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Title: Funeral Booklet for Corine Idona Rhymer
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Corine Idona Rhymer
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Corine Idona Rhymer
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Subject: Rhymer, Corine Idona
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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In Cele6ration of Life


Corine Idona Rhymer
April18. 1946 February 14, 199.

Jofin 'homas funeralCHKome
TuesdaY., Febnary 25, 1997
12:00 p.m. 1:00p.m.
Christ Church Metfiodist -- Market Square
1:30 p.m. 2:00p.m.

2:00p.m. 3:00p.m.

1lestern Cemetery



Irene Medington

Antoinette P Smith, Monique Christian

Antonio Hennis, Jr., R ndolph Christian

Angela Lynch --NY, ichef/e MoPhiaul--9Y
Ona (D. Davis, Sonia A. Au6rey,Lydia cBess

Warren, Walter, Austin, Alvin, ,iaphae(lJr. ,'pney, z, ymond.
U Leonel andMWichael Rfiymer

BlSanche Burke

rpm, VNL'E.
.hafio andVernon Smith

Anesta Joseph,

Orlando Canton

.SO19 I^n-LH
Melfvin Smith, grenn Byden, Sr.

SISifFEicS I and.'Ern e
SMilicent, Herga, Betty, gaselfe and2Ernestine ymer


wmomas Au6rey, ~alndaffDavis John Lynch, Sr.,
Charles McfPl au" George Bess

Mafachi and Micah tennis, Latoya andLameisha Smith,
lenn (BCyen Jr.

shefton, BSuckess, Sppy,, Joseph, tyby,
(Piney and'ary, gussie, Dawn, Jay, Neomie, Phine

54 -Vieces Nwephews
50 great Nieces Z& ephews
Numerous other relatives andfiiends

Joseph Testamark Louis Macbean, Wichaet ymer,
andaffODavis, LCweTfyn Fahie, Antonnio Hennis

Austin QRfymer, Raymone Rhymer, Wafter, Avin,
Warren, Thomas, Aubrey, LeonelCfiymer

SWEP-7t race qGreogory, Nei( &Jeffery Christian

^/DOF KED-fIL Warkreba, Janeike, Janice, Joann, Jackie,
9Monique, MargaratteOZie Simeon, A/vyn Kenry

Jessica Turnbuff s Laisha Nes6itt


ri Corine Idona hFiymer, known as "Coco", was orn on
Aprin 18, 1946, and was the 5th child born to Irene Smith
Hedrington and the fate R Sphae( Rfymer, Sr.
Corine's early education began at the braham Lincoln
[t School and Cater continued when she moved to New Y'ork and
returnedhome in the earfy sitiies, andtookup employment as a
school crossing guard at the Department of Police. She Cater
transferredto the (Department of Education where she worked
Sin the head-start program with 9Miss Gqadise Gabriel
Corine was ambitious and continued to excel She was
promotedseveraltimes during her tenure at the Departments of
Property e Procurement andMealth, andfinalty the Civi(De-
fense (now VIl1EMA)
In 1990, Corine suffered broken (eg, which causedher
to retire. She is especially ~kown for Booth #19, in the Cami-
vaf PiCage, andfor cheering-on her favorite base6af team, the
Corine was a very 6ind, generous, loving mother and
Friendd. nothing was ever too hard to do for her children and
others. She was alwaysgiving to those in need. She wilfgreat(y
anddearfy missed6y affthe people whose livess she has touched.
Corine the daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt
and friend, we Iove you, we surety miss you, and we wilf never
forget you. qst on, our beloved, Pest In Peace.


reverend (Dustan Rdchardson
Officiating Pastor

fymn--------------- uide Me O' lhou great Jehovah

Euoigy ------~~~~--~---------~ ~-----Eieen ac on

Song andYPoem~~----------------'Eyes on the Sparrow
Sonia A. Aubrey

TPsaCm 23---------------------------Congreation

Scripture QRading~----~---
Song ----------------------- Shani Fahie

Scripture Reading ------------------- 1 Cor. 15:50-57
Mary Woorehead

fymn -------------.----------.&w great ThouArt


Yfymn ~~---------------~~--------- making grace


Wom, there is so much to say, that you have heard before.
'You wilfalways be my mom, sister, friend andespecialty myfa-
ther. I made a promise that I wif tae goodcare of my brothers
andsister. Mom, I'(f make you proudof me. I know you made
peace with god before you went to rest, so I'm very happy. You
wiffnever beforgotten, but you 'Ksurely be missed
Love You
Your daughter,
.Antoinette lPiymerSmith (Toppie)

Sarewe grandma
Grandma, I have so much to say. There are so many grand-
mas in this world why didyou have to go? VWhen I was sickyou
were therefore me. You were always there. Now you needed me
andI was not there. I oveyou, but godlovesyou best. rPst in
n Peace, grandma, 'ti we meet again.
Love You
Latoya at Lameish Smith

To The Professor.
You are an outstanding Mother. Not only a mother, but a
friend, teacher, doctor, as wef a sister. Your heart, your love and
high spiritedcheers of laughter that you brought to your children
wif Cast forever, through generations to come.
Mommy, I just wantedto say thankyouforguiding, sup-
porting and moving us. Education was always yourfirst priority.
WMay godl(ess 'You... pRst In Peace.

'Your Daughter,

In the circle of ife one thing is certain Death. In this
great sacrifice our lovedones are lost. But quarry not, cause this
place is just for a time. Nothing on earth fasts, aff s vanity, in-
cluding the flesh of man. 'Ihe sou[fiveth and is justified Great
things shaiffofow the good,; but the wic*etmust perish.
Your G(iht has shinedon us alT NoVw it has dimmedon
earth, let it continue to shine in that great dimension.
Your works here are over, but wifd always 6e cherished,
Because af that was done came fjom the heart andhere on earth
that is what counts the most.
Love, guidance and Maymum fRspect Aunt Corine
JAunt Corine,
Your time with us was short, but I know that where you
have gone you are happy. godknows 6est, so He tookyou home

". untie Coco", WRst In Peace.
Your niece Saria e Family
Corinepassedthrough this worfdbut once. Anygoodthings
that she coufd have done, or any &kndness that Corine could have
shown to anyfeffow human being, she did not defer nor neglect it,
for she shaffnot pass this way again.
Your adopted (Daughter
Wargaret icfhardson

'To our second mother and fiiend-
Now that we are separated, we wif miss yourgreat sense
of humor andyour words of advice as they guidedus day 6y day.
Mayyou Rfst in cPeace, 'ti(we meet.
9Monique, Jacje, The Kids
S__the fHarvey Homecircfe

EI I ,
o4r 9 FwVME roX XW, 'foR mIwV I'MW ME,

I COt/-0 Trr.jlT TRE .sP Y,%
o70 utAU, 1o roE, 10 Wto oA.:rl'4
t I fe7l 'nt1r*TIrEAC AT WE C-LOSE OF AT.
ITf W fwlANVy XUf tIETry )WD,

Su WIS3H riv ff, SUwO6SE or tMOWOOSS
You lre one S Eeof my vo I SOAuID WMVaK,
go00 f1WVen, G000 eedd, e for m We n ti's ofee
oO''er rLE'yWrv w. wc vvo t ge,,

ST Cyouw STl 'ic at Si. n wn

Aunt Corine,
%ou were one of myfavorite aunts. ou were lafy a mother to me.
1toen I neeperyou, you were always therefore me in my times ofneerd whether
I wasn nit orI wrong. ou wif 6e missed Vntifwe mee. t again, Pe t In
aine peace.
SeTYour Wiece,
Shaniqua 4ig 'Famify

Aunt Corine,
You were *e a iht flight to our eyes, always with a smile And
N even thougfhyoure gonefrom this word, that light wifstilf shine. I remem-
6eryou always teasing me sayi, "I could'never leave your family. "' To begin
to evqfain the person you were, there would6e a beginning, but there would
Be no ending. I Love You. May godBe with you .. PFst In Peace

Shermaine 4Shani


You were fighter to the wry end. I can remember our childhood
days lihe one for af andthe afffor one "phrase.
Nothing was too hardforyou to over come, the obstacles andset-
backs were just stepping stones to your plans and couldn't deter you no
matter the man. Your aims andyour goafs were set on your 6eCovedquar-
ter. The fove, Pride andjoy ofyour happiness. Your spirt, yourvigor, your
potency, have given them the capability that they can endeavorandaccom-
plish what ever they desire your strength, ove and honor were your remain-
ing powers.
Straightforward, bogd "6 I it or not" has won you numerous friends
in this spot.
CarnivalBooth # 19, No souse, No jl(pa(oo, Wo pigtai(anddumplin
what Strumu. 7(ow coufdyou leave in such an abrupt manner leaving us
her to ponder. Rest on my beCovedsister, defender my friend I ove you,
I'Imiss you, But neverforget you. AQffor one, Onefor at
Your Sister
Soona (Sonia)

Corine was my bestfriendin St. 'Thomas for nearly 24years and
even now when something crosses my mind, I kep thinking "I '(lcaf Corine
andaskjher about it." I can't imagine being in St. Jiomas without her.
She was afiercety proud and Coving mother to Antoinette, Antonio,
Monique and Q ndo(ph. She hadsuch great ove for the other member of her
ifamity and totalrespect andadminraitonfor her mother, Miss Irene. Ifet so
bfessedto have been includedin manyfamily gatherings, especially in the early
days when we gatheredregufarly at 9Miss Irene's house in WNadirforwonderfuf
oodandgreat fun.
Corine's combination ofstrenghth, humor and tenderness was always
an inspiration to me and always widbe. The shockof her foss is made a fitte
easier knowing that she's now with Abigaitand
Mary Moorhead


I w ufa(ways remember our conversations and)jos that we sharedon
February 13th, the day before your untimely death.
We made plans to meet the ne.t evening, ut for some strange reason
g oddecidedthat he neededyou that day. Today as I say good-bye, I onCy ask
why-I may never understand, 6ut I know god's wid--and hiss wiis done.
I am truy going to missyou. fst in peace untifwe meet again.

Your death came as a surprise to us; but we know that godwifftak
care ofyou unti(we meet again.
We are going to miss your presence, your smile, anda(tthe jokes that
Swe shared est in peace.

Al ways

Uree At Last, Free t Last
Tan qodA(miqhty, Tree At Last


S'You wilTsurety be missedfor the motherly 6ondyou gave us CORICTE.
You were always therefore us; you oved us, scolded us, andtoo. care of us,
when there was nowhere to turn. 'But now that you have moved on to meet
with the heavenCy Father, may your south 'pst in Peace.
From Jenele, Janice, Joanne, Junior andShamira

Corine Rhymer
Godalways knows best. You are out of your suffering. Rest in Peace,
we wif meet again on a glorious day in that 6eautifulplace. We wilTmiss
Syou dearly but we have wonderful memories that wit always keep you in
our hearts andminds. We love you, untitwe meet again.

fRst in Peace
From tBuckfes, Shefton

'FarewetlTo Corine ~Rtymer
(Better Known as 94a-ma
To a beloved friend,
Corine was always a true fiendanda secondmother to me
and my i'ds. She has gone to a place to rest. You wi 6e greatly
missed, but not forgotten. May you qRjst in 'Peace, 'ti we meet
Love: Vernareen, La isha, Lenisha, Latisha,
Causton(J.X), TQuan(Tl..) and ohn

She is lust Awav
You cannot say, you must not say she is dead, she is just
away! 'With a cheny smife andwave of the hand She has wan-
deredinto an unknown (and, andieft us dreaming how very fair,
ifneedbe, since she fingers there; thinkof her as the same andsay
"Her spirit fives on."
Love: 'Your Friend grace & Famify

Corine, words cannot eAplain the way Ifeeltoday, nor how
I wiffee tomorrow. I thankqodfor the many, many years we
were fiends. I met you at the Department of Property tcProcure-
ment, andfrom the day we became friends to the day of your pass-
ing, Ifoundyou to be a fiend indeed: We did not see each other
every day, but we had that kjndofrelationship where you knew if
you neededme I was therefore you andI knew the same.
I was saddened by the news of your passing on Friday. I
am stifin dis6efief up to this day. I know Godknows best and1
wil keep trusting in Kfim. I miss you and wil always remember
you. I wil 6e therefore your children whenever they need me.
'Te strife is o'er Te your savior's breast.
Love. always

ToAunt Corine:
You left us aff so suddenly and totalTy unexpected god
knows it hurts deeper than I can begin to say. I pray that your
spirit is with our Tatherandyoursouris within Mis peace. Vnti(
we meet again...
AT M9y Love
aijaa, *Pna(l jiar

S9Hi Coco:
It pains my heart that I have to say good-6ye, but onlyfor
a short time. For I wiKfmeet you at yourJourney's end; when we
meet in god's comforting arms. Tour death was sudden and I
q \ thank god that you did not suffer and you were a6be to makf
peace with god. I oveyou, sleep on my 6ebovedsisterandwe wilT
dance once more, only this time in glory... Ona
good-6ye Topa giego
Trom Topa Giego

To My Beloved god Mother Corine,
S ennie, I witl miss you always laughing at me, saying how
fat I am. 9ay you est in Peace in the arms of Jesus, 'tilwe meet
Love your God-daughter
Lakisha Nisbett

You were a certain kind ofwoman, that couldfookpeople
in their eyes and know that you could always rise to life's
demands. Foryou hada gentle strength, andyou were not afraid
to try, always knowing who you are, anywhere you stand:
lThere are many kdnds of greatness in the world, but yours,
which stems from your strength, courage, wisdom andwarmth, makes
you an exception woman. One who was very specialto us aff
Laveme (Yetiow Banana)
U your fiends at James Bar

'- mNET 28 we.As Ago WrEW I rcate sCrtoot cfaors5(G gOvrI. WE
W tOrOVt.sPEEIt WaSm sVTr fEtE 1tit E MLrTsE CG oE, A nD 'ILED,
of EEf L. AmOer d.Sf fof EI2 YE IVatNYEo t9/D A rarLE, COs n E
WAS 'Erle 'oID SOCVLE We a tr oPu V moth D Or on'sOLu WtVicmlf 'L 'td EME
Th1V1te1( Tg OAIY A7IsAWD W~HEN' IT IS 'fE qPVwrffS: fOR ?V 9CWE ('PT VS
MroWIr g qWTe COWinWE, IS I eSW'rTE.E OEf s 'ot) ATlED IOW. 901GO
NOME CT-kE ESK7tON, SO I'E SAY77g f Y M A G00 LO wcom OESSAeD 1C= sE7mov *n E cE meTWr'E fe we or 'oeoIn-Ss eDos."
GooWarE MY' V'rJf-- f W (MnWn) LEOMWLE WTRAWE ,E

'Message Fromm ie Se nate (President

ODear Monique,
It is with a deep sadness that I write to egoress condolence on behalf
of the members andstaff of the 22nd egisature of the o4rgin Is(ands. tWe
were a shiocrdto earn ofyour mother Corine's untimely passing.
.Although we never *pow at what time death wif strike, and no
matter how much we thinkwe are prepared, it is nonetheless a painfufleperi-
ence. It becomes even more difficult to accept, when we lose someone as crase
as a parent. s a member four "Legislative Tamity "we want you to kpow
we offer our sympathy andshare in your grief
'IThe published list of survivors indicate that your mother has a refa-
tivety largee immediate ande.endedfami(y. She was no doubt wefu-rovedand
respected 6y many. It is my fervent prayer that God's tender mercy wiff
embrace yourfamily andease the pain of your sorrow during this time of be-



-A Message From Senator 7udy M. gomez

It is with heartfeft sympathy that myfamily, staff andthe Oink
t t Purpte Committee, eyend our condolences to the children of Corine
i rymer. 'When you lose a mother such as Corine, you can't help butfeef
empty inside. However, in your hour of bereavement, do not fai to caf on
our ord andSavior to ease your pain andsuffering for fe has promised
never to feave us norforsaf us. Simiiarfy, I can assure you that we af
share that feeling of the toss of ourgoodfriend Corine.
We ask that you taff comfort in the knowudege that before Corine
comptetedher earthy pilgrimage, she made peace with ourSavior and
prepared herseCf for eterna happiness Tae joy in the fact that she has
Saved lfe to its fuiest andthat you were fortunate to share quality time
with her. Most importantly, focus on those tasting memories which wiff
sustain you throughout the rest of your lifetime.

With you in your prayers,

.To THe Fam Cy OfCorine fiymer

I was deeply touchedby the news of the passing of Corine. ot
only has she left an indeGibl impression on this community, but herfine
r exmpCe of motherhood is reflected in her daughter 9Monique, whose dedica-
tion to duty garnered her Employee of the Mont for June 1996
9My staff and famiCyjoin me in offering prayers an deepest
condolences toyo afl I trust that gods blessings and the pleasant eVeri-
ences you shared bring you solace.



fPhyffis Massaac
9Marsha CofTins
Nursery Staff
LegisCature Staff
Friendof oat Street
GerardLuz A. James, II
A ubrey's Floral e Gift

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