Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Jestina Nibbs
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Jestina Nibbs
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Estate of Jestina Nibbs
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Nibbs, Jestina
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
Holding Location: Enid M. Baa Library and Archives, Virgin Islands Department of Libraries, University of the Virgin Islands
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1 Corinthians 13:7

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9'1 kGelebralion o fihe LYe


es/ina Ci 4s


january 7, 1916
oAn o/Aomacs unterat7/fJome
Sa/urday, 5ep/em6er 9, 1995
cSeroices at
GCArs/ GAurcd 9rCe/A oi's/
Monday, c5ep/emner /I, 1995
Z)ieuiv.y 9.00 a. m. Services IO.:00 a. m.
J.n/ernmen/ al/ ?es/er'n Ceme/ary Cum'er ,wo

Jestina 9N bs, affectionatdy knownn as "yesso", was born on the pic-
turesque sand of Tortola on anuary 7, 1916, to Andrew 9~4bs and Margare
'WitRms 9fb6bs. She was the seventh of thirteen children.
before Mammie obtained united States permanent resident status, she
commutedfom Tortoa, Britis Virgin Islands, to St. fiomas, V.1. rogin Islands,
on a tuenty-nine day perio for many years. It was during this time t sat she bore
five children for ourfather, Modesto tEnrfue.
2Mammie was a dependable, (ovn and concerned mother and father to
us children. We cannot remember a da that we were not provided for, because
Mnmmie had the abifrty to stretch te nit soar.' Many financial and-
sis were endured in her Rfe, but times bryieed wen our oldest brother, Loue,
as a yowgster, was able to supplement her com
Mammie enjoyed hymns, and many of the songs listed in this program
were some of her favrntes. We can remeberjining in with her harmonious, clear
and distinctive vic. She foundconsolement in songs, and arays seemedto mak
the correct decision after singing and pra Great pleasure was also found in
readi the Wible and the magazine, ad' s Ds est."
ammie was a great stoytfer, andmany of her stories have been passed
on to us. She appreciated a and had the abiity to make us taush. Ton!y
our second brother, particu arty, enjoyed listening and tefing joks with her.
oarer this year, Tony, Myc ny and gathered around {ammie and
video taped erjoke tei -some that en h her. (pw, we have a
nording of history y in the makF: as wela as we fond memories we can attain
from photos. Ie can also depend on each other to relate some of the best times
and/or worst times Mammie had e nenced
9Mammie as a great coot amy relatives can also attest to this. If visi-
tors were expected, Mammie would always have a delectable dish waiting for
thm. My yu sister, fainy, and I have called Mammie dn various occasions
from iPw ortoget pointers on how to coo some of Tortoa's andSt. liomas'
tasty dishes.
In 1970, Mammie relocated with Tony, M'uel and Modesta to ow
York to join Louie's famly and myself, uSo were already established there. She
quickfy adapted to ow or.s fast-moving environment and was content with afl
of us being together once again. She speni skj years living in ewors ten of
uich she wofrkedas a FoodSerice 'WrCer with the Boardof'Education.
In 1986, ammie and Miguel(returned to St. 7homas. Once again, she
was able to enjoy the warm weather and thefreedom that the sand offers.
MammiOMyD ear,
e have enoed the modheing yu havegiven us. We are proud to d
nate you as the wrsgreatest mother.
Mammie, your livin wish came true. You remained independent and
coherent and ws as e to cooorr wursef until the day of your eternal rest.
Mammie, fe strife is o'er, de atle done, te victory of life is won."
f e ytou now and always,
Your ir Tonyn,
Louie, Ma47ie To5n, MIfueand Fairy (Modesta)


& /Of /OlSa
Sou/ss/a, hia/onfo, andxlP^yie/Cnyrau

Jruaryina CAnt-ue Janden rson adf7oCxfu/a &nw/iu

rnajl, gaoep andm/2wfn dI66s

emmfaine yhIson, Cndd'ena cSSa'/ f/wn 7afduro

ac5rry, o2nae, Zardar aandade. Cwnr'pue, Baoerne 6Sofon; Oen J/fanderson;
ao fr.o y andXnG'6a &driru*e, Xyfa Cnrirue Foss


Serf /v4/ aMynd Cv feeIn Cnr/

Clieanowa en/fonna X^CSs


Mifa SCm/ouvo

?onra Grini/o4r

Cany nieces andfneps~s /0o numerous /o mention, andmany olfser
real/iues and7/rnWds.

Bouia/0o &ari9'u
in/oni'o dnrJvueU

arrayy J/knderson

Jfonortary acUf/earers
cf/oin DG6s

oMan Tarrol//

Order of service

Scrip/ure en/ences

Jfymn. p. 46 4cS. o. Z) "usl/ f CG/oer WaI i, ,7ee"

&Ifogy Mrryarda nrigue fandferson

SrcIp/ure ^Radstnys
.,am.s 23 (.n9 ali/on
Romans .-31-39 cSerry Grig'ue
5/ aSn 14.1-6, 27 g bSonne Crrirfue

Jfymn.-p. 179 (c5. 0.} "z) scous B J 7af Ky J /fS'


J+ayers o Y .ani.y6u ~,

Commendfa/on (affsland/n)

6e Rordes 4aryer

/ie M3Seneictmon

Cf/osay Jfym.n: p. 422 (itJ!2.j) "2'f/esse1/Ossufwice, geus s Si e"

I'm left with the precious memories from childhood to adult. I was very
depended upon to help with my brothers and sisters, providing for our daily meals,
being both son and 'father'. 'Dear XMother, during my adult ife a lot of changes
occurred, but in the end, I was therefore our last reminiscing of good and bad times,
and I'm left very satisfied.
So rest in peace, Mammie.

Your son,
You were my inspiration in life. 'Without you around I'm lost, but I know
you will always be in my path. When it comes my recipe instructions, what will I
do? othere, now you will rest in peace, and no more pains and worries of life.
You will always be in my memory.

Your daughter, Jargie
On your last farewell, thanks for being the number one mother in the
whole wide world for the last forty-two years of my life. I remember many times
when I was sick you stayed up all night with my head in your lap until I fell asleep.
"liere was nothing too great for you to do for me, unless it was financial, and even
then, you would give me your last dollar f it would help. tlTe feeling was mutual,
there was nothing too great for me to do for you either Mfammie.
You were not only my mother, but my closest friend, to counsel me and
someone I could make a joke with and laugh. .Most of all, you wanted to live until
all of your children were grown, you have acheived that. When I heard of your
passing, I began to cry, but was able to soon overcome the pain, because I know
that you were always asking god to ive you the strength to be able to take care of
yourself up to the last day of your life. Your prayers were answered. You left the
way you wanted. I would continue togo on and be the best of friends to all my
brothers and sisters as you would wish.

Love you always Nammie,
Your son,'Tony
You were always therefore me. I know if you could have given me your
heart you would. I view you as one of the best mothers in the world. lthis is my

final goodbye to you. I love you and I wtl miss you to ute fuest.

Your son, Miguel

You were vry special to me and because of you, there would always be a
bit of spring forever in my heart. 'flank you once again for the inspiration you
gave me in aceiving my goals, and for all the nights you 'burned the midnight oil"
with me. 'Thank you for listening and caring, forgiving and sharing, for showing
genuine love in so many ways and for being such a wonderful mother. god will
take care of you.

Your daughter, your friend,

Sometimes grandmothers are called on to be very influential in a person's
life. Usually, they are ar more superlative than parents. I'm glad I had the oppor-
tunity to get to really now you. You've always shown a lot of consideration and
support. You taugSt me my first lesson in region and the art of memory commit-
ment. le fact that you were so willing to be therefore me was a godsend. I hon-
estly don't now what would have become of me. In hindsight, your little sayings
will always stay with me. So, until we meet again, rest in peace and may god bless
and keep you.

Dear grandma,
Words cannot express how happy I am that you were able to enjoy the few
moments with your grandsons. Your arms, hearts, and home were always open to
us. You were there when I needed you. Your presence will be missed, but your love
and spirit willfill a special place in my heart. I will always love you. grandma,
you weregenuinel
Mayouy the Lord continue to bless you,
Love, Laverne

'Tile Lord giveth
You to me grandma, you would hold me in your arms and sing lullaby
until I fell asleep. I knew I could always talk to you about anything and
you would listen to me and give me good solemn advice. Your strength
and courage will always be instilled in me.
'7ihe Lord Tfaket
You away from me so suddenly grandma. My heart is burning; but I
know the Lord loves you best. "Wait for me, grandma" and you did just

uma. we naa me oest isu ever last montn. 'wnen we an get to heaven
I'll see you there again.
ove, Your granddaughter,

'We miss you so much, you were there for us when we were younger. We
will miss your cooking, as well as all tie other things you have done for us in our
lives. We have lost you grandma, but we have gained an Angel, because you will
always be there to guide us in Spirit.

grandsons, Lil' 'Tony & .munba

'Dear .ama-Mama,
I remember you being there when I was an infant. Your warmth and sen-
sitivity drew me close to you even though we lived apart. I also remember speaking
to you weekly on the phone and drawing cards for you. I may not really under-
stand why you are gone, but I'll never forget you, and I miss you already.

LCow, your granddaughter, Xayla

'Dear great-grandma,
We were told that you were very important to us. We also realized that
getting to meet you again would be a precious moment in our lives. Even though
we're still young, our imagination of death isn't a permanent thing. 3(opefully, god
will bring you back to earth and we'll eat graps and mangoes again.

Junie and 'Papa

You left me so suddenly. 'We didn't even get to have our last chat together.
You are finished with the troubles of this world and you have gone home to live with
Until then, Low, 'Bobo

To' a loving Atunt (!ntie estina)
I remember in my early years as a little boy in obrtola, 'B.VI., you took
very good care of us when our mother was not around. IWe too it forgranted. 1(s
we grew older, we realized the true worth of your love and unselfsh devotion.

.May you rest in peace.


Dear Auntiie Jestina,
Ms you journey through life I seldom heard you complain through
moments ofjoy, struggle or pain. Soodfood, nice chats, faith and patience were my
gain. 'Rest in "Peacel Your life was not in vain.
Your niece, Julia Mdaduro

NMiss Jesso,

You left us so suddenly during the night. However, we take comfort in
knowing that you have gone on to the place where there's no more sorrow, or no
more pain. 'Ve also take comfort in knowing that you did not suffer a long and
drawn out sickness. 'hhis is as you wished. I will miss your warm welcome and
smiling face. 'Rest in god's loving arms.
Your daughter-in-law, Xarleen

NMs. .ibbs,
You were my cloe friend, you looked out for me and I looked out for you
also. I'll miss you, .Ms. Yibbs. May you rest in peace.

'Dora Christopher

'Dear Miss Jesso,
althoughh I didn't know you very long, you have proven yourself to be kind
and loving. I would like to commend you on a job well done in raising five wonder-
ful children. You have paid your dues and have gone home to rest. good's blessing
go with you.


Dear Jesso,
'iank you for letting me into your world. thankss, though I'm your son-
in-law, you always treated me like a son of yours too. I'll always remember that
first piece offish-n-johnny cake you know I enjoyed so much, you never forgot. Ill
the phone calls and jokes we shared I will really miss. Thanks for being concerned
for me and my family in my time of sorrow also. It's a blessing to know you, Jesso,
for these past ten years. So, thanks for sharing this part of your journey with me.

Always loving,
'Barry, Son-in-Law



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