Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Joseph W. Parson
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Joseph W. Parson
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Language: English
Creator: Estate of Joseph W. Parson
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Parson, Joseph W.
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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On foLng a~emory

Joseph IW. cParson
JLprLL 22. 193 3 October 25. 1994

funeral Service
Saturday Novemberr 5. 1994
Jtrst CVtewtng: 8:00 8:30 am
John 4Thmas Juneral tHome
CULetng: 9: 00 10:00 am
Service: 10o00 am
Christ Church methodist
Offtciant: Joseph e. jCoyd. Lhiat
Organist: age Smith
Interment at Wtestern Cemetery
On Schluktt Celbkd i
M ThawaraA VI

3oseph rW. Parsons

1933- 1994
Today we have come to say farewell to our father, brother, nephew, compan-
ion, campardo and friend. Joseph Walter Parson, better known as Jose-Juan,
Garbo or Uncle Joe, the last child of the late Catherine Todman Parson and the late
Joseph Parsons was born on Tortola, British Virgin Islands on April 22, 1933. He
attained his early education in his homeland and worked for a short while there.
Mr. Parsons later migrated to St Thomas in search of a richer life which he found
with employment, first at Riise's Liquor Store, then for the late Governor
Paiewonsky and at Bluebeard's Castle. Finally, he worked for the West Indian
Company, all the while, he continued in his private taxi service until a few weeks
before his death.
Jose met and married his longtime sweetheart, Gerda in 1960. He has always
led a rather quiet and private life, never in a hurry and always with kind words
and helping hands for those he came in contact with.
During his illness Joe never complained because he never intended to be a
burden to anyone. He suffered quietly, only trusting in his Almighty Father for
On September 25, 1994, after much suffering, Joe went to Orlando, Florida to
seek farther medical help. It was there on October 25th the he passed quietly
away from us for that long-sought-after rest
As we bid farewell, we know it is not good-bye forever. So may his soul rest in
peace until we meet again.

WIFE ... Gerda Parson
SONS... Kelvin Parson & Keith Almetica
DAUGHTERS... Joan, Coreen, Carolyn Parson and Karen Almetica
GRANDCHILDREN... Aurio Parson Svend and Sean Stridiron,
Takiya and Jose Almestics, St. Cair and Andrea George
DAUGHTRS-I-LAW... Anna Correa Parson and Phyllis Almestica
SISTERS... Idalia Parsons Pahie and Evangeline Jennings
AUNT... Ophelia Todman
SPECIAL NEPHEW... James Parson
sPECIAL NIECES... Iris Parson, Johnana Nicole Smith,
Sonya Henley and Leonice Smith

Kelvin Parson, Svend Stridiron, Raphael Farrington
Keith Almestica, Sean Stridiron, Paul Smith

CHonorary TPaUbearers
Carlton Parsons, James Parson, Stanley Parsons,
Vernon Parsons, Reginald Hodge, Glanville Parsons

Order o1 enice
HYMN .. C e. .. .. .. ... ........, C .*n, ,TeStaifeIsb er

EULO Y ....... .. ..... ..,..... .... 1..0 .. .... Joan Pamon
TRIBUIE ............................................. Th efinl y
Romas 83139 .......,.,,.....,,..e......... Jen aineBrown
Revelation 79-17 ............................ sPhybsAlnetica
St John 11:17.27
HYMN .......... .... .... .... .. .. .Jtlf a soerWalkWith lhee
SERMON.. ......... ..o.. ... .... Rev. oeph ELloydihM
RECSSIONAL HYMN ..., .............. ....In Tueike lese

DearJoe... Though you have gone on to a better side of life, out of your
suffering& it is often times difficult to accept these changes You were always
willing to help those that called on you for help. Even though you are gone, I
will always remember the good times we spent together. I will miss you
dearly, but the Lord needs you more. I will be strong during this rough time
of my life. Sleep on my dear Joseph, and take your rest until we meet again
I'll never forget you.
Your long ife Gerda

My dear loving father... When I spent Saturday and Sunday night with
youin thehospitalsawpain inyoureyes. Asked youif you wee tiredand
you noddedyourhead. Thetersfilledmyeyes. I said, "Hang in with us" I
started thinking of the good days we all shared and all the affection you
brought to all of us. Your untimey passing has given me so much grief and
pain. Id didn't pect you would leave us so soon. I will never forget you.
Remember, you will be with me where I go. May you rest in peace.
Your long daughter Corem
My beloved Joe...Howcanmy griefstrickenhearteverexpressthe loveit
holdsforyou? You left mesofastIdidn'tget a chance tosayhowmuchllove
you. Ohhowlwantyouback Butit'stoolate. Rest safely in God's cae and
if faithful we shall meet in our eternal home, where there will be no more

,. -,irumW Mw CumMw o jryuy wvw, py.Ia ywpm F su I w Vmns. ma Upn m
sus. I will miss you, you left a void in my heart. Love forever,
Your daughter Joan

Ma Gerda ... My deepest sympathy is expreed to you, Kelvin, Coeen
Carolyn, Karen and Keith. I admire your courage and strength on the sudden
paying of our beloved father. You are a perfect example of the divine
insttution of marriage, what a wife be, as given to us in the Holy Scripture.
Take comfort in the wonderful times you have shared together. Take comfort
in praying and knowing that this time of sadness, too, shall pass. mLneline
may visit, but it can never possess a heart where God's love lines and where
his spirit rests. Somehow we must accept the loss as the will of God, and the
profound knowledge that those whom we love, He loves best and above all,
He knows best. Yes, there is comfort for sorrow. There is rest for the weariest
heart, praise God! There will be sunrise tomorrow. He will return and never
Love, your Step-daughter Joan
My dear Father... My heart is saddened. I love you and miss you dearly,
but I know that God loves you more and he has taken you to a better place
where there is no more pain and suffering, a place where there is love, joy,
peace and life everlasting. When I think of you I will remember the wonder-
ful times that we have shared. Your presence filled our home with laughter
and love. You were not only my father, but a special friend. I will never
forget you saying to me that no matter how old I got, I will always be your
baby. Rest, rest in peace and may the Lord bless you, keep you and rock you
in the cradle of His arms until we meet again.
Love, Carolyn M. Parsons

Jose Juan ... You're the father that anyone would have wanted. You
treated all of us the same. I'll miss you dearly, especially when I'd call and
you answer the phone and say: "Hello, Jose Juan speaking." You knew I
always liked that, and you always sidy it for me. I love you Jose Juan, but God
loves you best Until we meet again someday in Jesus name, rest in peace.
Your loving daughter Karen

Dear Dad... On the morning of October 25th at the hospital, I saw tears in
your eyes as if you wanted to say something. I never dreamed that it would be
the last time I would see you alive. I will never forget the good times we
shared together. You were a kind and loving father to us We all will miss you
dearly, but I know you are out of your suffering. May you rest in peace in the
Savior's breast.
Your loving son, Kelvin Parsons

Jose Juan ... We were deeply saddened to hear the news of your death.
Although your life on earth has ended, the good times and laughter will
remain here with us. We will miss you, but we will keep fond memories of

you in our hearts. May your soul rest in eternal peace.
Kdtl, Phyllis, Jose, Takim

Dear Grandpa Joe... I love you grandpa Joe. I will miss you very much
We had plenty of fun with you and will miss you. May the good Lord bes
Your loving grandsons, Chu and Aurio Parson

Dear Grandpa Joe ... I love you very much and I will always miss you.
am sorry that you had to die so soon.
Loae Andra

Dear Joe... The time that we spent together was so special, the times w
saw each other were wonderful, and the times that we spoke to each other
were short, that I waited for you to come home. I remember you asked me i
you were going home. I told you the doctor said the weekend, but you didn'
make it to come home again.
Your daughter-in-lma An

From your two sister and aunt, in memory of our dear brother an<
nephew who departed this life on October 25, 1994, Those we choose, the Lon
loves best. May his soul rest in peace.
Your sisters and Aunt, Idalia, Evangeline and Opheli

Uncle Joe... Today we're saddened to know the last uncle we had will no
longer be among us. Every day at 530 I'd look forward to your coming
through the archway. You would then call out to Mother and say, "Miss Iris'
In return she would say "OK Joe." That always brought a smile to my face
We're glad to know you're out of all the pain and suffering and in the hand
of the Almighty Father. So until we meet again, enjoy thy rest Uncle Joe. Lovi
always and forever.
Iris, Johnana-Nicole, Aquisha and John IJ

Uncle Joe.. "God say you getting weary. He knew you had your share. H
gently closed your loving eyes and took you in care." Sleep on and take you
deserved rest.
Nieces: Vashti Parsons Boynes, Leona Parsons Esaler
Nephew: James, Vernon and Wendell Parson

Sleep on, sleep on, Uncle Joe. We love you greatly, but your Father ii
heaven loves you more. May your soul est in peace with God.
Loe, Leonice, Arie, Paul and Patric
It was a great pleasure spending time with you ... you were the last uncle
we had; now that you have left us there is a great void in our lives. Although)
we loved you dearly we know that you ae now free of all pain and suffering
So, until we meet again may you rest in peace.
The children of your brothers, Joseph Benjamin and Samuel Parson

uur aear cousin josepn, we were msaaenea my we news or your pamng.
We are sure you have crossed over safely to the other side. Time did not
permit us to be there to wipe the ears from your brow, or say a comforting
word or prayer. We can only say farewell but not goodbye, because we love
you we feel what you've been through, and one day we hope we'll meet again.
Farewell. The strife is over, the battle done, now is the victor's triumph won.
May your soul have eternal rest.
Hilda May Thomas, Lyra E. Colazo, Chris Akins Scarborough
"The voyage of life's at an end. The morta affliction is past" Today we
mourn the passing of our uncle, but we will remember that he has gone to a
better place. A place where we hope to meet again. Sleep on in the arms of
your Lord.
Children ofJohn James PWsons
Farewell to our last Uncle... Uncle Joe, as we affectionately called him,
was our last Uncle. The deeds you did unselfishly for al who crossed your
path To some you gave the gift of love; to others the gift of laughter; to all you
were a special person. Sleep on, our beloved Uncle until we meet again Rest
in peace.
Your nieces and nephew, Talia Hodge, Mary Wiliam and Reginald Hodge

Life is a highway on which years go by. Sometimes the road is level,
sometimes the hills are high. But as we travel onward to a future that's
unknown, we can make each mile we travel, a heavenly stepping tone.
Farewell is far better than Good-bye. Only god knows what took place or how
you made it, but we pray to God that you made your peace with him. May
you ret in peace.
Mary "Hit Me" Sewer and family

Joseph.. Your untimely death has caused a void in the lives of the family.
Iwill miss you because you were such a good person, no one will ever replace
you. You were always so helpful, so kind, so considerate and so generous
Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace.
Love, your sister-in-la Myrna

On Jppreciation
Perhaps you sent a lovely card,
or sat quietly in a chair.
Perhaps you sent a floral piece,
if so, we sam it there.
Perhaps you spoke the kindest words,
as anyfriend could say.
Perhaps you were not there at all,
Just thought of us that day.
Whatever you did to console our hearts,
We thank you so much, whatever the part.

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