Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Samuel E. & Parris Roseana V. Parris
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Samuel E. & Parris Roseana V. Parris
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Language: English
Creator: Estate of Samuel E. & Parris Roseana V. Parris
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Parris, Samuel E & Parris Roseana V.
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Samuel CEeekief
1921- 1995

cqsecana C()iofet

7unera( Service
Tuesday, 3e6rutay 28, 1995
c )iewing: 9:00 to:oo am
Service: 10:00 am
(Cist fiurch methodist
markett Square
interment at Western Cemetery

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Samuef (Esekief $Parris

A rif 13, 1921 3eb6ruary 19, 1995
Samuel E. Parris was born on the island of Nevis on April
13,1921 to Mary Louisa Thomas Parris and George Matthias
Parris. Samuel, or "Little George," as he was fondly called,
was a dedicated, hardworking, sincere man. In Nevis, George
was an agriculturalist. He met a beautiful woman, Roseana
Violet Bailey, whom he later married. Of their union four
children were born in Nevis Anthony, Millicent, Ornette,
and Richard. The Parris family moved to St. Thomas, U.S.
Virgin Islands in 1960 where four more children were born,
Esther, Joyce, Nandi and Noel. A responsible man, George
worked at the West Indian Company Limited until the day he
became ill. George left us on February 19,1995. May he rest in

qIoseana c)iofet parris

8une 22, 1925 Qebruary 25, 1995
Roseana Violet Parris, nee Bailey, was born on the island of
Nevis on June 22, 1925 to Augusta Drew Bailey and Charles
Bailey. Violet was an excellent homemaker, known for her
boundless love, tenderness and care for the family. Besides
rearing eight children from her marriage with Samuel, Violet
was instrumental in lending crucial support to the extended
Parris and Bailey families. A committed wife, aunt, mother,
grandmother and mother-in-law, Violet was a permanent part
of the Hospital Ground community. When illness slowed her
pace, her ever present smile, love and concern inspired us all.
Violet left us on February 25,1995. May she rest in peace.

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Survivors of Samuel Parris
Roseana Violet Parris
Vincent Parris, McClevan Parris, Jennifer Brown, Anthony Parris,
Wilmot Parris, Millicent Parris, Ornette Martin, Georgette Parris,
Richard Parris, George Woodley, Esther Parris, Joycelin Parris,
Gene Parris, Nandi Sekou, Noel Parris
Lillian Thomas
Joseph Parris, Albert Parris, Charlie E. Parris
including Trishna Parris, Diane Parris, Kim Parris,
Corey Leader, Craig Martin, Troy Martin, Shen6e Martin,
and Tremoi Martin
Trevor Martin, Malik Sekou
Vicki Woodley
Marilyn L Weeks and Joycelyn Thomas
Joseph Sturge Brown, Terrence Ferdinand,
Charles Archibald

for Samuef and (Ioseana 9Parris
Wilmot Parris, Anthony Leader, Anthony Parris,
Richard Parris, George Woodley, Kelvin Dinzey
Oscar Bailey, Senator Adelbert M. Bryan, Royston Bailey,
Victor Clarke, Austin Rous, Terrence Ferdinand

Survivors of (Ioseana 9Parris
Anthony Parris, Millicent Parris, Omette Martin, Richard Parris, Esther
Parris, Joycelin Parris, Nandi Sekou, Noel Parris
Gertrude Willett, Geraldine Willett, Iris Tuckett,
Oscilla Bailey, Angelica Calmeta Bass
Doris Clarke, Rose Lawrence
Trishna Parris, Diane Parris, Kim Parris,
Corey Leader, Craig Martin, Troy Martin, Shen6e Martin,
and Tremoi Martin
Trevor Martin, Malik Sekou
Gloria Bartlet, Bernard "Butchie" Claxton, Royston Bailey
Myrtle Roberts
Ana Illaraza, Hilarene "Dowie" Luis,
Ramona Benjamin, Anthony Leader

W onorary f lf6bearers

for Samuef and tZoseana Parris
Joseph Sturge Brown, Charles Archibald, McClevan Parris,
Malik Sekou, Noel Parris, Trevor Martin, Alex Hodge, Cornell Phillips,
Fitzroy Jarvis, Dwayne Hodge, Cimeron Powell, Ron Harrison,
Cosme "Cookie" Harrison

Order of Service
HYMN .................................... ...... Does Jesus Care
EULOGY FOR SAMUEL ........................... Donald George
EULOGY FOR ROSEANA .............................Malik Sekou
TRIBUTE ........................... Christ Church 6:30 A.M. Choir
PSALMS 8 & 103 ................................ Marilyn L. Weeks
TRIBUTE ... ........... ...... ... .. ......... ........... Class #9
RENDITION ................................... The Clarke Family
SCRIPTURE READINGS ....................... Revelation 7:9-17
Revelation 21:1-7
St John 11:17-27
HYMN ..................................Will Your Anchor Hold
SERMON ............................Rev. E. Dunstan Richardson
HYMN ......................................... Amazing Grace
RECESSIONAL HYMNS ............. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
His Eye Is On the Sparrow


My Dearest Husband ... Your troubles are now over, you have fought a good
fight, the battle has been won.
Love always, Violet
Dad... I remember when I was about thirteen years old I played the quatro In
your stringband when you played Johnny Walker that Christmas. I also remem-
ber sitting for hours watching you play the game of Draft with your brother,
Uncle Albert and some of the other men in the club at Government Road, Nevis.
You were a master at the games of Draft and Domino. You were also a great
musician. I especially enjoyed when you played the banjo. After you left Nevis,
we still remained very close, which was very important to me. When I visited you
in St. Thomas you were always so full of life and you praised God at all times.
May you find refuge in God's kingdom.
Love, McClean Parris
Mom and Dad ...
Time has taken its toll, on two beautiful souls, Father and Mother, on whose
love all depend. Time dictates the seasons for God's infinite wisdom. Your
tiresome job has ceased, time to enjoy eternal peace. Time renders you unselfish,
your attributes we do cherish even though you are gone, your loving spirit will
live on.
From Ridcard and Wilnot
Tribute to a Great Mom and Dad ... You always found the time to love and
share. You are no longer with us in the flesh, but your love remains to live on with
us. You are gone but will never, ever be forgotten.
Your daughter Millicent
Daddy ... We will miss you, especially at Christmas, your favorite time of the
year. You always had a way of making Christmas festive, humorous and joyful.
Everyone eagerly awaited to see what you would wear to church that morning.
After church you played beautiful Christmas carols, loud enough for the neigh-
bors to enjoy. As people walked by and stopped to listen to the music, you invited
them in for "eats and drinks," whether you knew them or not These fond
memories will always be kept Your laughter, your advice and even stern rebukes
will always be remembered.
Love, your Children
Mami... If I could sing I would sing this song: "Thank God for a mother like
mine." Although I know there will be no parades or holidays in your honor, I
will forever honor you in my heart and deeds. I wanted to give you so much
before you passed away. When I returned home from law school, I thought I
would be in a financial position to help both you and daddy, but that did not
happen. However, you constantly reminded me how proud you were of me.
From the time I was four years old, you always told me, "I know I don't have to

worry about you, because you can take care of yourself." I know that you expect
me to be strong, Mami, but I really do not know how to this time. I wish that we
could have enjoyed some more time together and that you could have "spoiled"
my children like you did all your other grandchildren. Even though there were
eight of us, you never showed any favoritism. You gave each and every one of
your children total love and attention. That's why when we talk about you among
or selves, all of us refer to you as "my mother," not "our mother." I will always
remember your sweet smile, your loving care and your thoughtfulness. Every
accomplishment that I have achieved has been because of you and daddy's
nurturing, endless love, support and words of wisdom.
Love always, your baby girl, Nandi Kofi S&ou
Mom and Dad ... There is little we can say about you without becoming
emotional. Your presence, love, patience, understanding, support apd wisdom
have guided us for all these years. Your insights have deepened our understand-
Ing of life, but most of all the unquestionable love that both of you have will never
be forgotten. Your smiles, laughter and chuckle will remain with us. This sorrow
reflects temporary loss, but your love has been eternal. Your memory will always
stay with us. As it is written in I Thessalonians 4:18 "For the Lord himself shall
descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the
trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first Then we which are alive
and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord
in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another
with these words. By the Grace of God, may you see your children in heaven."
Love always, Ornette, Trevor, Craig, Troy, Shene and Tremol
To Both of You ... We look everywhere for examples of model families,
committed relationships, wise elders and genuine friends. Many times we ignore
hwe importance of parents and elders. Your presence has shown me that the best
traditions of the Caribbean family exist right before us. These honorable prin-
ciple about love, family, wisdom and infinite patience were present in you. Your
consistent encouragement has inspired me to listen, learn and lead. Almighty
God has told us to honor parents and elders so that our days will be long. With
sorrow for your departure, but eternal gratitude for your love, we will honor and
never forget you.
Love, your son-in-law Malik Skou
Ptepe... I am sorry that you have left me. You were such a good godfather.
You gave me a whole lot. I wish you could be there for my confirmation and
graduation. I will always love you
It was always good having you as a godfather. You will be dearly missed.
SLow, Comell Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Parris... We find it difficult to say good bye, but we realize
God's will must be done. There will always be room in our hearts for both of you.
Loe, the Phillips family

Auntie VI ... You were a mother to me. You filled a large part. pf my life.
However, we leave your passing in God's hands and ask Hfq.for strength to
abide with the things we do not understand. You are gone but certainly not
forgotten. That loving smile and tender voice will be greatly missed.
With loving memories, Myrtle and Tasha
Uncle George and Auntie Vi... You were like a father to me, and Auntie Vi
was a very sweet aunt. I remember when I was a little girl and I used to take your
food to work for you. You were my favorite uncle.
Lov you both, Marilyn L Weeks
Godmother and Godfather ... We love you and we mis you. God has taken
you both to a safer and better place. The precious memories of our times together
will be treasured for a lifetime. Until we meet again
Alex and Dwayne Hodge and family
The "Violet" a beautiful flower, budded and bloomed. Your fragrance show-
ers us with wonderful memories. A dear aunt, devoted mother and humble wife,
you will be sadly missed by all your nieces and nephews. Proverbs 31:27 "She
looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Her children arise up, and call her blessed." God knows best.
Love, Gloria, Janet, Delores, Roy and the others
To Granny... We will miss your calls to know if we were O.K. Love is forever.
Diane, Kim and Corey
Grandfather, better known as Giverman... We love you. See you in heaven,
by the grace of God. Granny, we will miss your sweet smile. We love you and we
are looking forward to that great reunion in heaven by the grace of God.
Lov, Craig, Troy, Shenee and Tremoi
Violet .. There always is someone who cares and bears a love for you.
Someone unseen but near your side in all you ever do. Someone to comfort and
console your sorrow and despair. Someone to give you strength and hope and
help your burdens share. Someone to turn to in distress when all seems lost and
vain. Someone to bring you confidence, your long sought goal to gain... Who is
this someone? You may ask, who shows such care and love beyond the shadow of
a doubt? It's God, the Lord above. (-Harold F. Mohn)
You will be missed by your loving sisters, Calmeta Bass, Oscilla Bailey
To Auntie Vi... We are deeply sorrowed by your passing. Your tender care
and love helped us to grow.
Love, Ron Harrison, Cimeron Powell, Shelly Ann Pero, Cosme "Cookie"
Violet... I remember when I was in the hospital and you nursed me back to
health. I love you.
Your long time friend, Cathy
Mr. and Mrs. Parris... May your soul rest in peace until we meet again on
Judgment Day.
Love, Johnson

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