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Title: Native plants depended on us fo their survival (October 18, 1991)
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Title: Native plants depended on us fo their survival (October 18, 1991)
Series Title: Olasee Davis articles
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Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: October 18, 1991
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F2 The OdiwDs, Odbw 18. 1I1

Native plants depend on us for their survival

Whik in Dals a few years Io
I worked a pating and uelror
decoratio company a general
matgelr of ladscapig. Dri~
th line a bw was passed ith 75
pentc of the d used for bd-
scapig sites were developers
plaacd to build should be antiv.
Why should we o native p
in the Virqi Ishlads for ladscap
ing? Why should we preserve
Kive plas?
here ar may rmms for pe-
sevni ( ia plant Some e sco.
powl, connectd with how plahs
founkio i ecosystes.
Exincdon is bhe uhima clus-
irophe for species. Species are
produce of dt sads o even mil-
lions of years of evolution. Oace
:specr are k replacemeat is so
slow tha o thd e hl m time scak
secnas if t does occur.
Other e other can trouphs as
well. Ecoystems need mot jus a
few plant species but adequle

numbers for ieraction. Rarely If
ever do we know what populatio
lev is essay. bl owr owl-
edge of ecosystem tells us here
s sbea kee fa ora ec pecies.
Moreover, for survival of a
species, especially in tropical c
maues, bod vacation Ib e gene
pool mst be maintained. Nive
plas do much belr in te Viarn
Islads atm ipord one bcmue
they are in the environmenl In
which they have evolved for touw
Another meas for preserving
oive plants is people. Homo sai
cos, the species we belong to,
deservedly or m is a strap M s
ber of our ecosystem, thouh we
may no ackowlede or eve so-
lbl we depend o other specie
for food, seller and medicine i
well know. Ho i is ot so
wel know that we e alo ply-
chbologcally dependent on other

ovr the iSied bec the plan i
able adept Id all type of sols
aiddimaCniC tionm .
am Because of anpkiddevelopose
OiDav we K lokdri muy utit pluo
s peci. Moover, m lol mo
ais tdo o sll ative plans
Native p t ost hts mal e-
OWr ~elaa utI. Alsk o ive plaum and kms
mmwater and imcticide. Some import-
species that mke our sou p ed plants might die because they
familartos. cu adaip tlo oawls.i eKfhe.
a dong tht, plates give i a a t m eae to protect ad pre
sases of prolectin, comao o pea sr Mour tiveplas.
eva lspiraism t h ieus of Native phl r emsuc i and-
the i rdiveeypli conriM e to scapif i such seutup a hotels
owarh ddihL and bes Tbis I on way to pe-
May times people ask m aveMlive species
which pl Ky shold plat. My Because we have only a few
Osuggesio depedoa ea the ae phplants Divion of Fish
pamteslivina, thsotyps andih and Wldlife, A Univiy of l he
eavroeat. For example, cacti Vkr biids Coopeative fExt
pgow wedl oal eisidedf. sion Seice ad others have pt
oixbecUseo f hebo wlnfaL ltoather alsoflrea d plant
Ol the other had,or laricorial and saMil sped of the Vkli
flower, GOier Thomas, grows i bIlads.

If ay vegetatlo has to be
removed for oCuntc dm or ay
other rmo pople sould ma
se that thee a o aa denied
phat oa lae d O a coM ct
he Coopoerativ n Seion SeviMe
and 1theDept"loOfPbaag and
NlWal Resors for information.
btm is a law ba the Viir Mds
Ow to project eadared pl
We Msoet ceIkr his poace
lnegmircl t iWhaislfor
tbe preservatio of a species.
Nodays, people nthey i red o
see a pticul plant gq i a
cam ue b ol ol myor. For
tekir mil, mde plwas dea
oa us amch a we depend on
Okm Da* abo holds a mo
Oiralb IeftwiMtrnia
qusmor"a condfirvtls i s I
St. Croi e.oloisl, atMsvi ad




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