfer to the London office of Esso Transportation Co. Capt. W. L. Thomas,
at right, is making the presentation. Later a cash gift from the Lake Fleet was presented by Capt.
T. Richards. Around the table are A. Shirreffs, J. Andreae, and 0. S. Mingus, and at right 0. Jett,
marine manager.

Also due to brave the rigors of London life under the "austerity program" Is George Potts of
T.S.D., second from right below, who is transferring to Foreign Coordination in England. Fred
Switzer is presenting him with a farewell scroll, while Engineering employees look on. Earlier In
the day J. M. Whiteley had presented a gift of silver smoking accessories from friends in T.S.D.

Sidney Mason (see arrow) who is bound for home in China after being away 24 years, received a
wristwatch as a farewell gift October 13 from friends at the Hospital, where he was an employee
for 14 years, in recent years as chief cook. The presentation is being made by nurse Joseph Ismene.
Mr. Mason Is crossing the U.S.A., and taking a ship from San Francisco to Hong Kong where he
has relatives. From there he will go on to Canton, which he left when he was only 14. Others In the
picture above include Allda Wever, Casper Lacle, Pascualita Chlque, Wilhelmina Brandon, "Esso
News" reporter Simon Coronel, Kenny Williams, and Edna Daal.


T.S.D. and M. & C., as well as Operating friends, gathered October 3 for a farewell to Grover Barnes,
popular maintenance foreman at the Cracking Plant, who is retiring. The goodbye gift, a radio, was
presented in "facsimile" form as a picture torn out of a catalogue. Above, Pipe Dept. foreman Carl
Walker says goodbye, while friends inspect the scroll and gift. The presentation was made by
P. A. O'Brien, at far right.

('" v '

a P asvehion es 6 Jah


aiKi Essoline. cu su boyfren4 jvucih.

nan cu potlood di color y despues p43a on. riba carton oe ribd ,
bands. robea di ule. Daspuies bo ta corta nan y orad e e padanan
tambce *4 pintC, bisti e popcla;nan p nan bdi F-iest hfun) of drjum;.
Cuidao bo no court a pida sfrepaan ribda chouder
,A q [a y na band. _, ,



OCTOBER at 1947

llr ....


OCTOBER 31, 1947

The Lago Medical Dept. is re-
newing its call for employees who
are willing to place their name on
the paid blood donor list. When a
transfusion is needed, and friends
or family of the patient do not
supply the necessary blood, then
the Hospital calls on someone on
the list whose blood matches that
of the patient. Donors receive
Fla. 50 for a transfusion.
All that is required to be enter-
ed on the list is a visit to the
Hospital or Dispensary for a blood
test. The place where the potential
donors can be located is kept on
file, and they are subject to call at
any time when needed.

FIs. 100 Worth of Steaks
And Stew Found Near Club
The turtle population of the Caribbean
was reduced by one a couple of weeks
ago, and Hubert Leverock of the Pres-
sure Stills strengthened his reputation
as a big turtle man, when he and two
friends captured a big one near the site
of the new Esso Club between the two
Colony lagoons. It will be recalled that
he caught another one there several
months ago, less than 100 feet from
where the catch was made.
While it doesn't exactly provide a
steady income, the turtle business is not
to be sneezed at. This one was good for
100 guilders, split 50-25-25 between
Walter Hassell, who saw it first, Henry
Johnson of the Pressure Stills and
Hubert Leverock.
Charles Barnes, also of Pressure Stills,
was the buyer, keeping some for himself
and selling the rest to friends.
P.S. That turtle keeps on being valu-
able Hubert bought two lottery
tickets with his Fls. 25, one of which
won a Fls. 250 prize for him.
P.P.S. He bought two more tickets.

Plannan pa Feria Como Parti
Di Celebraci6n di Jubileo
Dia 15 di October Louis Posner a duna
un splicaci6n na Club Rotario di plannan
primario pa un "Feria Comercial di
Aruba 1948" cu lo tuma lugar durante
segunda parti di otro anja hunto cu cele-
braci6n di 50 anja di reinado di La Reina
Wilhelmina. Sr. Posner ta president di
e Comit cu ta organizA es feria.
E feria lo tin e obhetonan combine di
celebra e jubileo, di cria mihor relaciones
entire Aruba y Holanda y nacionnan
vecino, y di estimulA turismo y comercio
en general.
Sr. Posner a bisa cu prom6 cu su viahe
reciente pa Holanda, el a propon6 Socie-
dad Bolivariana pa tene un feria comer-
cial den nan edificio y riba nan terreno y
e organizaci6n a accept e plan.
Na Holanda el a haya apoyo di various
firmanan grand como exhibidornan y
Gouverneur Kasteel y Gezaghebber
Kwartsz tambe a sigurA cu nan lo apoyA
es plan. Comit4nan di propaganda, entre-
tenimiento, acomodaci6n, financial y
transportaci6n a word formA.

Na April di e anja aki un arreglo a
word haci pa pone un dokter na ser-
vicio di Dispensario den Planta durante
ora di merdia pa yuda empleadonan
regular cu ta desea di evita di perde pago
pa prom6 bishita den caso di enfermedad
y accidentenan cu no ta causa pa trabao.
E servicio aki lo a keda na vigor tan-
tem cu un n6mero suficiente tabata haci
uso di Dispensario durante ora di merdia
S pa hustificA e cambio aki. Experiencia di
tres luna a mustra cu e empleadonan cu
ta acudi na Dispensario durante "lunch-
hour" (12 pa 1) por word atendi di
12:00 pa 12:30 y p'esey no ta worde con-
siderh necesario pa tene un dokter dis-
ponible durante henter e ora pa casonan
di rutina.
Pa e motibo menciona ariba, efectivo
imediatamente e oranan revise di Dis-
pensario durante cualnan un dokter lo ta
disponibel lo ta manera ta sigui:
Dia Luna te Diabierna
7:00 a.m. te 12:30 p.m.
1:00 p.m. te 5:00 p.m.
7:00 a.m. te 12:00 p.m.


By NydizD Ecury

SI BO NO conoce Pedro Pers anto
bo no conoce Nort, pasobra Pedro Pers
y Nort ta un. Nos por yam6 e homber di
mas conoci di e pueblo, cu antes tabata
centro principal di nos isla. Y Pedro a
yud4 progress, den tur loque e tabata
Carlos Martin Pers y su seiiora Maria
Elizabeth tabatin diez jioe y Pedro Cris6-
logo, naci dia 5 di December di 1872 fa-
bata un di e mayornan. El a yega te di
cinco klas, ora cu el a hay6 forza di kita
school pa via cu su tata a mu.ri, y tabata
su deber di yuda su mama cu esnan mas
Pedro a cuminza traha pues na edad
di 13 anja, yudando plantadornan cu tur
sorto di trabao. El a traha duro casi tres
anja largo y e ora su ta-wela a manda
buske pe bai Corsouw. Cu e barco
"Stella" Pedro a bai
cerca mayornan di
su mama, kendenan
tabata biba na Hate.
Pedro ta bisa cu el
a pasa nuebe luna
masha content aya,
subi cerronan di
Hato, haci cos di
baldadi. Esey tabata
inico biaha cu
Pedro a sali for di
Ora cu el a bolbe
el a bira koster di
Misa di Santa Ana
di Nort na edad di
16 anja. Pedro ta-
bata imico yudador
y e master a haci tur
sort di trabao pa
tene Miss na orde. Tabatin master di un
klok pa yama hendenan bin misa y
Pastoor a cuminzA pasa colectA di cas pa
cas. Pedro a bisa: "Ora cu Pastoor cam-
na den solo e tabata keda corral mescos
cu un pargo. E no tabata custumA cu
calor, solamente cu frioe di Holanda. Nos
tabatin miedo cu lo e cai malo y cu nos
lo keda sin pastor. E ora mi a bin ofrece
pa mi haci collect den pueblo; mi a bai
masha lugar, for di Westpunt te Para-
dera; tabata hopi trabao, pero e recom-
pensa tabata e bunita klok, cu yama
"Cristo Rey".
Despues Pedro a bira voorlezer y e ta-
bata gana dos fuerte cada bez. E tempo
tabata cu cabal, pero e cabal tabata
masha mal bestia. Tin biaha e tabata
yega mei-mei di rooi y e no ke sigui mas
y Pedro master pasa den awa, muha tur
su paia, despues di a corre den solo ora-
nan largo. "Ta p'esey mi master a sinti
maleza tempran asina" Pedro ta bisa.
Na tur bruid Pedro tabata dirigidor;
si e no tabata ey cos no tabata bai na
orde ni na smaak. Ora di morto tambe
Pedro ta prom6 cu nan ta yama pa traha
cu morto. "Mi no tabatin temor pa traha
cu morto", Pedro ta bisa, "mi tabatin
Animo. Y cuanto angelito mi'n carga riba
mi schouder, cu suavedad y carifio; tin

Di loque Pedro a spaar el a bin traha
un cas un 35 anja pasi y ainda e ta biba
ey, un tiki p'abao di misa. Promb e cas
tabata chikito, pero e mes anja yobida
grand a distribi cu cas di un ruman
muher cu tabatin jioe chikito y master a
carganan tree na cas di Pedro y mester
a haci e cas mas grand pa nan a keda
ey algun tempo.
Tres ruman homber a bai Cuba ya ta
35 anja y nunca no a tende di nan. Pedro
ta bisa cu podiser nan ta na bida ainda,
pasobra nunca no a haya noticia di nan
morto. Di e otro sietenan solamente
Pedro y tires ruman muher ta na bida
ainda, esta Zoraida, Maria y Lina.
Un di e pastoornan di antes kern busca
un trabao na Hospital di Playa pa Pedro
pa e yuda soernan cu hombernan, paso-
Conelnud den pagina 6

IF YOU DON'T know Pedro Pers,
you don't know Noord, for Pedro Pers
and Noord are one. He can be called the
best-known man of the place that once
was the most important center of the
island. And Pedro Pers has helped in its
progress in many ways.
Carlos Martin Pers and his wife Maria
Elizabeth had ten children, and Pedro
Crisologo, born on December 5, 1873,
was one of the oldest. He had reached
the fifth grade when he was forced to
quit school at the age of 13 and try to
earn some money as his father died and
it was his duty to help his mother raise
the younger ones. He then helped people
who worked the land; he worked very
hard and after three years his grand-
parents, who lived in Curaqao, thought
he could use a vacation and they asked
him over. He board-
ed the schooner
s te o "Stella" and spent
S. nine months in Cu-

Sning around the hills
and caves at Hato,
where his grand-
parents lived. That
was the only time
he ever left Aruba
a and it was also the
only chance he had
to be a carefree
When he came
back to Aruba he
was made sextant
of the St. Ana
Church at Noord, at
the age of 16. Pedro
was the only helper and had to do all
kinds of jobs to keep the church neat.
Then the church needed a bell to call the
worshippers and the priest started going
around for funds. Pedro says: "After
walking in the sun he looked just like a
red snapper. He was accustomed to the
cold of Holland, and not at all to our
climate. We feared he might get sick, so
I offered to go around and do the collec-
ting; I went many places, from West-
punt all the way down to Paradera; it
was tiresome, but the reward was our
bell, which was christened "Cristo Rey".
Later on Pedro was made undertaker
too, which job included the extending of
invitations to friends and relations to
attend a funeral; with this he earned two
dollars each time. He used to go on
horseback, but the horse was very obsti-
nate; sometimes they'd get in the middle
of a stream (after heavy rainfall) and
the horse just wouldn't move any
farther. Pedro often had to wade knee-
deep through the cold water, after riding
in the hot sun for hours at a stretch.
"No wonder I got to be ailing at an early
age", he says. At weddings also Pedro
officiated as master of ceremonies; he
had to be present or things just wouldn't
go right. When someone died Pedro had
to be summoned to fix up the corpse. "I
had no fear to work with the dead", he
says, "I had animo. And the little angels
(dead children are called "angelitos" in
Aruba) I have often carried on my
shoulder, with gentleness; I hated the
way other people handled the poor little
ones, holding them roughly in any old
way, with no delicacy. 'Angels' have to
be handled with gentleness."
Out of savings Pedro built his own
home about 35 years ago and he still
lives there at about a five minute's walk
from the church. It was just two rooms
in the beginning, but the same year a
great rainfall ruined the house of a
sister who had a new-born baby and they
had to be brought to Pedro's house to
live, and the house was enlarged to acco-
modate his sister's family too. Later on
they moved away and Pedro stayed by
himself again.
Three of his brothers went to Cuba

Around the Plant

Augustus Herbonnet of the Stewards
Dept. left on long vacation October 6,
and will be back just before Christmas.
He is spending his holidays in his home-
land, Surinam.
A name familiar to many Storehouse
employees recently appeared on the
honor roll of the Hampton Institute at
Hampton, Va. Alves Alleyne, formerly
of the Storehouse Cargo Room is in his
second year of dentistry at Hampton,
and his most recent group of grades,
3 A's, 3 B's and 1 C, put him on the
honor roll. He was employed with Lago
from November 11, 1938 to November
23, 1946.
Joseph Lake, of the Storehouse Lower
Yard, was married October 14 to Paulina
Arindell, at St. Theresa's Church. A
reception followed, at their San Nicolas
Another Storehouse wedding was that
of Christoffel Dirkzen, to Emelinda
Vroolijk, at the Santa Cruz Church Oc-
tober 30. A reception was held at the
home of the bride's parents in Santa
Luther Stowe, labor subforeman at
the Shipyard started his eight weeks
long vacation on October 20. He left
hurriedly in reply to a message that his
father is ill in St. Vincent. Frans Comes,
helper in the Machine Shop, starts four
weeks on November 7. Camille Panto-
phlet, welder, leaves for eight weeks on
November 8, while Andries Tromp, hel-
per on the pile driver, takes his six
weeks starting November 13.

The Kind of Luck To Have
October, up to the 18th, seemed to be
a lucky month for Pedro Brook of Ac-
counting and his wife Leonie, n6e Da
Silva, formerly of the Executive Office.
At the first Lago Heights Club Bingo
Party at the beginning of the month she
won a silver teaset. On October 15 a
bouncing 7 lb. 5 ozs. baby daughter was
born to them, and at the second Bingo
party on the 18th, Pedro carried away a
washing machine. Some record for just
18 days! And that washing machine isn't
hard to take, with a new baby in the

WILL TRADE: Studebaker, run S2,000 miles. Good
condition. Just paid Fl. 1300 for it. Willing to
trade for a pickup in reasonable condition. Esso
News Box 23.

about 35 years ago and have not been
heard of since. "I guess they must still
be alive", Pedro says, "or we would have
had news of their death". Of the remain-
der only Pedro and three sisters, Zoraida,
Maria and Lina are still alive.
One of the priests of long ago was
going to get Pedro a job at the San Pedro
Hospital in Oranjestad as a male nurse,
as everyone could see that Pedro had a
way with suffering people, but the priest
died and nothing came of it.
Six years ago, when the war in Hol-
land started, Pedro's ailment started
too, and he has never quite recovered. He
doesn't feel very strong and has to be
taken care of by his sister Lina.
It seems that Pedro never got much
recognition for all the work he has done
in his community, beyond the honor of
doing a good civic job. However, people
are undemonstrative and often forgetful,
and no doubt Pedro's people regard him
He doesn't feel bitter about his lack
of rewards, just shrugs his shoulders
and says: "God will pay me, and if God
doesn't pay me I can't help it. I have
done much good, but maybe I've done
bad too, I don't know, and maybe in
weighing the two against each other
there's nothing left to my credit." Pedro
is a man of great faith.
He deserves many more years to live
as an example of one who cares for his

John Walther of S.O.D., who was in
the Drafting Dept. here from 1934 to
1937, died in New Jersey September 8 at
the age of 48. He had over 25 years
Company service. He is survived by his
wife and three children.


DOCTOR 3g 104

0 ARUBA 1550 NEWS OTBR3,14

Personnel Bags Softball Awards

Cricket Schedule



Westei n
Northern n

So0thel n

W\sote n
NoIt hei n

Eastei n
South, n

\estel n

No then


November 2,
Eagle vs
St. Eustatius vy
November 9,
St. Vincent a
Renowitn s a
November 18,
WVsI Indian \s
Iladien Powell \
November 23.
Maple as
Ever-Readtl vs
November 30,
Eagle \
Splaltan a
December 7,
li itish Guiana vs
Middlese vss
December 14,
Domninic:a vs
Sunday. December
League Winnel vs


Sports Park SP
Spartan LH
Rtitish Guiana I.1
Middlesex SP
Dominica 1.1
St. Eustatius SP
St. Vincent SP
Renown LI1
Wes, Indian LI.
Energetic SP
Grenada SP
Colal LH
Sports Paik SP
21, 1947
League Winner

Lago Heights Ground
Eastern League Winneo vs Western
League Winnet
Sport Park Ground
Presentation Match
(Date to be fixed)
Noltheln So utht en \Wnners va
Eastern/Western Winne l


In what was called the best game ever played on the Lago Heights field, the San Nicolas Juniors
B team defeated British Guiana 1-0 October 4, In the Crown Life competition. With the game tied
at 0-0 two minutes before the final whistle, Venancio Solognier booted in the goal that broke
up the game. The Juniors, above, include back row, Humberto de Palm, Abanisa Holly, Luis Ras,
Jose Vrooijk. Hilarlo Angela, Venancio Solognier. Casilio Martinos (captain) and Zenovio Dirksz
(manager). Front row. Dominico Pas, Alvin Holly, Jose Wouters, Eligio Maduro and Julio Martalia.
Below, British Guiana, back row, Albert de Barros. Albert Gouveia, Ivan Gordijk, Ernest Verwin,
Reginald MacLean, Dixie Viapree, Ivan Mendes, Eugene Gouveia and Claude Camacho. Front row,
Alfred Raffini, Vivian Gouveia, Harold de Freitas, Joseph de Freitas, Eddy Tjin Kon Fat and
Vivian Henriques.

The Esso Club softball league ended October 0
with presentation of the season's awards. Person-
nel (with considerable outside help from Shel
Jones of Marine, Russ Brace and Willis Lesher of
Medical, Leon Morris of Utilities, and Rick
Brandes of Dr. Reeve's office) took top honors
after a two straight victory over M. & C. In the
play-off. At top, Val Linam receives championship
pendants for his team from Tech. Sept. J. M.
Whiteley. Below, Tom Eagan of Training gets the
award for Most Valuable Player (his brother Bill
of the Operators took the high batting average
award). Also presented were delayed awards for
the previous league, with Reid Holly accepting for
the champion Utilities team, and Frank Gladman
for the second-place M. & C.

Storehouse Steno Gets

Teacher's Certificate

Adrian Heyliger of the Storehouse
received the good news recently that he
has been awarded a teacher's certificate
by the Gregg shorthand company, having
successfully passed the required tests.
He first tackled shorthand in May,
1942, completing 19 assignments by mail
before entering the B.I.A. night school
in San Nicolas. There he completed his
course in July, 1943. He joined the Store-
house staff in 1945, and hopes eventually
to become a court reporter.
He left on vacation October 13, going
first to Curagao, and then, if he had time,
on to his home in Saba.

October 5

St. Eustatius

October 12
St. Vincent


October 19
West Indian
Sport Park

Baden Powell

for 5, declared

for 9 wickets

79, 90
37, 62

for 4 wickets

for 7 wickets

32 for 4 wickets

In a practice match at Lago Heights
field on Saturday, October 11 between
B.G.C.S. and West Indians C.C., B.G. won
with 1 wicket to spare. The scores were
as follows: West Indians first batted and
piled up 200 runs for the loss of 9 wickets
declared, with I. Mohid making the top
score of 42. B.G. replied with 210 for
the loss of 9 wickets declared, with
R. McLean 98 not out at the close of
play. I. Mendes for B.G. and Lawrence
for W.I. were the outstanding bowlers.

Calvin Wong, batting for West Indians
in their match with the Sport Park team
October 19, scored the first century of
the 1947 competition. His mark for
other batsmen to shoot at: 106 not out.

The Combination Units defeated the
Visbreakers 2-1 on the football field
October 4, with M. Casuello making both
scores for the winners, and Schenker
booting in the lone tally for the losers.

Adrian Heyliger puts his shorthand skills to good use at the Storehouse.

Arnold Jurd of M. & C. Colony Painters receives wedding gifts from friends in the department
October 15; Stan Hartwlck, at right. Is making the presentation. Gifts included a set of dishes and
other kitchense essentials. Mr. Jurl was married to Etalicla Sambre at St. Theresa's Church October 1t,
with a reception following at Zeeweg 28.

PEDRO PRES Cont. dt pag 5
bra Pedro tabata sa moda di trata cu
hende den sufrimento, semper e tabatin
pasenshi; pero e pastoor a bin muri,
asina cu esey no a realize.
Seis anja pasa, ora cu guerra di Ho-
landa a cuminza, Pedro a cuminza sinti
malo, y aunque tabata duel6 masha y pa
mas boluntad cu e tabatin di sigui traha
pa su misa y su pueblo, e mester a retire
y duna su curpa sosiego bien-mereci.
Pedro no ta sinti e curpa much fuerte y
ta bon cu e tin su ruman Lina pa cuid6.
Parce cu nunca Pedro no a haya
much reconocimiento pa tur loque el a
haci, fuera e honor di e trabao mes y di
e confianza cu na su man tur cos tabata
bai bon. Hopi bez hende no ta demonstra-
tive y hopi biaha nan ta lubida, pero ta
sigur cu henter pueblo di Nort ta respeta
y ta agradeci na Pedro.
Pedro di su banda no ta sintie rabia, e
ta hiza su schouder y e ta bisa: "Dios lo
paga mi, y si Dios no paga mi, mi'n por
yuda. Mi a haci hopi bon, pero podiser
mi por a haci algun malo tambe, mi no
sa; y podiser ora Dios ta balansA e bon
contra e malo no ta sobra nada". Pedro
ta un homber humilde y di hopi f6.
E ta merec6 hopi anja di bida como un
ehempel pa tur, di un cu semper a prac-
tica e mandamento principal: "Stima bo
pr6himo mescos cu bo mes".

Had the White Zombie?

......or the Driekiel, or the Torpedo?
No, they are not fancy new drinks, but
names that Papiamento speakers have
used for the "flu epidemics" of which
one has been making hundreds of people
miserable in recent weeks.
The illness, whatever it is, has no
regular name in Papiamento, and every
time it reaches widespread proportions
the Arubans are likely to tack on to it
the name of something that has caught
their attention at about the same time.
The current "epidemic" is called "Drie-
kiel", after the turtle with the three big
ridges on its back that was caught on
the northwest shore a few months ago.
The illness hit the island shortly after
the submarine attack of 1942, and then
it was called "Torpedo". At other times
it has been called "convooi", after the
bus convoys in Curacao, "Caiman" after
a popular tune, and "White Zombie",
because you feel like one when you
have it.
These names come and go. The one
additional name that seems to cover
all the recurrences of it (no one knows
just why) is "Mal di Amor".


A daughter. F, da Diana, t Mir. anld Mrs. Cecil
Edwalds, September 29.
A son. Manuel. to Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Kelly,
September 29.
A daughter. Sylvia Aumora Maria. to Mi. and
Ml Delly Loluan. September 29.
A daughter. Yvonne Alion. to Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Peters, Septembetl 30.
A on. Lloyd, to Mi. and Mlis. John Mitchell.
September 30.
A son. Hendlik Fiederico, to Mr. and Mis.
Jacinto Rosel. September 30.
A daughter. Yvonne Malia, to Mr. and Mrs.
Conrad Adamns, September 30.
A daughter, Rebecca Maria. to Mr. and Mrs.
Candelario Maduro, September 30.
A son. Humphrey Etwin. to Mr. and Mrs. Etwin
Wijdh. October 1.
A son. FIanklin Baranton. to Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Williams, October 1.
A son. Albert Jan. to Mr. and Mis. A. J. van
Montfrans. October 3.
A son. Eman Winteldal. to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Adams, Octobet ,I.
A son, Ramiro. to Mr. and Mrs. Jacobo Ridder-
staat. October I.
A son. Owen Ralf, to Mr. andl Mrs. Henri Donk.
October 3.
A daughter. Cheryl Kay, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert
GlOn-Williams. October 5.
A daughter. Catherine Phyllis. to Mr. and Mrs.
Merlin Fisk. October i.
A daughter. Deborah Jane. to Mr. and Mrs. Call
Lewis. October 5.
A Laughter. Adella Gisela, to Mr. and Mrs. Ro-
sendo Croe., Octobe, 6.
A son. Joseph. to Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Law-
rence. October 7.
A son. Edo in. to MI. and Mrs. Louis van der
Biezen. October 7.
daughter. Julette Yvonne, to Mr, and Mrs.
Paschal Sertao. October S.
A son. Franklin Chailes Johannes,. to Mr. and
Mil. Edlga Leysncl. October 9.
daughter. Jeanette Fiances Claudette. to Mr.
an.l Mis. Frank Sartan. October 9.
A son, Lucio. to Mi. and Ms. Jlose Kock. Octo-
be. i.
A son. Bertrum Seafotd. to Mi. and Mrs. Ca,-
leit Gill, October 10.
A daughter, Diana Luclecrl.a to Mr. and Mis.
Bretiandl RoKvlet. October 11.
A son, William Benjamin, to MI. and Mrs. Wil-
Itam Richatdson. October 13.
A daughter Glenda Madalena. to Mr. and Mrs.
Ca.ndtlo Y.ng.a, Octobe. 13.
A son, Eduardo,. to Mr. and Mis. Simon Ras.
October 13,
A daughter, Claudlete E\elyn. to Mr. and Mrs.
Eerett Mollis. October 13.
A daughter. Katy Lindy. to Mt. and Mrs. Enock
A daughter, Hester Adelina. to Mr. and Mrs.
Felix Violenis. October 14.
A son. Francisco. to Mr. and Mls. Jose Djkhoff,
October 5i.
A daughter. Cotneis Janice. to Mr. and Mrs.
Cornelius Naloop. October 15.
A daughter. Pamela Arleen. to Mr. and Mrs.
Pedro Blook, October 15.
A son. Robhet Lucien. to Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Lichtvcld. October 15.
A son. Andtes Alexander, to MI. and Mrs. Char-
les London, October 16.
A daughter. Fedelia Menceda. to Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Wathey. October 17.
A son, Hubert. to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oduber.
October 17.
A daughter, Karen Lee. to Mt. and Mrs. Sheldon
Jdonts. October 17.
A dauhtr.. Olga, to Mr. and Mis. Fians Wever.
October 19.
A daughter,. Bltdgette Kathleen, to Mr. and
Mis. Byron Noel. October 19.
A daughter. Elsa Elvira, to Mr. and Mrs. Ler-
inlet ock. October 19.
A daughter. Tecla Maria. to Mr. and Mrs. Jose
Oduber. October 19.
A son, Ga y Emerson, to Ml. and Mrs. Ferdi-
nand Gomes. October 19.
A son. Juan Mario. to Mr. and Mrs. Eatevan
Croes, October 20.
A daughter, to MI. and Mrs. Benjamin Jarvis.
October 21.
A daughter. Jacntta Ursula, to Mr. and and Mrs.
Ubaldo Cres. October 21.
A daughter. Ursula Hilaria, to Mr. and Mrs.
Gilberto Welleman, October 21.
A daughter. Filomena. to Mr. and Mrs. Gregorio
Koolman. October 22.

SSeguridad Lo Ta Miho

~RU~ LssO Maws

OCTOBER 31. 947T