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Title: Students discover guava fruit on St. Croix hike
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Title: Students discover guava fruit on St. Croix hike
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: December 15, 1995
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2&.MSklblIy News, Fridlay. Decetdise iS. 1986


Students discover guava fruit on St. Croix hike

This semester. ihe Ricardo imdeases to ploreSl.C omit'inet- b dmnevrlyessaSlCrox.O: wih Ia roup of student
Richds Elaenary School a St. ml anrisaal in varis pat of Oslaseen o o ie Ie be gov Ricardo Richards School to
C=oix iipiltailBmc The island. Dicdyaw B t anB of he Vi luissdi pnre. adWisl Biy cthe
t.iie allrT Ow Ci of taheedr mye children had never really e e b rl e f St. CrOin. Here the c
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ibot the different emysicas of lth VbQinllad ? j top" Trial solimmmr
ICiOfludl course tihy knew Chile- In fai.el niers yfhe Vi. As we hiked down th
Rody O'Rellly Jr.. batls iated dFideiand lori asi nd audit gi IUsllnds CosEpiHt Exleism side of Annely Bay. lbe
faobnlniob yVi tle afdl wed' o aalking anod s ~ ~in the P-oftPubi shoamb ast cs a tan pltso
hmls a ety ii hadW t *a lei Wee ribodioetiers AMOY atw1 y. i color boobl cabotn ote of g it
vikce. d li irodced the stol Bay, WUsBiy.dornia -i tfor. orr lt umne I iral wb lre school Sme childro re
o Our loaroalitaxM. e a hr remos leus Even pare and teachers who ail=ndarbag o(pV il because they had nevr
PaR of lhe po laai.llowiln SL Croilhey wied o knoiw if accompanly the students a hikes Last Friday morning I hiked un plaui before. I pv

rloweor rro crosM pollinatod ty
Tha f.i x .ud.e u bcrong. swoot
odor when ripe. m.y bs round -
tnaheo long with 4 or S protrudina
noral copolo ut the upox. The skin
Color of the fruit runoe from white
or yellow to pink or red.
Prejil r..nge. from thin to trhio
sklnned wlth uodet emtbedded In u
frm pulp. Seed CcOUtUI h!vt rnaed
from 112 to 535. but romo BSui*v
ypoclcec arc 0o0dl00 or nearly Mo.
T"h rtruel m-tural pruoliotlly yo*r
round. but the bulk of produ ction
oceuro during iho suCTmTAr. On St.
Croix. to plarnt can bo found grOw-
in 5 wild in Ainnal y. .Anfuly Buy.
ViUs Buty. Itour S'otory.- trd
Hill and other petutor. and forests
throughout the northside.
There are many vanrLoeti or
leo hed) to -tuby (rod..k riathad).
Ouuva trees aro relailvely diffIoult

Tho a iest way i sair-ltyering.
numborI or plrnte o nodod. Cut-
tines. buddinge and raftrlntgsl hrav
bkoen ua.d oommorollTly.
Trh pluni thr(ries In both dry end
hunlid ollmutw. Ou-vu grows in a
vsrloty or soils but -ood dralirna
is importunt. PotMs ura r problem.
Thus pruactcing good peel control ia
lenportnr t'or t SucceM*frul harest.
Ouavt I ualso known for its
niedin lnu uses. Tho t aves andc
buds uaro used tea tea for dyeontery.
wtomneob Goho. worfne in aohlidren
cnd for dlarrhea*.
There also uro Lnnumorable
reopos for uttns uuva In Cak**.
puddinius. plei. a ey usI3e. Jules.
:Ce Croum. Jim, chutney nd
ohorther product. OunvsM uro high in
Vltumin C. which in soma varietlelo
can he as hlih as five ti -me that of
rreNh orango Juloo. Otd you tIce
your vitumin today7 I1 not. why not
5try u -*Su rult.
Ol*ors D00v0s. w/ve />O/S. 0 m-
*frjer 0 l esrfrlC elef' ,ane onmf-
e.IY 9

It from


wilh fruit

y excited
seen .
the cdl.

nra a rief history of the n a t.
pl and ihe importance bhe plan
played in Caibbean llture. espc.
cilly during the Chrsmuas season
Believe me. children need Io
know wholbey aradl learn boui
their envi tmn t ind Ibe imponani
roe ih ply In shipin the uri.a
The uemr pla n IPlrilm upa,
e L) of ihr mynk family (Mhy,
Ucete) i knowt by many rrnei
Hiwuiiam all ii Kuwua. In Spin.
Sthe tree is payibo or guyjro
The French cill 11t gye t o 0.
tvier. ad in Ourm ii i. Iba. Th(
Ipn plant's oiein extend fro
Micos i rouo Cirl Ameriao.
In 15261he pnlowit iermodard
tI the Wesl Indier. Early Por.
Oargci ad Spiseb ocslsire Ca.
Tied he plain from lbe New World
Gims Ud tlh es Ea India .
Liaer., theb plast wtr cuti ated Is
Sr np Ai AliM d -arm pant Of
A 7lt he plhnt unved In Hawaii
b the erty pal of the tIM PFrom
thier a spead ihroughoul thde Pcif.
k illnds.
Tbe imn trea a about 20 to 30
feel hilh with broad. spreading
tmnicb trly close to ilb rotd
The lrea is recognized by ill
amooib th. coepperolored, h'd
berk ihll flkes off, showing e
Wrieelbhbrown to light-brown
ol. The leves e evergreen ud
-ovl sand 3 o 7 Inches loog witb
pmrmmo vnibs below.
The flowemi s whie nd thoes
J lnch in diameter, borne ingly or
in mr ll clumrs in the leif ixihi
Seifpollinsfiem is pouibhe. but th
V SoeOLASEEpfg00 2

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