Group Title: Olasee Davis articles
Title: Vegetation reduces ecological disasters of erosion (July 24, 1991)
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Title: Vegetation reduces ecological disasters of erosion (July 24, 1991)
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: July 24, 1991
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
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Vegetation reduces ecological disasters of erosion

Aly land covered by forget,
ir aops or was p b fs Vi4
imso peotdiId oma hy rih
whe k flls. 'Ie roud coer,
cb a haves ad oer aiei
mailsf* l te fboieut, bhk sad
erSeps SSeby reduce roff iad
ecases.-the amont of rainahrall
SU arrhm, nwd ob a
eatering th sodi, splmishingst e

I s f plbu. d d )e lopea i
the Virgim Islands erosion is
become a commoA sig, eve
doeh alnes.
May ofu d not mralie tt
omid is oa biggit eouem
d pralm.ib 1 CdMasin de be
wkhe cIarued i iam's CO'a
lWOc B pmeu mSe poI
lha our shourli, ardes Ike
sot"ic ad rCadoml vaU of
the wlaer, carries away large
IamOets of topsoil, aUd levW
betid oobu rocky pad tes b
kheporI te rcslcl 01 da N
inamMplbamtoftha de
Pbermore, version picks p
hIn nm sef o0 mivejs 0 id sp..

d Iamm, dupArh thO a Ud
thistelg public ha and the

caioa h (k Virsle asi e
acde. IThey mas fm l dear-
ng luo get r d M for develop o
me N-puecmriyo te qislopes
sad coal as us- and It s

f at plbnd puopl, t pie
seat sbdiving o S. ix ah ai
fort eas ad e fi6kcal devel-
opmenal throughout tk' Virgis
Mbland ica minEm deaoc
dion to lad ad miris if. bRd
bek Oa slep Sopes Ie a equl
ly gel or en eater impact o
he eavkiromeatas toad bulk on
I obsr that may arod laid
aoss moutalmos ares in ihe
Vigs Mluds m Ic th Nrtical
bek tha doug ad die don-
hIa, as i rious Wai It
seem t hardly ay new mod
il mow hm av any god gineer-
p OW adeq atly e d o d ,
padi tirc e I y d
10t*8 rl ^^A ^^
nDewmK8-Co bv R lOD

Years a, we hadly d may
flood ing, temsc o walk woid
follow its ural coimea Water*
Davis v soak sp the runoff ad bring it
ndeiipnm4 whe it kiso mst be.-
cki 'Ibdy, hower, may the
Our UbmeRMN fer werways as plugged up
by Ir r filled im by dovlop
mas, o y a elpr can bdale
esommeo( saSleal et di the flow of water. Thei n, flood*
iaon l orpgs s dsiddes mr. ig amd aaiod occ er ,ye
beig d.caed detoyed =amd rcas
of beag ap after fods,ae As'a peop, we a wrbe Ikalm
balkrwided 1 to ow legislator. lo elp ptrose
or few mianig wedds f(to
We need to ats meceamis delopmet. Wetlands, inclEdis
Md procedoesto prevet ftre sa poMds ad mUipoe swuMps.
maUn-ade crosion ja tie Virgi a eIlrnl potecti blels fol r te
Ilud. Fo eery development, a.
priva or public, adt will enal These small pond collect fresh
com onead delr oi d p g of waier ruofwt alow sd i
land, a esvlroomeatl-Impact ad slit to title out rahr tha
report -ot a enirommetal- cawr therd aiftadly Eer
mat rpOu-ouultdesub. 6 d' hd d u cuk mot u on d o
aiubed Abtkough ahiromsal watr, helpis keep beaches ch.
m rsm po rt a re d biy Many of or alt ponds
law, Ido aot bei Hby ly rs bom dep tyndta dly oop
eacti at pe aWaig roio d ban.L Ttm prd coa d p
W her m ro P . eaed oded asW o .w..A"ding

im oe ae As wit salt poeds,
dpa al sevam a a cUlor

biaNg de I& isT~oVgin
Madr cu rad.c Peoriol
Ie BC lays 10comman-
-mi fur a o fBw. W.C. Low
demk, fomer asista chief of
the Soil Coeservatioa Service,
dded 11ia cmmadM WIom
bhe u Mm skia fepaul 6a
fields froe erosion, thy living
-wanO o yfgaandty for.
em fom ddo d protect thy
boI bmu oveai i bythy hed.
Ifay u fal iad b s adaip
Ct eb Ndt" Iy Ou lfl dlds l
becme Crile, y r poud and
wasting rlies, ad ty desces-
drats shall decrease and live ia
n b It a embody leb's job to
pooct ou mad uermoun, b is

Ob e n4S oum how r mc -
o.r of cim depr has m runm.
IVf lUnd~y WbAS U 18
eSL r a.Wfo5Wru cKuls, W e d
St. Croi ecogist acdvist ud
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