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Title: Fire bugs doing a great deal of damage to islands
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Title: Fire bugs doing a great deal of damage to islands
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: May 23, 1997
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
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Fire bugs do

non-11-. Apot.." do hoens,000. to

ho tgbin the NewoWorld -. oo tred Note
tot fhor, o~o toee such at00 ln n l-

ing a great deal of damage to islands

ing a great deal of damage to islands

0 otre.Ity by spontaneouso
Weril oto. totlo
tott. .11t ecos000tob

tot foe 6001oopo. but al0o
00 td 1,th 0. 01 life

to 0my spocns of platu ad othbe
or=gltma that depend on fire to
repoduce. Bond te ad man ep-
rately ad together haveo. bad
teourns.$ repent o to 0.,o-
meat Ito abshaping or altering our
worm veersuious
Peonooallty. I b tlie tha tay
thing in 0a0Ure including fire is
goad. I M igb 7 o oateood how
cveythbing tO 0aC0r. works, bat
0000 bo a way of working eve.y-
thing to tha baenefilt of the earth
eafoo01 eto .
The irt inhahbitants of biheuo
lobd. ptoboaly 0ed fi0 to cook
fod Po burning by 0001,
00 these id-Od wepoba uied
to leo laod foo =y of
crop. oroed oa a .oot to ab-tai. .
00.01000 aarh Ooot.
ttoocirot. SL Cro10 asvao
a dry Islad. The blood -000 bad
Mtte of fotcste with thee major
rivers ad .1a0eu flowing to the
.e. 365 day. a yer. 1t wa. the
deos forest o0 St. Croix that
op thed b Dme In toe to pato
Cri S x. Cronx tom the Frelch
0overomool. Corl Adolph von
Plete and rPderiAd Hol ted
wen tw of the todlvlttdk faeah-
eoMal in dto ncgoatid0bo of the par.
to 1732. Holmoetd and Coao.
Pltlo. a FPebch represenlative,
ogodalot a u Oaty hot tho p000bat
o0 S00 C10 o0 September 15,10733
wbeft D00maro wM topa 1 Fra0c
750.000 tlvif toarnoat for Ihb
b10ad- Roltaei Hgeoog a DM-
bb ma whe lihed 0a SL Croix aoa
plaontr from 1739 to 1751. He
p0d *. picture i. words of hobw
SL Coix lMooed before t became a


major sugar cane island in the
"Loreg tlee tuoftl 10 the wno-
00000100 of cvearohythg from ohipo
and U0ooe to harcoal, d.welings
aod toe 00acery7 for "080 orf
grew oabuodent ot l ides ooves.
iog te phi00 o1 the thoad' *outh
sid. ad tbe to.t.nte to the outh
In a de e greoney.- He forthot
tated. "thick fore. had to be
.cleared, large 1r0c fWiled and
hailed to too oemboot foe0ale...-
The uast end of St. Crolix was
peobhbly tohe 00y 0 at s natou l
0000 oc0m0 ed beche of I uho elq
dry environment. However. Ohe
plardaoo q-a of otadcure oo0
St. C1ix Chagnd the -ological
bao .. = of the oltod ecosytem.
fteP 00 cmhaoomo pDcticb by
pla0001 to ob baret of-o1 cane
oodotorepaioiadlo 50000100
Alboog ontrolled fit. m1b9
bave i a phno i. agriculture. the
o pafroe thooand of eepo
ofn fes that boared 0 S.
C-rii. fonnlaod. how
inoy of 00000 Iealh 00k mhodiaou
the toogoeto ad hootog may hova
Tbe fact i. the danaga hoyo-d
bhagdo aad to too would
&. ft- posero ad se00
00000 power line aad totephone
polar get bhord. Serious proper

damage 10 ooitoatooty 0000. ho Ohe
010k 1s p000. The 0mpaac and 0100
of brob fre. thlt go I0ss noticed
00 min tht -tohe.
The bologlocal effects of flres
may be pooitive 00 negative, but
goven the frequency with which
they Zr ocurriog latel,, it oppeato
toot iho ioopocto tslaogey egaotlve.
One0 mNjor pot of 010 Is o0 the
soil. Th flr-expoed soil cat be
troototy oeoded e.spciatly on bill-
.1d00 by 10000.1 A. ratei folt..
bthe o Is wIas ed away heb-c of
no veugato .
This soil impacis the marine
00v01000co. More impootaot 0 lhe
e tot vaotoble top ool lhot t000e0
00turi0 to build op biologically Is
literally coa-nrad by fire vapor.
Another Impat of 00re- 1 o tho
waste table. Expo-ed had does ot
retain water because the soil
hbecoms hard wad dry as the 000
In addition, the wind alto
up0Cto too epote o0. by blowing 11
away. Por Oto d a. 0, ot 11
0fdy 0o trha redoarged the tnd..-
aro-nd qt m-- ait
hoie. Mb y I flgthe boeve at
om. 0 oa SL Cr0ix haeo boac
delibeately Ml. There m0 c0000
where fir started ia areas
Caorhe bete Uowned f-om ehicd
wbdoo as bo -m bth ftoo.
Abo, bottles ltaylag dy brosbh or
Belieye 00, daagg the ,0i-
0o0me0t wiltflty by se0lltg firr0
wll ooly hot the. cstods ecoaoy.
Po od sae. suhp.
Olset Dos who thes h o ooo
0'ofseooo degtreo InO ofeooowoy-
oooo, oand fomy ooofohsy10 tsSt
000oooteoghL ctw ooMof Moolter

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