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Title: Environment should be hot topic for this year's local election
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Title: Environment should be hot topic for this year's local election
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: October 25, 1996
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The Dall Ny Friday. October 5. 19

Environment should be hot topic

for this year's local election

Most candidates who are run-
anng for c senatorial seat in the
22nd Logislature of the Virgin
Ilandsa hardly mention anything
habour be o omot.
On their platforms and adver-
dtaooom s 1o dab medie. Title is said
Sbout how we will added s some of
the vhl isnmt lsme tia thean
islands fho today.
There are vry few political
leaders today that understand the
real issues, except for wheo they
make promises that they cannot
koop. Often times, poltlicms work
on people's emotions rithtr than
omino up with real solutions to

We hove many ieowevioa-
mental problems in. the Virgin
Islands, Including solid waste,
water contoamioaio, ir poltutloB
ead sotil eoion, jst to anao a few.
Just this year. the Tus Wells water
contamibtion of cteibecals ad oil
were a big issue. You see, we all
are ptherimy auruse o polutioe.
Our aCtioa simd at etacti
moving gathering, coaiatnting,
and dumping have repeatedly
swamped the evitsmet with too
much material. We alto have into
duced many compoundsthat are
totally allen to the environment.
Many of these substances are not
biodogadablc, and h ccumulate
or magnify n the f ood~ehai until
they become toxic.
Pollutants ae materials injected
into the biosphere system that
adversely affect all living things.
For convienice, pollutats are
ofate ted ~ f a it, soil, oa water
pollouants, as biodegradble or non-
biodogradable. But polludoa should
also be looked at as a whole,
becauo who b as a uai poUtlaa
oftfn ends up i the sol or water.
Nature also can be a polluter:
Earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurri-
caes ar m r sources of natural
pollution. Bven wildfires, whose
effects may be btoedfial can con-
tribul to i pollc a at to cmdeslr-
bl al. Bat the intermttent and
dispersed nature of those natural
disasters leoea s their impact o the


The public should take not of an
upcoming environmental confer-
oncc. The Third Annual Virgin
Islands Nonpoint Source Pollution
Conference will be held at Mar-
srio's Preechman's Reef Resort in
St. Thomas on Oct. 29-30. The
theme is "New Direction for V..

different sourats o pollution. O
esorc miaa from ta wsOer maov
ing on the nuace ad thruh the
g-und piltbnag p dlsnoyig eat.
tul d manmade pollutens These
pollutants cn end up in our guts,
beach, camstal s, aiyd even it

The cumulative effects
from nonpoint sources of
pollution are a threat to
the Virgin Islands' econo-

our underground water supplies.
Toai chemicals. heavy metals,

Sr tsocca of aonpoim sorc pollu
4iso. to ahnaadalcappiag otoas,
the o ideneo is equally dramatic.
Here, watts quality degadadion ace
be used by sources such as sur-
asoe rosion, storm watoe r oftf
hed careless use and disposal of
household nhemals.
Septic nkb systms also pollute
the surato and ground wata whea
they do not ftmclio properly. Tbey
also.stop functioning properly if
they ae not maintained ncorrctly.

or i hazardous chemicals are dis-
poed down the drains. Bactea and
nutrients from animal waste,
sewage discharge and bats In oar
water also pose a threat to our
marine enviroment.
Agriculture also contributes pol-
lutants to our coastal waters by
ovexrgig of liveastock .ces use
of fertilizers or misuse of pesti-
cides. Soil washes off road con.
structi sites and other unprotected
lear aas~e also cotidered on.
point source pollution. As soil
washes anto guts and bays it affects
the rele seagras beds, and other
marie lile.
Developers contractor, archi-
tect planned, law makes, farmr
and other interested members of the
community ae invited to attend the
ootormose. In oqjunction with the
conference, school children will
patticipate in a poster contest to
express their views on nonpoint
sources pollution in the islands.
Exhibits will also be on display.
This conference is sponsored by
the UVI Cooperative Extension
Service and Eastrn Caribbean Cen-
er. the U.S. Environmental Protec-
tion Agency, the USDA Natural
Resources Conservation Services
and the V.I. Resource Conservation
and Development Council. V.I.
Planning and Natural Resources
and the National Oceanic and
Atmosphere Administtion Office
of Ocean and Coastal Resnurce
The cumulative effects from
noopoint sources of pollution ua a
threat to the Vigin Islands' cono-
my. Believe me, the only control of
neopoint source pollution is
through ogoog efforts to change
public undersnding and tehaviot.
Por information about the con-
felrce, contact Jan ic Hodge of
DPNR at 7743320 M Ji Wright
of UVIat 693.1082.

Ofasee Darts who holds a master
of science degre in range mamege-
ment and oW ecoo. Is St.
Croi logitf activistand writer.

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