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Title: Better environmental planning will help us all
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Title: Better environmental planning will help us all
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Publication Date: January 13, 1993
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MLCUo 4 Woo

Better environmental planning will help us all

In the 1990s we have been boar-
Ing tohe word envln'ooment more
ote Ibm durfg uay other time in
earth history. Wse read the word
environment in the newspapers,
hear it on television, see it on
bumpr stickers on vdles, print i
on T-shits, ad many other iems.
You know when God created
rs, lHe gave him the power to ra-
son ad make intelligent decisions.
Yet cvronmental decisions bave
bee based on mmow perspectives.
As a people, our very survival is
threatened by th shorsghtedness
of po envirmental planni in
the Virgin Islands. Thus, it is
imperative in these islands that
environmental be
based on sound planning to the
highest degree possible. On this
earth, all ving thig us depen-
dent on the environment because
ife had its origin t The variety
of life orm in existence ody re
desponde on thoe ptiular sets
of environmental conditions that
m*edthem forcrection.
Therefore, an depends his
atal enviromeat for food, heat,
water, msateralfrdoth& shelter,
and medadicn. This dependence
results in the modifcation of the
cviromeat. The degree to which
the natural environment is changed
determines the extent to which it
will be able to cotnudm to support
life. Although we have to eat to
live, the agriculture industry bhas
had a eat impact on the environ-

In 1990, the United States
cngres pat arm ll dat t t
course of American agricultural
policy. This farm i rages fom
agricltb l trdse, price of wool,
food stamps, food research, and
subsidy programs for farmers.
Thes programs however, will cost
tpsyer sof bilios of dohas
by the mid-1990s. However, tbhe
farm boll of 1990 go lm ch deep.
The farm wilo ineace faris
rcices withbb pofod itparS 'o
soil, wdlife, water, nd er ao-
nl reorces. Ao, the bill affect
the food we cat its safety, its
quality, ts pply, he price ad tie
availability of food to the con-
somer. This farm bill is a qIdmnak
for eaviromentalsts, consume
including the people of territories
underthe Unied States.
Ther are five .*r elmemnts n
this bil:
'L Susindble farming and con-
aer food cbhoisei.
2. Pstidde and fe ter redou -
,3. Strngthend d improved
enfocnent, kinakg fanm program.
4. Bovironmental stewardship
inondvs, as;
5. Research and education for
envoomntlyl~ somnd aicoh.
The American agriculture has
prospered foi years without little
regard to to e environment Today,
agriculture contributes a major


Ourw irune

problem to the environment uch
prelims as pollution of surface
waters, round water contamina-
tien, excedssiv use of postic',
loss oft wetands, and other l
resources that are threatened by
industry if dtp contin the way
they are. The tsme of thi yeas
agriculture ad food fair on St.
Cox Ikn iAgrl reand environ-
memtlcnasrvdo makle ases."
The local agriculture iadutry's
Iapect on the acnvbr met is ot a
extensive as that on the milald.
TIis is doe to de fat that there is
little cultivation of food crops on a
argue scale production. Some local
famers e peadctiides of food aoeps
on a lrespcale poddt bt not
on a larg scales other Caribbea
islands such as the Dominican
Republic, Dominica, or Trinidad,
aotroho. Howeverth livestock
industry in the Islands contribute to
enviromma doadation.
Too often some livestock farm-
es crowd too many animals into
small plots of land. This over-
crowding of the land by animals
cause sod esion which eventual-

ly affects the coastal marie on
meet. Pasture land that once-
blOoped with healthy gras is
dtroyed becs of por nupge-
mea practice by farmers. Tored
such problems, farmers should cut
down on the number of animals on
a given pasture. Also, animals
should be rotated every so often
k0m pasure topat
Since this year, the agriculture
.ad food fair is s g aricultur

and the seviroment. I hope this
fair will create imerest in fariog
and the eviromest.

Call 7780991 or 7780997.
Olaser Davis% ds hod a aos-
sr of ascedagree In rmWg n-
ageoant and f orstry ecology, Is a
St. Croix ecologist, activist aad




The Oiy NW,^JuMay 13, 19N3

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