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Title: St. Croix rainforest on endangered list (June 8, 1991)
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Title: St. Croix rainforest on endangered list (June 8, 1991)
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: June 8, 1991
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Tk SLoikAvS~urday,Jeo08, 1991

St. Croix rainforest on endangered list
By Olasee I. Dav is We know very little about the Incredlblyoomple. tnter-related
mechanims of atmosphere. ctlmate. and plant to reolve such
confllctingtheorie. Idoknow.however. f large are modlflc
tons occur in the rainfot area on St. Croi by subdivsion
Not vey long o. ha Virgin Iland were covered wth forget. development, there wl be a algficant change In the getation
The slnds' fort seemed Inahaustlble. a ro easoably rea ecology which afects the br ytem ofthe whole forest ecosystem.
newable. Today.tisalltooleur.ttinot. ThmnlnfoetonSt.Crolx We can learn. however. from countries such as Brat. where
Is threatened by subdivision development. The northwtern cutting rest not only reduce rnfllocally. but also fects the
sectiofSt.Crolx sthelbsttandoesecondarygowth fort. nTh unnaturalspredofdesertinnearby countries. uch Peru. If
rea also receives the most rain thus avinge most potential ue this subdivision becomes a more common site tn the rainfrst
for storing large bodies o fresh water for public use. areas of St. Crox. thn the area might become drier. It ws Plato
Needess to say. we n the Virn blndm continue to wrench who said that what'compared with what t was. our land is like the
treeafromthegoundordestroythelrenvionmentand.whatherfor skeeton of a body waste by diease. The plump soft parts have
reason o pressing mmedate need or for gred. the destruction of vanished, and aB that reman.ts the bare carcass.
St. Cro aranforet be atragedytoSt.Crolxstourt industry. Asa people we must understand. the removal o tree usually
not to mention the benefs t has for reeldents of these lands. demonstrate bowesentialtree are-or ha been-asguardlm of
It sad factthat ewpeople tn Vir lands.whetherthe the environment. Thu. the Virgn land'foretland. particularly
local tler of the sod or the modern entrepreneur, have any rel on the land ofSt. Cro, afeguard the od on the teep lopes of
rerd for theenvronment. Ifthis trench ofubdvislon continues hllsandmountalnswaterhedswheretreshavether*oure.
In the ranforest area on St. Croa the whole forest eosystem wil Cut the forels, down and our soil Is wabed away thus landslide
beloetfor r. Teblolo0calenvonmentalproceeoftherainfrest occur. Forthosewbodotknot w.Itttkeathousandyearnobuid
ecoystem with its diversity of plants and anmnl specee will one Inch orp so
become nothing me than another oncret jungle. So as the raminf water rushes Into our gut (which cannot
Even softhe i eenbouse letneve matertallt.chang in contamithe oddendonalugh). ovwplB taoccur.Thus.when
the planetary abedo caused by deforestation and desertilcaton the loods eventually subsld there can be lobg periods when out

mayupetteaperaturecontroL Loasofifrest causelosofdloud gutlaedy.l
cover. whichacountsforthreequartersof alalbedolue. We W 9elcMhbl
cannot afford toloe tree because basTcalcywhavead ydaMt.
thu removing lge aa of fhrt chage tbh rain I bloepb
system in the Virn Ilands.

LIST. Frm Page 7
long periods of drought in the
VIrg bleands which dimish
our water supply.
T1e Atoy of the Gardenof
actertstei of man' love for his
envrnment. From the Africa
"he7 of LUf to the-reek col-
umna our architecture. arts.
artifacts. and poetry all reflect
thedeepimpressionwhicih ow.
er and folige make on the
human consciousness. Such
appreciation s a luxury thus if
we do not protect St. Crox'e
rainforest. then we wi lose pert
of our heritage hat took place
thousands of year to develop.
ronmentilst. His opinion does
not necessary reflect that ofhs
employer, the University of the
Virgn Isands Cooperatve Ex.

forbmsi~UmYamIs Tihjre." .e

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