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Title: Expo bridges cultural gaps
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Title: Expo bridges cultural gaps
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: May 14, 1993
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2 The .Oiy Newm. May 14. STS

Expo bridges cultural gaps
We Calb iev our that dae 9euldle
dilgmms .I.W =0 of cI,/..
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ly. WeAs 'bmi lmi Theirck
Geowlg uo,, St. Thomson D aue UASm.i Wer i".L
wa mare appreciaruAmddrica Sr. tocia As dh atardvelp.b
history. But very ttle Caribbe.n of de Windwa Ilalm-. ao
hiofyWe wagha in school durln myk dpea oa agiulazr. oud
an cd '1. Many VCrin ha Vir 5 ,nd oth iodustris.I n19 9. the
aiads orr hamd the Msmear land hiheved blde dmuam
owher Caribbean Islands. md edon. which Angsualla . Vines was the she of&
==Vadhumsrare and Siaes lsidcm doerinsia u lbe
As a muliwver the y mmay I Tbhisland's economy is based ertish tou over the island.
Shamb mAibo t her on production of lobass. mootl Wen ba became the mlea
..ondn. to the Virg n, -sla. SL o di hidmdi. 217W.t dm Mt wit
!omP thisetl was =nce produced sThe tourist esistance. hrom black Cariba.
ur em tear.'6we dt stPop o I tr I b oming wsg*w p dagssdima; acC--d d ad-
hblb and i or ot oato!n=y Comravlday
and sistera oa her h Aoahr atla s aAbe. Ir was Today. the Islad's economy is
lad n c dft-i news part of ther Kingdom of bted on agriulturelourism nd
me.ethesamb. Aub seonamomy (ais other is mlea.a l197i9 doi Island
W lld the dei because o. he hdrop In isleithi fpolhica indepens-
Cari bean. .ic .owi wCith we.. j mb a has Do mini c wh n mabmous C-lmo
S anthiuge.a bra tipi fed go al k elnomic Wlow bt b vdi I 1W3 was home tol
P M lmo albam pia T shoa mll To is growing a ay Carb jadlans. The flerce
pmbole brlao6thLolWoai other hinu& Camrib l s a" the PFanh kep
lc L ya Sven St. Martiis et de Virgi heb Bdihk from colonizing l es
Aio8 &"F. sNtheorlad i w tmoetm d r,,- l tdwi c Mu-ea
Aweb~lrMha.o W te thend ofs nch. nt la t ir en tb94 cnhe landlord.
Ca oibbim Cultmbus laid93 an sugr bcm e top t w lisd.S
somne r-y -;W2 islaods- ecIa. Tocsklygar is ha ndb bhriti. 8 bh
siltrere iIntb a i ai. zarbados w ctr. bed by tle Iasld urd ans,
8pl~ud'rt.od- oist9 av Iho SU1d Nhea iwe .arioly bein devel-
arm. crafit O bro is149& oped. W6. :!D declaredL
olher culture pesemaono and al/CS --h-13 Ilatds to be settled oi d mie an

ipensadi 0am planned. "b1814m
Which s sanv s l ITt Amwak/ IndlbieoColkmu
Cooraunithue Wes and I slua becamIe a majonrh o i fis 'visted rIm 1494. b Island
e b ac13d bm --ewse i by the Spanish.i
sealed by that ngish In. 16832. After Issads' economy. Today. mpa Is the. by tba Obdditia 1834brougb&
a bi period under th Patrchk te still Importane. but tourism and omaaip~ioat slaves. ia 1962. the
islands we again controlled by other fleus agro-nWG& NMvieI Mlnd achieved Indep ae. fae
Britain sting ia.1667. Africans padaemany agrcultural pro& I Tadft. acais economy

were b tothe Islandsc Aras is mdspdariCbeis aim

The book of Ac0 s 17:26 makes is
v d land nl Barbados wa settled by th andotersimndacu ie.s ,h
Onedposion. English in 2627. Suace ew to Trllad-1anT1d b~tao. where
I. to Barbuda abundancu after Dowrc plante ColuialWe laded In 149. we is-
iavd. independc from arived bon ra 1 17th led by Spaniards in 132. Thel
Bricta. Today-- tourism Is the p Sugar became Wang .ate Mack bchat rach and Mhe Brilash
lWoro coe~art. dis economy. eon'omoy. n 134 arn a mone v or tscho lands. ThM Brits
but nphlnlhnu a o payis = 1mpor' war bolhed i 196. lb.ilad.oA e obeglant1 i797. ln.1834.
tan role in the Islasecom wo independence. Today. For more inomanciption, .S~.g

~alrongi wO brlmecoomy vaiedrolw Sevtehhl-da Advelti-

School at n7"3. 5o.
Angulla- w&a coloeled by t he m and= oth ddawa. : lborerso nlaL Todacy.
Sridb i" 611 I6& SIR AM SL Lacia saw mon~sec cl..peO p A, arhculdreand
St. Kictcs. Nevis and the Vlr&l b = Mom by to DBridisa hoourir f nar setaor o then
land wamadone oalony. Dus- 1606 to 1636 It wan not until the economy of Trinidadad c g
Ing the 195Cm. Sai d Paris ia s8134 that rhain Indepmndent county.
formed a unit It W. Indian becaue this owne r ateth islan By Other islands tht wiO be epts.
seared as the expo ar the Virgin

The hook of Acs 1726 makes it

0o understand each lber.s we cua
appreciate each other's culture. It is
my hope tha this event will help
bridge culturl differences among
'he exp ;siAt. helps th church
raise money for scholarshipe.
For morm information. canZSL
Croix Seventh-day Adventist
Schoolftn Da .4.360..
Olarce doiw lit feda won.

So. Croi& f. gimar activist and,

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