Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Joseph Edgar Thomas
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Joseph Edgar Thomas
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Joseph Edgar Thomas
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Subject: Thomas, Joseph Edgar
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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A Cefe6ration of tfie Ce of

Josepfi Egar gfiomas
Xh rci 31, 1912 Octo6er 15, 1995

Xon jay, Octo6er 23, 1995
John Thomas Memorial Chpel ... 9:00 9"30 am
Christ Church Methodist... 10:00 11:00 am
Christ Church Methodist... 11:00 am
Officiants: Rev. Joseph Lloyd,
Rev. E. Dunstan Richardson
if e .Ji! (,4 Western Cemetery
St mos,Y.1

Joseph Eawari TAhomas

Joseph Edward Thomas, affectionately referred to as "Pappy" by his
children, was the fifth of eight children born to Margarett Ann and James
Thomas, on March 31,1912 on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin
He attended Primary School in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin
Islands. Upon his completion of his schooling, he became an apprentice
and learned the trade of tinsmithing. Through his own initiative, he
acquired the skills of carpentry, masonry and cobblery. Among other
skills that Joseph possessed, he was adept at farming. Consequently, he
became a self-sufficient young man, and later, an able provider for a wife
and children.
In addition to the many skills that he acquired, he was an accom-
plished saxophonist.
Joseph was the father of twelve, the eldest being Eldra. One son and
two daughters were the product of his first union to the late Esmie
Brathwaite. Four sons and four daughters resulted from his marriage of
January 18,1945 to his surviving wife, Iris Thomas.
Joseph and his family migrated to the United States Virgin Islands in
the early sixties, a time when the building industry was at its peak, and
made a significant contribution. After several years of self-employment,
he entered govenunent service where he worked in the maintenance
division of the Department of Education until his retirement in 1979.
The activity from which Joseph derived most fulfillment was his in-
volvement with his Church. He was a devout Methodist and was in-
volved with both Christ Church Methodist and Wesley Methodist for
many years. His active participation included membership in Wesley
6:30 am and 11:00 am Choirs, the Wesley Brothers, and the Men's Fellow-
The impact Joseph has made on the lives of those with whom he came
in contact, including members of his family-in-Christ, has been tremen-
dous. He was a devoted husband and father and excellent provider, one
who instilled the importance of moral and ethical values in his children.
He was a congenial, kind and soft-spoken individual, one whose person-
ality was of such that it attracted others to him.
After a brief illness, Joseph left his earthly home and
now rests in the arms of his Heavenly Father. He
will never be forgotten by those who loved
St T him dearly. Sleep on Pappy, take your long-
SJ1E deserved rest

Order of Service
HYMN ...................................... How Great Thou Art
EULOGY ...................................... Dr. Linda Thomas
SELECTION ........................ Wesley Brothers, United Sisters
PSALM 23 ......................................... Congregation
SELECTION .................. Wesley 6:30 am and 11:00 am Choirs
SCRIPTURE READING: Romans 8:31-39 .......... Brandtford Adams
SCRIPTURE READING: Revelation 7:9-17 ................Ivy Creque
HYMN #535 .................. From Every Stormy Wind That Blows
THE GOSPEL ................................. St. John 14:1.6,27
SELECTION ................................... Men's Fellowship
SERMON .......................... Rev. E. Dunstan Richardson
HYMN #422 .................................. Blessed Assurance
RECESSIONAL HYMN #634 .............. Will Your Anchor Hold
3fymns at ttie Ciurci


Iris Thomas
Joseph Thomas, Jr., Elmo Thomas, Kenneth Thomas,
Roy Thomas, Milford Thomas
Eldra Thomas, Elvera Brooks, Muriel Thomas, Beulah Thomas,
Cynthia Trotman, Jenice Thomas, Angela Thomas
Lauren (Lnda), Linda, Molina
Anthony Brooks, Ernest Trotman
Mary Smith, Ismay Edwards, Ivy Creque
Henry Adams, Mario Adams, Ottley Adams
Brandtford Adams

26 Grandchildren, 21 Great-Grandchildren
5 Nephews, 10 Nieces

Kenneth Thomas, Roy Thomas, Milford Thomas,
Harold Thomas, Anthony Brooks, Ariel Smith

fonorary Paiw6earers
Joseph Thomas, Jr., Elmo Thomas, Mario Adams,
Henry Adams, Ottley Adams,
Brandtford Adams, Ernest Trotman,
Hugo Vanterpool, l-
Harry Freeman,
the Wesley Brothers h l

Sfie tast an .Xost Xemora6(e vacation
It was the Summer of '95. What was planned as a brief trip to attend
the wedding ceremony of his granddaughter in New York, turned out to
be a month's vacation described by Joseph as "Most memorable."
While in New York, he enjoyed many happy hours with his two
daughters and grandchildren. He also savored the moments he shared
with his son-in-law. During that time, he also visited with a cousin on
Long Island whom he had not seen for several years.
After ending his New York visit, he traveled to Virginia to join his
daughter Cynthia, and her family. What Joseph described as the high-
light of this trip was his visit to the White House where he met with the
President in the Oval Office and was permitted to photograph with him.
His visit to Virginia also provided him the opportunity to travel to
Canada, a trip of sixteen exciting hours. Sights of interest in Canada
included Niagara Falls and Botanical Gardens. His fascination, however,
was his visit to Toronto Skydome where he enjoyed a game of baseball
played between the Toronto Blue Jays and the California Angels.
Travelling back to Virginia took him to Coopers Town, New York,
Baseball Capital of the World and home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Returning home, Joseph had much to share with his fam-
ily and friends. He certainly had a memorable vacation,
one that has left special memories for his wife,
Iris, who shared it with him.

Dear Joseph... We have shared good times and bad times, but we
struggled together. This is most evident in the eight lovely children we
raised together. You will always be a part of my life; it will be difficult
without you, but I know that you'd want me to be strong. I'l concentrate
only on the happy memories I hold of you.
Fond memories of our last vacation will linger in my mind. It was just
three months ago that we returned from a trip which took us to New
York, Virginia and Canada. Our visit to the White House was the "high"
point as we both posed for photographs with the President I'll think of
this vacation often, and remember you.
Dearest, you have fought the good fight. You have finished your work
on earth. May your soul rest in peace.
Your wife, Iris

Pappy... I love you very much. Yesterday when I heard you had
died, I started to cry because I didn't want you to die. No matter where
you are, you will still be with me. I miss you very much.
Love, amila

Pappy... I'll always remember you. We've shared some very special
moments together: hours of enjoyment filled with love because they were
with you. Now that you are gone, I'll cherish those moments in my
heart You have taught me so much, how can I forget? I love you Pappy.
Rest in peace.
Your daughter, Eldra

Pappy... You are gone but not forgotten. Fond memories of you will
linger with me forever. You were so strong. There were so many of us, it
seemed; yet you made caring for us seem so easy. You taught us all so
much in your quiet way, and that has made all the difference in our lives.
Thanks Pappy, for your love and guidance. We have loved you in living
and even more in dying.
Roy and family

My Friend
Beyond the earth's sorrows, the joys of heaven
s Beyond earth's shadows a glorious dawn;
Beyond earth's battles sweet peace unending
SBeyond earth's sunset in heaven's morn.
S To be with Jesus is the sum of all happiness.
Ivy Faulkner
^p r

Pappy Our Beloved ... It's hard to accept that you are gone. iou
meant so much to us. We cherish the thought, however, that you will live
on in our memories. We are grateful for the time you spend with us only
but a few months ago. We will not sadden those memories by grieving
for you, but will smile every time we think of you. Rest peacefully father,
Vera, Muriel and family

Pappy ... You were so very strong, loving, and yes, hard-working.
You provided for us well Your life was an inspiration. Your motto was
"lend a helping hand." I will miss you greatly.

Father... Your life was long and prosperous. Though you encoun-
tered many hardships you were never deterred from providing for your
family. You have been my inspiration. My heart and mind will always
remember and cherish the moments we've shared. Rest in peace.
Your daughter, Angela

Pappy... Although you are gone, I know that you hear me when I say
"thank you" forgiving me so much of yourself. You taught me never to
give up, no matter what problems came along my path. You also taught
me the importance of family life, a lesson that I now impart to my
children. Pond memories of you will never be erased from my mind -
running to meet you at the door, combing your hair or scratching your
head. These activities always "made my day." Those childhood memo-
ries will always remain with me. I love you dad, Sleep on.
Your daughter, Cynthia

Pappy ... If only there were someone to carry on your legacy. You
were an ambitious man, a family man, a spiritual man, one who found
the time to speak with your God. My fondest memories of you were the
kids on your knee and a smile on your face. You sacrificed so much to
make us happy. I only pray that the little things that we did made your
final days comfortable. Sorry I couldn't be here to say "Pappy, I love
you," but somehow I feel that you know I do.

In Your Memory: Blessed is the man that walketh not in
the counsel of the ungodly, but his delight is in the law
of the Lord. He shall be like a tree planted by the
rivers of the water, that bringeth forth his fruit
in his season. His leaf shall also not wither J T
and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. J

u at m mie veginnig, so it snau oe m te enc. rappy, where you are,
I know that you are doing well. Take your rest
Love, Milford

Godfather... You have lived your life as a soldier tough but loving
and caring. From your life, I have learned to stand up for what I believe,
even if I stand alone. Your life was rich with love, a large family, and
hard work. You've provided and cared for those entrusted to you. You
certainly carried your load, and now God has called you home to rest.
Thanks for touching my life the way you did. You have helped me to be
positive despite the struggles that I encounter along the way.
Your loving godson, Brandtford and family

Father Dear... Knowing that you are gone is difficult to accept, yet we
must. Your life was long and rewarding, and you had fulfilled your
mission here. We have loved you and needed you, but your Heavenly
Father needs you most That we must accept without questioning why!
We must and will go on without hearing your voice or seeing your
warm smile, but we will cherish those fond memories we hold of you.
Kareem does not understand, and perhaps he never will but we only
pray that somewhere in his memory he'll remember those many intimate
moments when he snuggled against your shoulder and fondly stroked
your head. We love you dad. We hope to see you again one day.
Your children, Elmo, Linda, Kareem, Shelly, Oneiqua

Pappy ... It is very hard to find words that truly describe you -
energetic, kind, vibrant, joyful, intelligent and remarkable are just a few.
You have always had a pleasant smile and a hearty laugh. You were one
of a kind. You were always concerned about everyone. Weeks after
having trouble with my car, you would remember and ask how things
were. If someone were sick, you would remember. You would always
ask how our cousins and aunts were doing, remembering all their names.
We remember your stories which always intrigued us from when we
were little. We remember your delicious bread and maubi. We admired
your independence driving, taking care of yourself, and staying sharp
like the young, strong man you were at heart. You were an example to
follow, and we'll try our best to do so.
Pappy, you will never be forgotten. You will always be in our hearts.
SWe love you Pappy, Tausha, Tamika, Tamra

^r TT-T

Fon Xemories
Pappy... Thank you for being a wonderful father and father-in-law to
us. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you. We have had
some wonderful times together. You were so full of life and you enjoyed
life to the fullest Whatever the occasion, function or activity, you always
got right into it. At these gatherings, we tried to have your favorite foods
- carrot cake and turkey.
It seems like just the other day you were racing down Magens Bay. We
joked with you and told you that you should run more often because you
ran faster than you walked.
This year on your birthday, we visited St. John. We marveled at how
sharp your memory was. You remembered every place you worked, the
work you did and the people you worked for.
Of all the things we've done together, we believe you enjoyed the
Easter Egg Hunt best You got a real kick out of hiding the eggs and
watching others try and find them. We can hear your robust laughter
and see your gold tooth right now.
We remember your talks of days past What a rich history of how you
lived and achieved! Thank you for sharing these precious memories
with us.
Pappy, we will miss your blessings at our functions. We will surely
miss your helping us sing Happy Birthday. We will miss you. It is our
prayer that we were successful in showing you how much we loved and
appreciated you in our words and actions.
Pappy, we leave you in God's care.
Kenneth and inda

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