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Title: Let's restore St. Croix arboretum
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Title: Let's restore St. Croix arboretum
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Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: February 3, 1995
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
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Environment vmo..wi.serm se 17

Let's restore St. Croix arboretum
Tbeolhrinl I watched oto mp with a lage megrove the Deparputment of Aricalthue to
rboream of St. homxs wud- fort. Today, manmrove fam a th Depamoenflaeior.
cmcd oR"Face to Pm C- sill beud al yonr, sou
el 12. Maes Baiy i known for heaminu. OlIae In 1959. the Virin hnis
omrftopnann tutiflactd A>,,. _bio., *^1 a Program and Ic U&, F.
au h th word My loal i At w th he dill cDa Sevice mde itory of
e sarn them adm3 l lo mall] lt pond aed a 10w lend tuntiviqatat urmet tmm.
visos knmow of thi. 6r. Fmit ace an vegetable es t
B anI b I ws e =v ono ce pown te e and sold to 0t01linil Truee such as the banyan had
te Miaens Bay bch enoton- grOw to msoopprtoonm .
med. Howver, rpors inat that out
The bthmmn t e iiohlco ithed w r 4n the hills overlooking the ofthe l 12 o r
comerofhebeach.nthel 930 uiltam. gavabery, wild Isof th al .penimen tSl9 AftU.S. v 1
Athu Falrchild withthe belp of t npp Deparmet of Agiculture at ULkts6e e Ta m
horticulturist Alfonso Nelthropp be hod.Ho ver m eat Croix. L r
e Km*ed Mp m. F ain byl, he oboreBuma eglctelk d *"HlaC wu ueilecl 'la ony yn ,
wanwo sveler m S lbu Idmyofhehtn c did. The Thre alnrabout 157 diidivl heSt Croairxldtom wh sb
mypl *r dsbto l St. l plge wieto bulromhe lck tes and 57 different species of doedd the Anna's Hopl s had
Tlmaul t famdiono f oare.l d ntivevg ook arm mted dr the dinreaion of become s loblar Tmhi School
the arboett.m over. W. K Peay,ah b.iotulst. for oys.
A tinds of l es were played. May of the es that grow n As iln th Stomas arorem The arboretum once provided
S ach plants as Brili the arboetum ca not bee fontd oeswe ebro flhmmanytro Informatlon for reestablishing
AfduBmjnin ,o nowaer elueanSt.eThomeaS icalarea ofthe world. Timber, mahogany trees on st. Croix,
hlte.Ge rcmnunptleabu. [a I te laO0t College of radre lawnubber, fbllt d nt improving lad planinm rodside
etood G ood silk o ld the Virgin Isnds toopr ve C ee, tad other economic plants ne, improving tmd nthling un-
mawood, ustwooneftw. extension service with the oelp of aweablithd l tands, logging and milling
h aroubm it isaltom fr te YouthC mCvatCpsn. I 1924,15 d 1926, oh ovr-matumrddefectivce tree
many exotic palms such as the ad denir the buh from around eeo wee planted. Around 1928. End CrOimmeOdd lawindbit
oilm pa, Paeto oRic l the altrbatu. Ptty was mvanioned to ST. Thlwnu mmarmmel to many latow-
ph, p lm, F ilaBnd fat Today. lhe splt of coopa d mlud L H
tSto palm, Cy land comin itt ChioAMe took over the boretum on St. The St. Croix arboretm can
tplm, ple may mraeies.e u droM At thr t.ime, e Idea. becos a shomcase Just a the St.
91;2`211 Rony eClub, lr organizaiom, M ei thoem.tlats tret TmansrbemmdIa.
After Wold War II, Farchild schools atd individuals to help we cltsikd a native exoic,
decided to donate o e 50 makle tho arbaems a shw of fit iu. onamntals, tmber, ad a posealisi ,hi
plua to the pebple of St. Thomas OM. rolliaeOU pecie were also orofwhee.
and St. John along with Magens.- Toi7haero.eItenim aiof dmif
aybeach. UVI Cooperative Extension Se- On Sept.12-13, 1928; a hutel OlaD l..Wk hod a raO-
Besides the impressive smd of vice, tad Aubrey Nelthropp are bioi a. s a
Imes itn e t th e ayrboretumv tomahits law freed little injury. Between 1932, oagemea ,d.rem ecolo, "a
oncea mdan settlemmet. Seemm thbeatommwbneoitistoday. ad 1953, tbe Avolti Bxped St. Croix ecologist, acovis antd
ran from-the valleys down to But the arboretum at Magens met Stalion was trained frmn wrier.
Ma"a y. Bay is b coualy oie i i Vr.
Partof lh Mage Bayt m was mi Islg In 1923, oAe w elab-

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