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Title: Nature turns up the heat, encourages conservation
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Title: Nature turns up the heat, encourages conservation
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: September 21, 1992
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Nature turns up the heat,
F ycm peoplaer havc debated eameaal P oa e C on l me
Sriooues orf l nomdi ad di ttimoaml odadey of Sd-
of the earth. The stakes in this acm bove estimated that the av
debae a exmely high. To r e e temiperalur could rise
ctits. the futof phlae earth between three ad eight degrees
does Onr look promIds. Oa pl Fahrenheit by the middle of the
Iransgressions have altered the oexl century, markig the earth
cvomeMc m Lo hobwe rwbe~~we wrm dcri at yI die h die pst
mei scanl drrtc cihenbweah- 10,0y0. Ourem
er pattern. Fnbrthemore, human If d is tue, climate changes
expansion on carth has rapidly oould have loal impliatio with ihere. WHun
changed the enviroamenst so that putais of the world cNjegtl a ao a 2ewii
ay oeciks oal l and l booa I riulture, while other s26l llio
-w=l b weaddcpaedonfrfood, partcbflheworldmp diter. diidei.
shelter ad cldothng ae become. MIchael bte at anc d only half i
ingeianct. tiwihtho EwlbmavomnllDefeae _rab d b
Today,. he debate counties PBd, says, "we knew b at ceaj iht bo in
ano scanicst whether lk lhe a-l gases lp best. and that hoao ONaa decl
boie ase rallylu ve adverm akividiesro ddl iDomofdicam rmeual. am 1b
effect on global climates. The tloi atmbhere"e diSppSar
aootbyio lo a itl crtin La us not fotgtlt the mri e natma l
a could wamn thc earlhs (r eeoalsodkaecMt ba beea bef- Istads It is
ace Is nothing mew. In 1896. a cial lo life on earth. You kBow, so e C t m
Swedish clemisi Svalt Anr ales, whe God created this eath He oen the existe
lked etlereahoeseeff, knew exactly whm He was dob. Caled 60 anl
He discovered that "brom of mmtre, everthin h t pr As apeop
coal. oil and natural cold pose. However h ed that the liha
eventually raise enough cart tha n hoba bnaUoifeda hi acv oxo l.yecrwe
dioxide to warm tbhe clh. This tiesem ear. level of randatic
dcb the o I grelme gases also Blaning forests fossil ruel, arh. For mileot
has implications politically and itrous oxide front fetilizes iand ia biliadma.e,
socially. Some oftl asked qoes- smelm fa ri poc d all C. iog down ofl
ions ae: Should we recw cflo trerdai ob e ebon effect system d, poa
to control population growth ad Auwmobiks and adotrial pro- This che i
ow chhould we Mcrly fail tha bn oil. caL ,d pan- bringamtrop
i I b..lioepoduce e gremD i t- ini theP p .
The Uiited Nationsm lnter-o- of enorp M n esMo te m o- wehcear wbtin





encourages conservation
s b _______ c wlh. b not qo l typhon wo learawadk
whe the rate of slia ct ad en by an earhquke, setti off
S ocher disoses are hh. On the tid lves ta* flooded dosa d
OCr oberband, weoea e to fou l or- mtwaistal tibe coal area.
Damis e*vest hawe as do a we plee Attheedmaeae Clnawihll
wi tlnaviro m with a killer n smorm d took oew
_______ I the 1970's, some scientists thm 52 lives and I te coaiy o
,-id dl o KOOBm anoA d Soml l thlmuands of people an
WMlaa b ci/eirinpa.HTyM&Mcgllhil fttio du&Lh Kink Hawa
ttacin mad chemicals culled wa devai byaso
activity release choroIocaboa had Ite cp- So far, we ere in the Virgin
iteity rof Car ability of roeleian saes In the Ilnud have been spared. Yoa
iwtohoic cod whic dda da oknw. moat people k th Vblis
at esI ady complicated roicton of aes bbad do ac cue bol the tni-
s Ft much can h l tb e detctiac ofl h moment. Many time, we take
Sad ats. oM bya things for gasted uinl it ib n
ie Vib rlds Three years ago, Hurricane hreny moe
aoeslo dhe eavi- Ho hndevamd the Vlrkbsland. One dt, I cme laas a C
rn MPeso Te me, have we forgMte? Wt e pmroverb midyou e
ce of tre and cased such a destructive hin- thinking a year ow secd HIf
arnuoditad e a ne eAssmaorofKfac, Cdeals yo are thiakisng te years ao,
exageratono0 pdiaed k there will hbe ar plata te.tfylaol a thfl i N00
6=sar depMds i eka inbd199Manad byand yea make people wae.
of alhinsdld the year 2.000. Tbe Bible even phala ee yo wl hlve 10
men- ioeMdialtIbnte lat days thesbmfl. Wiy 6g h dmi mof pen
Sunderstand will be more sign Is nre thu pike, yow hvmO 100 fl."
depletion o f steriellmbegladtofltif Too often we talk too mocL
>id increase the Today, we ae witealg a e I about doing someath for these
to reach plae l in atmure froaenhqua blnds. Lad sdcints debate o
, nacouldrmk tie, a-n mie va s obe Ieow effect. Mewhie,
mcebor.tbemak- puof tewordd.Tis arldoae we should plant tres In those
hlman aimmne w winesedommany astip l.h a bbsa reda global wmin .
>ly.debh. Hncuane Andrew devasmtedn oah Oloser Dri eh howia maw
clidmae wll alo Florida, Loaisna and the orefdciorreeJknm Ae tme-
smuch me ofted Bahamas, cnsrg death asd bB- iam anfw a oy mr beI
Soaeoa ls of dollars in damage. Te S. Crox eclogi ctirst a
sascareeneu island of Ouain was hit with a wrh.


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