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I "'Th Stdn Voc of Th Colg of- Th-aaa

Email: O


Volume14 - Issue 4 - December 2010



Iby R. Machelle Major Was it just me or was this semes-
Staff Writer ter the most intense one in a long
time? I mean there's been term paper after term paper; test
after test; and if I have to race to meet one more deadline -
well let's just say it won't be pretty. I mean this semester
has been so intense that even the freshmen stopped over
dressing long before midterm break. In short this semester
has been stressful. But now, all that's over! The relief that
came with the dawning of the 25th of November cannot be
paralleled. However, the fact yet remains that although the
stressors are gone, the effects are still evident. So how then
should one begin to de-stress?
I know many of you have made your plans, maybe stop-
ping by your favorite watering hole on the way home from
your last exam, or turning in that last term paper. Or per-
haps like me you plan to hit the clubs and dance until you
pass out. While the proceeding options are viable ways to
de-stress the reality is that their effects will not be long last-
ing. On the one hand, drinking does give you some momen-

tary relief but the minute you sober up, your stress will
return; and while dancing until you pass out may seem like
a good idea, you'll probably end up hurting yourself physi-
cally, either on the dance floor or while hitting the floor and
then the trip to PMH will only add to your stress level. So
in an attempt to help you to de-stress properly, here are a
few tips to aide you.
Sleep. If you' re honest with yourself, you have not slept
well at all for the past two weeks- especially those of you
(like myself) who have deluded yourselves into thinking
that you work best under pressure, so that you can waste
time without feeling guilty. So go to sleep. Take a hot bath,
drink some warm milk (unless you' re lactose intolerant)
and go to bed. Sleep gives your body time to recuperate, to
renew itself and more importantly to repair itself.
Exercise! I know what you're thinking, but trust me, if
you want to de-stress properly, exercise. Did you know that
exercise is the body's stress manager? When you exercise
your body releases endorphins U Continued on page 2

f on what to do and where

6 to go this Season

I111Ilk'. \\ 1111 wlll (
\\.1 LLI ll Il l .i dl. d lilk.\ .'l-I onI
0 iafll1II\ dLIL dIlid ptIllIipkin plL adIl
ip[1. i p .I1 iiL . pl c l- l- I l l . \i ,.
III.11 ,1ni, Ill1 \ MLIL..I dlid -,\ I l 11
II 'kIN l atd IthiClu \\u "lald olun ll

tlllk t l I A llnk lll l ll 11111 ,I,.Ln\,il
lll \\ L kIl,\\ llI t \\ l t ll is i nd d

A ll i llri td1.1111 pI ll | ( 'hItI Illi- I-
.Itln ka.loo ), "dI \01.l I:,t [hll %-,: uo\\-

bIIll, aid a l L L 'l Ith1 th i . 'ul -kill
LIILnla, Id, ll. _.'Il'tip' IL[ill dL'\m II \
S iLl.'. ' .unklllnkll ,,i Ia l ll II ll' atll[l 'I
orll l i ll in i .ll 1 l ll i' and \\ ihILIlh Il \\ .
1hail Ii<'in I in'\iiill0 iil r.0 i Sllliool
h ile Ii,,n LILh L lunln n 11 Junk, . n..
n A l h , 11.,, olI'n. \\� . II l I. ll. it.
R�l>.111111_' 1 d" lh> Itllllll <'l .|tll kA l ),\,O
iii kc I- llkii .ii lp n l i,\ o ."Ll l I .' IIL

I id\ .'''i liiLk liii l2- dIln l - \\ 'l\-

Il\\ tl l 1 li' Illl .'i l 11-i Ill 'u1d [ 'I l-i L , I
l\l| I nll \ llth L .l\'h l t l\ \olil tlldkNt-i

'Il I\ '- L I \ . ' l\0 lh. lll. Illdhll 11'.l
o'LINlI \\[i0l LoaLi cl od in .'.L
I 1 l ,lI -st M .ltI & \LI \ l li d'd
I..Lid\ l 1�.lll\ . ll I" lIl> . . r.'ll) ald
L.\. 11 li ull ll.' \\i I11.l\ II0t hN kid,. It
bill_" out [llt kid .l Ihlull NVI0 do>.,-
11 I0llh.' 1Io L01l1L 0 '1 ld\ -l1l1ll Ll
l,' li| N. Lnid p '//lI \NL I[:%:I lhc tllll .,III I
\\L.' I'o oIIl \\Il| ' It HIld IIl. -tIIl|X 'M.

I,1k. IIO N h1 I ill, N IWIh I I, \\>ll 'IN
IO,,I n .',llh.' hi,, k \m l ni 1 a land lull ill
-lull 0ilkh nll ll .1 ' 1 ,LO Iu ,. \\III hi
ll .'lv l, " . l ll .'ll \\,,IC- II I ' .ll1 C\Cl)I
1It1 lILL L.nlllu [dl 1 1l\ 11o ,li1\ L. 1oM .' [inl
* C n , '.g.&-. - 3


t m

* Sh~Its



The Spectrum - December 2010 FEATURES

1 liibrv. l, ta.I ail ' R1 d I hill .uid a large
Lspric.s ,,i nb hi._ i.d miian t college stu-
Li111 nu _lu i . Ii u I ,1 i1 b, a ta..n ofRed
1iull and .1 luix 'i..cL ', umini. three or
liur .mid ilit\ iull iiin,'lu Ill \,iu they're
i' ll hliil\ ..taltd
I lh iiini I ' lIlt, duv.I'ti ''I .iffeinated
.dral|lb| il 0 t.| K r_' ia "i' II pop ilarity has
g'j'oii nii it ivin \t.u .suin' lii tollege-aged
drinktils ha' iil.' lIlt .lit0illnii of con-
.'icni.d lit.dill ,illi>.d, pilllt, andcol-
i 2tc ahdliii ailail 1I \ptil, .i\ that even
on0%. i, d >Ip'itt' hI bdli.' aund ,il do offi-
tl.da i l l..unLiiapl ',ill,.'i lilt\ banned
.d'olltl ili.i. 1hiiiulk tii t.unllpus this

P't'li \Iintti pidti ill hI tie New
Jc.In ,\ t, 'll.e'i .ud ,tn\nill iditnedto the
.Ibot'' itLtiitniin " i.n d.,,nl'ing the
tllictl I i h lllk, iuil a, I oiur Loko,
u luhli i p.uiitLil.l.ul Ipop'il.u .ouund the
lunipui' I 'L ii I Ik i , 1it iii a .1 w flashy,
iUlnnld dlnlk, ihal a.t l Il ll n\iinnlg out of
1lilt cLIi.|nIi iiil nl.dkiii.' it tlla inuich easier
l I' i ui'll ' h,0 _'cli dul' ii', l IIltoxicat-
d. l. ili' I MIttni '.Lid t.ilttintK d students
t0'ld ll1i lIlt' iIiK\lincli, 23-11iiice, 12%
.d ,1ii' l t il[IV.i' dn lll, tvit "AlI 'il sudden
\t.i\ p[1pinl.u " .uld I lnii I iko was
lii I d 1il .a t V iLplt 1I ii t11Lilln )Of exces-
,it. dnlnkiin Niiltt ilit ta.ui of fall
,ciii 'lti 23 pt'vo li. t' bt hi.n hospital-
/IA Ld %l%[l . �1il l l 11llin 1 \l.llliil
\cMtrtl >.dIdLd I ' ini I ,ikIl .a "t\inlcal prod-
ntl" \'ll> h ' inl\ 1 pii' , n' , i , get the
dnnikti iniiti\intltd qt|iinkl\ % ' agree:
i ilki I ' til-tli.ui ill lit Alcohol
.id I 'illI I ]ie U.' In,\ in i vd'l ' I 'Iilnmunity
lor \ \1' \ miLilntl Affairs
\dniiniiitiln i, ii I Ii�.,l_ li I diutalIon, said
ilk' dilnk, .i' diti.'uiti'l, ll, of their
.IpI PtIIll lail.'iil'h' ''I Liilndi.iL' Litident con-
unnllnK .uild IlIIn lu,'h .d�,,lliil intent -
drnili Iniin,' '' ,init til I Li in I ,k,) is the
.1ppr\ ii. iit ' lttl.d il ,dI hnking four
bct\s ittn ih iidi' l' .Iln inlln ii.ula tinal page
N \>I' \ i.n..intll piitd ,n itn, % .bsite.
" lli, ht'l niaL.', .ft iIl .icat' oncem to
li%." ' itiinulI 'M %. i l iIn .l -iiit.I. "Each
ttiunpu muiikt Lkid, ul.lal pttilic steps
inI.dc '.ivl it, bhvti tdtltlt ,niLkiits about
.ind itr\ I, plii tt IItiln hioin lise risks,
illd It' tiltnLii.�umi L rnkLin, it in.tke good

decisions whtin ililt\ .uit toilininlltd b\
Ramapo's i, p.uit ol a "inuili-
pronged appio.atli" adih. inil.' t't. lc''
alcohol consuniiiimiin Ml \Ivtii ,a.ud i 'ltTr
measures the itllik-_'. Ilai, .dnii inilidl
increasing aftu i -ii , l unv't 1i I a'III'-,., iIn
residence hall> I'hl.illlniil' ' 11101 pol' nIi,
and holding stitn' llohts t'lIA, iil
Those additi iii.d tlep in.t\ It tltiiid lor
the ban to h.a' t. ti' a h.i liii idta , it' .-., c%,
Kathleen E. N ilki. a itt.UItll .iiilinlt a.
the Research hiiititltt 111 \dkhii'oiis.1 t ilith
State Universit \ il N\t.\ 'iik al I Hlldo.
has studied collck.i_. lLidLinU' Ut o01I nii.ri_.
drinks, both tillh .and ilothut .diLoli l
She saidthat il tlk itll..'i t.ul't baul uiank ,
like Red Bull .uid i, 'dl,. Iin ni lo I.d llur". il
won't be able It ,Iit'p t 'iiitiiiiiil i il ' - td-
feinated alcohbll It t'l'i.a,.i'' Ilt i ilt. LOI-
lege can send .a ,iin.d
"A college ba il ill in I.dIt it. pl iId,. .,
second look .ud inl.a\ . ilit\'ll bK ino'it
aware of wha. thI\' dn niinkiin " Nlillr
said "It's inhtit.Iil.\ ih Ioi.dl.\ dui'i'ioni,
to mix caffeine auid a.dillt I' li at..n,. \oln'it.
sending your hod\ ul\lltd it 'iil.d " I li
caffeine stimul.alt' illt ,\iin nlu.l tilt
alcohol depresst it nl.dii.n2 ,lkntLilll, [:l
less drunk than Ilit\ .tliu.dl\ .at
Through hei It.utl M\ lli.i lnild Ill.1l
students who i niut ii nlv ii _ i .i \ dniilk, ilth
or without adtlol .o. n ll ink.t l \ I'
engage in risk\ Iti.lla i l Ii ik, adin, it..
smoking or bhiN l ni t kiniii. I lhat dLi.nii't
necessarily m..ail tlili'r'_ dv i unulitk, il,
the behavior, bhill il, ii .1 ollt'iillti'll
Energy drink itc i�iiinlpil in "in'i i ii't'U-
ily a gateway I' hlla. in i b tl l is I '\ lih \,t L
might call a itd-IIa. t' Ivl i ioi " slit s.ud.
In a June 21ii ItSn.i p1ikblNlltd 1nI lI
Journal of Aitinti..l i '"llK.' I l.dlli.
Miller found I lit. 2''. I iuln.\ t ld pibli ,l
university undtLia.du.iailt it' liiIcd ili-
suming energy \ dnilk ili\td I ll .d% Ili ol
in the past mil lli hlul, IaboUi li.dl ,tud
they'd done so nili ilti.ul hitiiii
Efforts at R.unallap '1a. t Illbiid a.uld "ill
continue to t. Liillh t iullp ln ol f .d%.o-
holic energy hdiik, \ titti 'aud. biln "i't"
unrealistic to a.i innll. Iih.l n'll 1b tIotdll
eliminated" lial', iiiii toppiiinl-' hin I i hoin
trying, though \i tiliit nIt\ inii'iiiii-' ol thIl

&R9C@M@R9 /A"\ HJ@ C&5'5'1EXR1E



* Destress from page 1
and these hormones, when released,
help the body to relax. But be careful
not to overdo it, remember to warm up
and warm down.
Read a book. I know that you' ve read
millions of words in the past fourteen
weeks but we' re encouraging you to
read for pure fun. So if you're a
romance junkie; or a suspense buff or
if there is a book that you absolutely
love to read, one where you' re carried
away from the cares of this world and
immersed in another, pick up that book
and read.
Hang out with friends. Not that
cheesy hang out while studying or the
quick bite to eat at McDonald's or
Wendy's but I mean some real gen-

* Places to go from page 1
at the carnival.
We all know that the clubs and parties
will be the 'it' spots during the season.
We go from house to house 'toating'
food and drinking our favorite bever-
ages like egg nog and Christmas
punch. Songs such as "Santa Clause is
coming to town"
and "Jingle Bells" will fill our ears
and mouths as we sing along. The
favorite clubs will be open and party-
ing and letting loose will be out of
style!! Whatever you do to release the
stress from the outgoing semester, do it
During this season, let us not forget
the purpose and meaning - Christ.

\N. .'1,i,\ residents' Council, Mercer
plium, i, ini.d, his case to other college
,uill iliUitiiI\ presidents. "The risk for
tlicii ltLLinl, is just as high as the risk
l'r innit " lit said "I'll tell them what
I' c iii mlid hope that they may want to
hlol' ,Uill " States such as New Jersey
,id N\.- \ l.\ico are considering banning
lthe. ilnlk, tiuirely.
I lI. lniik, .ue also on the federal gov-
cnniIliIll' ItLdu. Last November, the Food
,iud 1)nil, \Lhninistration threatened to
b.mi lli think if manufacturers could not
pi,0%. illit.\ "ere safe for consumption.
No rt.'iuilatii'ii have been issued yet, but
,il I1 \ officer, Michael L.
I i-ndiin i told Inside Higher Ed on Friday
ilhl llit a,'.iint. has received 19 responses

uine, friend time. Or maybe for those
of you who have significant others use
this time to catch up with them. Cater
to them or better yet have them cater to
you. Spend time with someone, any-
one, who you enjoy being around.
Laugh... Cry... Act silly, in the pres-
ence of those people who know you
best and who understands your person-
ality. I would suggest going for a
swim, but who am I kidding? It may
not be "cold" weather in comparison to
the weather in North America or
Canada or some parts of the United
Kingdom, but it is cold in Bahamian
So now that you have worked hard,
play hard but play safe and play stress

Therefore, visit a church of your
choice this season, as I know we tend
to do on Watch Night. Let us try to
attend for Christmas and New Years, as
well as throughout the remainder of the
coming year.
Equipped with your guide for this
yuletide season, places to go and things
to do should be the least of your wor-
ries. Throughout the season you are to
be careful and remain safe! With all of
the traffic fatalities and young persons
losing their lives, we must remain vig-
ilant. If you wish to enjoy those bever-
ages with "special" additives, take care
to have a designated driver. Have a
wonderful Christmas and a fun filled
New Year!

from 27 manufacturers and hdinul'tor.
and plans to evaluate tho',. ,ilhmi1i'iIon',
and other scientific evidence ".a, i iin i,
possible in order to detuiinuv. lictlici
caffeine can be safely and Ia lull\ ikL-l
to alcoholic beverages." Hi.nndn ii .d IlIh
decision is a high priority blm "t �ild 1L.itl
some time."
But Mercer doesn't need 1 I \ It'ulil-
tions to deem the drinks uin,. tpi.l d-
ly when it comes to studiiLnl "I dLll't
accept that it's a rite of p.ia.i'_ I'i tllk-
giate life that people pui dlilt iilI'% -N ait
risk," he said. "I can't acceptl Ihl "

FEATURES The Spectrum - December 2010 F

Sweet Treats from

Food Network.con

Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt
by the Barefoot Contessa
2 cups plain yogurt
2 tablespoons honey
12 teaspoon vanilla extract
12 orange, juiced
1 banana, sliced
12 pint fresh blueberries
12 pint fresh raspberries
1 pint fresh strawberries, halved
1 bunch seedless green grapes, halved
Combine yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract in a bowl and set aside. Combine orange
juice and banana slices in a separate bowl. Add berries and grapes. Gently mix fruit
together. Spoon fruit into serving bowls and top with yogurt. 4-6 servings. Prep Time:
10 minutes.

.by Emeril Lagasse
1 1 cups whole milk
2/3 cup plus 1 teaspoon sugar
1� cup unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa pow-
2 (2-inch) cinnamon sticks
1 strip orange peel
10 whole cloves
2 cups hot brewed strong coffee
�4 cup cold heavy cream
Ground cinnamon and cocoa, for garnish
In medium saucepan, whisk together milk, 2 cup of the sugar, and cocoa until smooth.
Add cinnamon sticks, orange peel and cloves and bring to a simmer, stirring, to dis-
solve sugar and prevent cocoa from sticking to bottom of pot. Simmer for 2 minutes,
then remove from heat, cover, and let steep for 10 minutes.
In medium bowl, whip cream with remaining teaspoon of sugar until thick and frothy.
Set aside.
Strain milk mixture into a coffee pot and add 2 cups of hot coffee (2 12 cups for
stronger coffee flavor, to taste). Pour into cups or small mugs and top each with a dol-
lop of the sweetened whipped cream. Serve immediately. 8-10 servings

Chocolate Pistachio Fudge 4 #.
by Nigella Lawson ..
12 ounces 70 percent dark or semisweet Wi
chocolate, chopped
14 ounces condensed milk .s.
Pinch salt -
1 cup shelled pistachios
Melt chopped chocolate, condensed milk and
salt in a heavy based pan on low heat.
Put nuts into a freezer bag and bash them
with a rolling pin, until broken up into both big and little pieces.
Add nuts to melted chocolate mixture and stir in well.
Pour mixture into 9-inch square foil tray, smoothing the top.
Let fudge cool and then refrigerate until set. Cut into small pieces, 8 by 8 lines in the
tin to give 64 pieces.
Once cut you can store in the freezer, serving without thawing. Prep Time: 10 minutes

fidopt a pet this fHoliday

Iby Reva Devi The holidays
Editor in Chief can be especially
rough for many
people financially, and sometimes they
may have to make sacrifices in order to get
through the days. One sacrifice is often giv-
ing up a family pet, which can be a sad and
traumatizing event for both the family and
the animal.
Not everyone is an animal lover, and not
every animal iq enav to tnke nre of Rut if

you're the kind of person who thinks they
might want a pet, there are a lot of great
reasons to adopt one this Christmas.
We all want to do something good and
kind for others; imagine how much joy you
can give to an animal by bringing him or
her into your home. And by bringing that
animal home from a shelter, you make it
that much easier for another animal to be
adopted in some cases.
Pets can be great companions that make a
difference in your life with their uncondi-
tional love. It is often said that pets make
a person live longer. If you get the right
kind, which fits your personality, the hap-
piness they bring can do wonders for your
However, there are a few things that all
prospective pet owners should be aware of:
* Firstly, your pet, be it a dog or a cat,
needs its own food, which is going to have
to be a part of your budget from then on.
Cats and dogs will happily eat leftovers but
it's the worst kind of food for them. They
need to eat dry cat/dog food, which has the

necessary vitamins and minerals needed for
their bodies. It's the same concept of giv-
ing babies breast milk or formula rather
than cow's milk.
* Second, animals need to be protected
from harm; allowing them to roam the
streets is very much frowned upon by the
Bahamas Humane Society. Cats should be
kept indoors with brief periods of outdoor
exercise. Dogs should be kept in a fenced in
arena to avoid roamino mother than on n

leash, where they may get tangled and
* Thirdly, give your animal time to
adjust; some animals can be sensitive.
Where young, energetic animals may adjust
quickly, older more passive pets may be
apprehensive. You may also need to figure
out how you can adjust to make your pet
feel more comfortable and happy (for exam-
ple, clearing a small space for them to call
their own).
This may all sound a bit mental, but if
that's the case, you know having a pet may
be a bit out of question for the time being.
I'm not one of the richest people in the
world, but I've managed to adopt two cats
in the past few years. It has been complete-
ly worth it. They bring a great deal of joy
and excitement to my little apartment and I
couldn't imagine where they would be if I
hadn't taken them in. Sure, I may never
forgive them for shedding all over my fur-
niture and clothes, but when I wake up to
find them both sleeping on my feet or by
my head, it brings me so much joy.

SThe Spectrum- December 2010 OPINIONS

I by Travis Cartwright-Carroll
Production Manager
So it's the season of joy, capitalism and
gift giving. It's the one time of the year
where adults are pissed off that they aren't
children anymore - because that is where the

magic of Christmas really is.
For adults, Christmas is just another
reminder that life stops for no one. It can be
enjoyable for all ages, but for some, it will
never be the same. Not like the times when
mom made turkey and ham whilst you were
playing with that new thing you got. It was
It still can be. As adults, you learn the
other joy of Christmas time - parties, rest,
and the infectious joy the season has.
For gamers, Christmas time is a great
time of the year. It's when you get new
games, consoles and all the time in the
world to play them. Yes, even if you're
working an eleven hour day, gamers are

still going to find the time to enjoy a game
or two - it's a great way to relax after a hard
days work. It's also a good time of the year
to buy games for your fellow garners.
Remember this isn't just the season to
receive gifts, but to give them.
Here are a few games to consider buying


for your fellow gamer:
Call of Duty Black Ops has become
almost bigger than last years Modem
Warfare, so don't forget that if your gamer
is a FPS fan this is the game to get espe-
cially since it's on all three platforms -
PS3 and Wii. There is also Halo Reach,
Madden 2011 and Red Dead Redemption.
U continued on page 5


NOv 26
DEC 28
DEC 29
IAN 10

Advisement and Authorization ends
Late Fee applied for returning students
Deregistration for unpaid students
New Student Orientation/Adv isement
New Student Registration
Late Registration begins
Late Registration ends
Classes begin

Gamer Review

Holiday Shopping Guide

It's been over two th iulitd \ ..a .id Ihlt
story never gets old I l V..nil. kiin,,
about the star that hlion. 'Imn.'ltl ,,'
brightly that kings from il i.t illdkd
to see the promise ilt. spoke of.
The bible speaks of tli. ,hli cii ,n iI li
hills watching their sh, ~p .aid %l Ili Ih ,I,
of angels who sharedllK. I1\0%, % I Ilk hinilt
of the long awaited Jt.' ilh wa i i hi Ii i .
story that has been told .aid Id i &1 1i .c i ul
over, and it has never ._'',tI.n ,,Id I liu, i,
the Christmas story. It i ilit I, it\ %iI .i-
rifice and giving and (I I Ilit AILlnpll III % 1'
all human kind.
Now I know that wt c> bIi..n b1 inl.udedLd
with stories of goodwill and imortliy that
give meaning to thl, ~a..Ir tiolies
where misers become pilulantiil pists.
where long eared donk.\, lind stlf aiccptl-
ance in a sand storm; i% ilc- Snta Claus is,
celebrated and even gi' ,n a hi li idaY These

Au ll di, oil f I lil. kel good replacements
111i1l u.c ,.i' dl.n it pla.ate the conscience of
ninulki d i uld ii . our focus from God
.a, al 1 .uld tuin it inward where we can
save ours'cli' ilhough sheer will power
'lnd III |'.d I \
I lit. iulh I .mini.Ii, however, that there is
in i .,d ilIti in uI id. of the saving grace of
..,u III, h lint N1 I admonish us this
Il'linlnmit Io I.mli.Iate our times of cele-
biai, tn Lid Idh.II [l Ip with our family and
lirln Id i I Iin t ili awesome feasts pre-
pu [d. aid i '. 1I.,pecially grateful for
.'\c.'i *_'ill o''u 1 little regardless of price
and ,/.': luI mi t i importantly, we should
Ill lilt ,_ilit that was given in the
manger ai 1 klilldiln to ensure the work
that would bi dL, l % in Calvary.
For unto ,iu ,a Luld is born, unto you
a suni is gIivenI .uMd Ie shall save His peo-
ple I'mii I .l 1V ,II I "1

- ae

,-3 \n Bl.hIk,
I lie o'"llct I iin crit % ol I hi. 1-l.di.1asiI
I d.c. 1-llld "'un|pu.
I U 12421 3 2-1-4S3 1-ai\ 2421 31'2 -453'
1:inl.l lie 1wNSpt .11il I .clurinli. Lub cdi lb.


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ENTERTAINMENT The Spectrum - December 2010


>Ilalnev- CeD/"/>7,0P7

. .y ..

wilrtrai aur

Finally, unfortunately however just
when the movies were starting to get bet-
ter and actually mostly sticking to the sto-
ryline of the book series (written by J.K
Rowling),the cinematic series of 'Harry
Potter' is nearing its end.
'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
part 1' , directedby DavidYates, is the sec-
ond to last Harry Potter movie starring (of
course) Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter),
Emma Watson (Hennione Granger) and
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) bringing
together action, adventure and fantasy.
In this film Harry, Ron and Hennione set
out to finish Dumbledore's work of find-
ing and destroying Horcruxes which is the
only hope of ever defeating the Dark Lord,
Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). This mission
is made considerably difficult since
Voldemort has gained much strength and
now has control over Hogwarts
(Wizarding School) and the ministry of
magic. Also, Death Eaters, Voldemort's
henchmen, seem to always be in pursuit
of Harry and his friends in aim for
Voldemort to kill him (the aim of
Voldemort since the very beginning).
Although it is safe to say that, consider-
ing that this is only part of the series' con-
clusion, reaching the end of the movie was
quite disappointing (that's how good it
was) I do not think it would have been
good if they had compressed the book in
its entirety into one movie. The end does

* Fan Art for Harry Potter and the De


Gamer Review from page

* Harry Potter and the Deathly *
Hallows: Part I movie poster 0
(Courtesy of Heyday Films and e
Warner Bros. Pictures) 0
however bring the feeling of wanting more
and wanting to know what happens next,
unfortunately part 2 is not due to release
until the 15th of July (sad face) but no
worries time passes quickly.
To all the Harry Potter fans out there you
will enjoy it.

athly Hallows: Part 1 (Courtesy of



* 3 A
* a

Ilhe aSI saw some awesome releases tins
year; God of War 3 wraps up the trilogy in
an epic way. Kratos finally confronts his
nemesis - Zeus - and if you haven't picked
it up yet, be sure to do so. There's also
Final Fantasy XIII, ModNation Racers and
the PSN game Scott Pilgrim Vs. The
World Happy gaming.

What can I say about the trusty old
Nintendo Wii. It's not the most powerful
system out right now. It doesn't have any
of the major blockbuster games of the year
either. Yet, like Nintendo knows, it's the
most popular console out for family
garners. With that said, let's look at some
of the best Wii games to pick up for a Wii
gamer. First off, there's Metroid Other M.
The game came out earlier this year, but if
your recipient doesn't have this master-
piece, be sure to pick it up for them. Then
we have Super Mario Galaxy 2, Disney
Epic Mickey, No More Heroes 2,
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
and Wii Party.

In the portably market, there's God of War
Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid Peace
Walker, Persona 3 Portable, ModNation
Racers, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and
Lunar Silver Star Harmony for PSP
gamers. For DS owners, check out
Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver,
Dragon Quest IX and Professor Layton and
the Unwound Future.


Before buying any games though, let me
reiterate to you buyers whether you are fel-
low gainers or not, know what your recipi-
ent wants. It's easy to go out and buy some
trash like the new Medal of Honor game
when the person actually wants the new
Call of Duty game. Know what happens to
that Medal of Honor game? It gets sold a
week later. Remember your tastes as a per-
son and keep in the mind the tastes of the
person you are buying for. It's all about
spreading the Christmas joy, one headshot
at a time.


I The Spectrum - December 2010 FEATURE S

]L iteranry Expressi oins,�:

q$onto Veorest by Bradley Worrell

Part 1.
Across the tops of roofs it scales
With teeth and claws sharp as nails,
And over twisted forms it leaps
Landing nimbly on its feet,
A cackle thick with blood, it gloats
And bouncing once it seems to float,
"'The chimney, yesss" it hisses, flies
And with ear to roof it listens, lies,
Pale, blank eyes glimpse its twin
And moon and stars shrink back from him,
Now dead of night, he begins to mutter
Then oozes down chimney, smooth as but-
The fireplace is warming still
But begins to frost when it feels his chill,
A gnash of fangs, a tree, "those lights
Dismiss this glow they're much too
And as the bulbs grow dimmer, dim,
Its spreading foul grows grimmer, grim,
And now at home, to rooms it shuffles
Ear out for those sleeping snuffles,
And in softly painted room, a find!
A rocking crib where babes reside,





o 'T

Those pale eyes gleam, it drools, "a snack!"
And while jaws slacken, lips curl back,
A tiny yawn, a dovey coo
And in one fell swoop a child of two,
Devoid of neck it finds its head
And as eyes dissolve we find it dead,
"Sooo good," the creature sprays the mush
And enjoying itself starts to crush,
And once it's done it drops the "skull"
And leaves a room now much too dull.
Another day, another head
Another cooing baby dead,
But this time, a small mistake
A vase of glass it dares to break,
A mothers scream, a shrill reply
The beast it roars and then it flies!
A father maddened in his grief
"Come back here Santa Claws you thief!
You stole my poor child's life from her
Destroyed our family on a whim you cur,
You can run, but you can't hide
I'll find the place where you reside,
I'll hunt you down; you'll taste my gun
I swear on God this tale's not done!"

Part 2.
It's cap and glove against the snow
And still he slogs, though the goings slow,
Boots and vest, gun and tack
Food in bag as he starts to track,
The biting cold tries to hinder him
But he feels not his frosted skin,
His eyes are mad, blood shot red
As he stalks Santa to make him dead,
"You thought I couldn't track you eh?
No tracks to see but there's a way!
Your stench of blood that makes you proud
Would give you away in the largest crowd,
And like a normal man I'm not bound
I swear on my mums side I'm part hound!
I spy your stench as clear as day
And I come now to make you pay!"
Such things as these he continually mut-
And I'm quite sure you're thinking he's a
But, revenge is a powerful thing
And who knows what this tale will bring,
Through miles of wasteland snow he
Snow thicker than the thickest bush,
Till at last his drive led him there,
He'd done it! John at Santa's lair!
Like a cat he sprang through the door
Skating cross the blood slick floor,
Following the sound of chainsaw snores
Finding Santa was no chore,
And now the madness from places deep
Began to bubble and out it seeped,
He grabbed Santa by his matted hair
Cocked his gun and held him there,
Santa awakened with a start
Saw his end and loosed a panicked fart,
"I have you now, we're face to face
My gun's in yours my heart's a-race!"
'"Wait, don't do it, I can be nice;
You can have her back... for a price.
Your babe is mine I stole her fair
She's in my belly and I hold her dear,
You want her back? Then here's the deal
I want me, some Christmas veal.
In replace of your girl's lil' head
Those folk in town, I want them dead,
And when they're all a-flush, aquiver
Rip them open and bring me liver!"
John saw hope, he stopped to think
And his weary eyes he dared to blink,
One moment of weakness and Santa was
And the mans clear ring was now an off-
tune song,
All that remained was the matted hair
And the scent of Santa's Eu De Barfette in
the air,
"I want my babe back, this is true

But the townsfolk, they're people too,
What to do, what do I do?
I know the answer! I'll ask my wife
Two heads are better in this strife."
And with that thought he started down
And on that day brought doom to town.

Part 3.
Burst through the door, it's John once more
Eyes agape, jaws on the floor,
"John, my God you're still alive
We thought you lost, we thought you'd
A drink on us! The tavern cries
Tell us John, how'd you survive?"
His eyes they twitch, his foot it taps
As the whiskey bums, andhe thinks back...
"I KNOW Mira, the townsfolk are people
"No you SOD! Here's what to do
The answer's YES! KILL THEM ALL!
Give him liver large and small,
I want my baby back you fool
You " liun ip ' You're no man - A TOOL!
GET TO WORK!" She beats him blue
With the high heel of her shoe!
"'Take a basket, make a careful count
Don't dare to short him, he'll find out,
He sees us when we're sleeping John
He knows when we're awake,
He'll know if we've been true or not
He doesn't see the path he takes; he doesn't
hear the calls,
He just knows he's drinking whiskey
And in the end he'll lose it all,
He slams the shot-glass on the top
The laughter fades, the murmurs stop,
He lurches monstrously to his feet
Reveals the cleaver and starts cleaving
...If dead men could speak, oh the tales
they'd tell
Of a soul once proud rotting in its shell,
Of a roaring beast, fell its stride
And the depths of Hell mirrored in its eyes,
Of shadow wings that filled the room,
And the butchers wail that sounded doom.
Brave men all, they fought, they tried...
For none would flee, and all, they died,
And Johnny boy he took that liver
Left the tavern and went hither,
And in the town, though each face a friend,
He killed his soul, again, again.

ENTERTAINMENT The Spectrum - December 2010

L tte]rairy Exp irtessLo]ns:

Onto eaorest by Bradley Worrell

Part 4.
It's blood and sweat against the snow
And still he slogs, though the going's
Boots and vest, gun and tack
Liver in tow as he heads back,
His mind is dull, fraught with fear
And John sees ghosts though nothing's
With demons strength he hoists the pack
And ignores the shadows at his back.
In time much shorter than he remembers,
He's at Santa's door... the 25th of
A spectre fleeing on his left
Hides itself in unseen clefts,
And John, still dazed (you'd call him drunk)
Slips deeper still into his funk,
Skirt the blood and through the door
Venturing further than he'd gone before,
Down a tunnel darker than death
Past horrors that would steal your breath,
Till he found himself in a cavern bare
With the stench of plague hanging in the
- And there was Santa in his putrid glory
Eyes still pale and looking gory,
He danced around, his chuckle a file
Blood filled gums cracking a smile,
"Johnny boy, it's been a while.
I trust you have them? Line them up!
I want my feast it's time to sup!"
And John, not sure of what to do
Yet wanting his babe, to his word stays
Santa's townsfolk list, he checks it twice
And of the count? He does this thrice,
'320.But what's this, your wife's, it's not
The deal is void you've failed I fear!"
'"Wait!" A forlorn cry from the back,
"I'm here, I'm here we're still on track!
But I won't die I keep my liver
But John won't mind he's all aquiver."
The shot it echoed, the shot it rang!
\ y husband's yours, and now, my babe?
Where is she, your debt is paid!"
"Foolish woman, do I look like God?
You buggered bitch you suckered sod -
The feast is mine as is the babe
But I'll let you go, to seek your grave.

Part 5. (Finale)
Santa begins his noisy feast
As Mira pleads and starts to weep,
Yet, sorrow doesn't keep her there
Her rage so thick it burns the air,

And her eyes, aflame and bright
Start to sweep from left to right,
Her glowing orbs now on seek
Spot the cleaver ... that cleaved the meat.
She scurries cross the toxic ground
Less than whisper, barely sound,
The cleaver hoists as if to beat
And demons strength imbues her feet,
"John my love whom I disavowed
Lend me HATE to end this now!"
The spirit surges and thrusts her fore
And blade meets claws with deafening roar!
Santa shoves her back, slashing her wrist
But she shrugs it off with a twist,
A ducking spin as she aims
And almost leaves the Santa maimed,
He spits at her and mars her face
Now a smoking ruin, now disgraced,
Mira screams her pain and his eardrums
She swings with all her might and
Shoulder to elbow she lays bone bare
And Santa now, he feels the fear,
He moves back, a mighty leap
And darkness swallows him like a sheet,
Here's where Mira takes her cue
And ruins the liver, so long, adieu.
"Hah, you felt my hate and thus you ran
You CAN be killed you BLEED! A MAN!"
He stands his full height, 7' tall
Crooks his claws and sounds the call,
The foulest reek fills the air
And Mira's heart begins to tear,
Sickly puss runs from the walls
And maggots start to fill the hall,
Darkness whips around The Beast
As light fades out, all actions cease.
His voice is flat, like storm on air
'hUlnl time is up ... I end it here."
The maggots rise like a wave
And Mira dodges, barely saved,
Again they hammer, yet fluid, loose
And Mira cleaves though it's no use,
This time a scythe as they swing round
And in a desperate gamble she hits the
The maggots swarm throughout her flesh
And her heart splits a bit more in her chest.
"It's over, fool, I'll see you dead!"
"Santa, hah, I think you've erred!
My eyes of flame, they're not for show
And I see you now wherever you go!"
"Impossible, it's too black ...
You lie to me, I CAN'T be tracked!"

'To me this dark's now bright as sun
There's no escape you CAN'T run!
Don't whine and shriek, cease your fuss
A humans greatest feat, my eyes adjust."
Though he hides she spots her foe
Flings her blade, a mighty throw,
And splits him open, head to toe.
Santa's guts spill out like worms
And the maggots writhe and begin to
...The cavern rumbles, starts to shake
As the mountains hit by a deadly quake,
She tries to run, dragging John
But when she looks back, his body's gone,

She makes it past the grasping horrors
But sacrifices a leg as cannon fodder,
She crawls out the entrance, into the snow
Her eyes glaze over lose their glow...
"It's over now... God what I've done
My blood's all but spent, no more to come,
Santa...I was a fool to trust
I went for broke and wound up bust,
I'm sorry John I lost my head
Then you lost yours, my fault you're dead,
Our people gone... the town, sacked
And I feel too cold ... to make it back ...
I'll never ... see my baby ... grown
So ends this tale... for I've no home ...


Alternate Finale
And then (in their, , , f blunder)
They both missed John rising from eternal
And still failed to notice his lurching lum-
You see the magic stirring in Santa's Lair
Found John in death and gave him air!
He grabbed Santa first, ignored the shriek
Cracked his skull and began to eat,
'John! My God our girl is still deceased
And you've time to goige on this bloody


Scooped her up and thus, she died,

John hoisted his girl, and headed outside

John ignored her nagging whine
And thoum his mouth he wiped the slime,
With Santas knowledge now in his head
He bought his babe back frn the deada
'My gin! She lives, the townother cried"where 320
Scooped her up and thus, she died,
For hysteria had m ade her sight untrue
The babe wav now a zombie too,
John hoisted his girl, and headed outside
His eyes frozen solid before he could cry,
And though he wished it, he could not die -
So heading cown he sang a song
And there they wait through years long,
In the town where 320 died
For their next feast... to arrive.

1 The Spectrum- December 2010


I by Erin Knowles
Staff Writer in
First ever College of The Bahamas
Intramural bowling league is recruiting ret
enthusiastic individuals.
Bowling has returned and all you inter- L1rn
ested folk searching for something fun to
do, why not join a bowling league.
What is bowling you may ask? It is a chh
sport in which players attempt to score Or
points by rolling a bowling ball along a ice
flat surface, usually a wooden or synthet-
ic surface into pins. It may not sound as Il
interesting on paper but the game is
known for its healthy and exciting compe-
tition. The exhilaration gained from hit- C
ting a strike is enough to spur you on the nt
entire game.
If you are interested in joining the
league sign up at the Wellness Centre, .t
Mr. Bastian will be more than happy to
assist. Games will be held at Mario's it
Bowling & Family Entertainment Palace, tV.
you will be entitled to discounts.

g Etiqi

)ared tb
on the I
) up or
if a bo
taking I
nt lane.
i your
arry ri
o the ap

all Equ
%%as you

Ap' least 15' long, on which the player walks to the foul line.
Usually e ball returns and has spots embedded in the approach to aid in
lining uu
Backswing - The path of the arm behind the body during the next to last step in
the delivery.
Channel or gutter - There are 2 channels on each side of the lane. Once a ball falls
into the channel or gutter before hitting pins, the bowler shall receive a zero.
Count - The number of pins knocked down on the first ball.
Foul - Touching or going beyond the foul line.
Frame - One-tenth of a game. Each square on score sheet is one frame.
Gutter ball - Delivery which rolls off the lane into the gutter.
Hook - A ball that breaks sharply toward the pocket.
Leave - Pins remaining after the first delivery.
Pocket - \rca between 1 -2 pins for a lefty and 1-3 pins for a riiht hander
Sp r/ - Kin,.kin,_' ii n .dl iL.m.uinii_' pin i ii I, . c I iind b.dl oi I'klI ~.i
I triA - lKii i kin,' n i ll di n |in, p hi ll , Iln ball �, i bld. I a ' " I
T, ain I .l dl. 10 II ii' L5iu. , 'i% ManK h 1 1d iiih Lk Iul i . iK tK pL. I Ll A .1
TruicA - l'ali i, Ilic Piii ic~aid h. in~u.' I'~dl. BId ii ili nu c


S( )UTI-

Il I 41L L.* I V 1






Jel, 9W 21
fd I. t [llIs , 9W 21
Alpluin 6W 51
Ulls 2W 91
Ra\ en' 8W 31
L sIcdl,i 8W 31
Broi n, 4W 71
Bcn._.d-, 2W 91
[le. Liu.,s 6W 51
is V' C,li 6W 51
Lev'uin 5W 61
'li luis 5W 61
I.ty Chd, 7W 41
SChal.Ulr. 6W 51
,aitkL, 5W 61
oK o,3W 81
lia I Id'I> 7W 41
.huni, -\V 4L
n Rldskinis 5W 61
N ibos 3W 81

WEST] R\ '

San Antonil
New Orle.ul,

N' 'R l
Oklahoma 1 'lI\

1' \
LA Lakers
Golden Stati
LA Clippeil

2010-11 |




EAST RN\ ' 'NI I 1h
\ll \\il"
Boston 12\V
New York '\\
New Jerse') (A\
Toronto A\\
Philadelphiai 4\\

'1 \ I \I
Chicago '\\
Indiana S\V
Cleveland -\V
Milwauke,. (A\
Detroit 'A\

, ,I l II1. \ ,1
Orlando 12\V
Atlanta 1 I\\
Miami '\\
Charlotte ,\
Washington 5\\