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Title: Annual report of the Division of Fish & Wildlife
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The Bureau of Fisheries (BF) is charged with the assessment and monitoring of fish and marine
resources within the USVI. It is one of three bureaus within the Division of Fish & Wildlife
(DFW). The Bureau of Fisheries, as is the Division of Fish and Wildlife, is 100 percent
supported by Federal Funds. The format of this report closely follows that of BF (2003).


The BF is headquartered within the DFW office in Red Hook, St. Thomas. There is also an
office within the DPNR office in Frederiksted, St. Croix.

St. Thomas staff include:
1. Dr. K. Roger Uwate, Chief of Fisheries
2. Jason Vasques, Fisheries Biologist III
3. Cheryl Ondeka, Fisheries Biologist III (started August 2004)
4. Ron Sjoken, Fisheries Biologist II (started January 2004)
5. Ruth Gomez, Fisheries Coordinator
6. Joseph Barbel, Environmental Specialist (retired March 2004)
7. Julian Aubain, mechanic (half time with BF)
8. Shenell Gordon, Fisheries Biologist I
9. Jennifer Messineo, Fisheries Assistant (started October 2003)

St. Croix staff include:
1. William Tobias, Fisheries Biologist III
2. Dr. Wes Toller, Fisheries Biologist III
3. Willie Ventura, Environmental Specialist I
4. David Camoyan, Fisheries Assistant (started October 2003), promoted to
Fisheries Biologist I (September 2004).

In addition to these staff, up to 7 people at a time were employed on a temporary basis by the
Bureau of Fisheries. Most of these individuals were part time and were hired to assist with data
entry and proofing of historic commercial catch report data.


In FY04, Bureau of Fisheries staff participated in various technical and scientific meetings such
1. Caribbean Fisheries Management Council (CFMC) meetings;
2. CFMC Scientific and Statistical Committee meetings;
3. SEAMAP Caribbean (SEAMAP-C) meetings;
4. Federal Aid Coordinator's meeting;
5. Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan Workshop;
6. East End Marine Park Local Action Strategy Workshop;
7. DCZM East End Marine Park meetings;
8. Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute's annual meeting; and
9. NOAA Fisheries Coral Reef Initiative USVI Fisher Workshop.

The Bureau of Fisheries staff continued to backstop both the St. Thomas/St. John and the St.
Croix Fisheries Advisory Committees (FACs). The function of these FACs is to advise the
Commissioners of the Departments of Planning and Natural Resources and Agriculture on
critical fisheries issues. Bureau of Fisheries staff organize and facilitate FAC monthly meetings.

4. STAFF TRAINING In FY04, BF staff completed the following training: (1) Dr. Uwate,
Shenell Gordon, Ruth Gomez, Jason Vasques, Willy Ventura, and William Tobias attended the
FIN Port Samplers Workshop in Fajardo, Puerto Rico (10/1/03 10/2/03); (2) Shenell Gordon,
Jennifer Messineo, Jason Vasques, David Camoyan, Willy Ventura, and William Tobias
attended the FIN Port Samplers Workshop in Galveston, Texas (9/28/04 10/29/04); (3) Jason
Vasques, Shenell Gordon, and Ron Sjoken completed a Nitrox diving course at the University of
the Virgin Islands (5/13/04 5/14/04); (4) Ron Sjoken completed a grants management course in
West Virginia (5/16 5/21/04); (5) Jason Vasques completed DAN oxygen training with the
National Park Service, St. John (6/16/04); and (6) Jason Vasques completed the first aid and
CPR course (6/29/04).


1 St. Thomas Habitat Assessment (F-7) In FY04,
BF/STT staff conducted habitat surveys as part of the
global Reef Check program. Surveys were completed at
Grass Cay, Coculus Rock, and Great Bay, St. Thomas.
Data collected will be provided to Reef Check
headquarters at the University of California at Los BF diver surveying
Angeles. a reef

2. St. Croix Habitat Assessment (F-7) BF/STX
staff conducted various scouting trips to the
survey area at the west end of St. Croix.
Damaged and undamaged anchor sites were
identified. After analysis of data collected,
detailed plans were formulated to survey these
Areas in more detail. This will be completed in
Benthic habitat damage on
the west side of St. Croix.

5 Side Scan Sonar Survey (F-7) In FY04, an additional 3/4
square miles of side scan sonar data was obtained. Ground
truthing was completed. Work continued on making mosaics
of side scan sonar data. Numerous problems were
encountered with side scan sonar equipment. Despite having
multiple backup systems, many side scan sonar data
collection trips had to be aborted. Benthic habitat south
of St. John
BF staff participated in bathymetric and habitat surveys
south of St. John with the NOAA Fisheries vessel, RV
Foster. Much of the area surveyed coincided with the area
designated for the side scan sonar project (F-7) here. BF
staff also got USNPS diving certification and was able to
participate in habitat ground truthing with a team of NOAA
Fisheries scientists.
The R/V Foster
6 Fishing Tournaments (F-8) BF
staff continued to act as weigh masters
at all recreational fishing tournaments
in both St. Thomas and St. Croix,
except catch and release marlin
tournaments. Catch and effort data
were collected on each vessel in the
fishing tournaments. These were
entered into a computer database and
will be provided to the U.S. Fish and
BF staff measuring catch at a fishing tournament Wildlife Service.

7 Frederiksted Pier Construction (F-9) Numerous
meetings, memos and letters were initiated, received,
and responded to regarding this project from the
contractor, the architect, various USVI government
agencies, and USFWS. To-date, three concrete pours
have been completed at the site. None have been
successful. USFWS conduct site inspection

By the end of FY04, alternative ways to complete
this project were being considered by the government
of the USVI. A 90 day extension to this grant has
been approved by USFWS to review remedial work
plans and to develop a project completion timeline.

View ot ramp


Altona Lagoon Facility Gallows Bay Facility

9 Molasses Dock (F-9) Various meetings were
held regarding the proposed public easement to this
site as well as land ownership issues.

In FY04, a property boundary survey and title
search was requested.

Boat Access Repairs (F-9) At the
Altona Lagoon, St. Croix, facility the
following were completed: (1) guard
rails were installed, (2) vegetation was
trimmed, (3) a drainage swale
installed, and (4) rub strakes replaced.

At the Gallows Bay facility, boulders
were installed to limit erosion,
decking was replaced and new dock
cleats were installed.

Molasses Dock ramp

Site of proposed public boat
ramp on Water Island

Water Island (F-9) Price quotations were obtained for
core samples. By the time the purchase order was
completed, the coring rig was off-island and was not
available on St. Thomas (as of the end of FY04).

BF/STT staff completed substrate composition and water
depth surveys at the proposed boat ramp site. Findings
here will be part of a future permit application.

11 St. Thomas East End Boat Ramp BF/STT staff
investigated a variety of potential sites for a boat
ramp on the east end of St. Thomas. After much
consideration, the existing undeveloped public boat
ramp at Estate Frydenhoj was selected. Most of the
ramp is on public land, however a small portion may
be on private land. Land surveys and investigations
of DCZM files were completed and a legal opinion
was sought from the Attorney General's office.

, .
The undeveloped public boat
ramp on Benner Bay

In FY04, BF staff conducted the land portion of a
habitat survey in preparations for development of a
DCZM permit application.

12 Artificial Reef Construction and Monitoring (F-10) -
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers indicated support of
the permit request for artificial reef sites on St. Thomas
and St. John, subject to approval of a DCZM permit and
Water Quality Certificate. Despite written requests and
various follow-ups, to-date, DEP has not issued a Water
Quality Certificate for this project. Work also began on a Tomtate grunt aggregating
permit application for a new artificial reef site on St. Croix on artificial reef
for a donated fuel barge.

In FY04, BF/STT staff completed annual monitoring
surveys of 8 artificial reef sites south of Charlotte Amalie,
St. Thomas.

In FY04, BF/STX staff completed semi-annual monitoring
surveys of the Butler Bay artificial reef site off of St. Diver surveying an artificial
Croix. reef

13 Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) Deployment, Maintenance, and Monitoring (F-10) -
In FY04, BF staff conducted maintenance and monitoring of FADs around St. Thomas.
Problems with floating lines on two St. Croix FADs were resolved.

Most FAD supplies stored at DFW/STX were transferred to DFW/STT. BF/STT staff
prepared 4 surface FADs and 2 submerged FADs for deployment as replacement FADs
around St. Thomas and St. Croix.

In FY04, FAD I (north of Outer Brass, St. Thomas) and submerged FAD E (south of St.
Thomas) were lost. In addition, FAD D (southeast of St. Croix) was lost.

Diver inspection FAD maintenance FADs ready for deployment

14 Coordination (FW14) In FY04, a variety of activities were completed under the
Coordination grant. These included, but were not limited to: (1) writing monthly reports;
(2) soliciting, compiling, and reviewing application packages for various staff vacancies;
(3) interviewing and selecting candidates for vacant positions; (4) participating in weekly
staff meetings; and (4) inspection and organization of materials in old storage boxes.



15 CZM Permit Application Reviews (Technical Guidance FW-15) BF staff completed
review of various CZM permit applications including: Saga Haven Marina, St. Thomas;
Renaissance Beach Resort dock, St. Thomas; small dock on St. John; Palace Resorts; St.
Thomas; dredging at Sapphire Beach Marina, St. Thomas; Public Work's Department's
proposed dock facility on Water Island; maintenance dredging of a shoreline property in
St. Thomas; Christiansted Boardwalk development Phase IIA, St. Croix; Innovative
Telephone fiber optic cables, St. Croix; Golden Resorts Development, St. Croix; Red Point
Wastewater Treatment Facility, St. Thomas; and Jones Maritime Company's proposed
development on St. Croix.

16 Other Technical Guidance (FW-15) Technical advice and
guidance were provided to other government agencies on a variety
of topics such as: investigated vessel groundings; attended various
CZM pre-application meeting; investigate fish kills; compiled
information on tarpon and bonefish fishing requested by
Commissioner Plaskett; investigated Johnson and Sanders Bays in
St. John as mooring sites; attended DCZM's Local Action Strategy
meetings; prepared appropriate presentations for a variety of
workshops (see Tobias 2004a); investigated anchor damage on St.
Croix; reviewed the draft regulations for the St. Croix East End
Marine Park; reviewed draft changes to the permitting process for
private docks and piers; and conducted a damage assessment of
boat access facilities after Tropical Storm Jeanne.

Technical advice and guidance were also provided to the private
sector on such topics as: reviewed various coral, marine resource,
and fisheries related documents; provided information regarding
fisheries subsidies and incentives for an on-going study;
investigated stream blockage at Nadir, St. Tomas, in response to a
public inquiry; responded to a report that marlin was for sale on St.
Croix; investigated the overgrowth of the access to the fishermen's
plot on St. Croix; provided information on fish poisoning to a
private citizen; and identified unusual marine life for the public.

Dead yellowfin
mojarra at the
Sapphire Beach
Resort pond

vessel grounaing at
Sapphire Beach

Strategic Plan (FW16) A third opinion survey (on recreational
fishing club members) was completed (see Messineo and Uwate
2004). An opinion survey of marine researchers in the USVI was
also completed (see Messineo et al 2004).

Based on reports collected, work began on a marine and fisheries
strategic plan. By the end of FY04, about 40 percent of the first
draft of the plan had been completed.

BF statt working
on the strategic plan

18 Library Organization (FW-16) BF staff
7g visited all relevant agencies within the USVI
and collected reports and documents related
to USVI marine resources and fisheries.

In addition, more than half of the general
marine and fisheries articles available have
BF/STT technical report library been entered into an Access database.

19 St. Croix Building (FW-17) Various properties were investigated. One was identified
as suitable. A market appraisal was conducted and the owner was queried as to his
willingness to sell the property. The owners wanted significantly more than the appraised
value, therefore no further efforts could be made on this property. Other properties were
investigated. This effort was terminated after an evaluation of FY05 budgets and reserve
fund levels.

20 Boat Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Y-1 Mooring Buoys In FY04, 20 moorings were
installed on St. Croix by the Island Conservation Effort. In FY04, neither the Reef
Ecology Foundation nor Island Conservation Effort (the two local non-governmental
organizations that have day-use mooring buoy permits in the USVI) requested any
additional financial support. Island Conservation, with assistance from BF staff,
requested and obtained a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit for day-use mooring
buoys on St. Croix.

Blowout of seagrass bed Boat anchor caused blowout Vessel on mooring buoy

21 Boat Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Y-2 St. Croix East End Marine Park Mooring
Buoys A request was submitted to amend existing DCZM and U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers permits to allow for 100 additional day-use mooring buoys within the new St.
Croix East End Marine Park. These requests were still pending at the end of FY04.

22 State/Federal Commercial Catch Reports (current) -
Bureau of Fisheries staff collected and reviewed
commercial catch reports. 2002/03 commercial catch
reports were entered into a database and proofed. These
data files were forwarded to NOAA Fisheries.
Commercial catch report
In August 2003, commercial fishers began submitting
commercial catch reports for 2003/04 fishing year. These
are being entered into a computer database.

23 NOAA Historical (1974-1986) In FY04, data
entry and proofing of all available 1974 to 1986
commercial catch reports was completed. Data
files were finalized and forwarded to NOAA-
BF staff entering historic catch data

24 I Commercial Catch Reports (1986 to 1992) -
I. Commercial catch report data files for the 1986 to 1992
period are incomplete. Much of the data on commercial
catch forms were not on the existing databases. Additional
funding from NOAA-Fisheries was requested in early
S FY04. Funds were approved in late FY04.
BF staff entering
commercial catch data

25 Commercial Catch Reports (1992 to 2002) All available commercial catch reports for
this period have been entered and proofed. Data files were finalized and forwarded to

As part of this work, the number of registered commercial fishers was compiled from old
reports, data files, notes, and various fisher lists. These were documented in a report by
Holt and Uwate (2004a). In addition, historic changes in fish prices were also compiled
from old reports, data files, notes, and various memos. These were documented in a report
by Holt and Uwate (2004b).

All available maps of fishing areas used from 1974 to present were identified and
collected. The fishing area used for commercial catch reports appears to have changed
between years. Changes in fishing area designations have been documented in a table.

All available commercial catch report forms used from 1974 to present were identified and
collected. These forms have changed significantly between years. Changes in forms have
been documented in a table.

26 Fishermen Booklet In early FY04, NOAA Fisheries Coral Reef Initiative funds
provided support for printing an additional 300 copies of the 2003 "Recreational and
Commercial Fishermen's Information Booklet". Printing was completed and copies were
provided to fishing supply stores, dive shops and other marine recreation businesses.

Under the State/Federal Cooperative Statistics Grant, Bureau of Fisheries staff completed
an update of the "Recreational and Commercial Fisherman's Information Booklet" (see
DFW and DEP 2004). The catch report information sheets were also revised. These
booklets and blank catch report sheets were provided to all commercial fishers during
commercial fisher registration in July 2004.

During printing of the 2004 booklet (DFW and DEP 2004), the printer made a mistake and

printed 600 copies of the 2003 booklet. These "spares" were distributed to related marine
recreation businesses.

27 Commercial Fishermen Registration Bureau of Fisheries staff conducted annual
registration of commercial fishers in July 2004 for the 2004/05 fishing year (July 2004 to
June 2005).

28 NOAA Spawning Agregations NOAA funding was received to study grouper
spawning aggregations on the Gramanik Banks south of St. Thomas. This was contracted
to the University of the Virgin Islands Marine Center through a MOA. A one-year
extension was requested and approved.

29 Interiurisdictional Fisheries Program -
For this small grant, efforts were focused on
St. Croix. In this project, commercial
fishers volunteer to have their total catches
weighed and measured by BF staff. This
grant supports 1 survey per month. Data
collected were entered into the new
TIPONLINE web based program.
TIPONLINE web based program. BF staff collection bio-stat data

30 Bio-Statistical Sampling BF staff
conducted bio-statistical sampling of
total landings of volunteer fishers on
both St. Thomas and St. Croix.
During these surveys, all catches are
weighed and measured by BF staff.
This grant supports 2 to 4 surveys per
island per month. Data collected were
BF staff measuring fish and lobster from entered into the new TIPONLINE web
C entered into the new TIPONLINE web
commercial fisher catches
based program.
31 Bio-Statistical Sampline Historic Data In late FY04, BF staff completed an inventory
of hard copies of all available bio-statistical survey data sheets at both DFW/STT and
DFW/STX offices. Lists of dates of bio-statistical data sheets were completed. These
lists are being combined with a letter to NOAA Fisheries requesting a comparison of bio-
statistical data available in the NOAA Fisheries TIP database. This comparison should
provide insight into the completeness of the TIP database. If significant discrepancies
exist, funding can be sought to remedy the situation.

32 NOAA Fisheries Cooperative Statistics Database NOAA Fisheries provided additional
funding for a database manager. Ajob description was drafted and advertised. Applicants
were screened. Candidates were interviewed and a database manager was selected and
hired. Cheryl Ondeka was hired and came on board in August 2004.

33 CZM Fish Census BF staff assisted University of the Virgin Islands and Division of
Coastal Zone Management in the completion of fish censuses around St. Thomas and St.

Croix. A USVI coral reef monitoring 2004 final report for the St. Croix fish census was
completed (see Toller 2004).

34 SEAMAP Lobster Survey -
The pueruli and juvenile lobster
study was completed on St.
Thomas in FY03. In FY04, the
report was finalized (see Gordon
and Vasques 2004).
Juvenile lobster covered shelter

35 SEAMAP Whelk Survey A
ZZ USVI-wide whelk population and
density field survey was completed
in FY04. A draft report was
completed and is being reviewed.
This report should be finalized in
BF staff conducting whelk population survey early FY05.

36 SEAMAP St. Thomas Trap and Line Survey This grant did not open until late
FY04. Most of the initial efforts went to repair of the R/VSarima.

37 SEAMAP Historic Trap and Line Data In FY03 and FY04, SEAMAP-C contracted
the University of Puerto Rico to review USVI SEAMAP-C trap and line data. When
results were presented at a SEAMAP-C meeting, it became apparent that the SEAMAP
database was not complete. BF staff inventoried hard copies of data sheets and compared
them with the SEAMAP database. About 60 percent of data were not in the database. A
proposal was written for additional funds to enter and proof these missing data. By the end
of FY04, tentative approval of this proposal had been received.

38 NOAA Fisher .." '. .... ... 9 '...
Census BF staff ,
completed fielding .....
of this census in .
FY04. A draft
report was written
and finalized (see
Kojis 2004). Various fishing methods used in the USVI

39 Fisheries Advisory Committees (CFMC Grant) BF staff attended and prepared
background materials for both the St. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix Fisheries Advisory
Committee monthly meetings. Based on recommendations from both FACs, tarpon and
bonefish are now limited to catch and release in the USVI. Recommendations were made
on gill and trammel nets.

40 CFMC Meetings (CFMC Grant) BF staff attended various CFMC meetings. BF staff
reviewed numerous extremely large draft documents and provided advice to CFMC as
requested. Quarterly progress reports were completed and submitted to CFMC.

41 NOAA Signage NOAA Fisheries Coral Reef Initiative funds provided a grant to educate
the public regarding marine reserve areas of St. Thomas. All relevant permits were
obtained for installation of signs. The design of the sign was approved by NOAA
Fisheries. Twenty marine reserve signs were constructed and deployed within the St.
Thomas east end marine reserve areas. Many were installed at hotels, condominiums, and
marine businesses around the marine reserve area. In addition 3 special signs were
deployed in the Inner Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve area, St. Thomas.

Marine reserve sign Inner Mangrove Lagoon Sign installation
at Anchorage Condo marine reserve sign by BF staff

42 NOAA Trammel Net Buyback NOAA Fisheries Coral Reef Initiative funded a grant to
support a buy-back of trammel nets. After many long and heated discussions and various
background papers (including Tobias 2004b), the Fisheries Advisory Committees on both
St. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix made specific recommendations to Commissioner
Plaskett regarding proposed regulations of these nets. By the end of FY04, regulations had
been drafted and were being reviewed.

43 MRAG Effort Reduction Workshop (NOAA Fisheries) NOAA Fisheries provided
funding to MRAG, a Florida-based consulting company, to hold commercial fisher effort
reduction workshops on St. Thomas and St. Croix. Two series of workshops were held on
both islands in April and June 2004. Fishers were briefed on various mechanisms available
to reduce fishing efforts. They also discussed which might be most suitable in the USVI.

44 MRAG St. Croix By-Catch Preliminary Survey (NOAA Fisheries) In late FY04,
NOAA Fisheries approved funding for a preliminary survey of by-catch in the commercial
fishery of St. Croix. Organizational meetings were held in preparation for later field work.

45 Hurricane Preparedness In FY04, both Hurricane Francis (August 2004), and Tropical
Storm Jeanne (September 2004) approached the USVI. For both of these storms, DFW
vessels were secured, the grounds were cleared, and office equipment was protected. After
each passed, the office were made operational again.

46 Special Projects BF staff were involved in various activities related to special projects
such as: (1) the retrieval of dead turtles and marine mammals; and (2) preparation and



" ;sb~r

review of numerous proposals and requests for funds that were not related to USFWS
Sport Fish Restoration funding.

47 DFW/STT Boat Dock Dredging In
FY04, bid documents were prepared and a
request for bid was advertised by Property
and Procurement. In the first bid request,
no bids were received. In the second bid
request, two bids were received. These
were rated. Further discussions are -
planned with the selected bidder. DFW/STT boat dock that
needs maintenance dredging

48 DFW/STT Boat Ramp A CZM permit was requested. However, it was rejected by the
CZM Committee.

49 Opening of False
Entrance, St. Thomas -
DCZM and U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers permits
were received for this
work. Two channels were
cut to facilitate water flow
into the Inner Mangrove Opening False Entrance New channel opening
Lagoon area, St. Thomas. at False Entrance

50 Computer Network and DSL DSL was installed at the DFW/STX office. For the
DFW/STT office, bids for the network were received and reviewed. The network was
wired up and DSL was installed.

51 Conch Shell Piles on St.
Croix BF/STX staff
investigated conch shell piles
on St. Croix. Estimates were
made regarding the size of
piles and quotations were
received regarding the costs for
their removal. Conch shell pile at Molasses Dock


In FY04, additional opinion surveys targeting recreational fishing club members and marine
researchers were completed (see Messineo and Uwate 2004 and Messineo et al 2004). Results of
these surveys were very similar to those summarized in BF (2003) for commercial fishers and

marine recreation industry. In general, overfishing, pollution, lack of enforcement, habitat
degradation, and gillnet fishing (on St. Croix) were major issues.

In FY04, major steps have been made to address the overfishing and gillnet fishing issues. For
overfishing, there is a moratorium on the issuance of new fishing licenses in the USVI. This
moratorium has been in place for 3 years now. For gillnets (trammel nets), both Fisheries
Advisory Committees have reviewed the matter and have made specific recommendations to the
Commissioner of DPNR on this issue. Draft regulations have been formulated and are now
being reviewed.

Also in FY04, the planning process for the new sewage plants on both St. Thomas and St. Croix
continued. Permit applications were submitted and reviewed. When these plants come on line,
there should be a significant decrease in sewage effluent into the marine environment that should
result in decreased marine habitat degradation.

The lack of enforcement is an issue for the Division of Environmental Enforcement. They
require significant additional support as their current budgets are limited and their staffing is
extremely small (2 officers for all of St. Thomas/St. John). They are also overextended into
numerous public safety, hazmat and permit issues.


Bureau of Fisheries. 2003. Bureau of Fisheries FY2003 Annual Report. Department of
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Toller, W. 2004. USVI coral reef monitoring 2004 final report: St. Croix fish census. 11 pp.

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