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Title: Let nature control her own pests
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Title: Let nature control her own pests
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: April 29, 1992
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The Dy NewsWednesday, Api 29,1992

Let Nature control her own pests

A fewweeks ago, I wrote as
article entitled Or ic gardenin
helps environ L" Mahn people
since then have been asking me
what natural pesticides'one could
usetomcoirolbsoap~a s.
Old hom me dis for keeping
insects out of the garde are being
rediscowednow tat modem pes
ticides are becoming suspect as
being enviiron tally dangerous
dl is so e i lnste as o longer
Evna.tody, modern adicltal
scientists have found scientific
basis for may of the old customs
faeras used yens ago to control

For example, galic as peti-
cide is good. It has bee in ut
since early Egyptian days Dow
through the yea, tb folk tndi-
tiomns hnre ali t he beI lief at
prlic does may good things for
y. Recetally scientists have pin-
pointed li's active principle in
eallyl sulfdes found is bulbs of
ie oion plants. They have found
ithardicooobtm i o larvae,
aphids, tomato hornworas,
grsshoppes and potato eeles
Garlic sprays are easy to nke
Henm artwo dpes.f Pic pep-
icide. Pit te doves of garlic,
one edim chopped onion and
two iof waler aibsoder, and
bl ood fom Add twot le
spoon sof bhotd ppal t Sp
u24 msm d aitn duqMfleuk

stDockiag Dite with five cops of
For the other recipe put in a
bleder two does of gali tho
hot peppers cut p, threetble-
spooesopd dde. or lek ild
Sand lf cpwaler. Blend
Oe to two misla ad Id teepfor
24 bistrais and adooe table-.
spoOn Msotp poldracnotdldelr
etdgu ndilte with ee cops o
Pepper is another kithen rtelme
dy gardeners use to control such
peisu as bck coal beiaeles nd
coe boe. Use hee tabspoois
of gound pepper in dinr cups of
boiling wler apply i as sooai
a it is cool tr add two talb
spoons of soap powder not
SatergeS -4oeelpleP6 97ta 0i
le old tie fBms in de Vir-
gin Iands hIkw spraying war
spidertlhand~8lil co
bisti tesoewimhpoL ou fi peS*
pessisdtddnpro bblespoosoafso6

soap to one gaon of water and
spray gin.
Mites also ca btreated wit a
thr percent oi spay of water and
mineral oil, a 3 pcait slfur dut
ra sluy made frm onpoud of
flpur, one-half cup of bIoternilk
and five pions of water. Ptsis o.
ca g pbnt las can be spr yd
wilh oe aoIe of sal dissolved in
oegallo owatr, ot yoshould
avoid spraying op il soil cilus
ktringieds,abaperialdisemd wl,
control worms Do plants sc as
cabWe lopS, loeao mwom,
To maknosh spay to co-
trolpests, pit a huadful of al
leaves thiugb ajoacer to aukmO
cp. You thi add eight cups of
ater siad o tblespoon of man-
starch Strain ad use to control
black spolotrose plans.
Yo can also boil two cups of
the stems and cut-ap leaves of
tomatoes in two cups of water.
Cbl,strain.and dilate with four
cup of water. Selanisis a effec-
tiveprinpe inod t leavs.
Another oduct nature p de
is tansy. Tasy is a strong plant
leaves. As a aual pesticide, it
cools ans, cabbage woms and
spidp. Nicotiare ipra also are
safeifxaidt r abbqp lts.
Use cgrette btts. ask gar
and, pipe ashe to ase te. Or

sha k ketobaccod s dus h cee-
cloth onto i ted plans. Please do
not hi le i
lia coventional botanical pe-
ticides available commercially are
alsove.igfofih tmeo stCoorOmr
are pyretlum, rotenone derived
from derris, and ryania derived
fromaSoalhAm dicanpla
A mixture of s three called
Triecel is available fro may
garden centers on the'maiiand.
This pesticide is aef for many
pests even on grde vegetables.
However, allow several days to
elpes beoM harvest and wash ie
laws i anmyb idt e is lef
In modem arictlk a system
called integrated pest a nagep ent
is an ecological approach to pe
curoL M&iogh it he remcdis
are not sed on large scale for
agriculture production, this sys-
tem's bask framework builds on
~al cont mls
These might include mop rota-
tiodlate weather, nual pa-
sis and predaors o control petr
plants. Pesticides may be sed spar-
However, to kelp protect the
Virgin Islands eaviiomenat, try
ecologically sma d ome rmdie
in yor gard

Oke Dims, k UhailsaM
Wgetmif i*&qs1PW W
obc!dbs^^S! c~fa^^yb
^(^ti~wdh~mfisr iwl

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