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Title: Rain forest more than just a real soggy place with trees
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Title: Rain forest more than just a real soggy place with trees
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: June 20, 1997
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= The DayNw, Rky June EnvSonment

Rain forest more than just

a real soggy place with trees
Tie word t foreet is a popular b~r te lr and Resueve. Today, there
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coelod the word ain hotL Poba- North America, the CaribbcoI
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whlblch ws ntd to desibe thviiltble or any but forri Luqealo Momainse of Paetn Riko
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ope cd und ucld. Tins, the forest of thie thted s Yunque rai forest is the lower
To history of ltid soin ic oii played mj olnc tIsle mountains taio forest, d ese
Vdino avdS by mnies damlti. c ,i, lds stam av d rverd flOw- growth of tab a ood eotha 1.0-
tcily elltcod ite risands' forest n. Tlody.i= tdyetlldi northwest foolet M.
osysdtee. 1 1651. tihe Frch, phtm Colx tb"'i t fote Above tIti r 1 ott i ppet molu.
rcepod tfie ra0 and 16 brooks TehocTiprclly, wche do ut ihave ain al forest doelcated by huge
o their WandofSt Crix. Aloh n forest no the Us or l Brlb tecs O the tect slopes of El
St Tiao u St. col ltorin really VlrgioIslads. Tihe 1sl ads er basi- ye quYee nl fcn is the posm in-
did n01 bhav rivers like St. Croix. ally divided into two zones et.
ticy d alld ie epsplg rad to i oeaddity ftores. Finally, on the highest moan-
that flowed year.-eont Tie term "rti forests" on St. tares of thc tin forest is the ud
TIce middle 1700's eary 1800's Croix prtobaly cme out sbecaae elfir forest where stunted trees
suaegr am c ivatlo covered aot of the wet environ=nct On the tow hor dense ccsry imlpe trablt
of St. Croix. But inl th early northwest side of the isldaod d the steds.
1900'o, sug era ca utiveatio only all -ies cat tgive bep of What we call rin forest in St.
coveted eabot 35 percent of St. a rain forest. About 80 lebs or Croix today arc threatened by
Croix and as late teas 1914, sevealn moe ain 8be9 a r raJe fCoret development. Probably before the
sat eu ad rivers w reported to i n at ace t e ertwat Yoear 2000. ti e Crqeu. Dar and
ave flowered year-omue. side of SL Croix rccceive between other area of tihe noocwt sides of
In 1493, Coltunbus landed t 50 to 55 inches of rain a year. El St. Croix will be nothing but ah-
Sal River Bay.'Tic land heewas Yoqe foaet t Pueo Ro Is theo t hosmiog c mmuly.
domahtied by fora. A year adoo eaet hc nae for o ti Vrgi Believe me. few years from
Transfer Day, X.L Britton Islands. In 1991. the U.S.Forest ow. the word in forest wldt oMl
described tihe island's foresa by Service commeforaled te 100th beapopulaer e to inm ee Islands.
saying. -there is but little natural anniversary of thi birth of the Olas Devit whoa has tsar
forest remaining on any of the nation foeat a. o.ia der tomufe amwae-
ilakd, Ad whal te i, oonafined In 1891. President Benjlamin m-eemwory eroy, i. a S.
to the hlnlops in a few places. Hariaso created the Yallowsloe Croixecoleg, activist n wrier.

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