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Title: Guavaberry disappears as forest destroyed
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Title: Guavaberry disappears as forest destroyed
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: December 30, 1992
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The Daily News. December 30, 199

Guavaberry disappears

as forests destroyed

The Virgln Istands at oon time
was truly a. vircan. The story goes
that one time these slands w~re
covered with forest. During the
colonel per-od. much of the oress
wab.uraed of 0 for 6gaymaie.
Nonetheless. there are some
foress la th neorthwestrom part of
St. Coix o n heoe slope at
St. ThomasA. and in Iaro areas -e
the national p-rk 0 SL toon Such
place as Caledonia aod Croquo
dam are eIample of bow St." Croo
sed to look durn the island aee-
loical development.
SIna forest ecosystem, there M a
large number of upeClos of shrubs
Or male to tres that grow under
large trees. One tree that used to
=ow In a abundaece under .-orest
floor In these lands wai the
guavaberry tree. Ouavaberry
tat xrow wild moey on hmsdO e
Today, theb trees are hard to
flod baemse of ibe domresntlon of
Ar a ttle boy. i ued to go .hb
lag up in tbe h lEs M.ans Bay
beach area on St; Tho. as with a
fied. We used to eat or bealy full
of guavaerriiea. Tadlo anl in thbe
Virgis Rlandd, guavaborries .re
harvested by puttlng as old bed
heet derthe tree to collect the
berrles as someone shakes the
banhof thea branches.
Of couan. guavabhay l used. to
make the traditional Chriatmoa

raise durtag else ts, berrarm =
liqueurn t bhe V n alBdaa. Te
tasty hub coataina vitamin C
ThIe lowers orf th lso u ator
sometime mmd MaY or JS
However imattle reddi-bh s or
wase-yesolwr in adoir aad. ripe in
tbe atll 'A va with everythn7s s o
nature the repodainmot tosx orf
the development of te flows. ad
tbe fruit. Local farmers have
Sobherv ed that ene Set lo of
ai durin thoe fall. berrl are uin
abuin ro Out oo much rain oan
cau berries to fall off the trees.
However, little research has
beeo done on guavaberry. Thus,
SeavSing uav berry a mys terou
=oCedsh the wro ra tgo grow it
oca-. May People. hve trind t6
propaata s guvaberry by noeds orW
tratplnte young seodtinsie ith
littler uooor ^ few year ao0 a
scientit s me Franoesca SWSib war.
Studying the reproductioa of
She ound out that the sunaoem of
guavaberry m may depend on uains
moitt orl frbsh saeed ad aoil ftom
under the mother plant. She further
asted that the protectiv= seed coat
l. fraOile and does not withstand
storf or dryinga ut. 'ThIs will pro-
hibit the seed from germination
The *oil under the guavabery
tree oaessiAn ual that interact
the m room- by enabling tho roo
to absorb ntrients. TIhuu. suecea
may depend on taking young plaCs
with soll from under the mother
plant. Oecar- ienry. a V.. farmer.
has had access by planting seeds
or plant other a company "
In these Islands. gxuvsberry


es row bettor oa slope *nd in
rocky Sil Mare. Ample mooituare is
imaportat for tree growth; thab's
why tees irow bet under forest
floor wero better t. provided from
the su. 'Venation is also impor-
tant fCor su O T se trees. bow-
ver. grow Vry slowly* taking fSv
to 10 yams to bear fruit. Ooion-
l*, tisamo are infested with fruit
fias. leavri tbh brrsles wormy.
Remove debris and rotting veWea-
taio ban mIed the ~ rea.
TradtilonUy. early Chrustm
moranin people go door to door
ia injgl. a ood mornlng..ood
morning I cm for my gusvbery.-
sRm., wins. tarts. and other
p-awrv rm mare do pO Suavb
Ty- local pooplde avamberry ti
hatbo brisk in thebr C ri amas sprt
Thisi Christaes spirit, Powever.
Cooa btac fSxiar whbn slawv uoed
to make guavaborry 'rum. aad
ehnppedr berrni of wa to Denmark.
No.t yon pte island of St. bMrdin
- tem t dinel pm.. o
Merry Chrl tas-r and e appy
New le r to rll theb ramentr of
ndhto betad. R odow d two nte
iry oad r ohrai.r o=d N ooopert
tdv SxteaSion Serviac. Biaone
ASlls ars a etionr eax-tnl o
Slienoe' Onevebarry Prr-

vil ny 4-0olo0 T78-0246.
WOas berri, well. hout drseed
Add boarrri and ugar to tate wit
aoeA rr water fo the pot to cover.
BrH i o-iA boil, then simmer on
daiom b-eat. Add -cinnamon.
dotrv evaola etra, ct.Add mora
water SS d t-lcheus too oa .
Or add more sugar to tilclmen to
make p=0e0rwu tor om
flarche tuSiUV TradUlsens
USae a fve-gllcoa -'tmmy John-
bottle if possible. or divide the
batch nto smaller bottle. Put cin-
namoO Stick, prues. cralsins, vanilla
beans or extract. sugr go and
=boat irveI Od d ofwarasod berries
unoookd into bote. Add smartoed
varieties of bdaniohoewl wine* to
bottles. Determine the amount of
wine to be used aocording to the
volume of berries. Cook bottle* and
put In a dark place for a couple or
yoars before u"ing. Stain lquid
while pouring. For funther intorma-
tion on bhw to make uravaberry
Dresrvs ootact the 3exeoMnion ear
vico by jt-OW or 778-0246.
O4s- MDewvf wwh hAldrs a rnr-
-. jacitm-cA dgrVw iM rogf Onfn-
*geWmt oand forestry co4o". is .
St. CroLw ecologist. acavisrt ad

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