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Title: Teach children early to keep our islands clean
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Title: Teach children early to keep our islands clean
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: July 29, 1992
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Teach children early to keep our islands clean
Oa July 6 1992,1 picked p pi lnthe Virgin Isads ned to l 'day. Atgala Ie goveramem is tb I to un covrommd ad o
thc St. Croix Avis ad rad itu teach our ch ad omed e peop. St. Croix is glagdy tr standpoint, there remala
hkadline. abgisisn the Vir- "Taina p a chd in te way hb for an aUleadlup whIe Np.h more be dooe'l keping
gia Island" boldo and, when he b old, b e O ee begins Friday t youhsdS. athse ands de.
When Moes cam dowa iom will not depart from it." says Da I :day for adults. al louffo f to Some of us fi a ralme as a
Mount Siasi 3.300 yea s ago, be Proverbs 22:. If we.heed these les up St. Croix will iuded people d b t Ios alomh the bi
could coiaM th basic rales of eim- saiple but pofond wor:we will :program called Adoipt *Mile. thtap that l comt, bas e i
cal khbviorabn his aore lcviroleaoieay co-ciop-psadodi& teas. :d e "bpo.Keaoftirsckn
with the ol economy severn boal keeplao these ad dca Our emvi rome nfe St Cromx Evironmeat. al rto som people as th
hudiredtimsluer and ie ath's because we'll tra ooelves and Asso hattoB alhedy bah put l eth. *, but this effort helps or local
biokphtee tormnlaed byoad ay- orchildralodoI wise. cr lita of re wh people ca coooy grow. s is too mh to
thin Moses would recoagnze, thi Te chllelne of spreading o .p..,, .,ng a .,. u, drop off dthir alamim ae mo be athe people o theViIslanBds

cal piopriety b a mo eoeaplcted
maoe today tha in his days.
As child, I wa t ut never
throw papers in the street or
aywberm ce for dMt mu r.
a grade sool. I wa tantl a
wso thI s oe es e Ilie thit:
Never be a linr bg. lway be a
tidy b. Evay maoreg wreo we
amlladdclm, we nqg dI wos
You know. that ng yed with
me *as tese yers. 1 m ood.-
aidous about not th mw ashu a
the street. and if do. my mrbd will
Mno rest unl I pick up ihe paper off
the stre.
I a a strong bellevra n edoce.
tik. Whea you ach a child god
vales in life, ae s times et of 10
td child ow up M8a cm-
ino peron in hls ema ly and
for thek caviMrao u wll
Alough Mow could cmt the
basic ulns of ccal behavior, e
is on ethical ahig m we a peo

prical om edl ehic is not
Bly to o'A s ad do's" buMl
oaovy moe eae of their ati ve
impotece, for Mt even the nost
dapicaaed amng ha s e li ... or
eanry to do emyth we should.
t is not my job, aa, to cloe up
Saviona but everybody's
joboc commrad l oT ays.
There i eavimoamatl po-
gm roam Amas called TU
Pde l Amcric." This mao dM
St Croix Chmber of Cooua rce
chode Oov. Deek M. Hodge at
coordinate b local the Pride ia
The goals of this local program
are to make all residdc aware of
the importance of protecting or
natural resouces ad to courage
every resident t display steward
ship ad responsibility toward pw-
ecingtI tieme lad houses.
This all-ou ffort to hkp these
islands clean ad green is the

-M peopl in thM lands il to
undeatand at the Virgin Islands
ocosOmy depends a dlea irad..
They coti o trash t place.
Our ovam. wch d s i ey t
peopleoftesltebisland ospe
million of doltrs every year to
leep tiec his des
people do no realize bow sri.
ou parbage disposal is I these
isltaad. We aow out our pbyag
every day ad do Mt car whee i
as p. Our landfills re g in to
th pola whea they cast he a
ay more garbae. Recatly, the
IEviemarm t Isol P etdo Ageacf
old this goverBmet if they do am
11their al t t e to
ra Sol ways t of
envileamm letally, iy will
=p tu a p iand aM against
dais gvonmeaet.
These are he kidsof things this
goverameat is faced with every

The challenge of spreading a practical
environmental ethic is not only to list do's
and don't, but to convey some sense of
their relative importance, for not even the
most dedicated among us has the time or
energy to do everything we should.

picked op for ecycl. toake pdde in thbee sd? I is
besedropoffdpoltsareDooi-. met ly a maat rfpide.bui the
no Club. La Rel Esso, Uttle ghtthng for a V isll adms;
Pi lesse Teaco, Roacs Texloa adv1is m.a.
Solitude Store, Rooltop, Boys and
GiObs Cls d de St. Coabs El-- l0 r DnDtvi*L-oh a m
roametal Aociatido. A mip of air ecimx lrVn lr am.
thea locucan be picked upst die emerstandowPeryifeo it
SEA office, or call 7731989 for S. Crolx ecology, ctivit and
moore fa dora. W .

Va O*Nm.*29y N 2. 1ur1

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