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Volume14 - Issue 2 - October 2010

Two Cars Stolen on Campus


Iby Brittany Moss Last month, two Nissan
Staff Writer Sentra's were reported
missing from The College of The Bahamas Parking lot.
According to Director of Security, Wellington Francis, the
first car stolen was reported at the end of the day, upon
returning from class the owner could not locate the vehicle.
Francis assured that a security officer was in fact on duty
but had not reported any suspicious activity.
The second stolen vehicle was that of a male student who

* The Nissan Sentra is one of the most common target
for thieves. Two of these cars were discovered missing
at COB last month. Courtesy of Dependable

reportedly had lost his keys in one of the classrooms and
when he went to his car it was not there.
Francis assures the student population investigations are
still ongoing with both matters.
The entire security staff encourages students to park in close
proximity to the security booth if possible. Although it's
impossible for every student to do such, it is possible to buy
safety equipment such as wheel locks, security shields and
blankets to remove items from plain site.
Francis also urges students to be more responsible with their
belongings, he asserts "Students are too careless and leaving
their valuables all over the place".
He stressed that laptops are the hottest items that are report-
ed stolen and students should not leave it on their car seats.
Investigator of Security, Ricardo Miller ensures they are
here to help students. He advises students to join the security
in crime prevention.
"This has been a very good year", said Miller.
"In order to continue the trend students have to adhere to
the rules and regulations of the college."
Law and Criminology Major, Kandice Maycock, express
her views to Spectrum.
She said, "I believe the securi- Continued on page 2




e- h Ba hams"


SThe Spectrum - October 2010 N EW S

U VI tins Food Drive

U\\lI LLB FP'rtrir

IhL t.\11x ll.nL t.'C lltli, I'l
\\1ih liti' Pl'o\erl\ L.m\ I
cli L' a Il'', [Op' lld lilt. c'\ , l

olVtI, I I Ihl' \|Io I s aSrc IN

L'1 11 P I\l \ tlll0 t 'L- t '1 lll ll
Ld Li'l.l l ilhe '. lla i ls asplet.

It lo i11 t sm IL'md , hill Ini par-
tLLitirl\ ti'si tha.t pla|ll
tlih p oo'r inl Ihlic "ahiamais

1is a LnIl al in aIl t'is t I ihatl
p'1\ i ,l\ is and l L'onl ii \ La
lihe oInepiIillon tol Ile l\'r-
t'. inT'i" l, it 'Ot i 111i t 'iIl
d.Vpcr tlli 'ilip I ai pcr-

son Is InIhil\ to .ill Ard I,,
I eed nlld t It Itlc oInesll ndolub .dl\.
La.k oI linii.iiCiLi, it.-sI lsouts isN a paitl I
Ih ci t\. bihuil pl \ci\ als, Cint.t p llJwl -
is .in i Idi iduaitl" lack o|I acL-,i. It
otlih hbasic right. I 0 C\inic\ pl>c. dLttLeS
lo luItli L. a i ilit to lhtI, llhi car . C'dii-
ialioin and thc list 'o'"'s Ill
'I hI stLLLd itls oII [Ik tl a- \\tI.'c li ki
IIIos i tillianiins,. iprtoi to ikig thills
I IL It', iM 11h 'ialldald tll' I\1 1 .1 il tl 1-

'peln Ill t llh It-,[ i ll t. Ie', lll0a li1i , t.
\>.'l\ l o\\ |o Lcrt.\ i-.'ln.'liill' .nd ll ,,c
li[i Ll \\t..i iol' i I didn l \dill llo Li' ill\
htic.ll i lIt ll tilm e ls Ill iii n In I lr ill
Li o' il11s 11 ihll n t t110. 1itilir i lQl3l-

Csilll CL-i l 'n lihh I I lle ni'ii . 0i 1 s i N'
s'tiln sMnall bul lhI diasLic dtprit.l
beLtten ll the iIi.h .nid lilt' |ioti is

[lk 1di ldl u d' I11 5 I-. I ll k t LI.'q l it,

thlti II 1lia/il i c,'o innr\ \ ilth a.llo,'t
4111 lii t.-s lil.- i ' o Ipu i ll Ill ' li .'
H.allns1111 IlncqLa.iitl in lt' li-tliainlas
I s s i.iniIlt.'.inllt lini i hih. n lilt' i .est Il
the ( 'arihbbc.a n lhc - s.itc t l piol\ .-it in
hills L.iotliiti\ ltis bl..1n t\aitci IMILd h\
ti h i I - \ I l hal

* Pictured are La.'. Students and lecturer firs.
.LuIlhri Smith .'.ith representati. es from the
Sal.ation arm, ( ls t anada,) The Pondfurl,
Home ( Ilr. Roberts I and Great Commissions
(f irs. Henchel )
Photo courtesy, of U\\I students

rn.L'ssi'n dcpresNsion, h\ All at. t Lunis
tLle p'r'iseilLnt ir-poilt'd joihli-ss 1il 1 l
1-4' is lik-li\ Ilo hal C di oubled atI rd-
11 In lo llt1101Il Iroin Nonil-
( to\l rnn. 'nll tail i )'afri.n/ai i n . \ )i
likt tiL-h Sal alion .\ii\ did ii il.',il
S'nmissiions Minist i \ \lt osIe.
Sti111 'S 11 \l, . l '\ \ II ,lh Il ,it."
'1 li.'Sc t. o .' ni/itionll s irc ill ' I rc l'llc-il-
t.s di'", , ll� i ll tl lM i 'l hlk\ tL'in lio 1 I SlSl
lilt' p001t i lld a ilnl n.ii/ei-d otl d dat l\
hisis A\dded li l ll hisL, d L011iiL ns llI \i( i -, Ila\L'e diippcd iI tItll nsl d-
r-idhl\ 't., L'ot11111 -ld it laiti \ - .Il Hi'ht
,,[%l: 1,t ppllt h111V jI lllL h ,, C1CIILItc Ld
It ill. I i ll tUl \1 ik III tih ' lil|Itu k '
a';lk\ tinll \V tl tI l'Ip ili'cd h\ l ht' -
N if ) O s liti . IL-II 1illi\ 1 ln\ 2 dollop ,
latlinutLd". in sl, iL ,I hiiI . L ilt' . \( it
t II0111111111 I le lh r s I LIIL1 , Il \ \\W, h ..tIsL '
oil poist lrt k til- ls I' t -ZIs d'l iLdcd to
11 t' \ Sllpiiofll l l|ll ti a II o1 id t \I d
hlc' sl[ttc tl poI' l\ e i md lll a II lin Li ll.t\
II otll " ;lt. t 1.'o ili\ i l' t.IllL-iii ll l
dIlprc.-s ilt' fll 'li tlpiinlil tN. i l mdi-
SidLtall-. a1 i ll in s inI oL it I l'. n 1 ' t iare-

at. 'ii'5. L hIns ,1L".l '.oiitli i\ i\ 'I., desp lit.
tll' dlie I'p 'rts ha' t' dil on and t.'ontin-
tic' do tht ir ptirt in IiLhlin '' |i i\ .
in \\h.alt''r \\ai\ th \ tan 11 is pIo l - c

Ikc lhis liiLt la| I u piinpid the I'i 'ciL\
.a\\ I tl,,s tlt dt It"I parl dild 1M0lI in
i nit \ai \ to ini A i t ai t lil -.',it lI' ll
'0111L. pc'tinll Inll Inccd I hi.c c hlolt tilt'
.la,,, C'inllc'idtd ,ll \\, i ld I L.
a\" b\ 1the '1tood and .\Alltultu'i
'ir' tiII/ ilioll iI .\ ( )I Lnld " I li.
11tcrlirllioinal I )i\ lor tilt. I ditic.'itl l o
11 IIill r n1liikod on |i . H l'tli
oii'ci a 1 iN d i\ [0 iCaditate- hinm'Lcr
tlii t' la ,1 .al [cil lit'i tdlt.lit" i ll'llb t .'th
[llns Inl \ -,t.' 'n 1 I,,ll\ io, hil [ 1i11.
c11iublliN Il ihc. I'\lc-ll\\\ I lais
Il\' 111O'i ll/uni d a i Ld itdI\ t. 111 5"ill 'i i
1l tills o' 'al
I hl.e iod dlli. itsultlid Ill l$4ili dIl-
.rs dOtI ail.'d, \ hl1.'Il \\i s, LIliiI/icd 1.0
' ill i'ldt. illl4 t' llills Hlc [lalI.l I'llo

* Car Theft from page 1
ty has to be aware at all times. Most of
the times I do not see any security in the
T block parking lot. That has to be cor-
Nursing Major, Jasmine Marshall,
said, "I do not stay on campus long but
from what I observe every time I do
come on campus securities are around
and seems to be doing their job. I
always have to show my ID".
Miller closed by saying the security
staff will forcefully administer the
showing of ID's in order to enter the
campus ground. Persons' without will
not enter without it.

LIloll.ction t - uliii p t-111 ' ',t d hb\ \I llin
ld1l1l11 lS OI l l.' I .'l , Lnlll;|, U lIIl'd hVct'I.
Sdidni', and s'Ioip .\All lttm \t L'-. tdh-
l ib illt d lI ' l hii- Sal ;ltion .\i in 1, ir-;it
( ,Ininli-si,'ns \fini-lr\ id I ilt 11
R.andl iil k IoIt mi
'I hit ~upp orNIl Lt[ it 'lcgt' coiu'lllill-
l\ \ La. i t dictn lll I.'Ism1111cs. 1,im1111
ntinIhl-'., aind t li It Ihi 'risniiilioiit nst ll
snpp ji red Lit . t.'lind t Illn t il , 'llori It lhiu
Ixlin hoL il 1 od .It ll d 1 Illlhiiillni. \pt'C-
IIclItL' to kilnow that Just a hlilll.e ni
aLnd 11 111l \ .an \'i ' '\ 1ll I'It sul-
dnltn hli pc. [halui nIIl \[ i'li thelL ( olliec
('nolnllni\ . 1 ill pila a ,hi ci.'li rol ii
tilt' cillrii it' end hnln'gei dild iot \ crl\ Ill
ln',, L'lt.d Iiill 'ion

U On Tuesday October 19, The College's own Faculty ensemble, C-Force,
released their CD entitled Tchaka Mizik. Music Professors Chris Justilien,
Christy Lee, and Christine Ganggelhoff make up this musical group.
Pictured from left to right: Lee, Gangelhoff, SCCA Chair Pam Collins, and
Justilien. Photo by Kandice Eldon (Office of Communication)

Safety Tips for Students

* Kd ldainl from creating milthl<'d- olI
2clllin- ,itNsiders on campus
* .\\'id isolated areas c i i. kill\ In

* SLtkLnlL that are walking.' in Lit
aiiu- 'l Iucker Road, Pl'inkiniina
lnli' iand Thompson liouicLaid
linould Nb careful when dispLtl in'
liiI l Lll phones and othi i tiin-

NEW S The Spectrum - October 2010

COBUS holds Leadership Retreat
IbyDauranMcNel COB US Oakes Field and COB US NBC collaborate

On Friday Sept. 17, 2010 a two day Executive Leadership
Retreat for the College of The Bahamas Union of Students
began. The retreat brought together executives of the New
Providence Main Campus and the Northern Bahamas
Campus (NBC) of the College. Donovan Elreno Bowe,
Public Relations Director, COBUS NBC said, 'The
COBUS leadership retreat was most insightful, it allowed
for a dynamic grouping of young Leaders to network. It
created an opportunity for all parties to speak concerning
many of the plights facing the Union. It was ideal in
improving work relationships- a weakness in our archipel-
agic nation. Retreats of this degree are essential as we
move even closer to becoming a University."
The retreat commenced with an introduction by Senator,
Lawrence Rigby II of the main campus. This was followed
by the introduction of the revised constitution, which ended
the night in a great debate. The COBUS NBC executives
were unsettled, startled as well as disagreed with some of
the changes in the newly revised constitution. For a
moment, it appeared as if there was separation within the
organization, which had to be addressed and corrected
immediately for the common good of the organization.
The last day of the Leadership Retreat began with
"Knowing your role" which was conducted by Antonio
Butler Jr., President of COBUS main campus and Romall
Russell, President of COBUS NBC. This was followed by
Lottis Shearer- Knowles, Director of Student Leadership,
who led the group in a thorough evaluation of the organi-
zation to formulate a vision and mission statement for

U Members of COBUS Oakes Field Campus and Northern Bahamas Campus during their

Executive Leadership Retreat.
COBUS. This portion of the retreat allowed members to
combine their ideas and thoughts to create a vision and
mission statement that would guide COBUS in the future.
After which, executives ate lunch together while dis-
cussing pertinent issues, with the revised constitution at
the helm.
Distinguish Toastmaster Wentworth Stubbs presented on
parliamentary procedures that gave executives rules and
guidelines to govern their meetings in a fair and orderly
manner. This portion of the retreat stimulated much ques-
tions and clarification for COBUS executives that
Toastmaster Stubbs was able to provide.
This then led to the much-anticipated discussion of the
revised COBUS constitution. The meeting room was


OCT 25
NO\' 7
Nov 7-0
NO\' -1 1
NOV 11-15
NO\ 15-21
Nov 21-27
NO\' 2o
DEC 29
JAN 10

Advisement and Authorization begins
Course Reservation begins
C\cle 1 - Seniors Registration
C\ cle 1 - Juniors Registration
C\cle 1 - Sophomores Registration
C\cle 1 - Freshmen Registration
C\cle 1 CEES Students Registration
Advisement and Authorization ends
Late Fee applied for returning students
Deregistration for unpaid students
Ne\\ Student Orientation and Adv isement
Ne\\ Student Registration
Late Registration begins
Late Registration ends
Classes begin

Photo courtesy of COBUS
transformed into a makeshift Senate room as Senator Black
attempted to clarify all legalities. However, as the session
continued, the COBUS NBC was insisting and determined
to make their voices heard and also for changes to be made
in their favour. After much emotion and deliberation it was
concluded that COBUS NBC submit their amendments to
be included in the revised constitution.
Though the revised constitution evoked strong debate and
emotions, Constitutional Reform Committee Chair, Indera
K. Smith said, "it was insightful and showed the work of
democracy." This now leaves COBUS NBC and COBUS
main campus in a better position than it has ever been
whereby both campuses can be unified to serve students in
fair and efficient way.

Heading out? Stmy connected


- 'N
~1 ~


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� facebook I

I-_- _75

1 The Spectrum- October 2010 OPINIONS

There is a peculiar site that I pass almost
daily at least once. This site though not
commonplace is not exactly rare in this
bejeweled Christian nation where gospels
of health and wealth are being preached
daily. It is the site of a makeshift home on
the side of some road where someone,
some human being is left to salvage some
form of dignity. I pass this transformed
abandoned fruit stand covered with worn
tarp, which was once royal blue but is
now a light shade of blue and filled with
holes and I can't help but to peer inside. It
is a nice place, dean and well thought out,
with a makeshift dining room, bedroom
and sitting area. The bed is made up out of
old carpets and some linen that once had a
floral pattern on it that's either faded from
use or dulled by dirt. AndI think to myself
daily, but for the grace of God there go I!
In a world where the victims of tragedies
are often blamed for their problems it is
not hard to imagine the justifications that

we make as we pass the makeshift home
of a fellow human being. I imagine it
must be the same excuses we make when
we see people eating out of garbage bins,
or when we see children wandering the
streets barely clothed It must be their
fault! It was their bad choices within the
context of intimate personal relationships;
their poor judgment in friends; their use of
narcotics and alcohol. It has to be their
fault because they're lazy, after all we
started out poor but we didn't allow our
origins to determine our destiny. It's
because they refuse to accept Jesus as lord
and savior. Now while I concede that they
are somewhat responsible - I don't recall
Jesus giving parameters when He stated
that: '"Whatsoever you do to the least of
my brethren you do it unto me!" There
were no situational ethics applied by
Jesus, we are commanded to love and to
care for each other as we would love and
care for Him.

g a a a^i^^^^^^
0Man 0n the 0S0t00
I ~ ~ ~ P ay *ga Jhsnan rn nwe

"Save your work" the techno mentors
always say. It is so much easier said than
done. With so much momentum going and
the motivation to type so many words per
minute, one doesn't have time to periodi-
cally dick Ctrl+ S.
It is the worst curse that couldbe wished on
any student, especially if he or she is half-
way or three quarters through completing
an assignment.
Zoom! Just like that, the power is gone.
Some exaggerated "Noooo's" fill the com-
puter labs and libraries, accompanied by
whispered profanities, making it obvious
that some students didn't save their work.
The generator should automatically kick in
right? Not always. The students in the A-
lab can tell you. On October 14, 2010
while students were completing assign-
ments, checking emails, face booking and
doing whatever students use the computers
for; power went out on COB's campus
about quarter past 10am.
What was even more frightening was that
instead of the generator kicking in, it emit-

ted a large puff of smoke that shocked stu-
dents and had them on their feet as they
were watching from the window. Luckily
for them, power was restored 10 minutes
Students in A-13 and other labs were fortu-
nate that day. Power outages that have hap-
pened before lasted much longer.
Carla Tinker, an Education major, expressed
distaste when the electricity when out in the
library. She exclaimed "the generator didn't
even kick in. It took about ten to fifteen
minutes to do so and I didn't even get to
save, so I lost my work."
Tinker is not alone in her disgust, Raynessa
Watkins, Stephanie Hanna and numerous
other students have suffered considerable
work loss as a result of power outage.
Although Ctrl + S may seem an impossi-
ble task, its benefits will only be recog-
nized when you find yourself sitting to a
computer and the screen goes black.
When everything else fails, electricity, gen-
erator and all, saving your documents

Poverty Stf riteSO

Stall Writers

Sports Editor ..
Cop) Editor..
Cartoonist .
Photogra pliers..

The Spctruline is,

The %iels expressed

. Linmech Johnson. A11.ASS CO11
R. N Ichelle N iln'I. PS Y
Bra.dlc \VWorrel. E\G
.. .. Iimr. Rahicm. CIS
.. Erin Knm\\ les. EDU
. . SA HaInnai. ENG
.Alicia CarI\\1 r2h. EV\GR
S A Hainna. ENG

In ;/tc's ii L. Clarkc

Iublil,',hI inmiothl\ dLlnlng ih Iall aind ',ipnng

in the Opinion,, 'eclion are not those or Ihe

Spectruin Ne% paper or The College of The Bahiaii,.

'a and the Preacher

S-3 \it I1Iok
Ilie i ll. g-' II liu li l\ ,'I Ilh1 lIll.U :is
i k1-2v 1 % li I '."nI 11% , 1 1
Id I421 312--4-83 1 :i\ i1242i 3112-453;
1:Iin-.l Tl/ /he ' iip-no .i1 spi t nfl' ini'' .oh ki lh%

Editor In Chief . Rc\ De\ i. PL .BA
Production Manager Tra\ i, Carilt\\ nlhi-Citr1 ll. E\(G

ENTERTAINMENT The Spectrum - October 2010

RED is an action/comedy based on the
cult D.C. Comics graphic novels by
Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. In this
film there is a delicious abundance of
action scenes mixed with various humor-
ous body language and statements.
In RED, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), a
former CIA agent, is tagged RED (Retired
Extremely Dangerous). A hit is put out on
him, putting him, his love interest Sarah
(Mary-Louise Parker), and anyone in dose
contact with him in mortal danger. In
Frank's pursuit to stay alive he gathers his
old CIA companions, Joe (\iigau
Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and
Victoria (Helen Mirren), who also have
been "listed". This leads to the uncovering
of one of the biggest conspiracies and
cover-ups in government history.
These retired CIA agents are all starved
for action so when the opportunity was
presented there was no hesitation.
Throughout the movie these agents' soft
spot seems to be being called old; most
memorable scene featuring this includes a
bullet being shot directly into a rocket
producing a gorgeous explosion; I must
say that it was totally awesome.
There is no shortage of laughable situa-
tions and it can be said that "RED" was
much more of a comedy than an action
- 0 - 0 mm .

* KtU v Movie rosTer
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment, Di
Bonaventura Pictures & DC Entertainment
film. However, the action really was not
disappointing and even though some very
good scenes were present in the trailer,
such as Frank getting out of a spinning
car and not getting hit while shooting, it
didn't make it any less delicious.
Of course there is romance however it's
not over-powering or sappy and overall it
was rather funny (would love to describe
but spoiling is mean). I say watch this
movie, just don't sit too close to the
screen-it hurts.
U f Umm - Um -m U -


* Ghastly Minutes for the Halloween Season - The
phone card salesmen are stepping up their style. This
si season they can be seen sporting disturbing masks,
bearing fine credit for all prepaid victims.
Photo by Alicia Cartwright

Letrt a "Spr o'el

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lik to Cplgz Co Ctrn Ct Co Cie sbuaeu a nuht epbt
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C Ceeara Cy Clne wol covya ftSI lowrsa oa erdtr
longing~~~~ ~~~ fomoesr fccnttr rrn.
deadn Cri Cile Caty C u CC t Csnt 21a rtrwihaiefo h
Cac arudteise wt lwr oaino atoiti s clet
wods Csumn Cha Ch Citue CC Ccvne Chtmdmlf los oi
*ae o Cr Ccual Cou Chnyuae h odsm er ocmIwl eal
if Co Ch Ceiito Cf Ceuy h ot t og o od rmtelf vrcr
ap Cecito Cf Ct Cro Cou Cml CC Case Cfvlue n yea.Aiefo
C' Co Ch Col C.c fo yorbly wiigIamasafedng oveic-
butn Co Cr Ch Cesnfcto o tr.Sm of ywrkhsbedscrie
phsia pefctin Cyu Cee Cr Cd Cs CUw Coet dWod."s h

loktat)3 Cn mysae tie aeuc ovre

Cail whl Chr Cs no dob tha C fteIIsce ersadsie osm
ca Crt Cbu Corbat ili eis srtwt nofca etrfo h

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ter C Cav Cicvee Cf Caetant 41hv ml negon utfl
Cnl do Cy Con Cu Co Cobtas oig eltrlya'ut hr r

my Cer Cn Cier CCumn ChtIhv tte n ncnebri nsce
no Cotace CC Cxti Ctai Cfho rvswt eta ign nalwie
wom C wil vnuetsathtIa pe- i'ralycoo o hud gsmtm

pesn Cu Che Co' Cno Co Cik I *hr *r Cfcus aymr trb

*aeokIcnseyuaeaLo I *o *f Cy sutailt C s C Cutrbtte r
am~~~~~~~~~~ C Ca fteDtotLosta.Nwtonmru o et lc nti 0
I Cav Caeul Csebe Cn Cnoae C CodclmbtItin htIhv tt

Afe Cooro" C ea rprngfr Pk e

1 The Spectrum - October 2010


Breakfast Served from 7a.m. -10:30a.m.
Open Dally 7a.m. - 11p.m.

SStudent Discount - Present your
Student I.D. and receive 10% off the
purchase of your meal. Valid only with
the purchase of one (1) meal.

It's waaaay better than fast food.
It's Wendy's.


The Spectrum -October 2010 F1

hakespearsz in paradise

I by Alicia Cartwright

Staff Writer
A Midsummer Night's Dream written
by William Shakespeare and dramaturge
by Nicolette Bethel, Reva Devi andTravis
Cartwright-Carroll was one of the eight
productions in Shakespeare in Paradise...
A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed
by Patti-Anne Ali, included four separate
of char-
the roy-
als, the
t h e
and the
ural s -
all of
are con-
U The Fairy Queen Titania. nected
Photo courtesy of in some
The play, set on the Island of Cat Island,
begins with the royals Theseus (Scott
Adderley), commissioner of Cat Island,
and Hippolyta (Monique Toppin), Carib
queen, preparing for their marriage. This
was disrupted by Egeus (Julie Ritchie
Bingham) trailed by Hermnnia (Dana
Ferguson/Patti-Anne Ali), Demetrius
(Valentino Lloyd) and Lysander (Matthew
Wildgoose)-three of the lovers. Hermia
loves Lysander; however, Egeus wishes
Hermia to marry Demetrius and seeks
help from the commissioner who in turn
gives Hermnnia until his wedding to think
about her options.
The beauty of the plot unravels as
Helena (Nicole Fair-Bhatti) is in love
with Demetrius which intrigues Oberon
(Mark Humes), king of the mermnnen, who
is already up to mischief with Titania
(Jovanna Hepbum), queen of the forest.
Oberon is determined to obtain the Indian
changeling boy Titania possesses. The
rest of the play depicts how everything
unfolds notably due to a mistake by Puck

* Art by Lindsay Braynen courtesy of
(Dion Johnson), Oberon's second in com-
mand, which leads to many hilarious
The laborers are hardy ever involved
with the other characters and are actually
a preparation for a play. This, in my opin-
ion, was the highlight of the play bring-
ing in just pure humor notably from
Thisbe (Travis Cartwright-Carroll) and
Pyramus (Gordon Mills).
The costumes were well done and suited
each character's part. The setting also
worked well and since most of the play
occurred within a forest there was not
much changes that had to be made for
each scene. This play was great. I hap-
pened to have been fortunate enough to
watch this play for free, however I must
say that
if I had

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it would

1 een

* bottom and the lames. Photo
courtesy of




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The Spectrum - October 2010 FEATURE S

a ny Keva uevi
Editor in Chief
Dat Bahamian Ting, written and directed
by Bahamian-bom Robin Belfield, is
about a Methodist Minister from
England, who migrates to his first church
ministry in The Bahamas. Set sometime
in the 1960s/1970s and based on a true
story, the play follows the young minis-
ter (played by Joseph Thompson) as he
adjusts to the culture shock of out-island
life and falls in love with a Bahamian
church member (Dana J. Ferguson). Dat
Bahamian Ting enjoyed success in the
UK before Belfield brought it home for
Shakespeare in Paradise.
The greater part of the play is told from
the minister's perspective, with Ferguson
also playing the other colorful characters
the minister meets on the island. From
his foiled ideas about what his first min-
istry would be like to his clumsy and
embarrassing mishaps throughout the
show, the audience laughed from start to
It is interesting to think of this play as

I by Travis Cartwright-Carroll
Production Manager
At the National Art Gallery an anxious
crowd, wine in hand, awaited the start of
Hom of Plenty. A production comprising
of eight of William Shakespeare's son-
nets, it took the audience through the pic-
turesque atmosphere of the Gallery. The
wine added an excellent touch to the recit-
ing of the sonnets. Mendoza Wines
helmed by Pia Farmer sponsored the
wine for audiences. The "Sonneteers" as
they referred to themselves, featured The
College of the Bahamas (COB) students
under the direction of Dr. Keith Wisdom
with assistant director, Education Major
Erin Knowles as well as assistance and
performance by COB's lecturer Dr. Tony
Francis. Wisdom certainly trained his
actors vigorously as students whose first
time performing went effortlessly to an
eager crowd The tour began upstairs on
the balcony, where singer, Bobby Pinder
set the mood for the theme of love, and
traversed the interior of the facility until
the crowds met downstairs to conclude.
This proved to be a fantastic journey

an export of Bahamian culture, as many
Europeans would have gotten a good look
at Bahamian culture through the
migrant's perspective. All the realities of
Out Island life up to as recently at the
early 1990s would have been apparent in
all its glory. Tokens such as the oral tra-
dition of storytelling, the friendly, wel-
coming nature of the people, and late-
night crab catching, as well as Bahamian
English were well-displayed The climax
of the story even takes place very fitting-
ly, at a Junkanoo celebration on the
island, where the audience was treated to
Junkanoo music.
The actors shone. The audience would
not have enjoyed the play half as much
without Thompson's perfect mastery of
the minister's complete awkwardness.
The physical comedy was matched only
by Ferguson's sheer talent, playing as
much as seven small speaking characters
to perfection. The tiny cast and crew pro-
duced an amazing show that was a must-
see during the Shakespeare in Paradise
2010 season.

filled with interesting art coupled with
centuries old poems re-imagined, retold
and reenacted
After Hom of Plenty the second half of
the evening began - Indio. Indio is a one
man act written and performed by former
standup comedian Alaudin Ullah, accom-
panied with the percussions by Avirodh
Sharma. This performance was a coming
of age story, one of identity, culture-
shock, acceptance and stereotypes. Ullah
certainly has a love for the stage and for
story-telling. His story is not new, but
the territory, a young Bangladeshi child
growing up in Spanish Harlem is certain-
ly original. The story and the way it is
told is fantastic and moving. Yet there
were some flaws to the show. First of all
the mood of the show was a complete
contradiction to the mood established in
Horn of Plenty. Second the story-telling
could have been a bit better - Ullah was
reading from a script. No actor, comedian
or story-teller should have a script on
stage during a performance. With all
gripes aside, the show was definitely
worth it.

Lte]ratiry Exp]ress 'IOinls

Imminent Deat6

By Erin Knowles

S11.11l %c' Uall II a li'ht spnI

Li i It\lih, t Ii tii in cJ , J Iusk. a'clinud \ h i s III, sptn. I rimuimh'i [hl L'i\.
lI H.'n it lli iai . iplitkljl. tIl sp t-d t L u'Lc l ll llll .'.1 .'c' p lll.' i p. B tll Iil 'l h \
l11111 I riiL 1 tItinL m b- ll 11n l i1\ lhu l Il'iL

" "llin't %L v. .' in \'r. \\> 1 100. .l In'ili l111niC. 0'\ 'n Onlil"s paIsin,_' 11" 1l11
imi^.in1 IIl.l 11i r Il, d suilm 'd

Illil 0il 11n1d Loluld Illk' m ' .. bl wL L I ll hllllnL; hll \ 1i \. 01oml pl, L, stl�l|
bo.'.inK llu ii.h. II1111 LIL1IIIIIIH>l

I I'II L i; laIT tiL'.t i l cK I\tlc l mn \ i|.l \

.\lns limn\iid. li inpLg \i\ li all hiitjh ll a d Ircni'll_ thatl ii1\ iII\ mi In a ,ds coulld
sN mIlllll M S mIlli.'lit \\ I1\ I'll) t s hibl ,Id1 Iril I 11>i\n. ,.1i ,n i\ nIN icc
I1lm1 lic sluirds Il L'la', Ima l.lull\ iiiillnl inlllg l ,.II l\ t .rh n\hcrL tlicrv. i,
''111in L hut ., l Iin\ I l t l.' I .h ' ii C I 2 II 'ln't tha , [ 1'i ii \ II mI li'L \M1lli tlsh -
h'iUld iNs ak tiii n 'it i u1 I L" J udait

1) �lld Im o Ic|i l llll| |'.'dlll t.' I [' d ill l icllhl

IbsltnUlc 1ll1, I.I lls l, Ircl.l liln ill \ i lillbs. hIntill ill\ ILL'. Irom Ill\ nim itli.
hih ll il\ lh rcu-lic'd. l,1 inm ll\ %L-1 b1 .'lil'

I lic s lkn l I 111clnn I. , lhu tli lle Im ,ipl l.. s\\dtl,\ IIIL'. Il '>iI L' it \,' lJ all i_' ,.n \.
b ltl it bnm , mll -t .1.d I \1llh\\ Iild lasli the lh iul l nIl lliL l I ,m1 ll . It
nIW t di-tun. Ill, lh l Ih .d is I, .tl. 1h1 1 l.,, i,,s ilA 1 d in't kin \\ il l I n .al
lim oi t c.,irs. I am i.'al I think

1 li.'n all cn v. ,I I ilmI ll dlis,,ipp'car . 1 r,.icli ,lr tll.' Ilini ,ri .ulnd

"I'l.- ,t.. .l.nI'1 lhook .tl \o ti kIn. " shI ckI. k. i.d. Intl, L-L; J I11 m \ .ill in1111ss I 101-
;L.' t1 .ttho l I,. ll '1 i l,. l Inid \ itiI . 1, m \ I.illi
.\ \ lIl'c I`11.'ins o hurnl l l0 I),1\\ lhil 1 utsi I I\ 'd M li blood t]J I.illiln'
l l\\il Ill\ s I'l, kll LlcL'ks. I \\lli.lpo ",.c' \ i Il k"
"I'mi l-in . iN\ kl' is brnkcnii" Icaltllini 1tl , l lil ll. 1' p ui n1 nillling_' Ill\ ILIkL' h11,1,
C.'qu Idll t[ikiln m l IIl\ bmlhd\

t', dear. Itl lihIs li )ppIniCd ll, me. [lits is m\ nin i Icld hOd\ lBinni, Ilcli. IZ.ncr-
,lllinlls. lllllsI lln s. Im1lll, 'l)d,.l.'d Lh,,)ln.lcd ho ks

"I'T i 1 ,1111 1 d[ 1I 11s I 1 \N11" lih - sai s. Ih INI"spiiniis

Yzink .ld It t ui.d l i , ld into .1 litil'k I .r\ lor iN\ .illicl "ill.,s. ,l 'l n'tIa\ . hinlm "

I r,.li' llhol I It ,ill 1 ) il' l . IC.all mni\ hi,. .\,.r 1.isll i i:c illn\ cl'\Nc s

set-0 A �1" C A J 07AS

FEATURE S The Spectrum - October 2010

Food Variety at the College
IbyS.A.Hanna What kind of choices do you have?
Staff Writer

College is the place to explore new free-
doms as a young adult.
Every year hundreds of high school stu-

IIic" a IIl of food establishments
In iL iK i kiatI\ of The College
* I hLiinm, Subs and Salads
* Iinho .shack
* IlHidn s, Deli
* ( 'il\ \iiket Deli
* I) iind ( lake Away
* I tukin I nutss
* Joli 'Ih n Take Away
* I1K < '
* k I) 'nIlld's
* I lI1 NccI
* Nr..l. i, i Fake Away (Dirty's)
* I hI > ha\l
* \I' I Iniiiise Restaurant
* \.'ild\ �

dents join the College community and
aside from the flexibility of class schedule
and dress codes, there is also a sudden
plethora of choices in places to get lunch.
While the discussion of where to eat
maybe moot at high school, at the College
there is within walking distant, over ten
fast food eateries. The question for the
freshman is then, where to eat? Some

places are frequented by the College com-
munity simply because of their proximity
to the compound while other establish-
ments have their merit as community
Third year English Education Major,
Lizinga Rolle, is not choosey when it
comes to getting lunch. According to
Rolle, she usually eats from McDonald's
or Wendy's because their prices meet her
budget and there is variety of items on the
menu. But for Geovana Swaby, a second
year Art Major, she recommends the popu-
lar Fast Food chain, Wendy's, because of
her personal taste preferences, in her words
'Wendy's is awesome." The taste palette of
all College students are not so contrived
that they are suited to fast food The ques-
tionable production and preparation of fast
food worries some members of the com-
munity like second year, Small Island
Sustainability Major, Shomekhan Cargill,
who prefers to eat at Brandon's Deli,
"because its food and not processed (exple-
tive)." Others like Joel Johnson a third
year Culinary Arts Major recommends that
students bring their own food from home.
Johnson says this is not only because of
health reasons but because he feels that
"you will get tired of fast food" Despite

/ /7


the seeming infinit
limits in lunch opt
etarian students lik
year Spanish/Lai

e choices there are still
ions for vegan and veg-
e Aisha Major a second
nguage Major. She
laments the few places
that can accommodate
her dietary restric-
tions, so she also rec-
ommends bring food
from home.

Wilmac's Pharmacy

Filling ourprc ripton i themosti^^^ ^ Mmportan
port SO 0u r Sbusines

Off To all COB^^^

^^^^^^^^Localca Po^ncMana uDi^We
SOpen S Days a week

Sam t p.m




I The Spectrum - October 2010

Gamer review

The state of Role
I by Travis Cartwright-Carroll
Production Manager Playing Video Games

For the eight people that still play
Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPG),
like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest,
Grandia, Tales series, Suikoden etc,
don't take this the wrong way, but it's
time to move on. Earlier this year
Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIII
and three weeks later the game was sell-
ing on Amazon for $20. Essentially
long time fans got a big disappoint-
ment. How many times can we truly
save some unknown planet from the "be
all, end all" with a spunky blonde
girl/boy that has an optimistic disposi- U
tion? Western Role Playing Games JR
(WRPG) have drastically developed the ov
genre. Games like Star Wars Knights of
The Old Republic, Lost Planet, BioShock
and the juggernaut Massively Multiplayer
Online Real Playing Game (MMORPG)
World of Warcraft have created a separate
faction of evolved JRPG followers crafting
a WRPG dichotomy.
Now that's not to say that JRPG's are
lost causes and you should bum your entire
rinl tinn nflFinn1 Flmntnv onameq nrn iit

* BioShock features the oddest protagonist
in an RPG yet. Notice the drill for a hand.

bum FF VIII! What I'm saying is that the
world changes, tastes change, yet for the
young 12-17 year old gamer, JRPG's may
satisfy their needs and for them, nostalgia
is crafted out of these experiences. For the
older guys that grew up playing Final
Fantasy, Chrono Trigger (and Cross),
Grandia, Suikoden and so on, western
games hold more appeal just because cer-
tain things have been changed For
instance random battles are missing in
most WRPG's, as well as the childish feel
of the game. Can you honestly say a 12
year old shouldplay BioShock? Just for the
two of you that don't know what BioShock

Uloud fjm PP/ is perhaps the best known
'PG character ever. His days at the top are
'er though.

is, here's a light background. BioShock is
a mixture of Real Playing Game (RPG)
and first person shooter where the player
traverses a fallen 1950's American themed
Utopia that is submerged underwater. The
player has to stab himself with a syringe to
gain power-ups and then brutally murder
enemies in order to survive. Can you say
power drill to the head? Now imagine a
Final Fantasy game where some whiny 12-
year-old protagonist is off in a quest to
convince the antagonist that they really
shouldn't destroy the world On this jour-
ney you encounter bunnies, giant chickens
and loveable albeit stereotyped, catalysts.
Oh how fun - not. Which sounds more
appealing? A mind exploding WRPG or
some girly JRPG? I'm biased you say? I
need to grow up and stop indulging in
childish pursuits you reiterate? How about
you learn the real meaning for the acronym
A.D. you french person you.
All of this aside I'm not going to hate
on JRPG's anymore in this article.
Seriously if you managed to sit through
Final Fantasy XIII and not throw up, I'm
not going to say anything. Like all things
in life, we all have different tastes. You
may be the odd person in the crowd that
actually understood Wolfgang's "Sorrows
of Young Werther" or you may be the odd
person that doesn't even know what that is.
Regardless it's all about taste, maturity and
time. For you none RPG folks out there,
these games stem from 20 hours to 60
hours to complete. Therefore, do you real-
ly want to sink an average of 10 hours a
week for six weeks into a game that does-
n't satisfy you in the end? As a college stu-
dent can you even afford this time? Yes you

- -%j.u:-rr-iIiB,-nt High I . .-r- ti .-it .1 t-
III th-_ Fulk. Th,� hir-iin.-hild --.I Cli
fi-iii th�- S.-lic-d %Dt Erp':11iSl)
th, J.-i, . .-iS niPuiit t,-, sprprld
und cippiu:-_Witiuri f.,,i bicill�.,h sttirliu:-s. Thu:-
lu fill, -I ith �iits it-in.-uri.-i ti.--m U
.'r-u:4111si ht-t- te. i,�ridirnl ri
roic. (_urt�.right

I. - -------------------- Eu





The Spectrum - October 2010

Sf O9 T

./ After the Game: \
Ph\ sicall\ Fit: Why Aren't You?

".:.. :,rt: I.: l t.:,.r

In ilii. di.'it.d ..'i. iI 2 110, physical fiitni., ii I lic
1di.-kd .i, li.i, i.diin a It As a colle:_'. ltumLiii. I
in. l'i hb i 'l lIc it I pI.l \,d ,ports every day I ih liii -, i-
b.dl ii lii& .uid vvxk playing in the stit.t, "%.i il w
n III nlln lild. .un.tii/nli'ly, I haven't svni .ui\ dul-
diLl pl.l i .n_' loth .dl ll basketball. M lht JIlulihIn .iIout iii ' I. ltit . pp ,in their iPodtoukh i 'l ho'i.
oi tili' Idtt \i .Lii .'.Luni Most young aduilti, i\ the
'uAni. l l i_, adl ll._ I ichook updates, tk\t nIII'a.e
Ol 0il,., dli illl .1Lk,
1I I k.di.uan.ui I It'i\ has imitated in n alil \ ~.\
thl. ltniLt iil o iim ni.,lii)or, The Unit.d "tLi, Ill
.\Ain'i .1t i 1 " \i "0iii%. things contribute l iihi b'i h '
ukld inUliti \ I| i l ine of the t it.ulit
.dilt'intllh' bi lih I li. Idi.unas and The US .iu obcit\.c
lixut Ji,.I,, .uid lii.'li cholesterol. A ttiii.' ti
ib1',l\ ll \iniIt..[i .iiin downtoEarth.oi_, %.d1 \..
.ikld '_'ll.dli v.uldi ,i ili \merica there is .Auit lLiLu
oil' 4b1ii't \ I l. Ikdi.unia is a mere 300 lnin , 1 l',
Iniiil li. I Illiid ".Ltj', of course such .11 l piIllll u
\ Ill .dk I i it IIi nih liit in to music, televii ii .t uid ithe
Liatit phi, iK, I li I N has made ph si,.d ItIKni.-
liiiu ll p [[.i llt \, .I I',1ilt, physical finii., iin ith
.di-.uinlui lI. l'\ liai, idken a backseat lit. i.d InUt-
l\oiks nInl .ulid i'.dlt\ howss.
'i i Ina .i, \ .i \\ liht dL es it take to bv'.l cin.i pill \i-
k.dl\ In ' Not niti apparently, the Nf I li, .a pill-
_'laUn lcd pl|.i'i I licic they encourage, dildliin i
lihi .11t l t i Ii lilniiLt' of physical a.t it'\ aI di\
I inll\ il IlnunmiLt c' II line takes the iiii liitn ' ll
b'iiki' nii ' .iatt\v ,lt.rall, the upside I, lIll'2.
l-kinii_. I1 mic' pil i.d , It. Ilt person mean, I' \l>i .lit-
Ik'l.tiil li'\L'i bllild pri.,sure, a sm alleil dll.,i I .ll
lii.ui a.It k .uid Ilm'ci li.dtih care bills in iliI lion ii li
I Il,'' .a\i i t it ' Ill, is a typical routiiK lhi iit-
1IL" 'iic ti ,LI 'l 1|'V-iii' for about 30 nlmilnuit iil ithe
iin, 1iiibii0I1. 'l lli' i ii.' lir work, eat a sad.d Ihli lnnlki
.id II ,ni.c i_'..un lhi 311 minutes in thl .diiinillin
I in ".c.k.ld, it \llild Ii. beneficial to pi]k iup 1 ,p ii
IIkc mini Iba~,kl.ildl ll beach volleyb.dl \ll Ill
dlik, .uL t, i\t1 pl | ii i Ihe Bahamas, "\lii Ih li.i, .ui
.ihLinduKi. ill lilt, courts, basketball tiuill .uid
h.,adi, i 'ittiniii' lm ,iin eating unhealthy\ lil ld, Iike
In1ld I lild, link lood, .uid even those hi.., \ 1i .d I
II in I d, hilliulit a, in .umy believe. He.dili\ di',ln I
Il.U .u .li , di,,t lic,.diliy can mean eatin' I.,- dl
c\ 'I-\ hini_' i ll n i't 'h'\ and exercising Il bull Lip
\>nLi il'itvibilliin \' .dl love our beauti lul lnitLii. I
\\Litld lI, ' it iI IIhi i' p ilple were alive It .%I. it

The 2010 NFL Season is upon us, and after six games
there have already been several surprises. Some surprises
have been good, some bad and some ugly. The good sur-
prises include the Chicago Bears at 4-2, the Kansas City
Chiefs at 3-2 and leading a division with the San Diego
Chargers and Denver Broncos in it. The bad, include the
Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings andthe San Francisco
49ers who are combined 4-14. Here are some more surpris-
es of this 2010 season.
The Good
The Arch in St. Louis
The 2010 NFLseason has for the first time since 1998
picked a quarterback who has played so well so early in the
season. The last quarterback to do so was Peyton Manning.
Sam Bradford from the University of Oklahoma was drafted
by the St. Louis Rams with the number one overall pick in
2010 and has been a welcome change in St. Louis. With
Sam Bradford as a starter the Rams have won three games
out of six and are only one half game back of the division
leaders Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. While in
St. Louis the famous Arch represents the gateway to the
American west, Sam Bradford represents the gateway to a
winning future for a team that only won one game last sea-
son. In six games this season Sam Bradford had 1,357
passing yards and seven touchdowns. In comparison
Peyton Manning, who has been to 10 Pro Bowls in 12 sea-
sons and has a Super Bowl win had 1364 yards and six
touchdowns in his first six games as a starter.
The Rush is On
Julius Peppers, a ten year veteran was unemployed after
the 2009-2010 NFL season. After his 10 year career with
the Carolina Panthers where he had 81 sacks in 10 seasons
he was released. He was given a 92 million dollar contract
from the Chicago Bears and now is disrupting passers,
harassing blockers, and giving offensive coordinators
nightmares, not to mention making offensive linemen
nervous. Pepper's is responsible for more false starts by
opposing teams than any other player in the NFLthis year.
The Green Bay Packers had two false starts back to back on
the Bears one yard line against the Chicago Bears. Julius
Peppers was happy to point out a player who jumped twice.
The Bad
The Toothless Panthers
The entire Carolina Panther football team has won zero
games, scoring 52 points andgiving up 110 points in five
games. The Panthers boast two 1000 yard rushers from
2009 in DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, but
can't get enough offense to win a game. Rookie third round
pick quarterback Jimmy Clausen who was named the starter
after starter Matt Moore was benched has been horrible and
has a quarterback rating of 52.2. In fact before the 2010
draft, Clausen was mentioned as a potential first round
pick. The numbers won't lie; the Panthers ranked 32 or
last, in yards of offense per game, points scored per game

and passing yards per game. Defensively they rank 20th in
points allowed and 26th in yards per game rushing given
Moss is not Boss
Randy Moss, formerly of the New England Patriots is
back in Minnesota, the team that drafted him in 1998. In
2010 he has only 18 receptions for 275 yards and four
touchdowns in six games. In comparison Denver Bronco
receiver Brandon Lloyd who was unemployed two years
ago, has 34 receptions for 663 yards and three touchdowns
in six games or Indianapolis Colts receiver Austin Collie
who has 44 receptions for 503 yards and six touchdowns.
In fact Randy Moss's numbers are very unMoss like. Moss
is on pace for a 733 yard season, a far cry from his 1205
yards per season in the last 12 years. In fact in the Patriots
41-14 blowout win over the Miami Dolphins, Randy had
no catches. The drop in his production resulted in a trade
from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings
for only a third round pick.
The Ugly
What can't the Browns do for you?
The Cleveland Browns have already played their third
string quarterback, Colt McCoy a third round pick, five
games into the season. Starting quarterback Jake
Delhomme and second string quarterback Seneca Wallace
have both missed time due to injury at the same time.
Offensively, In Browns rank last in points scored, 14.7 per
game, and 23rd out of 32 teams in yards per game.
Defensively the Browns give up 349 yards per game, rank-
ing them 23rdin the NFL. The Browns have won one game
this season, overcoming a371 yardpassing day by Carson
Palmer to win 23-20 in Cincinnati. They lost their other
five games by an average of eight points. However the
Browns average only 17 first downs a game. By compari-
son the San Diego Chargers lead the NFLwith an average of
24 first downs a game.
Still Recovering
This is the Buffalo Bills in a nutshell. While trailing
by 10-3 on September 12th, 2010 against the Miami
Dolphins, the Bills electedto commit a safety on purpose,
giving the Dolphins two points. They then attempted an
onside free kick in the hope of recovering the ball anddriv-
ing down the field to score and tie the game. A winning
strategy, except by NFL rules there can be no onside free
kick. The Buffalo Bills are still recovering from their four
Super Bowl losses over 10 years ago. They are currently
winless in five games, averaging 260 yards per game on
offense, good for 30th in the league, and an anemic 144
yards per game passing. Despite having Chan Gailey as a
new coach, the Bills are on their way to a winless season.
Since they play in the very difficult AFC East, with the New
England Patriots, Miami Dolphins and NewYork Jets who
are 4-1, 3-2 and 5-1 respectively, it wouldn't get better
before it gets worse.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The 2010 NFL Season Halftime Report

The Spectrum - October 2010

Sfe RT

The NBA 2010 Season Fresh Starts

I by Imran Rahiem
Snorts Fditor

Boston: Adds: Delonte West, and Shaquille O'Neal
0 Drops: Rasheed Wallace. Trades: None Denver: Adds: Shelden Williams Drup. None
S- Trades: None
New Jersey: Adds: Jordan Farmar, Travis Outlaw, Johan Petro, Ben Uzoh and C Brian Zoubek I
Drops: Keyon Dooling. Trades: Yi Jianlian to Washington for Quinton Ross Minnesota: Adds: Anthony Tolliver, Darko Milicic Drops: Delonte West
E Trades: Minnesota acquired F Michael Beasley from Miami for a 2011 and 2014 second-round
New York: Adds: shawne Williams, Patrick Ewing Jr, Roger Mason Jr and Amare Stoudem ire. draft picks and cash considerations. Minnesota also traded Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins
and a future second-round pick to Cleveland for Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair.
a Drops: Tracy McGrady, and Cuttino Mobley. Trades: None Oklahoma city: Adds: Cole Aldrich Drops: None
W ugy Trades: Traded draft rights to F Craig Brackins and F Quincy Poindexter for Morris Peterson
Toronto: Adds: Ronald Dupree, and Amir Johnson ;. and the draft rights to C Cole Aldrich from New Orleans.
* Drops: Chris Bosh Trades: Portland: Adds: Steven Hill Drops: None
Chicago: Adds: Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, Omer Asik, Kurt Thomas, Keith J Traded: The Trailblazers traded Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw to the L.A. Clippers for Marcus
i1/IS Camby
* Bogans and C.J. Watson Drops: Rob Kurz Trades: Kirk Hinrich, and rights to Kevin Seraphin Utah: Adds: Francisco Elson, Raja BellGordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans
to Washington for the draft rights to Vladimir Veremeenko. Drops: Carlos Boozer and Kyle Krover Trades: None
Cleveland: Adds: Samardo Samuels, Kyle Lowry, Jawad Williams. Drops: Danny Green
Trades: LeBron James to Miami for two future first-round and second-round draft picks. Golden State: Adds: Rodney Carney Drops: None Trades: Traded for David Lee from
the New York Knicks for Anthony Randolph, Kelenna Azubuike, Ronny Turiaf and a 2012
Detroit: Adds: Tracy McGrady, Terrico White, Greg Monroe Drops: None second-round draft pick. Also traded C.J. Watson to the Chicago Bulls for a second round draft pick.
At Trades: None L.A. Clippers. Adds: Jarron Collins, Jake Voskuhl, Marqus Blakely, Stephen Dennis, Jon Scheyer, Brian
S- Cook, Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes
Drops: None Trades: None
Indiana: Adds: Magnum Rolle and Lance Allred Drops: None L.A. Lakers: Adds: Trey Johnson, Andrew Naymick, Devin Ebanks, Theo Ratliff, Steve Blake, and
2 Trades: Acquired Darren Collison and James Posey from New Orleans and traded Troy Murphy Matt Barnes
to New Jersey, who traded Courtney Lee to Houston. They traded Trevor Ariza to New Orleans. Drops: None Trades: None
Milwaukee: Adds: Darington Hobson, Earl Boykins, Drew Gooden and Keyon Dooling Phoenix: Adds: Matt Janning, Gani Lawal Drops: Amare Stoudemire Trades:
Drops: None Trades: Bucks acquired Corey Maggette and a 2010 second-round draft pick Sent a 2010 second round draft pick to the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Childress. Also sent
from Golden State for Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzric. Leandro Barbosa and F Dwayne Jones to the Toronto Raptors for Hedo Turkoglu.
Sacramento: Adds: Antoine Wright, Hassan Whiteside, DeMarcus Cousins and Pooh Jeter
Atlanta: Adds: Pape sy and Josh Powell Drops: Evaen Brock, Richard Delk and Ricardo Marsh Drops: Connor Atchley, Joe Crawford, Marcus Landry, J.R. Giddens and Donald Sloan
Trades: None Trades: None
Dallas: Adds: Brian Cardinal, Steve Novak, and Dominique Jones
Charlotte: Adds: Kwame Brown Drops: Darius Miles, Javaris Crittenton Drops: Rashad McCants, and Sean Williams
Trades: Traded C Tyson Chandler and C Alexis Ajinca to Dallas for C Erick Dampier, F Trades: None
Eduardo Najera, G Mat Carroll and cash considerations Houston: Adds: Brad Miller Drops: Antonio Anderson, Mike Harris and McNeal
Eduardo Najera, G Matt Carroll and cash considerations
Miamic Adds: Da'Sean Butler, Eddie House, Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Drops: James Jones U Trades: Sent David Anderson to Toronto for a future second-round draft pick.
* Trades: Acquired Lebron James for two first round and second round picks from the Memphis: Adds: Xavier Henry and Greivis Vasquez Drops: Luke Jackson. Tre Kelley and Kenny
Cleveland Cavaliers. Thomas
Orlando: Adds: Malik Allen and Chris Duhon Drops: None Trades: None
Trades: None
4q New Orleans: Adds: Mustafa Shakur,Jannero Pargo, Pops Mensah-Bonsu and D.J. Mbenga
Washington: Adds: Josh Howard, John Wall, Kevin Seraphin and Hilton Armstrong Drops: Drops: None Trades: None
Zydrunas Ilgauskas Trades: Traded F Dominic McGuire to Sacramento Kings for draft picks.
Traded rights to Vladimir Veremeenko to Bulls for Kirk Hinrich, and rights to Kevin Seraphin. San Antonio: Adds: James Anderson and Gary Neal
Drops: James Gist Trades: None